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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 2, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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shore, the suburbs or the city, allng slammed. snow damaging winds and concut flooding and it's not over yet. appened there. traffic snarled for h but ri are just learning that those lanes are back open tonigh part of wild weather friday. your winter weather authority is tracking it all. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. no doubt it is really really nasty out there and to make matters worse we're getting tons of reports from you that traffic lights are out all across the wind gusts causing some big outages. right now there are more than 200,000houtower. peco alone reporting more than 182,000 o worse inmontgomery county. ac electric almost 22,000. delmarva nearly 20,000 people with no power at this hour. as well as ps and. g just under 20,000 in the dark. >> let's start our team could have ratch tonight we got crews
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everywhere from the shore to the city to the suburbs. but let's begin with the very latest on this dangerous storm. scott williams has been tracking it all day. scott, what is the latest. >> hi there chris. this storm is playing just as predicted. we're looking at damaging winds blowing snow, power outages and also a coastal concern. live look outside our studios right now showing you the snow it's blowing around not really sticking to the roadways. however, clinging to trees the roofs and also look at the temperatures. 33 degrees right now. gusts close to 50 miles per hour currently in philadelphia. this storm is a massive beast cranking up in the open waters of the atlantic. colder air loft.ging that rain over to snow. look at the wind reports and also the tree damage rep scattered across the area. north and west still looking atme some pro as you move north and west portions of paoli pike closed due to trees. wires down. we'llove into south jersey.
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look at the wind damage report trees down, cape may county andling with the snow blowing drifting snow poor visibles the next several hours. we're still looking at that high wind warning. snow will start to taper off about 6:00 toward nip clock. but we have winter weather advisories north and sectiof montgomery, b county the lehighy mercer coun into ocean county for incrasnow. t sevf the totals. 7-in pocono summit. doyles half in hammonton abo an inch. and look at the gusty winds right now. 62 miles per hour gusts for dover. 58 miles per hour gusts in allentown. down the shore right now 51 miles an hour gusts in atlantic city. our team coverage continues. brad sattin is down the shore. residents have been preparing conditions, brad, they are deteriorateing rapidly there in ventnor. >> reporter: yeah, i think you mentioned scott 51 miles an hour gusts. i think we're in the middle of them right now. i think these winds was about 25
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to 30 miles an hour but these gusts are really something else. we're actually not far from atlantic city. we're here that the ventnor boat launch and i can tell you one of things that has helped at least contain the flooding the winds have been coming out of the northwest. it's a nor'easter of course those northeast winds that caused the problem but because the winds have been out of the northwest the water has pretty much been push back but the concern is that that could change tomorrow especially as we're talking more and more about the high tide. we know high tide is between 8:00 and 9:00 o'clock tonight and then about 8:00, 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. emergency crews have really been preparing for couple of days now now. they are anticipating the chance of moderate flooding. the potential of some fairly significant flooding in some spots. we know in atlantic city routes to try to stay off of them and use the ac expressway. in atlantic city high tide 7:58 tonight and then there could be in kind of the bays around an hour and a half later
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but the big worry as i mentioned is the high tide in the morning a storm surge potential of about 2 feet. that would mean moderate flooding. public works crews have really been kind of checking
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ped off 95 early so we could make this hit at the top of the 5:00 o'clock. only because but to be met with you're looking atight now. bumper to bumper traffic along baltimore pike. fire trucks pretty sure emergency crews will be pretty busy this evening. we haven't noticed any plow trucks or salt trucks out on our driving but as you can see by the condition of the roads it certainly will warrant something by the time this is all said and done. the roads just extremely gritty here. i hat is the wor here. we talked about the wind and the wind is really bad just whipping out here. it's the wind and the snow just blowing and blowing just kind of stinging in you're out which hopefully if you don't have to be out you won't bother with this mess because i tell was everyone on a friday at this time just wants to get home. traffic moving okay for the little bit it's moving but you always have to be careful for people who are just unaware of what the roads are really like. we saw people earlier saying
