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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  March 8, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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some areas, i think the highest total 18 ends. we got a clean up today. >> and the power out for thousands in our region. many for the second time in less than a week, how they're dealing with life in the dark. >> and, crews working throughout the night to clear the streets. the bad news, listen to this: it may not be over. there may be another coastal storm coming our way, by the end of the weekends. >> what? >> who is excited? >> oh, yes, yes, yes, we got it, baby, we got it. we got it. wow. wow. we got it. >> some people love this weather. good day everybody, it is cents thursday march the eighth, 2018. it is international women's day, here one of my favorites. >> oh, thank you, mike. >> that's right. we celebrate alex, we celebrate sue serio, great job yesterday. >> we celebrate all of you. so what do you do after 12 hours of snow coverage? this is what you do.
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>> i'll go right next to you. >> you ready? >> i'm ready. >> i'm doing the snow face challenge. let's go. >> okay, what's the point of all of this? people doing it all over the country. we'll explain in just a bit. >> yes, we will. >> sue if you want to do it later we're happy to tag along. >> i think all of my make up would have ended up. i know some of yours did, i saw it yesterday. if you want my opinion, i think you look like chewbacca. >> oh,. >> with the make up, ya. it was fun. okay. today is the seven out every ten, but here's what you have to watch for today. slippery spots, out there, temperatures are in the 30's, very close to freezing, so what looks wet could be very icy. bus stop buddy with some nice good boots on today. and you should too. there it is. good riddance, it is up in new england, right now, our storm from yesterday. giving them a lot of snow for us, we don't have anything to
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to worry about here except digging out. we're at 34 degrees in philadelphia, so at least little bit above freezing. but it feels like 26 out there. so make sure you dress warmly enough. sunrise time 6:24. and we will see sunshine today. high temperature of 44 degrees. as you try to recover from what many people got yesterday, which was double digit accumulations. sunset time, not until 6:01. so with all of these daylight hours, bob kelly, you have chance to clean up. but now you have different kind of problem, i-95? >> yes, we have two shutdowns on i95 right now. live look at 6:02, 95 northbound, nasty accident, and then a car burst into flames here, right at woodhaven road. there is the corn wells height park and ride. kind of give you an idea, north 95. i got some people walking around, firefighters on the scene, here is a couple of the other vehicles that were either disable or involved in the crash. but this is 95 north at woodhaven road, again, all lanes blocked, as they tends
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to this accident and vehicle fire. another accident right behind it. this is 95 northbound at cottman avenue. again, all traffic coming to a halt. what you're seeing here, are the police and firefighters trying to get through the traffic jams to get to the woodhaven road accident. so 95 northbound, hot mess right now, from bridge all the way up to woodhaven. now the roads are wet. they're slushy. they're certainly slippery. so just give yourselves extra time. slow your roll. service suspended on amtrak between new york and boston, because of power problems. as far as amtrak, as far as septa goes, all lines, buses, trains, running normal service expected, about two dozen bus routes are still suspended, and hopeful tray will get better as we trickle through the morning here with some of the roads like manayunk, and roxborough getting plowed those bus routes will be able to get back in action, mike anal he can back to you. >> i don't think we will use
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team coverage today, so go what is happening now. we had seven boxes yesterday, because we have to cover all of the power lines down, tree limbs down, blocked roads, people without power, all of this. so from seven boxes yesterday, we are down to two. >> well three. we're in here, too. >> can we count us? >> yes. well, we're in a box. >> all right, three boxes from seven to three. so steve's up in burlington county there. jenny joyce is also out and about in bucks county. we will start with steve, who is in marlton now. >> reporter: mikey thought of you yesterday when i finally had like two minutes to myself. and i said: why am i not as smart as jerrick. i keep telling you, you and alex are wise for two reasons. you don't have to have a car. >> no. >> you don't have a home where you have to take care of the property. >> no. >> because again, i paid the price for both yesterday. three and a half hours to get home from work. and i didn't think i was going to get home.
