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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  March 8, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> can you dig it? well, you have to, we are digging out, cleaning out. >> the winds are getting rough, you know? it is enough. >> people dealing with the aftermath of another powerful nor'easter, this one, dumped more than a foot of snow in some areas. >> we heard the cracking, big trees in the back came down, and then it went out. >> get this. actually watching the potential for another coastal storm. >> plus: not even a snowstorm can slow down howie roseman, the eagles executive reportedly pulling off huge trade, as he looks to build another super bowl roster. what the addition of three-time pro-bowler, michael bennett, means for the birds. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> da birds. >> so let's talk about that big trade yesterday, but also, after, like, 102 hours of snow coverage yesterday, what better thing to do than this? >> are you ready? >> i'm red. >> i here we go. >> now, what's the point that far? people are doing it all over the country specially the delaware valley yesterday. well, we will try to explain it. >> like a facial maybe? >> you said it makes you younger. >> ya. >> you look so much young they are morning. >> i feel like a boy. i feel like a teenage boy. >> and you saved so far money. don't have to go to the spa now. >> exactly. >> the clean up begins today, the digging out and at least we have sunshine for that. for most of the day, i think we will see few clouds here and there, seven out every ten, bus stop buddy with the boots on, because, walking around, could be a challenge with all of the snow on the ground and some black ice that we've had slippery spots, a bounding, temperatures in the 30's, for the most part, but
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windchills in the 20's, our storm is out of here. so we do have room for sunshine today. 32 degrees, our current temperature. 6:45, the sun ryan ties, 44 the high temperature. chilly afternoon, sunny, breezy looking -- looking good, and even though not as many problems as yesterday, bob kelly, we've got quite a few this morning, already. >> again, folks, everybody on the move, a lot of the schools on two hour delay, some closed. that's going to help. but 95 north bound,. >> north on 59, about 20 minute cottman up into woodhaven, the roads are wet, slippery, watch it on the on and of off-ramps, north on the blue route, 476 accident right at mcdade boulevard. also, an accident west on the
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schuylkill, jammed up from south, in toward university. and then watch it where you typically would have maybe two lanes on an off ramp. down to only one. here is one, west on the schuylkill expressway guy went up, even though it is wet, little bit of the slush can send you sliding. the black horse pike, downed tree, on the ramps to go north on 295, over there in bellmawr. mt. laurel, jammed up, with downed trees and wires, a lot of folks even rowan, burlington county college over there without power. concellations, still down at the airport from yesterday. so we've seen some flight arriving and departing but check with the airline before you grab your bag and head on down. mike and alex back over to you. again, only down to three boxes, right? from last, from yesterday. so, you know what happened overnight? i don't have to tell you, of course we are new this was coming wrote are closed trees are down, power is out.
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this is what happens after a nor'easter. so steve keeley in burlington county, and jenny up in bucks county, just got tweet from somebody, oh, jen is now in a box. i love it. you know it is what saturday nighsaturdaynight live says. >> steve in burlington county, jenny joyce in bucks county. then weaver jen in broomall, i believe. >> steve has been in mt. laurel, because they got hit hard. but you've gone back now to moorestown? >> i finally got off 130 after my three and a half hour commute. which is normally 20 minute. so, this is the main drag, it starts at chester avenue down by main street, and then it becomes riverton road. now, that's bridgeboro road where everybody's trying to get around, that's where the high school is, and that is a mess. but so i saw some snow melting last night, i was like wow. but it wasn't from the temperature. chris, turn around.
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so you had all of the lines down. power was out. and you can see, the black burn-marks, both in the mud, and in the snow, and that is a thick line there, whatever that was, and you can see, ahead, they put caps on there, and you can see the plastic thing that's holding those three lines together. and a piece of the cap now somewhere right here on the ground. so we will walk up the street, and it is safe around here, by the way, sue serio right on the money, temperature has dropped, even though the sun is out and breitbart. >> this road sheet of ice. this is black ice, and chris and i are trying to take our time you can -- walking on this, so the first presbyterian church historic landmark here. boy their trees got wiped out. see the trees now over these lines, as well, and that's how these lines got torn down. so nobody's even here working on this. that tells you how busy pse&g s they're right around the corner from here. so, that is why power is out in places like moorestown, and
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why roads are shutdown. and this road is open, only on one side the speed limit 40, they'll take their time, on one of the one lane bridges, looking back at the road you can see, the road going toward 130, and philadelphia is really shutdown. that's what we showed you at 4:00 a.m. so what a mess this is, main drag, still not addressing this, it tells you how busy the crews are. there is our friends jon runyan's house, trying to sell that house. so mike if you want to be a homeowner live here in moorestown, have some news people as neighbors. >> sure. >> it is available for you. and you know, so you put a bid in with john, i'm sure he'll probably except it at this point. trying to sell for awhile. >> i would rather have a house that has power. oh, that's temporary snipping. >> right. >> doug pederson lives over there. steve keeley levels over there.
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think of the party, the four of us could have. >> oh,. >> oh, ya. >> thank you, steve. >> someone tweeted us they said the worse part of having no power trying to start my day without alex and mike. awe. >> oh, was that your mother. >> nice. actually her name is momma no, sir. >> let's get to bucks county because they got hit hard, too, jenny has cents been signature up there in bensalem this morning, you know what happened, the nor'easter did a lot of damage. so jenny checking out at first light. ben sal. >> i am did see something interesting, jenny, talking about the trash truck that got stuck. you wouldn't think a trash truck would be stuck. >> of course i put out in a tweet, and they were laughing like all embarrased because they were trying to dig themselves out across the way. i also just got tweet actually all of us got this tweet. lows of bensalem township open for business, saying we've shovels for sale. we have generators coming in
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later nearly 50,000 people up here in bucks county without power right now, an option for you. mike, alex, unfortunately, no mixing d's for you guys this morning. can't bring any back it the station. mcdonald's is one of the several businesses cents here along this stretch of street road near hulmeville road without power. we've actually seen number of cars, trying to go through the drive-thru, a lot of disappointment on a thursday morning after a storm, there is a plow truck that just went by, we have been seeing oops there is some sort of utility truck, too, a lot of utility trucks, salt trucks, plow trucks, still trying to make their way through bucks county, and no estimate right now on when this area could be back up and running, mike and alex. >> hey, jenny, as is we come back past the mcdonald's.
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>> oh, look. >> another sad customer. >> oh, no egg muck muffin for you. so go back over to the golden arches there. if you turn the golden arches upside down, what would that be? >> a w? >> yes! >> she like uh? >> and i'll bring this altogether a little later in the show. >> it is not going to happen here. >> please do. like is this attributing question? >> it is not attributing question. >> no. >> okay. >> mcdonald's has something to do with international women's day, so we will show you what we mean in just a second. now we check out delaware county delco. where is jen? >> in broomall. which also jen they won award basically, because they got the second highest amount of snow yesterday. >> have you seen the drove me? >> yes. it is right around the corner. and you know what i say? go big or go home. i have to say a lot of people were very mad that the queen of delco, you know that's me by the way. >> oh,. >> i am. i wasn't here yesterday.
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so i'm here to regain my thrown. and here we are. you know that mike g grew up in corona queens? >> right. >> so he's no good at driving in snow. so going up the hill is always fun with him. we are right off of laurence park boulevard, if you know where that is, i'm sure you guys do, because i know both of you love delco, too, this is a lot whatever we are seeing in delaware county, montgomery county pennsylvania. it is like you can get out the school buses will be okay, but it is going to be a little slippery, slidey, icky, yucky, all meteorological terms, someone call mike masco on that one. the main roads are fine, highways all clear. so here's what we want from you guys. we know that there are trees, and a lot of debris in and around the havertown broomall delaware county area. you have to tell us where it is, because we do not have crystal ball of snow damage.
