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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 7, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> now moved south of the new castle county border with kent county, so colder air is fit erring in, and moving a little further south, in the counties of gloucester and camden and salem county, as well. we've got the snow kind of piling up in delco, right now, seeing steady snow here in philadelphia. >> whether it gets cranked up it will pile up on the roadways, winds could affect the power lines and the trees coming down because of the heavy wet snow and reduced visibility this afternoon, that's when it will be at it worse, remember, we said 11:00 , the window of time temperature in the three's, snow coming down little harder, 33 degrees
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so with the temperatures in the 30's in the case where it is raining in the 40's, 35-mile per hour wind gust, so that's happening, as well. our temperatures will stay in the 30's, throughout the day. we are expected to stay mostly snow in the philadelphia area. but, it is that heavy wet snow, as the winds pick up, gusting to 30 miles an hour, or more, and higher wind gusts at the shore. so, mike masco; outside, you're seeing the snowfall little harder, and little heavier, are you feeling the wind pick up out there, too? >> little bit. noticing more of a north wind come pope ends, sue, encouraging news if you're a big snow fan. you know, in two minute, this went from nothing to all the sudden something. and that's exactly what would is going to happen this afternoon with the snow rates, the snow rates picking up. it will hit real quick. and that's what we've been advertising all morning since 4:00 a.m. last couple of days, again
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there is will be a very dynamic storm. very fluid storm. you can see already on ultimate doppler and sat lied radar already seeing bandings of snow develop. look watching us from atlantic city, somers point, i feel your pain, if you love a little snow. because it is pouring rain down there. that will change over as well. but it will take a lot more time, as we have to wrap more colder air into this storm. let's look at this brand new fox future cast together, because by lunchtime, everybody's going to say wow, this is going to come down, in cope just ability, it is very dynamic, it will, you know, tie up roadways, very quickly. you may go from lane, to road covered, slushy, very trecherous travel 11:00 a.m., and potential drifting snow. now, talked about the dynamics of the storm, folks. thunder snow is going to be a great possibility, we will try
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to position crews across delaware valley in area where sue and i think there will be under this he snow, may get this on live tv today. stay here. we will be on i don't know how long we'll be on but on, back inside to you. >> stand my bike up out there? i need to make a french toast run soon. live look downtown philly. i want you to look, see the snowflakes, kind of coming across sideways, this is the vine expressway, right outside, here go, so you can see the headlights coming offer the schuylkill. that's how quickly we go from good visibility, to zero, and that's what we've been seeing here starting to move in this half hour. take a look at south jersey, 42, definite difference in the last 15 minutes of the heavier snow starting to move through here. along that 42 freeway. new jersey of course, under state of emergency. live look at route 70 near the cherry hill mall, still some rain. so, a miler or two makes a difference every rain, to that heavy snow. this fellow here, little
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predicament, westbound, hey, actually, it is the westbound schuylkill, but he got spun around, and then perfect 360 here, at the curve. so what i think is happening, light volume. no jammo this morning, so folks are going faster. when was the last time this guy probably went 55 on the schuylkill at 8:30 a.m. in the moning? only when we have a snow day like this, when we have the light volume. so just be careful, roads are slick, here is a example every county line road at 202. the big rig coming through. we just saw plow truck go through before. but, it is that wet heavy snow that is slippery, and causing that snow slushy conditions, a lot of delays and concellations cents, down at the airport, airport is open. they say there are few planes taking off, or arriving, but, i would definitely check with the airline because there are more concellations cents move though car. no parking on the snow
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emergency routes. looking hine me here. a lot of them all lined up on market street. shh. >> don't tell. >> market is a emergency route. >> snow emergency route, ppa gets wind of that. >> we're good between third and fourth, there is nobody but between market, fourth and fifth, oops. >> be careful. >> we all know the ppa, don't play. >> don't play. most of them are cbs people over there. tow those cars. >> let them know. >> get over here. fourth and market. bringing the truck. what was that movie? the professional? bring everybody. all right, let's have some -- let's go to as many counties as we can. jenn fred in month co- >> with our lovely six box, yes, thomas in gloucester county, lauren johnson in upper bucks county and steve is in northampton county. >> well why don't we start with all of the folks out there who haven't had power since friday, near havertown. delco, probably one the hardest hit areas, so far, as