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then i almost ran out of gas leaving with more than half tank. that's how bad it was. and then when i got home, utter devestation all around moorestown, i didn't know if i had any more trees that could come down. and i apparently i did. by the way, i don't want to complain here, because i know people have been without power for a week plus now. so look at this mess here. we're at a wawa. now here is where i was telling sue serio earlier. yes, it is good it is above freezing. but it is bad when you get out of our car, you step in this, this is just slop. so you can see that this is wet and slush. you wouldn't walk in that puddle. the problem is when you think you're walking on snow you think straight through, and then you get the ankle-deep slush. that's what i am warning everybody about. now look. as hard as we worked, and we're just tacking to people, here is my man sean gregory with the family business. he took an hour nap in this since he started work willing with the first snowflakes yesterday. now, sean and i were just across the street, if we had the video, ryan, do we have
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the video available? yes, no? all right, so, there is a guy in a nissan maxima, decides on his way to see his mother being rushed into cooper, to stop at the 7-eleven for coffee. for now it is wawa coffee. that will driveway is worse than the slushy driveway here. he gets stuck in his brand new mix and maxima. fortunately as is what i saw yesterday, and i learned, help everybody out whenever you can. and sean had a shovel. and dug, we pushed, and got this guy out on the way to see his mother before she goes into surgery. you're good man, sean. and you've been working non-stop. you mentioned this storm being different than all of the others you've worked. >> one of the worse, i've been doing this for 21 years, the snow is very wet, very heavy, it is cents punishing on the equipment. it takes twice as long to get the job done. and specially with the timing of the storm. it was cents just absolute devestation. there was cars broken
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everywhere. i spent half my time getting to the job pulling people out, helping the police departments on the highways, stuff like. that will just trying to help people out to get through the storm. >> yes. so not just plowing, you're doing whole -- what other things have you been doing for almost 24 hours now? >> we do everything from snowplowing, shoveling, we salt, salting the sidewalks, we help out any of the other neighbors, any of the senior citizens, anything we can do to help them out too. >> you don't foresee being done for awhile, because just devestation everywhere? >> just devestation everywhere. i'm on my way to my offers right now, so i can plow that, so the girls can get into work today. then off to go do day care center. who knows from where i go from there. >> i know time is running your business, thank you very much. you're good man. >> thank you very much. so you can see the power companies trying to get coffee. nobody's taking a break. it is cents going to be tough morning, we are on the border of marlton and mt. laurel. mt. laurel just utter devestation. and i talk to the pse&g guys on my street. they said 45,000, just in
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burlington county without power. mt. laurel, marlton, and moorestown, among the three towns hardest hit for sure. all around town. so if you can, let somebody a hand when they need it. don't just drive by and say that's not me thank god. little did we know that guy trying to get to his mother before she goes into surgery. thanks for sean and greg for doing that. >> that's for sure. >> very good point. we did see some yesterday, mike, we saw some people helping out, neighbors getting out of theirs cars, that's always great to see. >> i can't tell you how many times i've heard in the last 12 hours, one of the worse storms they've n been through. at the are at the time it didn't seem that bad. we've had 40-inch snowfalls. >> i think it is the commute. >> the commute. and the heaviness of the snow. the storm left so many people in ducks county without power too. that was the scene near bensalem, last night. >> so heavy snow, strong wind, brought down trees, causing widespread power outages. so, jenny joyce is in that
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area now. jenny? >> the light are working. >> yes, good morning, guys. so we are live at street road and hulmeville road. this is an intersection without power. but let's zoom in right across the way. the street light is working. oh, shoot. there, cars in the way. we can't show you. but what you can see right now is the generator. that generator is powering the traffic lights. and thankfully so. because specially now that we are approaching the morning rush, there is cents a lot of traffic. this is a main intersection here. and not only is there a lot of car traffic, but also, businesses cents we have a wawa without power. we have a mcdonald alleges', mattress firm, goes for couple of blocks here in bensalem. lasts night our chris o'connell was out and about, talk to a family, wanted to check in with them, see how they're managing without power. the man that we talked to said he's lived in the area for nearly 20 years, only the second time that he's been without power. so it certainly is an adjustment for people.