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a lot of people, they liked me late day snow day performance. >> a lot of people have been asking me if i've been drinking anything other than caffeine. the answer is no. >> at that pointy thought you had losses it and you needed help. >> i was strung out on snow. man, i was strung out on snow. >> we have to get to you a rehab. wrong white powder. >> send me to saint bart's! >> (laughing). >> rehab in saint bart's for jenn fred. oh, we'll play her getting into the trunk of a car yesterday. i don't know that i had ever seen anything like that in snow coverage. >> it was, and the fact that the people just let it happen. it was cents a random car. we didn't know them.
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>> ya. the most fun thing was her getting in the trunk, and then the trouble is she got out. is it on or off? which is the white house may be plans the new tariff law into effect? you know, people thought it might happen by the president either today or tomorrow. yes, the president still expected to eventually move ahead with those, even despite the resignation, some people talking about that. >> both parties flipping out over it. doug, what's up? >> some people support it, this is one of the weird things that doesn't hue exactly to party lines. the president initially was supposed to sign these things into law today. then all the sudden it seems like it has cents been delayed, we'll see, the white house is saying this will definitely happen by the end of the week. >> we know what president trump want to do. he want to save american steel anal alluminum jobs. but at what cost? the white house already seems to be limiting the scope of yet to be announced tarriffs on foreign competitors.
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>> and there are potential for mexico, canada, based on national security, and possibly other countries as well based on that process. and there are warns, especially from european allies, that there will be pay-backs, including new tariff on. s goods sold abroad, list could include motorcycles, and burbon, harley davidson base in the wisconsin, the house of paul ryan, and burbon of course from kentucky, represented by republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the head of the european council took issue with the trade wars can be good and easy to win. >> the truth is quite the opposite. trade roles are bad and ease i to lose. >> all of which could lead to trade package more limit in the scope. one that is less likely to royal the markets. >> people are really worried about a trade war. and they've told the white house, in no uncertain terms, trade war could undermine his great stock market, his great
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economy, and hurt them in november. >> those election politics though can cut both ways. and as you guys no, i mean, there are part every pennsylvania, for instance, that would love to see these tarriffs, and that of course was cents a state the president carried to 2016. so, there are winners, and losers, in any kind of a trade deal. mike and alex. >> yes, pennsylvania still specially western pennsylvania, trying to hang on to the steel industry. doug, see you tomorrow, thank you. 7:14 now. >> so let's get update on the aftermath from sue. >> yes. >> check it out. princeton, 17.8 inches of snow yesterday. richboro, bucks county, 16 inches. broomall, delco, got a foot. bryn mawr, 11 inches, cherry hill, eight and a half, and philadelphia international airport, we officially measured 6.1 inches of snow. whether all was said and done. and it was that fault. coastal storm hit us yesterday, now bothering new england today. but nothing to show you here, precipitation wise, let's get
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right to t everybody is wondering about the next one. you heard possibility for monday, this is a little different. the other storm started in the upper midwest. this one is going to start in the gulf of mexico over the weekends. kind of rains down there in alabama, mississippi, georgia, and then it moves off the coast by sunday afternoon, could it affect us sunday night into monday? we will probably get something but we got few more days to figure out what. 32 degrees in philadelphia right now. so right at freezing. and this is what steve has been talking about all morning, jenny joyce, as well, the slippery spots that are out there. twenty-nine in pottstown, 29 in lancaster, so, deceiving sunshine for sure. specially the start of the day. but we will get to 44 degrees later on, 42 tomorrow, but look at the morning. we start in the 20's tomorrow. so it starts all over again. we melt today. it freezes in the morning on friday. but then we get to 42 degrees and get some more melting
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going on. that cycle hams through sunday, and then the earliest we will probably get an effect from that next coastal storm, if we get anything at all, would be sunday night, possibly, into monday. but this far out, there is a decent amount of uncertainty, so we will nail it all down for you, but bob kelly still got to deal with what's going on right now. >> you know what? who is hungry? all of this snow coverage making me hungry. you hungry? >> not after yesterday. >> we had great selection yesterday. >> yes. beautiful. >> we had the sushi. we had pizza. we had the cheese steaks. >> yes. >> we are are going to go irish. how some about some bankers and mash? >> by 9:00 i'll be hungry. >> and big bowl of bake beans. >> yes. >> shrapnel there. bamm. that's what we will do today. breakfast going to mckenna irish kitchen, darby road, even got the snowman all dressed up for us later ongoing live 9:00 to 10:00. hello havertown. coming your way, darby road starting at 9:00ment jammed up on the vine expressway.
7:17 am
all of the ramps, typically two lanes, down to only maybe one and a half. same with until the place out there, things will be tight. west on the schuylkill slow headed out toward conshohocken, overturned vehicle on the ramp, northbound lanes of 309 right at easton road roads are wet, all it takes is your tires to catch slush here, it sends you slipping and slide egg. some of the schools closed over in south jersey, others two hour delay. i think the two hour delay will actually help spread out the delays throughout the morning. north on the blue route still heavy, up into mcdade boulevard. because of a crash. and west on the schuylkill, an accident right near university. mass transit, everybody's moving and rolling, but expect delays on all of the busses, trains, trolleys. mike and alex back over to you. >> bob who is the man with the most famous deflated balls? >> humm. >> you said bob. you want me to say it?
7:18 am
>> tom braid. >> i thanks, ya. we told but tom brady. there is a documentary about him. tom versus time, right. >> yes. >> well, it is going to be pushed back. you can't buy it yet. you know why? because the eagles messed up their plans by winning the super bowl. >> so the film maker say they planned on the patriots winning. when they didn't happen, they needed more time to film. but now the sixth and final episode set to air monday. >> oh, who cares, karen? >> it is interesting. what tom brady has to say after the fact. already had five of them in the can. and so, you know, they obviously assume the patriots would win. tom braid i would get his sixth ring. that would be the ending. when that didn't happen, they need to do redo, and have exit interview with tom brady called facebook watch is the platform that it is released on, just put out this new trailer, teasing, of course brady talks about what it was like to lose that game.
7:19 am
>> so how are you feeling, man? >> i'm feeling, it is cents a loaded question. >> you play the game to be in those moments. and you play those games to have the chance to win a super bowl. and whether you don't come through it is very painful. but, you know, football is the bling after eye. that's what you got to live with for the rest of your life. >> wow. >> so he's waxing poetic there. football the bling after eye. so he talks about how he is using this as a teachable moment really for himself personally and also for his three children. we can all watch it this monday on facebook watch. looks like it is very well put
7:20 am
together. and interesting. interesting to see what else he may have to say. >> well done in a certain extent. i would never put him up with a window with tv trace behind him. and how about comb your hair? this must have been the morning after. >> supposed to be him at home relaxed not all perfect. >> man without hair and make up just like myself, he doesn't look that hot any more. >> and i think that's what is good about it, it looks un guards dollars, unvarnished, un pretty boy perfect moment where he is sort of toss recalled. it is like un vanished. >> well, forgive me. but i must not know what this feels like, but you won five. is it real that i painful? uh. >> you know what i like about that? >> what? >> even after five super bowl rings, he still is that competitive. >> he cares about each one. >> he cares about it so much. dow admire him for that. and i admire how he takes care of his body. you know he is not the greatest athleter. >> why don't you just write a love letter? >> i would make out with him right now. no. i can't stand it. i mean, get over it you. >> hate to love him?
7:21 am
>> he's in such pain. how about put your rings on right now and spin them. he said he's trying to teach his kid. this is teachable moment for his three children. >> isn't that what guess he will said? >> yes. >> not him. >> no, well, he says it as well in the documentary. >> so focused on, it is cents a loaded question. >> hold on a second. watch this. >> are you really going to scroll back up. >> in. >> he didn't -- we didn't hear him say that. >> no. it is cents a very lengthy documentary. will you buy it? >> it is on facebook watch. i don't think you buy stuff on facebook watch. hey come out facebook, now tv station. >> well, you will you watch it? >> probably not. maybe there are clips on the internet that end up getting popular. >> there has to be something else to do besides watch that. >> could you win the eagles watching the super bowl again. >> or file my nails. did mcdonald's make a mistake? did you see what happened? look at that. oh, man. who ever installed that sign is going to get fired.