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it's not that bad out and it's like when is the last time you've been out? because it's deceiving. once you get behind the wheel and you're on the roads out here you really just don't know what we're going to be met with. so this is what traffic looks like on bmore pike here like i said crawling along. we've been gettingord and hearing that there are a lot of power outages around the cty k has been feeding us information we'll checkut shortlyot too far from where we are in springfield. we talk bout win. we talk about the snowfall. we talk about the power lines and the possibility that power outages will continue to happen as we move throughout the evening. also, just to give you an idea of the ground marty if you can pan down here to where we are, we're actually in a shopping center just off of baltimore pike here. but, you know, snow accumulate pretty quickly out here. falling at a good rate here. and again the wis a factor out here. i'm trying to hold ton my hat, dawn andhris because i didn't bother doing anything with my hair today. so i need to keep this thing on. [ ] >> again just reminder to people
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that the road -- yeah, i'm telling you. you don't want this to come off. but the roads are messier what they look.ev t houghtd be saying this day two into march. if you don't have to go out bother going out. again, not trying to make people think this is the worst we've ever seen. but you know you just don't want to deal with this. look i said add friday into the factor that we have this snowstorm. people just want to get home and so people aren't always driving their best. so that's the latest from from where we are. we'll check out some of those power outages and let you kno how people are getting boy. back to you. >> all right shawnette thanks. we'll give you a pass on the hair there. and more travel problems on the ground. this time amtrak trains all suspended right now on the northeast corridor until at least tomorrow. this was the scene at 30th street statement station this afternoon where many travers are having to adjust their plans plans. >> i plan to jump on the train and go to a comedy show up in new york, and um, looks likes that's not going to happen now.
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>> probably get cheesesteak and wait it out. >> my train came up on the board and said on time for about ten seconds and nowt's reading delayed again. >> and that's we also know septa at least nine regional rail lines are also suspended. we understand regional rail stations are a mess at this hour. dawn? keep it right here on fox 29. we are your winter weather authority. scott and our team of reporters are fanned out across our area and we'll have much more between now and 6:30 and again at 10:00 and 11:00. happening right now, it is a battle of words between philadelphia's new prosecutor and the city's police union. our jeff cole joins us live in the studio with this one. jeff? >> reporter: new da larry krasner met with police cadets earlier this week at the invitation of the guardian civic league an organization of black police officers. krasner speaks largely in support of police at that event but his comments about something called center mass shooting
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touched off a storm. >> reporter: for much of the ten minute long video da krasner tells the cadets he's got their backs if they follow their oath and make honest mistake. >> isn't describing a scenario a mentalled challenged man was killed by police who had justified in their shooting says krasner, he also says this. >> center mass how police are trained to shoot firing at the middle or bulk of the body. the comment prompted the head of the police officers union john
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mcnesby to aggressively criticize the da in this letter thursday writing krasner has intentionally sought to endanger your lives by his outrageous effort to instruct you on the yourirearm in annd view after the release of the letter mcnesby appears to soften his tone. >> for hem to hear two separate messages is not good especially when they're leaving tomorrow to go out and prohemmunity. >> reporter: friday, after releasing the video of krasner's talk the da spokesperson said, much of mcnesby's letters false. >> don't do what you were told to do in the academy.what i tell you. watch the veo. it's not what happened. to what happened. >> reporter: spokesperson for union leaders mcnesby said he stands by his words. he didn'tw if mcnesby has yet to see video. krasner' office says he should retract what he wrote. krasners office also says it posted all the video it had fox 29 does not know what happened before or after the recording. police department spokesperson
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says commissioner ross and larry krasner have spoken and they are moving on. i'm jeff cole fox 29 news. dawn? >> all right, jeffrey, thank you you. fox 29 is your weather authority. our cameras capturing this downed tree in rittenhouse. we're coming right back.
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♪ fox 29 weather authority tracking this major storm. take live look in wilmington delaware. it doesn't matter where you go. where you are, we are all dealing with it. we are all in this one together and the high winds today bringing down trees like this one on the 2900 block of bridge water road. this is in aston, delaware county.ther reason why you want to beful if you gin this nasty weather tonight.e be keep it here for live team coverage of this nasty weather system. dhopefullyn flying today. there are already plenty of cancellations and delays atlphia inteional rpors get out to joanne pill lee gee live atatort. cene t joanne reporda.
