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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  March 3, 2018 7:00am-8:51am EST

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march pouring in like a lion on the east coast leaves people without power. >> no youtube it. no tv. nothing. >> i was so skird. >> unbelievable impact of the most powerful since january bomb cyclone and from the streets to the skies, no matter how you're traveling. >> boarded flight at 12:20, sat on the run way until 3:30 or so and flight was cancelle cancelled. >> by plane, train or car, be careful before you head out of the house. >> left new york to go to d.c. and got here in philly and all the trains were cancelled. >> nightmare commute for thousands. >> your squad, team, meant to
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make you happy, right, promising to you there for you when the rain starts to pour♪ friends how many of us have them♪ >> how many of them do you really need. turns out the show friends, they had the science all figured out. >> how many of us have them♪ >> good. that's good we went old schoo school. good morning, everyone, it may not feel like it outside. it's the third day of march. did you do this? >> march is coming in like a lion that's all i can say. >> that was crazy, i'm bill anderson, lauren steams find a way to be off in the middle of storms. >> she consults with me and says scott when is the next storm coming and i tell her. fair enough. >> we'll blame you. let's take a live look. we're calling this aftermath of another bomb cyclone that battered east coast. it doesn't look that bad here. there's a lot more to this story. it was almost like driving through the twilight zone going through different areas of damage. we have team coverage tracking damage from this super storm.
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dave kinton is live in willow grove where thousands of people are without power this morning, jennie joyce is down the shore in wildwood. we'll check in on the flooding. but, first, let's toss to scott williams, all right, scott, is it done after yesterday's wintry mix. >> most precipitation moving out and we're stuck with wind advisory as cross the area. look at center of circulation. hundreds of miles out to sea. we're looking at water that will be piling up during the day today down the shore. that will be cause for concern. so once again precipitation is out of here with that system but we're dealing with breezy conditions. 5 degrees current temperature. gusts currently over 30 miles an hour in philadelphia. temperatures north and west in the low to mid 30s. 32 freezing in quakertown and also newtown square picked up about 6 to 7" of snowfall. there bala-cynwyd 34. mid 30s through sections of
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south jersey and vorhees 35. 36 right now in brigatine so. as we look at ultimate doppler once again fairly quiet conditions. those winds will still be pretty gusty for much of the day. dpuingting over 35 miles an hour. that's why we had wind advisory at play. temperatures top outright around 46 degrees today in philadelphia. 47 for tomorrow. but it stays breezy and you factor in the wind. the wind chills will be in th the0s. so through this weekend, we have the coastal flood warnings in effect for multiple high tide cycles. look at the wave height forecast through today. offshore we're getting into the 12 foot wave category. very huff surf expected today. next high tide, 8:00 this morning through 9:30. we're looking at moderate flooding a potential and surge of 2 to 2 and a half feet. erosion, flooded roadways and property damage.
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we'll talk much more about this system coming up. back over to you. >> sounds good, thank you so much, scott. >> it was about where you are as to how much damage you got. storm damage can be seen across the philadelphia area this morning. yesterday's heavy winds and wet snow brought down trees and power lines. the major issues is power outages there was close to 5 500,000 customers without power across cross the region. peco has over 292,000 with no you power with montgomery county being hit the hardest. let's go out there and see what's going on. dave kitchen is live in mnt cowith the latest. all over the place, dave, how is the damage out there and how are they getting it back together. >> well, bill, out here snow and ice as you can see behind me. let's go to video, though, it's been quite a mess in the willow grove area with power outages. although we actually did see
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power coming back on. we can 2e8 awe cross the area there's without a doubt major damage. troz down. lines down. things like that. power crews are working to get power restored. but, before they can do that, crews have to clear a lot of the damage and a lot of the debris that was tossed about because of the high and strong winds that mixed with the cold air of course the rain and snow and the works really coming down all across this area. we talked with the mother and daughter to see how they were dealing with the frightening ordeal. >> i was so scared xing the car was shaking and we could not get home. >> it was windy and snowy, hu? >> yeah. >> little girl there who is probably a little more positive and upbeat about this than a lot of adults would have been last night. but we can tell you that folks are waking up, dusting off their cars and that's if they have power. if not, of course, they have
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to deal with the power situation which is a bit more of a concern when it's this cold out as well. so a lot of folks getting their day started and some people with a little more work to do than others. back to you. >> sounds good. we'll check back in with you. thavrnz so much, dave. the advice this morning is take your time. as i was driving in zigzag around different downed trees and power lines. if you're not in a hurry rela relax. they'll get everything back together. thank you so much, sir. >> moving in. let's look at jersey shore this morning. that area was hit hard after yesterday's storm. look at it again it doesn't look that bad. but that snow, that's not the big concern. the big concern down the shore is flooding with high tide beginning to roll in. jennaphr fredericky joyce is live in north wildwood to show us the damage there. >> good morning, bill, there are a number of concerns down here flooding, of course, and
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beach erosion we'll see later today and in coming days how the jersey shore will once genre build the beaches after the storm. take a look now these are the waves coming in. they're rocking. we're seeing water that comes over top of this sea wall. so look at how strong these are. we're not even to high tide yet that is coming in the next couple hours. if we pan right we can show that water coming up so close to that wall and even over the entire area here on the ground on the sidewalks if you can pap over own show the water in the street. we had crews at the shore during the height of the storm it because brad he was in the middle of high wind gusts when snow was blowing and falling sideways there ways mix of sleet and hail which made conditions difficult. here's another video we want to show you shot by a woman named kate mccurthan we found
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the video on watch the tram car facebook payment and could not believe when the entire roof of this building in cape may blew up and away in wind gusts that maxed out at 71 miles an hour and several buildings at the shore and throughout the delaware valley sustained damage due to strong winds and downed trees and as a result of saturated roots. what we'll pay attention to now is of course the high tide it will roll through just before 9:00 this morning. right now it's 7:00 and already, again, take a look the we're back here live. you can see the ocean approaching sea wall and it's up and gone over a couple of times and are really roaring downhill, bill, we'll accepted it back to you. >> jennie i know obviously there's experts than analyze this we covered this a lot with the water getting this high that fast is there expectation of how high it will government clearly it will come into the road. is there any prediction of how far it will go again?
