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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 7, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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at 5:00. i'm iain page. as you can see outside our city studios snow is blanketing our area. power outages continue to be a problem right now more than 198,000 people are without power because of all that heavy wet snow. peco alone reporting 118,000 customers are affected. more than 88,000 of those customers for bucks county. pse and b says more than 56,000 customers have no power. while ac electric has more than 23,000 people in the dark. we of course have live team coverage for you tonight at 5:00. let's begin with meteorologist kathy orr. kathy washington a storm. >> what a storm indeed, iain. it was slow to start but once it got going, we had thundersnow, we had snow rates of two to 3-inches an hour and now it's moving out of here but you can see that deep purple band that is the red zone that is the heaviest band of snow and it's curling up as the center of our storm is off the coast of central new jersey right now and it's pulling away. this is our very sensitive ultimate doppler triple sweep.
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you can see exactly where the snow line is. clearing out in philadelphia and millville and allentown drying out to the west. still seeing the snow our dawn timmeney is in trenton coming down fast and furious. western parts i should say eastern parts of burlington county ocean county and still in atlantic county but this will be ending within the next half hour to 45 minutes. temperatures in the 30s. that's where they've been the entire day. we're up a few degrees in philadelphia. now that the snow is gone. notice those wind particles northwesterly to southeasterly direction. that means the storm is beyond us. it is moving away. wind speeds right now sustained at 22 miles an hour in wrightstown. a sustained wind at 20 miles an hour in atlantic city. those winds will be picking up during the overnight. as we go through this evening you can see that northwesterly wind at about 9 miles an hour with a temperature of 33 at 7:0. as we work our way into the 90 clock hour with the mostly cloudy sky we're still sitting there and temperatures begin to fall as the skies really clear
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out. so freezing at 11:00. and by tomorrow morning, we are in the 20s. so anything that is in the form of liquid out there and any rain or slush, is going to freeze and be very icy come tomorrow morning. that's going to be our big problem. so who is out there in the slush? our mike masco has been out there for 13 hours since "good day philadelphia". mike, i can see all that slush behind you that's going to be ice tomorrow morning. >> reporter: that's problem. again tomorrow morning as you mentioned with the refreezing going on, you know, if you veer a little bit off toward the left shoulder or the right shoulder, on your way to work or school tomorrow, you know, you might have to -- you might have a problem on your hands. be very careful mindful of the secretary the secondary roadways will be a mess much the crews will do the best job they can. we'll see the refreeze component but the good news is tomorrow when we get back to 40 degrees then things start to change. all right. gloats to radar. this storm is wrapping up. notice again the low is just to the south fire island in long
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island. that is in a position where we're going to see the heavy steady snows from mercer county it's really extreme mercer county down into atlantic city and that's really going to be the deal the next couple of hours. you can see the bandings of snow making its way towards marlboro and town towards lakewood, browns mills and toms river down towards, um, little egg harbor. that's going to be the deal for the rest of this evening and again really just a day where it was such an impressive storm from you know a snowfall standpoint where times we saw one to perhaps 2-inches of snow. now, a couple of issues with coastal flooding there's still coastal flood advisories along our shore points. be mindful that we still have one more high tide that's going to run above average. but notice on fox future cast where the wind now back more northwest, northwest winds can actually push the water out. so i don't for see us having an issue with coastal flooding but of course if you live along the barnegat bay you night have to
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encounter some, you know, back bay flooding and of course the seas are up that's another thing we've been watching the buoys are reading from ten to 15-foot breakers offshore. that might enhance the tidal cycles so you might have to encounter that for the rest of this evening. again, this was a far reaching storm but the last hoorah is exiting stage right across new jersey. we'll talk more about this coming up in just a little bit. back inside to you. >> mike, thanks for that. fox 29 joyce evans has been talking to people out in the snow and she's live in kennett square tonight. joyce? >> reporter: well, iain, for the first time today we can actually smile and say things are not bad out here. folks are honking their horns. i don't know if they're just saying hello to us or they're just so glad that it is over. but the sun has been shining. it's peeking behind the clouds for a little bit. we see people making snowmen in the yard. the snow blowers are cleaning the driveways and the sidewalks out here. yeah, the sun is shining and it looks good.