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it is no tio t f this heavy wind, high wind,in gusts and lf visibility making it next to impossible and hat's whyhey canceled more than 300 flights here at phill international. let me give you bersound the country morehan 2800 flights have been canceled ahis march storm intensifs. todats here the national weather service measuring wind gusts up to 49 miles per hour. we do have word there was a flight trying to land at dulles international. the flight did land but apparently the flight crew and most of the passengersctuallyrough up on the decent because it was so bumpy and so dangerous dangerous. now we were inside the terminal about half an hour ago, andere was a long line waiting to get to the american airlines counter. there were three people wking at the counter and probably 300 people in line becauseir ligheen canceled. again more than 300 canceled. the airlines a waving change fees. that's the latest from philadelphia international airport. back to you in the studio. all right, joanne thanks
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much it's not just the airport the strong winds and the snow coming down blowing all over causing chaos throughout the area. let's go now to buck county where bruce gordon is standing by. bruce, what's it looking like up there? >> reporter: what you see now is what we've been seeing all afternoon chris. really from about mid morning the snow comeing down in horizontal fashion for much of the day. high winds actually a little calmer than it has been right this moment. for some folks merchants in bucks county, for example nasty weather meant a loss of business. for others well, it meant a lot of a lotore. steve wisnewski was asleep after working overnight shift when his next door neighbor called friday afternoon witness bad news.hefront yard came down. i thought itasoke. gh winds and soggy ground helped take down this 50 mangled this ford mustang. he brought it used but poured big bucks into rue fish beneficiarying it's the latest
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victim of the nasty nor'easter. >> what went through your mind when you when you first saw it. >> my car! >> in bristol borough the weather was causing problems of a very different kind. merchants along the struggling main drag are on the rebound after winning help from a reality business show. onhis dayhorizo crazy like. i didn't expect this mess. i thought it was light rain maybe today. i mean -- >> this is not light rain. >> no, this is icy. >> reporter: snow and wind. this was grand opening day for carlos sloan' handmade gift shop. march 1st probably seemed like a fairly safe bet. it was not. >> you looked out the store window and saw this weather what was went through y as a businessperson? >> god knows his way. >> not helping you out today. >> not today. but i believe in him. >> reporter: back in croydon steve wisnewski was trying to figure out how insurance might covered his mashed mustang. mother nature can be a cruel girl. he's staying calm. >> you got to make the best of every situation.
5:18 pm
i don't know how i'm going to make the best of this situation i try to keep a positive outlook on life. >> reporter: of course if steve needs extra photos of the mess for his insurance company he can just check with his neighbors. they've been stopping by all afternoon snapping a quick photo of a little reminder of what came down here today. it's a mess. dawn? >> certainly is. be careful bruce. thank you. keep it here on fox 29. we have more team coverage throughout the night and on happening right now a warning from philadelphia police about how and where you park your cars. >> they say thieves are stealing parts of cars where thousands of -- worth thousandslars dollars. dave schratwieser spoke with police. he joins us now live. dave? >> reporter: taking high end rims and tires right off of cars in the middle of the night. this is a quick-moving crime and it's costing taxpayers excuse me consumers lots of money. >> like nascar almost unfortunately. >> reporter: you might call it
5:19 pm
the philly version of gone in 60 seconds. but these thieves aren't takeing cars. they're taking high-end factory installed rims and tires worth thousands of dollars. >> the value of the thefts probably about $4,000. tires and rhee rims replaced cause the consumer quite a bit of money. >> reporter: thieves have been work the streets of roxborough manayunk and germantown laty. they've taken rims and wheels from a camaro, a lexus and several newer model honda accords. they look for cars without wheel locks, jack the cars up, put them on cinder blocks or milk crates and pull the rims and wheels off. usually all four. they leave the vandalized cars just sitting in the street. >> definitely they tell sell em on the street. probably did sell tm onl or sell them, you know, at your local tire shop of things of that nature. most likely being sold online. >> reporter: philadelphia major auto squad is hot on the trail of these thieves they usualusually travel in packs of two or three guys at a time.