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>> you know i wish i had an expert on hand with me. because i guess, of course, i covered this i don't know really what the expectation is. i would say though that this is not a great sign that we're two hours away from high tide and back bay flooding is a problem even in minor storms. we'll rome the wild woods and see what we can find. there's another roof we're we're hearing that blew off a building. we bring you another live shot right now over 292,000 are without power. montgomery country, of course, was had the the hardest. how long will it take a whaepz the process and what would you
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do when you see all these dow downed power lines on the phone with us is liz williamson. spokes woman for peco. good morning. >> good morning. >> so we've been personally i was drive around you see different neighborhoods without power. give us an update. where are we now and what's the process is terms of getting people back up to speed. >> sure as you mentioned we had more that 550,000 customers impacted by this storm we have every available peco crew and local contractors safely working to assess damage and re store service as quickly as possibl possible. we also have additional crews inincluding crew from sister uactualty coned in illinois and on route to our service territory and they'll support ongoing restoration effort and we will continue to have
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enhanced staffing in place throughout the remainder of the storm and restoration and work around the clock to fwet everyone's power on. >> so everybody's immediate&-. but it sound like with that many people out you have additional resources. is it just about people being patient and realizing you know they're out and doing the best to debt them back on. >> with the extent of damage it really she extremely severe and widespread he across the entire region and we're still having high wind today and we and that this will be a multi-day restoration effort for us. and so some folks may be without service for a few days. also, as dave reported, one of the big khechings with storms like this, are the trees, the large limbs, the debris that comes down on the road and on our lines. all of that has to be removed before we can come into
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perform our work to get service on. also, we've seen of course through yesterday and even through i think today you know still road closures and certainly yesterday during the day we saw difficult driving conditions and you know we need to be safe. safety is our priority for customers and employees. so a lot of really challenging situations that we are continuing to work through. and but again we'll be working 24/7 until everyone's service is back on. >> one final question. i guess it should be obvious. as i was drive around i saw lines down that fell on cars. lines that were down and dangling kind of low and it doesn't look like obviously they're initially dangerous and people need to leave them alone at all accounts right there's never a safe time to mess with any lines. >> no, there is never, ever a safe time to do near a downed wire or go near any sort of equipment that you believe is
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danaged. customer should always assume that any sort of equipment i isener guysed. if they are experiencing any issues or come across any downed wires or damaged equipment they need to contact peco 1-800-841-4141. again safety is our pry" orty. our customers need to be safe. please don't go near downed wires or equipment. >> sounds g we appreciate you getting up with us and sharing that information. we'll check in with you a little later. >> thanks. >> and as the north east continues to be bornled by a bomb sky clone the howling winds and drenching snow could affect flight at florida international and despite weather it's a day create toned kurm us all to do somethinging to make others cheerful with joy. i love this day. today, we celebrate national i want you to be happy day. and we'll celebrate all morning long on "good day".
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sxwlv 7:16 as norm west cop tips to be hammered by yet another bomb cyclone how ferocious minimum of drenching wind, snow, that could have major impact on flights at philadelphia international airport. mary ran inry with philadelphia international is injog us on the phone to give us an update, good morning. >> good morning, bill, this is diane at philadelphia international airport, how are you today. >> i'm great and my apologies diane. good morning to you. >> we heard about a lot of cancellations and delays yesterday. give us an update. where do we stand this mornin morning. >> bill, right this morning we're looking about -- this is going up until 1:00 this afternoon. and we're looking at about approximately 120 total flights that are departing and arriving that have been cancelled thus far. there's many others reported delayed. so it's very important that if you were scheduled to fly
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today anywhere make sure you get with charier on flight status updates before you come to the airport. >> and now we're looking at a video. live shot actually of the airport right now. and from this view, everything looks beautiful. so explain to people that it's not necessarily about what's going on right here in philadelphia that delays or cancels your flight. >> well, right, actually, bill this is a spillover from yesterday. yesterday we had well over 500 flights cancelled at phl and this is spillover this is largely going to be a recovery day for the airlines. and this is from all the flights disrupted not only in philadelphia but many other airports as well. and this was, as you know, this was a devastating storm that caused a lot of havoc especially amongest air travel and throughout the country and
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ripple affect and that's why you're seeing a lot of san selllations and delays. and this is the airlines get into recovery mode. and hopefully very soon that they will restore their regular operations. >> what's the best things for people to do who either have loved ones who are trying to debt here and loved ones trying to get out and they're watching right now and do they call, call the individual airlines and call the airport, how do they stay up to date. >> well, it's very important, bill, that they need to go directly to the airlines in order to get the most update to date flight information. they can do that by contacting airlines on their web site airlines offer status updates righting from their web sites on their social media channel channels, or by calling those air lines directly. and that's the best thing that they should do. >> sounds did.
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diane, thank you very much. we appreciate you. >> you're welcome, bill, take care. >> you have a good one. >> all right, bye. >> scott williams, this is crazy. because you look out -- look behind us. everything looks good. you go further out into the suburbs out to counties and things are a mess. it's continuing to blow up the coast. what's going on? >> well, i mean the damage certainly has been done. today will be a cleanup day for many that are without power and you have debris kind of strewn across your yards in the delaware valley as well. so we're still under those wind advisories and we're looking at winds today dpuing dpuingting over 35 miles an hour. high temperatures topping out in the 40s. but feels like temperatures will be in the 30s. so the prehe siptation and snow is out of here. but we have that coastal concern several multiple high tide cycles to get through plus the full moon welcoming at moderate coastal flooding between 9 and 9:30 and later tonight a subject of 2 to 2.5
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feet that causes peach he he rotion and flooded roadways and those areas that flood down the shore and also there could be property damage. much more throughout the broadcast. bill. >> thank you very much. >> is your squad too big. squad too small? is your quad just right? there's a science to how many friends make you most happy. we'll rehe veal it later in the show. feel free to send in your guest. how many friends do you need for maximum number and be happy, tweet us fox 29 philly for maximum number and be happy, tweet us fox 29 philly use the #fox29goodday.
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peco. the future is on. dancing in the dark♪ with you between my arms♪ barefoot on the♪ >> we're sxeening it all over the area. high whipped beforeing down trees like this one. 2900 block of bridgewater road in aston delaware countyen it's another reason you want to be careful if you have to go out today. the weather right now not that bad. but power outages and downed trees. power outages are a bigger issue. the storm left 1.8 million homes and businesses without power overall.
