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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  March 2, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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winds will be kicking up more and bus stop buddy has rain gear on as we get started this morning. you can see rain, lot of it heavy rain, southern delaware being spared, but as you are watching the circulation around this storm you see a lot of this will come down and effect our entire viewing area we will show you future cast and talk about the changes, of precipitation because some folks will switch over to snow but we have heavy rain moving through the area right now. so, this is what you have to deal with, rain, and some wet snow, even here in philadelphia, damaging winds throughout the day we have a high wind warning in effect and coastal concerns, as well. so those are our main weather headlines for today, we are in the mid 40's to start, and then we will be in the lower 40's by end of the day, and we could see wet snow before all is said and done. again, we will break down the timing of all of this for you, tell you what, bob kelly pick a good day to take a long
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weekend, thank you, mike masco for coming in. >> good morning, sue, good morning, this is going to be a rough day double header where your morning commute is impacted and your evening commute will be impact. first up is this jackknife tractor trailer on the blue route as we go past 76. we have it cleared it up but we have a crew on the scene still with one lane knock out because they are cleaning up debris from this earlier accident and we are not seeing any major issues on our speed sensors along 76 or blue route so that is some good news but as we get down the shore and we will go to steve in a second we have many local road s being closed down in preparation for severe weather expect to impact the shore points. cancellation toss flights out of philadelphia international, if you are going out toward buffalo, rochester already, cancellations there but no major delays, from philadelphia international airport just yet. but of course check with your airline carriers. here's a live look at vine street heading up toward the
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schuylkill and look at the bridges this morning, there is no major cross winds just yet but as sue has been mentioning winds will pick up cross winds could be an issue speed restrictions could be an issue on our bridges and crossing this is afternoon. we will have more traffic and weather in a bit. >> lets talk about that mike, 4:02. pounding rain just beginning of what is shaping up to be a powerful storm. >> we know sue's been talking about it that the shore will be particularly pounded with all of those massive wins there, flooding and beach erosion. lets get out to steve keeley at the shore, atlantic city right now with what he is seeing, good morning, steve. >> reporter: we have advantage of being here before the war of it because high winds are not expect until 11:00 and the next high tide not until after 7:00 o'clock and then in the back bays the tide, always listed for oceanfront, back bays get their tide two hearst later so next high tide late
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towards the end of the show so we don't have any street flooding just yet and you can tell in our picture just a light drizzle and hardly any wind. we can see the very bright neon from the atlantic city casino so visibility not completely block you can tell, hazy because of the drizzle but not so bad. this is black horse pike at west end avenue where we make that right turn to get to ventnor and this is notorious ly flooded and they basically leave the road closed barricade is here full-time 365 days a year instead of keeping them back and forth from their garage because they use them so often we have showed this on the water completely, good thing now is for early travelers, no floods so you can make the left. police are already telling you don't count on the black horse pike and white horse pike to be opened much this weekend take the atlantic city expressway which is elevate add above the bay water and marsh lands. so far, so good at the shore but they know worries yet to
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come and high tide because those winds coming from that direction will just layer on top of each other. they won't recede and go back out to the ocean so worse of the high tides likely tomorrow morning, and war of the winds later today through tomorrow morning, guys. >> all right, steve, thank you that is down the shore. let's head inland because we will all be affect by this one way or the other. lets go to doyletown because we have heavy rain there and we're concern about flooding in many parts of the bucks county. there is people living in the croyden area along delaware river they are worried about water coming into their homes. they frequently have problems. they are pumping out from the last time we had heavy rains a couple weeks ago. this woman and neighbors are concerned about how high the water will rise. >> always concerned about when it rains a lot because the water does reach you know, very high. >> we're so close to the river , river's right down here , with the rain we have had lately it might come up
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this weekend. >> it might. so to ease some of those concerns in croyden the crews built a flood barrier to help homeowners there. others are still trying to find solutions. let's head further north in the poconos i place not talking about rain here we're looking at snow n fact camelback mountain we will see in a moment here we're talking about several inches of snow from this nor'easter up to 6 inches but this thing if it shifts left, right, up, down you never know. sue will be back with an update on the very latest at 4:05. >> we have you covered for the entire duration. we are only station on for entire time from now all the way up through it end so get updates, on our web site fox with our app. >> your weather authority continues in a moment, lets get you caught up, it is guilt verdict for allentown's married he had pawlowski was found responsible for rigging contracts in exchange for campaign contributions.