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power, hi, karen. >> hi, i got the snow making my face. come on over here, join us this morning, one of the busiest wawa's around. good morning to you. >> good morning, high. >> how was your driver around? >> real slippery. very slippery. >> where are you coming from and where are you going to? >> ardmore, just grabbing coffee, and going back in the house. >> now, what's it like for people that are out there driving around? how would you describe the conditions? >> i would say be very cautious, drive slowly, and if you don't have to go out, don't. >> good advice. thank you so much. get your coffee. >> thank you. >> this guy here, very charming, good looking young man, but he did leave his car when he ran into watt with a with the keys in it, don't do that because people will be stealing your cars, luckily we're not the car thieves. one girl come over here for one second, with tom beck this morning, she just went in, must going to yoga, i don't know what gym is still open. she in like a tank top that just came in here, and i had a lot of moms and kids here one second ago. of course i say busiest wawa,
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then i have my dull spot for one second. but these huge flakes coming down, really wet and goopy. and they're plowing a lot in the area. we've seen the plows all over the place, a lot of the county guys are coming in. see they've got the townships, private contractors, the sound they feel with the snow falling is cha-ching, cha-ching, out on all of the roads and back areas and different areas. can you hear he. >> we've got you fine. >> oh, good. all right. >> i feel for those people. >> one more person. hi, oh, no, no, heck no, i got a heck no from that woman over there. >> oh, okay. >> sir, can i talk to you for a second. >> not now. >> all right, i got a not now. that's what i got from out here. i got a smiley guy. wait, i have a smiley man. can i talk to you? >> smiley guy report. >> yeah. >> how are you reds this morning? >> good. not having any problem. >> where can you romping from and going to. >> i live right around the corner, i just went out, to
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get brake fluid for my wife's car. >> oh, good man. i know. now, are you shoveling yet? have you done that? >> no, no, nothing. >> are you going to work today? >> no, they told me to stay home. so i'm going to go hang out with the grand kids. >> oh, lucky, you what's your name? >> paul. >> paul, nice to meet you. >> you too, what's your name. >> car glenn oh, love connection. >> i got a connection going on, guys. how about that? >> oh, look at that. >> i'll sends it back into you. >> doing stuff for the wife and the grandkids, like all right now. >> all right, lauren johnson. let's see if anybody will talk to you, see, they like karen. >> ya. well, here is the deal. everyone is inside the diner. and so i'm outside, in the snow, to show you the weather conditions. >> sure. >> so there is no one to talk to, but when i was inside, remember, i met my friend bill at the bar? >> yes. >> i was talking to him about the weather outside. and i was like what do you think about this snow?
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and then he said: after friday, it is just too much. here's what he said. listen. >> friday was a disaster. just coming home from work, i left work around 2:00. about a half hour away. it took about two and a half hours to get home. up here to quakertown, so i've decided today i'm not going to chance that. and with the snow emergency, we're not supposed to be on the highways anyway. >> and he's got it right. not many people on the roads out here in quakertown, we're right here at john's diner. a lot of people are turning in for breakfast, you said it earlier this morning, you and alex talking about it on social media. the thing people do when they get to stay home and not work, cook big bountiful breakfast. a lot of people are doing that, hi, a lot of hospitalization, not a lot of talking though. >> a lot of honking? >> that's a struggle out here. >> you got it. >> so is it plane or is it fansy? i don't think you can be both? >> no, someone said you get a
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plane dish with something fancy on the side. that's what it is. >> oh,. >> it could, hey, listen, this is just plane and fancy. that way. you snow. >> i don't think -- that doesn't make sense though. >> well, you hear people, that's just plane cool. >> or plane, plane and simple? i don't think they say plane and fancy. >> you could say that's just plane fancy. >> oh,. >> that works. >> the poor woman, she is staying at home. the woman that had to go out to get coffee. >> uh-huh? >> don't people have coffee makers any more. >> maybe not. or maybe it is not the same. sometimes you want something very specific. >> i know that i can't make coffee as good as they do at different stores. let's go to kop. with jf. >> how are you guys doing? >> okay. >> how's mike g? >> here's what we did. mike g is fine. he's a little -- >> you didn't even ask. >> he is a little salty. i know how you are. >> you didn't even ask. >> no one wants it know, actually. >> mike wanted to know. >> not really. he is just making
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conversation. you know we're at 9:00, 9:10, we've been in the van together since 2:00. so it is world war two in here already, okay? but i have to say this. this is what we did. we know the serious stuff is coming at 11:00. so we loaded up s you got to have your with a sabe peas if you're a news reporter. everyone worrying about the bikini. so i do have some carrot. but you need something warm. so i went full case a dill a. and everyone real happy about that. i have to say hi to my friend jess, who is watching, an emergency room nurse. do you have the thing? >> do you have the clinicker? >> move the was abby peas. >> if i move the wasabby peas. let me show you the road. on our way, be cool, on our way to montgomeryville. we hear there is a lot of snow. did you do the thing? >> i don't know. >> oh, my jonas brothers. you did it. it takes a pro to get the technical aspect of television remote news reporting happening. >> just get it over with.
