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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 2, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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it's not over yet. winds still gusting over 50 miles per hour in philadelphia. complete team coverage. it's just 30 seconds away. >> a powerful winter storm hammering the area near hurricane force winds. so fierce it is ripping off street signs in south philly.
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>> and we're seeing a whole lost this downed trees falling on power lines in delaware county a transformer look at tu can see the flames lg up the sky. and we're not out of the woods just yet. still to come, flooding. ready to batter our beaches. good evening, thanks for joining us, dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell.& dangerous storm lashing the region. we are talking about power outages. major damage and serious travel troubles. right now we have team coverage. our crews are tackling this storm out in the elements from the shore where coastal flooding and high tides are a major concern. to the airport and train station where travelers are stuck tonight and in the suburbs where hundreds of thousands are without power and in the dark. >> let's send things over to meteorologist scott williams with more on that high wind warning tonight. scott. >> absolutely we are still looking at winds gusting over 5. take look at the center of low pressure. the pressure has dropped considerably and we're talking
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about those damaging winds. widespread power outages now the snow beginning to taper off, but we still have those northwesterly winds once again gusting over 50 miles per hour. take look at all of the icons here. peak wind gusts and also numerous downed trees, power outage reports across the area. a little bit of light snow tapering off for the i-95 corridor move into sections of south jersey but we will see that snow come to an end but the wind, it will continue to howl during the overnight. right now gusts to 54 miles an hour philadelphia. 44 miles per hour gusts in atlantic city. take look at some of the peak wind gusts earlier today. cape may look at that, 71 miles an hour gusts. that is almost hurricane force. washington township 65 miles per hour gusts. northeast philadelphia 62 miles per hour gusts. some of the snowfall totals,
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poke neck summit. 7-inches. allentown 4-inches. at the airport 1.5 for philadelphia. more power outages for the overnight with gusty winds tonight we're watching for minor coastal flooding but tomorrow down the shore moderate coastal flooding will be a concern. right now our live team coverage continues. brad sattin down the shore. somers point. residents have been on edge especially for the high tide cycles tomorrow. brad? >> reporter: no doubt more of a concern scott tomorrow than it has been tonight. we're actually on the bridge here between somers point and ocean city. high tide tonight was around 8:00 p.m. as you see behind me the water is still fairly high but as you mentioned, the flooding concern tonight fairly minimal. we can tell you the big concern of course has been the winds. you mentioned wind gusts in the 50's or so 50 miles an hour.
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at one point about 46,000 atlantic customers were without power the real concern comes in the morning. it was pure hail on the atlantic city expressway. headed down the shore late this afternoon. where if you're wondering if it was okay to sign says no, no it's not. now that's some wind. >> gusts of greater than 50 miles per hour made for some miserable conditions with temperatures hovering around freezing. the sea today was not friendly and neither was the shore line. darkness the sounds told the story. the snow actually horizontal take a look. and this flag somehow was holding its own. northwest winds actually helped contain flooding so far even as high tide approached during the 8:00 o'clock hour which is when sleet turned into a full fledged snowstorm. >> horrible the expressway was
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terrible from philadelphia to here it look like a blizzard and i thought it wasn't supposed to stick on the streets. that's crazy. it was sticking on the expressway. >> reporter: jeff was making food deliveries in this weather it's been non-stop but not easy. >> getting bad now. slippery. not very much fun in there's outside work to be done. >> it's how long. it's how long. it's pretty gnarly out there. >> so gnarly on the roads most drivers wisely kept their cars park. hard to be motivatorred for much of anything in this weather which is why jack made a pits stop at wawa. >> had to bundle up a little b bit. it works. coffee always helps. yes, coffee does always help. again, not a lot of flooding that we've seen and we've kind of went up and back for several miles along the jersey shore here. haven't really seen any flooding but that concern is tomorrow morning between 8:00 o'clock and 9:00 o'clock. we could see upwards of 2-foot storm surges and that as scott
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mentioned means that potential for at least moderate flooding. dawn and chris, back to you. >> brad, thank you. back here in philadelphia, nearly impossible to travel by air today at philadelphia international airport. more than 500 flights canceled and the airport says expect more tomorrow. more travel problems on the ground all amtrak trains are now suspended in the northeast corridor until at least tomorr tomorrow. now many travelers are having to adjust their plans. let's check in with joanne pileggi who's life at 30th street station and i imagine a lot of stranded people, joanne. >> reporter: that's right, dawn. if you take look around here people are sleeping on benches, huddled in corners with their luggage trying to get comfortable. it's been a long day. they didn't get to where they intended to go and it's all because of the weather. a different kind of busy here at 30th street station. the people who are here are looking for a spot to spend the night since amtrak shut down train service in and out of
