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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  March 2, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> "good day philadelphia" 5:00 a.m. starts right now. good morning, everybody. i have great news. >> yes. >> it is a friday, tgif we have made it through another one thanks for waking up and joining us. >> one of our viewers tweeted and said it will be a long day , isn't it. >> it could be. >> for sue. >> for you as well, mike, been 's already all off so our lovely talented mike masco has come in, so we appreciate it. >> lovely, talented. >> spin letters. >> weather problems lead to traffic problems and with the rain that is already out there and it has not even cranked up to where it is as far as wind and rain and even snow are a concern. this is just whatever you get and it is a three out of 10. bus stop buddy his umbrella has in the blend inside out yet, rainy, breezy, temperatures in the 40's which is why we are seeing mostly rain on ultimate doppler radar and we have heavy downpours
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right now, in bucks county it looks like around bensalem, horsham, you could be running into some heavy rain in trenton as well. we will look closer at radar coming up but here's what you're dealing with rain, and, and, wet snow, and evening, damaging, winds we have a high wind warning in effect and coastal concerns for beach erosion, back bay flooding as well. by the even of the day, temperatures are still in the lower 40's, we will have winds , and rain and wet snow, winds gust to 50 or even 60 miles an her at times so messy weather continues throughout the day and it is one of those days, mike, on a bridge with a small car with bridge whose winds, you will toe hang on to that steering wheel >> oh, bye a white knuckler, crossing the walt whitman probably will see speed restrictions, nothing just yet lets get to one commute's
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leather right around bethlehem pike and welsh road a issue tying upright lane. you can see law enforcement on the scene. we will see, delays along the pike this morning. 309, again at welsh road that is the issue. not seeing major speed sensors tied up or brought down but again we will watch that area closely and on the boulevard, still, working this accident on whittaker avenue, so just ab wear of that as well. we will get down toward steve keeley in a little bit but we are prepared anticipating 60, perhaps 70 miles an hour wind as cross our shore points and inland bridges, and, age closures at airport, thorndale and also doyletown lines along septa there are in delays this morning, the word of wisdom here is if you can take septa it is probably your best bet because you may start wet and you may end up a little white. that could cause issues for the evening commute. so double header here, and we will talk more traffic and
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weather together in just a little bit. >> sounds good. 5:02. we're talking about the size intensity from north carolina to main areas impact not only by the snow but rain, snow, we are talking about as well and nor'easter just getting cranked up this morning. >> some of the other markets, bombbogenesis but we are concerned about the beach erosion down the shore, so steve's on his tour making a different stop, in atlantic city and now margate. you have a gate there. >> what a difference, the wind is how long, i have this hood up which is rare for me and i can barely hear the show and you can see that dick over there, just a half an hour ago we're a mile down the street ventnor heights on the back bay there and we are here in margate and on the marina
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water choppy and wind blowing, the rain has stopped since difficult that tease five minutes ago. we have one positive. and plus it has gotten colder out. so, just getting awful out here. i don't know if this is even a smart move to walk around on these marinas with everything being wet but tough go of it, at least for the sea gulls this morning. i noticed they are taking cover as well. we are at jefferson avenue and am hearst, there is jerry's place, memories, and all of these stores bring back peoples memories of past storms. here is our plan now and you can see the jefferson avenue within way sign blowing back and forth and there is the rain, coming back to us, as i say, it stopped and then lot streetlight and you can see rain blowing in sheets. plan is to go from the back bay to the oceanfront, why is that? because you remember big ongoing story with the people of margate they didn't want those dunes, because of it ruining their view. so that construction is going on. but now here's the reason for
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the dunes. now they will protect your property and next big nor'easter. so you complain about the view , maybe you'll appreciate the dunes after today if they save your property. so i'll send it back to you guys and mike masco by the way , the only meteorologist in the entire world that has both ams seal and bob kelly seal of approval for doing traffic, the only one. >> so talented, as i said it before and say it again, 5:05 is the time. storm is massive impacting all of us no matter where you live , lets take a live look at doyletown right now where we have heavy rain, and many, many parts of the bucks county , flood, time and again, lets look at croyden along the delaware river and there is people there, very concerned, they were just flooded a couple weeks ago, they are still pumping water out of their homes from those heavy rains, although they are worried right now. >> when it rains a lot because the water, does reach, very
