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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  March 6, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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seeing scenes playing out again more power outages, the second nor'easter are you ready. we are. another day in court why we shouldn't expect a ruling as bill cosby appears for day two of his pretrial hearing. okay eagles fans we have heard it over last couple of weeks but a guy really strong yesterday, trade rumors for nick foles what would you have to trade him to another team, our super bowl mvp. good day, everybody, it is , tuesday march the sixth, 2018. i have my presweater on today because this isn't a snow day it is a presweater. >> you posted something interesting on instagram you have a whole selection. >> i will leave it up to you to day we will show this later my instagram post here, what color what type of material do you want for the sweater for tomorrow morning. >> you will be able to get it by tomorrow. >> i will find out by 10:00
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o'clock what my final vote is and then get out shopping. >> alex wants the green, pink, i know. >> of course. >> changes since last night just waking up and you saw what was happening last night we have been upgraded in philadelphia and points north and west to a winter storm warning, we have daytime that is going to be fine today, it is not until tonight things change. we will go with six out of 10. buddy has his winter coat on most wind chills are in the 20 's a few in the teens this morning, and this storm has in the become a coastal storm just yet so we will talk about that coming up but sunrise already starting to happen, it is 29 degrees, feels like 24, official sunrise at 6:27 as we mentioned a few wind chills in the teens but most of us feel like we're n the 20's as we walk outside the door this morning. it is cold to start but by lunchtime we will get in the 40's we will top off at 47. so when precipitation starts it is rain and that makes it a
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tricky forecast, when do we get that change over that happened with the last storm, the changeover came earlier then we thought it would, but we have got our best estimate coming up, in fact, this is the map you all want want to see possible accumulations, yeah, north and west of the city, it looks like an all snow event mixing in with some rain, we will get five to eight in the i-95 corridor, less than that south and east and that is where it is most tricky because of the rain mix nothing. more details, coming up, been kelly. >> all eyes on it, get ready, 6:02, live look, seeing volume pop from south jersey, see everybody putting down that salt/brine solution, big run on the milk, bread and eggs to day. looking at i-95 in delaware count any problems here and out to 422 we will get from the burbs, collegeville royersford and volume popping from king of prussia north on i-95 an accident approaching
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295 causing a backup, lights out traffic lights out kelly drive at hunting park avenue same deal with all of the traffic lights that have been out in delaware county, remember at everyone of those intersections you want to treat it as a four way stop. crews are trying their best to get this cleaned up, clean up from last weeks storm, before 12 inches of snow covers all that stuff over. travel mess ahead for flights at philly international, take the morning and adjust your flights right now and check with the airline, not only for tonight, tomorrow but for the rest of the week, mike and alex, back to you. first person on twit ter weigh in she wants powder blue sweater tomorrow. >> i don't know if i have that >> are you down with kop? >> you know me. >> that is where steve keeley is, right now checking on the power crews, hey there steve. >> reporter: if you you are in the movie theater business probably war weekend to lose power is oscar weekend because
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people like to see those movies and here at imax, 16 different theaters we currently have no power although all lit up inside even the candy counter is lit up. so maybe power has been restored since these signs were put up but it has been a rough few days for imax people here and all of the people that prebought tickets to black panter still number one movie in the country, turn away. if you had no power and thought would you getaway and get to the local theater in king of prussia, out of luck. same goes for anybody who wanted to shop at off fifth at saks mike you usually go to the regular saks, where you will be shopping for your sweater and discount location like off fifth or marshals or tj max you wouldn't be caught in one of those stores even though that is where you should shop. restaurant, champs, bahama breeze, in breeze until they get power back on. tough in the restaurant business when you lose power because you have to throw out your food supply because you cannot count that it has been
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refrigerated or frozen right. it is has been a tough few days here in king of prussia like all of the other areas in delco, montgomery county and anywhere else people are without power and still 30,000 homes and businesses without power, now going in to a fifth day, a tough, time for sure, and now maybe even more power outages coming with this second storm, guys. >> would i think so, as heavy as this is predict to be, heaviness of the snow all that water in it. >> plus loose branches that have not falling and new they will. >> they are ready to go. so bill cosby again, though. >> yesterday we told you about the fact he was getting ready to go to court for his pretrial hearing. they tried to get sexual assault charges difficulties mid. >> so they are back at it again today, so i thought the judge over this two day period was going to say how many women could testify against him? what is the judge saying now. >> reporter: he said he will in the decide at the end of this hearing he need days to
