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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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d. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. we begin at 11:00 with look at cape may. ready for another round of winter weather? get ready. the on the way. from the shore to the city and the suburbs, even in the mountains the line of early march continues to rear its ugly head. it's a second punch for our area as we get walloped last week and now another system threatening to wreak havoc on us. i'm iain page. there are still people without power from the last storm we had and now we're talking about another one. we've got team coverage our winter weather authority. let's begin tonight with kathy. what should we expect? >> well, we're expecting at this time tomorrow night, iain, some snow already moving into our suburbs. here's the storm right over the northern plains and it doesn't look like a huge storm but guess what? blizzard conditions in the northern plains in the great lakes this area of low pressure
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is going to really move quickly to western pa by tomorrow night. the secondary low takes over and that is a major nor'easter. has a lot of moisture to deal with and as we go hour by hour the clouds move in tomorrow. by tomorrow evening, temperatures still well above freezing and then the snow will be moving in by the early morning hours. you see that pink? through philadelphia? philadelphia 36 degrees. i should say went at 9:00 a.m. that's a wintry slushy mix. rain to the south. snow to the north and that snow is really heavy wednesday afternoon. you see that purple color. that's about an inch an hour and then it moves out by about ten, 11:00 o'clock at night. it's well gone by thursday. we do have that winter storm watch in effect tomorrow night through wednesday night through most of the region. and during the height of the storm the big problem is going to be that heavy white -- wet snow with power outages especially north and west of the city. snow rates of an inch an hour and poor visible tough travel as well. the wind will be kicking up as well gusting possibly 35 to as
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high as 50 miles an hour. i'll be back refining the snow accumulation totals iain the storm hasn't developed yet. so still a lot of changes going on with the position and the amount of snow we'll see. >> all right, kathy, thanks. tens of thousands every people still without power across our area. let's hope that number does not rise with tomorrow's um penning storm on the way. days after that nor'easter hit our area the cleanup is still underway. our dave kinchen joins us live tonight from the heart hid area of haverford. dave. >> reporter: iain, we've seen crews working all day trying to restore power and get rid of trees and debris and crews are bracing for another impact and so are people who have trees in the yards right now. >> i was in awe of the fact that this whole root bulb could actually lift from the ground and fall over. the winds musk craze zoo. >> reporter: crazy enough to lift this one-year-old tree from meghan's haverford township lawn
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on friday's nor'easter she's not out of the woods yet with another storm on the way. >> not too excited because we, um, we tend to lose power in this strip just, um, our neighbors tend to keep the. we ten to lose it. um, i don't know why that is. so i'm not looking forward to cold nights witness kids. i'm not worried -- knock on wood, i'm not worried about another trees for me i'm -- i would worry for other people. um, because there are a lot of old trees in this area. >> reporter: while she figure out how to get rid of this tree we saw crews across haverford township working to restore power to numerous homes still in the dark including howard r. bwi ll's. >> i have leather coat. i have a down vest. i have a sweatshirt. i have another cher. i mean that's the way i sleep. >> reporter: before any rest he's cleaning out the food in his freezer already gone bad after several days without electricity. >> i don't know what i'm going to do tonight.