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high. >> we are so close to the river. the river is right down here. if we get the rain that we have had lately, it might come up this weekend. >> it could come up and that why is people are sand bagging and the city there is helping out people in croyden and it created a flood barrier, so, they are trying to figure out a long term solution. >> here in the city, pounding rain, of course, slick roadways, jenny joyce, in old city this morning, general up. >> reporter: good morning, thomas roadways as you can see here on market street they are wet. we have ponding on the side of the roadways, rain right new has been falling for several hours. it started last night. we know it will last much of the day. for this reason philadelphia international is putting out several advisories, i believe we have a camera the at airport right now expecting a number of delays, cancellations. also several airlines are new waving that change flight fee
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in anticipation of today's storm. so, there is a lot going on. also philadelphia red cross put out a notice to people just because they are expect to go see a number of down trees and pur lines as we see this storm continue. we will be roving, heading to a different area of our viewing area i know steve keeley has new jersey covered so we will be roaming throughout the philadelphia area, back to you. >> thanks very much, jenny. of course we have you covered, and coverage around this neck of the woods, steve's down the shore, we have eyes, ears all over the place. we will have updates on fox 29 .com and our weather app is pretty fabulous if you want to check out radar over your head 5:07, guilty how about that verdict in lehigh county, verdict for allentown married he had pawlowski in his federal corruption trial. jurors found him guilty of 47 of the 54, including fraud, bribery, lying to the fbi, trading city contracts for campaign cash.
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pawlowski cried in the courtroom. his wife collapsed in a hallway. he had not discussed resigning , this morning he is out on bail. calls are growing for i state representative from delaware county to step down. these calls are coming from his own party day after sexual assault claims surfaced against the representative nick miccarelli. two women in a private complaint accused him of sexual assault and domestic violence. the republicans are saying it is time for him to resign, the attorney, in central pennsylvania says he is opening up a criminal probe. attorney for one of the accusers say he point aid gun at her and threatened to crash his car while they were driving at high speeds, both of these women had previously dated him, miccarelli says he is not person depict in the news and he plans to run for reelection. >> time 5:08. back to class for three new jersey school districts after being shut down yesterday due to threats. it was according to police a 10 year-old boy responsible for those threats.
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parents, students in the franklin township elk township and delsea regional school districts they woke up yesterday to the news of the e-mail threatening a shooting. police say teacher in franklinville got that e-mail from an unknown sender, police say it turnout to be that 10 year-old boy. teacher who called police, and whole lot of action, schools were shut down, bye has been charged with making terroristic threats and causing false public alarm. 5:09. delaware supreme court has overturn a teen's conviction in the school bathroom attack. you will remember this one. classmate died, 17 year-old girl has been convicted of criminal negligent homicide and there is our victim. so the suspect sentenced to six months in the juvenile facility for death of amy joyner-francis. the court now says it would be unjust to blame that person, suspect, 16 year-old's death because autopsy found that she died of an undiagnosed heart defect, aggravated by stress of being beaten in that fight in the bathroom there was
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another teen also convicted who is on probation for 18 months. there is a $20,000 reward being offered this morning for any information in the shooting that left a 23 year-old woman, dead. police want to find the person who fired deadly shots. tisha timons was driving with six family members including three children when gunfire hit her van. it appears to be a case of mistaken identity. right now they are going through all of the surveillance video hoping to find any clues in this case. district attorney of philadelphia is following through on his campaign prom toys hold officers like that one accountable. and philadelphia, and, police officers, and, man in the handcuffs. and, scheduled yesterday and arrested last july, and, and, and, unacceptable. the officer was fired in august of last year. we will get a look at philadelphia's mayor jim
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kenney's budget proposal for 2019 fiscal year. mayor pitched a $4.7 billion budget yesterday, that mainly focuses on public safety and improving the city schools. it includes increasing real estate and property taxes to help close the district's deficit. his proposal with mean an additional 980 million-dollar for philadelphia schools over the next five years, mayor kenney also spoke about investments to the police, fire department, opioid crisis and, of course, soda tax. you may notice new numbers popping up on your caller id is this from far away? 405 will be a local number. thinks happening soon. these are numbers from philadelphia, bucks county, montgomery county, lehigh county and berks county. because we ran out of numbers for our to existing area code 215 and 267. if you end up changing your numbers you will get a 445 number. can you believe it has been a year do you remember
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last year oscars feye dunnaway and warren beatty with the envelope, they announced the wrong winner? there they are, second time a charm. >> how about this when you screw up, you get a did over. they will do it again. they will teaming up and they have been practicing to make sure they don't botch this years announcement. plus a slam dunk surprise how college coaches manager to catch within of their players off guard, sue serio. >> not a fun friday in store at lee not weather-wise we will be dealing with wind, rain and maybe some wet snow before this day is through, we will walk you through it coming up.