7:22 am
>> this is just like nascar, you'll see us. >> mike you'll make it interesting. >> yes, yes. okay. hole on. hole on. >> what are you going to do. >> i don't know yet. i don't know yet.
7:23 am
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>> speaking of love, i'll recite all of the women in my life i lover. >> jill, jess, kit can kline, sue serio, alex, mill keyway, crystal, di, ryan palmer, no. >> sorry. >> our floor director. >> it is international women's day, and mcdonald doing something, pretty bold, with one of their franchises, to celebrate this. >> is it bold? just with one. >> that's what they're doing. going upside down. >> so they flipped the iconic arches upside down, so the m is now a w. for women. tracey, where was this, i would like to see it. >> this is in lynnewood california. i don't know if i heard my name on your list there?
7:26 am
>> oh, oh. before we went to you, were you first. >> (laughing). >> okay. so it is not just this sign. in lynnewood, california, also doing it on line, on some of their packaging, like the fry boxes, the cold drinks, some of the bags, and you'll see it on some of the gear that the mcdonald employees are wearing, so there are hats and t-shirt, as well. and it is interesting, mcdonald's says 06% of its managers are women. so they wanted to do something nice, little gesture. >> i think it is pretty cool, other brands, mattel, launched 17 new barbie dolls. >> yes? >> with historical and modern role models. johnny walker, they've got that jane walker out. >> jane walker. >> so, yes. >> they charged the brownie dude to a woman. let's see, trying to work now with the fox logo, what could
7:27 am
i do? >> make it fox i? >> fox. let me work on that, what about, give me another piece of paper, will you? >> i could be thrown off the air right now. just anything. >> listen, these are my notes. >> okay, we will get you some more. geez. >> something that might look like something good. i can do something here. >> what? >> control room. thank you, tracey. you okay? i just want to say, there is cents nothing that makes us feel celebrated as women, like an up site down mcdonald sign. >> i know. >> wonderful feel. that's true.
7:28 am
>> got to take a break, coming right back. [a5df]
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>> another day of clean up after some areas get more than
7:31 am
a foot. there could be more, yes, more on the way. what a year it has been for the eagles. they win their first ever super bowl, celebrate with a huge parade, add three time pro-bowler in a off season trade. oh, ya, we'll discuss this, a lot of people excited about that news during our snow show yesterday. good day everyone, it is cents wednesday, march the eighth, 2018. sue, we survived another nor'easter, two in one week, three? >> hat trick, right? see what happens with this one. certainly is a possibility in our forecast, sunday night into monday event. but only thursday. and it is a seven out of ten. we got a lot of digging out to do. bus stop buddy, you might have a school delay, just make sure you're bundle up, you got the boots on for today. it could be slippery out there. temperatures are in the 30's, but some of them are below or close to freezing. there is the culprit from yesterday. it is up, off the coast of cape cod, right now, so we don't have any precipitation. we are seeing few clouds, and
7:32 am
some sunshine, and we have 32 degrees feels like 24, make sure you have the gloves and hat on. high temperture today 44 degrees, sunshine, some clouds, breezy afternoon. and your sunset time 6:01. one advantage of march snowstorm, we have longer days, gives the snow more after chance to melt out there. we could use some help with something out there this morning. >> this time southbound 95, right near the corn wells height park and ride. this is southbound, getting words of an overturned vehicle, kind of right around the curve here. between cornwells heights, and woodhaven road. now, remember, we had a crash, and a car fire, headed northbound, in the same area. so, again, roads are wet, there is cents a lot of slush, and a lot of unplowed on and off-ramps, that have to be taken care of this morning. live look at the vine street expressway, crossing town,
7:33 am
heavy broad street overthrew the schuylkill expressway. just give yourselves extra time. pack your patience, jumbo coffee this morning, slow going, west on the schuylkill, from south fill my center city from earlier accident. hello to the shaders, maple shade new jersey great example what we are dealing with, come to the traffic signal, you got slush, right in the intersection there, and whether it is slush or ice, could you send the car flying, minor delays on all of our busses, trains and trolleys, but at least everyone is operating on regular normal weekday schedule. alex back over to you. >> thank you, bob. 7:33, let's get to the clean up. lots of neighborhoods still dealing with downed power lines and trees, steve keeley has been out there looking at it all, still in moorestown, new jersey, because so much that's happening there, that needs to be cleaned up. >> well, everywhere you look it, seems, power is either still out or the lines are still down. and the roads are a mess, as well.
7:34 am
>> a lot of the roads having a tough time, plowed roads seem like sheet every ice, black ice sue warned us about. it is tough. good thing the schools are closed. with it we thought let's not just give you doomsday stories. since we're in moorestown, give you historic look at stokes hill, which for sure, of course with the kids out, will be prime sledding material, this is where the inventor of the flexible flyer tested it out with his granddaughter, and we saw whether we got here three kids taking a break, all gathered at the bottom of the hill, built snowman, since this heavy wet snow was perfect snowman weather. but this 8-acre site will be place sleds back in the 90s, somebody actually sold this, somebody was going to build houses thon and of course everybody freak out. and moorestown spent some of its open space money to preserve this place historically and for the kids. so, not too steep after hill. not too dangerous of a hill.
7:35 am
but plenty of fun here for sure, as the kids sled away from the traffic, and into that wooded area, some kids go really go pretty far down there. so i'm sure later today, this will be a mob scene for sure. we put this his who are call marker in just couple of years ago to let people noah little bit of the history of here in moorestown, so there is at least positive look at some of the snow, and i'm sure the people who don't have power or got into an accident or got late for everything, don't want to hear anything positive, but look at that. and as we ends on positive note, look at that sun peaking through the clouds. now shining off the snow. which of course, is positive in one respect, and then negative in the other when it causes that is massive sun glare on your face driving on the road not just sun in your face but sun reflecting offer the breitbart white snow on the grounds. >> steve, it is the ying and yang in life, as we dissolve back to us.
7:36 am
>> beautiful. so poetic. >> forget drooling. one fan is taking it much further, or farther, which is it? i never remember. >> in this confuses cents me, you say farther when it involves distance, but did you go the distance. >> she d went to screening in black panther, and then michael b jordan's pecks in this thing sent her to the doctors office.
