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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  March 7, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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but his is major coastal storm, and it is only just beginning. the peak of the storm won't be until this afternoon, and we're already seeing snow start to accumulate. and of course, who do we put out in the mess? well, mike masco is with us this morning, and i know you're going to take a look at radar and let us know how thing are and where we are going from here. >> yes. we have got a long duration storm, sue, you know, strap ourselves in, here we go, i mean, this is really the taste this morning across the delaware valley. but the big show to come later this afternoon. right to radar. we'll show you exactly what the storm is starting to look like. that is weak area of low pressure just off the carolina coastline, but the big engine out toward the west sitting over chicago, cincinnati, that's what's going to give this a kick start and a jump. this is what's going to allow for the storm to really bomb out. what's so interesting about this storm, folks, it is not just one or two jet streams involved. >> this will be triple phase storm threat. arctic energy coming off the
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midwest. we also have northern jet stream energy coming all the way out of seattle. how about jet stream stretched from baja, california and into mexico. and that's what's going to allow this storm to really get going. it is later this afternoon, that we're headlining and highlighting, this morning, though, a rain snow mixture, snow to the north and the west, then everything gets kicking as we get into the late morning hours, into the early afternoon hours, and we will be very concerned as we get to the 2:00, 3:00 hour for the possibility of thunder snow. that just gives you an idea that this is a storm that will have lots of dynamics involved, two-inch or more snow rate per hour, and that could bring down the visibility to near zero. there is a lot to talk about with this storm. it is a day where this forecast will change hour by hour, we will talk more about that with sue serio coming up in just a little bit. let's get a check on the morning commute. here's bob kelly. >> 4:01, you mentioned alive and kicking reminds me of
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seven's band i used to play back in the elbow back in the day. here is a example of what we have to kick it off. mix every rain and snow, and though it is coming at you sideways here, and it will be one of those slushy, starts. now, what i think we're going to have a problem with, already, out in the suburbs, conshy state road, out in malvern when came in, that heavy wet snow that is already bending all of the tree branches, and that's what's going to pull everything down and including power lines. it is not that white fluffy oh, looks pretty kind of snow. it is that heavy wet good or hard snowball kind of snow. that we're dealing with here this morning. so, be careful. live look at the ben franklin bridge. everything is wet, passable, poor visibiity, of course, can't even see the skyline and all of the speeds reduced not only on the bridges but also on the new jersey turnpike, over to new jersey we go, downed wires, right at route 73, and route 130, in pennsauken, right near the old pennsauken mart there. so some of the on and off-ramps are blocked.
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we've got new jersey crew headed out that way to kind of pick up the wires and get those ramps back open. an accident down in delaware, and an example for the folks down here in middletown, route 301, right at old school house road. i think we're if good shape. they prepped ahead. the schools closed. businesses are closing. they heeded the warnings unlike the last time where they thought they were going to try to get everybody in and then change the game plan at around 5:00 or 6:00. again, we have our school closings across the bottom of the screen. if you have got to go out here is the dealment septa regional rails running on saturday schedule, no service on the kin win line. delays and concellations likely. heavy wet snow will do a job, do a number on those overhead power lines. as the best work horses, the market frankford, the broad street subway, they're running trains 24/7. every 20 minutes. if you got to go, that's the way to go, as far as mass transit. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> those delays and
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concellations continue to come in at this hour, bob, thank you. 4:03. let's take you back outside, another look at old city. good morning. we mention city officials have declared a snow emergency starting 8:00 am. this morning. what's that mean it means all parked cars must be moved off snow emergency route. you should park far from street corners. trash collection has also been suspended for the day. >> and in new jersey, governor& fill murphy has declared a state of emergency, for the entire state. which means all non-essential state offices are closed. he warned everybody should try to stay off the roads, and obviously use good judgement. and this storm comes as obviously so many people are still without power. we've trees down, lines down, peco reporting they have 4,000 people without power in delaware county, 4,000 in montgomery county, chester count bye a thousand, few hundred people out in bucks count. >> i non-stop team coverage all morning and afternoon long. storm like this certainly demands it. jenn fred, live in upper montgomery county. our lauren johnson in upper
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bucks county. we begin with steve keeley in lehigh county, a area that's expected to get hit hard this morning. steve? >> reporter: yes, and not get hit at all right in you. you can see, it clear as a bell here on allentown on main drag. the only snowflakes visible are the decorations on the polls. and the cars aren't snow covered. we don't have any precipitation falling at all. road looks wet. but this is the best spot i've seen all day, i've been up since about midnight, my street in moorestown, we had the big wet flakes dragging down branches, then i passed those wires on 73 and 130, got detoured on that on my way n even the betsy ross bridge for the first time since i've been commute interesting moorestown, and in 2004, was slush covered. they usually get that chipping cleared. yesterday on my way home they put the brian down but must have washed away with the rain. i was slipping on the betsy ross bridge. so that was the worse part i saw in south jersey.