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well, there was politics and telling jokes. >> i'm not protect them. >> the former secretary of state, robert mcnamara the man who commissioned this study. >> i'm protecting the paper. >> just the way they work. the powe we're gearing up for oscar weekend this is a clip from one of the best pictures nominees, the post, i'm vowing to see it this rainy weekend, looks so good. >> best pictures nominees all morning long, so, lets look right outside your window this morning.
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take a live look at the art museum. always beautiful but in the when it is rainy like this we will be dealing with it quite sometime, sue serio. the main i am book of this storm for today is soaking rain, one to 2 inches, maybe more in spots and some flooding. high wind warning in effect the entire day and tomorrow morning with sustained winds of maybe 35 miles an hour, gusts as high as 50 to 60 miles an hour. that is tropical storm force. then we have change over of wet snow expect for some of us , and that can make for slippery travel on the way home. so, here's what we have right now, it is a lot of precipitation with this storm. a lot of it we will get on the back end of the storm, and is there white showing up on radar in chester and in
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lancaster counties, not necessarily making it to the ground but it looks like just spots of heavy rain. change over starting to happen in the pocono mountains and that is where we expect decent accumulation of snow, up in mount pocono, the changeover is happening, right around trenton area, parts of the bucks county right now, and not too much going on with the rain at the shore. that hasn't quite cranked up yet but we will keep a close eye on these win speed throughout the morning because wind is such a big factor with the high win warning in effect 23 miles an hour sustained windness wilmington. 17 miles an hour in philadelphia looks like windy spot is dover, delaware with a 33-mile an hour win gust, 36 miles an hour gusts recorded at this hour in wildwood. we have had high wind warning, we have talk about that and coastal flood warning, times of high tide, we will have unusually high tides because of the full moon that is out there right now. it is there.
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flood watch in effect in burlington county, gloucester county, bucks county, as well as montgomery county. those are the places that have winter storm warning in effect , heavy snow, 6 inches or more in carbon, monroe county and we have northampton county with a winter weather advisory for maybe an inch or two of accumulation. it remains to see if we will get accumulation in the philadelphia area but we will see some wet snow, in your neighborhood, before the day is through as that storm exits out. we cannot wait for that to happen. 40 degrees in reading. thirty-eight in lancaster. forty-two here in philadelphia 44 degrees in rehoboth beach, and, then 44 in atlantic city. up in pottstown it is 39. allentown 44. with those temperatures it is raining right now. maybe snow. that mess is out by the weekend. unlike last weekend when we had a rainy weekend, this one
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will be featuring sunshine eventually on saturday. some cloud could hang around in the mourn a and still windy but everything calms down on sunday as we get in the seasonal temperature of upper 40's. we stay in the 40's through middle of next week. so if we get precipitation it will be only rain and mike, as you know, if this were colder when this storm hit we would be dealing with a whooper of the snowstorm. >> yeah, sue, you made a mistake, 70 on wednesday. >> nice try. >> good morning, everybody. we have a commute's leather just came in the traffic center my apologies, it is rough to look at but this is i-95 northbound we have three lanes closed now on i-95 as you pass newark toward philadelphia the reason for the problem is that is right here traveling up toward fill off to take the long way. that is 295, hook up north of
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295 and then you come over from say walt whitman or toward ben franklin but that is the deal, right now 495 north bound three lanes, knocked out jackknife tractor trailer, also with the fuel spill so they will be on the scene with this one and it will take sometime to clean that up. look at heavy robin, puddles are accumulating and that could be a concern for the commute because of hydroplaning car hit that puddle at right angle and wrong speed you could have a lot of problems, you have to be careful. 309 expressway at welsh road we have an accident on the scene with that one and then as we take a live look toward wilmington bundle up. still working this accident at whittaker avenue. guys, back to you. 5:20. five counties busted, and taking advantage of the people addicted to opioid and heroin. investigators say the men, to speed their addiction would steel merchandise from big