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>> trading for three time pro-bowler, defensive ends, michael bennett e we told but it during our snow coverage, such a big deal yesterday. >> we weren't the only ones excited about it, we were excited, like we interrupt this snow coverage to tell but breaking eagles news, even players excited. >> anthony gargano on 97.5, i understand, that he's been talking about all morning long, casino of the talk of the town this morning, on sports talk radio. also, the talk of the daily news. if this is an interesting handshake here. chris long, shaking the hand
7:40 am
of michael bennett after a game. right? >> right. >> could this trade affect chris long? >> i mean, are we going to have to unload somebody because of the salary cap and stuff like that? >> see, i was more worried about brandon graham. never occurred to me that chris long? >> well, brandon graham, that, too, that, too. well, what do the other eagles think about it? let's put up. do you have some of those, ryan, or not? okay, carson wentz first. >> he said going to misplaying with my man, mike jackson, keep believing. at the same time, welcome to the squad. and that's michael bennett's twitter name. excited to have you. >> so marcus johnson now leaving us. >> right? >> yes. >> okay. >> and then he said, you know, i'm glad i don't have to play the d line hashtag nasty. >> i like marcus too, though. >> he was the guy that got baptize in the. >> oh, yes. >> marcus johnson, right? yes. >> why he and carson wentz
7:41 am
were so close. >> okay. tom louden, life-long philadelphia and, life-long eagles fan. he loves all four of the sport. but big time eagles fan. tom, at first blush, what do you think of this? >> at first blush i think what a downgrade from gargano to me. other than that, you know, it is an up -- good player. >> hoosier running on, you want to see them all back, just not reality. we have to sam good-bye to some guys. at first blush, vinny curry the first guy you'll want to see good-bye to, one of. >> vin you are curry six years? >> a while. high draft pick. guy who grew up as is an eagles fan, i remember the day he was drafted. he talk about loving reggie white, growing up and watching the eagles. so and he's a good dude. but it is just part of the game. they have to cut a lot. i mean, the next one really to watch is nigel, somebody they could use to bring back, really good, but will get
7:42 am
paid. trade burton philly special going around with the philly special jacket. almost guaranteed to be gone because of he's one of the highest rated free agent tight-ends, will get paid by somebody, and zach earth the number one guy here, one of those things even with the combine last week, i avoided it because i'll still trying to enjoy that moment, but they've moved on. i think it is a week or so, free agency starts. you'll see guys leaving, coming, getting cut, then the whole foles thing. >> what's the deal with brandon graham? some people saying he might go. >> brandon has a year on his deal i believe. but he's made it pretty clear. he deserves it, he want a new deal. so they have to figure out are they going to pay him? even if they want to pay him how do they pay him? they have cap issues. then have to make that decision, so i mean, crazy things have happened. if they feel like they have though move on. hopefully brandon back, he is one of the best in the league. >> we love his personality, man. he is still giving double. tom, i understands what you're satisfying zero saying. dow like the aggressiveness, though, because some teams might just rest on your
7:43 am
laurels, is the cliche. >> we won, let's chill. >> no, put your foot back down on the pedal, is that what you think is? > exactly t this guy not only good player, he's outspoken, you know, some people don't like that. so, you know, but huey is like you know what, i'll do what's best for the team. he builds it from the line. throw the defensive line out with journigan, cox, and hopefully long's back, and brandon graham, and michael bennett, that's serious stuff. what wins championships tom lowden? >> defense wins championships, football you win it in the trenches. >> oh, i love that talk. thanks, tom. >> let's do this back-to-back babe. >> i speaking of sports tonight. you know what i want to be doing? i love college basketball, you know that, villanova, starts their run, biggies tournament, they take on, who are they going it play tonight? oh, market. and market's kind of mid-level. >> where is the game? is it here? >> up in new york. >> oh, are you going to new york? >> i might just do that. it is the whole weekend though. >> oh, okay.
7:44 am
>> you know? so maybe i won't go tonight but maybe tomorrow. >> maybe after when you don't have to work in the morning, might be good idea. >> i don't know, i think it is time for day off. >> oh,. >> i'll be here tomorrow. might go to friday night's game. okay, havertown, man, did they get some snow. >> they did. >> you know ken he rotweiler our attorney here, he lives in the area, he said he has lived in this particular house 20 years, most snow he's her. >> oh, jen we should go finds kenny's house. >> i don't think ken's house is in this neighborhood in particular. he's in haverford. not havertown. this is h-town. check it out, there is some snow here. but it is passable. come on back, we will tell you how it looks here i
7:45 am
we just moved in about four months ago, but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
7:46 am
fast play games from the pennsylvania lottery are an entirely new way to play and win instantly. bet i can play faster than you can eat that bag of chips. (crunching) (machine beeping) i won! i won! fast play. pay fast. win instantly.
7:47 am
>> p 47:00. welcome back, live look downtown, the ben franklin parkway, inner drive, coming into the city right at 20th street here. and an accident. this is an example of whatever we've been seeing all morning long. the slipping and the sliding, roads are wet, but we're hovering, like, right at the freezing mark, so if it looks wet, could be black ice, even if you're not dealing with the ice, the slush itself is slippery. and that's probably what happened here. little fender ben err causing delays coming into philly. going to the next camera, all of the on and off ramps, are little narrower than they were yesterday. like for example here, the westbound vine expressway, ramp to the schuylkill. the snow on either side.
7:48 am
so instead of two lanes, you're down to maybe one and a half. and folks are sliding through that slush, cool shot of the ben franklin bridge, no problems at all, coming into philly there from south jersey, speaking every south jersey, the old marlton circle, where olga's use today sit right there, 70 and 73, cool shod. but again, any of the on and off-ramps, the circles, could be slippery. there is live look at 42 coming in toward philly. if you intend to flying today, just check with the airline. they call it re staging. all of those concellations cents, between philly, new york, boston, the planes got to get back into place before they can take you out to someplace warm. so check with your airline, amtrak, still suspended from new york to boston, because of power problems from yesterday, and that's had domino effect on the ac rail line. that's still suspended. septa, regional rails, bus trolley routes all running on normal schedule today. there are some hiccups along the way, going to septa website, the system status see if your bus route is on
7:49 am
detour, like some of the hilly roads there in manayunk. new jersey transit and patco, also, running with some minor delays, so we are slowly but surely getting back, yes, weaver a question, young lady in the back? >> more of announce: yesterday at 11-point during the marathon coverage we had a competition to see which men would still stand. after so many hours. >> who could stay on the honest? >> yes, mike masses co, mike jerrick, and bob kelly, and bob, i want to say congratulations cents to you. >> thank you. >> because were you on from 4:00 a.m. until what 6:30 p.m. >> 6:30. >> congratulations cents. >> thank you so much. >> and you lived to tell the tale. >> 6:30, i got out of dodge before they said hey bob, you want to come back and do the ten? >> did they really? >> no, they did not. but i got out of town. mike was nice enough, he offered if i could stay at his house, last night, which i thought would just be trouble. >> here is your award. >> he gets a l? >> low pressure system, and also stands for long lasting.
7:50 am
>> at least it is not a l on my forehead like loser. >> loser. >> but thank you. it was cents a lot of fun, great having fun with you guys, and at one point the viewers had fun, too. >> they did. >> hanging with us all morning long, you know who else was cents here with us all morning long, sue, back with the forecast in 15 seconds. before all of the snow, daphodils were starting to peep out little bit. at least the green part. well, anyway, the vernal equinox happens in 12 days, until the first day of spring, march 20th at 12:15 in the afternoon and by then we are into eastern daylight time. weaver to add that, because
7:51 am
this is the weekends that we change the time, when we spring forward. but anyway, our winter storm from yesterday, is gone, and there is nothing to look at on radar. so let's give you little preview what's supposed to be happening this weekend. on saturday, storm forms in the gulf of mexico. on sunday, it starts to make its way toward the coast. it is supposed to move northward after that. and this is sunday afternoon about 2:00. if this turns into a coastal storm, it could affect us, sunday night, into monday. stay tuned for more on that. 32 degrees in philadelphia. still a lot of slippery spots around the area. because of temperatures, at or below freezing. but we rise to 44 today. a lot of the snow does melt. 42 degrees, but with a low in the 20's in the morning, refreezing, slippery spot in the morning. looks like we've got dray days through sunday, saint patrick's day parade forecast has improved a l but sunday night into monday well houston, we may have a problem. we will see what happens, guys, after that. >> houston?
7:52 am
>> well, houston may not have the problem it, may be us. >> philly, may have a problem. three of these? so the one good thing about the snow. it was so wet and heavy, i remember, as a kid, building igloos, wichita, kansas growing up. it was perfect for building castles and stuff. look at the kids, in upper chichester, working on their igloo. >> wow you say igloo. >> what do you say? i i said ig-lou. >> oh, you're always right. >> i'm not always root. >> it is ig-loo. i've been mispronouncing it all my life. >> say it again. >> eeh begin loo. >> if i lived here, i would pronounce the e, ig, like igles so i did the reverse, anyway, havertown also hammered. so is jen. no, no, no, jen is in havertown. that's it. >> hi, jen. >> we're in h town baby. are we stuck? >> stuck.
