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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  March 2, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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testing. and joel embiid and lebron fueling the fire last night with a series ovulate night posts, tweets, instagrams, wait until you see images. the fact that we beat the calves, yes. >> on their home court. >> yes. >> even though it is just lebron. >> yes. >> the other people. >> look we have a floating head. >> yes, look at that. >> coolly was trying to wear a darker color. >> it is beautiful. >> yes. >> wine on a friday morning, good day, it is march 2nd, 2018. >> you may need it after what
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we are dealing with today. >> really star of the show today is sue serio. >> no, it is weather but i will take a glass have wine with this forecast, it is crazy, especially when we factor in the possibility of snow today, three out of 10 no matter what you get is a mess, rain, wind, temperatures in the 40's right now wins are in the cranked up but bus stop buddy is ready for a messy dau we have your boots, we have cold air wrapping around this storm, some of it is heading in to chester county and lancaster county, parts of new castle county getting chillier today, most of it is rain in the poconos mountains where we switched over to snow. so, it is 41 degrees factor in the wind it feels colder then that switch back to your waterproof coat, rain and wet snow, within of your impacts today damaging winds, coastal concerns we will have details on that coming up just a rainy
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, windy day with wet snow possible, sometime this after noon. as you know very well mike mas co in, for bob kelly, that is the wild card. >> double header getting hit with rain and snow on the way home. good morning, everybody. lets take a look, my apologies for leaving that on the screen but i wanted to update you on what compactly is going on in terms of the 95 north bound at 495, up toward northern delaware, this is three lanes closed down. what happened was jackknife, tractor trailer comes off of 495, trying to get on i-95 and jackknifes, we have three lanes block, fuel on the road, big problem, so just take notice 295 getting on new jersey side of things, navigate local roadways out toward northern delaware and get on 202 and around you are
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good to go. amtrak another big issue train 190, coming out of d.c. here's the deal with that. wins have knock dunn power lines on to this train and this is not coming to philadelphia and not getting to new york. 190, excuse me, 190 and 111 is a big problem. lots of traffic to talk about in a little bit. >> not much going on. >> pretty quiet. >> my god, what is with this morning it is only 6:03. >> only the beginning. >> all right. we will deal with this for the next 24 hours so shore is expect to get hit with damaging winds, flooding beach erosion. >> we like to have steve on days like this up and down to see what he can find. >> he is in one of my favorite places, licensing port, rate there and that is a beautiful man. >> do you hear that win. >> yes, coming out of his body >> have you tested out new
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special effects, fox 29, watch this, it blows up like a balloon, a puffy coat. i look like i will give birth i'm due in just hours. we have had in wind two hours ago and new we have new special effects, look at that flag blowing we are at not only one of your favorite towns, mike but within of your favorite peoples house awesome , marvin asher, remember, that is jared, jared and i ended up doing a documentary on hurricane sand any marvin's bedroom. he didn't leave. a wave came in the bedroom his first floor was wiped out, his piano was a mile way. he is in there now. he has his american flag, eagles flag and penn state flag. eagles flag is only one withstanding win. american flag is getting beaten up, torn down but eagles flag is staying strong and penn state flag seems to be going in every direction. he has this corner place on longport point, is there the
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old beach patrol both bet that we may need but there is wind and wave action as we get sunlight coming in and this is not your typical beach but look at marvin's pint there waves hitting outside marvin's view there. keep camera on that, they are kicking up and it is all white around those rocks but they are splashing up high now and this is nothing yet because we were told here at the shore weather service in absecon saying high wins will kick up around 11. you can see they are picking up now. we will give a look all around and sunrise look in the next half an hour but boy starting to get wicked out here it was smooth as silk on the bay two hours ago what a difference now a couple of hours. >> that is right it will get worse. that gay's house was completely flooded. rebuilt. beautiful home. licensing port, yeah.