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but early we had nothing but trouble. >> no, it's not accumulatio a cl it's that it's icy underneath. people think it's just slushy. we've had warm weather. don't be fooled. it is indeed dangerous out here. >> reporter: it got really bad really quickly. >> we were only going about 30 miles an hour so really wasn't that fast at all. >> reporter: bill lange to the rescue of his friend who spun out of control ending up in the ditch and the sticks south of kennett square. she was stuck inside that car while the state police secured the area stopping traffic before something worse could happen. >> everybody is good. we got one tow truck here we got another tow truck on the way. so yeah everybody is good. >> reporter: finally, a tow out of there. several other drivers were just as lucky. >> lesson learned stay off the roads when it's not,, when it's not good weather. >> reporter: we say lucky because we saw that happen time and time and time again this morning. as you heard only going 30 miles an hour, iain.
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but it's over now. >> it is. joyce almost hard to believe. look at the live shot i see a little peeks of sun. look at the piece you just ran and how different it was few hours ago. >> reporter: right. look at the street behind me here. that thing was treacherous. we couldn't even stop the live truck a couple of times. i figure i can tell that you n now. not then because it would worry folks. we remember certainly worried. [ laughter ] >> exactly. glad you're safe, joyce. things are looking much better there. thank you. check out independence hall there. you can see it kind of making it out but covered in lot of snow. as we had thick wet flakes com coming down in the old city area little earlier although that is starting to clear up now, too. we certainly got our share here. it's on the way out now, though. how about our bruce gordon he's been checking out things in bucks county and joins us live from perkasie right now. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, iain we're giving you this beautiful back drop. reconstructed 19th century covered bridge here that crosses the east branch of the perkiomen creek. as you can see, the snow is
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completely gone at this point. it's been tapering off over the last couple of hours. had really been coming down strong for several hours throughout the midday hours starting in the mid morning to late morning. no wind to speak of whatsoever. the snow has finished up and so we've seen over the last couple of minutes a couple of guys out on four wheelers, a give out on a snow mobile folks tra starting to get outside and really enjoy thing. it's been a nice day here in perkiomen as we've watch this snowfall come down. >> perkasie pa look like a picture postcard. it's turn of the century homes coated in white snowman out front to complete the scene. >> if you don't have to drive or get to work or whatever it's kind of pretty outside. >> absolutely is. it's gorgeous. >> reporter: at the park nearby a 19th zen free covered bridge served as the beautiful back drop for keith haa season his cross country skiing sessi session. perfect day to get outside says keith. >> it's great exercise. you use your entire body. but the snow conditions are just about perfect only about three
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or 4-inches on the ground right now. so it's not too much snow to trek through. >> reporter: keith prevailed on the neighborhood kids to put down their video games and head outside to recreate eagles snow bowl. the frozen ground was padded by a days worth of frozen precipitation. >> it's great because you can tackle you don't get hurt. plus we got off school so it's best thing to do really. >> reporter: within win. >> even better than video games indoors. >> i'd say. >> reporter: the kids are probably back indoors with the video games for awhile at least they had some fun out here in the snow. again we've seen some of the horror scenes from some of those jammed up highways in and around philadelphia. but out here in the more rural areas of bucks county, it's actually been quite pretty today and again we've not seen. in the way of downed trees at least yet around here. so we'll keep our fingers crossed with regard to power outages iain. >> sounds good, bruce. we saw it earlier and saw in your piece in it was snowing coming down pretty heavy and now looking at your live shot there in front of that covered bridge
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it looks like almost nothing happened. >> reporter: yeah. it's really remarkable. it's absolutely clean and clear out just beautiful now. the snow sitting on these tree branches again sort of the mixed bag there. the snow sitting on thee tree branches couldn't be prettier. but of course in certain situations it's going take those trees down and that's obviously going to be big problem especially for folks and there are folks still out there still recovering in terms of their power outage from last friday's big storm. that's unbelievable when you think how long they've been without power and now to go through today's storm it's been up pleasant time to say the least for some folks in our region. >> absolutely bruce. thanks so much. bruce gordon live for us in perkiomen tonight. be careful out there on the roads in the king of prussia area. the snow making for some rough going. bob kelly is watching those roads and joins us now with more on that. bob. >> good evening everybody. 5:09 waiting for folks to come home or you're thinking about going out, first of all, think again. and put a hot plate in the oven there for whoever you're waiting
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to come home especially if they're using 95. stuck tractor trailer earlier this morning or this afternoon on the schuylkill. but this is 95 northbound of the ramp to academy road. looks like they're just now trying to get them off the ramp but the problem he'd be stuck here for about half an hour. so traffic is backed up on 95 north and then folks that are trying to get on 95 attempted to turn around and they're learning the hard way that there's big piles of snow and they're getting stuck. some good news, the schuylkill expressway looking good. what a difference an hour or so can make. i mentioned it earlier i'll mention it again. howard eskin agrees the flyers game is on tonight. both the flyers and the penguins are in town. they're in the building down there in wells fargo that's really all that matters when it comes to hockey game. the fans you have to make your own decisions whether or not you're going to head down there or not. but 95 the schuylkill clear so no problems getting there at the moment. problems out of new york's penn station all amtrak and new
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jersey northeast corridor trains being held. amtrak had a lot of power problems between new york and trenton all day today. and that's a result of the situation we're in right now if you're waiting for anybody to come in on amtrak train in our out of new york's penn station the newark line suspended for septa. trenton line suspended. mostly all the bus routes are still suspended as well. i guess that as we're starting to see the storm move out, and folks can get out, the plows can get out. we'll start to see those buses slowly trickling back to normal through the overnight. septa is going to run 24/7 the mark frankford leap and the broad street subway. so if you going to somewhere tonight that's the way to go. stay there. we're coming right back.