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our jenny joyce following this one from the news room, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: jurors found mayor pawlowski guilty of the 47 of the 54 charges related to trading city contracts for campaign cash, department of justice said pawlowski tried to cover up his crimes by destroying evidence, lying to the fbi and lying to federal jurors who heard his case. pawlowski who served 12 years as mayor of the allentown cried in the courtroom yesterday and his wife collapsed in the hallway, pawlowski has maintained his innocence, but, the verdict meas he can in longer be mayor, however, he has yet to resign. pawlowski is out on bail pending sentencing, sentencing date has in the yet been set. he could face up to 20 years on prison on each count, karen and thomas. very interesting results there. jenny, thank you. 4:06. law makers in pennsylvania are calling on the state representative out of the delaware county to step down we told but this yesterday, nick miccarelli, this comes a
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day after sexual assault claims surfaced against him, two women in the private complaint accused him of sexual assault and domestic violence. his fellow house republicans are saying it is time for him to resign, the dauphin county district attorney said he has opened up a criminal probe. him in the house. the tern for one of the accusers say miccarelli threatened to crash his car while driving at high speeds. both woman had previously dated him. he said he is not person depict in the news and he plans to run for reelection. it base took class for three new jersey school districts after they were shut down yesterday due to threats. police say a 10 year-old boy is responsible for making those threats. parents, students in the franklin township elk township and delsea school districts woke up yesterday to the news of the e-mail threatening a shooting. a teacher in franklinville got that from an unknown sender
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and it turns out to be 109 year-old. teach der call police after receiving the e-mail, bye has been charged with making terroristic threats and causing false public alarm. here's a reversal on a high profile case, we have covered, supreme court of delaware overturn conviction of the teen in the school bathroom attack that left a classmate dead there, was three girls involved in this one. seventeen year-old that had been convicted of criminal negligent homicide is there our victim was sentenced to six months in the juvenile facility two years ago for death of that young girl amy joyner francis. court now says it is unjust to blame that suspect for the 16 year-old girl's death because an autopsy found she died of an undiagnosis heart defect which was aggravated by the stress of being jumped in the bathroom in the fight. another teen convicted is on probation for 18 months. tragic update in the death of the u.s. marshall in harrisburg police say 45 year-old christopher hill died when he was shot by a fellow
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officer and not from the gunman who opened fire on police in january. investigators made conclusion from the test results. police say gunman kevin sturgis fired the first shot and police were justified in shooting him to death. $20,000 reward is being offered for any information in the shooting that left a 23 year-old woman dead. police say they want to find person who fired those deadly shots on broad street last wednesday. tisha timons was trying with six family members including six children when gunfire hit their van. police say it appears to be i case of mistaken identity. they are pouring through surveillance video you see right there hoping to find any clues in this case. philadelphia's district attorney following through on a campaign promise to hold officers accountable including this philadelphia police officer who was seen on video slamming a man that was handcuffs, and charged with assault. james yeager was arrested yesterday last july we have seen picking up a man and smashing his head in the side of the pool, the district
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attorney's office calls this behavior unacceptable, he was fired august have last year. 4:10. we have a look at philadelphia mayor jim kenney's budget proposal for 2019 fiscal year e pitched a $4.7 billion budget that focuses on public safety and improving city schools. it includes, increasing real estate and property tax toes help close the district's deficit. his proposal would mean a additional 980 million-dollar for philadelphia schools over the next five years basically means 98 more dollars for you. mayor kenney spoke about investment to the police and fire department, opioid crisis and soda tax. there may be new area code s popping up on your caller id because we have 445, welcome to the greater fail area new phone numbers in philadelphia, parts of the bucks, montgomery, lehigh and berks county because we ran out of phone numbers using our existing area code, 215, and
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267. if you change numbers likely you will get a 445. big oscars are this weekend, a lot of us will be watching but do you know who will not be there, harvey weinstein, but they will be feeling his presence in hollywood. still ahead here on "good day philadelphia" the idea behind the casting couch on hollywood boulevard is being dissected even more. raise your hand, a lot of us are on soaks media, you can tweet us at thomas drayton me, we will answer you right back, so can you quit? a study says it depends on your age. >> give it up for a day, i don't know. sue serio, we need it this morning. >> part have me would love to but it really helps us, on a day like today when you tell us what is happening on radar. we see on radar, lots of it, we have a lot of wind on the way and problems at the shore, we will break it down for you, coming