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>> please. no thank you. not going to march think guy. i will marry, there is a couple every guys i would like to marry, too, david beckham would be great. so again, we're on dekalb pike. we're headed to montgomeryville. in montgomery county. i have to say, on a positive note, the trees still look pretty good. everyone real worried. i no in my own neighborhood, i'll say it again, my house, in power friday to sunday. so steve and broked bring home all by themselves laundry and i went on ski trip because we're not dummies. and i have to say, that's what a lot of people are doing. they're worried about the power. they're wore i had that there will be no snow or school i should say. so they're headed up to the poconos. so we're headed to montgomeryville, just as amazing. >> just as amazing, i don't know why i didn't go to the poconos. so we will be with you guys, we will keep it to go, and again, we all know that the real serious part of this storm is between 11:00 and 5:00. so we will be cool then.
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but until then, we are going to act a little silly. jess? >> emergency room jess, i hope, she has great stories by the way, mike of random stuff that happens. >> oh, i love talking to emergency room personnel. >> because they've seen a lot of things. >> oh, yes. >> things you couldn't imagine. >> yes. >> little earlier, we got some tweets from the westville fire department, said they were watching. >> uh-huh. >> and there was some flooding in westville and all of that. so that's why we sent thomas over there, at least he volunteered to go. thomas? >> well? >> i'm hitting -- >> maybe he's hypnotized by the windshield wipers in i don't think he's there. so, shall we move on to the next one? we will go back to thomas. >> shaking my head back and forth. >> let's go to easton. >> because while were you gone i got some fact from easton. but fact what it is like there first. >> what? >> snow globe. >> we're now in a globe globe! >> this, you don't get this on
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any other station. the only snow globe in the city. >> so don't watch us. watch what's happening hine us. >> yes. >> probably the best. >> so, easton baseball bats made in easton or not? >> you want plea to answer this now? they are nod made in easton, but easton tweeting us letting us know what is made in easton. wait until steve to hear this, too. >> i can hear. go ahead. >> okay. >> the other baseball, magestic is what i was thinking of who make the uniform, now nike got that contract, but magestic got another contract. i went to the factory first back when jim thome came, big baseball company town, but magestic the eason town, unlike the name easton that has the e emblem. go ahead. >> got you. you want me to do it? it says we are famous to be home of larry holmes, crayola crayons and laffayette college. >> yes, i forgot about lafayette. lafayette leopards. >> yes. >> or is it the lehigh
9:15 am
leopards? >> they used to make dixy cups, that company, that made dixy cups, is near right outside of easton, also up here. so famous for a lot of reasons. i didn't think anybody watched us up here, because they get new york tv. we pull up here on washington boulevard, which is a snow emergency route, by the way, snow tires and chains required if you're driving in the snow. jared behind the camera, 30 something, had no idea that people put chains on tires other than like police vehicles. and i'm like boy i'm real old. because i remember when everybody had a set of chains. steve, easy name to remember, number one, we have the same first name, second lie a guy as you heard bob kelly talking named eric. so ice machines meric. no school today for his wife but making the staff work. that's not cool. is it? >> no, it is not. but they have fun anyway. so they make the best out of
9:16 am
it. >> wilson borough police. >> oh, oh,. >> so right outside of easton. we have mike, sarah and dawson, the new but i scared of microphones. no cop end dawson? there we go. you came out of your thousand, i thought you would come out and say what's going on here. but you watch us as well? >> yes. >> come over here, steve. now you have your choice of all philly new york stations and you watch this show. >> right. >> because you guys are more fun than anybody else, absolutely, even in the local company. sorry guys. but a lot more fun. that's why we watch you. >> do you ever see a new york station covering anything around here in wilson borough. >> not at all. >> you have seen us, never seen anybody else. now you're definitely going to watch us forever? >> been watching you guys forever, mike jerrick you are the man. >> mike, he gave that you, that's the heavy metal signal. >> i don't even listen to hard rock. >> mike, sammy hager, sam casino every guy. by the way 17 year old school girl, can i say school girl is that correct propertier? >> yes. >> in school today watch are you going do with your day off today?
