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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  March 2, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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and beyond we have got you covered. corruption conviction allentown's mayor has yet to resign despite being found guilty, on corruption charges. the president's latest proposal has investors around the world worried this morning >> people have no idea how badly our country has been treated by other countries. >> how president trump's tax on imported steel and aluminum could impact, your wallet. what a month for rodney mc cloud. he won super bowl, got engaged , and then now gets a shot on good day philadelphia life cannot get any better, yes, eagles safety joins us live to talk about football, fashion, and might even have the word of the day for your trip to ire land. >> his fiance, did the very
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same thing she jumped upright into his head, will you marry me, she jumped up, yes. >> that was fitting. >> yes. good to talk to him. good day, it is march 2nd, 2018. >> all right. >> so, in the 6:00 we revealed the word of the day. we have to do it again at this hour. >> yes. >> so, even if you know it, now, we will reveal it in different way. we found surveillance footage of sue serio, stitching the word of the day. >> i did. >> this will take a while, right. >> it took me about four or five hours. >> four or five hours. >> you are a dedicated workery made those face is too. >> what are you listening to, are you watching something. >> oh, yeah, something on net flicks. >> so we will look forward to that. >> weather, traffic it is a mess. >> big time you don't see this number very often, three out
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of 10. depending where you are, it could be worse. bus stop buddy is ready for a lot of rain and wind. it hasn't cranked up to what it is yet temperatures in the 40's this morning and here's the variety of precipitation, we have seen the rain changes over to snow, far north and west of the city with that colder air mixing in and that will continue to happies specially toward end of the day to day. we are back to heavy rain around the city and as the storm continues its progress, see things change, 40 degrees in philadelphia factor in the wind. it feels like 31 out there here are your major impacts from this major storm, rain, wet snow, damages winds and coastal impact which steve keeley will be details in a few minutes. rain, wet snow around throughout the day, we will talk about what you will get, when coming up in the future cast but for right now mike m
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asco a lot of places have problems. >> problem it is, in fact, we can confirm 202 toward north and west is seeing that change over but we are in the seeing any snow on the roadways. it is all wet roadways, high crow planing and big issue new northern delaware, i-95 north bound at 495, three lanes completely closed down. we have been talking about this since 5:00 a.m., this is a jackknife tractor trailer coming off of 495 on to i-95 and it just lost its way, it is also a fuel spill now, so that is why we are seeing major delays, this delay goes all the way past chesapeake house and see it ease up, a lit. otherwise all about amtrak second big story train 190 and 111 not making to it philadelphia cancelled train. it had to experience d.c. involving power lines being down but now domino effect because all amtrak trains are running 20, 60, 75 minutes so
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check with amtrak. more traffic and weather coming up. >> weather is bad and we sent jenny joyce to mayfair which we should rename. >> we will do double boxes look at that wind. look at that wind, man 60 miles an hour at one point. so, she's not in mayfair anymore she's in the car and steve's over in ac. >> let's start about steve. >> steve. >> reporter: i'm otis reading here sitting on the dock of the bay and i don't know how much longer anybody will be sitting here. high tide at 7:30. high tide on the back bay a couple hours later. water getting more wavey and wicked. we have sea wall ends right here. you can bet this bay water will go up, over and into california avenue knew right down the street where the public safety building is and fire fighters are. we will show you later with
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their high water rescue vehicles. right across this land here a little dock rocking back and forth there. someone smartly has their boat jacked up out o the water so that should survive this storm but nor'easter are notorious for shutting down black horse pike to the left, white horse pike on the other side of the ac expressway which is very busy. you can see that is only way in and out of here when high tides hit and other two roads flood. you can see how busy. i we had that boat show still going and we have the new jersey state wrestling tournament going as well, they are not canceling anything. life goes on, gambling never stops usually here in atlantic city. in the distance in the left at foot of the bridge in the background you can see windmills spinning good generate something electric power. so, getting something out of these high wins and good old fashion tire swing blowing in the wind under the trees down
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here, where the kid usually hang out and play but i doubt any kid will be swinging on that swing today even though winds are swinging it around pretty good too. >> steve, i will bring something up thaw are probably sick off but it was four years ago tommy was sitting right here, were you working here yet? okay. we had a big, snowstorm, you know this. we have seen it many times. steve gets hit with at snow blower. >> summer with the phillies, couple plows demonstrated, what i said hitting us. >> that was sue serio screaming. >> is me four years ago tomorrow. >> yes. >> i watched this a thousand times. i noticed something i never saw before. we will play that. >> there is in way people missed something. this went viral. everybody has seen this countless times. there is something we have missed. >> we will play it again later
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on. >> all right. lets get on the roads, jenny's in the roving vehicle. >> she's checking out roadways , right. >> yes. >> reporter: good morning, guys, sadly we had to leave philly pretzel factory but we are back on the roads, just wanted to machine for conditions. lets take a look here driving out of mayfair we are heading up to bucks county right now we have light rain falling but you can see man off to the right with an umbrella because it is wet now and it will be wet all day licensing. heading to bucks county specifically because those people up there we sent our shawnette up last night and concerned with the delaware river rising. last week was wet. we had rain. now with this rain for the next several hours to come people were concerned about flooding. we will go, head out and see what that last like and we will check back with you coming up at 8:00. >> where are you going to go by new hope and stuff like
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that. >> reporter: i don't think we will go that far we will stay along the river and state road , maybe bensalem, croyden area, i think we will hit that spot. >> we will keep checking back in. that is great. well, students in three new jersey school districts back to school today, they had yesterday off, you know why, a threat to one of the schools. >> franklin township, elk township and delsea regional school districts were all closed yesterday. police say a 10 year-old boy is responsible for it. they say he threaten a school shooting in an e-mail seen by a teacher that boy was charged with making terroristic threats and also causing, a couple of alarms. ten year-old. >> unreal. well, u.s. attorney's office in philadelphia will provide an update later this morning after allentown married he had pawlowski is found guilty in his federal corruption trial. so pawlowski, he cried when he heard this decision, his wife, left the room and collapsed in
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the hallway. charges include fraud, bribery , attempted extortion and big one lying to the fbi. pawlowski has maintained his innocence, and so the verdict means he cannot be the mayor anymore, but he didn't officially resign right afterwards. maybe that will happen today. he is out on bail as a matter of fact. did you see what happened to the stock market yesterday. >> people are nervous watching the markets this morning because of yesterday, after a big sell off on wall street it was triggered by president trump's tough talk on trade. >> so, twice this week the president has taken controversial stance on issues , that have bewildered some in his own party and this is one of them yesterday, about a tariff that doug is about to explain. >> reporter: that is right, look the president has been talking about guns and tariff this is week and in both instances, he has found himself with some unusual allies, democrats.