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>> yeah. >> coming up on 6:06. you can expect wet roads during your commute this morning, jenny, we will check with you in mayfair. >> reporter: good morning, mike and alex, today you did in the want to forget we know sue serio has been talking bit all day long and so roads are wet. in terms of the wind it is light but is there enough wind to wave those banners here. we are over at bleigh avenue you can see right outside philadelphia pretzel factory. in addition to rain and what we're expecting from this storm all day we know philadelphia red credits has been putting out warnings to people expect power outages and expect down wires and trees because we know grounds are saturated. we have had rain lately and last week and it has been raining for several hours and we just have to be careful. other reason we are here in
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the only to tell you about the rain o word of the day so what we are going to do we will letter at a time courtesy of co. here's chelsea our intern. these are in in p letter m. what could it be. what could ts be. >> mike us we will reveal it later hour. >> m, does it have to do with ireland. >> masco. that is australia >> undoubted it do with guessing, folks. >> this is the last day. >> will you the day every hour. >> i will miss itw jersey school districts are heading back to class after being shut down yesterday due to threats.
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>> this was the story of the morning yesterday for sure franklin township elk township delsea regional school districts were all closed yesterday. police say a 10 user eld boy is responsible for all this, he threatened a school shooting in an e-mail that was seen by a teacher, that bye has been charged with making terroristic threats and also causing false public harm. can you imagine those kind of charges at 10. president trump's latest proposal send international markets tumbling how his tax on imported steel and aluminum could impact your wallet. champs in the studio we will talk about what is it like after the super bowl and that proposal. >> he is now in engaged. we have to ask about that. >> you are bringing this up. >> the most famous crouch tackle
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okay. we have water here in olde city, you sea water yesterday in wilmington, big water main break, shooting that geyser up in the air. >> and some business where is without water for hours when this happened yesterday, city officials say del marva gas subcontractor hit a 12-inch
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main around 10, causing, this happened. it has been for eight hours and customers have their water back. >> well, it is horrible but for some reason it is fun to watch, it is wasting water and all that. >> it looks like a painting of the tree with that white background. >> can you imagine, if it got below 32 degrees, and then all of the brandes would break fall dunn on the pur lanes and everybody would be without power. >> that is just a horrible story. >> that is a horrible story. >> look at pressure underneath that ground. >> all that wasted water. >> not a drop to drink. here's sue. >> it will go back in the eco system undoubtedly. >> all right, fine. >> well, we are looking at some rain we are looking at a little bit of snow, all that is in the forecast with very high winds, all of which, will make for a very messy friday we will give you
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i think i may have screwed this up. we're at philly pretzel factory this is in mayfair, right. so word of the day is being spelled out letter by letter, in pretzels, and in no particular order so the m we
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saw first that doesn't mean that the word necessarily begins with an m. >> right. >> i guess that is speaksed to be a d. >> that doesn't look like a d to you. >> it looks like a d. >> so mike just fell. >> we have a m and d, it is a there, what is going on here. >> i don't know, we are supposed to try to figure it out. >> d, we have an m. >> people have been guess something words. >> what? >> maiden, mick. >> well new is there a d. >> how about dam. >> that is what you get out on the road and try to drive-in this mess we have out here this morning. here's our big giant storm low pressure system off the coast but all rain snow spreads all the way out to western new
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york. we are seeing cold air mixing in with this we will see changing back abe for the, snow rain, snow rain in someplaces and few dry slots change over happening in the pocono mountains that is where we expect snow to pile up and few area of downpours but we have not seen much rain at the shore but winds have picked up future cast has, switching back between rain and snow on and off throughout the day as this storm makes its slow, not fast enough exit, it looks like it will be a messy evening commute with a mixture of rain and snow for a lot of us and then by nine or 10:00 it is out of here. 11:00 for sure. look at the snow forecast for philadelphia, this is not mountains. one model has two and a half inches. one model has third of an inch one has inch and a half. so truth lies somewhere in between. you might get a little accumulation out of this storm
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forty-one in philadelphia right now. see 30's in wilmington, lancaster where we saw white on the radar. staying in the low 40's in philadelphia throughout the day. 48 degrees tomorrow. we will clear it up. keep wins around for tomorrow but much better weekend then last weekend. at lee this one is a one day special. >> we will take it. here's is what going on there is a lot of issues keeping on 95 north bound situation, i-95 northbound at 495, three lanes closed down involving a jackknife tractor trailer. issue with this tractor trailer, it is leak fuel so now we have a big clean up project ongoing. 111 train out of d.c., winds have gust ted close to 60 miles an hour. that has income down limbs on to the power lines, this has cancelled these two trains out of philadelphia to new york.
