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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 6, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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song have all time. >> craze any love. >> i like that video too. >> it is tuesday march 6th, 2018, lovely karen hepp has join us now. >> good morning, karen. >> so beyonce getting ready for coachela that big cons inert southern california, getting ready for two weeks. >> she just gave bit to twins. >> my goodness. >> she's on a new diet, she will be a vegan at least for the next 22 days. she asked to us do it with her , for moral support, so i will try this. we have somebody coming in, he is living vegan we will tell you what you probably should eat today, and you can do. batch already betrayal, say it isn't so? >> no. >> who does she choose lauren or becca. why everything isn't as it seems, some people feel duped. >> is he ari. >> ari i'm in the sure. >> i thought it was ari. >> refuse to watch that stupid show it is disgusting. >> how about this one, this is
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what we are doing, you know how we are on good day, not a little bit competitive but world cup 100 days away, we are celebrating with our own bubble, soccer. >> we have four of those. >> taking you down. >> i cannot wait for this. >> do you remember, for those watching for a while, the sumo wrestling. >> that was three years ago you beat me because i i got claustrophobic inside that suit. >> that is later on. >> one dad taking action when it comes to bullying even fit means punishing his own kid. kid's name is brian, right. >> therer in virginia. >> and, the daddies brian. >> yes. >> the daddies being praised by some after he made his son, run a mile to school for bullying other kids on the bus because his son was kick off bus because of bullying. he shared this video of his 10 year-old son in the rain while he followed close behind in his car.
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he has a backpack on. i got a kid hoist 10. >> hi everybody, you better listen to your dad 2018. if you don't know by now i have 22 wonderful children hey den, my son 10. my son has finally got in trouble enough where he got kick off the bus for three days because he was being a bully which i do in the tolerate, i cannot stand, and therefore, he has to now run to school. >> well, millions have people have weighed in this and people give the guy credit, they support him in this form of discipline. you have three boys, you were just on the phone with them. they are heading out to school right now. you as a mother of three boys what do you think. >> i don't know if i object necessarily, horrifyingly to the punishment, i object to video of it. i hate when dad gets praise for his parenting tactics. i just don't understand it. kid has a back pack, running
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to school, and he has my, and, and, and, and, so, i feel people glorifying themselves. i'm saying this my kiddies a bully and they are name callingy say the exact same thing. i think parents need to get in there and stop bullying when it is your kid but you don't need to videotape it because it sound goes like it is about the dad. >> maybe he is trying to show look this is what you need to do because bullying is a problem so maybe we can do something like this. >> you have seen it, quincy you have seen it. what do you think of it. >> i difficulties agree with both you and karen. i think these kids need to be blasted out on video, they are watching you tube, they are loving people like logan paul and jay paul, i love what he did. he said his sonnies an athlete , he can run the mile even with the backpack. i like the fact he had to run
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in the rain. he need to be embarrassed. he is an athlete and run a mile how bad a punishment is it. one of the things we did to brody over weekend he was in a bit of the a invited to the part on that saturday night same family. we had him write a note to the mom sorry, i was a jerk. he gave it to mom in front of the or kid. we didn't videotape it but other kid saw it. letting other people know you are doing this. he will be held accountable. old saying quincy, you have seen this when kids used to wear something on their shirt and stan outside, that is the point of it. and, he was able to run it and i told him why he was doing it >> i agree with jen. when i was younger, my dad, would hit me, with a belt, black leather belt. sometimes, as a parent, you are so mad, at your kid, only thing you could do is grab your phone and say, look at
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what this guy did, right. you know, even this weekend he was a jerk to his mother, i made him write a note but it didn't get to the back to filming it. let him run to school. we have to fix this problem. you know, you cannot even touch your kids, you have to do other things f this got true i don't think he shot the video thinking he was going to get viral. sometimes your kids make you so mad i will say you so mad they make you so mad you have to get through to them because your word sometimes are not really enough. >> i'm totally into discipline but if the hear what the daddies saying it is all about him. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> michael eugene, you have two daughters. they will always love you, and as a father, having a son, it is turn into a competition. you have to remember this little kiddies going to turn up, he will be 15, 16 years old. fifteen, 16 year-old boy is a jerkies a problem, for a