9:17 am
>> sleep. >> sleep. >> i just have the drama club projection -- production of scheck he will and hide. >> that's like news, sometimes news and sometimes ridiculous like today. >> yep. >> now you get it watch us and now be part of it. i love dawson, i keep waiting for dawson to snap my pink err off. >> oh, he's scared after bag. >> there is their house, porch, nice bird house, rope out for exercises, got the water to water the plant, and then next-door, you can tell, they know it was still winter. they got the blue heat ready and the shovel on the porch. boy look at the walkway. you guys nice walkways up here. >> yes, recently re-done. >> you like your neighbor? >> yes. >> this is casino every nice little street here even though main drag with the median down the middle. >> yes, what makes it special. >> now you remember chains on tires, don't you? >> yep, yep, yep. >> how long has it been since you saw a regular person putting chains on their tires to drive in snow? >> probably about 15 years.
9:18 am
>> but after she was born then? >> yes. >> not soon after. that was it? >> right. >> no in chains. by the way whose car is that that is park on the snow emergency route, because that would be towed. >> i no, i hope they're watching it. v to get out here and move it. >> steve you're off from the sands casino today. we will let you get going. he stopped by to say hi. thank you very much. go get back warm and watch yourself taped tonight. here comes the police again coming this way. not a lot going on, wilson borough, which is good. so they can just patrol up and down both directions, so we salute the first responders for working today. how about that? we found three of our loyal viewers all the way up here in wilson borough and easton, and northampton county. >> great job, steve. >> pretty cool. >> hey the cops are here now, too, we mentioned market street. this is an emergency route. so the buses are still going back and forth but you can't park out here. but we saw police officer just down here about third and market, i thought we did have it? okay. well they just took off. anyway. >> so not sure yet what they
9:19 am
were doing. maybe making sure everything is all good and no one is parking. >> all good. if you keep panning to the left though, here is the situation. another police officer. keep going, keep going, keep going if you can. then tilt up. see, we have a bun of of cars there. >> oh, yikes. >> that's the trouble spot. >> hey, wip if you are watching us over there i know rhea watches the show while doing radio. and alert. get out there. you got six cars. they're going to tow them. >> let's get to westville again. remember we were lip in a advertised by his wiper blades, little whiling. >> but now thomas is going to talk to us. >> he'll hypnotize us on his own, hello, thomas. >> hey, good morning, guys, a lot of friendly people on the roadways, a lot of speeders going about 80-eight a miles per hour on their cell phones, too, we say take it slow, take it easy, watch the roads, not the case this morning. probably because the weather here, i'll give you better view of the road. 295, going down, we just left westville, going toward swedesboro area. so once again 295, toward that area. seeing steady rain, little bit
9:20 am
of snow, and then switching over, depending on mile by mile as you go here. basically the roadways not too bad. you know, we heard the governor yesterday say they were able to brine before the rain arrived here, have 207,000 tons of salt available to treat the roads, if in fact it does become even worse here. not a lot of people on the roadways, that has a lot to do with the state of emergency, that went into effect at 8:00 last night. basically all non-essential employees don't have to report to work. and a lot of school district here in gloucester, getting the text and the emails. they were supposed to let out in mid-afternoon. now, they just shutdown. they said they're not going to risk it, having the kids go back and forth. so once again, the electric crews, are out, dealing with still 40,000 power outages, all across the state. 300 boots on the ground, we talk to couple of workers earlier this morning, they're working 16-hour shift, on and off. you know trying to deal with the wet snow that we're seeing here. so overall the roadways not too bad. bouncing around here in gloucester looking for areas