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♪ it will take a look at reading where things are looking a lot better than they were a few hours ago. almost some sun trying to get through there and cars are moving along fine. roads are clear assieser has made his way to the plymouth tuck now.rea. >> reporter: we're out now. we got free. we were stuck on germantown pike in chestnut hill for about 90 minutes. the entire roadway was littered with cars who literal not move. take look at the roadway on ridge pike at conshohocken road. down to the pavement. wet if kathy is right about it freezing overnight this will be a real mess overnight for commuters. pretty clear right now.
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coming into norristown. through plymouth meeting if you look over here snowplows are out. my good buddy joe from tara landscaping working what the what parking lot here. cleaning that up. he says the snow is wet. it's heavy. you have to be real careful plowing it out but he's moving as fast as he can he's been working since 3:00 o'clock this morning clearing snow up here in the montgomery county area. how much snow did we get good check out this car somebody parked it here you can see i'm going to say four or 5-inches on the hood of the car they got some work to do when they get back again all of the roadways up in this area if you don't have to go out, don't go out. let the crews get out here, clear them off, they are wet. they are slippery. the back roads that have not been touched yet have that packed snow on it on top of us. our truck went sideways we had to get pulled by a good buddy of our bob breck who towed us out of there with pickup truck. we got free about 90 minutes. let me tell you there must have been close to 100 cars bumper to
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bumper all the way down germantown pike in bothdding up and down those hills in chestnut hill. iain. >> dave, glad you guys are say. thank you. big part of the storm today power outages. more than 100,000 without power all over our area. joining us on the phone now liz williamson from peco. i know it's been a busy day and a busy week. what's the situation right now with outage. >> right now we have about 127,000 customers impactbus cou0 outages. um, you heavy snow today. um, we did see some winds although the winds were not nearly as heavy as last friday but they've certainly impac impd our system and we've seen additional tree limbs and entire trees come down. so a lot of damage that we are currently assessing and also responding to outages. >> liz tough week for some folks
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without power since last frida friday's storm especially in delaware county. what can you say to thosees ton. >> first and for most, we know they're frustrated they've been without power for long time. we appreciate their continued patience and understanding. as we continue to get our crews out to make repairs. i just want them and all of our customers to know that we are all hands on deck and in addition to our 2600 peco employees, we have more than 1,500 additional personnel including folks from our sister utility com com ed in illinois and utilities from across the country including texas, georgia, arkansas all supporting our on-going restoration effor efforts. so we have every available crew in the street working 24/7 to get service restored for our customers. >> all right. liz williamson thanks for the time and insight. we appreciate it. it's been a tough week or so. thanks liz. >> let's get out to chris
5:18 pm
o'connell whose been tracking the conditions in bensalem. is that where you are now, chris? >> reporter: that's right. we pulled over here on street road in bensalem, iain, and the good news is, the snow is letting up just a few flurries up here now falling probably the last of it but i can tell you that's the only good news. because if you're up here in bensalem, just where i'm looking receipt now, the dunkin' donuts without power. the wawa without power. the intersection here hello guys without power. the street lights, the mcdonald's over here without power and dave you can see -- you see that car way down there that is stuck. that car is stuck like many are stuck as i try to get over this little plowed in thing and probably the worst for many people the liquor store here is closed. take a look what we went through about an hour and a half ago.