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we did see crews out here working on some of the lines. again, still, now several hours without power, at this point. so, our ride up here, we took 95, and 95 was cents pretty clear. so if you are headed out to work this morning, just know that the main roads are okay. however, they're wet. and we're also dealing with a lot of ice on the roadways, so just be careful of that. mike and alex. >> of course, jenny, thank you for. that will we had fists cents flying, well, people were flying. what led to brutal fight on board a southwest airlines plane? >> no peanut? >> and speaking of flying, the flyers line up last night for the first time in three weeks. wayne simmons was back. oh, 16-one-one when he scores this year. >> amazing. >> co-he help them get much needed win over the penn wynn?
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>> cancels, delays, and there is cents domino effect, which is the common phrase, after manure ' about to meet. one bob kelly. >> domino effect, from this vehicle fire. an accident, on 95, all northbound lanes, of 95, closed, in two separate spots. this is the big one. at woodhaven road. let's go to 95. down in wilmington. where much better situation, no fights on the roadways, but we got some jams on mass transit. sue
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>> of 16:00, what it looks like right now, wilmington, delaware, the sun came out, actually, came out very quickly, as soon as the snow ended last evening, and now that we have a 6:00 sunset time, well, that's what we're seeing. so, perhaps you're wondering how much snow did i get? if you live in new jersey here couple of totals for up, i think the granddad i of them all princeton township up in mercer county, 17.8 inches of snow. west depford, six and and had a half. in delaware, tally brooke almost 7 inches, at the
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airport, new castle county, 6 inches, and then you go further south, amounts were lighter, but even dover, delaware, got almost 2 inches of snow, montgomeryville pennsylvania over foot. almost a foot in bethel township delco. east stroudsberg in the poconos with 10 inches, boyertown 7.4, exton 6.8. philadelphia 6.16789 so sort of rounds up. i put them on social media, too, in case you're interested. there is yesterday's storm, it is out of here, up in new england now, so really didn't go that far away. here's what we are all talking about for early next week, storm that develops here, see it is saturday. in the gulf of mexico. by sunday morning starting to make move off the coast. what it does after that is a huge question mark, but looks like it will proceed up the atlantic seaboard, will it give us anything? there is cents a chance but we certainly have a lot to do between now and then, to figure that out. 34 degrees in philadelphia right now. just little bit above freezing, right at freezing in wilmington, 30 in pottstown, 32 wrightstown, places where
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could you get some black ice this morning, and keep in mind, getting dressed, windchills are in the teens, 20's, getting started this morning but we top off in the 40's, 44 degrees, today, 42 tomorrow. forty-five on saturday, so four drive days to get rid whatever fell yesterday. then we get ready for the next possible coastal storm, on monday. and the way it looks with temperatures, if it start in the morning it may be snow that changes over to rain with the high later on of 42 degrees that's all we got for now, bob kelly. >> all start wad crash, this vehicles, burst into flames, right now, philly firefighters ands emergency crews have everything blocked, 95 northbound hope this fellow is okay, walking around, i think the owner of the vehicle that caught fire, able to get out. but again 95 northbound closed
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and here is a live look at the back up again between academy and woodhaven. all traffic coming to a grinding halt. the roads are wet slippery, slushy, right around that freezing mark, and another crash, 95 north, between cottman and academy road off to the side 309 at the pa turnpike so again anything that maybe had two lanes on or off ramp probably down to one and a half. crews drying to move all of the slush and snow around to try to get all of the lanes opened up for the morning rush hour, amtrak still suspended between new york and boston, yesterday's power problems, kind of rolling into today. septa says, giving it a shot. all buses trains, trolleys, regular normal schedule expect delays, two dozen bus routes suspended but expect it to get better as the morning goes on, run a plow up, and fix it all up. ac rail line suspended, new jersey transit, patco running
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with delays as well as the trenton line. it will be rough start mike and alex. not as rough as yesterday. >> one of the big topics yesterday, was thunder snow. >> seems like everyone heard it would tweet us, i just heard it. >> so it the lightening and thunder in the middle of a snowstorm, we did catch it when dawn was doing a report yesterday. we realize it was thunder snow. >> there it is again. >> oh, my god necessary, can you hear that? >> can you hear the voice after man? >> that's mike masco getting so excited doing the weather yesterday later on he heard someone he was doing his report out on the street.