5:20 pm
they target parse parked in less travel areas l 200 block ofntain street. 200 block of hermit and the 4300 block of tower street. they've also struck in the 14th police district in germantown recently. they've hit 14 to 18 times. >> probablysing high end jacks get the cars jacked um, removethe tires. ting the cars on blocks. >> reporter: police say car owners should install we'll locks and try to park in well-lit well-traveled areas. >> listen to what's going on late at night particularly after midnight. if you see something that looks suspicious or whatever, you know, feel free to call 911 and the police will comed investigate. >> rr:ep now police say your $4,000 set of rims and tires like these will get about a thousand dollars on the black-market. some insurance covers that you youville to pate deductible not to mention your lost time and energy replacing those tires and rims. chris? all right, dave thank you. taking a live look down at the shore, conditions are just going to get worse down there.
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more team coverage of this storm coming up nt. stay with us.
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fox 29 weather authority
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continuing to track a major march storm. re. as we take a live look at doylestown. in philadelphia, the weather turned nasty really fast. it was raining and all of a sudden snow coming downside ways as people struggled with the elements fighting against cutting winds and lots of snow blowing like crazy out there. quick break from our weather coverage. eminal farewell to the late reverend billy graham. ♪ thousands of mourners gathering in north carolina say goodbye to the famous prea i attendance president trump and vice-president mike pence. graham served as a faith adviser to multiple presidents. the message of the service focused on his love of faithfamily and the way of teaching. funeral is the culmination of more than a week of tributes to the man known as america's pastor. taking a live look at theanklin parkway. it is a mess out there. in it. not a rush hour you want to bein.
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scott? >> yeah, if you don't have to be out, stay inside. live look outside of our studios showing you that blowing snow. this storm it's not over.ils next. ♪
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definitely not abe near the ocean or actually for outside for that matter. this crazy weather impacting the whole area. we got damaging winds. we got some flooding. >> people down at the shore are beginning to see some of that flooding but as we head into tomorrow, it's really going get bad. our batter satin is live in ventnor, and blowing around down there, brad. >> reporter: yeah, i don't know where the snow stops and the sand starts but whatever is moving is moving past us horizontally. we are right on the water here. this is the ventnor boat launch to my right and yeah, primarily it's not so much a flooding situation at least based on what we've seen yet. it is a wind situation with sustained winds upwardso 25 to 30 miles an hour and some of these gusts upwards of 50 maybe even pushing 60 miles an hour. i know scott was saying in the 50s in atlantic city. not far from us. but just take look what we'reing. again, it's not been at this point is flooding issue.
5:29 pm
we are on low tide, and the winds are moving to the north from the northwest and that is keeping the water back at least for the time being but if those winds indeeddo shift to the northeast it's a nor'easter that's what's going to create flooding. we know that high tide is aund 8:00 o'clock tonight and the problem though, is the highomorrow roun 8:00 a.m. so the high tide obviously are the real concern over the course of the next 24 hours. guys? >> all right. brad, thank you. in chester county, this home's back porch in coatesville no match for the wind. ripping through the -- whipping through the region today. crazy. >> this is what it looked like earlier this afternoon. southwest philadelphia the snow at times as you saw in brad's live shot it was just snowing horizontally. blowing the sidewalks making it hard just to walk down the sidewalk. >> as we take live look outside our studios in old city right now, tely a night to ay
5:30 pm
and in watch fox 29 and the worst of the storm not over by a long shot. scott fosses pore cast coming up in 15 seconds. >> nasty friday evening stepping outdoors. we're still dealing with the wind. we have the rain that changeed over to wet snow pretty much area wide as this system just kind of bombs out in the open waters of the atlantic. near hurricane force wind gusts around sections of new england. us, we'reealing with the whipping wind, the blowing snow. reduced visibility and we have thestal flood warnings through 2:00 a.m. on sunday. multiple high tide cycles to get through. add in the full moon and we're talking about minor flood to go night. moderate concerns during the day tomorrow building wave heights later on this evening five to
5:31 pm
8-foot wave heights and then by tomorrow, we're talking about anywhere from nine to 12-foot waves. the next high tide this evening between 8:00. we're looking at a surge of about one to one and a half feet feet. but expecting a surge of about 2 feet tomorrow morning's high tide. moderate flooding expected and then again by tomorrow night. beach erosion flooded roadways and also monitor something property damage out there. so they will just take beating down the shore. look at ultimate doppler. multiple wind reports in blue and take look at the reports ofs down across the area. power outages as well as we continue to deal with the wind. winds gusting up to 50 even 60 miles per hour across thea. poor bility. so if you don't havout this evening stay indoors, keep it right here to fox 29. that snow will start to taper from i'd s north to south through about nine, 10:00 o'clock tonight. we're still dealing with that snowfall falling across the
5:32 pm
area. temperatures they're above freezing. 33 degrees right now in philadelphia. we have mid 30s for atlantic city. 36 degrees in wildwood. upper 30s in lancaster. 34 above freezing for allentown. so once again most locations are reezing. so we're not looking at freeze over for tonight but look at the winds. they will continue once that moisture moves out of here still gusting, how long over 50 miles an hour for tonight. so still really watching out for some power outages across the area. as we go hour by hour you can see that snowfall tapering off. then during the day tomorrow gradual clearing but it will stay chilly. wind chills tomorrow will be stuck in the 30s. temperatures tonight hold pretty steady in the low to mid 30s above freezing for many locations overnight. 46 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow but factor in that wind, look at the wind chills in the. that weatherhority seven day forecast showing temperatures thentire seven day forecast mid to upper 40s. it s breezy on sunday.
