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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 2, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> i think bonn john jovi may live forever. he doesn't age much. he's 56 years old. i saw him out in front of ruge. >> when? >> about three months ago, he is looking good, yes. >> he didn't tell thus story did he, karen? >> comes to town a lot because he owns one of the teams, so a rocker, he's hot, he's rich and h esiason a nice google that is all, and nice hair. >> hey birthday. >> all right, so it is friday, as you now, march the second, here is the 9:00 hour. at the end after long week. >> mike it is time to pay up. >> yesterday during cooking segment i dropped chocolate onto your suede pump. it was cents an accident. >> it was cents an accident.
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>> a lot of people talking about it, it was the funniest part. >> and i blurted out i would buy you a new pair of pumps. so i ran to shoe store, we'll play the footage what happened. >> you won't believe this. >> it is bizarre. >> hey. academy awards sunday. >> yes, and so, we have to get the red carpet ready. will three billboards, will that have another big night? because everyone talking about this my. i still haven't seen it yet. grab the popcorn. time for oscar predictions. >> this is from a guy seen every movie. >> so he would know. >> kevin mccarthy our critics will join us, okay. well the weather, just going to be poop i for the next this hours, nor'easter and all of, that the winds are already whipping up into the 20's, 30's, 40 miles per hour, windchills down the shore, are like in the 20's, getting down into the teens. >> look, steve shivering, i never see him shiver. >> he can't. hi, steve. >> well, this is the coldest its he is been so far, the most winnie and now the
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highest of the tides here, karen, you'll this will is where we were with you at 4:01 t this was going to flood, and it was fine then. look where we were standing, we were on the sidewalk over there next to that telephone pole. now see a rushing current going from the bay over west end avenue into the right lane of the black horse pike the atlantic city police were out here shutting things down and you can bet, the black horse pike entirely one of the main weighs in and out of atlantic sitly shutdown, smart driver here, now making a u-turn behind us, we saw people trying to drive through this, but there is a wise man right there not risking his car like a lot of other people we saw. you know it is a flooded road when the atlantic city police puts the road barriers out, they start floating away off the road. because of the current pushing them. so, that tells you the situation here. this is just the first of the high tides, and they're if the going to go back into the ocean like they norm will would because of the full moon and the wind blowing so hard.
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so they're going to sit on top of each other. another high tide tonight, prom ills the authorities that follow this stuff tomorrow morning high tide, when jenny joyce likely will be down here, going to be the worse, so, you probably won't be able to stand here tonight even in the news, let alone tomorrow morning for sure. so a rough weekend ahead, for the jersey shore, but they survived worse. >> that's the truth, steve, thank you so many. i can't believe that flooding already, we will stay on top of this one certainly all day long. >> here she comes, yes. >> it has been little distracting. >> yes, watching bunch of guys. so fit, it is unbelievable. part of the word of the day. now, what i prom ills dollars you with a was in a meeting yesterday the ladies, why don't we have really fit guys come on, we will call vivica a fox, she will put together. >> because she knows. >> yes, she has this company, hot guys. >> she did reality show about it. >> so we will put the words of the day, each letter on guy's chest, i signed off on it, are
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we ready to do it? what kind of music? >> start with the first letter. >> okay. here, here is all seven guys. >> this music! seriously. lordy. did you bring the music? >> hold on, two things, i'm missing a letter. i would like to find the d. i don't know where my d is. but i got my e. (laughing). >> we'll explain who these guys are, where you can see them perform, and we will unveil the other letters, as the 9:00 hour rolls on. >> thank you, gentlemen. >> and the music. >> i know, looking forward. >> what do i do, what do i do? >> take our camera, then we can let them off the hook. hey, so yesterday, let's roll the tape again what happened in that barrier over there. we had roberta potito making what? >> gin us stout chocolate
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called filled with lucky charles, just the marshmellows. >> but had pastry bag filled with chocolate, right? >> yes. >> it was my job to squirt it on top of the cake. well, i overly squirted and the chocolate -- foot -- >> only me. >> oh, baby, common. >> you don't have to do that much. we shoul be good, mike. >> are we good? >> yes, bill willing up. >> oh, you got it on my shoe! wait a minute. >> ew. >> you think this will come off? seriously? really? oh, my gosh. >> these are suede. >> oh, they are? >> yes, this is not good. oh,. >> almost something sexy about it. >> well -- >> well, kind of. >> sure. >> so what did you do about it? that's so hard to get out. >> well, i blurted outcome-on, i'll buy you a new pair of suede pumps, then i realized how expensive suede pumps are, so i run out of the studios 10:00 yesterday. >> and i ran out after him.