9:21 am
of reported flooding, we haven't been table see it. but of course, you know, just beginning with the nor'easter, we head over to the deposition forwards area, see what's going on with some of the workers hitting the malls. >> bob, we haven't had major problems, have we yet? >> no. >> no major problems, just the one car kind of spin around. what's scary, folks just want to respect what's out there. because again, we don't have the jams like we normally do during a morning rush hour. so folks are going little faster than they normally would. and conditions are starting to change. here is a live look, at route 309, up near the pennsylvania turnpike, and in allentown, starting to see that heavy snow roll through, and of course, knocking down the visibility, we'll check in with massesttp://]
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-hey, did i mention i can save you $620
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
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>> i've long a lot of snow coverage on this tv station, talked to a lot of people
9:25 am
about snow coverage, but his is a first. chelsey, welcome to "good day" philadelphia, with mike and alex, from penndot. >> good morning. >> now, how do i say your name? you're chelsey lacey, great name in itself. chelsey lacey like soap opera name. did you get married? >> it is chelsey lacey mabe. two last names. >> i like it. >> it is mabe. not maybe, it is literally, mabe? >> yes. >> that's cool. >> welcome to the show for the first time. >> thank you. >> this could go either way now, i can tell. real quickly here. how are things looking out there for you? >> interstates, most of them are still wet. time where we're starting to see kind of a change-over with snow. >> yes. >> getting a little slush accumulation on the secondary roads. but we continue to monitor and plows are out there. >> because we've been in a
9:26 am
interesting position, you guys weren't able to put down the salt because dealing with the rain since last night. >> right. yes, just like the last storm, started out as rain, but we will be salting throughout the day. we just weren't able to pre-treat. >> right. >> all right, this is what you are going to get now, because i think you're kind of new to penndot there is tv stuff. you'll get a lot of people tweeting you, stuff like this, where is my plow truck. you guys said you would be over here, you know, 20 minutes. where is -- there is an app now where i can track plow trucks? >> exactly. the 511pa app. or you can visit 511pa. com. and you can see the plow trucks, it is update dollars and if you do need to go out, you can use this website to plan your route accordingly. >> oh, yes. we have the website up now. and you can literally see little trucks in the different areas, and where they are going and it is cents real time. >> yes. it is real time. you can zoom in, and see them actually, you can see them on
9:27 am
the specific interstate. >> this is great. >> so we see some blue lines, is there a way to tell okay, they've been there, already plowed this and moving somewhere else, or how do you know? >> if they're in that area, they have just covered it. >> okay. >> and then if you see at the top, you can actually do the different check marks, if there are any weather restrictions, or incidents, there is none in our area for weather restrictions. >> i got you. >> right there, freeze it right there, chelsey, thanks, nice job, we will check back. do you see the cluster? that better not be a wawa. >> no. >> what's that? >> is that their station. >> the penndot salt yard there in south philly right at front and oregon there. >> so probably loading up? >> that's casino every fun to watch. when i go home this afternoon after our shift, i think i will ' just get my sweat pants, and watch that. the rest of the day. >> what a great way to spend the day. >> oh, on my ipad because i'll be watching fox 29 of course.