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philly. >> left new york to go to d.c. and got here in philly and all the trains were canceled. >> so then what? >> we -- they told to us wait fort next train or that was about it. >> reporter: so you'rehere overnight as far as you know? >> yup. going make a bed right here on this bench. >> reporter: travelers trying to figure out what to do since service will not resume until morning. shania fletcher had a modeling job at a fashion show in lancaster and now she can't get here because of the winter storm. >> i got here and they told us everything was canceled. >> now what. >> we're stuck here until september clock. >> 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morni morning. >> yes. >> show them this line. >> reporter: from the rails to the not so friendly skies, the storm made flying down right dangerous. leaving passengers stranded. >> trying to get home. >> reporter: what happened today? >> canceled flight. >> reporter: now what? >> take me home. got to figure something out. >> reporter: several hundred flights were canceled at philadelphia international airport and late this afternoon
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american airlines canceled all of its flights out of here until tomorrow. this woman was trying to get to florida and it didn't happen. >> boarded the flight at 12:20. sat on the runway until 3:30 or so. flight was canceled. and then stood in line to learn from our luggage was going to finally be found. >> reporter: certainly a frustrating day if you were trying to get from here to there. trains on the northeast corridor are expected and scheduled to start running again at 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. and those people who were trying to get out at philly international they can try again tomorrow. but as we were told many of the flights that were scheduled to go out today are already booked for tomorrow. so travel nightmare because of this monster storm. we're live at 30th street station, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. back to you in the studio.
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>> joanne thanks the storm strong gusts causing some major power outages across the area tonight. right now, more than 484,000 people have no power. peco has over 359,000 customers alone with no power with montgomery county hit the hardest. delmarva around 36,000. ac electric says almost 27,000 people are without power. pse&g reporting a little over 18,000 customers with no power tonight. and delaware county is among the hardest hit areas downed trees causing nearly half the county to go without power tonight. shawnette wilson is tracking the conditions live in springfield tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: well, chris, at one point officials were saying they had about 75,000 residents here in delaware county without power. that was earlier this evening. i'm sure that number has changed but i can tell you where we are right now in baltimore pike the
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shopping center had power for most of the day one of the few areas and just went out in the past 30 minutes this shopping center went dark. so as you can see, the wind is not letting up. power crews out on the road for what will be a busy night likely into tomorrow. the combination of snow mixed with rain and whipping winds brought down power lines and trees all over delaware county. many roads looked leak this intersection front street near monroe in media blocked off by barricades. >> i was so scared. >> charlotte says the ride home with mom was frightening. >> the car was shaking and we couldn't get home. >> it was very windy and snowy. >> yeah. >> ty made it home butound it dark like more than 75,000 other homes across the county. >> no, we do not have power. i'm out of power. no youtube new york tv. nothing. >> reporter: lucky for them, opinion know key ye's pizza on east baltimore avenue one of the few places to eat still up and running, and they were packed. >> called ahead. it was 45 minute wait even
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waited another veep here but it's worth it. only place open in town. >> reporter: in springfield some workers got an early start to the weekend. >> we were blacked out at macy's that's where i work and it's crazy there, so we had to shut down. >> reporter: donna says the snow isn't her biggest worry. >> i think i'm more concerned about the track lights and everything and the trees falling witness wind. >> reporter: others can't wait for spring. >> what's the worse part of this to you, the snow, the rain, the whipped? >> that it's march. [ laughter ] >> and we're getting snow right now. >> reporter: yeah, none of us can wait until spring right now. emergency officials wanted to us remind you at home, though, if you have to call 911 to report an emergency, please try to stay on the line. of course you can imagine today they've had extremely high call volume they say when you hang up it takes even more time and resources to trace that call and try to get you some help. so 911 busy, road crews are busy, it is going to be a lonnie night. dawn. >> it sure s thank you shawnet shawnette. when you wake up in the morning,