6:21 am
>> i thought what is he doing out there? >> he never experienced it, i always wondered, what? breitbart flash, kathy, and then crash. >> what did mike jerrick say? >> that was the voice of cat error in the background, right? >> right. >> she mentioned jim, the name she mentioned, and of course he's famous with the weather channel. he's even more excited. >> oh, yes! yes, yes, yes, we got it, baby, we got it, we got it. wow. wow. we got it. yes! listen to that! listen to that! oh, baby. dank, so who do it better? i don't know. you know what i appreciate? the fact that these weather dudes and women are so into their science and their craft
6:22 am
they're thrilled by this. they get excited about phenomenons, i remember yesterday somebody tweeted me did mike say he was having fun? yes, for him, something you focus on, whether career, and to see it actually unfold, you know? i think kind of cool. mummer hoping to fire up the flyers, well, his speech at the wells fargo center didn't have the impact for the flyers. >> it was cool though. >> it was great. we'll play it for you. ♪ mom, mom, mom, we've got cookies to sell. the girl scout cookie inspired flavors you love, now in the dunkin' coffees you love. only at dunkin'.
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>> flyers started with a losing streak, behind the penguins, game tide. does the dirty work, gets the flyers the two to one lead. the rest of the night, rest of the game, belonged to the penguins. sydney crosby, gets the rebounds, scores, penguins scored the last four goals, went it five to two. eagles with major edition to the defensive line, they pick up seattle dine hand, and the seventh rounder, gave up fifth rounder and marcus johnson, three time pro bowl here had eight and a half sacks last
6:26 am
year. >> phils won the game, two to one. and that's sports in a minute. i'm thomas sredenschek. >> let's go back to the flyers, jason kelce, watched as the hires flowings dollars pittsburgh penguin last night, of course they were asked to get fans fired up. >> if you love the philadelphia flyers, let me get a hail ya. >> (cheers). >> hey, let's get these boys going, they just took the lead. division lead on the line. let's go flyers. >> let's go flyers. >> let's go flyers. >> let's go flyers. >> at that point it was cents two to one. after the speech penguins come back, win to five to two. >> oh, so it doesn't work? >> it didn't work with this time. well, he gave the big speech for the eagles after the win, right? maybe he should wait until
6:27 am
after the games are over. >> maybe that's the key. >> who knows. >> i blame it on coach parm. we will get to that in just a second. >> that speech one month ago today. >> you're right. it was cents a thursday. sue, can you imagine, if yesterday had been a month ago? >> oh, i know, even with a foot of snow, folks would have made it to the parade. >> so true. >> yes, absolutely. so there it is. bye bye. are we getting another one? maybe. we'll talk about the possibility of another coastal storm coming up as we look at the sunrise over ocnj and yep, they got some snow, too.
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>> thousands left without power as our second nor'easter in less than a week dumps more than a foot of snow in some spots. we're live as people are digging out. and possibly just until the next one? >> oh, boy, next one, on to the next one. ready to resign. you would think. why some believe today's the allentown's mayor's last day after being convicted on many charges. we got an eye on it. >> it is like a horror move any your own home. >> alexa. >> why some alexa users actually think their device could be possess in the. >> you know, aid feeling about mine. ever since i got her. it is weird. like it will go off without me
6:31 am
even talking to her sometimes. >> yes? >> uh-huh. >> okay, this is really cool. this headline. flake news. common. that's pretty good. march madness. courtesy of mother nature. big, many pages of snow coverage, if you want to read that. while you're watching us. >> yes. >> today is wednesday, march the eighth. and, yes, it is, international women's day. so do something special for the woman in your life. >> so what are you going to be doing? >> well, i thought i was not going to come in today after that tiring day yesterday. but i knew i wanted to be surrounded by my beautiful women. >> so you're saying your presence is a gift? >> yes, my presence, is a present. >> okay, we do have school closings, look at the bottom of the screen here, a lot of delays. like most of them are two hour delays, but some schools, thank you, vanna, but some schools are actually closed. so watch the bottom of the screen there. that tiny little, tiny little words, going by.