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it is just not happening anymore. domino effect all amtrak trains two to 60 minute delays and that will build through the course of the day. did you want item number three , look at that 95 southbound at cottman avenue disabled vehicle knocking out left lane and we have big, big delays stretching back 1 mile more traffic and weather coming up. >> look at that wind messing with that camera. my goodness. normally if i had to go to new york or whatever, d.c., i would take amtrak. now you can't do that. >> all right. 6:18. well, reverend billy graham, america's pastor will be laid to rest in his home town of charlotte north carolina his son franklin will deliver eulogy, and 2,000 people are expected to attend, officials will also set up live streaming for people to watch around the world and i do mean around the world.
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president trump is expected to attend but not scheduled to speak. kroeger and ll beam are joining wal-mart and dickness stopping gun sales to anyone under 21. >> it shows pressure companies are facing and feeling to take a stand one way or the other following the florida school shootings. >> thomas has more because then there is delta airlines. >> these companies are facing pressure but these companies look at their bottom line, comes down to the dollar bill. delta's decision to cut ties with the national rifle association could cost airline millions of dollars and here's the reason y lawmakers in georgia passed a bill that kills a tax break on jet fuel, they have denied that tax break, it would have saved airlines 38 million-dollar a year so movies considered, revenge after delta announced it would no longer offer discounted fares to nra members. georgia's governor says that
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he will sign the bill. meantime president trump met with top nra officials as he weighs ideas for preventing mass shooting, good, great meeting in the oval office tonight with the nra. president trump supports second amendment rights he has voiced expert for several measures the nra opposing including raising minimum age to 21 from 18 for purchasing assault rivals a lot of these co still considering whether or not they want to take action against nra and what it means for them. >> we will watch every day i'm sure. surging flyers. well, maybe we shouldn't have done that thing yesterday about the flyers. they didn't play well at all. they lose. maybe it is weather. probably the weather. yeah, blame it on the weather, perfect.
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76ers coming to their thursday night game at
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cleveland with the two game losing streak trying to get back on track against some guy named lebron. he had 30-point, sixers had a better team, ben simmons named eastern conference rookie of the month earlier today slams two of his 18 points and to ice things off how about jj reddick led sixthers with 22, they beat cavilers 108-97. flyers with the six game winning streak taking on carolina last night three to nothing to start the third travis konecny we have a hockey game until sebastian otto, makes it four-one. justin williams former flyer with two goals and an assist, canes even their winning streak four-one. phillies taking on the yankees in clearwater. the ball was juiced. this is one of the yankees four home runs on the day off nick paveta, yankees roll six- four. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. >> they beat cavilers on their
6:25 am
home court 108-97. great job. >> usually when we get sixers win we get great jell embiid powe game tweets. >> true. >> this time he tweeted out a picture of him laughing with the caption trust the process? always a great time playing against one of the best to ever play the game. #summer 2018 goals. >> what? >> um-hmm, yep. >> and then people were like, my gosh and then tweeted it is not what y'all think lol. now they are just messing with people and get people talking about it. >> so is lebron. >> he went to instagram with ben simmons and not joel. plus they are friends. i told y'all my young king was next in lane getting better and better every night out. tonight another example of. that fun to watch and compete again, and the process, joel embiid. little bro settle for nothing less than greatness, ben simmons. >> they are messing with our
6:26 am
heads now. >> yeah. >> at least we know they like each other did you see what cleveland put up their billboard, what a way to take it to another level. >> so you might see lebron in philly at some point. >> we might see lebron in philly, yes. >> so lets get back to the word of the day. we are revealing in pretzels one letter at a time our final ward of the day. we have had an m, we have had a d, and now a a. well, mad, dam, like i said. a d, m and a a. no word yet. it has to do with ireland. okay. >> people are guessing, sue. >> yes. >> we may need a dam with all this rain. >> that is much more fun then dealing with this weather. storm just off the coast throwing back precipitation and wait until you see how high wins will get.