7:53 am
>> and we're stuck. >> all right. it is great television. we are like right around steel road. if you're wondering where we r by the way i was corrected, i was on laurence park road, on stump road. stump lane and lead ham road. where we r so right around manoa elementary school. and this is what most of the roads look like. so, so far, we've not seen, thankfully, any trees in the roads, any power lines on the roads, remember, havertown, from friday storm, was one of the hardest hit in the region. certainly, one of the worse in delaware county. you guys have not been tweeting me with any problems, right overbear month, by the way as well, yum yum bake shoprite around the corner. so, so far, h-town looking pretty good. that's good news, what we will do now, guys, is i know that there is some damage in and around the bryn mawr conshohocken montgomery county area. so we will head over to month co, because delco is looking
7:54 am
awesomeco. >> good news. >> okayco. >> good news, this is what people want to see. yeah, baby? >> so if people tweet you, you might show up at their place then? >> 1,000 percent. specially, especially, if they're in the turks and caikos. i'll definitely come see you. >> oh, that's great. all right, if we have snow in turks and caikos, or anywhere in the caribbean, let us know. why are we putting our faces in the snow? why? why? alex, why did you let me do this? >> face plant. it was your idea! >> it was? oh, no, no, no. >> it was your idea. >> all right, listen international woman's day. people are doing this around
7:55 am
(clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
7:56 am
7:57 am
doespeninsula trail?he you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop. you hear that? (vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world. sometimes in ways we never imagined. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all-new 2018 subaru outback models. now through april 2nd. for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? >> snow snow face challenge, you shove your face in a pile
7:58 am
of snow. okay? >> that's basically it, she was very ginger, and delicate with hers, and it leaves an imprint of your face, so we tried it yesterday. after being on the air for 12 hours, and went about block away, did it ourselves here. >> here we are. it is right after the show. probably why mike is still being to do. >> this but we found what we believe is a nice soft spot for you to do the snow face challenge, right, mike? >> i will do it here. come over here, alex. do it right there. okay? pristine snow. >> how does it look? all we see is your knows. >> just my no, sir. the only thing that sticks out on my face. >> oh, wait. i see more! look at that. look at you. >> it is coming to life! >> it is coming to life, baby. great job. now how is your face?
7:59 am
>> let me try one more. >> your face is so red. >> i'm stick my tongue out this time. why are you posing like that? >> loverly, mike, it looks like scream. >> are you ready? >> ready. >> i'm doing the snow face challenge. let's go. >> oh, (laughing) there it is, you're there. >> that's alex hole. >> i looks like a skeleton. >> fun time. we were little deleterious, let's cents be honest. >> than he go, look at my lips. >> that's the one i put on instagram. so then i am posted this picture, like, can you guess who is who? and you know what?
8:00 am
a lot of people were saying, mike, because you are on the left, but because there is make up in the snow, they assumed it was my face. >> no. >> but no, no, no. >> it was cents me. >> i wear more make up. >> you need waterproof. >> my imprinter looks like chewbacca from star wars. >> do your impression. >> (gargoyle noise). >> yes, did i post to instagram. we kept doing t why not? way to cool off after work. do say look -- >> look at my lips. >> if you do, that post it to us on twitter, instagram. >> and knows it is cents good to. >> may try again on sunday. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadleph ia." >> we got clocker. >> ly started hearing branches falling, that start today make
8:01 am
me nervous. >> trees down, mess on the roads. >> is another storm really on the way? celebrating girl power. today is international women's day. the eiffel tower is lit up. the mars are schedule. something special hitting toy store shelves. >> screening of black panther, how michael j jordan's landed her in a doctors office. >> why don't you rock the red carpet looks for less, red, pink, glitter, silver, the way to take some celebrity inspiration, make it work for weddings or even prom. >> i guess i'm asking for the
8:02 am
number. >> nice warm boots on, as well. so, there it is low pressure system way up off the coast of cape cod. nothing to worry about here. , 33 degrees our current temperature, with 13-mile per hour winds, though, it feels like 24. and 44 should be our high today. so, some snow will have a chance to melt. if you got double digit accumulations, though, it will take a while. breezy, throughout the afternoon, tonight, might see flurry or two, wit with an overnight low in the 20's, you know what that mean, bob kelly, slippery spots in the morning.
8:03 am
>> this time around, northbound 95, right here, at street road, you got two cars off into the left ditch here. and again, the roads look wet, but all it takes is for your tires to hit a patch of that slush or maybe a snow pile. >> the sunshine, going to melt a lot of it as we move through the morning, but the off-ramps, instead of maybe two lanes, you're down to one. that's where we are seeing delays here coming in and out of philadelphia on the vine expressway. here is the latest from septa, regional rails, trenton line, running with 20 minute delays, norristown high-speed line, about a half hour. subway checking in with 15 minute delays. because of some power and equipment problems. amtrak, still suspended until 10:00. between new york and boston, because of some power problems from yesterday, and a double shot in south jersey, the freeway looking good, working your way into philly and no problems, route 70 and 73, over there, in marlton.
8:04 am
mike and alex back over to you. >> let's clean up the county, steve keeley, burlington county, jenn fred in delco. >> we start with steve. what's going on, steve? >> i'm in my town, suffering, not suffering as bad as the people who have been out of power since last friday. >> we're in moorestown hardware very historic store, have the zero olds coke machine, the old tv with old shows playing,. >> you see this card here, pete, the owner, he had all of the winter stuff in storage, all of the spring stuff was out. you know, he had eagles stuff, saint patrick's day stuff. suddenly, he had to move the firewood. >> just showed you stokes hill, he had to show the sleds, everything all of the winter stuff. now he's busy because me and my neighbors had are without
8:05 am
power, or had other things snap are now trying to keep warm. oak found out from the power company, no power at least until tomorrow. so, come on over here, chris, he's got a propane heater, that he's going to use, so just bought let me see, so you think not taking for granted the power will be back on, looks like you're going to have enough to heat the house for awhile then? >> pled heater probably in meeting for hours coming one that. no power since last night. you never bye it when you plug stuff in. >> you think about when you lose it for sure. >> yes, what was last night like for you? >> actually, turn out to be nice night. wife and i started little
8:06 am
fire. we sat and red little bit. then went to bed. house was still warm. this morning, when it was cold. >> you got your phone handy by the way dan. >> yes. >> so i showed you guys earlier. the power line driving a, here's what it look like beforehand. we certainly could have kept warm this way if we had gotten to this, shot here. so, by the way, i was telling everybody, i bought a shovel here in 2004. still have that model by the way. it is red and black. so i buy the shovel, my trusty shovel. i have grown attached to it, right? you see it here, right? it is a typical one, right?
8:07 am
can you see it, the piece, there goes, and there is the edge. new fangled technology herement look at this, look at the shovel. i come here. the owner chicago hardware convention, what's the deal? now we come over here as i go beyond my al alloted time. all of this stuff was, again, did you find l picture, dan? so here is the down the street. that shows you how that platinum blast comes out of the power line, why they tell you don't go near there. so that's why everybody is alive here. >> pete, come over, what's the science? it is amazing how they keep developing shovels what's the logic behind this? it looks like it would be tougher to shovel.
8:08 am
>> you get too much weight, you won't move it. >> yes. >> but it is terrific. it is a time safer. >> all right, so you have another big money maker coming up monday apparently. >> oh, my god. you know what? this reminds me, remember the winter mike we hit the three blizzards back-to-back to back? this is like dejavu all over again. >> here we go again. steve also, try one of those ergonomic handles that has the bends in it, you know, so not just a straight line. that might help. >> jenny joyce in bucks county. >> reporter: good morning, guys, a lot of people think snow day, i get to sit on my couch, relax, kind of what i did yesterday. but usually a lot of work involved for at least one member of the household, people digging out, he can actually what people are doing here today. if we take a look as croy the -- across the street, dunkin' donuts one of several shops along the strip that doesn't have power.
8:09 am
>> digging out, car apparently stuck there overnight. maybe plowed in. >> they also have somebody outlaying some salt down. still don't have power. we have wawa, planet fitness, no morning workouts for a lot of people here in the bensalem area. earlier this morning, mike and he'll ex, we did show you the video, which i think we have for you, of that trash truck, that was getting stuck, trying to head into that parking lot, because a lot of these stores they have their own privat contractors, and so not every aspect of the parking lot had been plowed. hence they had to dig themselves out. so still a lot of work to be done this morning. i just check the outage numbers, went up little bit. up to about 48,000. so really hovering at the 50,000 mark. not making too much headway right now, but we know that peco of course is working on it, mike and alex.
