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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 5, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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how much -- sorry we don't have kathy and the maps we'll get back to that. meanwhile a a across our area 45,000 people without power. peco is reporting over 38,000 customers are still in the dark. pse&g have less than 80 customers affected delmarva has over 800 still with no power. many people are still cleaning up from friday's storm. the high winds, downed trees and power lines created a huge mess across the area. montgomery and delaware counties some of the hardest hit areas. let's get back to kathy kathy orr who will give us an update on the forecast. >> wow, right now we're looking at one storm, iain, you can see it right here this counterclockwise swirl in the northern planes that is a strong area of low pressure. this storm is going to continue into the great lakes and redevelop off the coast. now, as it does, it's going strengthen and pull down a lot of cold air and that means snow, hours of snow during the day on wednesday. so let's go hour by hour. where the clouds move in on
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tuesday, you can see by 10:00 p.m. we have snow, sleet and rain then it's all going to be changing over to snow. heaviest period of snow after the noon hour on wednesday. it snows heavily through the afternoon. and then by eight, nine, 10:00 o'clock it moves off toward the north and the east. we're talking about the potential for this heavy wet snow to bring down more trees and power lines across the region and area to the north and west of the city already very hard hit with our last storm. tuesday night into wednesday night a winter storm watch in effect for most of the region for a plowable snow. around philadelphia, 6-inches possible. but up to 12 as you go to the north and west. wee break down those snow accumulations and show was else we'll expect out of this storm the target time, though, iain is wednesday. i wouldn't plan on going anywhere that day. >> i won't, kathy. thanks. many residents still cleaning up from that friday storm as well. the high winds downed trees and power lines created a big mess. montgomery and delaware counties some of the hardest hit areas.
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how are people dealing with the damage and lack of power. our joyce evans went to gulph mills to find out. >> reporter: rush hour track along 320 approaching i-7 i-76 s bad on any day but even worse today and more days to come likely because of this tree. it's just one of them in the neighborhood. it toppled, it came across the lines, pulled them down, the street is closed, and this is not the only neighborhood dealing with this kind of thing. ♪ >> we've been sit hearing since friday around 4:00 o'clock with no cable new york city power. can't even take a shower to be honest with. >> reporter: the site of peco crews replacing and repairing utility pole and lines nearly bringing tears of joy to neighbors on gypsy lane in gulph mills, pa. one neighbor wanted to hug them. >> when the guys were cut wood up there i was so happy we took them coffee to keep them going. >> if you have a six-year-old you know what it's like. >> mack us willy nobody's house
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was hit when one of the giant trees came down and shook the houses like an earthquake. smashing one neighbor's car. >> you get rid of all the food in the fridge that's gone. took down the tree in front of our house and took down all the lines. >> reporter: wig ham heading up trinity lane to get generator gas. says his fireplace and other methods of making do can only go so far. >> i've managed the last couple of days without it. but we weren't sure how long the lines were going to be down i better fill you. >> never realize how much electric means to you when you don't have it. >> reporter: joe battista was praying the peco crew working day and night in his area is coming his way next. >> running on generator no hot water going my daughter's house to shower. this is petty comparing to somebody lose their life when a tree falls. >> why is it taking so long? peco explains that the damage to the lines and to the poles is so extensive that they have so many more work to do than normal in a storm. so they brought in all of their crews all of their local
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contractors and at least a thousand out of state crews to help. joyce evans fox 29 news. philadelphia police looking for the guys in this surveillance video. they're wanted for robbing the quickie mart on the 4300 block of frankford avenue. in frankford. this happened on february 7th. one person demanded money from the cashier then fired a couple of shots towards employees behind the deli counter they weren't hit thankfully but they the guys got away with some ca cash. if you know anything call police. bill cosby back in montgomery county courtroom today trying to get sexual assault trial dismissed. he's also trying to stop dozens of accusers from testifying at his april 2nd retrial. our bruce gordon was there today and has details from norristown. >> this pretrial hearing could make bill cosby the target of a parade of accusers looking to bolster the single criminal claim for which the legendary comedian stands trial. prosecutors want judge steven