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put aside the applause and put wall street down as a critic, it is filled with uncertainty following a 400-point plunge yesterday. >> people have no idea how badly our country has been treated by other countries. >> reporter: it was president's trade announcement that sent investors running for cover, talk of new tariffs on steel and aluminum to protect u.s. jobs. >> 25 percent for steel, it will be 10 percent for a loom number. it will be for a long period of time. >> reporter: quick look at country's biggest international steel suppliers, turns up a number of u.s. allies like can inadequacies, south korea among others, will this touch off a trade war in free trade republicans are beside themselves. >> if you own a steel mill million today was great for you. if you consume steel and every american families, at the store bought something with different metals it is a bad day for you and that is just first day. >> reporter: thinks signature trump just like his positions
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on gun control this week have plumeted some in his own parted. his trade moves may win over democrats from rust belt states. >> i served in congress for over three decade we have been waiting for this we dent want to wait for steel industry collapse as happened to the automotive industry. >> reporter: you have to look at unintended consequences here there is always a question when you bring up issues of trade, yes, you may save some jobs with the steel industry but may cost some jobs elsewhere and auto industry will obviously to have pay more for steel and aluminum but even some industry you do not necessarily think of beer industry, for instance using aluminum to make cans, the beer institute here in washington, yesterday came out , very aggressively begins this saying this will cost beverage industry as a whole 340 million-dollar a year. to answer your question, yes, there is such a thing as beer institute, here in washington. >> well, would you know, surely.
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>> yes. >> okay. >> doug, i don't know what i was going to say. it is never a dull moment. >> reporter: we will meet up later at the beer institute and talk bit. >> thanks, doug. at some point, vladamire putin and his address that he gave. >> how about that speech yesterday. >> missiles that russia has. >> in our state of the union we never have slide shows and videos of missiles shooting in to moscow. he was talking about well, we have miss also that can blow away florida, california. we already know that. we have missiles to blow them away too. he is probably jealous of kim jong u.n. and all of the president trump gives him. >> yes. i have missiles. >> so, the academy award are sunday, right. >> they are. >> and everyone is getting ready i'm sure. i like it when they do the shot showing the red carpet
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that hasn't been rolled out just yet. rolled out. >> they are getting all of the preparations together, done all of the rehearsals, making sure they dent have the mess they had when they announced the wrong best picture. three billboards outside ebb ing, missouri. it is a front runner. it is expect to win several award including best picture, best actress and best supporting actor. hoe is jimmy kimmel. he is ready for everything even after that big mishap they had at best picture from last year. >> we have to prepare for things to get wrong. you have it in your head that everything will go perfectly but that almost never happens. you never expect something like what happened last year to happen. it just never occurs to anybody. >> so what do you do when you have a big screw up? rest of us we all get fired. in hollywood you get a do over warren bait and fey dunnaway will be presenting again this year for best picture. so they are hoping second time
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, will be the charm in this one, like steve harvey when he screwed up, exactly, they are doing it again, bringing him back. >> maybe that is how to do it. make sure you get a second gig just miss it up and they have to ask you back. genius. >> why do you think i come back every day for all of these years, there is a chance i won't screw this up again. >> i see. >> it is the steve harvey rule they had him back. >> yes. >> ratings went up. >> guarantee those checks. >> i will stay up to see warren beatty and fey dunn away do their thing again. >> genius. what else am i supposed to do. >> thanks, karen. we have a chance for redemption every day, yeah. >> so, the direction of the wind is showing us where the low pressure system is off shore. this is our coastal storm, drawing back a ton of precipitation all the way back to western new york, toronto, canada. we have here, in philadelphia
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rain and only rain but up to the north and west of us we are seeing a change over to snow, we are seeing areas of heavy rain in southern new jersey. not too much in the way of rain at the shore but winds are starting to pick up. here's future cast and it looks like we will be switching between rain and snow here in philadelphia area throughout the day. i don't know how much accumulation but it is tricky travel especially late in the day, drive home, not going to be fun because by then we will be on the side of the storm where winds will pick up a lot and we will see possibility even in the city of 60-mile an hour wind gusts. temperatures in the upper 30's , lower 40's throughout the region we are at 40 in philadelphia winds sustain at 16, 23, 22 miles an her but these wind gusts are picking up. 38-mile an hour gust in wildwood right now i wanted to show you how we will get to maybe 50 miles an hour by noon , by 60 -- by 4:00 we can
7:16 am
have 64-mile an hour wind gusts in the city and north and west. it is a coastal storm but impacts felt for all of us. possibility for power outages once the winds get that high. it is wind, rain, wet snow today. it all clears out over weekend it looks good through middle of next week. how will we get through this morning mike masco with all these messy roadways. >> i don't know, go under covers, netflix and chill, whatever they say. here's is what going on good morning, i want to go to this car fire. i don't have a visual to show you but take my word on this one turnpike westbound at exit 351. not seeing any major cameras showing a tie up but we have a car fire off to the right shoulder. wow, where we going 76 eastbound at 30th. we are seeing volume pick up. in major delays in and around the philadelphia area. a will guys for this camera, this is i-95 north bound,
7:17 am
northern delaware we have been talking about all morning long three lanes still closed on i 95 past 495. good news lets get rid of this camera. other camera looking beyond the chesapeake house, the good news all of the volume on northbound i-95 into northern delaware is starting to break up. it is an indication that it has been able to clear that tractor trailer. catching a flight no major delays just yet i'm sure i just jinks had you, but as winds pick up, as sue said you can expect lots of delays, in fact all of them looking at hartford, rochester, buffalo, they are cancelled. not going anywhere. >> you know you do a really good job with this. >> bob kelly taught me well, bob kelly school of traffic. >> for a weather guy your traffic is amaze willing. >> for a weather guy it is called traffic olgist. >> tail of two cities pursuit
7:18 am
of lebron james, cleveland and philadelphia, is courting the icon. >> we tried to court them and then then responded. >> it started with a philadelphia company power home remodeling they bought billboard earlier this week trying to get lebron's attention. one of the billboard says philly wants lebron, trust the process, we had the guy on the show, we talk bit. lebron had to shoot down rumors he was visiting philadelphia area high schools for his kids over the all-star break that rumor was flying all around, someone saw lebron talking to schools. >> cleveland is not going down the fight, #, lebron is home. the process is complete. >> that is not as big of a commitment is that here. >> that is a marketing agency they put up near billboard stadium with the crown, that is, resembling a particular finker it is all in cleveland. >> they are all in cleveland responding to philadelphia,
7:19 am
and billboardness cleveland. >> why don't you respond to fill any philly like we did here i'm telling you it must be cheaper to get billboard in cleveland. >> well, it is not much of a commitment digital billboard. ours is permanent. >> for three months. >> so then last night we thought it would be interested when sixers played cavilers on the court in cleveland and the sixers, they got that road win they beat calves 108-97. it was a balanced attack with six different sixers scoring in double digits. jj reddick led charge with 22 points and then, you know, philly turned it around because they are at wells fargo center tonight. >> against charlotte hornets. >> everyone is watching, do we see lebron how was he reacting to the sixers players. what is happening? people are saying we have seen him here in philadelphia we are looking for evidence on have that because right now it is just hearsay but a lot of people think he has been here. >> a couple people say they absolutely saw him in the school. >> they said absolutely. >> do we have pictures, that
7:20 am
is thing we need evidence that lebron was here. >> i saw on instagram, that is lebron james, it was just a big guy, it was obviously in the lebron james. >> coming out of the wawa. >> i thought it was howard eskin. >> it is in the like he has been, coming by fourth and market where we can say there we go. >> there is le jims at a wawa in suburban philadelphia, report was he was looking for schools for his kids. >> what? >> so if you are tall, black, it is very good chance someone will think you are lebron. >> fit comes to this people are swearing they have seen lebron in philly. it has come to that. do we want him that badly. our minds are playing tricks where he shows upright in front of us? is that what it has come to. >> yes. >> how does that make us look. >> pathetic. >> yes. >> big changes in temperatures can be bad, did you see this, doctor mike sent this out. we have had such fluxation?
