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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 9, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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have you heard about miralax? miralax relieves constipation with no bloating. no cramping. no sudden urgency. announcer: only miralax is clinically proven to work like that. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. this is 9 news now. hello. welcome to 9 news now at noon. well, there's a homeland
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security operation going on in our area. it is called "operation alert." transportation officials want to make sure they can keep rail passengers safe in case of any threat or attack. our 9 news now digital correspondent armando trull has our story from union station. >> reporter: today there's a lot more police presence in union station. >> law enforcement officers of many different types. >> reporter: in fact security is tight along the northeast corridor. >> officers are on platforms and riding in trains at virtually every station, about 150 of them between richmond and maine. >> reporter: it is an exercise dubbed operation alert. >> this exercise helps can we mobilize, what gaps do we have? if we have a real threat, how do we respond to it. >> reporter: some will conduct random checks of carry on luggage. >> we swab it with and test it.
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>> other officers won't be seen at all. >> we have plain clothes surveillance officers. they travel in almost all of our trains in the northeast corridor. >> reporter: it will take place during morning and evening rush hours. 300 officers will participate. not just from the tsa but local, state and federal agencies. >> transportation security officers, federal air marshalls, inspectors k-9 teams. >> any particular threat to the rails? >> absolutely not. there is no specific threat. >> reporter: most passengers welcome the extra security. >> well, it is all about keeping our country safe. >> reporter: some hope train stations don't morph in to airports. >> one of the reason we take the train, less hassle so hopefully it won't be a burden. >> armando trull for 9 news now and >> they say they are sensitive to passenger concerns and they promise the security chec
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will be as le. poss. le > >>po sli ayce-y aolea37d r-wo n mas shot to death at a silver spring apt n entmencompl officers found the woman at the entrance of ant. tmarapent building enin the ashford at wo lake complex along castle boulevard. according to police, the woman was shot at least once. police have not released the woman's name. president obama will take his health care reform message to captiol hill tonight. he will make his case before a joint session of congress. tara mergener tells us what we can expect. >> reporter: president obama will try to retake control of the health care reform debate tonight in his televised address to congress he plans to lay out the specifics of his own proposal his spokesman says he will push for a government run insurance option. >> there's no choice, no competition. those are the things we have to see in health care reform. >> reporter: but leading republicans say the so-called
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public option won't fly. >> i just don't understand the idea that somehow people think that the federal government can enter in to a marketplace and compete with private industry. >> reporter: it will be hard to get any plan through the house that doesn't have a public option, but just as hard to win passage in the senate for any plan that does. a group of six senators from both sides of the aisle is rushing to strike a deal on a new version of the reform plan. they are working from a draft put together by max baucus that does not include a public option. instead a $900 billion plan calls for the private cooperatives. and drug companies would pay for the costs. all americans would have to purchase insurance. if they don't it would fine them $950 for individuals and $3,800 for families above the poverty level. but even that proposal has little republican support. and it is looking like even if
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the president does get a bill through congress it will be with almost only democratic vote. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> reporter: well, the health care reform issue is debated in public there is an intense lobbying effort on captiol hill. it is estimated that there are 3,000 lobbyists working on the health care reform issue. and they represent all sides. while the cost of lobbying is great, the payoff may be greater. >> they spend a million dollars up front an may be able to save or earn themselves $10 million in the end game. >> reporter: and the lobbying effort is not just confined to for and against the issue. it is made up of various groups like hospitals, doctors, health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. they want to have a say in what form health care reform will take. president obama joined a who's who of broadcast journalists this morning for a
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service honoring the late walter cronkite. drew levinson has more to the salute to the cbs legend. >> reporter: some of the most recognizable names in television news gathered to remember legendary journalist walter cronkite. family, friends, entertainers and even presidents turned out for the memorial at lincoln center in new york. >> i thought he was an astonishing man. i liked his inquiring mind and his caring heart. >> from the cbs news control center in new york this is walter cronkite. >> reporter: cronkite was considered the premier tv journalist of his time. >> president kennedy died at one p.m. central stashed time. >> reporter: seven weeks after his private funeral, colleagues recalled his iconic career. >> those of us in the news business are distincttily influenced every day not only
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by his remarkable body of work but what he stood for also. >> reporter: cronkite is remembered as much more than a news man. the people who knew him best remember cronkite as a father and a friend. cronkite was an avid sailor and loved music. some of his favorite musicians performed at the service including jimmy buffett. & as the son of a son of a sailor ♪ ♪ >> reporter: it has been a quarter century since cronkite left the anchor chair but today's turnout at the memorial shows his legacy lives on. drew levinson, cbs news, new york. >> walter cronkite died in july. he was 92 years old. delaware's new sports betting lottery starts this week and officials have released details. officials said yesterday that the sports lottery will have minimum wagers of $2, and maximum wagers of $3,000. for each wager, bidders must
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pick the correct outcomes of at least three national football league games in what is known as a multiple bet or parlay. it will use three types of parlay cards including different types of point spreads. gamblers will be allowed to bet off the board, which means they can go up to the sports book windows at the casinos, examine the latest odds and then place their parlay wagers. when it comes to bringing slots to maryland, baltimore is rolling out the welcome mat while runlet county seems to be dragging its feet. the "washington post" reports that the project is on track in baltimore, but a divided anne arundel county council is continuing 20 delay a vote on zoning for casinos. and tonight, residents are expected to pack a state hearing to argue that the project is a bad pick for the family-oriented anne arundel mall. well, a popular tv program has led to the rebirth of one
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do-it-yourself trend. now you can design and sow your own clothing creations. and lesli foster will have that story when we come back.
