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tv   FOX 29 News Special In Focus  FOX  March 2, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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last 42 years the event raised over a million dollars. >> eighth grader ava is trying to work on her nerves. while waiting to play in her ♪ >> it's so nerve racking but it's also like so fun. good evening i'm lucy nola noland. >> i'm iain page. it's like which strategy am i each week fox 29 photojournalist bill rohrer goes out into the going to do, do a fake out the greatest experience of my life. community to capture inspiring >> the team that raised the most money will get to play the kth people and ideas. valley faculty. he puts what they're doing in >> i know that we use hocke as unique focus ton night we look the context but it impresses me at some of his stories. >> we start way truly students get what this is about. ground-breaking coffee shop in south jersey to employees adults a special moment for a local with special needs and it high school senior kate is the inspires pretty much all who walk through its doors. manager for camden catholic here's bill. girls varsity babb team. >> bill shows us at the >> high neighbor how are you. final home game she got to suit >> breaking grounds coffee shop in mt. holly, new jersey, has up for a memory that will last a only been open for little over a lifetime. month. >> your total will be 9.50 for today. yeah, let's go! >> this coffee shop has already >> reporter: last home game of changed the lives of many of its the regular season. for the camden catholic girls employees. varsity basketball team. >> i feel very strongly i'm doing exactly what it is i was irish have their hands full. born today and that's very special gift. holding off their conference rival the lenape indians. >> brandy fishman strive to provide meaning wuerl full work throughout the game each had some memorable moments.
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for adults with development but none greater than the one mental dissables. that happened during the first >> they get to do everything from stocking the shelves to two minutes. measuring out the coffee each year it's tradition to grinding the beans. it's been amazing. honor the seniors graduating by they're happy to come to work. calling them up to center court they have purpose. before the last home game. they know that we rely on them. >> perfect place to work. for the team's head manager kate >> get to work on their social spadaro this moment is skills and it improves their bittersweet. >> i just feel like that these confidence and it makes them more outgoing. >> good choice, austin. four years went too fast. >> it's beneficial to everybody. i just wish i could go back in >> brandy's motivation for all of this her ten-year-old time. >> reporter: one could go back daughter zoey who has autism. in time it would be hard not to >> when your child turns 21 on notice kate sitting on the bench their 21st birthday, they age cheering on her team at every out of the school system. game. >> good job, ladies. so the school is no longer responsible for their educaton defense. because all the services and yeah! yes! let's go. supports that they had from >> rep you see, kate has three to 21 are no longer her back.rome one it never held available. you know as an adult. she was recently named and it's quite terrifying for a homecoming queen and all season lot of the parents. >> so brandy founded the sever camden catholic's cheerleading captain. foundation build a bridge into >> i love sharing my voice what adulthood for these families. >> how are you doing today. better way to share my voice than being a cheerleader. >> reporter: before this game >> adults with diss mental coach paladino told kate to suit
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dissables a place to work. >> you raise your child for 60 up. >> why not? kate is an integral years and they're going out live part of our team, and it's you have to have a plan for them special. after your deceased. it's special night for all of >> her plan is to open up more us. >> reporter: just after tip off, and with her dad cheering business that appeal to adults her on,. looking for work. >> all right kate. >> thanks for coming in guys. >> kate got the biggest moment >> what a great mission. of the game. even if it didn't go as smoothly speaking of great missions a as hoped. local college student using her >> one finally went through. voice to felt stories of the men and women most in need. philadelphia's homeless. >> as bill shows us she is >> yes! >> i just went crazy. capturing some amazing stories. crazy. i kind of cried a little bit >> i basically just listen and because my last home game and i like at my notes at the same time. really wanted to make it perfe >> 20-year-old college sophomore lauren prunell has the passion perfect. i wish i scored that first to become a print journalist. basket but i had to keep trying. >> i think of it like interview i mean she's like blossomed like series. >> to help build on her writing you would not believe since she's been here. just been incredible. skills lauren started a blog. the blog is much more than a incredible four years. tool to launch her career. >> reporter: on nights like >> really just taught me to just this points on the scoreboard don't add up to all the points be more open minded about peop that graduating seniors heart. people. >> i love you, dog. >> the blog's goal naming the >> what about me,. >> i love you dog. homeless. >> our blog contents are i'm so proud of you. primarily personal stories from
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homeless individuals with intent most of us when given the of tearing down negativeotationm option take the elevator over the stairs but one local woman homeless. >> every otherday doesn't mind inactoing up 90 afternoon lauren and her family floors is no big deal. head into philadelphia with she does it every day. their note pad and care package ♪ filled with all sorts of necessity items. >> gloves, socks, hats. >> toothbrush, toothpaste. bunch of different shirts some of them are still brand new and have tags on them. >> clothing and supplies are donated by friends and family while others donate money toward naming the homeless gofundme page. >> it's just really relieving and overwhelming that we got so much support. >> so far lauren has interviewed six people. >> just shows you that they're a real person and they went through some stuff just like everybody does. >> chaz pictured here is known for finding stray cats a new home. >> usually when you think homeless like a lot of negative stereotypes come to mind so this is the to kind of show you like it gives you a name, an image a person, a story a background and all these different things happen in their life to bring them to where they are today. >> her mom captures images with her cell phone as lauren sister