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are you all right. here it is. hold this. trust me. hey, it is stress. >> i'm relaxed. >> come here. >> just relacks. >> you should relax more. >> have you seen this one, we
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will go through big oscar movies nominated for best picture we are getting ready, watch part think weekend that was a scene by call me by your name. >> thomas. >> it is 4:15. let's talk about that weather. we are dealing with a whole lot here, heavy rain, winds, wildwood, good morning to you. you'll see here steve, you heard earlier this is calm before the storm as we use that term once again because winds are about to pick up again this morning. lets check sue serio. >> i think a lot of names like to call this storm, just messing upstart to your weekend, i promise this will be all out of here by tomorrow late morning at the latest. here's low pressure system lingering off shore today and what we end up getting will depend on exact track of this storm. so lets go through the watches and warnings in effect as you
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heard yesterday multi facetted storm, high wind warning from 10:00 this morning until 6:00 tomorrow morning wind gusts as high as 60 miles an hour and mess of the viewing area and that high win warning we have coastal flood warning in effect for moderate to major flooding at times of high tide and bad luck would have it the full moon was last night so that makes those high tides even higher. we have i flood watch in effect philadelphia north and east where we expect heaviest rain to fall and run off from that rain means flooding possible. we have been up great todd a high wind winter storm warning in the poconos mountain, winter weather advisory in northampton county, heavy snow and high win toss deal with in the higher elevations and that is where we will see most snow if you get snow you will get wind driven snow because our gusts will increase throughout the afternoon to 35 to 55 miles an hour, we will end up some places inland with 60- mile an hour wind gust from his this storm.
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rain changes over to wet snow probably this evening as the snow makes its exit, as cooler air gets drawn in the storm but some of the mountainous areas we could get six or more inches, couple inches and west and no accumulation maybe on the grass surfaces, it all depends on the direction of the storm. there it is, with all of its different types of precipitation but as you walk outside this morning it is in the 40's which is why we are only seeing rain. forty-five in rehoboth beach. brigantine at 44. mays landing also at 44. 43 degrees here in philadelphia. levittown at 43 as well. so we will see temperatures get down a little bit or just stay in the lower 40's throughout most of the day in the 30's overnight which is, temperatures, going to be tricky part of what type of precipitation you get at very end of the storm but winds will hang around on saturday as skies clear. 48 degrees. sunshine on sunday. looking pretty seasonal
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temperature wise through middle of next week with a chance of showers maybe tuesday night into wednesday, and even into thursday, but of course we have to get through today before we can get to all that. that is your seven day forecast. with all these wet roadways, kind of a mess you the there mike. >> this is a day for ducks, sue good morning everybody. we have a couple issues already at 4:18 we will take you to the boulevard at whittaker avenue northbound being impact due to an accident. we will law on the scene with this blue route issue right past 76 entrance there was a jackknife tractor trail their is off and clear out but we have debris in the roadways. they have knock on you the that right lane still at this time. look at your bridges and crossings, this is ben franklin, clear sailing but this is pretty slick ponding of water on the roadways. that can tie you up. forty-two freeway towards philadelphia things are looking not so bad at this hour but turnpike has been
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torrential downpours all morning long so that is why we're concerned with hydroplaning because of the standing water on some of these roadways. no major delays at philadelphia international, check with your car years, i know rochester, buffalo, these airports are not accepting any kind of flights so if you have travel plans up there you will have a whole mess have trouble septa's way to go no major delays on any of our regional railways. we will talk more about traffic and weather in a bit. >> dealing with flight delays up and down east coast. 4:20 here. major crime ring that span five different counties busted here. we're talking about the raid taking advantage of people addict to opioid and heroin. investigators say the men would steel merchandise from wal-mart, target, cvs to pay for their addiction they would sell at toms pawn shops to get paid a third of the actual value. the pawn shops resold the stolen unopened merchandise, they would never ask questions on e bay and other on line
4:20 am
retailers at full value. >> the boosers stole kitchen faucets, blenders and vacuum cleaners. at the even of the day who pay s for all of this? the consumers in pennsylvania pay for it because the price of their product gone up. >> all of the defendants have been released on bail but more charges and arrests are expect the death penalty for selling drugs? president trump yesterday suggested ultimate penalty may be in order for drug dealers. he held a summit, calling on tougher policies in the fight begins the opioid epidemic. it was a follow up to last october when president declared that the crisis a nationwide public health emergency. president trump said his administration will be rolling out policy on opioids over the next few weeks. also the reverend billy graham, america's pastor will