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father. a problem i'm not saying the opposite of that. people not hearing what i am saying. >> you don't like videotaping. >> i don't like that the kid's name is heyden, several people know this kid in virginia hey hen conditions this thing and my dad did this. >> and it add to the embarrassment by having it all over the internet. >> would i rather us know hey den's name doing this other than him growing up and doing something horrible because his parents didn't discipline him. >> we get it. we all agree. >> it is videotaping. >> it is okay. >> put video tape out there, it keeps on the shame on the kid. >> he will be fine, he will be fine. >> thank you both. >> barbara says this boy will remember this punishment and will now think twice. kenya says i bye better solution to sit down get to know him. do activities together. figure out yes was bullying him. >> someone said, it is proof, that, you know, sometimes
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parents you can not believe and your kid becomes a bully. >> i like the fact you do know i do not put up with bull anything my house. >> yes. >> i wish mow parents were like. that parents create bullies. >> yes. >> stop it. >> bullies have been bullied that is why you act out in that way because it has happened to you. >> yes. >> you manifest it that way. >> all right. >> the bachelor, it is still on the air. >> it is still on. >> well, bachelor finally is usually pretty simple, like one woman gets a ring and then one woman goes home crying in the back of the limousine and it is perfect filing. >> when you have been on the air for this long you have to mix it up, switch it up, do something different to get people talking about you. >> do you think producers egg ed him into this. >> i don't know. >> who is it down to it was lauren and becca he had to make a choice. up until that morning he said he wasn't sure which one was the one. well, the whole silly premise
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of the show. but, because they were taping that day he had to make a decision for the rest of his life. loves them both, equally, so he dumped lauren which means he would propose to becca, right. so, this is what actually happened. >> oh, my god. >> this morning when i woke up and i thought about you, and i thought but and your kids together, i thought about us when we were old and i choose you today and i choose you have day from here on out, i love you so much. >> i love you how is that dress staying up. >> it has illusion the two back there is a mesh in the back, so that was that day but then that was not, every day after that. >> well, so they have been, another girls goes off and they go on this couple's trip. they go off, we will having so much fun. >> these two dead. >> then he sits her down and was like i think i'm getting
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in my own head. whenever a man says that it is never a good sign. >> here it comes. >> i still think about her and i think you sense that and i think for me, the merry hung out with you, the more i was losing the possibility of maybe reconciling things with lauren. >> my god. >> are you kidding me. >> um-hmm. >> so people were so upset about this surprise break up and abc decided to hair it. so the hoe chris harrison said it was first uncut, unedited scene in reality tv history, yes, so tell all episode tonight, giving more from his point of view. he picked her. they are on a couple's trip and they are in there and they are like yeah still thinking >> second thoughts.
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>> he knows cameras were rolling he knows he is doing this on camera. >> yes, that is what they signed up for to fall in love and do all that in camera. >> normally they wait a couple months. you pretend you get married couple months later and inn raffles later. this is right at momenter with has second thoughts, i should have pick the other one, i made the wrong choice he let some days go by. not the same time. he let time go by and then this happened. it wasn't months. >> haven't we all been on trips, thinking about somebody else. >> that is you, honey. >> back home. >> that is only you, mike. >> that has become legendary it has. >> it was reality. >> and you left her, on her birthday, because you were done, you broke up with her, in paris on her birthday. it doesn't get any worse than that. >> she's okay now. >> she got married and has a kid. >> yes, she's fine.
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>> sheer off without me, i'll tell thaw. >> how real is it? like did he really, is she really that hurt or upset or does she want to be the next bachelorette. >> she will get it, because everybody will be crying for herry don't feel sorry for any of them because they signed up for this. >> why not you fall in love in 21 days and making out with 25 different women. >> fantasy suite. >> my god. >> people seem to like, the last bachelorette, from texas. >> yeah. >> she's still together with brian. >> is she. >> and she was an attorney or something. >> in texas. >> beautiful. >> it is fun to watch. >> yes. >> and, look alike she's gorgeous,. >> and, held on. do not change the channel now. because i have been looking forward to this. i shouldn't say. >> that is horrible. >> for 24 hearst just the telling of this story okay. >> now go, karen.