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so getting all the way up here to lehigh valley where it is expected to be hardest hit, nothing right now, at all. you can see everybody driving by with no problems at all. and by the way, you mention the power outages toss to go me, they've still got 7400 people in allentown, ppl reports on their outage map. still without power from last friday storm, now heading into this storm. so, if we get hit, the hardest as expected with maybe up to foot and a half of snow, you can only imagine how much difficulty there is going to be trying to get everybody restored in addition to having new people. so this gives you a idea about how easy driving is as everybody's speeding around the streets here as you can hear people revving their engines. so no problems here in allentown, i doubt i'll be the lead live shot until we get something else, guys. >> steve, that's interesting. i have a lot of snow in montgomery county, and tom said 'd lot in south jersey. so interesting where it is happening. so we will take our cameras all around our greater delaware and lehigh val ills. let's get over to but err --
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upper bucks county lauren has the snow in quakertown, good morning. >> hey, karen. we are at the wawa in quakertown, 663. look at this, it is empty. no one is here. so people probably heeding the warnings. it is still early though, to not come out into the snow. so here's what happened. when we were heading up this way, we passed about eight to ten different salt trucks on 76 and 476. during most of the drive it was sort of wet mixture of snow and rain. now pretty much all snow, just as sue promised. the roads though not bad out here a lot of slush really, on the streets and you can see it is not really bad. we saw a lot of the salt trucks. but we are blanketed by a layer of snow out here. so, how many inches will we see accumulate throughout the morning? mike and sue just told us, one to two or two to 3 inches per hour. so we will be out here all morning keeping you posted on the conditions and if you live in this area, of course, you can talk to us on social media, let us know what you see.
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we know that the school kids are not in class today. so we will see if we can find some of them. see what they're doing on this snow day. so for now, all snow, no mixture, as what it was when we headed up this way from philadelphia. but light snow, and the conditions aren't too bad out on the roads. we'll keep up guys posted and check back in with you guys in just a bit. >> no doubt the little ones will be up in a couple of hours making the snowmen. lauren, thank you, we will check back in with you, 4:08. downed branches, wires, trees, already common sites all across the area, that of course thanks to last friday's nor'easter, nearly 4,000 customers in the hard hit delaware county, still without power. peco says it is restoring hospitalization, and nursing homes first, then tackling repairs that will bring the remaining customers on line. for some, it is not the weight that's really bothers them, it is the fear of the hanging wires. >> we understand that we may still be a few days without power. but we need to know if these are live wires. we just want someone to come out and assure us. >> it is like a war zone,
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definitely, i have been here 134 years, never saw anything like this before. we've had storms before. >> this was the worse. >> and here we go again. peco says it was the third worse snowstorm in the utility company's history, with 630,000 customers, in the dark at its peak. >> well, if you are planning to take septa today, we're going have fewer trains that will be running, because of the storm, trains are going to be on severe storm schedule. that's basically like septa saturday schedule with some adjustments, the cynwyd line will not be running, head out and check before you head for your treanor bus, all on fox29.comment same thing with amtrak right now, before you leave your house check for your route. trains are operating on modified schedule for amtrak, including the northeast corridor, between washington and boston. as well as the keystone service which runs between new york, philadelphia, and harrisburg. now, amtrak is trying to contact people who are impacted to accommodate them on different trains. >> you can also expect delays and concellations, if you're flying this morning, take live
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look at international, philadelphia international airport, not only the flights going out, also the flights coming in. it will have a ripple effect all day long. airport officials say some of the airlines have already offered to wave the fee for travelers to change their flights because of the nor'easter. of course, check with your lane line for all of the details and certainly plan ahead. >> we've told you, if you plan to park in philadelphia, there is a snow emergency in effect. so there is a snow emergency route. you will need to move your car by 8:00 a.m. this morning. the philadelphia parking authority is offering 24 hour parking, for just $5, at six center city garages. once again, 8:00ppa will stop enforcing meters, kiosk, and time limit violations, but look at the sign very closely. if it says emergency route, do not park there. we have you covered throughout this nor'easter, stay to up date by logging onto our website right there you can track the latest on the storm in real time by downloading the fox 29 weather