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we have got pounding win, damaging win, coastal flooding , some snow in parts of our area. it is a nasty 24 hours. we will sit here with you. turf war between philadelphia's police union and cities new district attorney, what was said at a recent training program that has fop president upset.
6:30 am
this is apparently a long word because we are throwing out a lot of letters of this word of the day. >> all kinds of letters. >> is that a ribbon. >> that is a r. >> lets get through them again we have a m, an d, an a and a r. >> lets see if people are guessing. >> there is a shamrock. >> how nice. >> something to do with ireland. >> people are confused because we have not received any guests. >> it is exactly 6:30. good day everybody. it is march 2nd, 2018, weather , weather, weather. >> we have not seen war of this storm yet but starting to crank up in intensity and messy rest of the day rain, snow, combination of the two and high whips such a big factor a three out of 10, bus stop buddy standing out, umbrella has not yet blown inside out temperatures in the 40's in most places where we
6:31 am
are seeing rain but change over is happening, up in the pocono mountains from rain to snow where we expect decent accumulation. we will see rains heavy around moorestown bensalem steady rain this morning. wet here in philadelphia. forty-one feels like 33. we will not see sunshine. we will have rain, wet snow, damaging winds and coastal concerns including beach erosion, flooding and maybe power outages with winds gusting as high as 60 miles an hurry to day, so, a lot of problems with this storm. mike masco, it is complicated. >> try to being in delaware where it is real complicated. ninety-five north bound three lanes income out. we have been talking about for about an hour now. there is clean up involved. tractor trailer coming off 495 trying to merge on to 95 and who its way in a big way. we have fuel on the road, they will to have clean that uptake
6:32 am
lots of time, i-95 north bun at 495 be aware of that. had an earlier disable vehicle at 95 north bound at vine. we are looking good. this is another big headache, amtrak train coming out of d.c. 190, 111, very gusty wins that knocked a tree limon high power wires, and that has completely income out train service from d.c. all the way up to philadelphia so 190, 111 out of commission, 20 to 60 minute delays on amtrak heading up toward new york city. that will bill during the course of your day. no major delays in the airport , however, i have seen cancellations guys with the hartford flight, rochester, buffalo you ain'tinging there today, all right. just check with your carriers and get some free vouchers, mike if you have to travel to change. you don't to have pay money. turf pay money but you don't to have pay. >> i hear you. >> you got me, good.