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be sure to tune into fox 29. scott will be back s on top of this massive storm to make sure you and your family stay safe. "good day philadelphia" starts at 7:00 a.m. we're following breaking news now out of philadelphia's holmesburg section. that is where police say a man shot and killed two women inn clueing his wife. this all happening about 7:30 inside a home on the 3400 block of chippendale avenue. police say the man shot his 42-year-old wife and a 71-year-old woman both in the head. no word on a rests at this time. police are still investigating a motive. yikes, this is not what you want to see. blown over. crushing a man's most prized possession. ouch! >> quick-moving thieves not stealing what's inside your car but the rims and the tires and it's an expensive fix. ♪
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♪ pictures and videos are pouring into our newsroom showing some of the damage from this nasty coastal storm. check this out. flames from do you do power lines in feasterville and this scene is being repeated all across the area tonight. those high winds whipping up problems all over including in bucks county and that's where they're dealing with everything from fallen trees to flooding certainly not a great way to kick off march. >> not at all. fox 29's bruce gordon went to bucks county where local businesses are definitely feeling the effects of the sto storm. >> reporter: steve wisnewski came out of the house to see his prized mustang mashed under the weight of a 50-foot tree. >> what went through your hyped
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when you first saw this. >> my car! [ laughter ] >> reporter: it was classic nor'easter recipe. steady rain soaked the ground, high winds topple the tree. steve was asleep after working overnight shift when his next door neighbor called friday afternoon witness bad news. >> he said the tree in the front yard came down. i was like yeah yeah you're funny. thought it was joke. it wasn't a joke. >> reporter: not far away in bristol borough the weather was causing troubling of a different kind. merchants are making strides after winning help from reality business show. but on this day, horizontal snow was keeping customers at home. >> it's crazy. i didn't expect this mess. i thought light rain maybe tod today. i mean -- >> reporter: this is not light rain. >> no, rain look icy. >> reporter: grand opening day for carla sloan's handmade gift shop. march 1st seemed like a safe bet. it was not. and so the grand opening was not so grand. >> tomorrow will be a better d day. >> reporter: it's nasty out
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here. >> horrible. it's horrible. one of the stores over there some stuff flew off the window. not good for us. >> reporter: back in croydon steve wisnewski was trying to figure out under what circumstances insurance will cover his losses. mother nature can be a cruel old gal but he won't let a mushed mustang keep hi down. >> you got to make the best of every zig. i try to keep a positive outlook >> reporter: if wisnewski needs extra photograph for his insurance company, well, maybe he should check with his neighbors much they've been stopping by all afternoon to snap a photo. little souvenir of this nasty weather. in croydon, bucks county, bruce gordon fox 29 news. and snow blanketing the boardwalk in ocean city tonight. you don't see it that often. the good news that snow is out of here those wicked winds they are coming in in full for force. meteorologist scott williams has the full forecast coming up in 15 seconds.
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what a nasty day it has been. we started out with the heavy rainfall the wind picked up, then the cold air a lot of created an environment conducive to support that change over to wet snow across the area. parts of the poconos saw over a foot of snow. north and west we saw up to half a foot of snow and some locations in around philadelphia over an inch and a half of snow with this system. but take look at that area of low pressure. well out to sea. those winds they are still whipping out of the north and west. gusting at times over 50 miles per hour and take look. i plotted the storm damage reports. the peak wind gusts. look at all of the circles from new england all the way into the
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carolinas today dealing with power outages, downed trees and also those gusty winds. we'll zoom in a little closer. multiple downed wires, power outages across the area. winds gusting over 50, 60 miles per hour with those blue circles and of course we're still looking at a little bit of light snow north and west and as you move into sections of burlington county also into camden county. that snow will continue to diminish, but those winds hour boy hour they will still be gusting at least over 50 miles per hour. now, a little bit of good news. as we head throughout the day tomorrow, those winds will start to diminish, but it's still going to be a blustery saturday out there and when you factor in those blustery winds, the feels like temperatures will be in the 30s tomorrow but by tomorrow afternoon, 2:00 o'clock we're still looking at those winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. so coastal flood warnings still