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>> jewelers row, great little shoe repair shop over there. so i think i'm running by myself? look at this. >> where are you -- uh. >> you're amy, right? >> yes. >> i got something on alex's shoe, but it is suede. >> yikes. >> can you get it out? >> you're in trouble. >> it looks like dog poo. >> you're in a lot of trouble. >> it is actually chocolate. >> i gather, as much, but you're still in trouble. >> why? you can't fix that? >> suede is porous, chocolate has oil in it. so what happens is the sede absorbs the oil and it changes the texture of the suede. >> amy look at me, i need to save some money. can't you try? try, please? >> let me see one thing, i'll be right back. let me see something. >> amy has got this. amy has got this. >> you're going to need that.
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>> get the money! >> you're going need that. and i have no doubt you can make it happen. >> money for shoes. >> i ruined a woman's shoes. i'll take anything. >> anything? >> ya? >> thank you. >> collecting for shoes. >> i'm to up 275. >> thank you, thank you, ladies. >> you're going to need more than 275, i'll tell that you. >> please help distressed shoe. >> you're doing well, look. >> don't be a heal. >> i'll save your soul if you need it. >> oh, she'll save my soul. good one. thank you. >> i put chocolate on her suede. it was an accident. but she still wants me to pay, so i'm collecting money out here. thank you. oh, my god, a big wad. oh, oh, they're towing our car!
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>> oh, now i got to use the money to pay off the parking ticket. >> i ruined suede shoes. >> he ruined my shoes. >> i've got more money. >> you got mormony? >> he took it out of his pants. >> i ruined a bamm's suede shoes. credit cards is fine. oh, thank you. >> thanks a lot. are you bob or joe? >> i'm brendan. >> you're brendan. i spilled chocolate on a woman's suede shoes. i'm collecting money to get her new shoes. >> thank you. >> selfies? selfies for money? >> a 20 will work. >> thank you. >> thank you, ladies. oh, my god. that was a ten. >> one, two, three. >> oh, look at this guy, able to get money from other people to pay for my shoes that he ruined. >> what a scam. this is great. i should have thought of this.
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>> what a scam. so, now, i do have a bucket of money. i think i can afford now to buy the shoes. >> should she fix the shoe? >> that's the thing. >> here is the deal. she doesn't think she can fix it. >> and amy, she knows shoes. she has been there for a long time, her and jimmy. hi, guys. >> she said it will probably take until tuesday to see if they can figure it out. >> but she said she will work on it but it might change the texture of my shoe, might ends up being a leather shoe. >> buffs it too much it becomes letter. >> you know what i would call them? rain shoes and wear them in the rain. >> right. >> everyone is asking what are you going do with the money. >> look. oh, my gosh. >> it is the people who watch the show are so generous. so i can't keep it. >> they did it for you or they did it for me or both of us? >> so i don't know, i'm sure it is not legal fcc thing i can't keep the money so i'll figure it out. the boss knows what to do with it. >> we'll donate it. >> can i buy her a new pair of shoes? >> donate it to charity. we need to get you out there. >> except if you give it to
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him he'll keep it. >> i'll keep it. >> donate it. >> okay. >> but we'll keep you updated so aimly contact me over the weekend we'll see what the shoes will look like. >> and we'll have another edition of can this shoe be saved? >> we'll get you out there for the bell ringing salvation army totally recruiting. >> yes, deaf throw that. >> so true you. >> the skill, man. >> tell me about this, maybe you sent me yesterday about the phones. >> oh, well, i saw this phone, and they call it a dumb phone. and they say it is a way to cure your smart phone addiction because it is not so smart phone. so brooklyn based start up introducing this phone, here it is, it can only do handful every things like make calls, send text, and set alarms, that's it, you can get on the internet, you can get on twitter, there are no apps. so, good bye to all of that. it is called the light phone two, this is the second version of it, and parents out there saying, you know what, this is probably a great idea for kids. it costs about 250 bucks. >> what? >> i think it is expensive for
