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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 7, 2018 3:00am-3:28am EST

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bill: winter is not done with hg our area late tonight, and all day tomorrow. >> this is a major snow storm. g to get? some areas could get more than t travel throughout the area. the worst still tens of thousands of people in our area, who have not had their restored after friday's nor'easter. >> two young kids are dead, hit by a driver who ran a red light. too dangerous. >> as a mother, her life would never be the same. bill: mayor focused on banning plastic bags, a new jersey transit crew member suspended
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for a prank over the pa, system, announcing i.c.e. agents on the train. i am bill spadea this is "chasing news." bill: we have a weather alert for you on "chasing news," another storm headed our way, people are still recovering from the more easter that hit the area in -- nor'easter that hit new jersey and new york friday, the storm is coming but there are still tens of thousands of people in our area, who have not had power since friday. we know we heard the stories governor murphy had a press conference today talking about emergency preparedness, he was the absent when the storm came through on friday. maybe the governor will do a better job managing emergency preparedness on this one. we start with marcotte ground in
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summit. what is going on, on the ground? >> i am in summit, you can hear work crews working to restore power. and of the treeing came crashing down, there is frustration people are hoping for a return of power, they are not impressed by the work of local power companies, to get the power back. bill: monday, there were 73,000 people still without power it was knocked down friday, tuesday morning still 40 plus thousand, i know thigh are working around the clock most with jcp&l. but that aside what can state government do what are people saying? who are they frustrated with. reporter: most frustrated with the companies, i was talking to residents here, saying, they
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reestablished some wires over ground. to be above and new poles, but they are not connecting them into the meter boxes, allowing them to have power, they paid electricians out of their own pockets to make sure that the meter was working and connected to have power, as of yet they are hoping governor murphy is not called unaware in wake of upcoming storm. >> for governor murphy, he new to the job, as a politician, it just seems that you don't' to get caught off guard, my hope is, he is prepared for what is coming unot underestimate what could be. bill: what is the governor doing today? reporter: holding a press conference, talking about how state will know be on alert and able to serve residents for people in towns like summit. >> okay thank you mark.
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bring in meteorologist dan zarrow. what can we expect from this second rounds of the monster storm. reporter: this is a major snow storm, whether you see 6, 9 or 12 plus inches of snow, it is a lot to shovel, it will impact travel wednesday. in south jersey and coast we'll have mixing, rain in there where that rain/snow line ends up is a question mark. the storm may wiggle between miles in either direct. here is the timing between now at about 10:00 a.m. wednesday morning they will ramp up slowly, then the peak of the store could be several inches of snow per hour. to wednesday evening. if you are traveling plans home from work, things will be miserable, we'll talk about snow fall totals, winds and coastal
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impacts coming up, bill. bill: two small kids are dead, a one-year-old and a 4-year-old killed by a driver who ran a red light at an intersection, residents and neighbors have been talking about this intersection for year, meanwhile mayor de blasio spending his time talking about banning plastic bags. where is the action needed to make this intersection safer for pedestrian. bill: nate rogers with the story. reporter: i spoke with several moms in park slope community torn by this tragedy, saying they could not sleep last night, and they are now afraid to bring their babies outside. right now several flowers and teddy bears grace the sidewalk of brooklyn 9th and fifth avenue, a sign saying god bless your dear children, one-year-old joshua and 4-year-old abigail.