6:33 am
>> yes. >> i feel you. >> good. >> you know what we're also feeling. >> mike volunteered to come in today, big weather day, traffic is not a big deal. what a mess. >> 6:33. >> we're also feeling or getting ready to feel nor'easter coming our way. >> it is here, let's feel that impact, okay. we have people all over. >> it will get worse. i don't want to say it is here when it is getting worse. >> why dent they talk to the people in it, instead of a warm, lovely studio. >> i don't know about warm but the rest. >> hi, steve. >> reporter: hard to complain. we keep giving this trip away to ireland dublin's airport is shut down they are getting hit over there. i guess it is great that whoever wins condition test doesn't win to it day and get today. look at these waves crashing over the sea wall. we have showed you our friend
6:34 am
marvin ash shore celebrated his eighty-second birthday on valentines day so happy birthday. thinks nothing for him to ride out a storm like this because he rode out sandy. they have a brand new sea wall look at those waves. twice as high as it was. these massive boulders were in the street and for historians out there this town starts at tenth street because first 10 blocks were wiped out in the 62 storm and they are under water there out there in the bay. they did all they can and they are learning each time a storm hits how to prevent. did you see track is here on the beach as high tide approaches on the ocean site at 7:30. what they did was pushed sand up to make a temporary dune hoping when ocean comes all the way up here keep it from flooding the streets here but this is not exactly a year round, residential spot for these people here on these multi million-dollar homes but they do worry about them because they don't have dunes
6:35 am
just that concrete sea wall and wooden steps leading to the beach. but here we are across the bay from ocean city and wow these waves are crashing up high, already and wind is kicking up meaning when these waves crashed up the salt water is spraying over. this is our only way, alex and mike we can watch fox 29 vehicles as we come here and that is how they get washed with each storm they cover because we never take them to the car wash. we park right there, those columns, i wonder every time i come there where do they original from, on the wall street, art museum, somebody cut them and they use them as sea wall. they left there. i wonder where they originally stood. >> um-hmm. >> maybe they were part of the penns landing, the big gondola that was supposed to go over the river. >> you love pointing out those columns every time we do things down there. >> they are still up because
6:36 am
maybe within day. >> maybe within day. >> it is just such an eye sore >> they put a sign up over those, welcome to penns landing. >> ridiculous. >> monument to failure. storm is probably a morning for construction crew is a cross philadelphia, all how many cranes we have up over city. l and i is telling project managers to make sure scaffolding, cranes especially are very secure all day to day >> lets check back and see what it is like in mayfair with jenny joyce. >> good morning mike and alex. we are still here in mayfair across the street from the mayfair diner watching cars go by. look at the very wet, roadways , we are seeing puddles start to accumulate. we have had rain for several hours and it is expected to last all day long. we have been watching people on the street, with either their hoods, umbrellas,
6:37 am
bracing for a very wet day. we have been checking in as mike said with the philadelphia airport and they are recommending that every within check with their airlines always good advice but on a day like today with the wind and rain expect delays and cancellations. airlines are also planning to work with passengers and wave that change flight fee depending what happens to day war live outside philly pretzel factory and other reason we are here toys reveal word of the day. we are watching how it all goes down here at philly pretzel factory. our intern kelce work here, kelce, looking over here before we reveal this letter you said it is all about the flick of the wrist. >> all about the wrist. you have to make sure you hold on tight to the edge and flip your wrist real fast and catch it before it falls off. >> fascinating, thank you for helping us reveal where of the day, so letter is, l.
6:38 am
>> all right. i will admit there are people hoff guessed it correctly. >> at this point it is fairly obvious, right. >> someone could guess ireland >> there is no m in ireland. >> we have an r-m-d, l. >> charmed. >> we have a l in there now that screws that up. >> madrail. >> durham. >> madra. >> the l is messing them up. >> we have time to put it together. >> ramdala. >> so it happened? u.s. attorneys office in philadelphia will provide an update later today, this morning after allentown married he had pawlowski is found guilty in his federal corruption trial. pawlowski did cry when he heard this decision in the
6:39 am
courtroom, his wife collapsed in a hallway right outside the courtroom. charges include fraud, bribery , attempted extortion and lying to the fbi. is there your big one. he has maintained his innocence. verdict means he cannot be mayor but he still has in the resigned so he is out on bail right now this morning. we will see what happens later today this just happened yesterday so he will probably resign today. >> would i think. >> 6:39. fighting word between philadelphia police union and cities new district attorney. police union president claim d.a. larry krasner told cadets how they should be shooting their guns but union says that is not his job. krasner expect at police training center on wednesday as part of the program sponsored by guardian civic league. source he essay he should aim to shoot for the arm rather than shoot to go kill if confront by a violent suspect. >> it is totally opposite of what they are taught. they are taught and trained to
6:40 am
shoot for center mass. this isn't a wild, wild, west western where you clip them in the shoulder bang them in the toe or hand. >> commissioner ross said he has spoken to the district attorney about what happened. his spokesmen said his word where is taken out of. >> i wonder what commissioner ross said when they spoke to him. >> well what did he say, so many people there why don't we have more versions of what he said. >> you mean the full extended version. >> yes, if it is out of context, what was said. >> what is a millennial, i ask this every day. >> do you. >> it is my life, is what it is. >> your life is a millennials. >> well, i work with millennials. we may have an answer official definition of hoist considered a millennial accounts, when i say that, i think 20 and 30. >> it is speaksed to be a negative stories all we do are negative stories.