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authority app. it is free and available on the google play and apple itunes store, as well. >> a lot of news from overnight. let's get to this story developing right now out mayfair. we have the search for driver who hit a mother and her little girl. police say the 36 year old mother was g on the sidewalk with her two children when a car jumped the curb and struck her and one of her daughters before 7:00 last night. good samaritans who came out to lift the car and free the little girl. can you imagine how horrifying? what did the driver do? ran away and left behind the white toyota you see there, 3200 block every tyson avenue. that will three year old girl is in surgery right now. can you imagine that family going through all of this? she is in critical condition. the mom and the other child are physically okay. >> also, following a developing news from another hit-and-run. >> this one in delaware county. pedestrian was struck about 8:00 last night, right on the 500 block of lancaster avenue in radnor. that victim is in the hospital
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right now. we don't know anything about that and they're searching for that driver. >> continuing coverage of the latest nor'easter, our jenn fred up and early this morning, in up he month co. good morning, jen. >> good morning, right around the limerick outlet. we will show you a little bit about how the roads look. i think you can see it there. it is exactly what sue serio and the rest of the fox 29 weather team said it would be. come on back, we will tell you all about the roads in montgomery county. >> oh, oh, jen is going to the limerick outlets, 4:12, live look at route 30. business 30 in chester county. it is that heavy wet snow, which is already pulling down some of the tree branches, and surely we have got to watch some of the wires. let's go outside. our studios here at fourth and market in old city. septa buses running right there. we will run down septa schedule for today. sue and mike have the forecast when we come right back.
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the limerick shopping cam.
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>> we have a lot of snow depending where you are. you may have just rain, you may have just snow. upper dublin, says never had any rain, a lot of accumulating snow there. >> i know you're looking out your window, 4:15, not much going on here, but things are about to change. we've been tracking this, the
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weather authority, mike and sue, will update us in just a second. that will nor'easter is moving in. there is the rain-snow line. depending where you are, you could get couple of inches, could get over a foot. sue serio? >> it is true, that's definitely in the forecast, and i'll explain to you why. already getting a lot of precipitation, but here is the center of the storm. down here off the coast of north carolina, hugging the coast there. and then we have all of this precipitation from the secondary storm that we told you about where the energy transfer was happening. so this thing is just get being cranked up. you can see that rain-snow line that's moving through new jersey, and half of new castle county, in delaware, but a lot of dry slots, as well. again, we're just getting started. so, we haven't filled in a lot around the pocono mountains or the lehigh valley. we will. and we haven't seen a whole lot going on in philadelphia. but we will. and these dry slots will eventually be filling in, as the storm gets closer. it gets little tricky as you're over in new jersey, some places only getting rain.
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some places getting a mixture. and it is pretty heavy at times. along parts of the a.c. expressway, down at the jersey shore, and in southern delaware, it is only raining at the moment. so, we've expanded now, the national weather service has the winter storm warning in effect, now including new castle county, salem, gloucester, camden and half of burlington counties. these are the places that could get the double digit accumulation, but certainly more snow than we anticipated. because of the tricky necessary of the forecast. but, expect heavy wet snow, weighing down the trees and the power lines, and the winds gusting up to 35, to 45 miles per hour, that means, unfortunately, more power outages, and the potential for blocked roadways if trees or power lines come down. not unlike what happened last friday. so, this is our latest map. that we are putting together of estimates of snowfall. we're going five to 8 inches in this i-95 corridor. i might put plus sign here. possibility of more. depending on where that rain-snow line eventually sets