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be laid to rest in his home town of charlotte north carolina his son franklin graham will be delivering the eulogy. 200,000 people are, 2,000 people are expect to attend the ceremony just today. also live streaming for people to watch all around this planet, the president is expected to attend but is not scheduled to speak. so many people will miss him. >> we lost one of the best men we ever known. >> there has never been a man that loved god as much as billy graham. >> after the ceremony he will be buried next to his wife in a memorial prayer garden at his library. so we know it is raining here most certainly and we have a big storm but we will give you something to look for to. >> think warm thoughts here scroll down one of the philadelphia's most popular outdoor destinations has set an opening day you will be
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laying out in the spruce street hammocks in no time. >> alex holley likes to go out there so much. as we head to break, this is also one of our favorite things best picture nominees, get out. >> how do you feel now. >> i can't move. >> you can't move. >> i cannot move you are paralyzed just like the day you did
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good morning i'm tom sredenschek, sixers coming into their thursday night game at cleveland with the two game losing streak trying to get back on track named some guy lebron. he had 30 points, sixers had a better team, ben simmons was named rookie of the month earlier in the day slams two of his 18-points and then iced thing off how about jj reddick let sixers with 22, they beat cavilers 108-97. flyers with the six game winning streak taking on carolina last night, yeah, three to nothing to start the third here comes trav i can conn net any and we have a hockey game until otto makes it four-one. justin williams with the two goals and an assist.
4:26 am
canes end winning streak four- one. phillies taking on yankees in clearwater, miguel andero1 of their four home runs on the day, this one off paveta, yankees roll over phillies six -four. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. >> thanks, shredder on that one. we have this dangerous coastal storm we are dealing with affecting everybody in the whole area. >> we are clicking through our cameras. we will see much of the same this morning. reading good morning to you. 4:26 here. we are gearing up for that nor'easter. we will update wet -- weather and traffic. >> i want to bring you to our camera at blue route at 76, within lane being blocked out, we have a couple other commuter alerts here to bring, lets get outside live, this is going to be one rough day, sue serio has forecast right after this moscow.
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all over we have a nasty nor'easter pounding us with heavy rain and dangerous wins will kick up. sue will break it down when we will end and what we are expecting. >> we are going through your top store thinks morning guilty, married he had pawlowski found responsible for rigging city contracts in exchange for campaign money. what is next for allentown. also. >> ♪ >> this will be so much fun we are having a house party down the shore because sam hunt's coming back to the delaware valley so how you can get your hands on some tickets. >> it just feels like summer when you hear that, sights and sounds but that is a couple months away. lets talk about the forecast, i'm bearer on have bad news, 4:30 on this friday, tgi f. >> you you are part of the family. >> good morning to you. >> we appreciate it. >> you will be busy.
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>> yes. >> we have a lot we're looking at this morning. war of it hasn't happened yet but take the balance of the day it will be a three, just yucky, out there. rainy and breezy, and he is ready for that to blow inside out at some point today. we have a lot of snow in the western part of the state and upstate new york, for us it is mostly a rain event with temperatures in the 40's, as we get started this morning but with this storm here's what we are looking at and things to keep in mind today. we are getting rain, wet snow, damaging winds we have a high win warning in effect, and coastal concern for back bay flooding and beach erosion. and power outages are possible as well with these wins. so yes temperatures will probably go down during the day, in the lower 40's and wet snow could be blowing around, along with the rain, and northwesterly winds gusting at least to 45 miles an hour, probably more, at times, so,
4:32 am
just a fun day to be out and about, um, mike masco. >> oh, boy. >> yuck. >> yeah, this is one of those mornings, man. if you can take septa or new jersey transit coming into philadelphia do it because today is a are changeable day as sue mentioned. this morning coming in the with the rain and could go back home with the snow. we have a couple issues this is boulevard at whittaker avenue still, northbound lanes from an accident tying things up. it looks like we have cleared things out on blue route and 76, that is good news but bridges and crediting this afternoon with the high winds expect high wind warnings across the delaware valley bridges are subject to cross winds so that could be dangerous. we could see speed restrictions being put in to place during the course of the day. forty-two freeway lag good. be very careful with ponding, water on the roadways, we have seen in new jersey on 295 and as we cross from trenton into say feasterville there are issues on route one.