7:25 am
heavy, wet know took down trees and power lines and that's ohio and upstate new york. they fwot a foot of snow while boston and rhode island saw 2 to 5" of snow and national weather service is said the rain and snow slowly came to an end or should come to an end for everyone by this morning. now the storm did create a life and death situation for millions. at last check the storm is blamed for six deaths, including a woman in our area and the storm impacted people from maine south to northern georgia and the wind proved to be deadly claiming life of a baltimore area woman. >> we had to walk outside to get some of her mail app the tree branches broke off and struck here ultimately killing her. >> wow. the storm also ruined plans for travelers at airports along the coast. planes tried to land and instead were toss around by gusting wind. >> amtrak is offering some services for the first time since yesterday's storm.
7:26 am
modified services between washington d.c. and new york city started running about an hour ago and rides between new york and boston will start at 8:40 a.m. this morning and additionally rides between new york, philadelphia and harrisburg will be operating on a modified service plan. >> it's 7:26 this morning and we all enjoyed celebrating chinese new year and it's not quite over yet. we'll tell you how you can celebrate the year of the dog in a traditional way. hey, scott. >> good morning, bill, widespread damage across the area and multiple storm reports up and down the eastern seaboard. the snow, it has ended and but we'll still talk about the wind concern and also coastal flood concern coming up. wind concern and also coastal flood concern coming up. ♪
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>> welcome back on this blustery does morning a coas coastal storm churning in the open watters of atlantic base and several hundred miles out to sea and dealing with gusty wind here at home. as far as temperatures right now it's chilly. but, most locations we're above freezing. that's good news. we have 35 right now in philadelphia and 37 in wilmington and 36 right now as we move towards atlantic city and mid 30s lancaster and 26
7:30 am
in the poconos and factor in the wind. how your body reacts. we'll we're talking about feels like temperatures right now in 20s for millville. dover 26 degrees is what it feels like. 26 in pottstown and 24 is what it feels like in wilmington. precipitation ended. but, down the shore we have those coastal flood warnings multimillion high tide cycles to get through and the next high tide is approaching during the 8:00 hour. wind advisories will continue for balance of the day and we're looking at highs in the 40s and wind chills today will be in the0s. so that's how you should dress when you factor in the whipped. mott rad coastal flooding expected this morning and then again tonight with surge of 2 to 2.5 feet and that causes erosion. flooded rhode island ways and also we're looking at rough surf down the shore. 46 is high temperature today and 47 tomorrow and once again when you factor in the winds
7:31 am
it feels colder than those high temperatures in the 40s for today. as we go beyond today into upcoming workweek, monday upper 40s. upper 40s tuesday an looks like another system will approach late tuesday into wednesday and we'll monitor the temperatures, cold air there could be snow again middle of next week. especially norm and west. it is is a wild start to the month of march. bill back to you. >> thank you very much, scot scott. >> let's take a look at parkway. excuse me. cold got into me. let's take a live look there at the parkway. again things look pretty good major issues we're dealing with downed trees and electricity and we've got all sorts of things going on throughout the area and we're keeping you informed and updated our dave kivrpen live in montgomery country, thousands are still in the dark this morning.
7:32 am
dave, the snow stopped they're getting things together and but the power is an issue where you are. >> really is an issue. in part of where we are we saw stoplight off because of the power outages. but we found a tree that's down. we're here at the intersection of joshua road and malitia hill road you you see whitemarsh township officials blocked off this section. as we zoom down you can see a tree down and looks like there's some brush there too from what i can make out. it's quite a distance away. this is some of the damage we're seeing across the area. what we're doing is really canvassing the montgomery country area. we were over in willow grove earlier now and here in the whitemarsh township area and again people are waking up and seeing things like this. as they go out to get cup of coffee in the morning and start the day. they're realizing they cannot go down the normal road. this here mallishia hill
7:33 am
blocked down and we don't know where the tree will get dleend cleaned up. road crews and storm crews have a lot to do to clear up this mess and especially if it's in way of power crew when they have to try to do restoration efforts here. so a lot of crews will be working long through the weekend as they get this power back on. again we're hoping this tree can get out of here and get cleaned up sometime today and give some relief to the folks out here in whitemarsh township. back to you. >> dave, still pretty early. you're not seeing a lot of people out on the roads right? it has not caused a problem yet. >> well, we've seen about -- there's a car coming down rights now if you want to show this gentleman here or this person coming up. there's a lot of folks we've soon a few cars coming by. surprisingly a lot of people are out at least this way out fairly early. back to you. >> thank you so much people need to take their time. good thing about a weekend.
7:34 am
stay in and watch "good day" we'll get you where you need to go. >> in other news police arrested james eric davis junior central university michigan students accused of killing his parents inside a campus dorm. we're learning his father was a part-time police officer in the nearby community of bellwoodill ill the community it coping with the terrible loss. >> he's a part time police officer for nearly 20 years and outstanding officer. he was loved by all here at the village of bellwood and we with heavy heart today this has been one of the toughest days for theville am of bel bellwood in many years. >> more than 100 armed police officers spent yesterday searching for davis junior he was caught after someone spotted him on a train passing through campus. >> 7:34 following recent deadly shootings ll beaten is
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now latest retailer to raise age limit to buy rifles outdoor retailer is ink chaing poll iss in wake of florida school shooting they will not sell guns or ammo to anyone under the aim of 21. they join walmart and dick's sporting goods who changed their policies. sad news in the hip-hop community rapper rick ross is fighting for his life accoring to tmz on life support in miami hospital. rick ross was rushed to the hospital early thursday after a 911 call reported that he was "slobbering from the mouth and unresponsive" we're told he was first thought to have pneumonia and now is in cardiac unit. and dean and dash. you have heard about it thought about it, how many of you have actually done it we have the surprising results from the new survey? i'm laughing because i know people this hits close to home to.