8:10 am
>> feel for all of those people, thank you very much. let's roll the tape from few years ago, steve keeley getting hit by a plow. we love it. you love it. you asked us to run it all time. well, we did it again yesterday. not being hit by plows, but there were a lot of special moments. do you know that there are reviewers, you know movie reviewer like kevin mick cart i our guy, also people who work for philly voice. com. they review snow coverage from the different tv stations. daniel is the name of the guy that reviewed all four of the stations cents that had their snow coverage. >> how did we do? >> we're going to ask him. he is live in studio coming up next. i have a bone to pick with him. >> oh, oh. >> little bit. jenn fred is next. >> hey, guys. we are still in havertown. still looking for some snow, we have some, come on back, we will show you
8:11 am
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8:12 am
>> so hole on a second here. did you see lauren get hit in the face with a snowball? >> oh, who didn't see
8:13 am
>> make sure to clean the snow off the top of your cars, so many cars rolling along.
8:14 am
>> becomes icy spot, again, against the law to be driving around with snow, on the roof of your car. a lot of closures over here mt. laurel because of the downed trees and wires. so, many detours, here is a live look at the schuylkill, hard to believe, that, what, 12 hours ago, or 24 hours ago, we were dealing with major snowstorm. plenty of sunshine, casino every right at your dashboard level here. as you come eastbound, in toward the city on the schuylkill expressway. septa running with some delays on the trenton, norristown, high-speed line. as well as the broad street subway. and a live look downtown, where again, little hectic on the on and the off-ramps, because of two lanes exiting the vine expressway, we're down to one. all because of the snow. big day on sunday. what are you doing? come on, join us, for the saint patrick's day parade. here is the deal. we kick off at 20th and jfk at around 11:00. around city hall, come on up market street. and then boom, we hit the tv cameras, and the stands.
8:15 am
right here at noon. get down here early or join us live starting at noon right here on fox. sue has got the parade forecast in 15 seconds. >> 8:00 czars checking few snowfall totals, princeton township the highest we could fine, with 17.8 iches. richboro, pa, just right behind it, bucks count which 16 inches every snow, broomall, had 12, and just under a foot in bryn mawr, cherry hill, eight and a half, and the official philadelphia measurement for yesterday was 6.1 inches. it was in the range. low pressure from yesterday. has moved all the way up off the coast of cape cod. good riddance for that. we are talking about a storm
8:16 am
that's supposed to form over the weekends, in the gulf of mexico. there is saturday. a lot of rain for alabama, mississippi, georgia, then in south carolina, on sunday. moving off the shore, off the coast on monday, potentially, we will see what happens. ways to go before we nail that down. 33 degrees in philadelphia, only agree above freezing. so specially shady spots this morning. make sure you're careful. because it could be icy. 13-mile an hour winds. means we still have windchills in the 20's, this morning, so even though you see the sun outside, make sure to dress warmly enough today. forty-four today. forty-two tomorrow. twenty's in the morning. so more black ice in the morning. forty-five on is the day. sunday, 44. so we have four days to dry out, and maybe see a lot of snow melt. with these longer days, that could happen more quickly than if this snowstorm had happened in december. but then sunday night into monday, the possibility, possibility, of another coastal storm. and also, this weekend,
8:17 am
daylight saving time. spring for the -- >> fight through the lack of sleep, go to the parade. >> yes, we will be in great shape monday. >> that with the snow and everything else. >> oh, ya. >> hum. hum. >> ya. >> should we get to jenn fred now? >> okay. are you still in delco, checking thing out? >> 8:18 being mike and i have first of fights. >> we hate each other by thursday. so check out the roads. good news, you can be upset about the snow, but the crews in and around delaware county, they've done an amazing job. you know?
8:18 am
>> they had 11 inches out, man. to do this, obviously a lot of people over the roads. oh, we turn left. but there are even like little slip slide up the hill. mike, the worse live truck driver in the fleet. >> the worse? >> thursday. he's doing it. dude, on a street that you could like go on a skateboard and you wouldn't even go that fast. take a left. so some of the side roads, as you can see, get little sticky. look, there is cents a snow plow right up there. if you don't have four wheel driver, can probably get in and around. we've been, you know, trying to find some trees down, power outages, and stuff like that, the good news we haven't been able to find it. and there is more good news, kids. if you like us, you can come see us. >> what's that mean? >> come to work on monday. >> come to work on monday. >> west chester, it is jenny on your block. we are going to chester county, the west chester
8:19 am
diner. i've -- mike always gets, mike g, not mike j, mike g always gets a turkey bacon egg and cheese on whole wheat sandwich. >> yes? >> i've advised him now that we start going to diners and such on mondays, he should start a blog, which diner has the best, so six to 10:00 a.m. west chester. you can cry about the snow, you can give micah big kiss, he loves when people touch him and hug him. >> sure they do. >> i love it. >> he loves it as much as do you, mike jerrick. >> seriously, you two, i don't know that you should get married, but definately have an affair. >> stop. >> okay. >> kidding. >> i'm not touching. that will i don't like fire al hair. i've talked about that. that facial hair is not -- and no baldness. look at the cute puppies. >> let's get out of this live shot right now. >> look at the cute puppy. >> cute puppy. >> hey jen. is that your real husband's birthday today? >> it is steve frederick's
8:20 am
birthday, let's have a happy birthday to steve frederick. >> happy birthday steve. >> his gift suffer day waking to up jen. >> he looks pretty good. >> that is a gift. >> he doesn't have to. you dummy. >> i go to work. i haven't seen him for six weeks. >> that's why the marriage is strong. hey, thank you. by the way celebrating girl power. today is international, international women's day. did you see, they lit up the eiffel tower. they said they lit it up, in honor of women. i believe them. there is march schedule. and maybe we just have something special, they have a special dolls now? alex, you need your own doll. because you are a doll. >> what? >> you have to reach a certain level to get that casino. >> would you like to have a michael b jordan doll? >> who wouldn't want to have that? >> you now a woman went to black panther and ended up in jail and she blamed it on his chess. >> in jail? she went to the doctor. >> oh, sore. >> i wait. this went on another level. >> no, yes, she had to go to the doctor.
8:21 am
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8:24 am
>> skyfox looking for damage, look at your tv. we think this is bucks county. yes. do you recognize your neighborhood? do you recognize any of the big -- oh, is that a school? what's that thing right there? that's pretty recognizeablement tweet us. >> way in. >> run outside. put some clothes on. you know, an act of kindness from a star in the new black panther movie. what happened? >> so, it is started with, you know, this -- no. it started with tumbler really. because on tumbler, you know, people can post things, say what happened, whatever. this orthodontist called out one of his patient, so he shared on line about how she snapped her retainer when michael b jordan took his shirt off during a fight scene. >> so this young lady, 18 years old, went to black panther. >> didn't say her name at the time. >> okay, so savia goes cents
8:25 am
to black panther, when she sees him with his shirt offer, michael b jordan, she popped a retainer? >> popped a retainer. i guess so excited she clenched so hard boop. so the orthodontist said it was funny went on tumbler, hey i had a patient, guess what happened. she responded oh, my gosh, she is talking about me, i want to die. that's what she said. that ended up getting so many re tweets, likes it, got around to michael b jordan and he responded and he said i feel partly response fosh breaking your retainer, let me know if i can replace them. no word yet if she will take him up on the offer. >> yes, i think she will. and it is not about the money. >> just to get a chance to meet him? >> ya! oh, wow. >> she should be in philly then, because he is in fill. >> i oh, how do you bus a retainer by looking in a man's chest? you crunch down? oh, my god. look at his abs? >> i guess that's what happened. i have never done that before. so, i'm not sure how that goes
8:26 am
down. which is probably why the orthodontist was cents also surprised. >> yes. >> he was like whoa. also can he post technically about her and say that happened? i guess he didn't use her name. >> ya. >> you know it is embarrass whg your orthodontist going to the internet to tell stories about you. >> hiphpa laws all about that. no woman has ever broke answer retainer around me. >> have you ever worn a retainer? >> no, i mean, i've never -- >> oh, they don't do it for you? >> exactly. >> retainer is in their mouth not mine. >> i thought you were saying there hasn't been a woman out there to make you break -- >> oh, plenty of women. what are you talking about? if i had a retainer it would be broken. and i probably should have a retainer from an attorney. we love this moment here. steve doesn't even minds us showing this all the time. so we did it again yesterday. according to a man who watched all of the snow coverage, in all four stations, writes as is a voter for philly voice. com. he will give his review, like movie review, the review of
8:27 am
the different stations coverage. we will probably concentrate on ourselves because we're ego maniacs. ♪ mom, mom, mom, we've got cookies to sell. the girl scout cookie inspired flavors you love, now in the dunkin' coffees you love. only at dunkin'.
