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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 2, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00.
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ul winter storm hammering the area. wick winds so fierce gusts ripping off street signs in south philadelphia and we're seeing a whole lot of this. downed trees tumbling on power lines. in delaware county, a transformer blew take look. you can see the flames lighting up the sky there. and no, we're not out of the woods just yet. still to come, flooding. ready to batter our beaches. good evening and thanks for joining us at00. i'm dawn timmeney this storm has now turned deadly. >> police say a 57-year-old man was driving north on south gulph road when all of a sudden a large tree came crashing down on to his car. police say the tragic accident happened about 7:00 tonight between arden and upper gulf roads. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. we have team coverage of the storm for you our crews are tackling it from all angles from the shore where coastal flooding and high tides are major concern to the train station travelers stuck there tonight and in the suburbs we're downed trees are
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knocking out power let's first star things off with meteorologist scott williams with more on that high wind warnings. >> absolutely, dawn. we're still looking at those winds how long over 50 miles per hour across a part of the regi region. take look at this area of low pressure. this major coastal storm well out to sea. but we're still feeling the impacts now the snow will be tapering off last little band moving through the philadelphia area parts of south jersey but we're still dealing with those winds out of the north and west. look at all of the damage reports up and down the east coast. from new england all wait into the carolinas reports of trees down, gusty winds and power outages with this system. so as we take look at ultimate doppler we still have some of those leftover snow bands kind of moving through. this will taper off. but look at the peak winds tod today. cape may 71 miles per hour. lewes 66. 62 miles an hour gusts in dover and also northeast philadelphia.
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impressive snowfall totals. newtown square 7-inches. media we're talking about 6-in 6-inches. hammonton a little over three. two in cherry hill. officially f philadelphia 1.5-inches. so more power outages for the overnight and then we're watching out for the next high tide cycles for tomorrow for moderate coastal flooding. our live team coverage continues. shawnette wilson in delaware county. shawnette, they got a good thumping of snow on the order of three to 6-inches through delaware county. >> reporter: oh yeah it's really pretty but you know what, it is a nuisance i'm sure by tomorrhe it's old it will be even more of nuisance but i physical you what, scott, the other issue here power outages as you know. delaware county reporting last reporting more than 103,000 people here without power and that is 44% of the county. with the wind still whipping could go up. power crews out on the road for what will be a busy night likely
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into tomorrow. the combination of snow mixed with rain and whipping winds brought down power lines and trees all over delaware county. many roads looked like this intersection of front street near monroe in media blocked off by barricades. >> oy was so scared. >> reporte says the ride home with mom was frightening. >> the car was shaking and we couldn't get home. >> reporter: it was very windya? >> yeah. >> reporter: they made it home but found it dark lying are like more than 75,000 on the homes across the country. >> new york city we do not have power. i'm out of power. we don know what we're going to do. no youtube, no tv nothing. >> reporter: lucky for them pinocchio's pizza on east baltimore avenue one of the few places to eat still up and running and they were packed. >> called ahead want a 45 minute ray wait and i waited another 15 here but it's worth it. the only place open in town. >> reporter: nearby in springfield, some workers got an early tart to the weekend. >> we were blacked out at macy's that's where i work and it's crazy there. so we had to shut down. >> reporter: donna says the
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snow isn't her biggest worry. >> i think i'm more concerned about the traffic lights and everything and the trees falling with th wind. >> reporter: and emergency crews reminding people that they had extremely high call volume today so if you have to call 911 to report an emergency they say try to stick in there and hang on the line because it just takes more time for them to trace the call haven't to get out. dawn you heard scott mention the significant snowfall in this area of media springfield where we are. i am for sure tomorrow that people will be out early with some shovels. >> i think you're right, shawnette. come on in and get warm. be safe coming home. down at the shore in cape may the wind taking off a roof of a home on jackson street. check this out. with strong winds and floodingre shore are expected to get even more flooding into tomorrow. brad sattin bracing the stormi weather in somers point. >> reporter: well i'll tell you the real problem is tomorrow. concerns about coastal flooding.