5:19 pm
we were stuck along i-95 on street road coming up the ramp tractor trailers were stuck it caused a chip reaction that everyone got stuck on the incline on the off-ramp northbound 95 to street road people were sipping their wheels. 18 wheelers said they'll be stuck there for three hours before a wrecker. we talked to truck driver who was just trying to get home. >> hello. my god. this is what we're dealing with. úit's been better. >> what's it like on the roads. >> we're both stuck. >> it's bad. it's bad. it's been better. chain reaction up here and i have a single axle tract i don't know another ax stole get more struck. i'm waiting on wrecker. the guy behind me waiting oh and wrecker. >> reporter: this guy game to plow the parking lot. let me see if i can get him re real. hey, bud real quick. >> what's you. >> we've live on fox 29. how bad has it been? probably pretty bad for you,.
5:20 pm
>> the roads are pretty awful. lots of downed trees. lots of found wires. you don't have to be out don't be out. >> reporter: especially up here. i think we got up here in langhorne we got 11-inches. so you're seeing it first happened. how busy you going to be tonight. >> we'll be most of the night if not all day tomorrow it will be a real busy night. >> let's hope you make some money tonight. let's hope so. >> stay safe. we are seeing some people come out here just because the snow is stopped. but the roads are still terrible up here in lower bucks county where they say they got about ten, 11. inches of snow. iain. >> chris i was going to ask you the snow looks like it may be has stopped. it's going to be colder and some of that stuff can freeze. what you see out there, icy out there tonight. >> yeah. actually my photographer dave and i were just talking it feels like i got to check with kathy that it did get a little colder over the last half hour or so. but yeah, i mean -- if you see there's still an inch or so of
5:21 pm
slush on the roads and this is street road. pretty busy street up here. so we'll keep up you updated throughout the evening. >> we'll check in with you later. stay safe. more live team coverage continues right after this. it's the ross spring dress event. where you'll find the perfect dress at the perfect price. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you've gotta get to the ross spring dress event. on now! ♪ you gotta go to ross.
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let's take a look at reading right now. things are definitely looking a lot better than they were earlier today. you can see things are pretty clear there now. cars are moving along fine. no snow on the roads. sun was starting to peek out a little bit ago but this fast-moving storm is out of there right now. in other parts of new jersey. we'll get to in in a minute. fox 29's shawnette wilson driving around talking to people out in the snow. she's in cherry hill i think. shawnette. >> reporter: yeah, iain. you mentioned that snow. it is incredible. my photographer starring under wooder saying like we're in completely different place than we were earlier today. let me turn the camera around for you you can see what we're talking about here. we're on 38 east heading toward cherry hill mall which is we've been driving this back and forth all morning all early afternoon. and this was actually covered as you can imagine when the snow was coming down couldn't see a thing. cars stuck everywhere.
5:25 pm
and now again it looks almost like i'm not going to say not like anything happened but completely different than earlier. the road on this stretch right here seems pretty clear. where we just came from pulling out of the wawa, um, the road was still very slushy just in patches i think depending on where the most traffic was as the storm started to move out. you get sometimes like this kind of clear stretch right now but then other areas are like mounds of slush. but we've also been seeing a lot of people out helping each other through this. all afternoon. we ran into a young lady who gotten into a bind she was driving on route 38 hadn't to pull over at wawa and call her boyfriend to help. he said getting out to help her was terrible. just like we've been talking about all day and you saw it. it was hard to see as you were driving because of the poor visibility but he says he had to come out and help her and then we also ran into other people who were just out having fun in the snow. >> help to try to fix this
5:26 pm