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weigh his options on this listen to this the lawyers are battling back and forth, prosecutors asking the judge to let the defense team get and in the try the case, he said in way, defense team saying prosecutors are lying, hold being back evidence. judge said stop it. after all that was over finally issues on the table, the question, from the defense team is should bill cosby be facing these charges anyway, they say, defense lawyers say not really they believe lone accusers confused her dates, newly revamped defense team says constand could not get her date right so statute of limitations was up. judge threw out the request to dismiss, moved on to the second issue. this is whether or not 19 accusers could testify this time around. in the last trial the same judge scott o'neill only allowed one other accuser, this time prosecutors want more women to be allowed to paint the picture of cosby as a famed comedian who took complete advantage of his power and position to drug women before making unwanted
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sexual advances. so, defense lawyers are saying some of those women accusing him are solutional, they are dead or maybe evidence just isn't there anymore and they should not aloud to do that. we will see what the judge decides. if everything goes as plan jury selection starts march 19th, trial scheduled to start on april the second. >> thanks, lauren. lets talk about another trial in our area. >> families of the three of the young bucks county men murdered last summer are searching for justice. attorneys announcing their long expect civil suits against confessed killer cosmo dinardo, his cousin sean kratz , dinardo's parents and businesses. they say his parents created a play land to their son's illegal acts. denard he was charge in the slaying of jimmy patrick, dean finocchiaro, thomas mayo and mark sturgis. >> i never thought i would feel this and he was my son. >> it has been devastate to go
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our family, thomas, every day. >> families of jimmy patrick and dean finocchiaro and thomas mayo are the won who filed the suit. they believe dinardo sold pot and how he was able to lure his victims to their violent deaths. you may remember there were four men who died, fourth person filed their suit in december, so earlier then other three. >> yeah. boy, here's footage out of new york city that reminds us how brave our fire fighters are. wow. building collapsed. fisod comes down on them. >> yes. >> we will tell you about how this turns out. former president trump aid goes off in a series of tv interviews why he says he thinks special counsel robert mueller may have something on the president, and hear what he else he had to say. >> interviewer asked him last night are you drunk? we will play that clip. lets take another look at the projected snow totals
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because we have another nor'easter on the way keep it here for latest, we will get those
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6:10. beautiful reading. >> we will have a snow tomorrow. chaotic scene in new york
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in brooklyn to be precise, apartment buildings on fire, and the fisod comes off in the building under the fire fighters. >> it is hard to watch. >> four of the fire fighters, were hurt, one of them critically as a matter of fact it happened early this monday morning. officials say it took crews about three hours to get the fire under control. try to give you an update on how these fire fighters are doing. >> it shows how brave they are >> unreal. >> they know this could be a situation when they do what they do and then they serve the community. >> they go in where we would not, 6:11. here's sue. >> since yet national weather service upgraded some to a winter storm warning with potential for higher accumulations then originally thought, snowfall, tomorrow, at thick of it in the afternoon will fall at a rate of an inch per hour, that is a
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big mess we will break it down coming up.
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this is a beautiful shot of wilmington, delaware.
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>> i saw some people, sue, just go by in the commercial break on that river. they were rowing the river. >> well, glad they are getting it in now because tomorrow will be a completely different story. we have got both commute is affected by tomorrow's storm. we already have this winter storm warning that we just showed you and winter storm watch is in effect new castle county, count ace cross the river from frustrates in new jey , and lancaster county as well with potential for lower, accumulation of snow. so, heavy wet snow, possibility unfortunately of more power outages, snowfall rates at the height of the storm will be at an inch per hour and then with the wind, maybe not as high as it was last storm but still it will give us white out conditions in someplaces, because of the heavy rate of snow. you can see not a coastal storm yet energy is being transferred off carolina coast where that storm will form, when does it start here? it starts as rain for most in
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the evening, seven, eight, maybe 9:00 o'clock for some and then gets tricky where this rain/snow line is in the overnight hours through morning commute but it looks like a mixture of snow, rain, sleet in the morning and then possibility of rain taking over for a little while and this is the line of demar case seems to be i-95 corridor we will get higher accumulations to the north of us and then all snow takes over in the afternoon, and then piles up a little bit more for us here in philadelphia it looks like it is out of here by eight or 9:00 at night at very latest but some of these peak wind gusts tomorrow could be in the 25, 38 miles an hour range as we get to the height of the storm in the afternoon and evening, on wednesday. so it is not only snow but wind blowing it around and that is not good for the power situation that hasn't been resolved in so many areas. we are going with the five to 8 inches, and here in the i-95 corridor.