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retailers like wal-mart, target, cvs and sell them to pawn shops where they would get a third of the actual value. the pawn shops, resold the stolen unopened merchandise, on e bay and other or line retailers at full value. >> the boosers stole kitchen faucets, and blenders, and vacuum cleaners, and at the end of the day, who pays for all of this? the consumers in pennsylvania pay for it, because the price of their products have gone up >> reporter: all of the defendants have been released on bail but more charges and arrests are expect. reverend billy graham, america's pastor will be laid to rest in his hometown of charlotte north caroline, of course, he ministered all of our presidents. the reverend franklin graham will be giving the eulogy, 2,000 people are expect to physically attend that portion of the, occasion, there but there is going to be live streaming for people to watch all around this world, president trump is expected to attend but he is not scheduled
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to speak. people in the community and planet say he will be missed. after the ceremony, he will be buried in ex-to his wife in the memorial player garden at his library. 5:22. spies, lies and -- >> difficult, actually. >> i'm standing up and still just the same size. >> all right. >> so we are talking about this new movie and it does involve spies, lies and dirty dancing. >> it looks good. cool thriller. we will have our movie critic, kevin mccarthey reviewing jennifer lawrence new movie red sparrow.
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with the rain it is always nice to stay inside and see a good movie, lets talk about jennifer lawrence because she's back on the screen. >> really curious to see what our kevin mccarthey said as she play ace russian spy, here's his take. >> hey everybody in philadelphia it is kevin mccarthey in the philly movie minute. let talk about red sparrow from director frances lawrence , no relation, whatsoever who direct the last three hunger games films. red sparrow is a brutal r
5:26 am
rated film that tells the story of a ballerina who after an accident is forced to be a russian spy. film is different from any spy film you have seen. the central focus is jennifer lawrence character attempting to seduce people for information this lead her to a cia officer played by joel edgerton, frances lawrence does a great job, as it relies on deception and reveal difficult not see coming, cinema is gorgeous and lawrence is great in the role, i loved her vulnerable how bold the performance was. she did an amazing job. i love them together, great chemistry. i will say film is a bit on the longer side but reveal is worth the wait, reminder, this is a heavy r rated movie and some images may find their way in tour nightmares, and gave the film a four out of five, listen, i know you have been seeing clips all day, all week about best movies for the academy award, i will have predictions coming up later on
5:27 am
good day. i'm kevin mccarthey in your philly movie minute. >> thank you 5:26. we have a storm, no matter where you are, high win, flooding, rain and there could be snow up there in berks county this morning. we're talking about several inches of that coming up. so lets get a check of the road, right now, hi mike. >> inches of rain this morning and we have a big issue 95 north bound at 495, three lanes are income out i will take you around the horn and show you more across town, that is a glummy shot looking out toward parkway we will be right back after this. please keep your shoes on!
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and also, look at that, our national symbol eagles, they are trapped, they are tall ons are connected, floating in the susquehanna river in our state of pennsylvania. so who untangled them, very sweet story with a happy ending. coup the music.
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>> ♪ >> yeah, taking a back roads down the shore, to catch sam hunt this summer, tell you how to get your hands on those hot tickets. >> good morning, everybody it is a friday, morning, it is rainy, nice day to put that song honorary pete. >> it sounds great. >> karen, good morning. mike good morning to you, in for bob kelly. it will be wet and busy. >> whole lieutenant of problems, and karen is saying train coming from d.c. we have a problem there. >> that will effect service in philadelphia and new york. >> that train stops in philadelphia you are not getting on the 111. >> we are looking up and down the coast we have, some lines as well break that down for you. >> most interesting part of this will be the snow factor. it is biggest wild card. we will watch the temperature
5:32 am
as the day goes on and how early you will get that change over from rain to wet snow before the storm exits and we can't wait for that to happen. three out of 10. we have miles to go before we see rainy, breeze which bus stop buddy, we have full rain gear on and temperatures in the 40's, right now, it is mostly rain in our area change over happening in the poconos, from rain to snow, that is where we expect decent accumulations but see what is happening down there in chester county, as chillier air is mixing in philadelphia, light rain at the moment but around bensalem, we are getting heavier rain and 42 degrees in philadelphia factor in that win at 17 miles an hour and it feels like 34. things you'll be dealing with rain, wet snow today, damaging winds from coastal concerns, beach erosion and back bay flooding, so we will get to 39 y lunchtime and 42, 43 to average out rest of the day.