6:41 am
>> because they provide nothing but negativity. >> that is not
6:42 am
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pick your free yogurt we only have a few minutes left. what are the rest of the letters. is that an e. >> i believe that is an e or an m if you turn it the other way. >> no, we will get with the e, alex. >> i was trying to go along. >> at least we have sham rocks there. >> so keep guessing, even though people are starting to
6:44 am
guess. >> well, of course, unscramble all that. >> yes. >> we will have a big reveal. >> double m is here. >> so i got a word for you, it starts with s. >> don't say it. >> no, no that one. >> snow. it is snowing, right now 202 at 100, the roads look fine they are just wet but watch out for visibility coming down up in the lehigh valley and sue serio will be up with next on that. ninety-five northbound at 495, big issues, an her plus we have been talking about lanes closed on i-95 with interchange with 495, jackknife tractor trailer. we push it off to the side. problem is, it is now fuel, on the roadway. that will take sometime, put sand down whole process, look at the delays going back toward chesapeake house. this is about two or 3 miles, this is bad news, bear. so you have to go local roadways out and around from
6:45 am
that mess. amtrak 190 train and 111 train is in the happening, guys, trying to come out of d.c., stopping and on its way to new york. it is not happening. it got tied up in d.c. because of power lines being brought down due to the winds. domino effect deal because now amtrak is running on 20 to 60 minute delays. there is a lot of traffic. that is just scratching surface. we will talk more traffic in a bit. sue has a lot of weather to bring to your attention in 15. we have some wind throughout the region look at washington d.c. we heard mike masco tell but the problems with amtrak down there 48-mile an hour wind gusts, 51 miles
6:46 am
an hour in boston. look at future win gusts throughout, the war has not happened just yet by noon 50 miles an hour. here in philadelphia 60-mile an hour wind gusts all over the place bay 3:00 this afternoon probably when it will be at its war and we have a future possible wind gusts of above 60 miles an hour even in the city and pretty bad at shore as well. power outage index a map that show you possibility of scattered power outages and whole region is under a possibility of scattered power outages with wind gust that is high and the ground very wet from all this rain, wet snow, we could see trees and pur lines coming down. you can see from the wind direction here where le pressure system is off shore throwing back all this moisture in the area and slightly colder air getting mixed in we have a few areas as mike was showing you around
6:47 am
where we are seeing wet snow but snow expected to to accumulate up in the pocono mountains today. here in philadelphia it is rain and only rain with those temperatures remaining in the 40's throughout mess of the day. we will keep a close eye on that and winds. still windy tomorrow at lee in the morning, a high of 48 as sun comes back out. looks like a nice day and seasonal temperatures sunday through middle of next week but with temperatures in the 40's we will next time we will see precipitation only get rain, guys. >> we were talking about going to the -- >> i hear bagpipes. >> we will go back to the philly preallot sell factory. >> i like the pretzel with the wean i inside. >> let's squirt out the last letter here of the word of the day, jenny joyce. >> put them all together. >> mike and alex, the final letter is, e, so what do we
6:48 am
have. there were a lot of guests on line, here we go, it is emerald. >> that is great. >> love it, very cool with the shamrocks as well. a lot of people started to guess in the end there. >> emerald. >> is this going to go in front of your resume real. >> reporter: looks good, taste goods too. >> i bet it does. >> you are twisted, and salty. >> thanks, jenny we appreciate it what do you have to do. >> go to fox and enter by 10:00 a.m. today is last day for this. because you want to win a chance get on airfare aboard aer lingus and hotel stay in ireland from our travel and adventure show. we will announce winner live during st. patrick's day parade and you could be here, lovely. we will have a new word, new finalist, no we're not, this is last day. >> yes, this is it. >> be sure to keep watching
6:49 am
now, if you missed it somehow, yeah, it is over, anyway for complete rules go to fox 29 .com/contests. do you need some water. >> i don't know. >> i will take over. >> are you wondering if you qualify as a millennial. >> no. >> pew research center has an answer. according to them anyone born between 1981 and 1996. >> i completely screwed this up. >> when i say millennial i think anybody in their 20's and early 30's but 81 would be how old are you in 81 you are pushing 40, right. >> yeah. >> does anybody here know math at all. >> that is why we're here. >> okay, 22 to 37. >> so, high end, well, i was than the right. >> president of the pew research center, well, 37 you could round it to 40.