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it is cliche but there is a reason for it because that is usually where line is, eight to 15 inches more to the north of us and maybe as much as three to 6 inches to the south if it doesn't stay all rain. walking outside the door it is 29 degrees in philadelphia. if it weren't going to get so mild or just seasonal at 47 degrees, we would have an easier forecast, it would all be just snow but what makes it tricky, starting this rain and then changing over to snow, tomorrow but either way bob kelly, it looks like a very messy wednesday. >> starting as rain, it could make that salt/brine solution pretty much useless. county line road at route 202 we have discoloration of the road surface crews have been outputting out that solution along the way. we will see them throughout the midday on the major roadways. live look camden county looking good, north bound on 202, up toward west chester university some colleges are already out on spring break. travel mess ahead adjust your
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flights new. some airlines have started to offer travel waivers to adjust your flights today, tomorrow and take advantage of their offers today and adjust your schedule accordingly. 422 seeing volume, out of the collegeville in towards king of prussia, 95 southbound getting rid of the big old pothole in the construction zone here at girard avenue. so it dozen doughnuts from who willmentsberg bakery we will be good to go. traffic lights out on kelly drive at hunting park avenue and couple nasty accidents there yesterday and north on i-95 for gang in new castle a accident approaching 295. so far so good on mass transit , back to you. listen to this, west virginia lawmakers will meet this morning in hopes of ending a nine day statewide teachers strike. statewide. state senate passed a measure last week to raise teachers
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salary 4 percent but union leaders are holding out for 5 percent. in the meantime public schools in nearly all of those states, 55 counties remain closed, and they will go in their 10 days. >> don't back down this could be solved in five minutes. this could be solved right here, right now. >> it is a bait and switch, and it is unacceptable. >> will it be solved? the state is rang forty-eighth in the nation in terms of the salaries with most teachers earning about 45 you this dollars a year. lets talk about sam. >> sam's number. people necessity his name now after yesterday. >> sam nunberg after a day spent belligerently defying special counsel robert mueller a former trump aid appears to reverse himself late last night. >> late last night after, a
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whole day of saying he will not comply, show up, he admitted he with the cooperate with the subpoena seeking campaign documents related to the russia investigation but for most of money told anyone who would listen he was on all networks wow not go before the grand jury n an interview with cnn he addressed claims that he had been drinking or on drugs. >> talking to you. >> yes. >> i have smelled alcohol on your breath. >> i have not had a drink. >> you have not had a drink. >> in. >> so, because it is the talk out there, it is awkward, let me ask the question. >> my answer is no, i am not. >> anything else. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> beside my medicine antidepressant that's okay. >> i'm just trying to understand. >> this was towards the end of the day but he basically was saying he didn't want to
6:21 am
pulley mail from roger stone and other people and said he didn't have time, but he did kind of say there might be some things that robert mueller's on to. >> he said a lot of stuff. >> he did say a lot of stuff. >> it sounding like he came to his senses because alternative is jail. >> right. >> yeah. >> that would make me snap in to place. super bowl mvps don't come cheap just ask the teams calling about trading for nick foles, high price eagles want to ever trade him our super bowl mvp, what would you have to have a first rounder, couple first rounds, we will talk about that. another look at what is in store for tomorrow a lot have lines, alex, that must be mean bad stuff. >> we will have sue clear it up. >> look at big rid l. if your skin had a wash tag