7:21 am
is that brian. >> no, that is lebron james. >> our director's black. >> but he is short and black. it is dwayne wade. >> dwayne wade is no that the short, stop it. >> it is spud webb. >> so, here's the thing our temperatures are going back and forth and people are getting sick. doctor mike says is there a correlation that you might have a high risk of a heart attack when weather does this stuff. doctor mike always, look at this. i swear, in the meeting yesterday the women i work with said what we should do is spell out of the word of the day in the 9:00 o'clock hour with guys with the letters on their chest. >> is he coming in. >> very good possibility they have asked me to do it too. i'm going to be the exclamation point on the word. >> does this mean we will be revealing. >> i got to figure out where to put it on the body.
7:22 am
we will squeeze by this commercial break i have got some ideas, lets squeeze it.
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this is an interesting idea, tracie, i'm glad you are with us. what is uber doing in relationship to doctors appointments, tell me. >> i think it is a great idea it is called uber health and will let health care professionals order their patients a ride. so maybe a patient can get to or from the doctors, they will take care of it. so they are testing this out with 100 health care facilities like hospitals, clinics, senior care centers, physical therapy centers, rehab centers, things like that. so, they could order a ride either immediately or up to 30 days in advance. you do not need to use the app , they will call your land line, cell phone or a text with the ride information and uber says typical client and there is an easy way to track how much health care provider is spending on these rides. it is a great thing to offer people. >> yes. >> doctor would pay for it..
7:26 am
>> the health care facility i have a feeling it is tailored for elderly patients, don't you think. >> i would gree especially with the fact that you don't to have use the app, they will call your land line or your cell phone, so i think so, i think a lot of elderly people might not have transportation, and they cannot drive and it would be great for that. >> and it helps the doctor too financially because missed appointments. >> yes. >> they will get their money. >> tracie, i have a question for you. >> okay. >> actually, a request, i want you to have a great weekend. >> thank, i want you to have one as well. >> i will. that yellow is bright, i like it. >> cheery. >> it makes me feel good. >> thanks, tracie. >> good bye. >> sue. >> mike. >> i have a question for you too. >> i want you to have a great
7:27 am
weekend. >> i plan on it, actually, once we get rid of this mess it will be a nice weekend but we have miles to go and much more rain and maybe some snow and whole lot of wind before all is said and done. you see here we are changing over from rain to snow in the pocono mountains, guess who is in the pocono mountains today? jen fred, good morning. >> look what we have found, sue, march 2nd and winter's back, check this out. it is snowing. come on, it was like 75 earlier this week. winter's not over and a lot of people here from preston and steve's cardboard classic are sure happen bye. that i will get rid of my rain gear, philly gear and
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we are tracking this storm now it is here. damage being wind, coastal flooding and snow. >> is that great wolf lodge in the box. >> yes. >> okay, everybody. it is second day of march what are the ides of march. >> yes. >> oh, sue, we found some
7:31 am
footage of you, you know, stitching the word of the day. >> yes. >> how about that. >> yes. >> right there. >> it is seven letters, is there your clue. >> we will have our reveal, coming up very soon, but here's the number of the day, and, you will in the like it very much. it is a three out of 10. rainy, breezy, right now with buddy but i think that umbrella will blow inside out, we have been watching people here in olde city struggling with their umbrellas with the wind, few pockets of heavy downpours as the storm continues its process. it is off shore but all of the precipitation we are having to deal with this morning. for most of us, it is rain but in the mountains it has changed over to snow as jen fred just showed us, messy day , 40 degrees. feels like 31. make sure you have warm enough waterproof coat on today, rain , wet snow, other major
7:32 am
impacts, damaging winds, very high wind gusts and coastal concerns including beach erosion. so we will see the rain, and a mix in with a change over to snow before the day is through , and we will be at an average temperature of about 42 degrees those winds could gust to 50 or 60 miles an hour , and, not just at the shore, mike masco but every where. >> lets go out toward cheltenham where we have a issue 309 southbound, and green lane, we have an accident, tying up the right lane. it is along 309, and at this hour, more on that one. but we have been talking about this 95 north bound at 495 issue, earlier it is blocking three lanes. now we are start to go reopen those lanes so the delays, the residual delays that we have been watching now starting to clear up. amtrak still at absolute mess, 190 or 111 in new york city it is just not happeningains-
7:33 am
anymore because they are having major wind down in d.c. in fact they are reporting 60- mile an hour winds bringing down power lines, and, 60,000 people without power. crazy down there right now. so amtrak is an absolute mess, in terms of the 20 or 30 minute delays, really all over the amtrak trains, at this hour. guys, they are canceling flights to rochester, buffalo, hartford, portland, no go today. >> portland, maine, of course. >> yes. >> okay, thanks mike. 7:33. how about this. >> olympic gymnast alley raisman is suing u.s. olympic committee for failing to take action to prevent former team doctor, doctor larry nassar from molesting hundreds of young athletes. she filed papers in california on wednesday but news just became public this morning. she contend that the organization knew or should have known, that nassar was molesting her. nassar pleaded guilty to the allegations, of course, not too long ago we were covering his trial and all of the
7:34 am
victim impact statements that were being made on out of those girls and women that came forward detailing what happened to them. now alley raisman has file suit. >> okay, we will follow that. well, the winds they are whipping, over last two hours they have really increased, whipping up to 40 or 50 miles an hour. >> we're expecting flooding and beach erosion from this nor'easter. >> so steve's now on the right-hand side of the screen still down the shore in atlantic city. we will get to jenny up in bensalem as she heads northbound but here's steve. >> we have a wind chill of 25 at the shore. temperatures have dropped as wind picked up. it is cold enough to feel like snow. where wearies one of our famous spots that i see, the other guys all stole it from frustrates, but here is your first look at brand new boardwalk where it will come down so runners will be able to run from the casinos all the way around the bend been and make a big turn here. i asked you does that look
7:35 am
hurricane proof. but every time we have been here before they put that in and put this new sea wall in, we have showed you, waves crashing over this spot at main avenue here in front of the flagship vacation resort. no waves crashing over. we are on a bay area where it should be. so perhaps high tide not hit ting this spot yet but with the nor'easter we expect to see, white caps crashing over. now as we look over brigantine you can see the waves are, crashing over there. and, further to the left, those are the dredging barges that they brought in from out in the ocean where they have been pumping sand in places like stone harbor but they bring them up for safety so they do not get hit by a nor'easter. not so bad so far but dress warm, and, we're doing rotation of jackets, because nothing is worse then a cold, wet, jacket, and, so we have had like four or five and then keeping them dry, and, trying
7:36 am
to stay dry and stay warm, so, the rain probably will be coming again soon but we have a little lull in the rain helping us not feel so, drenched and cold, and wet, and damp. >> steve keeley the sharer of news reporting, many outfit changes, yes. >> yes. >> now jenny's made it up, i guess 95 to bensalem. >> we did i-95 and rain was heavy at the time, lot of cars on the roadway and road have been really wet but what we want to show you is pretty interesting. i will click on to, we're on state road, and right where state road meets street road, and we were trying to get close to the river, and unfortunately we were not able to. why? the road is already closed due to flooding. you will see we are about to go through pretty massive puddles. looking ahead at that vehicle we will have to slow down a
7:37 am
little bit, as we approach, look at all of this water, do you see it, between both sides of the street a few inches at lee, lots of waves, that we're riding through right now. all this flooding and scary part this is just the beginning of the storm. i don't know if you can see off to the right. >> the water coming up. >> just how deep it is. >> we will try to get a better spot closer to the river but i thought it was interesting that the roads are already closed due to the flooding, that is out here. >> it will be a rough 24 hours , on that stretch for sure. >> it is only 7:30 in the morning. oh, well, this has been a fun week as far as remembering the super bowl. >> yes. >> jaylen mills. >> yes. >> look at that. >> you have been wanting to ask him about this play for
7:38 am
how long. it will finally happen. >> ever since february the fourth. >> at lee he had a helmet on. >> i have frozen this and put a portrait and framed to it show him. >> i'm sure. >> yes. >> by the way, he got hitched last week. >> he did. >> can we talk about robert k raft because patriots are taking more l's it seems like. he has a baby but reports are saying it isn't his? what is going on? what a team spokesmen had to say about what is, the rumors, about his girlfriend, i don't know about long time. >> the guy, robert kraft, he has a girlfriend. >> just had a baby. >> we think it is his. >> we think it is not his. he thinks it is not his. >> what? >> yes.