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we are actually here on the bridge between ocean city and summers point. high tide tonight was around 8:00 o'clock. the real concern tonight, though, wasn't flooding, it was the wind. we're not sure if it was snow, sleet or even sand pelting us, but whatever was flying horizontally a million miles an hour by the beach, well, it hurt. it hurt just to be outside. salt trucks work the atlantic city expressway through the day in preparation but by nightfall, horrible the expressway was terrible. from philadelphia to here it was like look like blizzard and i thought it wasn't supposed to stick on the that's crazy it was sticking on the expressway. >> getting bad now. slippery. >> reporter: these nor the pictures you'll see on the jersey shore tourism brochure not the tourism is a thing right now. we didn't find many cars on the road. and we're getsing not many boats in the ocean. a lack of visibility may he had hard to tell. northwest winds actually helped prevent most coastal flooding today. but tomorrow morning's high tide
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is a big concern tonight. 240 storm surge means moderate flooding predicted starting around 8:00 in the morning. described in surfers lingo,. >> yeah it's how long. it's how long. it's pretty gnarly out there. >> reporter: especially without heat atlantic city electric reporting 46,000 customers without power. hard to be motivated to do much anything in this weigh weather why jack made a pit-stop at wa wawa. >> had to bundle up and it work. coffee helps. >> the concern now high tides in both the morning and the evening tomorrow. as these coastal communities continue to brace. in somers point, brad sattin fox 29 news. back here in philadelphia, hopefully you didn't plan on flying out of philadelphia today at philadelphia international airport more than 500 flights canceled and the airport says, yeah, expect more tomorrow. for those trying to use public transportation on the ground, it wasn't a whole lot easier. all amtrak a
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suspended in the northeast corridor until at least tomorrow. let's check in with fox 29's joanne pill lee gee who is at 30th street station. a lot of stranded passengers, joanne. >> reporter: that's right, dawn. this monster storm made a real mess of plane and train schedules leaving passengers here at 30th street station and at the airport stranded. a different kind of busy here at 30th street station. the people who are here are looking for spot to spend the night. since amtrak shut down train service in and out of philly. >> left new york to go to d.c. and got here in philly and all the trains were canceled. >> reporter: so then what? >> we -- they told to us wait fort next train or that was about it. >> reporter: so you're here overnight as far as you know? >> yup. going make bed right here on this bench. >> i got here they told us everything was canceled. >> reporter: so now what? >> now we're stuck here until 7:00 o'clock. >> reporter: 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning? >> yes.
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>> reporter: show them this line. >> reporter: from the rails to the not so friendly skies, the storm made flying down right dangerous. losing passengers stranded. >> trying to get home. >> and what happened today? >> canceled flight. >> reporter: so now what? >> take me home. got to figure something out. >> reporter: several hundred flights were cancel at philly international. this woman had boarded her plane and then -- >> boardeboarded the flight at , sat on the runway until 3:30 or so. flight was canceled. >> reporter: what are they telling uh-uh coming back here tomorrow? >> no, no. impossible to find a flight. >> reporter: you have to feel sorry for those people heading south and trying to get on vacation and trying to leave today. they may or may not get out at the airport tomorrow. now, as far as the 30th street station northeast corridor line is expected to resume at 7:00 tomorrow morning.
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there were delays and suspension of some service on the regional rail lines as well. hopefully, this storm moves out and we get everything back on track and back in the air as soon as possible. back to you, dawn. >> thank you, joanne. these strong winds knocking out power for a whole lot of people in our area. right now more than 470,000 people have no power. peco has over thee hundred 45,000 customers alone in the dark. montgomery county hit the hardest. ppl has around 42,000 people affected around 31,000 delmarva and almost 32,000ac electric customers are in the dark. pse&g reporting a little over 18,000 customers who have no electricity. a bad accident involving a schoolbus this afternoon in chester. a bus an car somehow colliding a at west second and kerlin streets. heavy damage to the car. another schoolbus in the distance looks like it hit a
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front porch. self people did have to to the hospital. minor injuries. not sure if they were children or adults. when you wake up tomorrow morning, be sure to tune in to fox 29. scott williams will be back staying on top of this storm to mack sure you and your family stay safe. "good day philadelphia" starts at seven tomorrow morning. talk about a big scare. winds so powerful brought down this huge tree. one philadelphia family had quite the close call. it's hank i'm up on north broad street where despite the weather philly pd are taking in a steady stream of weapons in this buy back program. is it still important? maybe now more than ever. hank's take coming up.