5:33 am
lets just say upper 30's and 40's for our temperature and see what happens with the change over, precipitation, meantime we can blame weather for all of the problems you where to tell us about, mike m asco. >> issue this morning is heavy rain from the overnight hours, best camera to show you this is our 202 at bristol camera, once we get rid of that. see this puddle right here, you are dealing with on the roadways, you hit that wrong angle and wrong speed you have got big problems, take it very slow out there this morning. ninety-five northbound at 495, three lanes completely shut down this is jackknife tractor trailer accident. this tractor trailer coming off of 495 merging on to 95 and who its way, and we have issues in terms of the clean up in the only from this accident but also reports of a fuel spill. that is a big problem on i-95 to try to avoid this issue we are ceiling volume building you can take 295, long way up
5:34 am
toward philadelphia and take local roadways on 141 and get straight up around 202 and hook backup to 295. this is a mess in northern, central delaware this morning. no major delays at philly international, we will check in with your local carriers, they have vouchers going american airlines, is going to offer to change your flight for you again to try to avoid any issues, but last but not least we will leave you with the boulevard north bound still on the scene, i cannot say this ising ago way an accident at whittaker avenue more traffic and weather together coming up. >> those flights from other area, as well, mike, thank you lets get back outside as we look at our weather authority, rehoboth, good morning to you. you can see rain start to pick up as you head in the morning here you are under a high win warning? what does that mean. we will deal with wins up to 60 miles an hour, dealing with
5:35 am
flooding concerns with heavy rains and power outages as well. >> that is delaware beaches. let's head up to new jersey beaches, we are expecting beach erosion, steve keeley's there with the very latest, steve. >> reporter: we have brand new beach to show new margate this was the controversial project they have just started to build up in february. it will take a year. they will in the work in the summer. but look, you cannot see the ocean because they have built this down here. you can see freshly planted on both side of the track is here dune grass and that will keep sand in the spot. does this storm come up and tear down this brand new dune barely a in old. you can see project is still just getting underway, you see crane in the distance, atlantic city's casino and glow in the haze, further down as you walk toward the beach it is slipped down and more wood, pipes, everything else will take for this project, we
5:36 am
will work until memorial day weekend and they do not anger margate residents like they did last summer, they will stop work and get this stuff out, and resume work once summer is over. it is another dip down this is protective dune that people in margate didn't want because they who their ocean view from the first floor, but now they have to maybe appreciate it, if this keeps any kind of flood water out of the first floor with this brand new dune does any of this wood get knock down before it gets put together by flood water if that ocean comes all the way up here and has strength to pick up this stack up wood that is tied together. so is there your first look at our ocean even though it is still dark out and maybe get another location and give you sunrise look at 6:00 o'clock as sun starts to come up at 6:00 and 6:30, how about that breaking news first look at brand new dune and now this brand new dune gets its first test with the nor'easter right
5:37 am
away. thanks very much. >> so you saw the concerns there along the coast with the coastal flood ago long the shore there, up in the poconos six to 12 inches in the higher elevations they are under a winter storm warning, sue will break that down heading to the city, you're dealing with the element of rain this morning as we look live old sit gi morning to you. our jenny joyce, right below there with the very latest, jenny, good morning. >> reporter: wind is picking up out here, but we are on market street but where rain is still falling, been falling new for several hours, you can see there are puddles, ponding forming on the side of the roadways because of this storm philadelphia international airport has been putting out warnings, advisories for people to check with your airline prior to leaving for the airport this morning because of delays and cancellations. also a number of airlines, american airlines and delta and possibly others are working with passengers, and
5:38 am
waving that change flight fee in anticipation for this storm we know a number of flights, might have to change and be cancel in the storm. philadelphia red cross also putting out warnings to be prepared for power outages, be prepared for those down trees as this storm continues to throughout the day, back to you guys. as with any storm you know how unpredictable it can be so we have been with you since 3:57. we will be only live local news until 10:00 o'clock this morning, and throughout the day on fox 29 get latest on fox, and through our fox 29 app. fallen philadelphia police officer will be laid to rest today, as her death is investigated. nativity bvm church on east allegheny avenue. funeral following at 11. thirty-six years old. fifteen year veteran of the force. she was found dead in her home port richmond with a man