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i'm shawn bell and the sixers ashooting up the eastern conference. joel embib dishing it off to old guy or new old guy. he gets the bucket off backdoor cut there and sixers get the one 110-99, 13
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straight home win they're currently sitting in the sixth spot in eastern conference. phillies in spring training taking on raise in third another young star showing potential right here scott kingry with two-run shot this right. phillies get the dub 9-2 and saquon barkley may be best running back to come out of the draft since i don't know adrian peterson he's that g he runs a 4.4, 40, compare that with 41" vert and bench pressing 225, 29 times. he had the best stat in the draft. i'm shawn bell. >> thank you, shawn. >> six time gold medalist alley reece smap suing the olympic committee and usa gymnastics claiming both organizations failed to protect her and hundreds of others from larry nassar. meanwhile a member of the u of
7:40 am
m help's gym nasstic team filed a lawsuit against the sports doctor. jacob moore is first male victim to come forward. moore was 16 when he wept to see nassar for a shoulder injury. he claims the doctor treated that shoulder issue by using acupuncture on his again tall. >> i'll tell you a story you never heard before. it takes place the night of june 12, 1994 and concerns murders of my ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her young friend ronald goldman. forget everything you think you knew about that night. because i know the facts better than anyone. >> wow, okay, fox will air the decade old interview on sunda sunay, march 11 along with host sol i dad o'brien focu focusing on a hypothetical account given by oj simpson on deaths of ex-wife nicole brown and ronald goldman and will include a group of analyst
7:41 am
that will share is their thoughts opt case. i'm definitely going to be watching that. >> new app giving facebook a run for money and why are many users already deleting the viro. users already deleting the viro. stay with us
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♪ good morning, i'm dr. mike the american academy of pediatrics
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came out with new guidelines regarding adolescents and depression. they recommend every child starting at age 12 get yearly assessments to see if they have depression. if you have a child with depression, they need help, get them help. >> in a new study that found 50% of gun owner actually keep their guns in a safe location. now with current event we need to take responsibility. if you have a weapon, it needs to be in a safe place so that children and adolescents don't get them. >> current data suggests one in five teenagers are vaiping and listen to this new data suggestions there's heavy metals in that smoke. it might be coming from that heating element in the electronic cigarette. listen folks it's not entirely safe. and i would sa no way for your kid. i'm dr. mike, have a dpraet
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weekend. >> cold and blustery saturday morning out there as we look at a mopster coastal storm 1,000 miles or so out to sea. we're dealing with winds out of north and west gusty at times. in fact take a look at current gusts. 41 miles an hour out of of norm and west for wilmington and over 30 mile an our gust in philadelphia and dover 35. down the shore hooking at winds gusting 30 miles an hou hour. current temperatures above freezing for most. we're looking at 35 in philadelphia and 35 allentown this morning but whipped chills take a look at numbers here feels like temperatures. wnd chills will be in the 0s. 46 the high today and 47 for your sunday. coastal concern this weekend multimillion high tide cycles to get through combine that
7:46 am
with the full moon and we're looking at some problems. the first high tide we're monitoring this morning between 8 to 9:30 and again tonight 8 to 9:0 with beach erosion and coastal flooding and property damage. jennie joyce is down the shore what are you observing early saturday morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott, we came to 19 and boardwalk where we were told about damage. take a look. this is 1900 boardwalk condominiums pieces of aluminum roof dangling from top of building and if you look down at upper deck there's a large piece of something. we cannot tell if that's a piece of aluminum roof or anding from somewhere on the property i know there are residents here. i went to the resident parking lot. we were hoping to talk to somebody and learn more about the condition of this building prior to last night's storm. in cape may pretty apaysing
7:47 am
individual quo shot by kate mccurnin. we sue itp ot watch the tram book facebook page we couldn't believe when it blew the entire roof up and awe and gund were up to so at 7 "action news" we showed you this the current situation in north wildwood as water surms up against the see wall and each some of the water surpassed the wall. this is before high tide. we expect it around 8:49 this morning. we'll check back and head back that way later this hour and just keep an eye on the water we know back bay isly a big issue. >> it's not over and then the
7:48 am
rebuild start. people need to hang in there and we'll check back with you in a little bit. >> there's ultra hot new social media app apparently but it's already taking a hit. now mills yonz have downloaded vero in the last week. it's basically combination of instagram and facebook. but in the last 4 hours the # dlot vero is gaining traction. it turns out the app ceo is under fire for leaving thousands of workers from former company unpaid. people are deleting new app in protest and turns out it's not easy of course it's not easy you cannot delete it you have to fill out web site form to request that your account gets shut down. good luck with that. >> chances are you know someone dined and dashed before. >> no. >> you don't. >> yeah you do. >> a new study -- i'm so ashamed a new study shows 1 in 20 uh-huh have walked out of a restaurant bought paying the reason for skipping out they were sick of waiting for the
7:49 am
check. that was not my reason. another 25% admit they would consider bail physical it took longer than half hour to get the bill and 36% of diners say waiting for the check is most frustrating part of eating ou out. all right. so here's the truth. when i was younger in my college days i wint so i done this i didn't do it on purpose as bad as that souxdz i was in washington d.c. at a restaurant i'm not sure if i should say the name they might tm sglixt thank you for putting evidence on tape. >> and so what happened i went out -- i was in college and i didn't have any money. and i told friends that i didn't have any money. and they were like all right we got you. come with us and go to dinner. i went to dinner knowing i didn't have money. i go to the bathroom come out. >> broke. >> right. >> come out and the table is empty. and everybody left. >> yeah.
