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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  September 9, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> it happened seconds after she walked inside. >> two shots. i heard two shots. >> she saw nothing. >> i didn't see anything unusual. i usually come home around that time. to think that somebody was probably just in the bushes or in the parking lot waiting is very scary. >> 37-year-old victim, samone white was found lying face down. she had been shot twice in the upper body and died here. she still had her car keys and her belongings including a laptop computer in a carrying case. it was untouched. there was nothing missing. no arrests and they are asking for witnesses to come forward. >> i'm peggy fox in virginia where police are investigating this 25-year-old video taped beating. police say another victim has come forward to say the same thing happened to him at the same karate place that used to be at the shopping center.
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the youtube video shows bobby jo setting up an unsuspecting man who appears mentally ill to be beaten by one of his black belt students. >> the victim looks like he is being drug out the back door, which would have been right about here. now police don't think he died because they checked area coroner records from that time period and found no matching description of an unidentified deceased person. >> right now we believe there are more victims out there that were brought in from the street, that were brought in and assaulted and what we are looking for is the public to come guard with that. >> prince william county police hope to bring charges against the black belt who live in california. i'm saray chin where a youth minister is accused of taking advantage of a teenager she was supposed to be counseling. disturbing allegations of one of their own.
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36-year-old jennifer brennan is accused of having sexual contact. a grand jury indicted her to ten counts of delinquency to a minor. >> as pastor of the church, i app deeply saddened for our entire congregation with these events. upon hearing of the allegations, we immediately took action. we placed our youth director on administrative leave and filed reports with the sheriff's department and child protective services. >> now to our other big story, we are less than an hour away to the joint session of congress pushing for action on healthcare reform. over the last hour, we started getting excerpts of that speech. the president will call for a season of action on healthcare and urge lawmakers to set aside the partisanship in favor of creating a bill that would benefit millions of americans.
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he has to reassure people that if they have healthcare now, it is going to remain, it's not going to get worse and that they are going to be able to extend healthcare without costing a lot of additional money to individuals. >> senator ted kennedy's widow will sit with michelle obama tonight. a pediatrician will also be in the presidential box. we want to know what you think of that speech. did the president answer your questions, perhaps change a few minds or was it all just a big waste of your time? share your thoughts in an e- mail. that is well the supreme court could rule on a rare out of session case on campaign spending before the regular session gets started next month. the justice heard arguments about whether businesses and unions aught to be allowed to spend vast amounts of their own money and support political candidates. we are told sonia sotomayor jumped right into the questioning.
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this case deals with the movie paid by a nonprofit to undermine hillary clinton's presidential campaign. the state of maryland is holding a hearing about building a slot machine casino. the council keeps on delaying the vote on the council that would build a facility with 5,000 machines. residents from surrounding neighborhoods say they plan to pack tonight's meeting and argue the project is not fit with the family oriented shopping center. for those of you who still like to light up a good cigar every now and again, there could be a law in dc banning the sale of single cigars in some places. here is bruce johnson. >> single cigar. >> you might not think of a gas station the first place to get a good cigar. >> people buy these to smoke a cigar or as blunt? >> i don't know. >> people say most of the single cigars sold in the city at gas stations and convenience stores are bought by people who
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want to do this. they got the inside tobacco, keep the outside tobacco wrapper and insert their marijuana. >> they sell these in the stores, different flavors, cherry flavor. >> the dc council member is pushing a bill that would ban a lot of the single cigar sales in the nation's capitol. >> they are used for drug use. some sellers in the district say it's not fair. the same dc council has upped the cigarette tax by 25% from $2 to $2.50. >> stopped by his favorite store in downtown washington today. he says he often buys his one at a time. >> most people buy a cigar, sit down and relax. >> curtis draper says sales of single premium cigars represent most of their business. >> the way the legislation is written, it could ultimately close my store. >> most tobacco stores would
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be exempt. >> there is an exception for the cigar bars or tobacco shops. > places like this that she wants to put out of business. >> it's unclear if local businesses will fight any kind of fan. bruce johnson, so are there enough votes on the dc council to ban those single cigar sales? council member alexander is counting on her colleagues. new information now on today's hijacking of an aeromexico jet liner. mexican officials now describe the hijacker as a religious fanatic who says he had a divine revelation about an earthquake. he also talked about today's date, 9/9/09 being the satanic number 666 turned upside down. they used a fake bomb. it landed safely in mexico city. police stormed in, they removed
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all the passengers and crew and took the suspects in custody. >> this comes two days before september 11 and today, family and friends remembered the attacks from eight years ago by dedicating a plaque at the u.s. capitol honoring the passengers and crew of united flight 93. 40 of them died when hijackers took control. plans for a larger memorial are underway in pennsylvania where that plane crashed. i'm meteorologist topper shut on the weather terrace. i thought you would need your umbrella out there, hasn't been so bad. >> so did i. the heavy rain is going to delay another 24 hours. there are a few showers west of town, but nothing in the immediate metro area. here's your forecast first. i think it's going to stay dry at the nats game. mostly cloudy, breezy, cool. a few showers. in eths wi pindck wwenol cethe
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downtown, 72 ma manassas and over by the bay, 70 in annapolis. 66 at te vee ri e,iit r ll sapictite, radar combined, we see a spin out to the east of us, off the coast. for the most pa , rtey, th have to wait for energy from the west. we'll tell you when the heavy rain and the high winds roll in coming up. >> thank you top. this weekend is your chance to be a hero for somebody like enate murray. meet him and find out how you can help coming up. then later on, a popular radio host with a huge following is in the hospital. hathve ha the latest on garrison, stay with us.