5:39 am
earlier this week. we do not know how she died. new morning a robbery at rowan university they report a man was assaulted and robbed at rowan hall last night about 6:00, investigators say victim was assaulted by four men one of them wearing a red sweat shirt and also had red basketball we are not sure if the victim was a student or what was stolen. 5:39 on this friday. as we heard of instant pot multi cooker a pressure cooker and crock pot all in one, it was a hot item during holiday season so there is an important recall to tell but this morning, something wrong witt we will break it down. we are taking a look at oscar nominated films for best picture here's one that is expecting huge acclaim three billboards outside ebbing, missouri. >> i'm doing everything that i can to track him down, i don't think those billboards is very fair. >> the time it took to you get out here wining like a bitch while some other poor girl is being butchered out there
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♪ mom, we got girl scout cookies to sell. the girl scout cookie inspired flavors you love. now in the dunkin' coffees you love. only at dunkin'.
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as well, it is a reaction to what the president did yesterday, and announcing that this country willow pose steep tariffs on steel, and aluminum imports from other countries. investors are worried this
5:43 am
will raise tension with china and all of our other trading partners. the president tweeted yesterday that the industries must be protected from unfair trade, and, bad policy. a major safety recall for popular, appliance maker of instant pot has recalled several models, the company says that the effect can cause units to over heat, melt, causing, a burn. it effects 800 you this unit sold exclusively at wal-mart. licensing over to reunion. >> we will show you something that will warm your heart. some college coaches manages to pull off a slam dunk of a
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5:46 am
shut right up. come out alive. go right through you, up on the floor, understood. >> gearing up for the oscar weekend. this is from phantom, thread i believe it is daniel day lewis film. >> yes, that was pretty good. >> 5:46. speaks of the oscars. >> try, try again steve harvey screwing it up. do you remember how bad it was with warren beatty and feye dunnaway, they have a wrong title in the envelope for best picture for last year. so what are they go to go do? they are supposed to go to moon light. we will give them another chance this year they have been doing lots of rehearsal. >> of course you have to give
5:47 am
them another chance. see what they will do. 5:46. your weather and traffic authority, let's check the road this is morning. >> what happened to that twit ter guy that read the wrong? >> it was warren beatty. >> they read the previous envelope was given to them they just read the wrong. >> i thought he was on twitter >> the guy, the security guard was on twitter. >> it was his job to give the right envelope and busy tweet ing and taking picture, yeah, he has been rhea sign. >> to what? here's is what going on. big commuter alert, coming from delaware they have to take net is to. that three lanes closed. tractor trailer coming off 495 , hooking on to i-95 and it lost its way, we have a big issue there. 295, alternate route, as you get over into new jersey and up and around, or take the local roadways across, across
5:48 am
northern delaware. amtrak train 190 and 111 have been cancelled because thinks a direct tweet from amtrak northeast because of power line situation where it is high wins down in d.c. blew a tree on to the power lines. if you have plans to go up to new york city and 190 and 111 is stopping here you might to have make alternate routes around that. new jersey turnpike at exit number four we have water on the roadways, heavy rains coming down and we will talk with that with sue serio coming in 15 seconds we told you yesterday, how complicated this storm is, it is proving to be, exactly that the le pressure is park off shore, and coastal storm, and we are seeing a wrap around moisture pretty huge storm too
5:49 am
and temperature, changing the type of precipitation, colder air from the north is being wrapped into this storm so there are a few places in chester county and lancaster county where we are seeing white on ultimate doppler radar and then change over happening in the pocono mountains from rain to snow, and that is supposed to stick throughout the day-to-day, accumulations, 6 inches or more up there for us, burlington county with a few heavy downpours there, a few dry slots. not much rain happening at the shore just yet. as we look in the future cast we will see that line of colder air starting to move further south and that makes it such a interesting forecast , how much of it will be snow when it makes it to the ground will we get accumulation on grass surfaces , we could stay rainy, it just depends on the temperature at the surface, but, we definitely looking at killed air moving in. good news by 10 or 11:00 this whole thing is out and we will dry out quickly.
