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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 7, 2018 3:30am-3:59am EST

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. right now at 11:00 update on that winter storm. the rain has moved in as we take look at rehoboth beach, delawa delaware. that's how this storm system is beginning. for most of us it won't stay that way. rain already changing over to snow in delaware county. you can tell from that video it will be wet, heavy stuff. parts of our area could see a lot of it. well we just got to say it. this is one nasty nor'easter we'll be dealing with. thanks for joining us tonight at 11:00. i'm iain page. the storm is quickly changing. kathy just updated the snow totals and up is the word. details and new information coming into the fox 29 newsroom now by the minute. here's what we can tell you right now. we've got hundreds of school closings. scrolling scrolling at the bottom of your screen of philadelphia public schools and arch die is that so schools closed tomorrow. snow emergency goes into effect
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in philadelphia tomorrow morning and across the area. other cities and counties remainder states of emergency. philadelphia says it's ready for the storm. the streets department changed over trash trucks to plows to help clear the city's roads when the snow starts falling. this is a storm that requires team coverage from your fox 29 weather authority. delaware county where it's already coming down. shawnette wilson is standing by in wynnewood, montgomery county, but let's begin tonight with kathy orr. kathy, you just tweaked your forecast. >> oh, we are definitely tweaking this forecast. the trend is colder and that means more snow and you saw chris he's in the snow chadds ford seeing the snow and you can see it on ultimate doppler. now we'll take a zoom in. this is our doppler triple sweep our life radar you can real seal where the coming down even parts of south jersey, delaware county, chester county into lower parts of montco and into northern philadelphia so snow moving in temperatures still above freezing. so not sticking to the surfaces
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just yet but will start accumulating on the grass. look at the temperatures though. falling pretty rapidly in wilmington 35 degrees. philadelphia 37. by tomorrow morning still in the 30s but we have that on shore flow down the shore. temperatures really a millville. 42 in wildwood and heavy rain philadelphia on that borderline of rain/snow and snow to the north and west and then everyone changing over to snow and staying that way till the end. during the height of the storm late morning early afternoon. 1 inch per hour in some locations. 2-inches an hour winds gusting to 30. even 40 miles an hour tough to travel and of course poor visibility as well during this storm. so snow accumulations eight to 15-inches north and west of the city i brought that closer to philadelphia. five to eight in philadelphia and adjacent suburbs in south jersey. three to six interior south jersey and coating to three closer to the shore as the trend is colder and that means more snow further south. we'll continue to fine tune this
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forecast and go neighborhood by neighborhood little bit later on in the broadcast. iain, i'll see you then. >> kathy, thanks. for some in delaware county the thought of another snowstorm is hard to bear. still some in the dark from last week' nor'easter. chris o'connell is live in broomall. chris looks like it pick up out there in the last hour. >> reporter: yeah, the second winter storm of the week, iain, has gun snow started to fall just about half hour ago. it's coming down thick. it's coming down wet. and for many here in delaware county, that are still without power from the first storm, this home depot store has been a home away from home. >> how you keeping sane? >> a lot of wine. [ laughter ] >> seriously a lot of wine. >> reporter: candlelight glimmering from a darkened broomall home certainly looks romantic. >> we had already throw out two refrigeratorefrigerators full o. >> reporter: after fours
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getting old. >> coming down i'll show you what's been able to keep us repr the gas fireplace and he and his wife would it even more frustrating look out the window. all o neighbors on winding way have power and utility crews are camped out a block away yet he still waits. >> what have you been listen to. some am, some fm oldi playing gin rummy. >> reporter: about mile away at the home depot storm wary residents had had to pass by the barbeques, fat pat yo furniture and lawn makers for rock salt, snow shovels and chain sauce. >> back on winding way, the family are told for a third time their power will be restored tomorrow. if you're listening, peco, they'll be waiting. >> do you think you'll have power. >> way are things go way because
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the storm that's going to hit. i'm figuring friday, saturday. >> reporter: as we bring you back out here live in broomall, delaware county, the thick snow continues to fall here at the home depot if you are still looking for a generator, word is, a shipment will come in about 3:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. doors open here at 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. if you still need a generator i'm helping you don't with this storm, ready to hit us as we speak. of course, it's always busy at the hardware store. it's even busier at the grocery store. that's where we find my colleague shawnette wilson live tonight in wynnewood, montgomery county. shawnette. >> reporter: well, chris similar situation here within the past 15 minutes or so we started seeing that snow mix in with the rain. and coming down pretty steadily. behind us you can see an empty parking lot. i think the last of the people have just gotten they are groceries and headed home but this store was quite busy tonight with people stocking up
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on nothing else but food. >> they did have some bread but like all the good stuff. all snacks. >> reporter: late shoppers rush over to this giant supermarket in wynnewood to stock up on food. some surprised to find slim picking. >> i can't believe it. the vegetables are wiped out. potato chips are wiped out. people are buying like they never saw food. >> reporter: maria solomon says she purposely got a late start. >> this morning i came earlier because i was visiting my parents and it was mayhem. so i figure let me try tonight. and i'm glad that i did because it's a lot less. >> reporter: maria says her only mistake was bringing along her eight-year-old granddaughter maya. >> what did i get? comfort food. some comfort food. and word to the wise. never take your granddaughter shopping because you end up with extra things you would never ever ever ever envision buying. >> seek james was out with her 14-ear-old daughter alan in a after a long day and with a long list from the wife. >> you cam with a honey do list. >> very long one.