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up, and remember, it doesn't get cranked up really until later on this afternoon, little less as go further south, whole lot more as you go further north. so expect this to continue to evolve. we are watching it very carefully, mike masco is outside. watching what's going on in the city, and we've really only just gun. this is going to be an all day event. >> all day event is right. and sue, you know, all about intensity with the precipitation. you can see the roadways this morning, here, in old sit, and really for the entire city is all, you know, clear, in terms of no slush, just again very light snow. but as the snow rates pick up today, that's where things start to change. when you get the rates, the heavy one, two, 3-inch snow rates coming down, that's when we start to slush things up. right over to the board. because we take a look at the storm, right now, not an impressive looking storm. but the deal is, as we watch energy coming out of the midwest, that's going to really inject all of this
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fuel, and it will allow for the storm to start to develop. what's interesting, the buoy's are starting to read wind gusts 50 miles per hour, so that's telling us here at fox that this storm is starting to intensify, but in the seeing the rapid intensification like we'll see later this afternoon. let's bring you into the fox future cast together. look what goes down as we go into the 9:00, 10:00 hour, heavy steady rains, route nine, all the way down toward millville. and the question is, as sue raised, you know, where does this rain snow line go? does it go far enough north or does it stay along the coast? if it stays along the coast, we could be talking about a lot of double digit snowfall totals across the region. we will talk more about the storm coming up in just a little bit. let's begin side to bob. >> you got it, common in, coffee is hot for you. live look at route 73, route 130 over here, right off the betsy ross bridge, downed wire as steve mentioned along the southbound side of 73 blocking some of the ramps thereto route 130 right near the old
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pennsauken mart. the rest of south jersey, kind of mixed messages, i think, you know, the new jersey governor declared state of emergency, but the lenape high school school district has school today, they're going to let the kids out early. so, be careful. if you have to head out there this morning, speed restrictions on the new jersey turnpike, so on the philadelphia side, again, a lot of the schools are closed, philadelphia public and parochial schools are closed, the suburban school district, we have got all of the robo calls started lighting up your phone last night around 7:30, 8:00. here is a live look what we talked about, that heavy, wet snow, which is laying heavily on top of the wires, on any of the light tree branches, already, weighing them down. and it is only 4:20, and we got the worse ahead of us. conshy state road, just maybe the one big long tree branch it, sticks out maybe 20 feet, laying over conshy state road. and that's where we will see the problems. because eventually, that heavy snow will pull a tree down,
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pulls down the power lines, and then the whole block and the whole neighborhood goes out. that's the scenario that happens. when we get this heavy wet snow. so, here, live look at the ben franklin bridge, all of the bridges have speed restrictions this morning. down atlantic city dealing with some flooding now. a combination of all of the rain, the snow, and high tide. route 401, just outside of atlantic city shutdown. be careful. otherwise mass transit off to good start, karen and thomas back to you. >> hopefully keep a phone, bob, 4:21, showing you the different cameras there depending where you are, some places seeing rain, some snow. montgomery county, good morning, jen and mike. >> good morning to you guys. okay, here is what i have to tell you. good news here. bob was just talking a little bit about the roads in the, you know, the main line area, gladwynn, villanova, bryn mawr, with those tree branches that are already coming in, conshohocken state road. we're in limerick, on our way to pottstown.
4:22 am
in a different part of montgomery county. i can tell you that the trees here, the branches, they don't look to be as heavy as what we saw in other parts of montgomery county. as you can see the roads, this right here is linnfield road. we just came off of evergreen. the pretty clear. we have seen couple of plows. but remember, the crews had said that they wouldn't be able to treat these roads because of rain coming in first overnight. again, we talked about this a little bit earlier before the commercial break, that it looks like amazingly, and we love there is the fox 29 weather team, predicted exactly waist going on, we know that there is rain in the city. out here in the suburbs, montgomery county, it is snow, it is a wet snow, like i said, not that heavy just yet. we will be in the roaching vehicle all morning, in montgomery county. back to you guys. >> all right, guys, take it easy out, there we will check in with you in just a little bit. let's take you back outside, head across there, show you rehoboth. good morning to you.