7:39 am
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they are debating whether this is taking an l or if this is winning. i will let you decide once we tell you the story if this is a good happening for robert k kraft. girlfriend of the patriots owner robert kraft the guy
7:42 am
with the red tayoun, had a baby, a few months ago. not that age is a factor, certainly not, in my life. >> but you love mentioning it when you see stuff like that. >> it gives me hope, and that part of the story, i like. he is 76. she's 38. there are reports that his girlfriend, she's an actress by the way and model. >> there she is. >> hello, ricky knoll lavender she landed a rich dude. she supposedly gave bit to the child, around october, a team spokesperson confirms that she had the baby, but says that been there, bobby kraft is not the biological father, although he is thrilled, about the news, and apparently, they are still, dating. so do you think it was planned that way. >> hold than my ride is there. >> do you think it was planned
7:43 am
or something happened and she came back baby, i'm sorry, take me back. >> this is why you have to be careful no matter what age. is it okay? do you think he wanted another child. >> well do you think he wants a woman he is with to have a child with someone else. >> i don't know, child support >> she went off and had a child with somebody else, that would be it. it would be over. >> but then he is 76, he is 38 >> they are still dating he has to deal with the child. anyway. >> we have enough to deal with , this morning, with weather, trying to get where we need to go today will be a challenge for reasons. we will break it down coming up. we are very excited for pocono mountains and so are they because it is snowing up there and jen fred you know what i'm also excited about? i have done the word of the
7:44 am
day for this hour. i stitched it. >> she's excited too. >> i'm a big fan of the stitching and knitting. look at this, sue, do you remember sue, baby nia, do you remember mike jerrick with different colored hair. this is a part of the thing i will ride down the hill and see if preston and steve approve. >> look at steve keeley, mr. serious, come on back we are at pocono mountains. -hey, did i mention i can save you $620
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
7:47 am
we have cleared that accident but we are seeing volume on 309, be aware of. that amtrak big delays we have been talking about all morning long, 190/111 completely cancel. acela train from d.c. up to philadelphia running 20 to 30 minutes but expect all delays in the order of 20 to as much as an hour. ninety-five south at betsy ross right now we are seeing volume building, look at the forecast with sue, sue, serio coming up in 15.
7:48 am
we have been telling you, wind is one of the biggest factors. we have 45 miles an hour wind gustness washington d.c., 40 miles an hour in state college and higher up in boston. as we look at our future wind gusts 50 miles an hour by lunchtime in philadelphia and up in the mountains. 62 miles an hour wind gusts. 64 miles an hour. no place immune from these high wind is today and that is why we have high wind warning in effect, so this is going to be with us all day licensing, as a result, prepare for possible, power outages, they will be scattered throughout the entire region and, throughout the entire northeastern part of the country, as a result of this, nor'easter. you can see it is out to sea right now but throwing back those wins and chillier temperatures are starting to filter in. we are seeing snow, with jen in the pocono mountains area of heavy rain, down in new jersey and some of that rain is starting to get closer, to the coast, so, in your seven
7:49 am
day forecast, this is war one, the one we are with today it gets so much better, seasonal high temperature, sunshine and even when we get a storm, tuesday into wednesday, it should only be... >> wow, wow, wow. >> that noise. >> it is my reveal of the word of the day but because it is in green turf getaway from the green screen. >> that makes sense. >> we have to do our big reveal. >> yes, ready. >> i spent all afternoon yesterday, stitching the word of the day. >> okay. >> okay. >> yes, i will, contest rules. >> the final day of this so, be ready. >> it is,. >> that is really nice. >> i love it. >> yes. >> i love the font. >> it is irish. >> what is wrong with the r. >> stop it. >> it is medieval. >> it is medieval. >> sue, it looks beautiful,
7:50 am
revealed, emerald as a word of the day. >> now that is exciting television right there. >> there is no question. >> yes. >> all afternoon i spent yesterday. >> four or five hours. you have until 10:00 a.m. >> well, put some action into the word of the day will you give the rules here. >> but, just go to fox contest and goat all of the information you need and put the information in there. >> you have to it it done by 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> reiterating. >> you do not listen. >> i haven't listened to anything you said in three years and a pol guys to that. >> this is my new years resolution. >> what? >> yes, what to listen. >> i have lot of things to say , are you ready. >> here's the word of the day, now look closely, i know you have seen this tape before. here's steve, this happened four years ago, tomorrow. it might take four years to
7:51 am
run it now. >> summer for phillies there goes a couple plows demonstrating. >> wow. >> ahh. >> as i said, hitting us. >> wow. >> look at how strong he is. >> look really closely this time. watch this one more time. >> there is something we missed is that what you are trying to say you didn't see it. >> no. >> watch it again. >> okay. now watch. >> do you see that the word of the day. >> i never notice that had before. >> yes. >> look at that. >> i can only say this. >> thank god, it is the last day of this because, as you can tell we're tap. we have run out of ideas. >> to find a way for word of the day four different times every day, it has been a fun time. >> at least it is worth a great trip. >> and i can tell you we have run out because in the 9:00 o'clock hour we are seven or eight guys come in take their shirts off and that word is on their chest.