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the washington post calls bob mcdonnell a "culture warrior." and what does that mean for virginia? it means: bob mcdonnell introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. he wants to outlaw abortion-- even in cases of rape and incest.
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and mcdonnell opposed birth control for married adults. learn more about bob mcdonnell's crusade to take virginia backwards. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor and my campaign sponsored this ad. hundreds of people will hit the streets this weekend to play the roles of heros. they'll be taking part in a race benefiting a sports program for people with disabilities. tonight, kristen fisher introduces us to one of those heros, nate murray from alexandria. >> 12-year-old nate murray was born to play basketball. but he was also born with a disability. >> i have like a disability. i can't walk. >> nate has a birth effect that left his paralyzed from the waste down. but just because he is different doesn't mean he can't play ball. >> all right nate, show me
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what you got. >> hey, nice. >> take one look at nate's room and you can see, he loves sports. >> basketball, tennis, and hockey. over here is baseball, trophies. i have been playing my whole life. >> so you are a pro by now. >> he's a pro thanks to programs like the sports programs. it is designed to help kids with disabilities to stay active. for nate, he says it helps him feel less different. >> good, awesome. >> isfisher, 9news now and the national rehab hospital's race takes place this saturday in mcclane, virginia. it gets going at 8:00 a.m. and all the proceeds goes to the hospital's rehab program. if you know a hero or need a
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hero by logging on to and clicking on hero central. the boss getting one of the highest honors in the land. find out what is happening to bruce springsteen. that's coming your way. plus topper returns with that full forecast. keep it right here.
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patients at the hospital have a better shot of getting a private room tonight because they opened a new facility. that six story tower features 90 private rooms and 17 emergency room beds. maryland lieutenant governor on hand for a tour as they opened the tower for business. expected to stay in the hospital until friday as he recovers from a minor stroke. a spokesperson for the mayo clinic says he is up and moving around and in a statement, he
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still plans to start the brand- new season of his show in just two weeks. jazz composure will turn 89 on the same day he is being recognized as part of this year's honors. he joins bruce springsteen, actor robert deniro, mel brooks and opera singer is this year's honorees. you can watch the special later that month right here on wusa9. >> topper, we thought the rain would begin to roll in today, but apparently they took a vacation still? >> they sit and wait. you mentioned the word nor'easter yesterday. scared a lot of us. >> it perks you up, doesn't it? be thankful it is just september. looking at showers tonight and showers tomorrow and the main event tomorrow night. here's your forecast first. the next three days, showers on thursday and that gives way to a stead year rain on thursday
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evening. tapers off friday. highs low 70s tomorrow. only around 70 on friday and saturday, you know we'll dry out. not going to be a washout by any means. got to keep a chance of a shower in the upper 70s to near 80. for tonight, mostly cloudy, breezy, and cool. lowslows mid to low 60s. we have been watching this for a while out towards cumberland and moving away from haggerstown and moving towards the panhandle. these are heavy showers along 68 and right to the west and to the north of romny. everything is moving back to the west, southwest. so this is going to go right along 68 right toward cumberland and right up the savage mountain and that will move towards kaiser. we'll talk about temperatures, very comfortable. 69 in brookville. 69 in bell haven.