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>> so, every week on machine we talk about what happened on the show, and these guys have exciting lives. we dealt with the death of the small pet. if you have small pets in your life or any pets in your life how part of your family is. so our butter scratch sullivan and everything we buy is in three, we have three guinea pigs. thinks maclin with his. my little child with his begin guinea pigs who died. we made a shoe box, that is butter scotch inside and we decorated it. he was working on a project for a banner for first companion. >> they each of their own guinea pigs. >> well not in the more. >> he lost his. >> yes, he was very attached. truth be told, that was my favorite guinea pigs by the way, so, run faster in the little wheel or something is that why it was your favorite. >> they are not wheels, more like hamsters. >> he was just gerbill, so sweet, so, then, we had a
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funeral. the kids like to have that discussion. we went outside. here's a moment, lets take a look. >> ♪ so that is my husband, brian. >> he a harmonica player. >> yes. >> like, you know, dust in the wind, blowing, bob kill on blowing in the wind now that i think bit. so everyone said their little thing, maclin wanted to put all of the shovels in and bury the guinea pigs and kelen, my four year-old is eating the entire time. >> i noticed the man was eating. >> he was hungry. >> he was jumping. then he was a real, he was a poop gun, butter scotch was a
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poop gun. >> you even had chickens showing up. >> the chicken area where the chickens are, so they came over. >> what is he eating. >> they are crackers, cheese its. >> yes. >> did they feel better after the ceremony. >> we d here's other sad thing this all happened on saturday, funeral sunday, yes. >> sure, anytime. >> let me she you my guinea pigs from yesterday, they were in mourning, they were literally crying. this is park come and rain bow >> hold on, they don't normally to that. >> they do but he is looking all around. now chop has lost an eye. >> what have these animals been through in your home. >> but he has been so upset, that is kind of like a pleading, like where is he, where is my other bunny.
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i didn't think he would miss him but every time i walk in the room like where is he. >> where is butter scotch. >> yes. >> may i ask, how did he meet his demise. >> it is same eye problem, i have never had a guinea pigs with eye infection. >> he had it, we kept treating it. he has been on antibiotic. we have been treating it, and treating it, and treating it. >> but he died. >> should we be concerned for chuck now. >> no chuck had his eye removed, the problem has been taken out. he had his eye taken out. >> you went to a surgery for a guinea pigs, how much did that run you, seriously, hundreds. >> hundreds, yeah. >> but it is their guinea pigs >> did you take butter scotch to surgery. >> they have been there many, many different times.
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>> you could not save butter scotch. >> it was already exploded. >> but you know what it is like when you lose a pet, how you get through that journey with your children and how you have those conversations and so that is our little known moment. >> so sad. >> yes yes. i actually sobbed when you see him. >> boys are upset, except, who is eating cheese its. >> kelen. >> yes, he didn't seem affected by it. >> no. >> all right. frances mcdormand she won an academy award, congratulations , best actress, right. >> yes. >> somebody stole her oscar. >> um-hmm. >> so los angeles police have been brought in and they have found him, arrested the guy for stealing her oscar as a party. he wasn't that hard to find. forty-seven years old, terry bryant, they is, so he is not hard to find because this was posted all over social media,
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listen. >> it is mine. governor's ball, baby. wow. who wants to tell me congratulation is congratulations, and at governor's ball, party right outside auditorium where oscars are held. here's the down side. on this statue, you know, i don't know if frances name is on there just yet. >> you get it engraved, that night so i don't know if she had it, but he stole other award. >> how does he get in. >> do you just buy a ticket. >> he had a ticket to get in. >> can anyone purchase a ticket. >> i'm sure there is a guest list. >> who does he know, my thing is. >> he won't be back. >> he posted it. >> yes, that is great. >> it is not first time he has
9:18 am
posed with one. >> he had sag, mtv award, he asked for congratulations, he says he is producer. >> he could be mental or just be a thing to do. >> if someone steals your oscar sit like any other trophy, you get another one. >> well, thank god she got hers back. >> just out of curiosity or only exclusively made every year. >> that i don't know. >> she was crying, really upset. her big name. you want those things. >> yes. >> and he is like war kind of poser, publicity guy. >> in the summer i was in the bowling league and i got most improved bowler. i got most improved bowler, and i got a belt buckle and i lost it. >> i have no proof but i'm telling you the truth now. >> where were you bowling. >> if i knew what happened to it, it wouldn't be lost. >> did someone steel it or did you lose it. >> you left it at someone's