4:33 am
no major delays coming out of philadelphia international airport but be careful, certainly check in with your car year, we will talk more traffic and weather together coming up in a bit, guys. >> thanks, mike. so this system we have been saying all morning will be with us throughout the day here so please be careful. lets get to rehoboth beach. good morning to you. this is calm, things are about to crank up here so rehoboth be careful. we're expecting heavy rains, high winds and they culled reach 60 miles an hour. we have team coverage, we have crews all over the place but first lets get right to steve keeley because he is in atlantic city first and new in vent are in, steve. >> reporter: i'm the ninth batter in the order on this team it seems and always getting the brunt of the weather but right now not so bad. just light rain. i have a slate roof at home. it felt like i was sleeping in the drum. very loud rain overnight in burlington county and now a
4:34 am
light rain but yard already saturated where i was walking earlier in the week walk despite in rain and your feet with get drench. so now yard is completely under water again we have not had heaviest of the rain yet. this is vent are in heights in the back bay where sue just said could get worst of it. look at this brand new sea wall or bulkhead depending whatever term you want to use for it, brand new about to get its first test. they got that in just in time because there is back bay and it looks low thinking how can that water somehow flood over. well, it did. where wearies notoriously flooded and these houses got completely wiped out. that is why there is new condition trucks and brand new houses. look at that stairwell, reason that is so high that first floor, they are not going to live on their first floor anymore that is vacant a big tall crawl space because you can see compared to the house next to it their first floor
4:35 am
would get flooded if this ever gets flooded again. the houses were either put up high, jacked up, or rebuilt because they were so badly damaged here in the back bay area of ventnor heights. it is beautiful, probably very long walk to the beach over a mile but a lot of people have a good life here in the back bays most have the time except when these things erupt during big storms like today. so look at it while it is calm because as those wins kick up, later in the morning 10 and 11:00 o'clock and rain starts to fall hard, it will be a wick 24 hours here and then tides will lay on top of each other so that water will probably blow over, this sea wall later today. my advice for this weekend for all of our viewers all over the place keep your phone fully charge at all times because you never know when that pur will get out and you dent want that even if down to 10 percent wondering how you will juice it up. you don't want to go out tour car if your car in the middle of the street getting drenched
4:36 am
sitting in your car charging your phone. keep that phone charge all weekend because you dent need a tree to go down in front of your house to lose your all town's power as we have learned at one time or another during these severe storms. with the ground so wet like a sponge these tree roots will blow over if they get 60 to 70 . watch out. >> without a doubt. >> say it time and time again great reminder steve, thank you. from the shore all across the delaware valley we have you conferred. blue mountain in the poconos this morning. they are expecting self inches of snow this morning changing over. we will update what you can expect in the poconos. here in our area, olde city, it will be the rain, heavy rain, jenny joyce in olde city this morning, hi there jenny. >> reporter: we are seeing steady rain falling. we have in the seen much of that wind just rain, puddles are starting to accumulate here on market street right
4:37 am
outside the station. i was checking philadelphia international airport is there always a chance for delays, cancellations but they were even tweeting last night as rain just began falling in anticipation of this storm saying that a number of airlines will be working with passengers, because of the storm, rescheduling flights, waving that cancellation fee, and then change flight fee i know american airlines, delta airlines they are doing just that. my uber driver on the way to work this morning said of course as we are seeing from steve keeley's live shot that new jersey was in worse shape then philly is right new but we know there are several concerns in the just in new jersey. last night we were live in bucks county where people were concerned about the delaware river flooding because they are still drying out from last weeks rainfall. we will bring you conditions not only in new jersey but throughout our coverage area as the morning goes on. karen and thomas. >> can't wait to see those images be safe. we have got you covered
4:38 am
all weekend long, as the storm passes right through our area you can see folks out there they are prepared with the umbrellas. you will need them. log on to fox as well as our fox 29 app for very latest weather information. 4:38. it is flower show that begins this weekend returning to our area, so many hundreds of thousands come out to check you the the warmth, dream of spring and summer and making it look fabulous. we will sea water falls there. displays are stunning. theme this year is wonders of water. there will be a 25-foot waterfall, fish ponds and 3- foot wood water lily and rain curtain. it is so stunning. tickets are $30 but there is always coupons and discounts as well. it will be i great weekend with the rain to watch a movie >> new won out, check this out >> it only matters what you can do with them. work with me.