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in effect for multiple high tide cycles. the building wave heights offshore will get as high as 12 feet for tomorrow. that's what will be monitoring and also monitoring the high tide cycles the next high tide to note tomorrow morning between 8:00 to 9:30 likely moderate flooding with that one then again for your saturday night. beach erosion, flooded roadways and property damage. looking at a surge of about 2 feet. temperatures thankfully for most us they're above freezing so not looking for freeze over tonight but look at what it feels like in the 20s for most. it feels like 8 degrees right now for mount pocono. so temperatures hold pretty steady maybe drop a few degrees for tonight in the low 30s. tomorrow gradual clearing but still blustery with those gusts over 30, 40 miles per hour during afternoon. 46 the high but wind chills yeah look at that will be in the 30s. that weather authority seven day forecast showing blustery but
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dry for the upcoming weekend and then another system we're watching tuesday into wednesday. maybe some rain perhaps cold enough for wet snow, guys, north and west. back over to you. >> all right. starting to look better. thanks, scott. we do have some other news we are following tonight. a historic building destroyed by a four alarm fire in old city is now going to take a little longer to rebuild. the city says the damage on the walls connecting a neighboring building is worse than they thought and because of that, it's going to take at least another two more weeks to stabilize. the fire that left more than 100 displaced destroyed the building on the 200 block of chestnut street last week. the cause of that fire still under investigation. a warning from philadelphia police tonight. a rash of rim and tire rip offs in roxborough, manayunk and germantown. police say in recent weeks these fast-moving thieves are swiping expensive rims right off cars. they're doing it in the middle of the night and then selling them on the black-market. each set can go for up to four
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grand. police say they're hitting cars on less travele streets. if you see anything suspicious, call police right away. and sean bell in with sports and we're talking football already, sean. >> we have. okay w penn state barclay does something like he did today we have to take look. check out what he did that might land him in cleveland plus the sixers are shooting up the eastern conference. we love it. joel and ben at it again. we'll take look at the process next in sports. ♪
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fox 29. now at the beginning of the season i predicted the sixers would be a fifth seed just too much talent in a bad eastern conference got little rocky in the beginning of the season, okay it really did. i was wondering if they would make the playoffs. but they start to get hot, of course, after the eagles won the super bowl and everything finally started clicking and now they're shooting up the conference. it started exactly when this guy got the fumble in the super bo bowl. or force forced the fumble brann graham ring the bell for the sixers little bit of good luck. sixers down by 12 to the magic little pick and roll action joel embiid that's a blocking foul, one. he had 15 in the third. 23 in the game. now in the fourth sixers up by four. the new old guy or the old new guy, whatever, ill so ya gets the reverse off the back door but. sixers win 110-99. thirteenth straight win at home. colonelly in the six spot in the
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eastern conference. to the flyers they come a long way this season from a team that might not make the playoffs to a team competing for the stanley cup. the vets have really helped out in this one they guide the the guys through rough situations and that's why they are what they are. >> you seem to get down on yourself a lot, and, um, for sometimes things you actually can't control to have a voice there, letting you know you can't control that. control what you can control and keep playing the game. some guy telling you giving i was pat on the butt and letting you know it wasn't your fault or something like that. >> now to a little bit of football. the nfl combine penn state barclay is an absolute beast its he's the best running back to come out of the draft since adrian peterson that includes ezekiel elliot he's that good. he can run through you, he can jump over you, he can go around you or he could just, you know, run around you and out speed you
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and just go past you. he can do everything. he ran a 4.40, 40-yard dash. ezekiel elliot ran a point pour 47. fast. right? he's the best player in the combine. check out this numbers for in total day. 4.40 like i said. bench pressed 225. 29 times his vertical was 41. that's vince carter like stuff. shout out to penn state say quon barkley. i'm a nittany lion. i had to get all of that in there. >> he's going to cleveland, right. >> hopes not. might go to the giants. >> that does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. coming up next our special in focus. remember your meghan millions drawing is coming up at 11:00 followed by fox 29 news at 11:00.
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♪ good evening i'm lucy nola noland. >> i'm iain page. each week fox 29 photojournalist bill rohrer goes out into the community to capture inspiring people and ideas. he puts what they're doing in unique focus ton night we look at some of his stories. >> we start way truly ground-breaking coffee shop in south jersey to employees adults with special needs and it inspires pretty much all who walk through its doors. here's bill. >> high neighbor how are you. >> breaking grounds coffee shop in mt. holly, new jersey, has only been open for little over a month. >> your total will be 9.50 for today. >> this coffee shop has already changed the lives of many of its employees. >> i feel very strongly i'm doing exactly what it is i was born today and that's very special gift. >> brandy fishman strive to provide


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