9:19 am
house. >> well, you think i took my pants off, and i would leave it at somebody's housey didn't say a thing. >> a storm's coming and not just in here. >> same exact thing as oscar thing with the belt bucket and most improved baller and i'm sure devastation was equal. here we go, we have a big storm coming and it will ruin your day tomorrow. we have a winter storm warning for philadelphia, delaware county, chester counties and these counties north and west with the potential for double, digit, accumulations of snow, little less to the south of us where we have a winter storm watch in effect, again, it all depends on where that snow rain snow sets up, and so as we look we have got this area of energy up here, it will be transferred down here and all this moves off shore and because comes a coastal storm and that is in the process of happening right now. when all said and done we're thinking five to 8-inch's long i-95 corridor very close to
9:20 am
the 20815 plus inches which further north and west you go, more confidence we have in those high amounts of snow, and it gets tricky as we go down to the south because of that rain and sleet that will mix in especially, in the morning? when does ate live? it looks like after dark tonight, about nine or 10:00 o'clock and then we will continue to watch that rain/ snow line throughout the rest of the day tomorrow to see exactly how much we will get but prepare for the very difficult travel conditions on both end of the day, tomorrow, with this coastal storm. it stays cold after the storm. >> so all day tomorrow, sue we might bring some pizzas in that is what we do on a snow day here. >> right. >> no. >> what? >> pizza place. >> you mean like they give us pizza here. >> nothing is free around here >> but pizza place, free pizza s in. >> good recommendations. >> i will tell you this we will show you footage of the little girl tasting pizza for
9:21 am
very first time. >> it is
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9:23 am
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get a psychologist to live with you for these boys. i mean, so, there is a little girl trying to slice pizza for first time and, by the way, her dad posted this to twitter i guess it was. my daughter just tried pizza for the very first time. >> i love it. >> yes. >> it is almost like it is an experience. >> i know. >> number one, out of body experience. >> pizza sounds good right now >> yes. >> i necessity i don't have a shot, not in anyway, shape or form. >> no. >> and i hate when relationships break up, i feel badly for the two people. >> you do. >> i do. >> except when it is adriana
9:25 am
lima. i believe i have been in love with her more than anything this goes back to the late 90 's folks, i met her five or six times. it is like looking in the sun. you just got to turn away. she's single. >> yes. >> she was hanging out with this turkish writer, his name is metin, i don't remember when they met, so adriana posted that. >> victoria secret. >> we need to show that too if you drop the lower third that within great. >> so exactly five months ago, i met, meta and they chose love but now, page six, the new york post, you know, gossip people are saying, nope , it is over. did they break up on valentines day. >> they are just following her social media she has been in rio and she only posted on
9:26 am
valentines day she posted an o de to the strength of women on instagram. if you are with somebody you powe somebody about the person you with. >> how strong we are, we persevere. >> he posted on his instagram a picture of her though but cryptic, she was poem i always wanted to write. >> that sounds like a see you later. >> beautiful see you later, i'll always love you. >> well, he should have written the poem. she was the poem i always wanted to write, put it off, should have written it that is what happens, say you do something and you don't do it. >> do it, write that poem. >> i could write her a poem. >> here we go. >> i think i shall ever see a woman as lovely as adrianaleme e. >> i was wondering where were you going with that. >> beyonce we have 21 more days until you show up to
9:27 am
coachel a. >> then she has 20 more days. >> she is going vegan, we will follow her footsteps i necessity some viewers who would like to play along here. will she have that, today. we have a very staunch vegan in the studio with us right now, we will see him eventually, there he is, hey, vinny. >> hi. >> that guy, really believes in eating vegan and he will tell us what he is going through and how to play along.
9:28 am
can i have a peanut butter s charlie can have one too. one for charlie. charlie took a bite. feed his imagination, where there's jif,h roasted there's love.
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>> the big world cup is on fox this year, 100 days out now. in honor that far we will play some bubble soccer today out in the garage. this is a live shot. so, i'm going get one, so are you, alex, we'll take on the team of thomas drayton and karen hepp. >> no you with a you'll survive this. >> not with my meniscus, that's for sure, so watch for that before 10:00 this morning. somebody is going to get hurt.