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mom, mom, mom, we've got cookies to sell. the girl scout cookie inspired flavors you love, now in the dunkin' coffees you love. only at dunkin'. i'm tom sredenschek phillies continuing spring training games down in clear water monday afternoon hosting minnesota twins and another good sign for this phillies team, how about rhys hoskins his second home run of the spring, got all of that one,
6:25 am
gabe kapler loves hoskins discipline and at the plate. phillies win four-three. maybe candidate for catch of the year spring training angels and reds watch billy hamilton layout to get this one. you are not supposed to hustle like that in spring train, preserve body? um-hmm. great catch by billy hamilton. villanova's brownson one of the five finalist for an award given to the best point guard in the country a ward can wait this week it is big east tournament in new york. >> staying connected, most importantly, and we get in the time where it is pretty much win or go home, so you got to stay connected to the tough runs, tough situationness games, and i mean we cannot get discouraged at any pint we have to stay connected. >> you stay connected that is sports in the minute i'm tom sredenschek. lets talk about these rumors. >> multiple reports out there about trade offers for, eagles are receiving for nick foles. >> yeah. >> even they we knew this
6:26 am
could come up, it sounds like these are more concrete. >> getting more intense, espn chris mortensen who we look to is reporting that the eagles have received several offers for nick but eagles asking price is darn high as it should be. he said the team wants first and round picks, for nick. so mortensen says that the eagles are not shopping nick foles but they are listening to teams who call them. in trade can become official until march the 14th which is not that far off. how would you feel. >> every time i see this video i get distracted by the baby. >> the baby. >> and now nfl films released this documentary when you hear what he is saying to his baby. >> really. >> it is good stuff. >> baby is -- >> little bit of that. >> he has asked baby how are you doing. >> really. >> it is good stuff.
6:27 am
>> i was watching it last night. i admitted, i cried. i have admitted crying watching men play football, sue, it is pathetic. >> you expect us to be surprised. >> you know you cry. >> every day. >> it is just fine. so late tonight through wednesday it looks like this will affect both commutes tomorrow, if there is a commute mid-atlantic coast another nor'easter temperatures in the 30's and 40's which means we have rain and wet snow we will talk about what that does to snow totals, coming up, steve? sue, you and i work in buff le. this is kind of stuff we saw in buff le around mall parking lot big dorothy mountains of dirty snow, about to be even higher mountains of fresh snow so here we are at king of prussia and this hundred tane is going to certainly grow
6:28 am
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another nor'easter taking aim at our area, this time much more snow is expect, what it means for thousands of people still without power, following last week's storm. but another morning in montgomery county. and why we should not expect a ruling by the judge as bill cosby appears for day two of the pretrial hearing what is the hold up now.
6:31 am
extreme home make over for flyers and sixers major change s coming to the wells fargo sent ever over next few years. >> i was surprised when i heard word there was actually talk of building a new arena for sixers and the flyers. i got to thinking how oldies wells fargo center, it is about 22 years old, and i think we income down the spectrum after 30, so that is going rate for age for a arena >> this will be such an extensive remodeling do you think is it cheaper just to income it down and rebuild it. >> that is what joel embiid did say last night. >> they just remodeled the concourse and they have big screens. >> dnc and all that stuff. >> we will talk bit. >> we will get ahead of it. >> those suites on the roof were silly you could not see the game. good day it is march the sixth >> where would you put them on the floor. >> there is talk of moving them down to the floor.