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after dropping off gymnastics, picking up from volleyball now at the grocery store. >> around the area crews are working late nights trying to restore power to homes knocked out from last friday's storm. they're still a lot of downs trees and power lines keeping streets in the dark. still people are getting ready again for whatever could come. >> i'm so confused at this point with all the reports but i'm planning to be home. >> reporter: a lot of people outlooking for food. we had probably even more people, iain, wanting to talk about the power still being out. a woman just came by our live truck right before we went on air. just frustrated the fact they haven't had power since friday with this mess happening they're unshire of how long they'll be without it. >> philadelphia city officials are declaring a snow emergency. it will start 8:00 tomorrow morning and upping what that mean. all parked cars have to be off snow emergency routes and you should park far from street corners if not your car will be
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relocated and if tomorrow is your trash day, hold on until thursday. city crews have 40,000 tons of salt ready to use on those streets. "good day philadelphia" team also following this storm for you. sue has got the latest forecast bob has your traffic conditions. plus all your day's news and headlines. good day starts at 4:00 and goes all the way until 10:00 maybe longer tomorrow right here on fox 29. developing right now the search for a driver who hit a mother in her little girl in mayfair. six good samaritans lifted the car to save them. police say the 36-year-old mother was walking on the sidewalk with her two children when a car jumped the curb and hit two of them just before 7:0. the driver then ran off and left behind the white toyota you see here op 3200 block of fie tyson avenue. three-year-old girl is in critical condition at the hospital while the mom is in stable condition. the other child thankfully was not hurt. a woman walking to work become the victim avenue stunning crime. it all happened in the heart of center city. police say a man brutally beat,
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robbed and then sexually assaulted the victim. the suspect is still on the loose tonight along with an accomplice. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at 13th and lombard where this all happened. dave. >> reporter: iain this attack caused the neighborhood. police describing attack as vicious they say the suspect grabbed the victim right off the street. >> yes it scares me very badly. >> woman near cautiously through the area after word spread a arthritic-year-old woman had been brutally beaten, robbed and sexually assaulted here. >> pretty, like, terrifying being a woman i can definitely, upping, relate to. probably being in her situation like that that's never happened to me before but the thought of that terrifies me. >> this man is over powering. he's intimidating. he's physically significantly more imposing than our victim. >> 5:30 sunday when surveillance video captured the suspect as he
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grab the 36-year-old victim on her way to work and viciously attacked her. >> he puts her in like a choke hold sort of a head lock and forces her down to 400 block of south watts street. >> police say the suspect repeatedly punched the woman, robbed her, then sexually assaulted her and fled. investigators say he also had an accomplice who acted as a look out. >> the description of the primary attacker would lead to us believe that he's homeless or doesn't have significant means because he he's specifically described as having worn dirty clothes. >> reporter: cynthia the bus eay a hundred feet from where the woman was robbed and as assault. >> i'll pray for her and hyop catch him. >> kind of scary. i kind of want to take a different route to work now. >> reporter: police say the victim did receive medical treatment they do believe the suspects may frequent this area if you recognize them, you can call the special victims unit or just dial 911. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. protecting local schools in
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south jersey police helping keep security tight and parents well not everyone agrees with the new plan. you looking to get a good night pots sleep you may not want to get fully undressed your socks may help you fall asleep and stay that way. seri
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good evening to our friends in new we take a live look at will morning ton
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this tuesday night. major nor'easter. check out the radar that we're watching. some people se rain. some could see lot of wet heavy snow. more people will see forecast iw minutes. the storm has justs wires and trees are already a common sight in our area thanks nor'easter wy 4,000 customers in the are still without power. peco says it's restoring hospital atnd then the repairs t bring back the most customers fo tsot truly bothers them it's the fear of those hanging wires. >> we understand that we may still be a few days without power, but we need to know if these are live wires. we just want someone to come out and assure us. >> it's like a war zone. it's definitely like -- i've been here 13 years. i never saw anything like this before. we've had storms before. this was the worst. >> peco says it was the third worst snowstorm in the utility company's history with 630,000