7:52 am
>> guys, we just fine them on market street.& >> no, the hunks. >> chocolate thunder from down under. >> sit chocolate thunder. >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> i think they are bunch of white guys. >> okay. >> okay. >> it is her groupy don't know >> she helped make the connection because she knows where guys. >> watch that in the 9:00 o'clock, seven guys coming in. this is one of the best, radio deals in america, preston and steve, annual card game classic and jen's there. they roll down this hill, in all these different contraptions. >> look at that fire truck. made of cardboard. it is so cool. jen? >> preston and steve too. >> by the way, it is in the one of the best it is the best >> oh, yeah. >> it is the best. >> okay. >> now last year it was my first time seeing this. >> yes. >> i came here with a fox pro
7:53 am
mostal item headless horseman. >> it looked like a bunch of garbage. >> lets remind you, preston had to say about what you thought would happen. >> let's. >> if you have a successful runny owe you something. i will put money on the line, whatever you want to do, i will wash your car, whatever you want. >> that is a nasty situation. >> we are here all morning. >> i did get down. >> i will admit. >> so, yesterday as i was driving, the girls to gymnastics and they were having popcorn, pretzels and video tape of what my car looks like. make good on your bet. people are at home seeing the video. >> i'm not a welcher but i will do what i have to do. >> i think you need to be reported for abducting little girls and driving them to gymnastics. >> we don't do gymnastics. >> because i'm now seeing really what the excellence is out here on the hill, we tom
7:54 am
beck and i camera guy went out to the fox 29 garage and we got some things. i started plastic thing that would go fast but tom beck says it is cardboard plastic. >> that is absolutely cardboard, blue tape and tape that is it. >> this will be the flag on my ship. i have assembled it in the parking lot. >> you will not be a hate tore day. >> you know what, no because you performed a miracle last time, yeah, but that is a sail >> that is a sail. >> all right. >> we want to talk about the snow a little bit. people still thinking about coming up there is still time, there is snow out there. >> it is actually looking g we were afraid we would get rain but it is snow instead of the rain. >> i got to go live on the air so i'm heading over there. >> good bye, love you. >> seriously. >> yes. >> the weather is really bad. weather is good. this is second we might have called this event but, everyone, we asked everyone to
7:55 am
participate what should we do. love it so much we want to be part of it so we are doing it. >> i will see you out there. >> don't make fun of me. >> bye, guys. >> this is going outside. >> i can't wait to see what jen's in. >> okay. >> yes. >> last year when she did it, i'm just saying. >> okay. >> we're talking about big changes in the temperatures and weather and is what going on with that. it can be bad for your health. can you imagine. that why the changing weather can cause a heart attack, because it can put you at
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
studies have shown that weather can affect your mood. >> absolutely. >> it can. >> or sitting next to you. >> what? >> but now, there is a heart attack study that relate toss weather, shifting in temperatures. >> if you have dramatic changes in weather, especially temperature like we have seen, in the last week or so, you can actually increase your
7:59 am
risk of a heart attack. for every 10 degrees that there is a change you have an increase in risk of heart attack by 5 percent. they looked at six years of data and 30,000 heart attacks, and what they did was they went back and looked at the weather. there was a surprising, association with weather where there was a dramatic increase in temperatures. >> do you believe it. >> i do. i think weather has an effect on whether it be, joints like my grandmother used to say my arthritis is kicking up because it is changing barometric pressure, when it rains, things like that, i definitely believe. >> should we move to los angeles or florida, san diego, where the weather doesn't fluctuate much. >> no, because you know why because you are an icon of the city of philadelphia we would miss you, love you, we would get depressed. >> plus it cost more machine there i.
8:00 am
>> fact that i'm an icon is depressing. >> no, to the viewers. is this all we got. >> yes. >> we love you. >> we love you. >> you blind me with science every time i science. >> do i. >> she does. >> yes. >> okay. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> good try. >> straight up 8:00 o'clock here. we have to follow the storm. it will be around. twenty-four more hours of this stuff, i'm telling you, the win is really whipping especially down at the shore and that is where steve is. we will check with him in a second. >> hi there, steve. >> winds are to 22 miles an hour so far so a wind chill of 25, 26. we had sleet bouncing off our news truck but you can see work on the beach they are building a nice big sand cast with the a lot of construction
8:01 am
but they are building up protective dunes temporarily before the storm hits. >> okay. >> rodney mccloud will be here in the studio. we will talk about his big moments in the past month on and off the field, from that famous midair tackle, to his recent engagement. to his new mens fashion show and life goodies for rodney mc cloud. >> i want to talk to him about his store. here's sue. mike masco in for bob kelly. >> yes, we have yet to see war of the wind from this storm and the big wild card on this is, how much snow we will get, mixed in. >> but not in philly. >> we could get some snow here >> really. >> yes, we could. >> we will talk about it in a little bit but for right now we are dealing with the three out of 10. bus stop buddy is hanging on to that umbrella but could easily blow, inside out and they are picking up. they are not at their war but they will be, we will show you that in a little while. we will see colder air mix
8:02 am
nothing and some of that cold air even spreading down into delaware, we will zoom into philadelphia, we're just seeing rain, here with a temperature outside of 40 degrees. we have a wind chill of 29, look at this, sustained winds at 24 miles an hour, and gusting even higher. we have rain, wet snow, that will be dealing with today and that is all of us, pretty much coastal concerns, beach erosion and back bay flooding. you can see rain changing over to snow here in this future cast, for a little while, anyway and we should stay at around 42 degrees during date but look at those win gusts as high as 60 miles an hour, so lots to talk about next time but mike masco, there is no shortage of problems out there on the road this is morning. >> i think wins are probably picking up because they are reporting in aston trees down and power lines down so this is affecting, bridge water road just be aware of that as wins pick up, sue was
8:03 am
mentioning they will bring down some power lines and that will be a concern through the afternoon. forty-two freeway, we had an earlier disable vehicle approaching 295, that has been since cleared, and it is volume, added volume, as we head toward philadelphia. ninety-five south at bet soy ross we are slow going and wet roadways is the name of the game. amtrak is a mess, this is latest tweet coming out and this is a train, 2154 is arriving here in philadelphia, should arrive at 8:37. it is going to be 20, 30, 40 minutes delayed, expect the entire amtrak lane out toward harrisburg to be right around one hour delays or better. we will have more information coming up. >> thanks, mike. lets get back to ac where steve's been all morning watching the weather deteriorate, hey there, steve. >> reporter: we have a nice walkway from our news van to the boardwalk so it takes us out over dune to give you a look at the nasty looking
8:04 am
ocean as we hit first of the three high tides, that they tell thus one will go back out to sea, other one witt just keep sitting on top of it each high tide water will stay close, higher and that is when we have worse of the flooding tomorow morning. look at this beach work right next to the steel pier where we see brand new ferris wheel all lit up and those gondolas are big like miniature houses but not spinning even though it is lit. i justin investigated millions and wonder will that survive the storm? that will get its first test in the wind. look at how high that bull bulldozer. they are doing beach work. some of them are getting equipment off beach so it doesn't get ruin. others are working until last minute building sea wall where construction equipment here. work going on despite storm coming, because the worst of the storm has not hit just yet so they will work until the last moment.
8:05 am
i wand fur those plastic palm trees at margaret aville will survive, there is old casinos all shut down planning to reopen, ocean is new name they have put on the former revel, the taj name is off, that is hard rock they are getting ready to open and they have construction workers there on the boardwalk. whole lot of work still going on here, despite the nasty storms, churning out on the atlantic right now. >> i want to ride that ferris wheel remines me of the one in london. >> would you never last in one of those. >> i knew we would see a surfer. there is somebody taking advantage of the big waves. he is by himself. they say at least get another guy, obviously nobody is out there to help him if that wood has hit him in the head which has happened to me. well, it is up to when want to see him dip in the ocean, we can come back but we will see how he is doing. waves are pretty good but he
8:06 am
will do it around other human beings so if something happened construction workers. >> we can squeeze it in the bottom as we go to jenny. >> you can say something, steve. >> and, if they lock you in. >> since when. we were in the car the other day. >> yes. >> i still would like to try. >> okay. >> jenny's in the car that i have claustrophobia in. but she got out. hi there, jenny. >> good morning, got out of the car and i'm umbrella embarrassing moment because the win is picking up here. i don't know fit is storm system, intensifying or because we are down by river. this is delaware river. we are at neshaminy creek state park, just north of where neshaminy creek and the delaware river come together. the next high tide here for this section of the delaware river is not until 2:30 this
8:07 am
afternoon when it is expect to get up to just under 8 feet. if we take a look at the parking lot you can see pond ing, pretty large puddles, like i said because where we sit between the delaware river , and the neshaminy creek and we were just talking to people who live in the housing area behind the river and we talk to one laid hoy said she actually never experienced flooding but it was other side of the state road, and where i guess it is mostly the neshaminy creek side which she said was a couple years ago there was a big storm and they used boats to rescue people back there. it is not too bad right now. as you can tell the wind though is picking up. as rain continues to fail we will have to send a crew back here for 2:30 once high tide comes in effect and see because george as we pan over that way you can see a couple inches of water on that section of blacktop right there mike and alex.