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>> reporter: you're not sure what you'll do tonight. >> no. it all depend. if things are, i'd rather stay in my house and leave things be. >> reporter: thought of a second storm brewing isn't a little too much to bear. >> it's not good, and you figure that the ground so sopping wet in the first place and the trees have already back and forth have been vibrating within the grou ground, so keep my fingers crossed. >> reporter: got that right. meantime haverford schools which were closed will reopen tomorrow. though they want everyone going to school to do so safely with some of that restoration work still going on. iain? >> all right, dave thank you. in montgomery county a lot of people still in the dark a giant tree missing hopes as it came down from those strong winds. neighbors close to tears after they see peco crews replacing and repairing utility poles bringing hope of power coming back soon. >> we've been sitting here since
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friday around 4:00 o'clock with no cable, no power, um, can't even take a shower to be honest with you. >> when the guys were cutting wood i was so happy we took them coffee to keep them going. >> peco says the damage to the lines and poles so extensive making repairs that much longer to fix. the "good day philadelphia" team also following the storm for you. sue has got the latest forecast. bob will have your traffic conditions plus days news and headlines. good day of course starts at 4:00 a.m. and goes all the way until 10:00 right here on fox 29. in the mill of the day a woman robbed at atm in quite south jersey town. neighbors are stunned when they find out something like this happened on their small town's busy street. our dave schratwieser join us live from collingswood tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, the 34-year-old victim had just withdrawn some cash from the atm behind me. she walked to her car and as she got there, the robber stuck a gun in her car window, grabbed her purse and took off. collingswood is a quiet town
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known for its restaurants and shops. not for crime. so when a robber pulled a gun on a woman as she left his atm on had dove avenue it fright tendon people here. >> that's scary. i wouldn't think that would happen here in collingswood but i mean it could happen anywhere. >> reporter: louise myers lives in collingswood. she makes a lot of trips to this atm at the bank of america. she was standing in line to use the atm monday afternoon when she heard about the daring begun point robbery. she was concerned. >> go to atm by myself all the time. >> reporter: police say around 3:45 last 91 afternoon a 34 year old woman walked up to the atm on haddon avenue and withdrew cash. she went right back to her car parked nearby. as she got in a man appear at the passenger side window pointed a black handgun at her and demanded her purse. >> you never know when something goes down. >> reporter: yeah. 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon. >> on busy street like this. >> reporter: police say the gunman made his escape down fern avenue. a police k9 tried unsuccessfully
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to track him down. investigators combed the area looking for surveillance video of the suspect. with the gunman still on the loose, atm customers telling us they're taking precautions. >> i would also try to have someone come with me instead of coming by myself. >> maybe she would have been packing. >> reporter: the victim is from nearby haddon township. she was not injured in this incident. police have stepped up patrols in the area but they have not released any new information on the suspect. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. bill cosby back in court again in norristown tomorrow for days two of had pretrial hearing as he's facing sex assault charges. today prosecutors asked the judge steven o'neill to allow up to 19 other a accusers to testify that cosby drug and sexuals assaulted. prosecutors say they need the testimony to help bolster andrea con stan's credibility. defense is opposing letting those other women testify.
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families of young bucks county men murdered last summer are looking for justice. attorneys announcing their long expected civil lawsuits again the confessed killer cosmo dinardo his cousin sean katz, dinardoss parents and businesses. dinardo charge charged in that y july 2017 brutal slaying of jimi patrick, dean finocchiaro, thomas meo and mark sturgis. >> i never thought i would feel this ever, lose my son. >> it's been devastating to our family. tom was everything. >> investigators believe di far dode sold marijuana that was how i was able to lure his victims to their violent deaths. he can treatmently close call for a firefighter in bucks county. he had a scary fire in a house fire this morning oh tonight we're hearing from his mom thankful he was able to escape without any injuries. let's get out to our shawnette wilson live in the trevose fire
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company tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, he was more than lucky. his mom calls eight miracle from god. he wasn't hurt. not even a scratch. >> i had the call from the hospital that he's there and what happened, my heart start beating fast. >> reporter: allah priest is relieved to see her son back at work tonight after dangerous fall put him in the hospital early this morning. did he did he want want to talk on camera were you his mother is glad he's alive. >> i'm a believer and thankful to god he heard my prayers. >> reporter: her son tim is a firefighter with trevose fire company in buck county. he respond to do this house fire in lower southampton around 2:45 this morning. chief ed frat witnesses says he went in to look for victims and the floor gave way. >> went up the stairs, made a turn, went one room, floor gave way. he fell through. >> reporter: that second emergency calls shook the department. >> you hear firefighter down, you don't know what it is. your heart stops.