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that. but i think it is a great idea for kids, because my son will go to middle school next year, he wants a phone, i don't think he can get a phone, not mature enough, but something like that the perfect solution because old school. the other thing parent can let me know part of the popularity what kind of apps you have on your phone, it is interesting to me, middle schoolers oh, you have alexa on your phone there is app, and it is a status symbol, so i like that it takes it out of it. >> just real quickly here, hey megan are we bringing tom in on this? >> no. >> we didn't organize that. >> i wanted to tell that story real quickly. >> also for just adult, too, is this something you can actual throw? are we so used to our, you know, apps, and our internet, ya, that we can't even do this? is it even possible? remember back in the day when the nokia phones all you can do is snake? the game could you play. so like can you really put that all aside and just have the basics? should we go back to that? >> i google a lot on my phone. >> that's right, google is great. >> put it down, log on to your
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computer, well, they should change the name, i know it is smart and dumb, but to make it smarter phone. >> oh,. >> you know what i mean? that kind of negative. oh, you have dumb phone. >> and it doesn't have a camera? so you don't get the lovely post that mike does, the random things happening in his life? >> stop. like you should talk. >> i'm just saying, here is a muffin. oh, look at this lovely wall. >> adjust your face. >> i posted lovely picture every my mother. >> i bet you're in it,. >> no, i'm not in it actually. >> megan, bring up her instagram page. >> i know my page. >> i want to say the last 20 20 pictures. >> why are you so mean. >> guys, guess what? first friday. >> okay, i have a better phone, saw this on shark and the the other night. >> here you go. see, you're in my feed. look at that, the shoe that we were trying to fix.
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>> there it is. >> see? >> watching shark tank the other night. >> hold on, one last thing, your viewer of the day, really? it is always women. and they're always good looking. take that. >> a is -- is there an age range? >> and how are they making icon tact with you, how are your eyes lighting on these young fine -- >> another thing they accuse me of, always good looking women, and always african-american. you know what i'm going to do? i'm going to post a picture with a white model today. >> your white woman of the day? >> how about that? >> oh, my goodness. >> good day philadelphia white woman of the day. >> are you trying say it is only black women that approach you? >> no, i don't know, i don't know. >> just somehow ends up on your feed? >> i watched the shark tank
9:14 am
the other night, dude on there, they created a phone called the no phone. it doesn't do anything. it just gives you -- you hold something that looks like a phone. >> like a fake beer. >> yes, like a pet rock or whatever. >> is it even a phone then? >> no, it is not a phone, has no function except you can hold something that looks like a phone, but if you pay, it is $12, if you pay three more dollars, you can get the selfie upgrade, which is a mirror on the front of it. >> but it is not an actual selfie? >> no, it is a no phone. >> okay. >> it doesn't do anything, just a mirror. >> did they buy it? >> no, they through him off. >> i can't imagine investing in that. >> sold out on their page? megan said it sold out. >> the sharks didn't go for it but they still have a website and still selling them. >> right, yes. >> sold out right now. >> like an i've got a phone for you. >> please record that,. >> and then take a picture of her and putting on her stain
9:15 am
gram. >> i don't hug them. >> oh, yes, you do, viewer of the day, thanks, you always say hashtag thanks, hashtag thankful. >> kevin? >> kevin, mccarthy, kevin, so this is your oscar academy prediction segment you do every year, okay? >> good morning to you, mike, alex and karen. >> we're all thrills you. >> look fantastic, you look like you're going to an awards show. >> thank you. >> first category. you will tell us who you think will win, who you want to win, okay? first category is? >> yes, sir. >> best supporting actress. >> yes. supporting actor or actress, mike, sorry, i couldn't hear you? >> actress. >> actress. all right, cool, it will definitely go to allison jannie, phenominal film, i tonya, a film of capturing