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more people are talking about sewing these days be but which machines are worth the money. >> fashion designers keep you competing for their clothes. it sparks an interest in an old hobby. they tested several machines including one by brother called the project runway. this tester tried 18 different ones. this one for $5,000 threads a needle with a push of a butt button. she checked to see how it handles all materials, even thick jeans. not all of the machines could handle the pressure. >> a mechanical machine i have to select the stitch, select
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the length and the wideth. >> the electronic machine selects the setting for whichever switch you choose. >> you can see it has 43 programmed stitches including basic utility stitches, straight stitch, zigzag, buttonholes and some decorative stitches. >> reporter: that's good enough to put a finishing touch on everything from clothing to costumes and curtains. leslie says september is national sewing month and it is a great time to get deals on patterns and materials. there was a chill in the air this morning, but autumn doesn't just bring cooler temperatures, it also brings allergies. we will learn how to get relief and kim has the forecast. >> somebody, somebody kill the ragweed for me. don't need to water your gardens today, everybody. mother nature will us with that for the next couple.
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specialists say september is the worst month of the year for allergies and asthma. and they often go hand in hand. emergency rooms fill up with patients, and their allergy symptoms can be debilitating or spiral out of control. our anita brikman has advice on treating both conditions in "living well ." >> one more time. >> reporter: every autumn starts the same way for asha salem. >> i suffer from seasonal allergies. i tried a lot of over-the- counter medications and prescription medications. >> reporter: this doctor says pollen is responsible for the majority of spring allergies but come fall ragweed and the mold are the culprits. >> we have ragweed and mold high at that time up until the first frost. >> reporter: when kids head back to school some bring their own set of ailer jens with
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them. >> schools try to do as much as they can but a variety of people are there, they are carrying clothing and damager and this can cause a reaction. >> nose runs, eyes itch, i can't breathe. >> reporter: he uses a blood test, an allergy skin testing to pinpoint that her seasonal allergies and asthma coinsided with the start of field hockey. >> i couldn't breathe and if i didn't take missed sin i would sit there with a box of tissues because i would be miserable. >> without the medication, i don't think she could play it. >> reporter: the doctor says pinpointing triggers can help them to treat the allergies and keep asthma under control. >> medications that we have, we like to use a nonsedating allergy medication such as allegra or children neck. in terms of combination
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treatment for asthma, thed a vary and sybicort. >> if your nose is running all the time you do not have a cold but you have allergies. >> we have more health news on our website at just click on living well. >> it is hard, though. it is hard when the ragweed is pumping out in the air. sneezing left and right. how are you feeling? >> i am fine but i know you get allergies when the ragweed is high. so you are feeling it right now. >> i'm suffering with the rest of you. the good news is we have rain around today. most of the week. hopefully clear out the air. great to see you. i want to get started with a look around and show you the forecast. mostly cloudy skies. i just stepped outside on the terrace and it is trying to rain. not yet but sprinkles in the area. look for chillier than average day.
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middle 70s in someplaces, lower 70s. here's the view 22 miles above thg okh wnin t ealookinh down. light rain showers in and around the area. 9000 is focused across southern maryland. you are stealing the spotlight from benedict down to the north side of saint mary's city where we have low 70s and some rain drops. back to the maps. here's what we can expect as we head to the afternoon. temperatures very slow to climb much farther than where we are at. we are at 71 and we will level off at 73 or 74. it is 73 at annapolis. looking to the west, temperatures around 72 in winchester and 73 in frederick at this hour. the winds are out of the northeast. they are light at three miles an hour and the humidity is 79%. let's look ahead to the next three days. the rainiest day this week will be tomorrow. today we will have the light rain showers and steadier, heavier rain showers tomorrow. and that will send our
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temperatures back to a high only around 69. on friday, back up to 75 but cloudy and still some showers around. this is a slow-moving system and our upper-level winds are backed up. we have to call the rotorooter for mother nature if we want to kick this out. it will last the rest of the week. the rain is pin wheeling and coming down from the north. that is because 0 we have a low pressure system off the coast and it is dragging rain showers in our direction. this afternoon we keep rain, probably heaviest between philly and baltimore. our eastern suburbs but still light rain showers around. notice what happens tomorrow. the low backs in to the coast bringing that heavier rain here. so a chilly, rainy day with highs in the 60s. let me take you hour by hour. this is our time line. it shows what it is like at 3:00 this afternoon. cloudy skies around the beltway and cloudy showers around the delmarva. overnight the rain comes through and throughout the day
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tomorrow you can see the waves of rain throughout your thursday and even in to friday. we're not exactly rain-free. so hang in there with me. we will see some sunshine. still some showers around. bien this we will be back up to 81 degrees. on sunday, i'm optimistic we will kick the rain out of here. so sunday is he first dry day we are going for in the seven- day forecast with highs around 79 and keep it easy for you to remember on monday. mostly sunny and 7 t. our show isn't time is 12:21. the temperature is 71. we'll be right back this wednesday with some tips to take care of your feet. you are watching 9 news now.