9:31 am
>> here we go. >> but let's talk about beyonce. because she's getting ready for these lovely fruits. >> hi, veggies following strict dieemr, last year doctors advised her to cancel because she was pregnant with twins. >> y for. that will since she's had her twins posting all of these pictures, looking good. >> lok at her stomach, my gosh, she had twins. >> she said she can look coache0 some days away. >> so part nerds with celebrity trainer marko it, this back in 2 it, 22 days nutra vegan meal delivery service. >> y vegan meals to her personally at her house there. >> j-z >> now, she says you can follow her on her w eat. i haven't seen the first yet. but we will -- >> she did post picture though reasone of her meals look
9:32 am
why it is 22, last day they did it they did it for 22 days, and they became believer. >> we're a believer, too, i my this guy vinny the vegan is here, good to see you, my man. >> good to see you, my man. >> the gangster vegan. >> hi, sews nice to meet you. >> yes. >> why do you call yourself the gangster vegan? >> i hit rock bottom point, living rock star fast life, sex, money, violence. >> where dow sign up? no, that's bad. that's bad. >> that all crashed and burned about 2010, 2011, i became more bankrupt spiritually, homeless for short stint, and somebody introduced a fresh press juice to me at the age of 30 years old. and it was the beginning of a journey of transformation for me. and it led me to veganism plant based lifestyle. it was day and night. once i stopped eating animals. >> so really, i know your story, and i've used your juices. let's go through a typical
9:33 am
meal that beyonce might be going through, like for breakfast, what do you have? that bowl is packed. >> yes. this is smoothie bowl. so we have blended up strawberries, bananas, dates, and then put that in the bowl. then we just put topping, we have bananas, put any fruit, strawberry, agogi berry. >> what's the base down there? >> the base on the bottom it is blended, in a vitamin mix blender, strawberries, bananas, little bit of hemp seeds and date. we use dates as sweetner. >> oh,. >> what's the juice that would go with that? >> this is grown smoothie. people are grossed out by greens so i make it sweet, bananas, dates, cucumber, hemp seeds, really good. >> okay. >> and then juice, juices really good. there is different between juice and smoothies. juice is no fiber. >> this has fine nerve it. so this is all liquid. this is orange, carrots, beats and lemon juice. >> you paired that with a morning snack. now you can have the snack in the morning or the afternoon? >> yes, you can have it, yes, yes. we tends to over eat as humans
9:34 am
s but yes, this is a snack. >> what is it? >> so this is a dehydrated onion bread that we make our restaurant gangster vegan organics. avacado, there is pickled onions, son mint and marinaded peppers, bell pepper. >> for lunch? >> forlorn this much is our famous taco salad. gangster regal organic. so it is romain, we make walnut taco meat, peco de gay owe, avacado, pickled jalapino. cilantro date dressing under there, and we have this, i call it, beyonce sauce, it is a cashew nacho cheese. >> why is it called beyonce sauce? >> i fed in the last couple of years, so avenue restaurant, i created the brands we sell a t-shirt, we feed inter-city child organic vegan gluten free meal. and then last couple of years i fed over 5,000 inner city children. and they're grossed out when they see this food because it is not recognizeable to them. but for the young ladies i say: beyonce is eating it,
9:35 am
this is that beyonce sauce. >> that's a good idea. >> i bet they eat it? >> they eat it and then they love it. >> want to be like beyonce? >> dinner? >> dinner simple grain bowl, you don't want to over eat before go to sleep. snow is quinoa, some marinaded salad, marinade add chick piece, sweet potato. >> i love chick piece. >> and then you paired it with another smoothie? >> smoothie and juice all day, then we have dessert, this is a raw cheese cake. it is a cashew lemon berry cheese cake. the crust is made out of sunflower seeds, and dates. and i made a little strawberry, you know, sauce on top, strawberry dates, maple syrup. at our restaurant we only use maple syrup and dates as sweetner. you don't want to get too much in refined sugars. we area all gluten free, soy free. >> that's really good. >> yes. >> where is sure place now. >> we have two locations, one in norristown and one in phoenixville, pennsylvania. >> dank zero ganger? >> organics, everything 100% organic, gluten free, soy
9:36 am
free. >> you're an inspiration, man. >> yes. >> thanks. >> great to see you. >> i want to try, too. >> i'm trying this. let me on in. >> i love what beyonce is doing. >> yes. >> for the world. there is a difference between vegan and plant based. plant based is the diet, where i call it the live it. >> okay. >> just real quickly, people say oh, not gutting enough protein. there is protein here. >> tons every protein, quinoa, your nuts, avacado, lots of protein. >> thank you, brother. >> so good. >> kelly's classroom. it is a tuesday. >> hey, gang, good morning shall everybody, coming to you from northeast philadelphia. we're getting ready for the saint patrick's day parade. with this school, that makes their own float each and every year. live from st st. katherine's whn we come right back. holy moly.