9:16 am
what tonya harding and obviously went through in the movie does a great job in the film and i think allison jannie will definitely win for best supporting actor actress sunday night. >> that's who you want is as well. what's up next al next. >> next supporting actor. >> act or. >> yes, and this is sam rockwell, so he's one of my favorite actors working today. i'm really hoping that this win will casino every bring more people to watch his earlier films like moon, and/or confessions after dangerous mind, and match stick men. this is the film he was in called three billboards outside evan missouri that film nominated for seven academy awards, one sam rockwell, my will win and my should win. won essentially every award leading up to this moment at the oscars. he won the sag, golden globe as well, as the a lot of other awards in the critics choice awards, will win. >> best actress. >> actress, this is, to me, the lock of the night, francis mc doorman, incredible that three billboards, she does a
9:17 am
great job in this role. she won leading actress for fargo in 1997 which is phenominal movie as well but this role is so unpredictable, so fun to watch on camera, devastating story line, but she makes it so entertaining, to watch, throughout, she has won every award essentially leading up to the ross cents cars, she will definitely win on sunday night, that's my will win and my should win francis mc dorm man for three billboards. >> 100% you agree with who you think will win, and now best actor? >> even though going to win sunday night, me going back to all of the films he's done from dracula, to the professional, mortal beloved, i think those are the films he should have been nominated for and/or won for. this, to me, seems like a win for his career i think the person should win is daniel, forget out. he doesn't have ton of dialogue but more about the internal, facial expressions cents what he's going through
9:18 am
emotionally, gary old man is phenominal, to me, daniel delivered the best performance. >> always the scene when he was cents crying and his bears were barely blinking, my gosh. >> incredible. yes. >> last one? >> best picture. >> i'm 99.9% sure i'm wrong, get out, completely the wrong way to go because theoretically speaking three billboards is probably the biggest frontrunner because it won the golden globe, also won the sag. the shape of water. >> i'm going to go with get out because avenue feeling about that film, important film, also the best film of the three. and i think get out will win my should win is done kirk, but i'm probably going to be wrong on best picture, just heads up, best director i go with deltoro, for the shape every water.
9:19 am
>> have fun sunday night. >> check and see he did on monday. >> hey, sue. >> let's summarize what you're dealing with today, because a lot to keep in mind, soaking rains are possible out there. some of us could have an inch and a half to two and a half inches every rain, and that means some flooding. and this is really big. high wind warning, we've already seen some power lines come down this morning, and we have the worse winds gust yet to come. and they could be 50 to 60 miles per hour this afternoon. rain change over to wet snow could happen this afternoon or earlier depending on temperatures, solo pressure system park off shore, precipitation, drawing down some of the colder air. so seeing a little white pop up here and there, and looks like the accumulation of snow has started in the pocono mountains, and they could get a lot by the end of the day, they have a winter storm warning in effect, 42 degrees today.
9:20 am
this is the worse of it. and it gets much better over the weekends as the sun comes back out. we stay with seasonable temperatures in the 40's. we head into the middle of next week so get through there is guys, looking good for the weekends. >> really? >> yes, promise. >> sue. >> speaking of looking look your left. >> oh, i've been looking. >> last word of the day, re will reveal letter at a time. >> oh, okay. >> now we're talking. >> most every these guys are nutritionists, and really paying off. now, you've seen, wait a minute, you see, we have the d out? >> the d is out, yes. >> you know you want that b. and then you got a e. >> okay? >> oh, we found the seventh dude. >> you know what i ought to do? >> yes? >> they're saying we should just go to break. we ruined it. all right. we will take a break. i think i'm going to join them at the ends of the show.
9:21 am
>> oh, i don't know if you want to do
9:22 am
>> ♪ >> wait until you see this.