6:32 am
>> no just above the first. >> who will see anything, anyway we will discuss. it is sweet, the snow. >> i have been here 20 years does this mean i will be demolished. >> no. >> renovated. >> renovated? >> do you have a suite level. >> we have to laugh because is there a winter storm warning in effect for tonight through thursday morning but i think the storm will be out of here wednesday night. we have got a decent daytime today with a six out of 10 because the rain comes later on. bus stop buddy has winter coat on, put on phillies cap looking forward to spring, because we are not looking forward to this mess. we are still waiting for storm storm to form off shore, it is headed that way but it it is 29, feels like 24, sunrise
6:33 am
time 6:27. so that just happen. feels like the 20's just about every where and here's the deal we will get to the 40's for lunchtime we will top off in the upper 40's today so when we start it will be rain, but then it mix necessary with some snow and that will mess with our accumulations but here's our generalities so far i-95 corridor bob kelly five to eight, more to the north, less to the south. >> speaking of that i-95 corridor. >> we have a nice view, sun glare, sun today snow tomorrow , live look at i-95 and delco, see the guys putting down that salt/brine solution, accident at conshohocken curve westbound schuylkill expressway coming from the curve off to the shoulder there we will start to see some sun glare early this morning and what a different a day will make. lights out on the kelly drive at hunting park avenue that busy intersection that four way stop trying to get out there and hit that reset button north on i-95 in new
6:34 am
castle watch for an accident near i295, two left lanes are blocked and that is causing delays for the gang coming up in to wilmington and trying to connect with the delaware memorial bridge. thinking of flying? think ahead, big mess expect tonight, tomorrow, the following day, and the airlines, some of them are offering travel waivers today to change your flights without any penalties. that is what i suggest to you do right now if you think you will fly otherwise, so far, so good, mike and alex, back to you. bob, thanks. we are cleaning up after friday's storm, as second nor'easter approaches, thousands are still without power this morning, as the crews are working around the clock to turn lights back on and before we get to steve mike had an interesting theory , he thinks maybe put on hold restoring power and wait until after the second storm has gone through and then do it and that way you don't to have get power on just to knock it right back out. >> it is easy for me to say because i have power.
6:35 am
people who have not had power since friday want to punch me in the face. >> was i supposed to say that. >> not a good idea. >> oops. >> we should get the power back on. >> okay. >> anyway, steve. >> reporter: i remember mike was without power for three and a half hours once and he called it camping. >> yes, he wouldn't last. >> he is not tough, so he talks tough about this but good thing you said they wanted to punch you, before steve said that. as bob was talking about changing your plans how about you don't have any plans and then because of bob you want to fly somewhere south like bahamas, we are at bahama breeze where we can show you fire and ice. we have ice behind you, and if you spin around in the only do they not have power but all but one of their tiki torches are out. so as we pan left that sunnies
6:36 am
going right through the windows of bahama breeze which has been dark since friday, and new here's some video, if you don't know it is shut down the signs on the front door tell you it is shut down and they are not only won shut down all around parking lot, best buy, saks fifth avenue knew, i max movie theater, champs every where we look, they are without power and they all have those crude signs or they have those computer generated signs telling you they are without power. so those people have been without work, not only that and if they live close by with no power in the house it has been a double whamy especially folks at bahama breeze who work by tips and you can see coming back live, here, v iv a they are advertising their margaritas that been talked about that salt solution they put down that brine i'm thinking of the salt around the rim of the glass for margarita at bohamas, wouldn't that warm us up. >> dip your glass right on the street, baby.
6:37 am
>> v iv a le rita. >> i like that phrase. >> who is le rita? i don't know but v iv a le rita. >> laughter. >> lets go to montgomery county. are you getting sick of this story. >> we're only talking about the pretrial for bill cosby. actual trial does in the start until april and then we will talk about ate lieutenant. >> so, lauren, remind people just getting up we thought the judge there was a good indication he was going to announce ow much women would testify against bill cosby and now he will not even do that today. >> reporter: he will not do that today, in fact, bill cosby tried and failed yesterday to get the judge to just toss the case out entirely. his defense team tried to file a motion, judge said in way that will not happen we will present this case to the jury and that is going to happen on april 2nd. lets talk about why we were here two big issues one i just spoke of the other the new defense team was trying to say
6:38 am
that the statute of limitations had expired and they say that because they used travel and phone record to prove that the alleged incident between their client, andrea constand didn't happen when they said. if that is the case timing is off but that didn't work either. judge didn't immediately decide about those 19 accusers , and the prosecution wants them to testify in the last trial he only allowed constand and one more. d.a.'s office say more woman can prove their point that comedian was a predator who made inappropriate advances toward women. cosby's lawyers say they would seek a postpone. if a judge allows more women because they would have to investigate the claims these women are making. many says, the growth and explosion of the me too movement that started could prove to be problematic for cosby, saying it is ushering a new understanding of sexual harassment and gender rolls and maybe that this could prove to be problematic for his defense team, timing, because last summer when this was all playing out in the