8:08 am
>> you can tell the wind, she's trying. >> get back in the car and get out of the rain. >> she's out there doing it for us, doing the reporting necessary. >> okay. >> thanks, jenny. >> did the guy go in the ocean he did. >> they are watching him. >> so you will not miss anything. >> sometimes it is embarrassing to work for fox. this might be one of them. >> what a way to start off. >> i love my company but fox is going to air a lost interview i remember when we did this interview and it was freakish then like 2006 i was working up in new york. they interviewed o.j. simpson 12 years ago about the book that he was going to put out, if i did it, if i did kill these two people. >> everyone was in such an uproar about the fact that book was coming out, that he ended up dropping the book. >> but we had done interview.
8:09 am
>> yes. >> big time literary agent, she did a sit down interview with him to promote the book. well, it never aired. some people forget about the tapes. they fun it. they put it together in the tv show. >> now they want to air it. >> here is a piece of it. >> in 2006 o.j. simpson gave a in holds bar interview, including his gripping account of what might have happened that faithful night for over a decade the tapes of this infamous interview were lost until now. >> i will tell you a story you have never heard before that takes place the night have june 12th 1994 and it concerns murders have my ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her young friend ronald goldman. forget everything you think you know about that night. because i know the facts better than anyone. this is one story the whole world got wrong. does he confess? you be the judge.
8:10 am
o.j. simpson the who confession, sunday march 11th, on fox. >> we have truly run out of ideas. >> my question is and i asked this why would they choose why today, why they bringing this up now. >> people were in uproar about it, out of the respect for the family if the book was dropped and why are we doing it now. >> i don't know. >> well, if would you like to watch it, it is sunday march 11th right here on our fox. >> i will tell you what i will be watching on march 11th, that is st. patrick's day parade, that is something positive, makes you feel good, we will be marching down whatever the name of that street is. >> ben franklin parkway. >> and someone will win a trip to ireland. >> turn this subject. >> get that out of your mine, lot of people will watch it. >> yes. >> now this is something positive, i loved this women. i met shayneena2 years ago and
8:11 am
she said that art saved her life. she was about to commit suicide, got involved with the art community, and saved her life. she's been dealing with depression most of her life. how do you think she's doing now two years later, lets check with her in a little bit do you mean.ime to pay up what >> time to pay up. >> yesterday. >> you are still bothered by this. you stuffed some stuff on my shoes and it looks like something else. a lot of people are asking is mike giving you new shoes. what is going on with the shoe thing. they are laughing about your comments. >> listen, it is check late but it was on suede i didn't know you had suede shoes on so that probably ruin the shoes. >> we will see what you did after the show you'll see, if you want to see it, i have posted it on instagram. >> great. we're rolling out the red carpet thinks point every year where i have to say it is hollywood's biggest night. >> oh, barf. >> that is how it goes.
8:12 am
>> it is the academy awards. >> oscars at the academy award >> that is not the statue it is not shoed. >> you don't like emmys, and either. >> kevin mccarthey will give us a preview of what will happen on
8:13 am
♪ how beautiful, ♪ when seeds we sow ♪ give free their fruit ♪ to hands below ♪ as thank you for ♪ the chance to grow pick your free yogurt at
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8:15 am
thinks route 100. it is tying up the right lane a long 100 ab wear of that. in aston we have a tree and pur lines being reported down. power outages going on in delco. this is impacting bridge water road so just be aware of that this morning. forty-two freeway at 295, extra volume and, of course, extra volume in with the rains that are coming down across the region. i-95 south at betsy ross we are seeing loaded up volume heading toward philadelphia, sue serio has a check of the forecast and unfortunately reflects gusty winds coming up in 15 seconds...
8:16 am
coastal storm, lots of impact at the shore and five to 9-foot waves today and nine to 12 tomorrow. we are having high tide along the ocean and then eight to nine this evening, 8:30 to 10:00 tomorrow and 8:30 to 10:00 tomorrow night, erosion flooded roadways and property damage along our shore points. temperatures has to do with precipitation. thirty-one in mount pocono. we have change from rain to snow. forty in philadelphia wind gusts are up to 29 miles an hour here in the city, higher in wilmington, dover, wildwood 32-mile an hour gustness atlantic city. look at future win gusts by noon we can see 50, 60-mile an hour wind gusts continuing after that. we have seen power lines coming down and a lot more of that could be happening before the day is through, so it is
8:17 am
win, rain, and potentially some snow before the end of the day. drive home could be just as hairy as drive to work today but then it is all gong in time for the weekend with sunshine returning both saturday and sunday and that is a big improvement over last week even. >> you better believe it, sue. >> i did a store which a one man two years ago that got so much attention. i fell in love with her when i met her. she was dealing with depression. about the same time i was dealing with it. so she told me that art and the art community saved her life. so a lot of you have asked me over the last couple months how is she doing? she's better. here's an up date. >> i was always known as the girl who smiled all the time they said do you ever get mad you? ever get mad. >> all people see thinks smile
8:18 am
but behind this smile was a lot of mess. it all happened so fast. it was first time i had ever been incredibly opened, honest , with what i have been dealing with for years since adolescence really. >> reporter: shayneena diannea is recalling a time many people would choose to forget. >> i picked up the knife, i searched for something to hang myself from, last attempt was july. >> reporter: fortunately that was her last herself before seeking treatment for her deep, deep she desperately needed. thanks to the quick think shayns still here. >> because attempts was a of 2015 i was
8:19 am
admitted for the first time to l for >> reporter: getting help she needed helped her fully gift. >> my artwork, digitally that i otherwise would not have the courage to expressaiedr treatment for depression at the hospital. >> this is one of the belmont. >> you seem more opened there. >> yes. >> beautiful. >> thank you. >> and here she is now. so what is different in your life besides the short hair. >> i have some garnered really beautiful collaboration was some people here in the city, namely the department of behavioral health and intellectual facilities. they are my first ever monetary sponsorship in support of a real exhibition,
8:20 am
partnership in coatsville pennsylvania they have allowed me to be their resident artist and use their space for creating the piecees is that this weekend. >> yes, march 3rd, 2018, 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and it is annual art testimonial i share every year in march, my birth month so i like to share lessons learned, they do this exhibition and it still individual perform arts. >> what are art budd. >> they are our inner city youth, aging eight to 13 years old. and so they are primarily in west philadelphia area but everyone is welcome. it is a free art program. we provide all of the supplies that they need for eight weeks at a time we are now on i believe week number four. so we are midway for this semester. >> great. >> and part of the proceed for the embryo donations go toward
8:21 am
art budd. >> art can change your life. >> yes. >> art change your life. >> yes. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> so, you know where i'm going to be at her show this weekend journey she has had. >> fantastic. i love her. i have a piece of her artwork in my living room. >> yes. >> beautiful story. >> yes, it is. >> beauty. >> yes. >> this is when we take a break when i start crying. >> lets take a break. >> rodney mccloud is on good day we will talk to him and we will
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
jay-z has passed didy as top money maker on forbes list of wealthiest hip art artists he is worth close to a billion dollars. didy is valued, right around at about 800
8:25 am
million-dollar. they have more money then that , but officially, you know >> and they are friends. >> yes. >> imagine what dinner's like when they come together. >> let me get it okay, let me. >> oh, that is fantastic? wait null meet these girls they are wonderful. adorable too. >> they were born to make her story some young girls they use song to help empower other young ladies. >> hold on are they taking over city hall. >> they are taking over city hall, listen for a little bit and we will tell what you they are getting red foy they're weekend. >> okay big rally with think weekend.