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>> so excited for the kids at sainst. katherine of sienna parh in the northeast, that's where bob kelly is for kelly's classroom. hey, bob. >> where are all of the irish here in northeast filly? live in st. katherine every see answer parish in northeast philadelphia. we are -- where the kids have been a part of the parade for so many years, they're so excited. >> they're obviously crazy excited, that we're here today. now, i'm going to come on up here and say hi, to kira, kira, tell me, how many years has st. katherine been in a
9:41 am
parade? been in the parade since 2008. eleven years performing. >> that's great, since 2008. and you also have ryan, a big float, with a theme for this year? >> yes, we've been making our own float for three years now. and this year's float theme is st. patrick bless those who become and called to the church. >> that's good. we can't wait to see the float in a parade. and molly, you actually do some irish dancing here, as. >> i. >> we have almost 50 dancers from the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth grade. no training in irish dancing but we practice every year. >> no training? you have sister rose marie as the big dance instructor. sister, how do you do it with all of the kids? step back here, see them dance. go ahead. >> me or them? >> well, them, i guess. >> it was a challenge because i had 20 the first time, 50 the second day, and we had to break it up. i broke it newspaper steps.
9:42 am
>> so this is actually part of their curriculum, part of their class day here? >> oh, no, no, no, they gave up their lunch hour. >> oh, so this many come down? >> they gave their lunch. we had 20 minutes to eat, 20 minutes to dance, then we practice after school. >> well, you know what's so great about it? obviously it is educational, it is exercising. >> oh, oh,. >> and who wouldn't want to hang out with sister rosemary all day on lunch hour? >> i don't know. >> what's for lunch today by the way. >> i have no idea. >> oh, maybe peanut butter and gelly? >> oh, there are donuts out there, cream donuts. >> oh, we will look for st. katherine sienna parish and their float in this sunday st. patrick day parade here in philadelphia. we would love to have you down on market street to join us live or catch the whole parade right here on fox 29. look at all of the irish in northeast philly. back to you guys in the studio. >> they're so cute. that sister is adorable, looking good there, bob, that will be a lot of fun. all right, let's get out to
9:43 am
jen right now to help us protect our garden, the time of year we're thinking about it, hey, jen? >> reporter: hey, guys. hi, karen. i know that your yard probably looks like this. we will talk about some spring planting, how to get inspired, and a cool new exhibit they're doing later today right here at the philadelphia flower show. yes, i want my yard to look like that.
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9:46 am
>> welcome back, up in the pocono mountains n just a matter of hours, or days it, may all look like that no matter where we are. sue will give us de the days in 15 seconds. >> ladies, gentlemen, i would like to you meet said i pennington. >> hi, said i. how old are you, nine? >> uh-huh. >> third grade. >> yes. >> in what school? >> greenfield elementary. >> greenfield, hi everybody at greenfield, although probably in school right now. you will and little late, right. >> uh-huh. >> and the reason you are here is because your aunt patty is a bar tender where. >> at bridget foy. >> so there was a bridget foy fundraiser because, as you
9:47 am
know, they had a terrible fire, and they're going to be rebuilding and you won an opportunity to do the weather right here on tv. isn't that cool? >> uh-huh. >> yes, and aunt patty brought you here today. >> uh-huh. >> and you've been practicing telling people about the snow. are you ready to do it? >> ya. >> ya, so i'll step out. o'll ask you question. happen tomorrow? >> heavy outages. >> oh, no. what about the snow, how fast is it going to rates are 1 inchr hour. >> oh, that's a lot, isn't it? >> uh-huh. winy? >> yes, windy, gusts, 35 to 45 . >> yes, thank you, didn't she do a great job? i figure the bad news o is a lo. do you know what? i needou alex where they are. mike and at ex, where are >> mike, alex, where are
9:48 am
>> in honor of the world fox, wl play bubble soccer today. >> bubbleocr. >> so we have to get in a bubble. >> thomas is in his bubble. guys, can you put the bubble on at ex there? >> our friends over at j dogs catering. this should be interesting. karen, come none here, we have a bubble for you. >> okay? >> and after the trip to the flower show with jen, it is time for bubble soccer. >> we can't wait to see. that will okay, i'm leer with one of my favorite people, rene from valley forge flowers. good morning. >> good morning. >> okay, i called you on the phone, in a panic about my daphodils. >> yes. >> a lot of people are seeing green. >> yes. >> and they're worried with 82 g tomorrow. what's going to happen? >> we got so lucky with the warm spirit, everything starting to pop up. you polite have some groping us blooming or color on your