5:33 pm
but more sunshine. upper 40s monday. tuesday watching a late day shower move in and then look at wednesday. rain maybe even wetw, guys, north and west. so marcuming in like a lion with all of these storms. back over to you. >> impressive to see those wind gusts all over the area. scott, thanks. let's go back down the shore where folks down there are just taking a beating. we just saw brad sattin in ventnor. you are now looking at the promenade in cape may. your fox 29 winter wet authority in high gear this friday evening evening. more live team coverage coming up after the break.
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♪ if you're thinking of heading out tonight you might want to think twice. this is live look at allentown. scott is looking at the latest forecast models and we'll have more coming up in just a moment. every wonder how much your uber or lyft driver is making? the numbers are in and they show that the pay is actuall pathetic. accordi study releaseed by mitt center for energy andenvironmental policy research drivers are making a measly $3.37 an hour bringing home just over $65 month. now uber spokesperson bashed th report calling the findings
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deeply flawed. despite the bad weather huge hugen out fort preston and steve cardboard classic. >> this is classic. jenn fred was there joining in on the fun. >> i found some items in the garage fox 29 garage in a vy specific place. the garbage dump. we have this from 50 years ago literally it says 50 years ago. i found some garbage here. but the most important thing i found, some guys helped me make the thing. >>till think you need to coat the box. if you don't coat the box -- i'm serious you won't make it down. >> i'll coat the box for to you make sure it goes. >> i like that. >> i'm all about the razzle dazzle. >> i'm all bout razzle dazzle too. [ inaudible ] >> i don't want it to smack me in the face.
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yes! >> look at that. >> what's the key to getting first place >> okay. you got teams that are here witherent people st a lot of comraderyn lot of help building stuff. i'm you're al one-man team. >> same. year, four or five guys helping me. you can ride down with you. >> i'm going down right now. >> the wind is brutal. >> the wind is brutal. we saw the lombardiat'ss. >> yes. >> you guys tried to help me out with this. >> yes. >> it's a good for a begin are in. >> i'd like to mention that my helpbut i'm a human slushy. so do not take cardboard classic lightly. planr it. design your craft. don't mess around. ♪ >> all right. that looked like fun.
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this not so much. yeah the high wind warnings down the shore you're looking at a live shot of cape may, new jersey. the worst is far from over. your complete nasty weather authority forecast coming up. >> sean? >> chris i know football is over but we're talking football. penn state barclay just had the day of all days at the combine. check out the ridous numb just put up that's coming up later in sports.