6:32 am
>> yes, now that we're into march, they don't want to use up any more snow days, because then they'll have to go longer in the summer. so that's why we are going with the two hour delay. so, 34 degrees in philadelphia right now. winds out of the west, at 10 miles an hour, feels like 26 degrees outside. but, the sun is shining. sunrise time 6:24. as we move through the rest of the day. we will see plenty of sunshine, and we will get to 44 degrees, the problem is, tonight, we dip down into the 20's, so anything that melts today, when we're at 39 degrees by lunchtime, 44 degrees for high temperature, will freeze again overnight. then we have problems with black ice in the morning tomorrow. but your sunset time is 6:01. so that's your forecast for today. we will talk about what's coming up in the seven day forecast, but boy, what a big mess, and it is not even snow relate in the. >> dealing with all of the leftovers, left over thursday here this morning, here is a live look, at a closure of i-95.
6:33 am
ninety-five northbound still closed at woodhaven road from an earlier nasty accident and vehicle fire. traffic bumper to bumper from pretty much approaching academy, all the way up to woodhaven. jump off at woodhaven or academy, get up to the boulevard. that will get you to the turnpike, street road, left over accident here at 95 at cottman. accident north on the blue route, crawling, from 95 all the way up to mcdade boulevard. a half hour delay, just to go about 2 miles there in delco. an accident west on the schuylkill at university. so be careful. again, we're back to normal morning rush hour. yes, the two hour delay will help somewhat. but everything is still wet and slippery and slushy. downed tree, the black horse pike, ramps to 295. blocked this morning. as we heard from steve, many closures in mt. laurel because every downed trees and power lines, so many detours over there. if you are headed to the airport, check ahead. residual concellations from yesterday, they call it re-staging, yesterday's flight was canceled, so that plane's
6:34 am
not here in philly to take you out of town this morning. so that's happening in philly. new york and boston, all day today. amtrak still suspended, new york up to boston, until about 10:00. and septa running with some minor delays, but everything is returning back to normal on all of the buses, trains, and trolleys. mike and alex back to you. >> so this morning, steve keeley is on clean up patrol. >> and so he's in mt. laurel. >> mt. laurel, just got beat up yesterday. and they are feeling the effect of it this morning, that's for sure. steve? >> reporter: yes, our fourth live shot in mt. laurel. we don't have to repeat the same scene at all, because there are so many. this is just unbelievable. see these cars coming at us, they know the road is closed. i've been watching this for half hour now. this line of cars will come all the way up here. here's what they see now. they see flashing light. they see big road closed signs. and i guess they want to know why is the road closed?
6:35 am
so they come all the way up to the last minute. this person just made a u-turn in this development where the power has been out since midnight. so they come up to the last moment. then they go how am i going to turn around now? let's see, all right, i'll make a u-turn. we've seen gridlock here, people going into people's driveway, or going into this ramblewood village and country club development, and they make the u-turn in there. you can see, even though they don't have any power they have lots of traffic in there suddenly today because this is now as bob kelly would say, u-turn laverne city. and bob lived in mt. laurel. and i said probably he doesn't live there now, because they have no power. and they've got traffic congestion. where they normally don't see traffic congestion. so here is the problem. this police officer telling me, he keeps having to move the barricades further across the road, because people keep trying to drive around him. see other barricades up there, inbetween some of the many wires down, and wires are either sagging, on the road, and then look at these trees, leaning on these wires to the
6:36 am
right. and i have been talking about pine trees, gathering, they're the only ones, with anything on the branches, since it is the middle of winter. but you can see how many pine trees they are, how they sag even before they break, and some of them, will hopefully survive, eventually melt, but here's what i have in my yard. see the pine tree here? the bigger branches on the bottom, like christmas tree, now they look like ladders, and all of the branches through all of the storms have gone, then they become top heavy. so when they have the wind storms, they blow over. because the branches are up top. they have nothing weighing them down on the bottom. then sitting in saturated ground. so, pine trees are the ones doing all of the devestation in the snow. and as pse&g pointed out to me, they didn't even need branches pulling down wires, the heavy wet snow just put that on the weight on the wires was pulling them down, as well. so, big trouble, just checked with pse&g here in the burlington county area, 17,000 people affected right now without power. among them, the folks here in burlington county.