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helps taking notes. naming philadelphia's homeless one sentence at a time. teenaged girl with olympic dreams aiming for tokyo in 2020 her sport of choice is bocking but getting into it hasn't been easy. >> as bill rohrer shows us before she got into the ring she first had to win over her dad. ♪ 14-year-old faith mendez is on a mission. to chip away at her competition and qualify for the 2020 olympic games. faith has had from a young age. >> double up. journey with her dad charlie right by her side for every punch. >> i think he goes hard on me just because i'm his daughter. >> he wanted to make sure i'm on top. >> two times a day, seven days a week, faith and her dad make their way into the almighty boxing club in reading, pennsylvania. >> she loses i feel like i lost you know what i mean so i make sure that no matter what it is
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we get up, we're sick, we get up gone to the gym. >> faith doesn't mind the long hours all she think thinks abous hello, peco. bocking for three years faith hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? begged her dad to train her old appliances. like a hot water heater? until one day he said yes. >> i kept on asking him that day it's around here somewhere. and he let me spar with a kid. nope. >> bring her in t gym let her spar one of the young men and pe. maybe she get a bloody knows and what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? get hit wrong and say i don't want to fight no more and i'll huh. be had a epp. >> he thought the kid was going oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. to beat me up. i beat the kid up and he finally said yes. if you're not an expert, >> in few short years fame has peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you collected more championship save energy and money. peco. the future is on. belts than she can carry. now she's one of the best 110-pound junior boxers in the country. >> i don't think i'm better than anybody else. i just think i got a better heart than everybody else for the sport. >> you got to have the love for boxing. if you don't have love for it and you don't wanted to it, you're not going to make it far. >> however far down the boxing road faith goes is up to her.
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each punch, hit and day will bring faith closer to her olympic dream. >> come on let's seehe dance. ♪ ♪ new community of homes is unforgettable experience for booming and we're not talking the student manager avenue high about your average red brick school basketball team. houses. how she went from managing her >> no there are homes built from team during the game to being in shpings. bill rohrer went to chester the game. county to check out these building block the future. ♪ >> reporter: william and carlo are in the business of building houses. but not in the way you may be used to. >> this is the main living area. >> reporter: on the inside this house looks likes any normal house but the outside it looks completely different. you see, this house is made out of a recycled shipping contain container. for the last four months standard 20-foot container park in the great valley shaping center in malvern. carlo an architect presented the conainer home idea to william - honey, look what we got! few years ago. - [narrator] going big >> i had just retired. (yelling) i thought it had potential. isn't always best. the concept of tiny houses was unless it's a aaa plus membership. get 100 towing miles and free emergency gas delivery. coming up and was becoming a
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trend so we said i think it's aaa. go ahead. probably the right timed to it. >> this home is about 160 square feet. but if that's too small these containers can be placed side by side or stacked up to as high as nine. these steel structures make it all possible. >> you can use it as backyard retreat. i mean guest house, in law case if your kid is coming back from college and you want to give him some independence. >> reporter: homes are assembled inside a factory then moved and set up anywhere you can imagine. plans on the company's website show these containers could be used as shelters in emergency areas. >> we are exploring the possibility of having a combination of solar panel and water collection system on the roof and we would like to have something that is completely off the grid. >> this model starts at $36,000. so for less than a luxury car, this could be yours. >> you compare prices maybe we're on the same level as a mobile home, but i mean that's
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like comparing apples and oranges. >> reporter: difference in living in steal container sanu idea. >> people are slow to adopt them. i mean, it's not that common. people are not used to them and i think that has to grow on people. interesting. how many flights of stairs do you think you can climb. >> 35. >> okay. how about the height of eiffel tower. >> no. bill is here now with a story of one woman who is taking staring climbing to a whole new level and inspiring others as she do does. >> reporter: sally is going up way up to the top only to turn ndarou and gently come back down. >> don't worry. it's my workout. >> reporter: using every muscle in her body sal sally lunched up 99 floors a day in the parking garage where she works. >> doesn't feel cold up here any more. >> reporter: she started all this after she lost her husband peter to cancer. >> as more adversity hit my
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life, take it out on the stairs. i would just climb harder and harder. faster and faster. >> reporter: so fast at 55 valley is one of the fastest competitive stare climbers in the world. >> it's a little fire inside of ♪ me that, um, i'm very competitive with myself and i this fox 29 in focus special always want to better myself. continues. >> reporter: it's a sport that photojournalist bill rohrer is gaping more popular every captures inspiring people and year. ideas in our area. racers start at the bottom floor last week he caught up with a and leave everything they have group of montgomery county students putting hockey skills on the stairs. all the way to the top. to the test. >> they were non-stop for hours >> your lungs just freeze up along with all your other as part of marathon to raise money for charity an annual muscles and you'r tradition they love being a part finish line and you're just kicking for it. and then the endorphins and the of. high is ama >> reporter: keith valley >> reporter: elite athletes middle school's annual flor like sally make it less than 20 hockey challenge. for the last 42 years, eighth minutes. these race take placesome of tht graders have been tearing up the gym floor with their hockey skills. >> i have looked forward the architectural landmark the keith valley challenge since willis tower in chicago, comcast fifth grade. i tol my mom like, mom, eighth center in philadelphia and the empire state building in new york. grade only four more years or with 102 stories. >> i find that one the most mom, only two more years. difficult of all the buildings mom, it's next week. i've done.