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just seeing a little built of rink this morning, that's going to change as we track this nor'easter hour by hour. bob, sue and mike, they'll break it all down. >> so we will tell you the snow totals, also sends us your pictures what's happening. we know it is a very different story depending on where you live in the greater delaware and lehigh val ills. so we'll see lots of different snow accumulations depending where you are. use the hashtag #fox29snow. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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>> good morning, the 76ers road trip continuing tuesday, in charlotte, to take on the hornetsment sixers coming off a horrible game sunday night in milwaukee. not on tuesday night. how about the alle ally-oop, don with the left hands, 76ers were deadly from three-point territory, as well, robert covington, three of his 22 right there, bang. 76ers, 128, horn he is, 114, flyers back on the ice, getting ready for tuesday's nights game. flyers have lost three in a row, but help may be on the way there is guy, wayne simmons missed the last seven gays expected back tonight. >> i think the boys played well. you know, but, you know, like i said, nice to come back in, and lend a helping hand. you know, making a push right now, hopefully going to -- >> good sign here, little more than move removed from the first super bowl title. eagles have new reminders at
4:27 am
lincoln financial field, super bowl banners waiving proudly. that's sports that minute. i'm thomas sredenschek. >> thank you, shredder. so let's take another look around our area, and see what's happening. maybe where you are. how about upper montgomery county? >> lauren johnson, good morning. >> reporter: hello, guys, i'm in bucks county. and the snow is falling sideways. it is coming dot out here, no mixture, more coming up after the break. >> looking good, lauren, 4:27. we've got some flooding as a result every high tide coming offer the delaware river. this is a live look at columbus boulevard. right near the ben franklin bridge. let's go to allentown, checking in this morning, we've got cameras everywhere. sue has got your forecast. but first we will check the lottery numbers a quick break and we'll be right back. [a5df]
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>> it is a good morning to snuggle in, looking at doylestown, that's the storm over our heads, we do have some states of emergency declared for so many of our states, and areas, and cities, and communities, and whole number of school closings that are running at the bottom of your screen. moles of the schools made the call yesterday. >> yes, pennsylvanian new jersey under states of emergency, there and see on the bottom of your screen the
4:31 am
concellations and delays are still coming in at this hour. we have live team coverage, great to have you with thus wednesday morning, as weigher up for this nor'easter. talking about a lot of snow here and rain, as well, some areas a mix. so, let's talk about that team coverage. all morning long. mike masco live in old city philadelphia. right there, steve keeley, live in lehigh county. >> and also, we've got jenn fred in upper montgomery county right now. and we have lauren johnson who is in bucks county. but let's start with our own sue serio. >> yes, haven't seen the bulk of the storm yet. keep that in mine as you're going through the morning and looking out the window and saying well that isn't so bad. three out of ten for sure. and maybe even lower number depending where you live. shear bus stop buddy all geared up, for the snow. when you can't see him, that's a good way to dress. because he's all ready to protect himself from the elements, because eventually the wind will be cranking up as well. sustained 12 miles per hour right now. that makes 33 degrees feel
4:32 am
like 24. so, temperatures are definitely cold enough to support snow. not seeing it everywhere just yet. but the winds will be picking up, stay in the 30's, all day, and we will get the snow, some places will have rain mixed in, winds will be 35, to 40 miles an hour, so yes the danger is therefore trees, power lines, unfortunately to come down, again, so, we will see how it all plays out. but mike masco is outside here in the city right outside of our buildings, so if somebody is waking up right now and they're saying what's the big deal? what do you have to say to them? >> reporter: right. hey, look, it is the early stage of this game right now. this is more after conversational snow right now here in philadelphia. but that is going to change later this afternoon. believe it or not the storm is still developing down to the south. let's go right to radar. i want to show this. it is several hundred miles due south of philadelphia. and it doesn't look like much just yet on saturday light and radar. but that's going to change. see that biggio out to the west? that's the energy, and the
4:33 am
mechanism, that's going allow this storm to pop off the coast. once it pops, man is this going to get nasty. there is actually three jet stream pieces of energy coming into this storm, polar jet stream energy. there is a northern jet, and it has a southern connection. actually pulling some moisture offer the pacific ocean, that's going to infuse in this system and game on for a big storm. look at fox future cast together. now, look, i think 8:00, 9:00 a.m. in the morning all of our shore points seeing steady heavy rains. i think goes to up 295, 95, then puts on the brakes. after 8:00, 9:00 by lunchtime, we will probably be on the newscast with you, look at the heavy steady snow setting up from the poconos. scranton, all the way down toward philly. and i think it gets as far south as dover, with steady heavy snows. that banding of snow will mean business. so what you need to know, what you should know, through the course of the afternoon, it is a changeable day. right now, not much happening.
4:34 am
but the worse of the storm comes in between 11 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. it is intense snow bands. i think we're going to see thunder and lightning. we call it thunder snow. and i think that's the deal as we get into the afternoon hours. again, it is cents a dynamic storm. a day to keep fox 29 on your tv. you know, check in every hour or so, because it will be a new development each hour, as this storm starts to develop. we will come back in just a little bit, talk more about the storm, show you an updated snowfall total map coming up in just a bit. >> thunder snow. we need bill anderson to start making us some t-shirts. hello collegeville. live look, route 29 and main street, again, look out your front window, yes, mix of rain, snow, maybe a slush. it is that heavy wet snow that's going to way heavily on some of the tree branches, and power lines. that's the deal in collegeville. say hello to the bakery up there. snow plows are out, route 100, plow train just came through.