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i could be the exclamation mark. >> really on top hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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>> this is great. i love it here. >> yes, definately unusual set ting in mt. laurel suburb, the fact it's been here for 40 years, was founded on a farm. >> so you take care of all kind of animals, 24/7. >> yes. >> and you do all kind of like , exotic critters even? >> yes. >> right. >> so this is doctor colin mcdermott, little bit ago, see thee guys way back over here? these are your special budd ills. you got a phonecall saying we need help. >> gave us call, got in touch
9:26 am
with our rescue coordinator told us what was happening with them. >> so basically there was a wilds goose chase, actually domesticated but take a look. >> someone dumped these domesticated geese on a private lake in evesham township, on a bitterly cold sunday. the lake was frozen, they had no shelter, no food. >> i got some food for you. >> neighbors put out call for help, a post later mt. laurel hospital vet doctor colin motorcycle mcdermott saved the day. >> just to took couple every days but finally rounded up these lucky ducks, or geese, then played chauffeur and took them to their new forever home where their best buds are other rescued farm yard animals. >> man, so they weren't -- they were interesting passengers in the car? >> they were, yes. i wasn't quite prepared when i went to go check them out. they were on the frozen pond for about a week. it was a cold week, that was the snap where everything was
9:27 am
cents frozen, might have had someone well meaning putting them on a pond, water source, but what happens with these domestic geese, easy targets for preditors, they're all white. or, you know, they could survive and take over an area that is for native wildlife, can really impact our local environment. >> we have easter coming up, right, so what happens with easter a lot of people want to get bunnies or lick ducklings or list goslings and give them out as easter presents. >> right. >> not good idea? >> cute. not going to dough by the that , but pretty long commitment. ran kits live for ten to 12 years. you know, these ducks and goslings can live longer than that, domestic rabbits one of the most dumped upped exotic animals, see quite a few here and that shouldn't happen. >> these geese are lucky awed moment in your busy schedule. >> this is an unusual circumstance. doctor colin mcdermott is a busy guy along with doctor rob over here. fantastic, i love it, and i love that so many of tees guys are rescues, thanks so much
9:28 am
for doing what you guys do. >> happy, happy to be here and do that. >> that's awesome. all right, back to you guys. >> i don't think i've ever seen that before, guy driving around geese. >> i know, and just looking out the window. >> in the back of the car. >> oh, what a guy. okay, quick break, we have one of our interns, probably not even legal. painting up one of the guys. so the next after the break. [a5df]
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getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult. getting an appointment with a specialist shouldn't be. at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, you can see a cancer
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how long will this go on how long thinks word. >> people are interested in this being interns here at fox 29. i wonder why. >> if you go to the web site. >> yeah you can find out why. >> this is what it takes to get you interested in journalism then let it be. >> that is right, um, um g, the m is up. l is up, the e is out. >> here comes the music. >> the d is up. >> is this j lo. >> this is j lo. >> do it guys, on the floor. >> do you guys dance at all. >> do something. >> j lo, okay, it is all in
9:32 am
the hipps. i see what you were doing, all right. >> yes. >> my god. >> yeah. >> this contest is coming to a close, very quickly. >> let's do this, i always wanted to go where jen's, card game classic, preston and steve event. you get cardboard things, you know what it is. here's jen. >> guys, we're going up, we're going up. these guys, oh, no, they have their own sled and they are helping me. pretty pathetic. come on back. >> hey, megan, when we come back after the break, let's show some footage of what they did last year at this cardboard place classic. >> stunning. >> they have fire trucks, they have full on vehicles, that make it down this mountain. >> buses, like you said. >> this year, look at this
9:33 am
thing, rv. >> it is all cardboard, right. >> look at that. >> this is such a cool event. this years theme a lot of people are going with super bowl stuff. i saw a giant lombardi trove soy one made they will slide down the hill in that. look at that thing. lord. >> oh, my goodness. it is so much fun. so jen pick up a lot of trash out of the garage before they left the station and that is what she will go down the hill in. >> by the way, jen's has got a new segment on monday, what is it. >> jenny on the block. >> jenny on the block. >> i love how the graphic makes her look taller. >> mike? >> okay. it is 6:00 to some a.m. at lamp post diner in clementon, new jersey. she will be jenny on your block. >> yes. >> cute. >> so lamp post diner i have heard of that place little gloucester road, clementon, clementon, new jersey, that is camden county. >> are we ready for another
9:34 am
word. >> we're ready okay, all right >> we add another word of the day what letter do you think will pop up now. >> they want to go back to cron. it is side to side. letter,t is not a for alex.f you haven't figured out word of the day by now. >> there is in merlin. >> marilyn. >> no, there is no v. >> yes. >> are you guys all nutrition ists is that what you do. >> you didn't sign up for this >> yes. >> isn't the key to good abs what you eat, more than you exer size. >> is it going to be time to
9:35 am
reveal. >> where are we. >> i need a sandwich. >> quick break.