thing. that's what i'm doing right now. >> reporter: okay. what can you tell us about the roads, what the roads like? [ inaudible ] >> what are you going to do all day? >> um going to play with the snow. yeah. we're going to play with snow and do like snowman. >> reporter: how long have you been working on this? >> like one hour. >> 30 minutes. >> reporter: 30 minutes. so the snow is coming down fast enough today that you can build a snowman pretty fast. >> yeah. we do me and my brother. >> perfect. >> reporter: all right. so how cute is that a snowman kathy orr, how long is a snowman going to hold up because the sun is out. >> i can believe it. yeah, we're clearing it out shawnette. guess whats? going to be a slow melt a big freeze overnight and
5:27 pm
then temperatures above freezing tomorrow. here's the center of the storm off the coast of new jersey pulling away. taking the snow with it with clearing skies to the west. snow what does the rest of the week have in
5:28 pm
5:29 pm
>> here's a look outside old city on market street there where you can see the roads are clear but a couple of hours ago we had these big heavy thick wet flakes coming down but they didn't really accumulate. you can see people on the
5:30 pm
sidewalks there shoveling and getting things cleared up. let's check on burlington county now where 30,000 people have no power. this is the scene tonight at westwood lane in mt. laurel. you can see wires are down. about 2100 people in this community are in the dark. so be careful out there. let's head to mercer county now. where our dawn timmeney is finding people out and about in this snowy weather. dawn, still snowing there. >> reporter: it is still snowing here. the flakes aren't quite as big as they were but we have a good foot of snow on the ground and counting and driving conditions are really treacherous. not a lot of people out the people who are out are obviously taking it very slow. we're on route 33 in hamilton township. we caught up way guy who is actually fearing the worst and was filling up his gas tank to hopefully make it through the storm. he's worried about what could happen. >> tell me how are the roads. >> they're horrible. and i think we'll lose power,
5:31 pm
too. so i got wires hanging on to more snow than i've ever seen before. >> reporter: at your house? >> yeah. at my house. so i just got in the truck to get gas for my little generator and got this thing already in four wheel drive. >> reporter: did you lose power in the storm earlier in the week? >> no. no. not at all. >> reporter: what's making this storm so bad. >> it's so heavy. it's heavy wet snow. and i manage a trucking company and we're shut down sent all our people are home. the ports are closed up in north jersey it look like we're hanging out tomorrow at home. >> reporter: okay. so a lot of people getting stuck. that's for sure on these snowy roads. people having to be pushed and to get free from all of the snow. the roads are really covered with snow and a thick slush. the plows have been through a couple of time. we just saw ambulance go by here. we're back now live in hamilton township. you can see cars making their way down route 33 really taking
5:32 pm
it slow. i know iain the snow has let up in a number of spots but here where we are kathy said a little while ago we were in the red zone and the snow is still really coming down here. it's cold and not good. >> you're a trooper hanging out there. it's incredible how it looks there and some other areas in our area it's just -- it looks -- it's incredible. dawn hang in there. thanks a lot. we appreciate you giving us that live look every 20 minutes or so. stay warm and stay dry. >> here's live look at wilmington where the snow is not coming down any more. looks kind of actually nice out there. you see how different that looks from where dawn is. it's incredible. so is there light at the end of the tunnel? kathy has more in 15 seconds.
5:33 pm
>> we are hearing reports of a lot of trees down. cable out. power out. so tell your friends if they don't have power we will be on facebook, twitter and instagram throughout the evening updating you on changing conditions. look at one place where they are loving the snow. blue mountain. chair lifts are going and the skiers and snowboarders are out. why not? some new fresh snow there at least six to 10-inches in the poconos. look at these numbers. the new updated numbers are in. broomall a foot of snow. garnet valley near a foot. doylestown over 10-inches. brandywine, delaware, ten. inches. moorestown n or mo town as we call it 8-inches of snow. cherry hill 6-inches of snow. the center of the storm is moving well toward the north and the east you can see the back edge of the snow moving toward the northeast as well. as we take zoom in this is the heaviest band where we can expect an inch an hour. this is where dawn is you can see in mercer county, east wind along 130 and 95 heavy snow.