4:35 am
here is a live look at route 202, as you roll through west chester. so everything is open. there is no closures at the moment. but it is a slushy, wet start, to our wednesday morning. over here in new jersey, i think some mixed messages, new jersey, kicks in a state of emergency, but mt. laurel schools have class today. they're going let them out eary but you still got to get out there. got to get the buses. people got to get going. just be careful if you're over in south jersey, new jersey turnpike, speed restrictions in play along the entire lent, all of the bridges have speed restrictions. already, some downed power lines over here in pennsauken. route 73, and 130, blocking some of the lanes and the on and the off ramps. here is your deal for mass transit. amtrak, patco, service changes, snow schedule, dart, new jersey transit, going give it their best shot today. saturday schedule for all of septa regional rail lines, no service on the cynwyd line. delays and concellations likely specially watch along the paoli line where that tree
4:36 am
line, beautiful, but the heavy wet snow is going to do a number on som of the trees and power lines, if you really must get somewhere here is the way to go. two big work horses cents on the septa system, market frankford, broad street subway, trains running 24/7. every 20 minute. to get you to where you got to go. karen, thomas, back to you. >> crews are staying busy, thank you, 4:36ment another reminder philadelphia public schools and archdioces schools are closed today. along with hundreds of other schools all across the region, you can see them on the bottom of your screen. we also cents have them at pennsylvania and new jersey are under states of emergency. a snow emergency goes into effect in philadelphia at 8:00 . you must remove your vehicle. there will also be no trash collection in philadelphia this morning. and we still have people without power. let's go through some of the numbers. 10,000 people, peco has 4,000 people without power in delaware county, 4,000 in montgomery county, chester county, has about a thousand people, and bucks county, a couple hundred.
4:37 am
>> all right, let's get some more coverage. let's go to bucks county speaking that far. >> lauren johnson what are you seeing out there, good morning? >> hi, guys, so listen to there is always nice, when the guys from wawa come outside and say it will be a long morning for you, so free coffee all morning, that's where we, are the wawa fox county off 663. we want it come closer to the score. we can show you the road conditions over here, little bit different than where we were earlier. so you can can see as sue and mike have been talking about, that mixture that was rain, then snow, so little slushy out here right now. this is where we've seen couple of different salt and plow trucks have come through, fueled up, then headed back out on the roads. so i've been checking twitter, checking all of the officials sites and instagram and making sure that nothing is really hang out herement it is kind of quiet. always good news. no news is good news. so yes, it is starting to taper offer little bit. the snow falling little harder about 30 minutes ago when we checked in with you guys. it is starting to lighten up little bit. but we know we're in for a long hall, as sue and mike had
4:38 am
promised. we're going to stick around. stay out here, let you know how the conditions are shaping up. for now, thomas, karen, things are pretty easy going. >> that's good news, good start. so far so good. lauren, thank you. >> let's take you back outside. all across the delaware valley here, let's take live look at philadelphia international airport. you can see, the rain coming down, there, on the lens there, there you go, looking at the airport, if you are planning on flying, certainly check with your airlines because not only flights going out but flights going in. they have been delayed or canceled this morning. another romine err if you do plan to fly, a lot of the airlines waiving the fees for this morning. so go, ahead and give them a call, and certainly plan ahead. >> 4:38. so yesterday, mike jerrick said you know what? let's put keeley up there in allentown, the number one live shot in the thick of it. steve, how is it? >> and that's the scene. >> yes, i think the action is going to be later, like mike masco said. and it could change in a instant. so we have nothing now.