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
okay. so i think jen may be at the top of the hill here ready to do h classic run here. >> it is time. >> preston and steve, they do it every year. hi jen. >> come on. >> all right. so here's preston and steve, go >> good morning. >> i got my tv stuff. >> how are you.oo >> you. >> i'm doing good. >> the wind is brutal. >> we saw lombardi trophy, you this. >> yes. >> how can i improve it. >> iteginning. >> were you here last year. >> yes. >> okay. >> you guyulder people what do u think of the situation it is windy. >> it is very windy will that help me.
9:39 am
>> it is blows this way it might hold you back reduce your speed. >> yes, exactly. >> all right. let's do it. >> don't push me hard. i can't hear. i'm going to give you the mike don't push me i'll do it. >> she's so far away i cannot tell exactly what the shape of this thing is. she said it had nothing to do with the super bowl other won. >> look my face.
9:40 am
way to zoom in on my face. look at my >> it is so red do you see the flipping ice face. i don't know why i took morninga slushy on my face. >> you are a sport, jen, great effort. you cannoterfect 10 every year. >> have i ever >> thanks, jen. >> you know what it is. >> what, what. >> what? >> no, okay. >> i was at union trust over around seventh and chestnut such a beautiful venue. you know what we have done in this country. we have had so much going on we forget about the people in
9:41 am
puerto rico. we have 150,000 people in puerto rico dissent in the delaware valley and do you know fema has left there. they are in a blackout. there is 20 percent of the country that still has no power. it is still a mess. we had a big fundraiser. wand a more a had it. her dad died in the hurricane about five months ago. >> it looks amazing. center piece where is beautiful. auction at problems wonderful. >> j lo heard about the event and she donated two concert tickets and fly out to vegas. >> my gosh. >> how much did you raise. >> i left a little bit earl. >> it went on until past midnight. >> ward of the day, and another letter is being revealed now. >> okay. >> ire e. >> 2e. >> easy e. >> yes. >> dance moves, all right.
9:42 am
>> we will reveal the whole word next and i will put on my point. let me get to the word of the day. >> we will dot reveal and then mike.
9:43 am
how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> it looks like a snowy weekend. >> lets see how, long, and. >> 9:45, it is here, it is the coastal storm we promised you yesterday and low pressure system off shore, throwing back a ton of moisture, in the form of rain, and snow, and then some cases that rain is falling pretty heavily and as you just saw the pocono mountains, we not only have snow here we have wind driven snow, so we told you yesterday that wind is just as important part of this forecast, as the precipitation and it is getting dicey, up there, and we could see some white out conditions at times up in the
9:46 am
pocono mountains. new we are looking down at lancaster county and chester county where we might see wet snowflakes mixed in with your rain and it could even happen as close to philadelphia, so we have chillier temperatures making their way down, folks, it will go rain, snow, wet snow, at the shore it is rain and heavier at times as well. here's the future cast you can see switching back and forth in the philadelphia area. we have a decent amount of snowfall coming but it is not amounting to much, at lee we don't think so because is there so much rain milk with it. it will depend on the temperature. as far as accumulation in philadelphia, one model says two and a half inches, one model says not even a half inch and the other one is in between there and that is probably what will happen on grass surfaces. so wind speed 29 miles an hour , sustained, in philadelphia, and before the winds start to pick up we have a 41 miles an her wind gust, in the city, and, that is tropical storm force, and, it
9:47 am
will get worse before berth. high wind warning continues for rest of the day, coastal flood warning for times of high tied and flood watch in effect, philadelphia the two north and east of us as well as, that winter weather, advisory, for, northampton county and winter storm warning, for the pocono mountains, i know it is a lot to keep track of, we will update you all day long, on social media and we will have hourly updates on the weather as well, right here, on fox 29 >> wonderful, wonderful. >> okay. >> it is time for word of the day, and, and, and, word of the day, and, last letter. >> and, we have a drum roll, split is, there is r. >> yes. >> it is now complete, the now we have all of the letters. lets take a look all of the letters here what could this ward be. of course, we should be the