7:50 am
>> this dude from georgia who i remember lived on my floor, i look across the restaurants and here bill, run. >> so maybe they already paid for you. >> no, they didn't. because everybody ran i started running because i think that's a cultural thing when black people see somebody else start unareing we start running we'll figure out why we're running later on we ran. and i found out that they left the check. i feel bad about it. it still haunts me to this very day. >> yeah i mean i hate waiting for the check sometimes too. butfy have carbon me i'll leave enough for the entire meal and the tip and then i'll leave. >> but i would have pay. i just deposit have money. so what do do you in that situation. am i a criminal? >> he doesn't want to say it. >> we shot's move on. i'm sure the statute of limitations -- now. >> is why you squad too big,
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too small orushere's a science o how many friends will make you most happy. we'll reveal next and none of them were with me at the we'll reveal next and none of them were with me at the restaurant that night. somethin' i've noticed
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le to be happy. so the weather may have put you. there's always a reason to smile. today is national, i wanay. it's a good thing, right? create todd encourage us to do something to putting a smile on someone's face tends to put one on ours as well.. buy the person's coffee in line hadn't you or tir embrace s snow by drawing a happy face in the stranger to come across later. and that brings us to this reacn poll. what makes you most happy. people, ple are have actually started so send in some pictures. what makes you hap. >> just friendly people. being around positive people as wells. you know a smile can two a long way. also a phone call. a world
7:55 am
now where people text, actually pick up the phone an call someone and say, hey, how are you doing. >> it's the little things. >> it's a little things. >> i have a gift for you. >> i'm that dude. >> i'm that kind of person. >> i like making people happy for goodness sake. i got that four. >> nice thank you. >> it got sentiment and love behind it. >> yeah. >> did you design that you yourself. >> yeah, kind of. i designed it and i made it and now i've gifted it. crystal you want one too, i got you. >> we keep moving on. >> i'm just making friends. >> we're talking about friends. all right. could friend be the coto happiness. a new study says yes. how many friends to you need to be happy. most have hundreds of friends on social media that doesn't count. study is referring to real, truly friend. lucky number is apparently right around five. now, friendships are built in
7:56 am
tiers they say. so the closest group to you you check it out your best friends should be about three to five people categorized as best friend confy dapts and next level has 15 people and these are acquaintances and finally a group consisting of people you occasionally speak to is about 50 people should fit into that category. >> okay. >> number work for you. >> those numbers are okay i may cut those in half every category make it smaller. >> you only have two real friends. >> to two real close friend and 7 close acquaintances and other number is 50 i would bring that down to 25. >> i'm getting my feels hurt. >> i think to 5 works for me. that works. further down we get i i have aloft aquaiptences and lot of people i know. so it kind of goes like small group so huge group. there's no increments. >> there you go. >> how man many do you have tweet is an let us know. >> you have loaned money to
7:57 am
your friend and can't get it back. most of usve you tips on how to fwet them to give you back your the you tips on how to fwet them to give you back your the relationship.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> march came roarin lion on th. damage are a deadly nor'easter leaves million people without power and unbelievable impact of the most powerful s bomb cyclone. and from the streets to the skies. travel may be a littleaithis mo. by plane, train careful before you head out of the house and the nightmare travel so many are experiencing t february flew byt really did and now that we're in march it's time to consider
8:00 am
for this month. us.ur money man dan ricado i like when dan is here you make money or save money. >> third day of march i'm bill anderson, lauren is off ne. of course, scott williams is holding it down he predicted and a lot of folks are in the rkoutages and damage and debris that's they're still cleaning up across the region. >> we'll get you all caught up and let's take a live look what's going on there's the aftermath down the shore and you see the winds whipping and see in the background tide starting to come on as jennie said and we get back down to the shore and get you caught up. we have team coverage tracking damage from that super storm. dave kitchen live any montgomery county where thousands of people are without power this morning and jennie joyce down by the shore moved to north wildwood we'll check in with jennie in a
8:01 am
moment and scott williams letting us know what he to expect today in the aftermath of all that. precipitation ended, bill, take a look at area of of low pressure. monster coasting storm well out to sea. we're dealing with winds out of north an west. look at current gusts. 43 mile an hour gusts. mounts pocono 33 wilmington and gusting to 30 in the wildwood area. philadelphia rights now winds gusting out of the north and west. at about 35 miles an hour. temperatures thankfully are above freezing. we're looking at 37 degrees rights now in philadelphia and 36 in atlantic city. upper 0s in dover and 36 degrees right now in reading. but factor in the wind how your body reaction and how it feels this morning look at current wind chills 234 the 0s prettyty much area wide. so high temperatures would be in the 40s. 46 today. wind chills today will be stuck in 0s.
8:02 am
we have coastal flood warnings this weekend multiple high tide cycles to get through and wind advisories. and once again, highs in the 40s. winds chills in the 30s and we're watching for that moderate coastal flooding high tide taking place this morning br between 8 and 9:0 an a surge of 2 to 2 and a half feet. we'll talk more about that concern and also a potential storm by the middle of next week bill back over to you. >> it's not over yet. thank you so much, scott. >> storm damage can still be seen across the philadelphia area this morning. yesterday's strong wind and heavy snow brought down trees and power lines had. at the height of it tlawl were close to 500,000 without pow area cross this romeon and peco has more than 300,000 awlon no power with montgomery county being hardest hits and delmarva has more than 21,000 and ac electric, 3,000 people in the dark and pse&g
8:03 am
reporting just under 7,000 with no you power. they're on it and working hard and trying to get the power up again. be patient, folks. they know you're without it and trying their best. dave kitchen is live in montgomery county with the latest trees down, power out, slowly but surely dave it's coming back. >> yeah, big mess we're in a new location here in whitemarsh twxt i'll step out of the way. you can see this house here. this is worst dam we've seen yet in the area a massive tree that slammed on top of the garage of this house right here and then another tree or looks like it could be maybe two smaller trees together. it could be just one. it's hard it tell if the vantage point here on the ground though, not as big but still toppled over by the big storms. folks here likely waking up and deal with this. i'm sure they heard it crashing down last night. we have not had a chance to go over and talk with them yet. but just imagine income your house and taking cover and all
8:04 am
those storms coming through you didn't har a big boom it's a tree that crashed on top of your house. let's come over this way daniel to get a better look at this tree here. and it looks like it also came right over a fence right there a wooden fence as you see missing basketball hoop. this is just what we've been seeing. we were on a part of white harsh be township, malitia hill road came down lined of look the one tat was on the gunned and we believe we're on old eagle. this has been a mess why we are and told them the crews have to clear it and then get the lights back on, back to you. >> scary part, dave, as we continue to look in on this is
8:05 am
that they say think may continue to fall. trees that were loss entered by the storm. we're not completely out of the woods yet correct? no that's true that is another issue. we have a tree with ice or buildup like that and we could indeed come douchbility trees that come down after the stor storm. >> you be save and thank for keeping us informed. it's all over the area. we're getting tweets and pictures from all over the ream yn an some of them up soon. let's take a look done the jersey shore. we're trying to keep you up to date with everything going on the area was hit hard after yesterday's storm. but now we've seen roofs coming off and flooding beginning high tide rolling in and jennie joyce down theon shore. >> we moved to a different section of north wildwood. we're in the same spot we were 7:45. we want todd show you roof.