6:39 am
trial they could not really come out yet. harvey weinstein had not come out yet that issue so that could be interesting for this when this all plays out but if everything is scheduled to happen on time, jury selection march 29th the trial april 2nd >> get used took right there in front of the courthouse, lauren, just set up, a tent. >> get her a little trailer. >> yes. >> you know how actresses have , make up trailer. 6:39. well, lets talk about this because wells fargo center is getting a make over, again. they will in the tear it down and start over. >> lets get into this i want toe know if what you are saying will happen. >> at this point because of the extensive renovations, one player is like why dent we just build a new one. lets talk about what they will do. they will pump 250 million-dollar into renovations over the next three summers, upgrade will include an entirely new
6:40 am
mezzanine area and new sound system. there will be led screens around the arena and i like this part more food locations. redesign will give spectators more view of the philadelphia sky line because we are not there what is watching on the court but there to watch the sky line. >> so more windows i guess. >> i guess, this morning, yes. >> and, superstar joel embiid had to weigh in on twitter saying quote unquote just build a new one. in regard to the possibility of a new a reen, joe joe has a reason to feel invested long term after signing a five-year contract before this season. >> it doesn't say anything about suites on the floor level. >> okay. ill it will not be the floor
6:41 am
level. >> is that exaggeration. >> the suites so high up you cannot even see them and when you sit in them, look at these ants down there. >> it comes with food. >> but i'm there to see the game. >> but i believe they will try to bring those down lower to the club level. >> is there two level. >> club level is a suitish type thing. >> more fancy suites might be down lower. >> then the club level. >> maybe. >> but that will break up the site line of the every day fans. >> stair out window. >> go out and get more food and stare at the sky line. speaking of sports let's relive the super bowl again. >> this isn't same old footage you saw before this is nfl films version. this thing is almost a hour and a half long. it is going to be good. >> they looked thrilled. >> fur first won to see it.
6:42 am
>> music is dramatic. horns are good. >> look at that eagle. >> we will play it for you.
6:43 am
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6:44 hello gloucester county coming on the freeway.
6:45 am
cool shot here. we have a snowstorm coming here. we've got sunshine, at your back, coming in on a tuesday morning, working your way in towards philadelphia. again work the rain going to start with this storm salt/bri ne solution, cool shot of sun bouncing off your windshield here coming into downtown on the vine street expressway, accident schuylkill westbound right here near conshohocken. they have just cleared them out. delays both directions for normal morning rush hour. lights out at hunting park avenue, an accident north on 95, it is northbound right at that 295 merge there and if you have travel plans think about adjusting them right now because, some of the airlines are offering you travel waivers right now to adjust your flights so you are not stuck down at the airport once this mess gets underway. time line and how much, sueby has got tonight 15 seconds...
6:46 am
6:46. we are looking at that just a beautiful sunrise, never necessity there was a coastal storm coming, would you. looking at this view of ocean city, new jersey. it is on the way. but it has not formed just yet winter storm warning for philadelphia, delco, chester and every place north of there and to the south of us we have a winter storm watch. for today though it is a six out of 10, sun shining already , buddy has his, sunglasses on right now, wind chills in the teens and 20's, and we're talking about, the energy transferring from this storm off shore and then moves up the coast and give us a potential for whole lot of snow. twenty-nine in philadelphia it feels like 24, and we expect
6:47 am
that high of 47 degrees, to be only, rain in the beginning and then we will switch over in the overnight hours to a mixture with wet snow and sleet and we will have that seven day forecast in a little bit. give everything you got, everything thaw got. thirty days since eagles were crowned super bowl champs, we have one more way to remember the occasion, i love it. >> it is like think about watching the super bowl, right and add some drama, music like a movie. it sounds good to me, thomas. >> thirty glorious days talk about the golden ticket, good morning, guys eagles invited couple hundred season ticket
6:48 am
holders to the know of care complex last night for a good reason. they were giving a sneak peak of the super bowl 52 documentary by the national football league, an many fans told us it was a whole new, experience because there w footm the memorable season. several players were there talked about the season and fans were able to take pictures with the trophy, overall, just a very special night. >> nobody mood. this is incredible. awesome. he waited for this. it is justpe have wait, commemorative dvd goes on sale alex, sit back, relax and enjoy "good day philadelphia" becausvde extra, the film's senior pre dueser steve trout will be joing experience of put ago this film together, can't wait. >> he is a rsky else in the offe
6:49 am
are eagles fans, including his kids. put it they have been putting together these for other teams so to do . >> it is so dramatic too. >> so the only place, still, talking about the eagles victory. pat sajack and van a white got in on it,. >> i'll solve the puzzle. >> philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. >> that is it. >> month later we are still getting excited. >> they probably shot that a month ago. >> philadelphia eagles said we'd like to solve the puts will, pat? >> we already did. >> we got that. >> the lombardi trophy. >> that is right. it wasn't so easy, when she guessed it, like serious. >> everything was there, all of the letters were opened up. >> i'll solve the puts. >> look at that. >> philadelphia eagles are super bowl chapel beyonds.