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o'neill to allow up to 19 others female accusers to testify that cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them. the prosecution believes the women testifying about cosby's quote prior bad acts will show a consistent pattern of behavior the juror cos consider at this trial. the prosecution claims the women all tell virtually the same story. of being dee friended by cosby, being drugged and feeling foggy or fuzzy, having passed out or blacked out, only to later realize they had been sexually violated by the entertainer. cosby is charged in this case with drugging and groping former temple university athletic department employee andrea constand inside his cheltenham mansion in january 2004. the much older cosby was a friend of mentor to couldn't stand part of pattern say prosecutors of cosby taking advantage of such relationships. a brand new defense team led by former michael jackson attorney tom messerau insists the other accusers stories are either too old, one dating back 39 years,
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too vague or too different from the constand allegation to be useful or fair at this trial. the prosecution's first crack at cosby ended in a mistrial last summer. in that case, they had asked judge o'neill to allow as many as 13 additional accusers to testify against cosby. the judge allowed just one. >> we're due back in court tuesday morning for more arguments on this issue of those additional accusers. no idea yet how quickly the judge will rule on that issue. jury selection for this second cosby trial set for march29th. this unlike the first trial will be a local jury for montgomery county in norristown i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> bucks county a firefighter is recovering after getting hurt while battling these flames. the fire broke out this morning just before 3:00 on henry avenue in feasterville. firefighter fell through the floor. but we're told he's expected to make a full recovery. now, to a developing story as new lawsuits have been filed again the man who investigators
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say confessed to killing four young men in bucks county. now the families are of those victims are suing do's mow dinardo along with his family and their business. jeff cole following this story and joins us in studio with details tonight. jeff. >> iain it was lawyering and public relation working in combination this file. legal claims against the denard dose raising the concern of deranged obtaining weapons just like in parkland, florida. there was no answer at the bensalem home antonio and sandra dinardo the parents of cosmi dinardo the killer of four young help last summer. 20 minute drive away in 52 floors up the families his alleged victims spoke of their grief. >> nobody should ever have to deal with losing their child and not in the way he was taken. >> reporter: jimi patrick and dean finocchiaro 19, thomas meo21, and mark sturgis 22
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slaughtered in a 90-acre bucks county corn field in july of 2017 say investigators. by 21-year-old cosmo dinardo and his cousin sean kratz will katz. the families of patrick, finocchiaro and meo gathered to mark the filing of civil lawsuits against dinardo, katz dinardo parents and construction related business. >> we hugged each other and i told them come home early and he said he would. he was the last time. >> i never thought i would feel this ever lose my son. >> it's been devastating to our family. thomas, everything. >> the suit filed this morning hone in on the alleged use bidil far dove his mother's 357 magnum handgun in the murders. a weapon the lawyers 11 the dinardo's deranged and violent son should never have gotten his
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hands on. >> to make sure that mentally ill individuals disturbed never ever have access to a weapons to kill people. report roar the lawyers are going after the parents businesses claiming their troubled son used company equipment in the killings. dinardo sold pot say investigators. it's how he drew his alleged victims to the field where they died. >> that is not justification for a brutal gruesome horrible murder. not at all. >> reporter: the dinardo's attorney of the city out of the country says he'll comment on the lawsuits later this week. last year he said the dinardos are the victims of their son's actions. i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. all right. four masked men with guns walk into a store in west philadelphia and they walk out with more than a thousand dollars. now police need your help to track them down. it happened at the ins market on
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the 5200 block of jefferson street last monday night. the guys barge into the store they point guns at a man inside. one hops the counter. the employee emptied the register they got away about $1,200. new steps towards gun safety legislation being introduced that's aimed to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. and the allentown mayor convicted of corruption charges is hoping to get a light sentence and he's looking for help in supporters. what's he asking them to do? >> now to kristen rodgers live in clearwater, flor. hey, iain. i'm live here at spectrum field. coming up an inside look of the rising star here at spring training for the phillies. a look at who that is still ahead.