4:39 am
it is a beautiful morning here. the ground is wet from some precipitation that must have fallen long before we got here. but there is the allentown skyline, the ppl building. incidentally, ppl has more outages than you guys v we have 7400 people here in allentown, still without power now for day five since friday's storm. do you have feel awful for those folks. now they're worried with the talk of double digit wet heavy snow coming here later starting mid-morning, boy whether it does commas mike is warning everybody, don't get fooled by there is and sue is telling you if it hasn't hit you yet it is going to, maybe up to one, 2 inches an hour, mike has predicted since yesterday. so, we can see nothing now, then suddenly get wallopped up here. so most people are probably asleep up here now. the allentown schools are closed. and the crews probably resting up for what could be a tough day. the storefront by the way will leave you with this, they have
4:40 am
shop spring arrivals here. and their store, this men's clothing store, jet set for spring. bob kelly, i got a pair of socks for you here when they open. i think that is something that you would be interested in. but the spring arrivals here in the store, but spring still ways from arriving in reality, guys? >> thank you, steve. i'll have thomas and bob wrestling for those socks, they do like them. >> right now, okay, easter. >> so keep it right herement obviously we've got you covered, you can track it on the website. you know our app is pretty fabulous, radar on it wonderful. you can see right what's happening over top of your head. easy to download. >> so some of have you the morning off. do want to see how you'll spend the snow day. we invite you to send us your snow pictures, always love to see them. don't forget to use the hashtag #fox29snow. we will be showing them all morning and afternoon long. another check on the forecast, knew. >> yes, haven't really seen the worse of it yet. in fact, still taking shape as a nor'easter. you see precipitation from the carolinas, all the way up to
4:41 am
new england. but we've got to factor this energy out to the west, as well, what's it all mean? it means the worse is yet to come. but we will be with you through it all. good day philadelphia continues after this. my sinuses. i mean, could you be any more dramatic? i've had it. i'm taking mucinex sinus-max. it's got a triple action formula. carl? carl! mucinex sinus-max. triple-action fights pain, congestion & pressure. let's end this.
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your crops might your ovebe in 1st grade.a pants. but when your oven roasted turkey breast is crafted with nothing but heart and hard work... you're closer to the farm than you think. >> welcome book back, the allentown area, it depend on
4:44 am
where you are, with what you are getting at this exact minute. could have 4 inches, could you have nothing at all. >> that's why we're closely monitoring the radar for you. jane a from triple a, it will be a very busy day for you. and it is that wet slushy snow that's really going to have an impact. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, thomas, car glenn so what are we seeing right now, where are you guys, you know, getting your calls, people coming in, what are some of the calls that you're get tig hour? >> at this hour not seeing a lot of call volume. a lot of people will heed the warnings to stay off the roads. we certainly will see it pick up those that do need to move but the busy day for us iss,- really going to be tomorrow when everybody returns back to the roads. >> talking about this one-two punch. i'm sure you're still reeling from the past weekends the nor'easter that we saw. >> we sure are. our calls into triple a and the philadelphia five county area were up over 40% this weekend, from the storm, and
4:45 am
the storm damage. >> so we talk about the day after. you get a lot of phonecalls, dead patties, stranded vehicles, we can't stress it enough. what should we be preparing for this morning here at 445? >> as sue mentioned, the worse really is yet to come. so, looking out right now, there is -- could be a false sense every security that the roads will be okay. you really do need to see about getting home laters if venturing out now. leave yourself plenty of extra time. leave plenty of space, following this between you and the vehicles in front of you. there will be plenty of road crews and plows out there today. so give them, say, at least six car lengths back behind those vehicles. let them do their jobs. you also cents want to make sure that when you do return to the road today, that you remove all snow from your vehicle. >> yes, i'm little guilty of that. i don't think i did a good a
4:46 am
job this morning. what should we be putting in our car before we leave. sometimes in a rush, forget to bring the important stuff. obviously fill it up with gas. what else? >> you know, nobody ever plans to get stuck. and a great example of that, unfortunately, was lasts friday when a tree fell on a bus on the schuylkill. people were stuck therefore hours. if you have a vehicle emergency kit, that has extra blanket, hats, scarfs, gloves, de-icer, rock salt, but one thing to remember, non-perishable smacks, remember, stuck for hours and only intended to be on the road for 15, 20 minute, having some crackers, granola bars, protein bars, extra bottles of water, if you travel with infants or toddlers, extra diapers, wipes, food for them. and if you or anyone that you travel with takes medication on regular basis, you want to make sure that you have at least two extra doses of the medication with you. >> always good advice, you never know what element you'll be up against, jane a ted
4:47 am
well, you and your crews be safe this morning as we gear up. appreciate your time. >> thanks so much. take care. >> so let's take another live look at the radar right now. >> this system really still in the works of coming together. we've got whole mash-up over our heads right now, but we're just getting ready because the worse of the weather is going to come in the future. >> they're clicking away, looking at the maps, looking at the radar, we will check back in with sue, mike and bob in just a moment. back in 90.