8:06 am
this is 1900 condominiums on the boardwalk of north wild kood wood. you see pieces dangling off the top. what we couldn't show you last half hour is large portions of rooftop that actually blew down on to beach and the repairmen are out here actually this is them walking through right now. they've actually been very, very quick to clean all of this up. so they actually took it right to the dumpster. i asked one of the workers out here whether or not this was old roof. maybe it was just time toll go it was worn. and he actually responded no it was brand new. we just put it on last year. so once again, they're installing going to have to install a new roof. i don't think it will be done today. earlier this morning, we were in a different stretch of north wildwood. we were down by sea wall we have video to show you of really, really powerful waves crash into rocks and into that concrete wall down there. and at that point, when we shot that video that was about
8:07 am
two hours before when we expect to see high tide we'll head back after a live shot and see if the waves intensified. even some of those strong waves two hours ago do were surpassing this sea wall at that point. we'll check back with you guys in the next half hour. >> sounds g thanks so much. jennie. >> and 8:07 power outages in our area are part of a much bigger issue. the storm left 1.8 million homes and businesses without power overall. ohio and upstate new york got a foot of snow yesterday while boston and rhode island saw 2 to 5" during the storm. national weather service says the ape ra and snow should showily come to end for everyone by this morning. and storm unfortunately created life and death situation for mills yonz across the area. at looingt check the storm is blamed for six deathsen including a woman from our region. storm has impacted people from maine all the way south to northern georgia and the wind
8:08 am
proved to be deadly. claiming the life of a baltimore area woman. >> she had walked outside to get mail and one of the tree branches broke off and struck her ultimately killing her. >> the storm ruined plans for travelers at aepts ang lot the coast. planes tried to left hand and instead were toss around by fwuingting wind. >> and amtrak is offering some services for the fist time since yesterday's storm. modified services between washington d.c. and new york cty started running a little earlier this morning. about an hour ago. and rides between new york city and boston will start later this hour at 8:40 and additionally rides between new york, philadelphia and harrisburg will be operating on a modified service plan. >> and a travel nightmare. heavy rain and snow mixed with strong winds created a tough situation for people across the area. people were strappeded after conditions got too bad
8:09 am
including students you saw pennridge school district. we found this post on social media take a look at it. it came in last night. it was posted 8:0 saying that some students were being can't at the school until it was safe enough to get home. that's their experience. our experienced it myself in the suburbs there were student there and parent couldn't goat them and buses were stuck. they had to do what they codo. we also ride share services skyrocketed because of weather. this was actually i was tex texting with candice our producer yesterday and she took these photos. she's a little upset. >> unreal. >> says her short commute usually cost about $7. she lives around the corner. yesterday, to get home. >> .2 miles. >> mow many miles away do you think it is. >> it's not even. >> about two miles. >> yeah says takes nine minutes she lives about a mile and a half. 1.12 miles away. >> okay. >> and those are the costs. >> $7. >> unbelievable.
8:10 am
>> $2 to $30 to go a mile. >> i would walk. >> i would love to laugh at you but me, too. i was going to say i'm fruin fruingal but cheap 1.miles not paying $30 to go 1 if 9 miles. >> i offered to drive her. >> is that legal. >> to jack prices up. >> yeah, surge pricing they talked about that. >> i don't know -- it seems shady. >> that's price gouging. >> they have to make a living and be safe i guess. but i would walk. >> we're cheap. >> president trump's latest proposal sends international am markets tumbling. we'll tell you how his tax on imparted steel and aluminum how it could impact your wallet and we've enjoyed celebrating the chinese new year and it's not over yet. how you can celebrate the year of the dog and do it in traditional way. but first, february flew by and now that we're in march it's time to consider what are the best buys this month the things you should be guying in
8:11 am
marchhe money man. dan ricato is here and will break it all down. >> i'm sue serio. this is your last chance to go to the franklin institute and check out the terra cota war years of the first emperor and weekend wendy will do it and ten life size warrior sculptures and 170 other artifacts going back more than 2,000 years to ancient china a it's such a treasure we've had here in philadelphia so long but this weekend is the last weekend for to you enjoy it whatever you you decide to do we hope you have a good time. whatever you you decide to do we hope you have a good time. weekend went question and me.
8:12 am
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♪ ♪ time now saturday morning is 8:14 the snow is out of here and we're still dealing with gusty winds out there in fact, wind advisories posted for the coastal counties through at least noon today for gusts over 40 miles an hour and just keep that in mind for the shore is communities for those gusty winds and we still have wind gusting over 40 in philadelphia right now and 43 mile an hour gusts for mount pocono and looking at gusts over 0 miles an hour in wilmington tonight. as we go hour by hour 11 p.m. we're still looking at winds gusting
8:15 am
20, 25 miles an hour across the area. they will start to diminish a bit as we go throughout the afternoon and still will be a blustery day. and north and west costsville checking in 35 degrees and bamler 35 looking at collegeville 36 and chad ford right now 36 as we move 23450 south jersey temperatures in the the mid up toer 0s. we have 41 degrees right now in vineland and tuckahoe 35 medford 37. temperatures today, 46. 4 for tomorrow. but we're still looking at those feel like temperatures turz in the 0s. costs allege flood warping milt pl high tide cycles rough surf waves building out to se sea. and anywhere from about 8 to 14 feet so that will be a concern and then as we look at high tide rolling through this morning and this evening moderate surge 2 to 2.5 foot surge back over to you bill.
8:16 am
thank you so much. scott, now at 8:15 a significant number of americans are projected to go without health insurance next year and about 9 million are expected to be without health care 2015 according to urban instay tut report. and the report predicts that new insurance rules will spike premiums for obamacare plans by double digit percent ams in most states in 20 19. >> and new tariffs could make booze, baseball and new wheels each more costly. president trump promises to impose new import tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum. toyota warns the move will tam tam isly raise costs and shoot up the prices of cars and trucks sold in america. aluminum beer caps and baseball bats will become more
8:17 am
expensive if companies pass off the cost to customers. now a shopping low. we talked about how we'll use money or spend money how do we make money or save money a shopping lull tends to hit in march to get customers through the door most retailers are willing to celebrate anything to go ahead and make a sale. if they're celebrating we're benefiting and to tell us how to do tractor-trailer money guy. >> did you say booze will get more expensive. >> i think so because of cans and things they put it in. >> drink out of glass bottles. >> you can do that but they have caps right? >> they do. >> always, always something to jawng the price. >> i don't like it out of a can i prefer out of a bottle anyway. >> good news as you said march is a betweener month when it comes to retail and there's certain things right now you can get a great deal on if you're smart and act quickly march came in look a lion, didn't it. >> you think? little bit. >> really. >> so how about we do on cruise. somewhere warm? >> now. >> let's do it.
8:18 am
>> let's go it. >> so cruises are on sale. check out and check out i was noodleing around with it 4 day 3 night cruise to bahamas nice and warm starting 194 cheap you may have to sleep sleep in boiler room. march is a great time to do that and march traditionally good time to buy luggage. you have to pack your speedo somewhere you need lug an right. >> i cannot go there with you. >> all right. we need luggage. >> there's certain things we don't want to visualize me in a speedo owe. okay, mash of. is a dpraet time to physician up lug an trad iing agoly they put it on sale getting ready for spring travel season and last call not for alcohol but winter apar al. if you can find your size on the racks you find discounts up to 75% on winter klonls during the month of march as they clear off the racks for all the spring stuff right? >> buy it and tuck it away.