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make these men pay. >> that is new action thriller red sparrow hitting big screens this weekend start to go day a preview, sit worth going to see? we will let you know next
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in your health news, i think of the warning you will have healthy protein shake. it may in the that be healthy after all. study by non-profit called clean label project that tested 134 leading protein
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prouders from a whole variety of toxic metals in them and they found toxic metals and pesticides and contaminants. nearly all of them pest ted positive for at least one heavy metal. toxins had been linked to cancer, brain damage and reproductive issues. as you look at your phone, ipad, your computer, think about this one could you give up social media. new study says it depends how old you are. people between 18 and 24 would have the hardest time with 51 percent saying it will be pretty difficult to give it up , those selfies. 33 percent of people older then 50 say it would be hard to quit. no brainer kind of thing. hottest alliances on the market and apparently it is getting too hot. >> tens of thousands of instant pots are being pulled from store shelves but first we are getting ready for oscars so here's one that is nominated for best picture darkest hour.
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>> let it be known, when will the lesson be learned. how many more before we learn you can
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he is down for the count. pull on this lever. >> our movie critic kevin mccarthey thinks this may be within of the best pictures out there dunkirk could get the nod he will join with us his predictions. >> i have to catch up on my movies. >> yes. >> amc being one of them are screenings for some of the movies nominated. check them out this weeky just do it on demand. >> one way to do it. >> 4:46. >> talking about the oscars here this is a golden statue, drawing a lot of attention, criticism, where venue and oscars will take place. sculpture called casting couch
4:47 am
depicts life side harvey weinstein wearing a bathrobe, it is creation of the los angeles street artist who say it is a satyrical reflection on of the scandal surrounding hollywood. 4:47. we have a lot of weather we are working with creating all kinds of problems out there taking a live look at our fair city. there is rain coming down here and just about all over the place. lets check our roads at ben franklin parkway. we know we have had problems the blue route. lets get over to mike masco. >> hot spot all of a sudden is the boulevard, good morning, everybody. we will take to you two issues this is boulevard at fox street this was a hydroplaning situation. we could see it is blocking and incoming out right lanes. so that will tie you up on the boulevard. lets get to problem number two , this is boulevard at whittaker avenue, still on the scene with this issue tying things up on the right lane as well. coming into philadelphia via 42 freeway we have an increased volume, again, roads
4:48 am
are very wet, sue will talk about that in one second and we have local roadways being closed dunn as we get east of town right into around say inland bridges in here because of all of the high winds that are expect during the course of your day. speaking of wind, rain, airport will be an issue today so far in claims we are seeing cancellations in rochester up towards buffalo it is not happening today unfortunately and if you are concerned about the weather the carriers are offering some vouchers for you to change the date without any kind of monetary loss. that is certainly good news. we will talk more traffic in a bit. sue has a whole lot to tell you in 15 seconds we have not gotten cranked
4:49 am
up just yet with this storm but we see pockets of the heavy downpours as we start our day this morning. if you are in southern delaware you are not getting anything. keep in mind when we're looking at radar you see white it doesn't necessarily mean it is snow as it reaches the ground but it has to go through several layers of the atmosphere. temperatures are in the 40's this morning. if you see snowflakes in chester or lancaster county don't be surprised we are expecting a change over to snow in the poconos mountains and decent accumulations to the north of us. that has not happened just yet we will see dry slots as we have banding of the rain but it is raining here in the city right new and very light rain at the shore as steve has shown you it hasn't gotten into full capacity just yet. checking winds to get started because wind is a big part of the storm, we have sustain wind of 29 miles an hour in dover, delaware, wind sustain at 17 miles an hour, windy here with a 26-mile an hour wind gust, 40 miles an hour in dover but this hasn't got tone where it will be either.