5:34 pm
through wrightsville and heading down the shore. our beaches along lb. i barnegat light, ship bot testimony and pebble beach this is where we have that last band of heavy snow. then it's moving out of here. you can see lighter snow accumulation now in atlantic city where the band was just within the past hour or so. on ultimate doppler this is our triple sweep. you can see the winds out of the north becoming northwesterly as the storm moves farther away still seeing that snow in western mercer county and also the western part of the burlington county into ocean. that's the only place left. right now 29 in the poconos. 35 in philadelphia. 35 in millville. temperatures up a few degrees since the snow has departed and by the time we make it to 6:00 o'clock pretty much out of here. 7:00 some breaks in the overcast the northwesterly winds will be blowing and gusting to about 25 miles an hour tonight and into tomorrow. late tonight, temperatures still in the 30s but when we clear the skies out, temperatures are going to be plunge and anything that is icy or liquid out there some rain or melted snow is
5:35 pm
going to freeze. it's going to be really icy tomorrow. so be aware of that. overnight lows in the 20s from the poconos through philadelphia just barely above freezing in wildwood. during the day tomorrow, above freezing with some sunshine. that sun does a great job to work on salt on area roads and sidewalks. 41 deges will be the high. winds out of the west and winds gusting to 25. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, partly sunny and breezy for friday. saturday looks like a nice day to be outside. and so does sunday. for the philadelphia saint patrick's day watch it right here on fox 29 or come to the parade. we'll be out there. monday a chance of morning snow showers. tuesday becoming mostly sunny and wednesday sunny and dry, the temperature 41 degrees. we knew that storm was going to come in early, depart early, and it definitely made its mark. the most impressive part of the storm was the thundersnow like a winter thunderstorm but i'll tell you we'll remember the roads, the accidents and of course iain the downed trees and power lines. more of that is to come tonight
5:36 pm
i'm sure of it. >> you're right. heavy wet snow, kathy. thanks lot. let's take look this from shawnette wilson's camera near cherry hill, new jersey they got 6-inches of snow like kathy sa said. more storm coverage straight ahead. don't go anywhere. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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let's take a look at old city where things are clearing up as you can see the market street there the road is just fine. no snow on the road. people have been shoveling and plowing the sidewalks but different story a few hours ago. things are moving out of the old city area now. how about jeff cole he is live in limerick montgomery county. jeff, how are things there right now? >> reporter: iain it's really interesting to see the sort of variety of our coverage we've been listening to and watching dawn timmeney literally looks to me to be in the teeth of the storm and we're out in limerick montgomery county simply what we have a cold and brisk, you know, hate winter day. the sun had come out. it's beginning to set now. so it's cold here and some snow on the ground but really you wouldn't have known that we had any of the kind of weather that we had earlier in the day.
5:40 pm
but we did see someone who was actually taking advantage of this weather. so let's take a look at video and i'll tell you that spirited people will make the best of their circumstances. we found this man in an open parking lot back in allentown testing out a fat tired bike. no hat, no coat. just going for it. he was absolutely soaking wet. now out there in whitehall nearly a len town the snowplows were actually working really hard as the snow early in the day was pelting literally petting the area. they were working the roads out there to keep them clean and did pretty good job. this is along airport road in whitehall that you're looking at. but let's hear now from our friendly biker who was testing that fat tire bike. >> just come out simply to see what this bike will do in this weather. >> yeah. i mean this is what they're built for. snow, sand, anywhere you can't ride a normal bicycle per se. so i just wanted to see if all
5:41 pm
the hype what all the heim is about. does what do you think. >> i i'm having a great time. >> let me ask you this. you don't look to me to be dressed for the weather. >> no. i mean, when you ride around you warm up. build up internal heat. no complaints. you know. >> reporter: no complaints. that fellow was soaking wet. but he was happy to be riding that bike. right in the teeth of the storm eye out that in allentown. lie in limerick, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. back to you iain. >> jeff, thank you very much. as we step aside we'll take look at chester county where things are clearing up there as well. sun trying to break through our coverage of this nor'easter continues right after this. ♪ i saw the change in rich when we moved into the new house.