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♪ pennsylvania' attorney general is suing the ride share company uber because it failed to notify more than 13,000 pennsylvania drivers that hackers stole their personal information. now uber did acknowledge in november that for more than a year covered up a hacking a tack that stole personal information of more than 57 million customers and drivers around the country. pennsylvania's lawsuit seeks civil penalties in the millions of dollars and uber spokesman declined comment. washington state and chicago have also sued uber. today senators pat toomey and chris kuhns announced new gun safety legislation. it's called the 96 denial
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notification act it will require federal authorities to notify state law enforcement if someone tries to buy a gun not allowed to buy one. if someone goes to buy a gun and their background check is denied state police will be notified. >> this should not be partisan. this should not be even be controversial. with the bipartisan support the bill already has, i think we have a real shot at getting this done. >> the act also requires department justice to public annual report with statistics about its prosecution of these cases so congress and voters can hold federal officials accountable. convicconvicted al license n mower ed pawlowski launched a letter writing campaign to persuade the judge to give him a lighter sentence he thanked supporters in a text message added quote what we truly need right now for people to write a letter to the judge on my beha behalf. he convicte convicted of storm g vendors for campaign cash. remembering fallen hero on this day three years ago.
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sergeant robert wilson iii was gunned down in north philadelphia. his family, friends and fellow officers gathered at 22 and police district today to reflect on his life and legacy. wilson was buying his son a birthday gift at a game stop when two men came in and fired shots during an attempted robbery. wilson tried to defend himself and while his family and officers say the pain is not any easier, they say his spirit lives on. >> what we can do is continue to press on and keep the memory and legacy alive, as i know robbie would not want us to forget as we will never forget what he means to us. >> we all feel a sense of loss for sergeant wilson, but going forward, we -- he lives on in all of us. >> at the vigil the family was presented with a canvass of sergeant wilson. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. here's look at ocean city. you ready for some snow? well it's on the way. meteorologist kathy orr is going to tell us all about it in just
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15 seconds. >> okay. here we go again. but this time we're talking about a major east coast snowstorm. this is going to be a heavy wet snow that will be moving in late tomorrow night and into wednesday and guess who is going to see a good deal of that snow possible al foot of snow in the poconos, of course. where we want it. the temperature is 42 degrees. the wind out of the north northwest at 16 miles an hour. the gusts have pretty much calmed down. temperatures still in the 30s. some 40s. 42 in philadelphia. 42 in wilmington. 40 in dover. and you can see on ultimate doppler the beginning of the first snowstorm. this is one part of an area of low pressure that's over the northern plains bringing winter storm warnings and blizzard conditions to this area. it's going to continue to move through the great lakes. the midwest into western pa and
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then redevelop off the coast of mid atlantic. meteorologically we call ace in hiller bee storm it transfers energy and then this storm the secondary low takes over and moves up the eastern coast. it's going to be pulling down enough cold air to create heavy snow. talking about possibly an inch an hour in the height of the storm which will be coming wednesday afternoon. winter storm watch posted tuesday night through wednesday night for most of the region. for that accumulating snow. as we go hour by hour, we can see the clouds moving move in tomorrow with afternoon highs in the 40s. by tuesday night, the snow is very close. and by wednesday morning, we're talking about snow north and west. right along the i-95 corridor. a wintry mix with temperatures in the 30s and high 30s to lower 40s through south jersey and delaware where we'll see rain. but that all will change over to snow with the heaviest snow between about 2:00 o'clock and 6:00 o'clock on wednesday. temperatures borderline. allentown 32. pottstown 32. rhee right around freezing and then look what happens.