4:50 am
we have a high win warning in effect for wind gusts potential of 60 miles an hour. you still have time to bring in those trash cans, that you didn't from yesterday or tie down that patio furniture because those are dangerous winds, we have a coastal flood warning in effect, flood watch in effect to the north of us and winter storm warning for pocono hundred tane and winter weather advisory for northampton county. all that what you're dealing with rain, win, wet snow even in the city before the end of the day we could see wet snow mixed in depending on the temperature. there is today, tomorrow improving a lot, clearing but still windy, with a high of 47 . we will calm dunn on sunday with a high of 48. we will stay in the seasonal 40's through middle of next week, thomas and karen. >> kaine get a refund for this morning. >> i know, we need some drama mean. >> sue, thanks very much. 4:50. sixers beat cavilers last
4:51 am
night 108-97. >> everyone tweeting about this one, trending, here they come, sixers win means we will have very much fun joel embiid tweets. >> because of that tweet right there he tweeted out a picture of him laughing with lebron james, with the caption trust the process question mark. always great time playing against one of the best to ever play the game. amid all of the lebron/philly rumors it is #that is creating the buzz. joe gentlemen capped it off with #summer 2018 goals. >> moments later, embiid tweet ed again with the phrase it's in the what y'all think l ol. how do you look into that one, maybe, maybe not, we will see. >> a lot of the football players are tweeting, it is fun, we will have more when we come up. how about winning a trip to ireland for free all you have to do is what you already do watch good day. watch up to 10:00 o'clock we will give you word of the day.
4:52 am
once you get the word go right to the web site and enter before 10:00 a.m., they will have a new ward we have had a new word to day is last day so get in and win your trip. >> take a trip out to hollywood will take home oscar gold. we will break down nominees, we will continue with lady bird. >> my name is lady bird. >> well, actually, it is not. >> call me lady bird like you said would you. >> you should get to city college and then to jail and then back to city college and then learn to pull yourself up
4:53 am
your crops might your ovebe in 1st grade.a pants.
4:54 am
but when your oven roasted turkey breast is crafted with nothing but heart and hard work... you're closer to the farm than you think.
4:55 am
this just makes me happy because he is just fun, nothing like summer time nice concert out on the beach and sam hunt's coming to our area atlantic city. tickets will be for july 1st, july 4th week, ticket go on sale at 10:00 a.m. today. don't miss out. general admission 70 bucks connor smith, and others will be on the tour. >> keep summer thoughts going here i love this, food trucks coming out, hammocks, talking about spruce street harbor park. it will open up soon. >> hang out along our delaware river water front will be opening up may 11th. >> i like that. >> yeah, march, april and then we have two weeks into may.
4:56 am
>> yes. >> sure, sure. >> two more months. >> nice thing come out there with your kids, your family, your girl friend, your boyfriend, and they have got hammocks, games, giant chess games, hanging glow sticks and as thomas mentioned the amazing food, it is all free, our favorite price. 4:56. lets check out top stories, this morning. it is the weather, steve keeley. >> we have been on the air 56 minutes and weather has turn ugly. we are in margate giving you look at absecon island. look at the rain on the streetlight, it is getting nasty.
4:57 am
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4:59 am
right now on "good day philadelphia" a nasty nor'easter is slammin our area, for some it means pounding rain and destructive winds, for others the concern flooding. >> always concerned when it rains a lot because water did his reach, you know, pretty high. poconos expected to get pummeled with snow and don't forget the shore. >> we are preparing for some flood water and we have to move the cars, be prepared to sit in the house for a day or two. >> we are in for quite the weather ride.
5:00 am
>> "good day philadelphia" 5:00 a.m. starts right now. good morning, everybody. i have great news. >> yes. >> it is a friday, tgif we have made it through another one thanks for waking up and joining us. >> one of our viewers tweeted and said it will be a long day , isn't it. >> it could be. >> for sue. >> for you as well, mike, been 's already all off so our lovely talented mike masco has come in, so we appreciate it. >> lovely, talented. >> spin letters. >> weather problems lead to traffic problems and with the rain that is already out there and it has not even cranked up to where it is as far as wind and rain and even snow are a concern. this is just whatever you get and it is a three out of 10. bus stop buddy his umbrella has in the blend inside out yet, rainy, breezy, temperatures in the 40's which is why we are seeing mostly rain on ultimate doppler radar and we have heavy d


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