6:37 am
the lasts lady we talk to wasn't in a bad mood as she fumbled around in the dark trying to get ready for work. i gave her credit for that. >> good for you, yes. just got to keep a positive attitude. the woman who floor direct this show, you see her every now and then, hear her voice, di, lady di, she lives up in bucks county. so she left here about 2:00, took two, two and a half tours to get home. when she got home, no power. >> what a day. >> no shower. no power. >> no power no shower. >> even though the power is down, good to people's spirits aren't down. she still smiling. >> she lives up in bucks county where we'ring. >> where jenny joyce is. >> yes, good morning, guys, i was cents certainly home watching you yesterday, i was feeling for you. i felt bad for everybody who was working for several hours and then went home and had to shovel themselves out and deal with power outages. that's what people up here in bucks county dealing with this morning early, around 3:00, it was cents at 50,000 people
6:38 am
without power. now it is down to about 46,000 trying to make headway. look across the roadway here. we just saw this. this is a trash truck that is now stuck in the snow trying to make it way out. so even the next day, after the storm, there is still that possibility that you, too, could get trapped in snow. we actually went over to that parking lot, when we first got up to the area this morning, the wawa is off to the right. that hasn't been touched. so, it seems like specially when dealing with shopping centers, and they have their private contractors, some are plowed, some are not plowed. so be careful when you are pulling in and out of these lot. yesterday our chris o'connell was up here, and the reason that we came was because he found this intersection, this is hulmeville road, and street road, a very busy intersection, that has been without power now for several hours. the lights are working only because there is a generator hook up to it. and thankfully, because this is, like i said, very busy
6:39 am
intersection, but all of the businesses cents here in the area are still dark, we did see a utility crew out here earlier this morning, but not sure that that was actually for power. it could have been for cable or for phone service. because this area is still in the dark right now. mike and alex. >> got you. okay. jenny, we will check back with you throughout the morning. see if we can get some improvement there. see if that truck moves eventually. all right, 6:39. well, you knew it was coming, allentown mayor ed pawlowski just might resign this morning, one week after jury found him guilty of 47 felony counts. the morning call is reporting that pawlowski met with roger maclean to discuss the preparation. so, plane serving as acting mayor if this happens today. and we have a sentencing. so, if the resignation happens we will let you know.
6:40 am
coming up 6:40. so do you have an alexa? because i want to know if this is happening to you. alexa is now being called creepy evil. >> i've had questions about my alexa since my daughter bought me this, couple of christmasses ago. she will just go off at times when i'm not even talking to her. so some owners have noticed that she laughs even though you're not in the same room. it will just pop off and laugh, thomas, have you heard about this? >> yes. has she ever laughed with you or at you? >> one time you had -- i had to walk through the kitchen, walking naked in the morning. (laughing). >> she didn't scream? it was cents a laughter? >> it was laughing. >> yes, that's -- go ahead. >> yes. >> i mean, just chilling at home, relaxing, suddenly you hear a creepy laugh like this.
6:41 am
>> tee he. >> (laughing). >> so that's where that users are hearing right there. somehow amazon telling us that alex will an interprets another phrase which prompts her to laugh, like you just heard right there. they reprogrammed the whole system. now she will only laugh when the user says alexa can you laugh? she will respond by saying sure, i can laugh, followed of course by laughter. but amazon still hasn't explained, mike and alex, why she laughs for no reason, why she has such a sinister laugh. >> they were different laughs. >> there are different laughs. does she do tee hee he e when you walk by, mike. >> it is like a wick witch. >> yes. >> alexa, can you do a teehee hee. >> alexa, can i do witch-like?