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raising much smart kids is a challenge but an important part of parenting and with many things in life practice makes perfect and the earlier you start the better. the benefits of talking about money early on are clear. if your children experience things like working to earn money, opening a savings account and balancing a checkbook they will be better prepared to handle their own finances in the future. hear are a few money concepts to get them started. number one, tell them money is earned. number two, explain what money is used for. number three encourage savings and responsible spending. number four, teach kids not to borrow money. number five teach kids to budget. everyone's situation is different. we know that some of you probably have many questions.
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so with answers from the state department federal credit union we went out on the street to get questions from people just like you. >> i have a 4-year-old and 2- year-old. i want to teach them about money, the value of money. what it means to save and all of that stuff but i don't have an idea where to start. do you have any suggestions? >> this is an all-to too-monday question. the state department federal credit union tells its members that as soon as children can count introduce them to money. you have to take an active role in providing them with the information and resources b but once they get started it should be an exciting exercise to them. kids respond when you give them a chance to get involved. allow your children to make small buys and offer advice to help them understand the value of what they are purchasing. >> i have a 13-year-old son and it is not like it used to be where he could get a job after
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school. do you have any suggestions on how i can teach him the importance of money? >> kids are never too young to take on responsibility. if he is earning an allowance for codoing work around the house try to find specific jobs in the neighborhood that he can do, like mowing neighborhood yards, walking dogs or shoveling snow and baby- sitting. that's the only way he will learn by doing. >> my daughter is going to college next year, how do i make sure that she understands that credit cards aren't free money? >> teaching young adults about credit cards is a challenge, especially if they see you using one frequently. start by explaining to them how credit works. make sure you emphasize that it is a loan, a promise to repay. after that, there are several other options including using a pre-paid gift card. have them keep a balance of what they spend and what remains. we want you to feel comfortable talking sot y neey thn cato
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moneso ey n ow moup with the ty ofensing that will help them flourish. it is not always easy topic to discuss but it can be fun and educational at the same time if you try to implement some of our suggestions. if you make it a game, it may be that much easier for a young child to learn. we hope some of these tips will help you and your family live more iaat's all the time we have for this episode of your financia rermmofon inioncatnafil iamo in information visit the state department federal credit union website at i'm willie jolly. see you i have a special guest. my best girlfriend dr. hazel harper. she's the former president of the national dental association. she's also the cofounder and
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the director of a denial project which is a brig thing for her and i am going to let her tell you why yesterday was such a special day between her other dental experts and the governor of maryland, martin o'malley. >> it was indeed a special day because governor o'malley kicked off the healthy smile back to school dental tour. and he was joined by congressman congressmanings and dr. hite superintendent of prince georges county schools and other dignitaries there. governor o'malley is committed to the children of maryland and their oral health and ever since deamonte driver died he charged the state with putting oral health as a priority and making it a significant part of general health care. >> how will this project help
12:27 pm
youngsters in the state of maryland. >> what we realize is most of these children are uninsured or under insured. they need a lot of special attention. this project is designed to increase access to care by increasing the number of medicaid providers and it is also designed to create school- based mobile dent am care clinics. >> than what's going to be -- that mean that's will ride in the district neighborhoods and they are going to go to the youngsters. youngsters don't have to try to find a dentist. this mobile van will come to them. >> the you know thing in the state of maryland and prince georges county it is the neighborhood dentists who are within a ten or 15 minute radius of these children schools that are volunteering on the dental van. examining these children, their future patients and then inviting them to come to their offices where they will make a dental home for the children and their families. >> we want to thank you for coming up with this project.
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a lot of other dental professionals and of course the governor for putting the necessary funds so there will never be another d eamonte driver who dies because he didn't get proper dental care. the president will speak tonight on health care reform. dental care is an important part of that. we have to have you come back. thank you for your hard work in the area of dental care. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for joining us. come back and visit us at 5:00. you can also get the news 24 hours a day by going to our website at tell me what you see.
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