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fire break out two trees fall on power lines. fox 29 viewer tim franklin caught this video of the fire at corner of forest and eagle roads. that's what's happening out there sometimes. all that heavy wet snow causing some problems with those trees. our joyce evans talking to some people driving on the roads and she joins us live in kennett square tonight. joyce. >> reporter: a lot of heavy wet snow out here. still not so much on the power lines any more. and even some of the trees are shedding those big blobs of snow before they fell on most of our heads. but any way, if there was no snow out here, this would be a perfect late winter evening. but it did happen. and it happened really bad really quickly. >> 1:00 o'clock philadelphia wasn't that bad out here it's a hot worse. >> reporter: jim reynolds not the only one leaving work early on clear wet pavement shock to do see road conditions go from not so bad to horrible heading
5:46 pm
south on route 1. >> just a couple miles an hour and i'm sliding around with no problem at all. >> reporter: so are we. >> yes. >> reporter: they ran in this, this and this. it all happened. >> there was a tree down at the park on 52. i had to go around the end of the tree so part of it ended up my in my bumper. >> it looks like you ran through it. >> i did. i went right through it. >> reporter: and that was the problem a lot of people were running right through thing. we saw a stand of trees leaning out right into the right lane along 322. folks ran right through it like nothing would happen but they got through well. jim ended up with bunch of it in his bumper. again, this is going to freeze tonight as kathy told us. it's all wet. you can see water running down the street right now but it will freeze over and, yes, it will be slippery begin so folks you got to little bit of a respit now. but be careful later. iain? >> that is good advice. joyce, thank you. all right. let's check in with dawn
5:47 pm
timmeney she is in the teeth of that storm in mercer county. dawn how are things there now. >> hey, iain. it's still kind of crazy here. the snow is still coming down like it has been for some time. i think it's maybe letting up a teeny bit but we've got a little drama here in the parking lot of the wawa. so many people have gotten stuck and there was actually a car here that caught fire. so we have the fire truck her. so it's been kind of a crazy day here in hamilton township. if i can get pete to pan over to the road here, you can just see they have have been plowed the plows have come through the plow trains several times. but it's still slow going here and the roads are still snow cover. not as many people out at earlier in the day. we talk to young lady who was out getting her nails done because she was bored probably not a great idea. i we shall high ruler because
5:48 pm
the snow is still super deep. i'm guessing it's at least a foot here, iain, and we had re really huge flakes coming downside ways earlier. we heard thundersnow but it seems like smaller flakes still coming sideways hopefully iain we are coming around to the end of this storm but it started late here in mercer county and it just got bad fast. >> exactly dawn. you were in the red zone for sure it look like it's slowing up a little bit. we'll check back in with you in little bit. let's get outside our studios now and talk to mike masco whose been here for about 14 hours. mike what's going on. >> what's going on? well, who knows? what day is it? [ laughter ] >> iain, it feels much colder out here the atmosphere is fully below freezing at this point. kathy has been alluding to we are going to see refreezing situation as we get into tonig tonight. also a couple of other issues to bring to your attention. bring you right to the boards
5:49 pm
here's the storm still very much in play. we showed you dawn's live shot where they're still getting smacked around all of south jersey still in the thick of thing, but you notice the storm is now taking a trajectory off towards the northeast northeast it will be just south of buzza buzzard's bay in the next three hours once that happens, this low is history. but we'll watch the winds gust as we get into the evening hours. in fact our shore points still around 36 to about 44 miles per hour or head lining highlighting headlining, you know, south and east of philly to still see moderate wind gusts and then as we get into tomorrow, still a breezy day but again all that weight on the trees and again the trees destabilized because of two storms they've had to endure. we could continue to see branches come down and of course some residual power outages. we have one more high tide going to have to focus on it's tonight's high tide running between 10:00 o'clock and midnight. so from middlesex county all the way down towards saint cape may somers point, brigantine, you
5:50 pm
know, right along the back bays these are areas that could deal with some minor flooding for the overnight hours. once we get rid of that high tide, the winds go northwest. and that's going to push all the water out that certainly good newses specially if you have some water still standing on your roadways down along the shore. that's it for this storm still got to endure some snow across south jersey and kathy will come back and track that with you on ultimate doppler coming up in just a little bit. bob kelly he's been here for 15 hours, too. what's going bob. >> you got a big snowplow. take look at the snowplow at the airport. look at this puppy. this is hour they're clearing the runways at philly international. you could use this for your driveway, huh. >> watch this guy. he's going to make u-turn lavene right in front of us, come right toward us and swing that puppy around. look at that. that's about 20 feet across the front. we could take that right down the schuylkill expressway and, bam, be done in one clean sweep. that's how they're doing it down
5:51 pm