6:42 am
>> alexa, can you do a british laugh? >> (laughing). >> not bad. >> i didn't know the british laughed differently. >> not even plugged in, too. >> that's scary. >> wow. >> ladies and gentlemen, sue serio. >> yes! >> i will say remember -- >> oh, ya. >> i remember my cousin having one every them, i promise you, when the batteries were taken out it will open its eyes and laugh. >> i had a ted high tried to kill me once. >> oh, arrested. 6:42, from the hottest team in all of sports to one of the coldest, the flyers, have not been good recently. i think we know who we should blame for this. >> i think so, and that how many san in our studio
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6:45 am
>> well, you think you're having bad start to the day? look at this guy. this is that ramp that we had the big problem with yesterday. the westbound schuylkill expressway ramp to conshohocken, this guy on the side embankment here, westbound the off ramp to get here at conshy look how slippery and slushy. looks wet. you think you're okay tires hit the slush coupled with little extra miles per hour.
6:46 am
>> example what we are dealing with morning, good news, 59 northbound, just reopened here, at woodhaven road, we had multi vehicle crash, one of the cars burst into flames? so they're still cleaning that up. north on 95, still heavy from pretty much, cottman avenue all the way up to woodhaven road. then north on the blue route accident near mcdade. >> on the scening westbound, accident, at city avenue. all of the mass transit systems, are running slower than normal, but at least we are getting there. sue has the forecasts in 15 seconds.
6:47 am
>> so yes, yesterday's storm is out of here. but still going to see a little bit of tight pressure gradient here, which means it will be breezy, this afternoon, but helping with the snow melt, later sunrise, than we would have had, say, in december or january. and of course, a lot of sunshine. now, real quick look at what's going to happen, we think, next week. a storm forming in the gulf of mexico, on saturday moves closer to the east coast, looks like it could develop into coastal storm, move northward, have effect on our weather sunday night at the earliest, probably into monday. 34 degrees in philadelphia, only little bit above freezing, right at freezing, in wilmington, 30 in pottstown, 31 reading. and only 28 degrees in lan casts at the, so a lot of the suburbs even down in millville you're going to find black ice out there. from stuff that melted yesterday, freezing, and it could be very slippery, factor in 10-mile per hour wind, and our windchills in the 20's,
6:48 am
this morning. so cold start. but what will happen. we get to 44 today. a lot of the snow will melt. we start off in the 20's, tomorrow, black ice again, snow melts during the day on friday. black ice on saturday morning. so that kind of cycles through until we get rid of most of the snow that fell yesterday. just in time for next system to arrive on monday, stays pretty cold it looks like after that. >> flyers up, then jason kelce gave his speech, mychal kendricks was there, wayne simmons was back, and you know that the flyers are 61 and one, when wayne scores a goal. but the penguins/arch them cyst, ended up losing the game. they've been losing a lot. >> you mean won the game. >> penguins won the game. yes, flyers lose, and the flyers have not, you know, on real bad streak.
6:49 am
we found out, look back at our videotape, and they've been losing ever since coach parm came in and gave his pep talk saying that the flyers were the new eagles. >> so many connections cents between this flyers team -- >> that was few weeks ago. what have we lost, four now since coach parm gave that pep talk? >> i believe it is four. >> so let's blame ryan, coach parm. >> guys, i know better than this. you guys know i'm superstitious. look. i never should have put this together. i know better than this. nick foles -- >> so? >> alex, you do the honors? >> take his stick. >> i'll take his stick now. >> i lost the stick. >> take his head set. >> should i just drop it? >> drop it. >> where is your whistle.
6:50 am
>> the whistle already lost. >> it's been proven, o and four. >> so go back to your regular job, producing the show. hit this board. get out of here. >> someone requested i do this. >> oh, no. >> jimmy johnson style. all right, get out. >> all right. >> sorry, flyers. >> take your board with you. >> when do they play again? >> tonight. against the bruins. >> oh, you're running over -- >> also very good team. so we're guaranteeing now that this happened. the flyers. the flyers win tonight. >> hopefully this will do it. >> so sad. >> all right, another storm is on the way. did you hear sue serio say that? not one was good enough. not two. oh, no. this could be the third coming in late sunday night.