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>> welcome back on a snowy friday we take live look at doylestown. snow rain, high winds, doesn't matter where you live, it's hitting all of us hard. definitely a good night to stay inside. sure s more evidence take a look at this. the winds whipping the flags in bala cynwyd this afternoon. scenes like this repeat the all over pretty much -- it's going
5:43 pm
to be like this most of the night of let's check in with scott for a closer look at the storm. scott, with this one we're just getting a little bit of everything. >> yeah, absolutely. as expected. we had the rain this morning. the cold air has rushed in. now we're dealing with that wet snow across the area. north and west the lehigh valley, the pocono mountains even toward the jersey shore now looking at that snow. look at this monster of a system system. lowering pressure. the wind, it is picking up so we still have the snow through the next several hours. tapering a bit through sections of bucks county also toward the lehigh valley and the poconos. but look at the darker purple moving toward salem county new castle county into kent countlaware in. so i-95 south that is where we're looking at reduced visibility. still looking at some of that light snow and gusty winds down the shore. hour by hour by 7:00 o'clock it's tapering north and west we're still looking at lingering snow here's nine 10:00 o' down the sut overnight
5:44 pm
tonight decreaseing cloud cover tomorrow morning. but it stays blustery so outside our studios right now we're still looking at that blowing snow but it's not really a accumulating on market street so the roads in around center city are mainly just wet. you move north and west of the city, though it's a different story. back over to you. >> all right. thank you scott. in delaware county, really a mess on the roads. thousands of people without power our shawnette wilson is tracking conditions. not good out there shawnette. >> reporter: no, dawn, i just heard scott williams mention the blowing snow. i've been asking people what is the worst part of, most annoying part of this whole thing and they've been saying the fact the snow is coming down and moving sideways combined with the wind it is just annoying. it's quite a bit of nuisance here. when we talk to you earlier we showed you baltimore pike that is where we are in springfield delaware county. you can see still a good amount of traffic on the roadsds as people try to mak their way home on friday.
5:45 pm
in the middle of a snowstorm. a lot of people saying it's hard to believe that we just started march here and they were looking for something other than snow. maybe some sunshine here. but i asked a couple of people too as well what are the roads like because i mentioned earlier it took us an hour and a half to get out here from old city, and they're saying that, um, the roads are getting better. i kind of feel like it's more people are getting home and there's maybe less traffic on the roads when we left at the height of the rush hour. but they said that the roads aren't actually that bad as long as you take your time. drive slowly, drive carefully you know all the rules safe following distance here. so but again scott mentioned wet snow eighths very wet snow. down here initially it was just covered, you know, but now if you go to the side don't mind these awful boots i thought i was done with for the season but you n see it's just the wet slushy mess out here right now. we've been talking also about power outages we're just up the road from springfield mall. we just ran into a lady who we'll hear from coming up at 6:00 o'clock. she said that the power went out
5:46 pm
power is still on at the mall but macy' as blackout. so a lot of them leave early tour tonight. we'll hear from her at 6:00 o'clock, explain shawnette thanks. take look at this. our karen hepp out in merion station montgomery county. coming across a tree right in the middle of the road as she was driving. no question it's dangerous out there. so be careful. strong winds making for a scary drive for people on the road. you can see wind and snow gird point bridge on i-95. drivers taking their time with good reason as they head across the bridge. >> it is becoming clear that power outages seem to be the story with this storm at least right now we're getting wor more than 250 peco customers without power right now. we areng to get update right now. joining us o phone from peco is liz williamson. first of all liz thanks for joining us. what is the latest right now? >> so you are correct, we are a little above 250,000 outages across the region.
5:47 pm
this storm as you've been talking about it as scott talked about is extlyere, between the winds gusting about 50 miles an hour, the wet snow. we are seeing extremely severe and widespread damagecross our entire service territory.that'sthing from tree limbs down. we have entire trees coming down down. also, wires dowesown. so we are seeing extensive damage with this storm. >> so, liz if i don't have power, um, how long can i expect to be in the dark and what areas are hardest hit right now? >> so hardest hit for right now we're seeing, um severe, um um, or extensive damages -- outages in montgomery county ab 87,000. next is delaware county about 60,000. bucks county has about 52,000. and chester county about 35,000. so again every county has really been hit with this storm.