8:19 am
>> exactly and timely i don't know it's cold out we would be wearing it now i think. finally, easter turned into mini christmas in many ways right? last year consumers spent 18 billion on easter right? this year easter comes early april 1 sunday april 1 you see a lot of sales for toys, video games that sort of thing as we get through the month of march getting kloingter to easter. there's some of the things you can buy during march and so. things you want to wait on too. >> those things you want during march you want to go go on vacation. you want to go on cruises and thipingdz like that. >> especially when it's cold out. >> things you stay away from. >> couple things if you're in the market for awe new car march is nottraditionally a good time to do that. you whatn't to wait if you can keep that old car going until memorial day. you generally get better deals on the new cars they roll out all those incentives and similarly i know you are drying for the twice annual big sale at victoria secret my
8:20 am
many love it when he comes, absolutely. >> you cannot -- you have to wait until june. >> okay. >> that's a big one here at "good day" we love that sale. >> can we reallywait to buy lingerie. >> do you know the price of that stuff. >> i have three daughters and a wife it's crazy expensive yes, wait, it's worth waiting until june. >> okay. that seems for impulsive. >> that's all that stuff for your backyard wait as well grills that. >> you stick around us with we have other stuff to talk b he'll be back. you have loaned non to your t back. most of us have have or many of us have. tips on how to get the without e relationship. tips on how to get the without e relationship. stay with us
8:21 am
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8:23 am
before we get into the discussion of lending moneye esd dash sdmrd yes i didn't want to be out there alone. >> with kids when little first lady thoughtught she paid we get in the car
8:24 am
driving home and realized no bill we turned around and wept back. >> that didn't help. methat deposit help. out that didn't help. >> server had no idea. the server had no idea. money to your friend and can't get it back. >> and no woy help. >> and to avoid the intend to paw being back and tell them whdon't pay you back in time. and make sure you're comfortable with their response consider how not getting the money back will affect your budget and it's always okay to say no. and you d thanksgiving din are you pay check.
8:25 am
it's not going to happen be and wise frechd mine. that if money is issue you have between close frienot have an i. and if you're really close friends you don't let that destroy a friendship. to like ge someone money verbalment and how do you feel about that. >> and substantial and you know better than that. let's get to root of it if you want to pay ail billo former pay say look i'll buy you groceries over cash i don't think is a good idea. >> you're not sure if i >> don't become enableer and it's different if a frid offer o help that falls into the gift category. if someone comes to you a i havb and c problem i need this money that's more of >> then you set up the rules.
8:26 am
>> you do again it's really yo. >> good news is you don't have to call and say where's my check. you request. where's my money. >> and phone and it's one of for a basic rule and i'll give it to t i don't expect it back. >> scotty you can spot me 206789 i'm short myself right now. >> scott nice and scott is nice. >> we have more coming up and discuss. >> yeah we're looking at high tide cycle down the shore. and that one also watching one later on thise rundown
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> welcome back saturday morning we're deal with remnants of that coa system. but some things to look forward to. daylight saving time eight daysg forward and of course thatun 7:n eight days. st. patrick day 14 da. we're talking about spring and 17 look forward to
8:30 am
during the month of march. right now that area of low pressure still gusty winds. snow ended andes through midday for the coastal communities. and look for those gusts miles . right now dpuingty conditions andphadelphia and poconos gust we go hour by hour it'soo hour t blustery and a little in the way of by 11 a.m. gusts over 20 miles an hour in philadelphia and likewise in we continue hour hour and 25 today. mid to upper 30s andping out46
8:31 am
degrees by tomorrow. but those wind chills will numb. coastal flood warning this weekend down the tide occurring right now and for the shore point we'll continue tloing at rough waves d also sure. . roadways and also sonl property damage. so we're lookingt surge the shorethon saturday and wet g morning, jennie joyce has been briving the see what she's discovering coming up. >> good morning, scott i am tre i keep one eye on ocean takin as the waves have been crashing over top of this sea wall. said, high tide moving in. i think officially 8 here. and so the waves are pretty
8:32 am
high. they're definite here at the sed if you take a look at ground this area is wet. so it is moving into the street e and i was actually days ago north wildwood announced they multi-million on extending this seato prevent future damage from coastal storms. so that's happening later here we go a live look the water coming over top of the wall h street. it's unclear how long this we've seen a number of people walking down here just trying to get a good. and as the system intensifying because of half hour we were ina different section of north wildwood. we at 1900 boardwalk condominiums and we showed you a roof dapin dapingling off the top of section of roof that was
8:33 am
actually down on the boards and down on the beach. we saws t there just trying to pick upeenf taed to one of theour wind repairmen and he did tell me that was a brand new roof some r roofing they put on last year. he was not were going to be able to make repairs. indicate thatot going tot any of the residents were in any danger. we sawarked there and we know people are parked inside that building this morning. let'sak ocean here he and talking about high tide 8 morning long we've been watching as waves have been crashing over top it's now comie street. back to you, bill. you can hear the wind whpping. see it coming over the wall. stay safe. upoer merion township say a 57-year-old man was driving north
8:34 am
gulph road when all of a sudden a large tree came crashing down. police say that the tragic accident happened around yesterday evening betweenardon and upper gulf and the man was pronounced dead at the scene. >> i-95 odog much better as we get everything together and we moment the roads are better than yesterday. moving smoothly. you down there. so it should be safe traveled travels. but there codots out there. so we want to check in. brad rudolf fromn e phone this morning. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> how are you today. and probp deprived. >> and tell us where we stand. >> things are flowing smoothly. storm and precipitation that moved out
8:35 am
last night. obviously as you have been reporting all morning the windth wind, downed lines and trees and we have a lot of in the aret of interstates affected now and travelers would be wide to oblems and use it online to see what we have te contractors throughout the county region working with ile sure we can safely remove these trees before on eping the roadway >> with a lot of circumstance circumstances, power out or what ave you the authority in these types of situations you dpiz need to rely on people to let y k down or what e you. should they be calling you? >> sure down you certainly want to let peco know. our tree contracrswe pay them te trees and not to mess with the lines to make sure it saves only the utility companies should be it's a tree, yes, we d
8:36 am
ask you to call us. and if it's a go out and take care of it. we have contractors in all the count joys and right now they'll be running weekend removing these trees. but it's going to take quite a bit of time. these dangerous and steerious and you know there's a lot of damage to cleanup. actually wasy final question. it's about patience. how long allow before they start saying wow this tree has been there for a while or just sit to it? >> it's on our network and we're a roads that are closed right now. we are working in conce w. you cannot understate how dangerous the lines are. will not tough them in they're down in line or any lines to deal with. sure they're taken care of and our guys with safe before. >> we appreciate you getting up and spending time with us and theeverybody out there stay.