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>> 8: 30, bus stop buddy getting ready to help with some snow shoveling today. temperatures in the 30's, to get started, but it feels like it is in the 20's. so yes, pretty coal, specially the shady spot, could run into some black ice, there is yesterday's storm, good riddance for that one. few days to recover before we get ready for the potential of another one. i know, 33 degrees is our current temperature, 13-mile per hour winds, feels like 24 out there, 44 is our high today, mix of sun and clouds, kind of breeze think afternoon, but there will be a good amount of melting, going on, then it all freezes up again tonight when we get down to 28 degrees. possibility of just couple of
8:31 am
flurries overnight. just flurries. don't freak out. >> hey, when we have snow coverage here at fox, always like to roll this. steve keeley, plow. >> summer with the phillies, there goes couple of plows demonstrating -- oh -- what i said hitting us. >> so yesterday, all the stations in town of course covering the snow, daniel craig is with us here, no, not that guy, from philly voice decided to put together featuring coverage highlight, you know, what thought, kind of my i -- movie reviewer, everything else, so daniel joins us now, hi, daniel, welcome. >> thanks for having us. >> grew up in allentown? >> yes. >> went to temple university? >> correct. >> you're a philly dude then. >> philly guy for about ten years, grew up about an hour outside. >> so on days like that, you jut sit and watch it. >> v. >> no netflix, no reading, just get all of the local television news, yes. >> i have the article here. >> philly tv news coverage,
8:32 am
okay. so go through, here is one of the ones, i don't know if you like this or not, roll the clip. >> sure. >> this is jenn fred getting into a trunk. >> hi, you're going sledding? can i be in the car with you? okay. >> she really did. >> oh, she is getting in car. >> oh, my god. >> oh, you're packed. dudes, you're going to have to go. >> i see you on tv all the time. >> i like it, but dude, i'm sore. >> i so she eventually gets into the trunk of the car, as you watch we'll watch that. >> if i remember correctly she weighted about this, she said this was after several hours of coverage. so i had i she was trying to get out of the snow. so definitely getting into the trunk is a first that i've seen. i'm surprised these people were so willing to put a television report nerve their trunk, and drive away. >> yes. >> but hey i would rather go sledding than be out in the snow. >> would you say our coverage is different than the other three stations in. >> i would say it is definitely little more unique, definitely more upbeat, funny,
8:33 am
humerous. >> now we have a clip from steve keeley. now the plow again, but this is what happened yesterday. >> here is some breaking news. >> steve, you see, taking on a new profession. >> i he quit. i think he is in love with this woman and now working with her. >> look at this! >> you look great. >> well, the truth; i found out the free breakfast here at the hotel bethlehem. >> i have a lot of questions about where he obtained this outfit. >> okay. >> if he -- is there a dorman in a back alley somewhere who -- i mean, i love the look. i feel like he should wear this more often. >> at the laffayette hotel. part of his coverage he simply asked the dorman can i change clothe with you. >> so the dorman gets to go get a coffee and breakfasts? >> he's still naked. >> that's for the blue collar worker he gets to go take a break while steve keeley takes over. >> he looks good. i think he's never looked better. >> it is oddly fitting. >> here is a clip that got national coverage yesterday, lauren, snowball. >> so there are ' going to play in the snow. why? they don't have school today. that's what do you when you are a kid.
8:34 am
i want you guys to see -- oh, you see? >> okay, i would like to demonstrate it is actually snowing. so as i run the article, i don't know if this kid was unfortunately inaccurate or very cruel and very accurate? but that freeze frame that you guys slowed it down is perfect. and i actually used as lead image to the article, that's a classic. two years ago we had an epidemic of resident throwing snowballs at television reporters. so that's the one i saw yesterday. >> oh, maybe bringing it back. >> it seemed little mean to me. di can we get tight shot. i highlighted not that i am angry but highlighted section of your arm. where can we stand, over her? i should have told this ahead of time. it says that the reporters are acting so uniquely as you put it because of a mike jerrick effect. now i've heard this as is a snow term. sue serio use uses it, put up the graphic, lake snow effect, right? >> lake snow effect? >> lake effect snow.
8:35 am
whatever it is cents. >> lake effect snow when cold air blows over the great lakes. causes snow just east of the great lakes. it is a meteorological phenomenon. >> what would you call the mike jerrick effect? >> i would say when there is a big giant l, that is coming up with a whole lot of snow, fox 29 reporters produce memorable moments. >> okay, let me read, thank you, sue, the exact excerpt here. >> why is it always fox 29 reporters seem to produce the most memorable moments? make it is the mike jerrick effect. first i read that and i thought it is a negative. explain that. >> our producer said you might be worried it was a negative thing, it is cents absolutely a positive thing. >> how? >> how. i hate, i hate to roll off the classics but the ryan lochtke interviews, kardashian interviews, i feel like a lot of newscasters breaking off script or sort of being a little silly is a negative thing. and you can tell it if you watch news bloopers or something like that, it is kind of a nerve wracking experience, but for you you seem to embrace it, you saw
8:36 am
the clips you just showed, fox 29 reporters embrace that sort of silliness that in the moment improvise g, so i would say it is impact full. >> see, look at that. >> great to meet you. >> i was going to beat this guy up. you're fantastic. >> might ends up like the dorman. >> so you have been watching tell vision in philly for ten years or so. >> sure. >> channel six is still like jim gardner still the go to, right? >> absolutely the classic iconic newscaster in philadelphia, yes. >> okay. >> and then i would be at the other end of the spectrum. >> no, you're in different spectrums. >> oh, not even in the same realm. >> not a negative thing, again. >> not quite sure. >> now i get beat up. >> daniel, thank you. >> absolutely. >> we have to have you back, you're really good. >> thank you, daniel. >> he just sits in his basement and watches his tv. >> 8:36. new form of bing watching. >> tiffany, brad pitt, what happened inside of an elevator, and why it may dash
8:37 am
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8:40 am
>> happy international women's day, time to celebrate us and each other, and it is also on the heals of some serious times whether it comes to women and what's been going on, talking about the times up, and the me two movements. so, this year's theme, for international women's day; press for progress. and celebrating new campaign out, you know braun i the paper towel? >> brownie celebrates sheeos, to celebrate sheheroes of tomorrow. who is your sherose. >> love it, of course my
8:41 am
shearo is my mother, sometimes watching from texas. they are yard in a row the paper towel company featured woman in their ads to honor women's history month. and this year, celebrates every day sheroes. i think it should be all year long, mike. oh, hey, mike. >> alex, you know what i saw? i used to work up in good day new york, you know rescans a scott. >> yes. >> i've introduced her, and lori stokes works for them now, well the braun iy people had april i tours with their faces on it instead of the braun i guy. >> i did see that, so cool, then i fick it is row sane a scott. like they're in the numb nerve bun market. >> so what? they got nothing on you. they don't have the versatility of alex holley, so i was irritated with the braun i people. >> what did they do?