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it snows heavily through the early evening and then it pushes out by 11:00 o'clock it's pitt pretty much out of here the damage is done. we begin to clean out but still 32 in philadelphia so it is that heavy wet snow we're talking about. early estimates take it about coating to 3-inches tine 84 south jersey three to six as you head toward philadelphia. philadelphia right on that 6-inch border then higher accumulations north and west. six to as much as 12-inches in the lehigh valley and the poconos possibly even ten or 12-inches in our northern western suburbs. so that's a lot of snow. during the evening hours, we'll be seeing the winds picking up and by wednesday, you'll see winds gusting to at least 25 by wednesday afternoon. so not as much wind but more snow. overnight lows are in the 20s and some 30s south and east. during the day tomorrow, we'll be bough above freezing so the ground will be relatively warm the temperature 46. the clouds move in tomorrow night. the rain and the snow moves in for wednesday. then thursday we dry it out friday is quiet. saturday its saturday 46. by sunday a shower late that's
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our philadelphia saint patrick's day parade. by monday a chance of a shower. but all eyes on wednesday, iain. stay close, stay in. >> yeah, i'm going to be doing, kathy. thank you. >> you bet. 20 homes in hunting park will be repaired thanks to new partnership between esperanza and habitat for huhn mat part of the he is per ran ran is a repair program sponsored by pnc bank. the program will invest half a million dollars into the neighbor. >> kristen rodgers in clearwater florida for phillies spring training. >> spring training is a great time to get notice notices one n roster invitee is doing just that. the name you need to remember and why he's making such an impact w
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♪ welcome back to clearwater, florida here at spectrum field. the phillies have the day off tomorrow so the grounds crew is busy making sure that this place looks amazing when they return on wednesday. you can hear the blower the sprinklers are going on behind me right now. but going into that day off tomorrow the phillies are heading in with some great momentum. let's go to their game today against the twins earlier this afternoon. we'll start bottom two, no sco score. reece hoskins goes deep and this one is going to go out of here. homerun to centerfield. phillies go up one to nothing. they always kept the lead they win this one, four-three. now, scott kin gory didn't play today he's a non-roster invitee but he has quickly become the rising star of
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phillies spring training he has three homeruns. he's batting .389. he has been a poster for gabe kapler wants his guys to look at. scott has been very impressed and happy with his performance and clear the phillies organization is as well. >> i mean personally i just want to go out there and prove, um, you know, what i can do every single day i step on that field. so, you know, my approach is just to go out there and have fun and, you know, show what i'm capable about on the field. >> first and for most just incredible amount of tal leapt. but taking it a step further i don't know scott's al length is his ethic and his drive. his determination and how badly he wants it, and every day he becomes, um, sort of more and more likeable as a baseball player and as man. >> king rory is impressing everyone throughout the phillies right now and gabe kapler gave him the highest compliment possible.
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>> second most complimentary think you can say he's a baseball player. he's a great teammate and scott checks that box. that's the most important thing you can say. >> pretty high words from gabe kapler make sure to remember the scott k. kingery. >> the phillies have a competitive fishing day tomorrow. some friendly rivalry. we'll have more for you later tomorrow as well. some other non phillies notes sixers flyers both off. villanova back to number two in the ap poll. iain? >> all right. kristen, thank you. march madness just around the corner ton night of course join us at 10:00 because kathy is going to be tracking that nasty storm headed our way. new models are coming out. you can get the latest timing and predictions tonight at 10:0. >> yeah. we'll have it it. it's a changing situation definitely have different information tonight. >> all right. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. see you right bac
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right now on "page six tv," we're going inside last night's historic oscars. he wasn't even nominated but who said tiffany hadish won the night? what happened when ryan seacrest showed up on the red carpet and did taraji p. hen sen throw shade? where was the top secret that has everyone talking? it's a "page six" exclusive. all the answers right now on "page six tv." >> welcome to "page six tv." [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm john fugelsang. here with me, "page six" senior reporter carlos greer. variety writer elizabeth wagmeister. host of sirius xm bevy smith. joining us as plus one comedian michael


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