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customers in the dark at its peak. definitely want to check with the airline if you're traveling tomorrow. there may be delays and cancellations so before you head to bed tonight charge your iphones and your i-pads as kathy is talking about high winds and heavy snow and if you lose power, you can still watch us online or on the fox 29 app. happening now, parents all over the nation concerned for their kids safety as school after school of the mass shooting at florida high school and cherry hill the school district is taking some new safety precautions to make sure kids are safe and that's their top priority. our dave kinchen was there as parents met with school leaders. >> reporter: cooler heads prevailed in the meeting between parents and cherry hill school board members but increasing demand for more security is still a hot item. >> i want to thank you first of all for implementing the immediate things you did that was great. >> reporter: cherry hill parents giving kudos to school board members hailing the decision to have armed officers patrolling all schools while
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tightening up access to the buildings. but parents also want more. >> we need metal detects. you gotta stop it before it gets in the school. >> live feed cameras necessary. something that should be delayed no longer by september 1st they shall be in all 18 schools. >> reporter: student also spoke out in support of ap history teacher tim lock of cherry hill east it reportedly suspended after telling his class he worried a tragedy like the florida massacre could happen here. his removal prompted student protests and walk outs. >> i don't mean to assume that you guys have diss stain, personal vendetta against him, but that's wait seems like to me. >> the board members set they would not make any formal decisions on the teacher and additional security changes to night they pledge to continue the critical conversations. >> remember, your words matter. and together our words matter. >> reporter: school board members say they will announce the specific actions they are
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taking at the next board meeting on march 13th. in cherry hill, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. we're on top of breaking news out of radnor right now. authorities are on the scene avenue hit-and-run. police say a pedestrian was hit around 8:00 tonight on the 500 block of lancaster avenue. the victim is in the hospital and no word on his or her condition. police are still looking for the driver. now keeping an eye on your health tonight. sleeping with your socks on could help you fall asleep faster. researchers say wearing socks to bed may help regulate your core body temperature a necessary part of the sleep cycle a person's core body temperature drops during the night and warming the feet and hands makes the blood vessels dilate relea releasing heat through the skin and keeping the body's core temperature steady. try it. let's head back outside and take live look at the ben franklin parkway. philadelphia getting ready to go under a snow emergency. kathy, we saw it was already snowing where chris and
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shawnette were in montgomery and delaware counties. >> yes indeed ultimate doppler i was just checking twitter. i've had some reports delaware county, chadds ford, aston, pa seeing snow on some locations in south jersey ultimate doppler in our loop showing the cold air really being penetrated and that rain changing over to snow. this is our triple sweep i'll take a zoom in so we can see the neighborhoods. you can see along 495 work 95 in aston president bradford even t. e township seeing snow. pennsville the jersey side and warm air right here that urban heat island effect in philadelphia keeping it warmer but eventually we'll see a change over to snow in philadelphia as well. look at these temperatures. above freezing sticky to the grassy surfaces but not the treated surface or the ground it's still too warm it will get cold enough to stick. we can see the winds coming out of the southeast. they will be changing becoming northeasterly tomorrow as our storm developed and is strong to
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the south of us. we'll be gusting to 22 in philadelphia. 34 through south jersey hire down the shore. by 1:00 o'clock look at theseec oming more northerly as the storm is just off the coast. filtered down from the north. philadelphia gusting to 32. millville gusting to 36. and as the storm pulls away and is south of long island, we'll see this northwesterlyilding ino arthritic at the airport in atlantic city. so not as strong as the last storm as far as the wind is concerned but the snow much more significant. that's the biggest player in this storm. we go hour by hour. by 7:00 o'clock in the morning, you have the strong northeasterly fetch. you have warmer temperatures ra. philadelphia on that borderline from trenton, until andttle bit. north and west you have the air. moving in from about 11am into the heavy at times. even sneaking into south jerseyp the i-95 corridor it's going to