6:50 am
they are not an exact science but did satisfaction generation x and millennials are both 16 year windows. >> yes. >> for context, 19 year span so it is around there. >> so yeah now you know when are an millennial or not. >> anybody i know that is 22 to 37 is considered a millennial. >> yes. >> before you were thinking it was 34. >> i went 18 to 34 at one point. >> but now 22 to 37. >> yes. >> your millennials are now are getting older so that number would shift. >> it would shift. >> so what do we call people that are 21 because we have a couple interns that are 21. what are they called? interns? >> right. >> do they have something yet, again racial what? >> z. >> z. >> okay. >> so after generation z do we get to one or starting with generation a. >> what do you do after z.
6:51 am
>> maybe they will make different names, generation sparkle. >> we should have start with between racial a and then we have 26 different things. >> drama brewing, in the only here on the desk but also, in the new england patriots front office. >> somebody called. >> he is known throughout the show so that you are, not the father. >> so what are you talking about you don't know that show >> of course. >> what the heck is his last name. >> maury powitch, he used to work in philadelphia, channel three, he used to do a show here in philadelphia on channel three. >> he got out. with robert kraft. >> latest on his girlfriend she may pregnant. >> she is pregnant she already had the baby, the the baby dadd.
6:52 am
>> robert father. block. is this. >> this must be a new segment. >> i got to go to the meeting. >> anyway, jenny on your block she will be at diner monday march 5th from six to kelly town take over. >> it is jenny's turn we have to play j lotake this. >> do you want jenny on your block to sell.
6:53 am
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maury povitch, is this a shot of the parkway, is that the camera or zoomed n probably zoomed in. we have maury who used to work at channel three, people are talking, one of my very best friends. >> maury. >> dana belcher, she's one of my best friends and she did the show with a guy name dick bay, richard bay. >> let's play is that sam hunt we're listening to. >> yes. >> so he is going to be --
6:56 am
what? there is nothing like a summertime country concert on the beach. i can think of a lot of things i i would rather do but i like sam hunt. he is my grandson. >> what? >> it is my real last name. sam hunt is, coming to atlantic city july 1st 2 days before my birthday and tickets get on sale today. general admission cost about $70. king brown will be there and connor smith. wow. >> okay, sue. >> that was about as confusing as our forecast is for the rest of the day as complicated as our forecast is for rest of the day. will you get snow, rain, both, everybody gets a lot of wind. will you get snow, rain, both, everybody gets a lot of wind. we will sort it
6:57 am
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heavy rain, and damaging wins, and, coastal flooding, and even some snow. is that snuff. >> i always get nervous just because of the flooding because you risk losing your vehicle. >> a major nor'easter is hammering our area right now and worries yet to come. from the shore, to the city
7:00 am
and beyond we have got you covered. corruption conviction allentown's mayor has yet to resign despite being found guilty, on corruption charges. the president's latest proposal has investors around the world worried this morning >> people have no idea how badly our country has been treated by other countries. >> how president trump's tax on imported steel and aluminum could impact, your wallet. what a month for rodney mc cloud. he won super bowl, got engaged , and then now gets a shot on good day philadelphia life cannot get any better, yes, eagles safety joins us live to talk about football, fashion, and might even have the word of the day for your trip to ire land. >> his fiance, did the very


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