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maria unfortunately witnessed the accident. >> i was crossing with my child too, my child was running at the same time -- was crying, that is why i did not cross the street. reporter: a woman lost control of her vehicle, 5 people were struck including tony award winning actress recession result ruthy ann miles who is pregnant. >> as a mother, expecting a child. her life will never be the same. reporter: this morning protestor met mayor de blasio at nearby ymca, calling for improved traffic safety. it is saturated with moms and young children. mothers say, there must be more warning signs. >> brighter signs, bright orange
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i don't know cones, whatever they need it to to natio to -- e safer. >> that can happen to my child. reporter: following the crash 44-year-old driver, reportedly told cops she suffered from multiple sclerosis, and has heart issues and seizures, she is on medication and did not remember the crash. she has had numerous vehicle violations, police would not confirmin other than ongoing investigation. chas"chasing news." bill: after bee rejected by miami-dade school system, mayor de blasio has his second choice, tap second super in texas to take over. john what is happening? >> back up plan is now the top man, new school chancellor of new york is richard car ran za,
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happy to report he has not backed out, mayor de blasio welcome caranza to the post, tae everything on for retired school chancellor and will lead city's 1.1 million schoolkids, he served superintendent in houst houston. previously in san francisco, the 51-year-old grew up in arizona, in a spanish-speaking home, he is a mariachi player and loves music. >> if you are a student who does not yet speak english, we hear you, if you are a dreamer, we hear you. if you are form early -- normerlformerly not being searcd we'll serve you. >> the first choice of miami
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backed out after verbally committing to it caranza was on short list and originally told by mayor de blasio he was the runner up. >> he is an educator's educator, they will sense he is a kendrick soul -- kindred soul. >> his annual salary in new york $343,000 a year. carmen was paid $233,000 a year. new school chancellor coming to new york. bill: bring in our a-plus panel, i am sure they have interesting opinions lisa and joining us, pop culture expert. and jannette hoffman with us, good to see you. >> bob becan key.
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lisa are you surprised there is a racial despair disparity on tt scores. >> of course i am. i am kidding, i am calling him pretty ricky, i don't like pretty ricky, coming to new york, and this is a trash that they bring to new yy de blasio,. bill: is that fair? school superintendent, can only do so much, you have a mayor, a counsel they have to manage the month they have. >> he gets high marks from other educators because he was a teacher in the classroom, houston is different from new york city, he went from overseeing 200,000 kids to largest school district in nation that is plagued with problem from overcrowding, large class sizes and racial disparity
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in test scores. bill: i'm surprised at our first two comments buying negative, i think give him a shot, he knows what he is doing between houston and san francisco, you are only talking about scale, decision makes is similar. >> what is wrong with someone in new york city school system that knows the system, are there no qualified people within th the - system. to elevate, to give him 110,000 more than previous superintendent, that stinks to me of political correctness. bill: i support mayor de blasio on this, i think he made a find choice. >> that is a first. bill: give him a chance, you have to believe they took all application from all over. he found the right guy, let's see how he does. >> we'll leave it there. bill: put a pin in it, stay right there, i have more chasing news for you, after the break,
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new jersey transit member suspended after an announcement went over the pa system announcing there were i.c.e. agents rounding up illegal aliens on the train. >> someone poking fun at mta, putting up face public service announcements like this one. can't make it up. >> that is your weather, this storm is big, how big? dan zarrow has your
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news," i'm bill spadea, we have more show how about a prank gone awry on new jersey transit has a crew member suspended after an announcement went over pea -- e on the train, but first we have dan zarrow with the way. reporter: things are getting ramped you were, the peak of storm from late morning through hours on wednesday. in terms of snow fall total, i need you to blur your eyes when you look at this map, there is a wiggle factor. as it moves further west or east
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temperatures may be slightly different, and difference expecting 6 to 12 pluss inches of snow in jersey. we can include new york city. i am thinking 6 to 8 inches there south snow totals will be lessened. in wind, it is lighter than friday but gusts miles an hour could cause sporadic power outages, and d of snow, rain, and wind gusts, highs in 30s. re de furthers die morning -- thursday morning, clearing away sunshine with highs in 40s, and friday looks like a nice day as highs continue to climb. stay safe, i am meteorologist dan zarrow. bill: new jersey transit crew member has been suspended after