9:28 am
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well, we are taking a look around the area for you this morning from olde city to delaware county, south jersey to rehoboth delaware and tracking this nor'easter as it continues to hit our area i'm glad we have a camera in delaware because some people are like what about delaware we don't want to be forgotten we have you delaware. so lets look at what is on the way because sue, it is not fin ish. >> we have been talking delaware all morning, because, delaware has been cut in half by the rain/snow line but what is happening here the storm is getting a little bit closer to us, you can see it, overlooking at wind circulation here that is center of the low fresh another system that is going to be, well, it is our coastal low. watch what is happening. there is warm air trying to make its way in to delaware, in new castle county, heavy rain, here in maryland, and in parts of the cape may county,
9:32 am
and we are's watching the, snow, move a little bit further north, heavier snow where we have seen dry slots in the lehigh valley and poconos mountains. roughly 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. when we expect worse of the storm. see it playing out getting closer. thirty-five to 45 miles an hour winds, add that to the heavy wet snow bringing down the trees, and the branches and maybe, power lines. hopefully not too many. reduced visibility, difficult travel, we have seen that in bits and spirits this morning. temperatures in the 30's. dress like bus stop buddy, best advice you can see snow coming down here it is 33 degrees right now, and, in the -- would i say either side of freezing is where our temperatures are and that is where we expect them to stay throughout the rest of the day as snow continues, heavy wet snow wins pick up as well. that is your forecast for today, mike masco's outside in it. i think we will see more of that intense heavy snow, over
9:33 am
the next couple of hours. >> absolutely we are getting a taste of that. it has shut down here in center city, mess of philadelphia county but then it will come back into play. weak go in the sea saw pattern where storm trying to get a footing off shorelines. once it gets to the full intensity then it is game on for big time storm. i want to bring you to our radar imagery, satellite radar we have it, i will show you this the zone as we say in the weather business where we will see incredible snow amounts as we get in the late morning and early afternoon hours and this is going to be a zone that we will be dealing with le gusts as close to 40 miles an hour and we could be talking about thunder snow. this is fox future cast a brand new future cast that came in not much change, still dealing with a rainy, ugly, situation licensing garden state parkway and somers point and then go north and west, it is a sleet, mixed bag, beyond
9:34 am
that west of 295 as we get along pennsylvania turnpike, blue route, 78, 80 these are areas that will go over to pure snow after 11:00 o'clock and just linger as we get into at lee 6:00 and it is out of here, thankfully. this is what you need to know, you know we're in this lull but things change, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. is crush time for some pretty decent snow totals we will talk about that coming up in a little bit. here is bob kelly, hi there, bob. >> good morning, 5:34. live look behind me here 42 freeway right off the atlantic city expressway. example of the major roadways just wet. mike said a lull but that lull depends where you are. this is route 309 in the lehigh valley off allentown interchange of the pennsylvania turnpike, again, visibility starting to get knocked down here, this morning. triple shot for chester county live look at route 202, just off of route 100, here's a
9:35 am
live look west chester again we are starting to see that heavy wet snow, covering road surface here on the pennsylvania turnpike near downingtown interchange. this is a live look at route 30 bypass right here near route 100, again, a quick hit of that heavy snow, really cannot even see maybe one lane passable here so it looks like we are starting to see that change over and the key here is that the penndot trucks stay on top of that so that the roads stay passable, mike and alex, back to you. >> people asking about this atlanta station more boxes you put up, bigger story. they have a 25 box at their station, watch this, we now have a 36 box, watch this. hold up. >> take that. >> thirty-six boxes. >> you know how big this storm is if we go 36 boxes, all right, take that atlanta. 9:35 now. >> these are people from out
9:36 am
of town. >> put them in our boxes. >> they are determined. >> they came from out of town forget snowstorm. >> can you get them all, all 30 of them in all boxes. >> there is our employee right there. >> karen, by the way is in delco where a lot of people are still without power since last friday, and here we go, again. >> i know we have all of the leaves covered with the snow, good morning, we over here by quarry center. if you know where this is there is lowes over there people are getting their, this guy has his bread. go all the way to the supermarket and all you get is bagels. can i talk to you a second. good sport, good man. >> oh, all right, i'm making fun of his bagels. >> all right. we have fun on a day like today, you are always running low, never realize it until you hit it and then just smear s your windshield because you are all out and bond fire. >> good morning, can i talk to
9:37 am
you. >> hey, how are you. >> thanks for watching. >> we all love that. how is your morning so far. >> we will get ready to do some plowing and parking lots and stuff and then just roll back and wait for the storm is to wind down and then get out and do our residents and stuff >> you love this, this is money to you. >> it has been a slow winter but we will get all of our money between five days between storm damage and two snowballs we are at havertown and lower merion area and they were hit hard. i was talking to a lower merion copy said 12 percent have lower merion still without power. >> over that way, mike has a question, mike what is your question. >> i'm very sweet not to bring up, vikings/eagles game, very sweet of you, karen. >> he is talking about the hat what is the hat. >> this was a tattoo. >> i don't even know how to make sense of that.