there at philly international. if you do have flight scheduled out, here's the deal. all flies that are departing to philly are still being held at gates at the other airports until they get all those runways cleared. i would just check with the airline because even though your holding a ticket for tomorrow morning, you want to make sure your plane is here to take you out of here. they call that restaging much that's what's going to happen tonight, tomorrow and probably through the weekend because not only were we impacted here all of the new york and boston airports were impacted as well. a live look northeast philadelphia. this is woodhaven road. now they just shut down woodhaven road so they can bring a big plow train through because again you can see cars were zigging and sagging getting stuck in the snow. some trees came down off to your left here would be franklin -- philadelphia mills mall. and then here's a live look woodhaven road trying to get on to 95. again there's no access to 95. pushing everybody on to route 13. what you're going to see for the
5:52 pm
next couple of hours is all the plow trains getting in there and cleaning out opening up all the off and on-ramps giving a clean sweep now that the snow has come to an end and put down a layer of salt and finger crossed it doesn't freeze over on the overnight but that's likely going to happen. that's what we'll have to look out be and ready for fir thing tomorrow morning. we're flooded out again at the brooklawn circle all because of that high tide route 47 at routt of the diner. hello to the shaders live look route 73 here between mt. laurel and maple shade. you can see the slush here between the turnpike and the 295 ramps. we'll zoom on in to route 73. this is the ramp from route 73 to 295. looks like a second accident. look at this guy here. he's got somebody pulling him out with a rope. this is route 73 at route 38 talk about team work here. this is just off of 73 right by
5:53 pm
the holman lincoln dealership to give you an idea there you think you're having a bad day it could be worse. hopefully we'll get this fellow out of the ditch there and get him on his way. septa limping back to normal on lot of bus routes. they'll be doing the same thing. get they are plows out there. open up the streets in manayunk and roxborough and slowly but surely one bus route at a time they'll get rolling again. iain, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. in west philly once the snow stopped early this afternoon people were out trying to get their homes and tackle the cleanup on aspen street people got to work cleaning off the cars, shoveling the sidewalks not an easy task with the heavy wet snow that fell. >> oh, man, it's hectic. it's heavy. it's wet. um some of its fluffy but most of its wet. but it's, um, it's a task. >> it certainly is. while the city was spared a really deep snow today, we don't yet a ruling on whether schools will be delayed or on regular
5:54 pm
schedule tomorrow. all right. let's head to break here as we take a look at wilmington. things look pretty good right there right now as the storm has moved out of that area our coverage of this nor'easter continues right after this. ♪
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where you'll find the perfect dress at the perfect price. whether you want to stand out from the crowd or dance the night away. from a weekend getaway to that special celebration. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you've gotta get to the ross spring dress event, on now. ♪ you're gotta go to ross. here's a look at old city right now as the sky looks kind of clear out there. things are fine here in old city. earlier a little bit of a different story but that storm is kind of moved out of here. let's check in with chris o'connell though who's been tracking conditions in bensalem where the conditions are not so
5:58 pm
good. chris? >> reporter: the snow has stopped, iain but the impacts they are going to be very long lasting. i can tell you first of all we're getting a wide range of snow totals. i just been looking at them throughout our viewing area. there's some people down the shore that might get an inch or two. um here in buck county we got about tepp, 11-inches. here's another thing. a lot of power is out again after the other storm earlier this week the power out here in bensalem. and i want to show was we're seeing. take look at street road and hulmeville road where the street lights or it. this is a lesson right here. these people should not be just blowing through the stop sign -- the street lights when there are no street lights there. it should be a four-way stop. that a lesson everyone needs to know. because people are just going and there's going to be an accident here at some point. the other problem we're seeing we're going to see overnight
5:59 pm
freezing,. there's still an inch of so of slush on the roads that's going to be mess. also, take a look we went through earlier. scattered people all over i-95. this isism 95 street road coming up the off-ramp. we were stuck. tractor trailers were stuck. and we were there for about two hours before we were helping people get out. so someone else helped us get out a lot of good samaritans trying to kind of keeping -- keeping everybody together. but as the snow starts winding down, the real impact could be coming later on tonight as this stuff begins to freeze. iain? >> that will do it for us at 5:00. state right where err. our live team coverage of this nor'easter continues right now at 6:00. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> as we take a look at allentown right now. straight up 6:00 o'clock. things look pretty good there in clear. that was not the case earlier
6:00 pm
but that's storm is kind of made a quick move through that area. thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00. i'm iain page. one of the stories of this storm is power outages. they continue to be a problem for people in our area tonight. right now more than 100 nip 9,000 people have no power. peco alone reporting 119,000 customers have been affected. more than 89,000 of those customers are in bucks county. pse&g says more than 56,000 customers are without power. ac electric has over 23,000 people still in the dark. we have live team coverage tonight. let's again with your fox 29 weather authority. mike masco outside our studios let's start with kathy orr. kathy, what a storm. >> what storm indeed. it came in on the light side. got heavy this afternoon with thundersnow and now it's out of here. you can see in the mountains they are appreciating it mew mountain with snowboarders skiers out there. new totals into the weather se sent. we talked about the heaviest snow north and west of the city. look at this.
6:01 pm
bryn mawr, pa on the mainline 1


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