9:48 am
ones to unscramble the fellows to make sure. >> all right. let's see. >> all right. let's see. so m you should come over here , right. >> um-hmm. >> let's see. >> we will do it right in here >> my hands are cold. >> you two switch. >> okay, you two switch. >> and you two switch and there we go. >> the word of the day is em railed. >> exclamation point. >> yes. >> turn on the music we have to turn on the music. >> yeah. >> oh, my gosh, you should be on the beach. >> yes. >> oh, lord for the rest of the show. what are you doing. >> he is on mike, i'm not
9:49 am
finished. >> maybe this is better. >> question mark is better. >> yes yes. listen i bought this shirt i will use it as often as i can. >> important thing is this was the final word of the day so make sure you go to fox /contest you have until 10:00 a.m. you need to do this now. you have like 10 minutes. >> you can win a chance to go to ireland and then we will take your finalist and we will bring them to the st. patrick 's day parade march 11th airing right here on fox 29. >> a week from sunday, folks: coming up. >> fox >> right on. >> now, you do need to point out because fellas are like who is picking music, these are not their day jobs, okay. thank you for saying that. you are nutritionists all of you. >> no, i'm not. >> herb life. >> wonderful. >> some of the ladies, tell us they are inspired to work at
9:50 am
herb life how can they reach you guys. >> you can find me on instagram,. >> everybody is different. >> okay. >> follow me on instagram dough boy. >> yes. >> yes. >> i joined so, okay. >> i'm also a on i'm on instagram get you fit, trying to get you fit, check us out. >> we will take a picture of it and all of your hand also will be in there. >> yes. we will be right back. please keep your shoes on!
9:51 am
9:52 am
stop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so? feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy.
9:53 am
oh, man you know what i need, i need a taste of spring , i know it is winter, i need a taste of spring i can go, to the convention center. birds of paradise. they are getting ready for the show. i think alex will go wire coming in and get ideas for backyard and garden. >> yes, so we are seeing this, wonders of water and thank you
9:54 am
for flower show official bouquet, it is, a bit out of step but a pol guys for that. >> here's an idea for you wonders of water, you put some water in the vase. >> there is water in the vase. >> yes. >> come on. >> okay. >> how fun has this been word of the day, but contest comes to an end in six minutes. >> um-hmm. >> so lets look back all the way to reveal, the word of the day. >> we have had so much different ways, four different ways each day this week. >> maybe too many ways. >> have a great weekend. >> keep watching this station for the weather. >> i don't know. >> there we go. >> i kissed it. >> stuck to his hair, blarney.
9:55 am
>> that is the word of the day , folks. >> does anyone want to kiss the blarney. >> it is blarney, did you hear it. >> limerick pa what a great place to visit and stay. >> this is last limerick we have to read, limerick is the word of the day. >> limerick. >> limerick. >> yes. >> word of the day. >> yes. >> flip your card around, let's see him rick is the word of the day. >> patrick. >> fabulous, try again. >> the word of the day is patrick. >> beautifully done. >> yes.
9:56 am
>> no question. >> what is bigger calling super bowl win or war of the day. >> word of the day. >> you inspire us. >> please turn around. >> patrick. the word of the day patrick. >> the word of the day is castle, folks. >> don't get it confused it is not white, it is just castle. >> do you think this will come off. >> really. >> by the way how will you get it home, just collapse it. >> it is on wheels right now. >> does it make you sad when the water takes it away. >> i don't work on the beach any more. >> castle. >> one of the letters is an e. >> would you do me the honors, i love you.
9:57 am
look at the camera. >> yes, yes. >> emerald. >> it is emerald. >> through go, guys. >> emerald. >> yes. >> exclamation point. >> yeah ♪
9:58 am
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[cheers and applause] >> live from new york city it's the "the wendy williams show" ♪ >> now here's wendy! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> wendy: thank you for watching. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> wendy: say hello to my co-host, ms. studio audience.


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