8:26 am
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these are things you will be dealing with, soaking rains,
8:29 am
inch and a half to two and a half inches and flooding as a result. high wind warning in effect all day until tomorrow morning with 25 to 35 sustained winds, gusting to 50 to 60 miles an hour and change over to wet snow speculator this afternoon bus stop buddy still manager to go hang on to that umbrella , temperatures remains in the 40's this morning and we have got a lot of rain and some starting to get heavy especially down in south jersey, atlantic county and cumberland county as well and we have snow in the pocono mountains. 40 degrees. thanks to these wins of 24 miles an hour feels like 29 deg, windy throughout the day mixing with wet snow and we will be at 39, 40-degree mark all day long. we will give you more details including telling you just how high these wins will get this afternoon coming up in a little bit, all right, wet roadways, every where. >> you why, wet roadways
8:30 am
slowing us down 76 eastbound at montgomery again thinks traffic coming toward camera going east we have problems there lots of extra volume on our roadways and wet roadways reduced visability at times because heavier rain coming down, visability coming down on the boulevard at 76, snarling things up for your morning commute. as ton, we will fine trees and power lines, being reported down on bridge water, road so we have traffic lights in and around bridge water road area, that are, malfunctioning because of that. amtrak is running major delays from an issue in d.c., d.c. got whacked with the winds, 50 , 60 miles an hour winds throwing a wrench in the amtrak situation 30 to 60 minute delays on all of the trains and also we are seeing issues coming out of harrisburg, guys. >> very excited about this next segment because it boys men's history month isn't it,
8:31 am
ladies. >> yes. >> so push is on to empower our girls in every way imaginable so take a look at this video, to remind you of woman that we look up to. >> ♪ >> it is a great music video. we will tell are where you can watch the whole thing. we will introduce to you some girls behind this music video and they were shot at philadelphia city hall. it features students from all over our area say hello, ladies. >> hi. >> and sophia hanson co founder of the national youth foundation and blonde he will reynolds brown. >> glad to be herey want to start with the girls. you are the star of the show. >> yes, yes. >> i want to introduce you all say your name, where you are from in our area and also a woman lou up to. >> my name is victoria and aim from chadds ford and lie up to
8:32 am
simon biles because i'm a gymnast. >> that is nice. >> my name is isabela and i look up to monet davis because she was first woman to do baseball with all boys. >> i'm isabela from chadds ford and i look up to... >> we will pass it over here. >> my name is camry from philadelphia and look up to willow smith. >> very nice. >> my name is die oni, i live in philadelphia and i look up to my mom. >> my name is janeai and lie up to b.a. , beyonce. >> my name is iona johnson and lie up up to send day a. >> so nice to meet all of you. you guys are here because there will be a great rally that is happening tomorrow. >> yes. >> so tell us about what will be happening we are bringing all girls together. >> absolutely. we have eric, of american girl
8:33 am
doll a writer and american girl actually shipped us books that we will have prizes for our contest and top prize is a doll, and we have guest speakers and honoraries coming that will inspire girls to be stars. >> we want to get these girls together in our area, bring them to city hall and rallies just for girls called bern to make her story and inspire them to greatness. >> absolutely. >> council company man talk about how important it is to have these, events. >> first lady michelle obama said it best measure of a society is how it treats its women and girls. aim excited that the next generation of girls will have far greater opportunities, but it starts building self esteem and planting seed of self-confidence, it has to start with their little girls and young girls like the ones we are celebrating tomorrow. >> once full. >> very exited to see it. >> it is from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 there will be women who are local who will be honored as well. >> absolutely, dianne levy of
8:34 am
women's way, we're excited about lady b, rap royalty as the song says and jolly is a tending the university of pennsylvania so she's sort of coming home from new york for the rally withy and even monet davis. >> know may davis will be there, one of the honoraries and kid are excited about that >> this is just one event. you do things all year round when it comes to helping our girls. >> big part of what we will do tomorrow is announce winner of our national book competition, we challenged kid to write, illustrate original books, and tomorrow we will find out what city, the winner comes from. >> i love it sounds like a great event. we hope to see you there. >> we will do to close this out i want to us all say girl power and do this. >> ready one, two, three, girl power. >> girl power. >> love it. we hope to see you there at philadelphia city hall at 11:00 a.m. you guys were great how about. that perfect. lets get to jen because she's at cardboard classic.
8:35 am
>> people are tailgating. are you guys tailgating. >> yes. >> look across the way, alex, i do predict just as preston and steve said a lot of these crafts will be super bowl related, come on back we are having a great time at jack related, come on back we are having a great time at jack frost and (clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
8:36 am
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so, take a look at a monitor real quickly here, we're in the poconos card game classic and the theme this year. >> yes, could it be anything else. >> is what your theme. >> yes. >> i'll find out. >> hi. >> hi. >> are you guys talk to go me. >> you better believe it. >> we're talking about the eagles. >> this is eagles football. >> it doesn't matter if it is
8:39 am
snowing, this is football weather. it is cardboard box football weather. >> rodney mcincluded is in the studio. >> how are you doing rodney mc included, how are you doing, brothers, i was in minnesota to see you, and i loved it. >> i don't think you have nothing to drink, right. >> no. >> you guys are awesome. >> your wife's name again is. >> carroll. >> i love you, carroll. >> thank you. >> give a shout out. >> love to give a shout out to north philadelphia, lehigh pharmacy. >> great, i love it. >> this is the deal, everyone was worried about the rain. it is not raining. people are here, they are tailgating. but it is a little drippy, in spots. as you guys know, i'm going to sail down here. can i say hi to you guys. >> hi. >> is this your first time seeing snow. where are you from, love. >> florida. >> florida. >> what city in florida.