8:42 am
>> do you want to see what it is cents? >> sure, i think. >> well, back up faster. >> look, none of not on the roll but the dispensers. >> home on, that's funnier, never mind.& >> i thought that's where were you going with that. >> i didn't think this through. >> here you are. see you weren't forgot glenn that's how i roll, mike. >> oh, she is on fire, that's how she rolls. >> do you want this picture now on the floor of the bathroom? >> sure, why not? >> i can tell you a thousand reasons why not. >> thank you for flushing, by the way. and you kept the seat down, which we also appreciate. thank you, mike.
8:43 am
i think? >> that was special, wasn't it? >> let's get to steve. >> so let me get this right. what could possibly be the mike jerrick effect, will you ever see jim gardner flush a toilet on television. very highly doubtful. by the way. how about this? we will test the we buy any car. com people out and see if they'll buy this. we just moved in about four months ago, but the living room's pretty blank. we did a lot of research online. we just need to have a designer put it all together. mmm hmm. so, it's really nice when clients come in and have...
8:44 am
done some of their own research. what do you think about these chairs and that table? working with a bassett designer was really easy. us being young professionals, we're so busy... there's no way we could've designed it ourselves. no. we love it! there's no way we could've desifwhat would it say?ash tag 80% glowing 50% freckles no matter your skin type, all skin deserves gentleness. that's why dove is sulfate free. the #1 body wash recommended by dermatologists.
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8:46 am
>> 10 inches, inch into the double digit, but look like north jersey and north central jersey got probably the highest accumulation, amounts, that's where the snow bands set up yesterday. there is the storm today. well out of our region, moving a little further up, off the coast of new england. so, no precipitation to worry about today already seeing storm form over the week end in the gulf of mexico, little better than the lasts storm will probably ends up having
8:47 am
whole different personality than the lasts two, if it even affect us. >> 33 degrees in philadelphia, right now, 33 in wilmington, and these temperatures are pretty close to freezing, so watch out, even now 42 degrees tomorrow, we start off in the 20's, could get slippery in the morning each day see little more snow melt time change this weekend, we spring forward, if you love that then ' you'll be happy about it. >> you know, aim just happy all the time. >> well, you are full of love. >> gratitude. >> is your attitude. >> is certainly my attitude.
8:48 am
>> i heart steve keeley. i was just touting your performance from yesterday. with alex holley, steve. >> such a door man. >> to me i think it was bad no snot at all. i didn't take, they have more than one outfit there. and the joke was, which she didn't probably watch earlier, was the guy, remember the chef, made me frenc french toas, hey, breakfast isn't free here, i have to work it off, now caring luggage and i'm bell hop. that was the attempt of humor, apparently didn't get across the to the viewer. >> steve? >> yes? >> did you make the article by daniel. it was something about you licking your fingers, licking the syrup off your fingers. >> oh, the french toast. >> yes, the french toast.
8:49 am
>> i thought i would eat the french toast with thumb after for finger and pinky up. but i guess, again, the humor nos cents rant lating. >> just glad to see you eating. >> camden english to british english. >> yes. >> yes all right, look, we are laughing and i'm sure this is not funny to the person who had this involve vaux. the plywood now protecting the rest of the interior, see snow in the back seat, because the window has been blown out, roof has been crushed park under a tree, never think how bad is it going to be, but they did know it was going to snow, because notice, on the front of the volvo, they had the wipers out. because they didn't with a to have to clear the snow around the wipers, little did they know they'd have 3 tons of wood sparking -- smash the car, looks like the house took couple of hits, branch against the front door, branch across the sidewalk, and then part of the branch at the neighbors house which they'll have to
8:50 am
work out with the neighbor as well. and so there are trees down everywhere. the positive again, would we look for post, a ace could the street where the power is out, at the oral surgeon's office, somebody at home saying wait, my oral surgery is cans snelled oh, too bad. >> oh, shoot. >> i can't have my oral surgery today. >> looking forward to that oral surgery today. >> yes. such a highlight. >> this show is kind of like oral surgery. >> kind of it, like pulling teeth every day, for the viewer, and for us. you, you look like were you going to say something? >> no stems like you've seen something on twit their peak your interest. >> no why? >> just wouldn'ter. >> i'm always checking because i like to see what the viewers are saying about the broadcast. >> are you eating a pop it tart? >> it is from yesterday. >> why? >> is something wrong with eating a pop tart? i'm hungry. >> okay. úwhat did you have for? breakfast. >> i keep your girl i shall
8:51 am
figure. >> listen, i'm struggling, it is cents called spanks. >> ha. do they have spanks foremen? >> i believe they do. >> i'm going to get them after the show. i can't fit into this suit. listen to there is i know the oscars were last sunday. but i love when we do these investigatement about how you try to get the same look for the oscars, like that? >> oh, yes, because who could afford this? show me how to do this on my budgets? >> these are probably $10,000 minimum. >> these are probably $10,000 minimum. so we'll have a fashion it's time, america. there's work to be done. it's not going to be easy. but there's grit inside of you. and if you need extra motivation, the grad fund at strayer university can help push you forward.
8:52 am
because up to your last year of classes could be on us. that's right. on. us. today is the day. strayer university. let's get it.
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8:54 am
>> it seems humans aren't the only ones who like to take selfies. >> look at this! >> so basically someone was out there, what, australian and the arctic, and basically this expedition, left a camera
8:55 am
on the ice which visit ago rook. ry, which woe learned is a gathering of birds. >> gathering of sea birds. >> decided to go up to the camera and put their face in it. >> i love this footage. that's something could you watch a lot. >> it still doesn't look real to me. except for this part. but their faces, it, to looks like an animal. shout out to ice age and happy feet. >> yes. >> i've always wanted to visit antartica. like for a few days. >> really? >> because it is so remote. i know it is horribly cold. but those are -- all over antartica. >> i've always wanted to go to australia. >> we can make two stops, no. >> travel with you? >> yes, it is great. >> you love it. >> wardrobe panic. hey, did you ever feel that way? i feel it every single morning. >> no, you don't. >> i swear i do. >> you go to the closet. you got to to go to work. some special event, and you freak out because you hate everything, even though we have tons of clothe. >> is this your closet? >> that messy! i'll tell that you. >> men have it easier than
8:56 am
women, okay, we have wardrobe panic. >> talk about your wardrobe panic, scientists say and physicians say it is a real thing. >> oh, it is real. >> oh, jenny joyce, she is real. >> ya, thank you. you know what else is real, the snow is real. the seriousness of the storm, tens of thousands of people still without power. we're live in bensalem coming up moms have their own way to test things
8:57 am
what about baby's soap? this paper represents proteins in your baby's skin. only baby dove with our 1/4 moisturizing cream, ... ...leaves baby skin more nourished... ...with every bath.
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8:59 am
>> look at the left over snow, good day to you, it is thursday, march 8, 2018. hello, car glenn hi, how are you doing? >> doing all right. let's talk about wardrobe panic. mike and i were getting into an argument about this. because he says men have this, too, but i doubt that. when you woke i am this morning, did you have trouble
9:00 am
picking out an outfit? if your answer is yes, you're not alone, the struggle is real, real thing, card wardrobe panic. >> i believe it, i saw this and started orders some stuff. >> plus if you want to rock the red carpet, you're seen all of the famous celebrities on the red carpet from the oscars, like i want to look like that. but i know i can't affords t we will tell you thousand rock the red carpet looks for less philadelphia pale pink to the glittering silver. we have weddings coming up. we have prom. let's get this together. >> yes, my favorite, those metallic to look like the statue. celebrating you. celebrating girl power, because it is international women's day today. so look at the special barbies hitting the shelves. pretty cool. a lot of the icons out there. >> come out from your cave. hi, car glenn high. >> i celebrate you. >> oh, that's beautiful. so sweet sometimes. >> oh, thank you. >> alex, i celebra


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