4:48 am
4:49 am
4:50 am
>> high tide, all balls of high tide, which officially doesn't come in until 53 but the circle underwater, police blocking it, probably until about 7:00 before we can get those flood waters to recede. over in new jersey, they kicked in state of emergency soy along with this, speed restrictions, some of the messages, they have school today. >> half day for parent teacher conferences so i guess they expect the parents to come out later on drive around to get to the schools for parent teacher conferences cents. but three maple shade new jersey, again, sue mentioned, the worse yet to come. no five or 8 inches yet, this is just the start of it, gang, already route 73, route 130, right near the old pennsauken
4:51 am
mart, downed power lines snow emergency kicks in in philly, at 8:00 a.m. this morning, so no parking on the dance floor. remember that song, from back in the day? no parking, on the snow emergency routes, starting 8:00 or the ppa is ready to play, and they'll be towing your car. so keep that in mind. i'm going put a link up on my facebook, twitter, instagram pages of the correct snow emergency routes you should avoid. sue and mike tag teaming with the forecast in 15 seconds. >> i thought this would happen. may not be doing much where you live, then thinking what's well the center of the storm down here in north carolina we have the whole day to go for this to get a lost worse before it get better. plus, we're still seeing
4:52 am
energy from this storm that's going to be combined, so, yes, the worse is definitely yet to come. here is the rain-snow line cutting through new castle county, delaware, going across the river into parts of new jersey, and then there are a few dry slots in there right now. if moth much is going on at your house, stand by, because it is only going to get worse. now, here we are at 9:00 a.m. in the morning, see heavy snow around the philadelphia area. you see that warmer air trying to move northward. maybe unsuccessfully which means that the snow could pile up for us, throughout the afternoon, this is probably going to be the worse of it, around 2:00 p.m. and then we see things start to get finished, and we wrap things up, probably, 6:00, 7:00 this evening. so going through the day, the height of the storm, see the heavy wet snowfall at rate of one to 2 inches per hour. we have winds. that will gust 35 to 45 miles an hour, see power lines, come
4:53 am
down unfortunately and trees and branches, and reduced visibility, will make it difficult to travel. so, how much are we going to get? still a tough call for some places cents. we know it will snow a lot to the north of us. five to 8 inches or more in the philadelphia area. guys, back to you. >> all right, sue, dealing with it all right now. let's check in and see what's happening all around our area. >> from delaware to gloucester, bucks, berks, all across the delaware vale. in fact jenn fred in montgomery county this morning, jen, good morning. >> good morning to you guys. so, we're in douglas ville. and as you can see, there is some snow on the roads, but it is not really sticking. we talked about this earlier. the cool thing
4:54 am
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♪ ♪ heard you had a hard day. i had a bad day too. i forgot my briefcase. there i was, at work... ♪ ♪ feed his kindness, where there's jif, there's love. >> good morning, light rain and winds will pick up around 8:00 this morning, sue will update in you just a moment all across the area, let's
4:57 am
head to up steve and see what he's dealing with up in allentown, steve, good morning >> well, i started my day in moorestown, where i had at least a inch and a half, 2 inches, out of heavy wet snow and had to clear off my car. but here in allentown, nothing lauren, you're not too much from -- too far from me in allentown, do you have any precipitation at all? >> we have something, steve. snow falling here in quakertown, i just noticed, utility truck, someone up in the bucket at the light. we'll check back in with you in just a bit. oh, dishwasher,
4:58 am
why don't you dry my dishes? oh, he doesn't know any better. you just need to add finish® jet-dry in the rinse aid compartment. it's there for a reason. it dries much better than detergent alone. sorry dishwasher. finish® jet-dry.
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for drier, shinier dishes.
5:00 am
>> right now on good day philadelphia, get ready a day of rain, snow and wind, as the latest nor'easter tracks our way. we already have hundreds of school concellations, and delays. >> as much as i love not having school, i'm so tired of the snow. i don't like it. >> you can say that again. what about those people that are still dealing with the aftermath from friday's storm? >> i've been here 13 years, never saw anything like this before. we've had storm before and this is the worse. >> during the height of the storm, be prepared for snow falling, one to 2 inches per hour, in some places. and win gusts to up 45 piles per hour. buckle up, it is going to be a wild ride. good day philadelphia, at 5:00 .


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