8:40 am
>> outside of tampa. >> i grew up clearwater i was 16 bring first saw snow. >> this is what is happening. we are here. like we said, hi there, guys. you are making it look good. people, people are worried about the conditions, there is in fear, right. >> no way. >> april 1st, they are trying to go, jack frost, big boulder , camelback, all of the pocono mountains resorts will try to go to april 1st. this is the situation, it is going to be difficult to get these crafts down this hill because the snow just started at 7:00 o'clock this morning. it is a bit wet, sticky but i can tell you it will be super duper fun. starting at 9:00 o'clock i will put together my craft. it is epic. it has nothing to do with the eagles. on monday you will need something to do? i have a recommendation. please be quiet, mike, on
8:41 am
monday, you will need something to do, go to clementon, new jersey, the lamp post diner, six to 10:00 a.m. we are condensing it so everyone gets a chance to come in 20610 i will be there it is jenny on your block, don't be fooled by these rocks that i got. now make and alex. >> yes. >> i have tape, i have cardboard, i have a box, and i will rock this thing. >> report. >> we will see what she comes up with. >> what she has is trash out of the garage. out of the garage, it is trash rodney mccloud are you ready to go. >> he is here. >> did you bring anything to wear like some fashion. >> yeah. >> i got some. >> okay. >> how is your arm. >> it is good. it is actually my finger. >> you hurt your finger. >> but you have to protect, everything. >> it is true. >> good to see you. >> it is true. >> good to see you. >> how are y - honey, look what we got! >> it is true. >> good to see you. - [narrator] going big...
8:42 am
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we're looking at the conditions, every box is a
8:45 am
mess. atlantic city, doyletown, ben franklin parkway, sue's got the latest this weather is changing by the hour just like you said it was going to do. >> all right. let me say this here's an under statement do you like my new jacket. >> yes. >> we are getting ready for this look who is in the house. >> look who is in the house. >> you guys are stylish, man. >> thanks to you. >> yes. >> thank you. >> thank you for jackets. >> oh, yeah, that is what i do , yes. >> sure. >> yes. >> so good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> what the heck happened people will freak out what did you do. >> so i messed up a ligament in my finger, so, it is g i will be back in action april 16th. >> yes. >> no worries no freak out or worries. >> when did that happen. >> it happened in august.
8:46 am
>> so you played the whole season with that messed up finger. >> yeah, yeah. >> did it hurt. >> no, it is cool. >> well, football player, we have to push on and fight through. >> you have a high tolerance for pain. >> you cannot get through training and everything, so, it is well deserved we got a ring, i'm happy. >> has it sunk in that we won the super bowl. >> it has. >> every person, i held it, i kissed it, i i did a lot with the trophy. >> good lord. >> yes. >> we don't want to hear those details. >> but it has been great, the city of philadelphia, man has been amazing. >> where are you right there. >> aim in the back. i'm the one the one that made contact with that ball. we argued about this, and everybody talks about, you know, how high the guy went. who touched the ball.
8:47 am
so, you heard it here first. >> how many times have you watch the video to try to figure it out. >> i watched ate lot, a lot of views of this clip going around so you see guys at different angles. i'm higher then you. >> jaylen was here two days ago he said he was the one. >> no, he didn't. >> he said that. >> did he say that. >> i will to have talk to him after. >> we have to settle this. >> yes, green goblin, no. >> so, let's roll, roll the clip of you tackling a man with your face. >> this is his favorite play of the super bowl. >> you tackled his crouch with your face. you ever been able to do that. >> i have never been in this position before, never. >> mike said he wanted a frame of that. >> right there. >> i have been just glad i finish it the right way.
8:48 am
if i didn't, it would have been not able to show my face around here. >> yes. >> yes. >> you guys paused it. >> yes, we did. >> yes. >> i mean his crouch is on your face. >> who is that by the way. >> that is not how you look at it. >> no, i was just trying to grab his ankles and that is best way i could, his legs. i wanted to get him in that position. >> you planned it. >> yes, i did. >> okay. >> the alternative then, had he actually vaulted over you. >> that is not goody would have been ripped forever. >> lets talk burr clothing line. >> weren't you a male model. >> well, basically, it is just , i did some different brands, and we will see what the future holds. >> look your picture is on instagram you are wearing your clothing and everything. they look like model material.
8:49 am
>> yes, you got to did take advantage of these opportunities. >> how does a fan get a hold of your clothes. >> so, if you are no the in the area, or, going to, the city. >> yes. >> down in virginia, arlington , virginia, reagan national mall go to boh u.s.a. .com to make purchases on line and you can also, come in the store, i'll be in there starting, and -- >> store here in philadelphia. >> yes. >> i would do a storefront. >> right here. >> hold on a second. >> so what did you do, you decided to get married. >> i did. >> who is this. >> he got a ring and now she need a ring. >> erika. >> how long have you been with her. >> six years, i have known her through nine. >> through thick and thin back when were you undrafted. >> yes, out of the university of virginia. >> yes. >> you got the clip.
8:50 am
>> where is this. >> this is in new york city, outside of st. patrick's cathedral fifth avenue knew. >> how nervous were you. >> very nervous. >> i forgot everything i wanted to say. >> really. >> let's redo it then. >> millennials are now propos ing with an avocado. >> they put a engagement ring in the avocado. let's recreate this. >> i have never seen this. >> he is like what. >> so, along the line when it actually happened. i will be, i will be you, you play the part of erika, your girlfriend. >> you say it wasn't good enough, fifth avenue knew. >> so you messed up the lines i will mess it up too. >> erika, would you do me a honor of becoming my wife. >> look at the camera a little
8:51 am
bit. >> yes. >> are you going to kiss. >> i can't put it on. >> put it on your cast. >> oh, my god. >> oh. >> is there the word of the day. >> word of the day is what. >> the war of the day is what. >> it is emerald. >> there you go, guys. >> it is so wonderful. >> when is the wetting. >> still planning.nning.- >> you know, trying to get all that in order. >> what did you basically say. >> i told her, you know, she's woman of my dreams and i cannot picture my life without her. that is something i have done very well. >> what else could you want to say. >> i said a lot, but i definitely, i was just talking , yes. >> exactly. >> did she run at you they in
8:52 am
your face. >> oh, yeah, for sure. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> i appreciate you guys. >> we will
8:53 am
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pick your yogurt so much to talk about with this storm but wind is a big factor and we have yet to see worse, 30 miles an hour wind gustness fill but to the southwest of us, this is where side of the storm where winds are worse, washington d.c., richmond close to 50 miles an hour wind gusts and as storm moves way we will see our wins , picking up as we look at future wind gusts we have 50, 60 miles an hour gustness our future. maybe even higher then that, look at wildwood, by about 6:00 o'clock a possible 67- mile an hour wind gusts so prepare new for a possible power outage, this is future cast that shows possibility of
8:56 am
scattered skat earth outages because long the shore points so keep that in mind. luckily this is the worst day of the seven day forecast as we head into the weekend, the sun comes back out and we will have seasonal temperatures for middle of next week. >> do you believe alex is still talking about what happened yesterday when i dropped chocolate frosting on her suede shoes. >> is mike going to get you new shoes. >> i said would i buy you new shoes. >> you said that. >> i found on you how much they will cost there is an alternative to this. hey, speaking every money what about a boat load of magic mike. >> yes. >> so anyway. >> great scene in the movie. >> it is i turning point. >> coming up in five minutes we will have men, with the word of the day, painted on their chest, and these guys are
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> i think bonn john jovi may live forever. he doesn't age much. he's 56 years old. i saw him out in front of ruge. >> when? >> about three months ago, he is looking good, yes. >> he didn't tell thus story did he, karen? >> comes to town a lot because he owns one of the teams, so a rocker, he's hot, he's rich and h esiason a nice google that is all, and nice hair. >> hey birthday. >> all right, so it is friday, as you now, march the second, here is the 9:00 hour. at the end after long week. >> mike it is time to pay up. >> yesterday during cooking segment i dropped chocolate onto your suede pump. it was cents an accident. >> it was cents an


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