9:38 am
>> eagles season ticket holder before they played at the vet, at franklin field, my father, god bless his soul they finally dit. >> they finally did it. >> is what your name. >> joe. >> thanks, we have our plow guy here as well, plowing a lot, you will be plug as well. have a good day, we appreciate it, take care. that is what we have out here people getting bus, getting stuff over here at giant and we will send it back to you. >> i find that fascinating. if your father told you to be a vikings fan because they never will get a super bowl, now eagles won super bell does that mean he can be a super bowl. >> lifetime of a certain time i don't know if you can switch that fast. >> only because you could not be a fan of the eagles but now you can. >> be we will check back with him next snowfall. >> these are things i wonder about. >> lauren, what are you wondering about. >> yes. >> reporter: so i'm still in bucks county but i'm now in
9:39 am
twitter is talking and they are sending me. look at how hard snow is falling. then i see this man in the delivery truck. he has to work today like us.
9:40 am
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9:42 am
people are losing it in the control room you can tell we have been up all night, boost full morning. >> if you don't have to go out in it, it is beautiful just sit, watching it fall. >> that is beauty of being and offer people, we're never out in it. we like to watch our friends and collogues out in it, including one lauren johnson, lj in bucks county. >> reporter: that is a that slow, happy nod. i found out that delivery driver was delivering coffee and now he is off. thank goodness for that. i met dave, outside and he
9:43 am
correct me on how i pronounced this town. >> trumbauersville. >> were you outside with no coat and working what did you do over there. >> i cleaned up the drain over there. >> what do you think about this weather. >> it is about sick of it. >> reporter: i know. you are a few days away from going out of town. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: going to sunny skies. >> going to orlando with the grand baby. >> reporter: hopefully she's not inside watching you are taking her to disney. >> we have fox on but she's not paying attention. >> reporter: taking her to disney to get her out of the snow. >> hopefully we don't get anything. >> reporter: hopefully this will be over. it has been a nightmare, friday, and now this. >> i got stuck, i work in saint chris's children's hospital and on the way home, i got all the way up to where expressway starts, and then took meehan hour and a half to go what 15 minutes. it was horrible. >> reporter: get back inside get in the warmth. so mike, i know you are in the
9:44 am
warm and reminding everybody, bye, dave, thank you. >> people on twitter saying there is a place called spores in the name of that town trumbauersville. >> reporter: mike, do you think i don't know what i'm doing. do you think i don't know what i'm doing. >> look, she's there. >> hey. >> you are good. >> hey. >> what are they men for, mike >> it is a mom and pop, diner, grocery store and craft beer store. >> all in one you can do that. >> they are mom and pop. >> and they have ice cream, and they have ice cream. >> nice. >> mike, don't you doubt me ever again. >> tell him, lauren. >> thank you. >> i came all the way to trumbauersville, you're welcomed guys. >> i have never been there before. >> jen fred, lets see what she's up to at 9:44. >> i would like to welcome everybody to montgomery villain route 309, yes, that
9:45 am
is where we are, so as you can see, the snow is falling even more. join me after the commercial break wouldn't you, so i can give you some more intelligence you'll spiritual
9:46 am
9:47 am
9:48 am
i know a lot of you got to sleep in today, no school, people stayin home from work so you are wondering what did somebody say on twitter. >> somebody tweeted what is up with the poinsettia plant and you are wearing red and green. turf check whether this was a rerun. >> we didn't know what colors. you told me to wear a green sweater. >> we dent talk, mike doesn't like to match. >> that is right. >> we don't do reruns on good day. >> no. >> , i wish this was a rerun then we wouldn't be here but i'm happy to be here with you, as well. so as long as you say it looks like christmas we're going with you. >> why don't we make it feel like christmas because, it is feel of christmas and holidays >> would i like a big pizza pie right now, anybody. >> you have been begging food for like three hours now. >> i can't believe nothing has shown up here just yet. >> i know, talk to the weather in 15 seconds...