5:48 pm
we do have everyilable peco crew and our contractors out in the field. we've been workg since the storm started to restore service service. and we will continue to work around the clock until every last customer is restored. but with what we're seeing with the extension seive damage as the storm continues through the evening, we do anticipate additional outages. it may be a few days for some folks. >> okay. >> that's going to be tough if you don't have -- if you don't have power. liz williamson thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. keep it here on fox 29 for more live team covage of this nasty storm. you can track this weather system in real time with our fox 29 weather authority app. the most intense flu outbreak in nearly a decade appears to be waning but it's not over yet. the latest numbers from the cdc show flu remains widespread in 45 states. that's down from 48 a week
5:49 pm
before. 17 c have died from flu related complications last week bringing the total number to flu relateed deaths to 114. cdc spokesman says most of the children who died this year did not get a flu shot. flu relateed doctor visits are also down. well have you ever wanted t search for that long lot of relative a genealogist could certainly h. >> you know, grizzle timer sifting through dusty record books. or maybe not. [ laughter ] >> fox 29's bruce gordon introduces us to an expert who definitely breaks the mold. reporter: the pine trees that surround eric suber's medford lakes home don't hold his interest nearly as much as the family trees he so loves to research. >> how much much your time does this take up now? >> that's a good question. all of it i would say most of it pretty much all of it. >> reporter: eric was a sickly ten year old lying around the house killing time. when his mom lisa saw one of those type
5:50 pm
commercial on tv. >> how about you try that, maybe that will use up some of your time? >> so i did. haven't stopped. i don't know if she regrets that now goingn that rabbit hole. >> reporter: no regrets ceaseless. >> he had a gift for it instant. you can just see. >> reporter: now at the ripe old age of 16, eric has particle layed that hobby into a burgeoning business. e-z over the past year and a half he figures he's helped more than 500 clients find long lost relatives. >> it's really just knowing where to look, knowing where to find to fine things, knowing who to contact to gegs and through the years i've g down to thece. >> eric used that science to tract down the birth mother of his grant father. he followed up with the eye right questions a few hunches along the way. finally he found his late great grandfather james. >> it was crazy because it just consumed so much of my live for so many years trying to track
5:51 pm
this down and it was just so emotional. >> reporter: that fine let eric to other lost family members. his dad's uncle and cousins living in buck county. >> never knew he had them and now we're all facebook friends and -- >> get together with them. >> yeah we've gotten together. i'm sure we'll see them again. >> reporter: fng birth parents are his favorite cases. >> i think it's amazeing. not many 16-year-old cos say that they really can change someone's live in that as spec. >> reporter: bruce gordon, fox 29 news. taking a live look at wilmington. your weather authority tracking the storm's path. scott's forecast is coming up.
5:52 pm
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>> latest wcem taking re'sside our old city studios. the storm is far from over. we unthe snow may be ending
5:55 pm
soon but higd flooding still a threat. scott's l foroming up ato' well, it's hard e t rubik's ct som locaids it only take them seconded to it. >> that's unbelievable. dozens are heading to new hope this weekend for a uni competitioy world cube association. fox 2 phalist george there. reporter: rubik's cub more or l of a toy that reallypeals younger chirp and for older people that ha been around wheeub cube was inven see this phenomena that brought itself into the toy world and sold thousands. >> my best in competition is8. >> f thee di helping al object is we were them in building and design and develop deveng skills that will be very useful.
5:56 pm
>> about 900 people signed up for the competition which is really great. >> the more do you it, the more you know and the mou learn and in this case the quicker you get, yea ♪ >> they can do it behind your backs and things too. >> i couldn't gene of those things. >> that will do ittonight for t 5:00. don't go anywhere. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ a major storm wreaking havoc havoc. strong wing hazardous conditions. traffic at a standstill. >> that's not the only danger. flooding also a concern from the shore to the poconos. we're tracking the latest conditions >> live nter city in
5:57 pm
philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6 what a way to start the weekend as we take live look in ocean city, new jersey. the snow wind and rain making a big. >> sure s ultimatepler radar showing this massive storm making its way thrthe area. it all started as rain but pret has turned to snow and,an, that wind. >> here's some video of wind whipping and snow blowing through the girard point brid on i-9. drivers better havtwo ha wheels out there. >> yeas go back outside wilmington delaware. it really doesn't matter where you are. the month of march is comeing in wik. the weather is our top story tonight at 6:00 o'clock. thanks for joining us. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. just crazy weather we're talking about. this is what it looked like across most of the area today. >> those powerful wind gusts causing big power outages right now there are more than 300,000 people without alon reporting more than
5:58 pm
254,000 outages. the worst coming in from montgomery county. atlantic city electric over 25,000. delmarva over3,000 people with no power at this hour. and
5:59 pm
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