5:50 am
23 miles an hour sustain wind ness wilmington, dover has 25 miles an hour, looks like heaviest winds are south and west of us with 33-mile an hour wind gusts in wilmington and 37 in dover, delaware. we have a high win warning for rest of the day we have a coastal flood warning in effect and flood watch to the north of us where we expect heavier rain, not to mention, except we will the winter storm warning for carbon and remet counties in the winter weather advisory for northampton this situation bears watching, here in philadelphia, our computer models some spitting out a couple inches of snow, some less than a inch for change over for rain to snow, it just depends on how long it will pile up. truth always lies somewhere in between. we have 42 degrees. temperatures in the upper 30's and 40's where they will stay throughout the day. upper 40's thomas sun comes back out. hang on to the winds on saturday, mostly sunny, calm
5:51 am
on sunday and we will stay in the 40's through middle of end of next week. so once we're through today, guys, very messy weather rain, wind, snow and we should be fine through rest of the weekend. thanks, sue. inappropriate conversation. this is a wonderful, sweet moment. >> jacksonville state back death ball player left his home in lithowania in 2013 to pursue college basketball career. he has been doing well. >> we have in the seen his family in years. his mom of more than five years until right now. >> no, no, no. >> he didn't see that one coming. he was at team hotel to prepare for ohio valley conference tournament and he was greeted with his mom rigt there. coaching staff they organize the trip for his mom to the states as a senior, so the team wanted to make sure that his mom saw him play before
5:52 am
his senior year was over. >> he turned bright red big guy hugging a mom. this one getting attention on social media these are bald eagles and they are stuck in the susquehanna in the middle of pennsylvania, and they needed to be rescued because their tall ons were stuck together, little girl 11 years old and she and her mom called police, right there near bloomsberg. so male eagles were likely having a fight up there in the sky and then they plumeted from the sky and dropped in the river and they would not release their grip and their muscles locked up so rescuers come out there dry them up, warmed them up and they will release them in an hour. >> they don't want to let it go. >> my dinner mike jerrick good morning to you. >> it has been a good year for the eagles. >> true that. how about you. >> come on now. >> we have run out of ideas. we're revealing this word of the day, every day. >> yes. >> for this trip to ireland. i'm in the meeting. i work with 90 percent women.
5:53 am
>> absolutely. >> this is their idea we are bringing in very hunky men and we will put ward of the day on their chest. >> i heard about this idea. >> that will happen. >> i just want to say i'm very grateful for this because it is turnaround and i'm so happy to have these fun men. it will be a fun 9:00 he clock hour. >> but i am going to do within of the letters. >> oh, lord. >> you are in good shape. >> it is a big o, if you want to>[a5df]
5:54 am
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dude, they're just jealous. kellogg's raisin bran crunch... ...with crunchy clusters and the taste of... ...apples and strawberries. i got one! i guess we're having cereal for dinner. deliciously heart-healthy kellogg's raisin bran crunch.
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we will have a house party in our town, we will have a huge, beach bash, out there, summer concert sam hunt coming to atlantic city july 1st, july 4th holiday week tickets go on sale at 10:00 o'clock, general admission, $70, also connor smith and others will be joining him on tour. lots of news on this day, we are tracking this major storm right now over our heads we have a major nor'easter dumping heavy rains we will get snow and heavy wins are coming worries still to come we have the latest. and also, how about fueling the rivers out there we are having fun with this one sixers pick up a huge win
5:57 am
over lebron and calves last night but as series, of post on social media that has re ignite that had lebron coming to philly talk. good day
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
testing. and joel embiid and lebron fueling the fire last night with a series ovulate night posts, tweets, instagrams, wait until you see images. the fact that we beat the calves, yes. >> on their home court. >> yes. >> even though it is just lebron. >> yes. >> the other people. >> look we have a floating head. >> yes, look at that. >> coolly was trying to wear a darker color. >> it is beautiful. >> yes. >> wine on a friday morning, good day, it is march 2nd, 2018. >> you may need


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