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- [man] woo! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we've had flood of videos and pictures pouring into our newsroom tonight. this monster coastal storm is packing some powerful winds and causing serious damage. in center city a giant tree knocked down making it impossible to get through the
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2300 block of delancey street. amazingly somehow the tree missed hitting any cars but it did hit a home across the street. >> and we were really concerned that it took out our weren't dose upstairs on the second floor but we were real concerned about our overhang and the tree actually wedged into our house so we're really not quite sure exactly what is going on until we can get someone out to fix it. >> crazy. big tree, too. thankfully no one was hur. storm scott with a little of everything. i know it's been a hard one to follow today. >> absolutely. really just packing a punch dawn we started with the rainfall, the cold air a loft created an environment for the snow and take live look outside of our studios. the last hoorah another snow band moving through the area. little to no considerable accumulation but certainly we are dealing with just a potpourri of weather today
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across the delaware valley, and those winds, they will continue to howl during the overnight. now thankfully look at the temperatures. we're above freezing. 35 degrees in philadelphia but look at those winds gusting well over 40 miles per hour right now in the city. take look at ultimate doppler that area of low pressure. that nasty coastal storm well out to sea but you can see we're still looking at those winds out of the north and west. we've seen peak winds gusting cape may to 71 miles an hour earlier today and once again that little band of snow continuing to move through the area. sections of new england saw winds gusting to hurricane force with this potent system. so as we zoom in a little clos closer, most of the snow coming to an end but you can see that last band moving through center city, moving through sections of gloucester county, salem county, cumberland county also points north and west but look as we go hour by hour overnight tonight
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by tomorrow morning. the winds they're still howling nos as significant. winds gusting over 40 miles an hour and then during tomorrow afternoon they'll drop down to about 30 miles per hour gusts but still looking at breezy conditions and also when you factor in that wind tomorrow the wind chill will be in the thei theirs. the coastal concern, multiple high tide cycles combined with the full moon. the next high tide cycle to watch is early tomorrow morning. we'll do it again tomorrow nig night. looking at a storm surge of about 2 feet but we're talking about waves out to sea getting up to 12-foot. as far as the next high tide cycle saturday eight to 9:30 then again tomorrow night eight to 9:30 p.m. a little lag for the back bays but beach erosion, flooded roadways also property damage will be a concern down the sho shore. now, temperatures once again they're marginal tonight. they have been marginal
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throughout this event but right now mid 30s out there. so above freezing. not anticipating overnight hard freeze. factoring in the wind look at the current wind chills it feels like the 20s across much of the area. feels like 9 degrees right now for mount pocono. so once again those temperatures hold pretty steady in the low 30s for the overnight tonight. so not looking at a hard freeze. for the upcoming weekend, 46 degrees on saturday. 47 on sunday. but tomorrow keep in mind with the blustery conditions it's going feel like the 30s. so dress for winter tomorrow. that seven day forecast showing high temperatures in the upper 40s early next week then tuesday into wednesday another system will be watching. we're talking about some rainfall, perhaps cold enough north and west for a look at that some more wet snow. so march definitely coming like a lion. dawn, back over to you. >> absolutely. thanks, scott. the wicked winds today and
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the snow squalls did not stop a plan philadelphia police buy back from happening. it happened in in this philadelphia. our hank flynn decided to check it out. ♪ >> reporter: days like today, no one is built for this but still they came plunging through the door out of the elements to turn in guns they didn't want or need. >> there's lot of weapons out on the street. really didn't need those guns. they belong to my stepfather. he passed so i'm turning them in. >> i said i'll got to get rid of this thing i'm not going to use it. i don't know the history of it. >> reporter: philly pd first gun buy back of 2018 was held at forget me not youth services at north broad and york streets in north philly today. mecca robinson forget me not says turn out wasn't bad despite the atrocious weather. >> we've been having a lot people come in. it's been successful we just want to save our babies. we want to help. >> no questions were asked as police took and carefully cleared guns good thing some were loaded the buy book a $75