6:51 am
another coastal storm. >> but before that storm, though, don't forget, the saint patrick's day parade will be going on, and it will be happening right here on fox 29. our coverage begins sunday at noon. and you know, this is going to keep going. rain or shine, men. >> that snow better wait. >> bet ever wait until after the parade. new fast play games are out, and break the bank has progressive top prizes. bet i can clear these shelves faster than you can play. ready? go! (objects clattering) (high-pitched giggling) i won. fast play. pay fast. win instantly.
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6:54 am
>> i like the sun comes out, glistens over the snow, isn't that preppy? but then there is the city snow, the sun is on it, too, and then it turns gray, black. by the way, see these dogs here? they live in pottstown. let's call them the pottstown pups. proving dogs love the snow. the bulldogs enjoyed the snow, as yesterday's nor'easter dumped a foot of snow around the area. as you know, it was the second major storm to hit the northeast in less than a week. why am i telling you stuff you lready know?ling you stuff you think way, these dogs had fun in it. >> just excuse to see dogs play in the snow. we like it. >> i needed to say something so the footage would run longer. >> i see. >> thank you for doing that. >> no problem. 6:54. >> well, seems we aren't the only ones on zested when looking at ourselves, talking about humans.
6:55 am
penguins love to pose for a pick, as well, and we have proof. >> talking about sydney crosby? >> no. >> oh, real penguins? >> they showed off the selfie skills after australian and the arctic expedition. r left the camera on the ice. this is so cool. didn't talk long for the birds to try and get some selfies in. >> oh, look at that. almost, almost doesn't look real. >> i know, very wide-angle lens. >> i've been watching too much, what's the animation? happy feet? >> happy feet? ya. and -- >> and ice age, there you go. >> isn't there march of the penguins, documentary about these penguins, too? >> oh, look at them, oh, happy feet. look at them. >> you know, i didn't know that a gathering, what's a rookery, where penguins live? can somebody look that up, a rookery? what's a group of lions called? >> pride. >> so what's a rookery?
6:56 am
>> breeding colon i of rooks. (laughing). >> the penguins must be called rooks? i thought that was a piece on a chest book. >> group or colony usually of birds. >> so, birds, getting together and getting it on, that's a called a rook, rookery? >> do we have a local rookery? >> one in egg harbor city new jersey. >> oh, just sea birds, sea birds only are rookery? >> ya, anything that lives in the water? marine animals? >> her on is a animal, and rookery in galloway township. >> but a her on will normally eat fish, the long legged birds. >> is that what it looks like? >> have you ever seen a hear her andan? >> not quite like you. >> oh, fast cents. thank you. >> so i guess a heron would hang out at rookery.
6:57 am
>> do they have rookery for humans, and where is it? the news room. >> haha. >> let's go to bensalem. that's where one of our intrepid reporters who didn't bother to come in yesterday. where jenny joyce stands. >> good morning, no birds want to be hanging out in bucks county, just under 50,000 people here are without power, we are in one of those spots, live in bensalem comin
6:58 am
when my smile is bright, i feel ready to shine. some whitening toothpastes only remove surface stains, colgate optic white high impact white is different. it has hydrogen peroxide, to whiten four shades for a visibly whiter smile. trust your smile to colgate optic white.
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7:00 am
>> can you dig it? well, you have to, we are digging out, cleaning out. >> the winds are getting rough, you know? it is enough. >> people dealing with the aftermath of another powerful nor'easter, this one, dumped more than a foot of snow in some areas. >> we heard the cracking, big trees in the back came down, and then it went out. >> get this. actually watching the potential for another coastal storm. >> plus: not even a snowstorm can slow down howie roseman, the eagles executive reportedly pulling off huge trade, as he looks to build another super bowl roster. what the addition of three-time pro-bowler, michael bennett, means for the birds. >> ♪ >> ♪


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