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an announcement over the on 654g that immigration and custom enforcement agents were on the train looking for ilr criminals. you can imagine, commuters took to twitter to voice frustration. a couple -- are there i.c.e. agents on my new jersey illegals, just fcyi, why are we doing this on my morning commute? bring in a plusanel. pop culture expert lisa is backr lisa. we're don't know all details. we know a lot of people heard this, o tn the train, was this a practical joke or mying with -- playing
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with the microphone. >> that is a town illegals and criminals get off on the next stop, i bet were not illegal immigrants tha. >> your fear -- your theory is y were warning them. >> we don't know that is the case, that is whyinvestigation,e reason, it was inappropriate ofn there and say that. >> i love it. he is trying to l. int, if lisa is right and there were agents onis is an to --ction of just is, and if agents on train he created chaos. >> so far, there was no facts. >> that is not a finish, if thee
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i.c.e. anxieties i agents, it we obs device that is used fpurposes, creatinf public alarm. if he were so unfit to do that, say goodon't f he was losing his job. a fly wia sledgeha >> i think that new jersey transit has enough problem, the, they are conducting an investigation. fid? >> it depends on the out come -- let m me finish. my point is outcome of the investigation, if he did itnaropriately he should be fired. >> do you think they
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ietion oi.c.e. on the train, t . >> he did not do the right thing. >> that ostruction of justice. >> he can't win. train, and youe going are defending calling out our lo catch criminals. >> >> that is it? >> absolutely boo.f law, you cannot obstruct an investigation the policy, that s the law. >> i am surprisedhat governor murphy did not rush to next train stop for a o >> thank you. >> don't look at me. >> thats bill: whether you take the 8, le
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mate commuter -- m how bad it c, commuter fighting back inposter? >> well. bil this, the service changes for a-train, le. what do you hope>> my ego is noi think that will cause a to entee a bit. i think that subway chaos is pli think when you findo crazy therf nothingpotunity for humor. bill: are you almost compliest .
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>> you know, the place, i think overall, i am be, that is more often because less than optimal. bill: what kind of react do you >> a lot of positive reaction on-line, people saying it is funny, they relate to it, they are tired of dealing with such and such, i did comic book parodies, cool to see a wider. bill: you saw studenpportunity d you took it. >> yes. bill: thank you denard. >> thank you. bill: bring in a plus panel. immigration join us. rain, nope just turnu see these, around. i know, frustrating commuters, is this from duckive or doeprod.
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every time, he came up with this while to the train, it is good. why note. bill: what gets done? blasio focuses on just about everything but actual problem and city government will say that mta is the problem, he is mayor of the city, yous on somes absurd. >> i think if he really wants ts attention he should print these on plastic bags and hang them. up. >> this is useful to have a sense of humor, it draws attention, everyone can commissions rating it. bill: any advise for government across the hudson? get this right this stuff is just, it is of commuters.t is real for so
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>> we're talking about it showings it working. a comedy, e that new jersey can give to new york, we have our problem on new jersey point. i don't know that they can give advice. chasing news after the break. >> chasing all o headlines, including a brutal subway beating caught on square subway, stay right
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news," i am bill spadea, checking headline, a brutal subway beating on surveillance camera. check out this video, nypd looking for a man who beat a man at times square subway station february 27, punching the victim several times, the victim of the treated for bruisin to his faces
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6 feet tall weighing >> mcdonald's swipes back at rivals offer fresh meat in quarter pounders in 3500 longer frozen g out to mostt by may. >> thank you tonight, always a pleo be in your homes, stay safe in theer under estimate how bad it could be c tomorrow night on "chasing news," we have the full break down on how the storm impacted our area, and tune in tomorrow morning, and follow us on twitter @chasing
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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. right now at 11:00 update on that winter storm. the rain has moved in as we take look at rehoboth beach, delawa delaware. that's how this storm system is beginning. for most of us it won't stay that way. rain already changing over to snow in delaware county. you can tell from that video it will be wet, heavy stuff. parts of our area could see a lot of it. well we just got to say it. this is one nasty nor'easter we'll be dealing with. thanks for joining us tonight at 11:00. i'm iain page. the storm is quickly changing. kathy just updated the snow totals and up is the word. details and new information coming into the fox 29 newsroom now by the minute. here's what we can tell you right now. we've got hundreds of school closings. scrolling scrolling at the bottom of your screen of philadelphia public schools and arch die is that so schools closed tomorrow. snow emergency goes into


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