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gift card to the store next door official unlimited who's owner yoni has his own reasons forgetting involved. >> six months ago we got robbed in the night with three gunmen. so i decided to do it all over again and hopefully we get as much guns off the street. less people can get in trouble. roar report by 2:00 o'clock police had taken in 50 weapon, 11 long guns, the rest hand gu guns. some ancient and useless. some clean and new. debra johnson was congress the days. >> i've been waiting for this to come around and i think they should do it more often because too many guns on the street. >> reporter: she went on to suggest more permanent program might be setup so that anyone who wants to turn in a gun can do so any time. might but hey maybe not bad idea. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪
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sean bell in the house with what's sean? dawn, the ncaa president came outit in regards to athletes getting paid and guess what? he made the wrong what he said and why it's bs much that's coming up next in.
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♪ ncaa needs to pay amulets. let's stop the bs, stot stop lying stop robbing these playe players. bay pay them. ncaa president said paying the athletes is non starter and schools will likely not agree to that. of course schools aren't going to agree to that. they're greedy. they don't want anyone to dip in to what they get. the players bring in millions and millions of dollars way more than little tuition, okay, all players is wawa they're really worth much that's what anyone wants in life to get what they're worth. here's my simple solution to this ncaa scandal. pay every athletes a small
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stipend like 500 a semester. if you're alabama you can afford that way no one can't say they can't get dinner or pay for certain things. the second part might have solution is pay the players what they're worth and likeliness or popularity. johnny menzel same his game worn jersey sell for six digits he wasn't allowed to get a dime off of that because he was still in school. how is that fair? you see a jersey you worn get sold for six digits. it's strictly because you wore it and you don't get anything of that? pay that to the player let them get small percentage of that allow players to get paid off of things like that and like autographs. allow them to get paid. that way they can have money. they can get what they're worth but at the same time you don't have to give them millions of dollars. it's pretty simple. 90% of the ncaa problems would get solved off those two solutions. dawn? >> all right, sean, thank you. in fishtown a new
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construction building knocked down this building is on front street between girard and east thompson. you can see all the wood once up as walls thrown all along the sidewalk. still not clear though if this was storm damage. good news is, no one was hurt. and this is not a good way to start your day. look at this. a 50-foot tree right on top of a mustang in croydon. thanks to those strong winds, steve wisnewski says his neighbor woke him up to the bad news his prized mustang crushed. when the tree in the front yard came down even though mother nature can be cruel he says you got to make the best of every situation. and at least he wasn't in it. >> right. >> insurance. >> exactly. that's what insurance is for. that's it for now. up next tmz followed by page sick at midnight. stay tuned for "the q" at 12:30. then the simpsons much we're back here at 7am for "good day philadelphia". ♪
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with a two-year agreement. announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok. under the category if at first you don't succeed, we found out warren beatty and faye dunaway are going to present best picture for the second year in a row. >> "la la land." harvey: try to get it right this time. >> we had resources who saw rehearsals and they made a few jokes. warren beatty said the best picture goes to "gone with the wind." harvey: which is when he was 40. >> calm down now. >> o.j. simpson, about 11 years ago he shot a special for fox. it was the hypothetical version of "if he did it" and they shelved it. and it's back on. when he presents this, he has an accomplice and it goes from third person to first person. >> i know the facts better than anyone. >> donald trump has started a war with alec baldwin on twitter. alec baldwin said i'm looking


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