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be a battle zone. south jersey down t s rain. we end it as all snow accumulann through atlantic county and then it moves out. byout of here northwesterly winds drying us out. and the of new england by that time. so it's a fast mover a compact storm but it will donald trump that snow in short period of time. i've updated the snow accumulations based on the latest trend of cold air moving in. witness to 15 stays north and west of the city. in philadelphia, i upped it to five to eight. interior south jersey three to six. coating through south jersey and the sre mix. as we zoom in our neighborhoods norris up to, abington, marple, warrington, richboro, eight to 15 plus. philadelphia mt. laurel, moorestown, medford, five to eight. three to six as you head toward tabernacle and gloucester. that heavy wet snow is going to
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be tugging on the tree limbs and power line the biggest problem iain will be power outag outagee north and western suburbs fridae seeing more downed trees unfortunately. overnight temperatures inin the 30s. only around 36 degrees in ll bedelphia. an issue. don't try to shovel this. this is going to be a the heavi. thursday windy we dry it mornin. weekend looks great for the philadelphia st. patrick's day parade on pretty quiet with a few showers monday. tuesday sunny and dryure 46. of course, sue and mike will have the latest tomorrow mornin is still evolving. >> all right, kathy, thanks. bigoming up in sports. >> too many athletes hang on foa icon says it's not time to go just hanging around is
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♪ nfl rosters change every year. you see you have to stay in vogue. general managers can't be caught wearing last year's team fashion rules. free agency trades draft picks they rip up the roster to keep up with the joneses. just not jerry jones eagles have one staple for 11 years and brent of that's brent celek he told it will be 12. no plans to retire. numbers for philadelphia longest tenured athlete aren't real pretty. by today's standards they're outdated. 27 catches in 2015. that was a good year. 14 in 16. 13 this year. the eagles wouldn't be the same if he left. no player embodieed spirit of te super bowl team than brent cel celek. the guy that led them to their first. as howie roseman adds and sub contracts. he may not catch a pass. he'll catch attention in the eagles locker room all season.
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>> thank you very much. thanks for watching
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>> from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia". >> here we go. the nor'easter is here. buckle up. we're looking at a wild ride all day rain has already turned to snow in some parts. hundreds of schools are closed or delayed. your morning commute, it is not going to be an easy one. >> good day everybody. it is march 7th, this is certainly a day we will remember so many of our schools are already closed i'm karen hepp. >> still a lot of uncertainty here with this nor'easter a lot to talk about this wednesday morning. just reminder all of the school closings and concellations see them on the bottom of your screen, also have them at >> so thank you so much for joining us, we do are a state of emergency in pennsylvania right now. we've got -- send us your pictures, let us know, i'm surprised how much snow we were both were discuss something already outside maybe in your backyards.
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let us know what it is like at your house, used #fox29goodday. >> also state of emergency in new jersey as well. the big question this morning is the rain-snow mix, the line he can actually what we are looking at. we have team coverage this morning, here on march 7th. it is 3:59. let's get started this morning. as we go and check your weather authority, we begin with sue serio. >> all right, so i picked a three for today. some folks will be getting rain. i think i will ' go down a number for. that will because bus stop buddy shows you how you should be dressed if you have to go out in this today. it is a mess out there already. it is snow. it is some rain, depends where you are, temperatures in the three's, should stay in the 30's all day, but with you enough winds it feels like it is in the 20's out, there so cold enough for snow. only a degree above freezing, here, in philadelphia. sunrise time 6:25. and we'll stay in the mid 30's throughout the rest of the day. there will be times when the snow mixes with rain again
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depending on where you live, but his is major coastal storm, and it is only just beginning. the peak of the storm won't be until this afternoon, and we're already seeing snow start to accumulate. and of course, who do we put out in the mess? well, mike masco is with us this morning, and i know you're going to take a look at radar and let us know how thing are and where we are going from here. >> yes. we have got a long duration storm, sue, you know, strap ourselves in, here we go, i mean, this is really the taste this morning across the delaware valley. but the big show to come later this afternoon. right to radar. we'll show you exactly what the storm is starting to look like. that is weak area of low pressure just off the carolina coastline, but the big engine out toward the west sitting over chicago, cincinnati, that's what's going to give this a kick start and a jump. this is what's going to allow for the storm to really bomb out. what's so interesting about this storm, folks, it is not just one or two jet streams involved. >> this will be triple phase storm threat.
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