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mom, it's today. because it's very old. i cannot fall asleep last night the architecture and the stairs are very steep. thinking about. i had my outfit laying on the >> reporter: this year sally ground all the stuff i was going is the only elite american wear. really fun experience. to up the eiffel >> hockey marathon of sorts. towesearly 1700 steps. 32 teams will rotate and play every 15 minutes until midnight. a race she was supposed tete i . >> it's not about the winning or >> i noticed i was getting sick losing just about having the chance to come together as a often, i -- it took me a long time to recover the same school and play objection key with injuries and i was like marathon have a good time, eat this is not me. >> reporter: sally was food and raise money. diagnosed with multiple myeloma >> this year the event has and needed a stem cell raised over $40,000 and the transplant. >> it's a type of blood cancer, money will be donated toke a wi. and it attacks your whi sells. making the dreams of children >> reporter: sally didn't give with life threatening illnesses in to her diagnosis. come true. she fought hard and now is >> started back in 1977 as a w cancer free. for students to cwho had passede >> this is where the magic happens actually. >> reporter: training several times a day in her home gym. able to race the eiffel tower steps this year. living each day by her late husband's motto. >> cancer may take the years from my life but i'mot going to let it take the life out of my years. >> reporter: a life spent on her boat and being proud of her three children. dealing with life's obstacles by
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lunching over them two steps at a time. >> wow. newborns of course need a lot of love and affection. there's nothing like holding them tightly. for some babies constant cuddling actually helps make them stronger by the day. ♪
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♪ welcome back tothers fox 29 in focus special. few things rival the bliss of holding a newborn baby. i shall know i got triplets. >> this is true. three times over for you. well one local hospital has a program that's helping new parents and offering lots of cuddling for those little bundle joy. here's bill rohrer. ♪ >> reporter: after a quick swaddle abington hospital volunteer evelyn mendel is about to work her magic. >> rocking, singing, humming, anything that, you know, calms them down. so tired the. >> reporter: cuddling is her specialty. >> quiet. >> reporter: fussiness and discomfort from a newborn baby are no match against evelyn's gentle touch. >> so calming to give this kind of care to a baby that it brings down their stress level as well as mine. >> reporter: she's a row tired
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kindergarten teacher whosen around children most of her career. she's always had a special place in her heart for babies. >> it's very rewarding to be able to get them calm again because some of them are very agitated. >> reporter: she's just one of abington hospital's volunteer cuddlers. a program that lends a helping hand to parents unable to be at the hospital. >> it's comfor comforting for tm to know if she can't be here that her baby is not going to lay in a crib and scream for five hours. either the nurse or, you know, a volunteer is going to be in there soothing the baby and picking the baby up and you would be amazed at the effect on the baby. >> reporter: most newborns inside abington's meow natal intensive care unit where something as simple as a human touch can help the baby's development. >> all babies benefit from love and care. it stablizes them prone sides them with comfort. it's actually reducing the length of stay here at abington.
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>> reporter: every hour evelyn spends volunteering helps parents bring their little one home a little sooner. >> it feels incredibly rewarding to be able to give babies that are that small the cuddling that they need. we both know a little bit about the nicu. >> all of our kids were there for little bit. >> thankfully. they do great things. >> yes, they. >> my kids are healthy today. >> love the volunteers. >> absolutely. thanks for joining us tonight for this fox 29 info cuss special. >> have a great night. fox 29 news at 11:00 is next. ♪ how beautiful, ♪ when seeds we sow
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