9:49 am
even more amazing the poinsettias in march where do you get them this time of the year. >> who is in charge, of keeping them alive, me. >> good job, yeah. we have got some new snowfall totals in limerick pennsylvania 3.2 inches, clifton heights in delco, 3.1, newark, delaware, 3 inches, already, wins le township 2.6 and philadelphia we are coming up on a inch of snow, it has been sporadic, back and forth between snow and no snow and here's good example of what is going on, already a lot of snow 4 inches on the grass in paoli. thanks very much for that tweet from you. snowfall rates are still expect to be at about an inch or two per hour. or getting that not necessarily us here in the city but we're all under this winter storm warning.
9:50 am
if you are in one of these counties, that is highlighted in pink between salem, camden, gloucester and part of the burlington, mercer county, new jersey and counties under the winter storm warning yesterday , we have extended tonight to i a winter weather advisory kent down i delaware, cumberland county in new jersey, coastal flood advisory for minor to moderate flooding , nothing extreme but you will see some flooding at times of high tied in the counties here. so here is the storm, now it is getting a little bit closer so what is happening is we are seeing winds pick up, pressure gradient tightening and we are seeing more intense precipitation, as the heavier precipitation starts to move north. you see us filling in the lehigh valley where it has been sporadic all morning and that heavier precipitation headed toward mountains as well and we are seeing reduced visibility where we get rain and snow in northern delaware it is falling heavily, and there you see allentown starting to get some heavier
9:51 am
snow as well. so as we take a look at our estimates of snowfall, we are thinking five to 8 inches or more in the i-95 corridor. it all depends how much rain mixes in. >> sue, i have a question, sharon watches all the time she's in cecil county, maryland nobody ever reports their weather because everybody she knows in the county, watches philadelphia stations, watches us, and d.c. is not helping them, we're not helping them can you give one real quick report of cecil county, maryland. >> i know where it is, i drive through on my way home from baltimore all the time. >> lets see where thomas has driven to at 9:51. >> rolling, rolling, rolling down the turnpike can you believe there are speed restrictions, 35 miles an hour , no, 80, 85 miles an hour loving music, listen to that, it is a winter wonder land out here, so where we headed next.
9:52 am
>> the ad ventures await. we will be right back. let's blame media that is media, pennsylvania right there. they have had a lot of trees coming down. >> look at those power lines right on the car. >> most people in the media say kill music don't let let it snow, let it snow. sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day.
9:53 am
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but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
9:55 am
main street, christmas is always a great feeling day, making them feel better having a christmas theme. >> because we put up on red and green sweaters and look at what come has of it. >> yeah. >> last christmas. >> yes. >> thomas, where are you, sit piles grove? >> it is windshield wipers again. > hello, hello, hello. a creature stirring not even a truck, here on the turnpike, do you guys hear me? >> where are you saying,
9:56 am
thomas. >> hey, guys how is it going, producer can let off on the button, i'm hearing control room. it is 35 miles an her. we mentioned this earlier, a lot of people going a lot faster here. look at that truck dunn here people warning, state of emergency, has a lot to do with it here. we have been passing on the turnpike seeing snow plus to the side of the road here because there is nothing to plow. we're headed to pilesgrove, i got a twitter message i should check out a biker friendly bar so we will do that this morning. i don't know what to expect but should be exciting, and that is coming up in the next half an hour, guys, back to you. >> i think biker barry think thomas drayton going in and being a tough guy, do you think. >> no. >> we will stay on all afternoon until this whole thing is over. wendy williams, her fans she's still in ray run. she's coming back on march
9:57 am
19th and i hear she's doing great. >> you are not missing anything. hang out with us. >> come on. >> don't answer that. >> of course, do you. >> hey doyletown you are getting
9:58 am
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is that aretha. >> that ace rita. >> that is great. >> alyssa say christmas theme on good day is festive. >> if aretha wants a christmas tree i will give her a christmas tree. >> bring this in. >> do you got this all your own. >> no problem. >> oh, no. >> wait. >> oh, geese. >> you broke the tree. >> we cannot see it. >> oh, christmas tree. >> oh, christmas tree. >> now what would dad say. >> anyway. >> it broke


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