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and everybody rushes to get that firefighter back to safety. and we were lucky extremely lucky. >> reporter: lucky because feasterville firefighters go the there the same time the 20-year-old firefighter went down. >> firefighters from the feasterville fire company were coming in the back door and he fell right in front of them so they he can tri indicated him immediately. >> thank you very much from the bottom of my heart to the people who saved him. >> reporter: in the other fire company. >> from the other -- feasterville fire department and all those guys to me are heroes. >> reporter: and the chief says he had asked the firefighter to stay home today because but says she that he got all of his doctor doctors's note wanted to be back to work in case he was needed. >> thank you. philadelphia sheriff office steven pose stelle arrested on charges of indecent assault. few other details being release as of now. the sergeant has been suspended
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for 30 days with intent to dismiss. his case has been under investigation since november of last year. by the philadelphia police special victims unit. and the sheriff's office internal affairs. the sheriff's says they take all allegations of sexual harassment a and abuse seriously. oscars were last night but we've got our on nominee for best picture the eagles super bowl dvd we can watch that over and over again. you know how selfies are everywhere. you want to find that perfect angle to look your best. now some people are considering knows jobs just to look better in selfies. seriously? ♪
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you know worry thinking up thinking the birds won the super bowl. season tick holders got together to remember this amazing run of a season. the eagles holding a special screening of the novacare complex of that new super bowl movie. chris o'connell was at that celebration tonight and joins us live from south philly. chris? >> reporter: you know iain. eagles fans we've been riding
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high for the past month or so exactly a month since the super bowl but now we can all relive that magic over and over again. >> for eagles fans it's been a month of celebration. tonight capped off with a special invitation to the birds training complex complete with a red carpet and vince lombardi trophy. >> still hasn't hit me yet. >> couple hundred season ticket holders were epp sighted to be the very first to seat new released eagles super bowl lii documentary produced by nnl films. >> nobody i know envisioned that we'd be here today. nobody is in a bad mood much this is incredible. >> report roar yes we know the final score. but the films producers say even the biggest eagles fans will see never before seen footage that begins back with the 1960 championship game. >> you have the adversity of the injuries. you have the legacy of 57 years of no championships.
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then ultimately you take down goliath the new england patriots arguably the greatest dynasty of our generation. >> fans got to sit through a pam discussion way few eagles players and see the world premier super bowl movie. >> eagles, e-a-g-l-e-s! >> reporter: for fans, the championship party hasn't ended. >> that's awesome. i mean i'm 46. i waited for this. you know, it's just special. >> reporter: and that blu-ray dvd goes on sale tomorrow morning on the eagles website. we'll have the producers of that film coming on "good day philadelphia" tomorrow morning. iain? >> all right, chris. look forward to that. thank you. nobody won the powerball jackpot this weekend berks county store did sell a ticket that scored million dollars in saturday's drawing. the ticket was sol at the universal mart on kutztown road and laureldale. that ticket matched all five white balls but not the powerball. the white balls were 13, 17, 25, 36 and 40.
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winners have one year to claim that prize. all right now looking at your health tonight and check on that for you. fda is warning people to be aware of unapproved flu medicines while the worst of this year's flu season is over there are no legally marked over the counter drugs to prevent or cure the flu. the agency says some red flags for medicines include if we can reduce the severity of length of flu boost your immunity naturally without a flu shot or help you prevent catching the flu. if you take a daily fish oil capsule during pregnancy and through the first few months of breast feed cog reduce the risk for your baby developing a food energy allergy there was a reduction in allergy risk that equaled 30 fewer cases of egg allergies. avoiding foods like nuts, dairy and eggs during pregnancy made any difference to child's allergy risk. here's look at ben franklin parkway. quiet right now. but it will be a different story
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tomorrow night. a storm of course making its way into our he our area. kathy how is that forecast looking. >> it's looking pretty ominous at this point iain. we're talking about snow. we're talking about wind. we're talking about coastal flooding but the snow, the real big story and as i step over to this side you can see the snow guns going at blue mountain and why not? the temperatures are cold enough. and this is where we think the heaviest snow will fall. a foot maybe a foot and a half of snow. 35 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds out of the north at 10 miles an hour. and that wind component is going to kick in big type tomorrow night it will be windy through thursday. right now it's 31 with a northerly win in allentown. 29 in pottstown and 35 in philadelphia. ultimate doppler showing the snow this is the center of the storm right now over the northern plains into the great lakes. chicago unthe gun. rain associated with that as well. that storm will make it into western pennsylvania it's going pretty much fall apart redevelop off the coast of mid atlantic and take over tomorrow night.