9:49 am
daphodils. if that's the case, for tomorrow, i would finds a way to cover them up. you know, an old sheet, or maybe i'm going to put a bucket over top of my flowers whether i get home. but if all of you're seeing are the leaves green buds, they'll be just fine and bounce right back. >> so later today some rock stars will be here, yourself, martha stewart, basically the same level of awesome. you'll be over at the designer studio. you'll be over at the -- >> on the designer studio stage throughout the week, and that's a live head-to-head competition, all day long, every other hour, they have exhibits going on there. >> and you say it is a great way to get inspiration. >> yes. >> get information without being board to tears. >> not that you are boards to tears talking about flowers. >> after that i recommend hitting up the gardner studio,
9:50 am
tremendous wealth of knowledge zero that stage, to inspire you for your garden, for your water gardens, your ponds container gardens, you will see it there. >> people specially this weekend, neck weaken, will want to be doing stuff. i'm lazy bone, so i won't seed or do any planting inside. you say that okay? >> okay, wait few more weeks, but do want to get outside after tomorrow's snow melts and start cleaning up your garden, pick up the sticks, and the branches, trim your limbs cut the ornamental gardens and get it red. >> i i see brown sticky things. they may have been high draining a. i don't know what they were. am i pulling them out, pulling them away. >> , no i would wait. you know, if there is any definitely dead looking limbs you can clip them off. but i would wait. look, watch what happens throughout the spring, and that's the best part of gardening. >> magic of gardening. thank you so much for hanging out us with this morning. >> more on the 5:00 news tonight, more on monologue.
9:51 am
did you great job. >> feel like i'm ready to go. >> all right, ready to go. in the garage here at fox. where each of us have our bulbs, thomas, karen, alex. not yet. >> like bubble bumper cars. >> after the break we'll play some bubble soccer. this should be horrible.
9:52 am
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>> the fee a cup is coming to fox, officially 100 days away from the kick off in russia on june 14. oh, can't wait for june, specially with the winter weather. anyway, inside the broadcast boot will be soccer legend, al election i lawless. >> because for soccer person for myself and for soccer people out there it is the biggest celebration of the sport that we love. if you are a soccer fan in the united states and there are millions out there, you watch the world cup. and you watch this summer on fox because it is a celebration of your sport. >> you bet it is. so we thought we would have
9:55 am
world cup battle of our tone get you all a.m. up about it, it is cents a bit different, called bubble suck or, guys? >> yes, bubble soccer playing here if the garage here at fox, joe from j dock brought the balls by. hey, joe. stick your head in my hole. i can't hear you. i understanded you have an open house coming up? >> open house april 8th free to come to. we'll have games, food, have a lot of fun. >> hey if i want to rent this for my backyard or where ever, the park, you just call j dog. >> j dog. call us, we will hick you up, come to your backyard, your corporate events. >> you bring your own balls. >> we bring everything. >> so we have two goals upright. >> yep. >> we have one ball. >> karen, thomas, are on one team, alex and i on another. alex? >> and begin! >> out every bound! >> oh. out of bound already. >> oh, no. >> oh, mike!
9:56 am
>> get away from my tow. get away from my goal. >> there go. >> leer we go. >> oh! >> ah! >> these bulbs are heavy. >> lay it down! >> oh, my god. >> alex, out of the way. >> we got another one right there. >> oh! >> boom. >> oh, they're all alone down there. >> oh, my god. kids would love -- oh! >> oh, my ball.
9:57 am
oh, no, two-nothing. >> we lost, mike. >> see you again tomorrow everybody. >> see you again tomorrow everybody. >> bye, fast play games from the pennsylvania lottery are an entirely new way to play and win instantly. bet i can play faster than you can eat that bag of chips. (crunching) (machine beeping) i won! i won! fast play. pay fast. win instantly.
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: yeah. thank you for tuning in. say hello to my co-host. my studio audience. [ applause ] how you doin? okay today. let's get started. it's time for hot topics.


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