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that's pretty nice. a few showers tomorrow morning. not a washout. 63 to 70. by afternoon, a few showers. 70 to 75. could give way to rain late in the evening and certainly rain tomorrow night. we have energy over the appalachians and the surface low. the remnants of erica, those two are going to combine tomorrow and that will give the best chance of rain as we get into tomorrow night and friday. in the meantime, zone forecast, 75 martinsburg. low 70s downtown, a few showers only low 70s in annapolis, small craft advisory on the bay. essentially through friday. next seven days, 73 on thursday, showers and gives way to rain. rain and showers on friday. tapering off late, only 70. left over shower on saturday and then the payoff really, low 80s on sunday, on monday, and tuesday, and maybe a shower next wednesday. temperatures still rather mild in the upper 70s. >> so the rain held off and maybe hits us on saturday a
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little bit, huh? >> well, the showers linger in there. the real main event will hit us tomorrow night. >> it will be warm in new york for the game. let's get to our weird news file. you may have heard gun enthusists say prying the gun from his dead fingers. one man that may have taken this too far. >> this will be in our memories for years and years to come. >> the words have never been spoken about the burial of ronnie. hundreds showed up to the baptist church to witness his last wish, to be buried in his 1973 pontiac. >> he was a very unique individual. his wife died two aryes ago. he made the decision to do it first for the town. be buried in his wife with his car and his gun. >> he doesn't want to leave
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guns here, because somebody might take his guns and go shoot somebody. he said he wanted to take them. >> i have been in the business 30 years and this is the first time we buried anybody in their car. >> his wife says his burial is no surprise. >> i thought he might have been kidding, really, but he decided he was going to do it. when he says he is going to do something, then we try to do it. >> family members said they did the burial because they knew it was his last wish, others say they disagreed, but went along with it because they knew it's what he wanted. >> he told me this a long time ago. he said i'm going to be buried in my car. i said don't make me ashamed. he is going to have to be shamed. >> and as the last truck leaves, one man's truck begins. spending eternity with his wife and his car. >> that's what you call going
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home. he has been sent home the proper way. >> and they say you can't take it with you. that was ashley reporting. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. ths no bwillghe rickust a9omba 9news now will be ght back. fa
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in the mail bag tonight, last night we asked if a case involving a white kid severely beaten up by several black kids in buffalo, apparently because he has a black girlfriend aught to be treated as a hate crime. ray from fredericksburg, virginia can't believe that is a question. if two white men attacked a
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black man, the media would have been all over the place before the victim was out of the hospital. the fbi would have declared it a hate crime before the ink was dry. i guess it's only a hate crime if the perpetrators are white. however we get a wise word of caution from pete in maryland. it may very well be a hate crime, however, i will not rush to judgment and flat out label it as such. there could be other factors that we don't know about. a jealous exboyfriend, a dispute between former friends. who knows what it was. give investigators time to gather facts. >> then there was this, i asked if perhaps race could be a reason as to what seemed to be a speech. why did it become so controversial? robert says why does it always have to be about race? every black person wants equality, they are so fast to pull the race card and that's the reason they are being held back. okay robert are folks overly
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sensitive, but the rage level that this president was uncalled for and unprecedented. but jim from hollywood, maryland says that means that i didn't do my homework. president george bush gave a similar speech in 1991 from washington, d.c. and democrats then the majority party in congress not only denounced bush's speech, they ordered the accounting office to investigate its production and later summoned top bush administration officials to capitol hill for an extensive hearing. okay jim, i forgotten about that and you do have a point, but while the attack on the first president bush was partisan and unfair, the assault on our 44th president seems disturbingly personal and vicious, especially since the guy has been in office for nine months. robert seems to think i'm being too sensitive. the address is that's our report. i'll be right back here tonight at 11:00 along with anita
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"entertainment tonight" in high-definition. >> is former president bill clinton suffering from parkinson's? the alarming new headline. as clinton speaks at the walter cronkite memorial. >> he was a good man. >> his trembling hands that ignited the story. then -- >> was kate dating somebody? >> jon, suspicious of his estranged wife, as a new photo surfaces of kate with her married bodyguard. exclusive, the beatles on their breakup. >> it was tense. >> as beatlemania reignites around the


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