8:37 am
>> thank you. >> you have a good one. >> we chinese new year it's not over yet. how you can celebrate the year of the dog and do it way.
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ and official chinese new year was earlier this month. celebrations have stopped. our alex holly, of course, she stopped by a restaurant in
8:40 am
ridoeng something well now that we established that we are in the year of the dog the celebrations are sti here with . part owner of suga here what inr of the dogs in philly it means being underdog what doy and hon. >> so with this you guys are having a special celebration to close out the new year ginsue different teas with five different course. >> lot of tea and coursesp with first course. lobster spring roll, lile pair wit green tea. >> that's amazing. >> this is a green tea. meantes fresh tea you should be able to taste a grassyness and pairsl with lobster which is light
8:41 am
dish. >> it is good. >> room dumpling with triple mushroom sauce.t with chris than mum tea it's lowers. of a mum. >> so since these are fewers will thee.y op& >> they'll open up a little. you can smell is light and flourere and spells >> cheers. >> round three. vietnam mees br fill a stir fried with brown puf brussel spouts we do some of the the essence of brussel sprouts
8:42 am
and it doesn't have bitternesd. it's delicious. >> very good. >> jasmine tea. this is basically a green tea if y see the little white jasmine flowers. >> oh, t can smell the jasmine. >> this has the strongest aroma out of theied. >> it's customary to have multi-course family style comes out and everyone shares it everyone gets a taste. >> i say we'll see you wednesy happy new year. >> happy new year. >>♪ with today's
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
busy mom. >> hi, karen how are you. >> dell me abo >> my husband chris and i married 22 years and have two amazing teener 17 and madelyn is 15. >> once upon a tes. >> what is the secret behind what you're crafting. behind it we transform all sentimental clothing people save every day in their lives. >> i have all these cute mono gi don't know what to do with them not can make that
8:46 am
into something we can cherish and use. >> they to come to the studio. bring what you have special and we talk about what your needs lifestyle is different. everyone has different taste. wedding gowns and christening gowns and we daughter she inspired another business of yours what's that. e started together she's song wrir and has collection of instruments and we were sick of boring gig bags just a soft bag you designed new line basically build your own. pick your color andk your poke pocket that attaches and so you pick your poke and then ahat is just for you. >> where can people find you. >> once upon web site once upoe facebook and instagram at once
8:47 am
t's all our daily fun and gigy can be found >> you're based in paoli.ut infn foral your web sites on our web site. >> thank you me. >> thank you so much. >> thank you me. >> thank you so much. that's today's busy mama. time 8:47 still dealing with after math of that massiveal st. well out to sea right now. we're still looking at those winds out of the north the snowfall has ended and we still have the wind advisories through noon for communities. winds right now gusting to 35 miles an hour for philadelphia down the shore looking at gust of 30 hour by hour owe keep the gusts 20 to 25 andd chills today will be stuck in and still dealing with breezy
8:48 am
conditions. temperatures thankfully, 37 rig. philadelphia 7 and trentonng at 37 degrees for wildwood. factor in the wind. look at 20s. that's how you should dress early on this saturday morning. runniner high temperatures today top out 46 degrees. tomorrow and once again with that breeze will feel colder. still have the flood warnings through tomorrow for look at wa. 8 to 14 foot waves. sea. high tide taking place right now moderate two and a half feet. beach erosion and flooded roadways and looking at threat of 7 day forecast showing teming turz topping out mid up toer da. tuesday into wednesday another storm system there air north ant
8:49 am
for more rain changing over sno. dave kitchen has been out in the elements damage what are you seeing now and where are you located, dave?yn, route 23 and waverly and people have been telling usr damage in this area. what we see is particularly right now it's all kind but ths scattered about and it's been knocked down by smaller trees over there and we're hearing route 23 and lafayettege there, too, but it's really what people wake up to and and . you know, one house may not have any damage. next door, there mes down and tn a house. that's what we've been seeing asve to deal with that situation as well. we've seen some crews thatd landscaping issues they're
8:50 am
outlooking for work and work for them and power crews trying to get all the power restored in this areabut a messe are been telling us in the gladwyne area. back to you. dave, penndot said not to worry they know trees are down and they are. so, hopefully they get it thank you so much. >> it's season and dresses can be expensive. one organization is making search little bit easier. gia is kicking off firsthe operation prom dress. it's a d a memorable night to under privileged young women high school juniors able to pick from a selection of donated dresses and the prom night of theirght of s dreams. good work by them. n thed philadelphia flower
8:51 am
nation it returns today the show attracts hundred of annualy and the pennsylvania convention center. and the theme this year is the . and event organizers say they'll be a 25 foot, fish poppt wide water lilies and rain curtain. to the show just 30. >> amy shumer new husbandore thn gigantic diamond could. unfortunately not msage why intt trolls are coming after the actresses
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
top off is first single off therocer upcoming single elton joh
8:55 am
having a little temper this week up os john he felt they got t c cursinging at them and got up and walked off y came up and het too close for fun and safety of course amy shumer taking heat over he apparently not evee agrees it's relationshipmattersh comments includes hold on my eyesight must be going another
8:56 am
wrote is that the tiny chip in her ring she has not respond todd criticism some fans rushtd and ring in malibu to chris fisher youd r shouldn't have to spend huge amounts of money. she can always up grade it later. on prince harry and his
8:57 am
wife to be meghan markle their t list palace will invite 2500 members of public to windsorclose up off the royal ceremony people from charities associated with the members of local wedding takes place may 18 noon i going as well just kidding. >> that would be good work to gt understand the royals. >> it will be the least. >> i won't be there. >> warm is doing moving out. >> system is moving out and coastal flood a concern and high tide taking place early this morning and again later tonightll keep
8:58 am
you posted fox 29. >> stay with us thanks for
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alex paen: the following program contains actual video of real animal emergencies and is suitable for family viewing. coming next, helping to save an elderly mountain lion. plus, assisting a newborn. and a dog stuck in mud. this is "animal rescue."


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