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here it is to the south of delmarva. you can see heavy rain along the shore. wintry mix and heavy snow and it's going to impact all of us. pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, new york, even into new england it's a major storm for all of us. we're talking about significant snow. when we look at the amount of snow i tweak this a little bit it looks like main the rain now with some real warm air making it down the shore. even can cutting into interior south jersey keeping those accumulations down in places like atlantic county even parts of cumberland county into southern burlington county and kent county delaware. about three to 6-inches of snow possible as you move toward philadelphia from the suburbs of jersey and then six to 12 to the north and west. seeing some of those higher accumulations in the hilly terrain. in our north and western suburbs bucks county, lots of hilly terrain even lehigh valley and of course into the poconos. so it is going to be a very heavy wet snow and the peak of the the storm will be wednesday afternoon into the early eveni
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evening. future wind gusts impressive you can see the winds out northeast then they'll be coming northwesterly. by tomorrow at 5:00 o'clock, you see a little bit of a southerly wind component here look what happens. that on shore flow wednesday morning that northeasterly wind because that storm is to the south of us you're gusting to 31 in millville. 23 in philadelphia and by the afternoon, you see the storm moving away. so you have that northwesterly wind. winds gusting to 41 in millvil millville. 31 in philadelphia. and 41 in atlantic city at the airport with gusts to 50 down the shore. still windy as the storm continues to pull well off of new england thursday morning. with gusts to 30 down the shore. so it's wind, it's snow, it's a mess don't plan on going anywhere on wednesday. overnight lows will be in the 20s tomorrow's highs in the 40s above freezing tomorrow evening when the precipitation moves in. so that snow is going to be wet and slushy by wednesday morning. on your seven day, looking better. thursday windy but clearing. friday 41.
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saturday 46. our philadelphia saint patrick's day parade iain is sunday. push that shower late the high temperature 46 and ditto for monday. of course, sue will have very latest new information comes in early tomorrow morning. she'll have that for you on "good day philadelphia". >> all right. thanks, kathy. all right. tom what's coming up in sports? >> iain and kathy, baseball off season is the hot stove league then give me a good name for the nfl off season. no name dominates it more than nick foles. coming up i'll tell you why you have to remove the rumor more. why nick foles has to s
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join fox 29 as we celebrate philadelphia's annual st. patrick's' day parade live this sunday and joy the tradition with front row seat. hppy saint pal trick's day. only on one station, fox 29. ♪ time was base bail was the 12 month obsession in philadelphia. there was no off season.
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not any more. eagles own this town and a month removed from super bowl lii, one name still moves the meter and that's nick foles. combines are happening free agencies coming draft picks are waiting and yet it's the destination of a backup quarterback that dominates the headlines. to trade him or to keep him? the vote here is nick must stay. now i know you build you win through the nfl draft eagles don't have second or third round pick this year but in the ultimate team sport it's still comes down to the quarterback. we don't know meow about carson wentz. heck you physical me right now when he's going to play in 2018, i'll ask you, are you a doctor or do you play one on talk radio yes if carson wentz isn't ready to play until october, or november, he still will have no off season new york training camp, no preseason and no guarantee how he will play on that knee. don't begin to tell me that you know either. and when you open the defense of your title the first thursday after labor day on national tv,
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um-hmm, howie roseman has decisions to make in the draft and acquiring picks through nick foles is not one of them. iain? >> all right, tom thank you. the american academy of facial and plastic reconstructive surgery says more people are asking about knows jobs because they want to look better with those selfies. all about the selfie. and posting it on social media. researchers say selfies may be giving americans a diss toured image of themselves study sutter a authors since these pictures are taken at close range it can make your nose look bigger than which distorts your appearance. >> thank for making me self conscious. >> we don't want that. [ laughter ] >> that was a study. >> not us. >> not us exactly. >> those other people. >> stop taking selfies and poeing you might feel better. thanks for watching up next tmz
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so congratulations to kobe bryant. he won an oscar. ryan seacrest on the other hand was kind of shunned by some celebrities and the hypocrisy is unbelievable. >> kobe bryant took home best short film for the oscars. everyone was really excited, they stood up, they were clapping for him. >> not everyone. when they cut to the crowd, lupita nyong'o was not clapping. >> i don't think lupita did not clap because of that. >> she didn't clap because it was best animated short and she didn't care. [laughter] >> kylie jenner and travis scott got away to miami for a date. they also shared video of stormi webster. she's beautiful. >> it's over, right? >> or does she have flames on her head? [laughter] >> emily ratajkowski, she posted a picture to her instagram, grabbing her boobs. harvey: she is absolutely beautiful. >> she's naked but everyone is


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