6:50 am
>> i'll tell you puzzle we will solve we beat patriots and that is not easy to do. why some people are putting oil. >> wait, what kind of oil. >> in their coffee. >> it says it helps you lose weight, i would do that. my guess, coconut oil is what your guess. >> castor oil. >> that makes you poop. >> are you supposed to eat it when you are sick, a spoon full of castor oil makes the medicine get down. >> and your lunch come up what about quaker state. >> my mother says castor oil. >> that is your forecast right there. from tonight, through tomorrow by the way don't forget watch st. patrick's day parade right here on fox, it is this sunday and during the parade we will announce who won the trip to ireland. >> well, watch the parade on
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what. >> start the day.
6:54 am
>> yes. >> and, i have been doing this show forever. >> earlier. >> that is 1:00 a.m. >> i have your schedule too. >> so, forget cream and sugar people are now putting oil, in their coffee, and some folks say it helps you lose weight. so celebrities like courtney kardashian, emma stone are adding mct oil to their coffee , and this is part of the diet called keto diet my friend dana who used to work here in philadelphia, she is on the keto. her husband has lost 30-pounds on the keto diet. oil is flavor less it comes from coconut or palm cornells people believe it increases focus and stamina doctors say mcp digests faster then other fats but people should use it with caution since it does contain saturated fat. >> it works for your friends.
6:55 am
>> totally work for my friend a lot of pro teen but her husband needed to lose weight and he lost about 30-pound. >> we should do a segment on k eto. >> we should and if you watch wiz, come on. >> i remember that song. >> and unforgettable. >> let me show you some models guidance we are using on how much snow we will get in philadelphia, tomorrow. one model says almost 10 inches, one says, almost three, and one says almost five. so which one will it be? depending how much rain mixes in but one thing we can guarantee you steve keeley is it is going to be a mess. >> reporter: 3 inches or 10 inches not today to get your car washed so look at this beautiful, shiny grand
6:56 am
cherokee fresh out of the car wash it will be a mess testimony like all of the other cars a (clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying,
6:57 am
nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
6:58 am
6:59 am
another nor'easter takes aim at our area as we clean up from last friday's storm. enabling and killer. >> that is not justification for a brutal, gruesome, horrible, murder. a lawsuit targets parent of the cosmo dinardo man accused of killing four young men in bucks county, last summer. what this could mean for the families of the victims. we're back in court day two of the bill cosby's pretrial hearing gets underway once again when can we expect a ruling on the number of women allowed to testify, at his upcoming, sexual assault trial? and a rare day off in spring training, but that does not mean that there won't be some competition, among, phillies players, today. we are live in clearwater, with more on the tournament they are having off of the field today. look at that spring
7:00 am
training right into this forecast, perfect, hi everybody it is tuesday march 6th, 2018. it is march. it snows in march. >> it can be the cruelest month because we have just had a nor'easter, on friday and new we're expecting another one. >> we are under a winter storm warning here in philadelphia and delco, chester counties and places north and west, for tomorrow, for a lot of the potential for a lot of accumulation. we will see how it plays out but six out of 10 is your weather number, looking good, breezy, cold, wind chills in the teens and 20's, and then but as we look out down to the south and west that is area that will end up being, our winter storm tomorrow, other coastal storm, 30 degrees right now factored in the wind , and feels like 24 but we will get to 43 at


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