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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 11, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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program. >> reporter: so what is next, we interviewed him at school without walls a handful of school wrs principals are getting involved. he is sharing his curriculum at no cost and hoping soon to be adopted by the dc public school system. >> from the first local station with news in high definition, this 9news now. >> remembering 9/11. the nation will pause to remember the victims of the pt r emsebe11th 2001 terrorist attack. ceremonies are scheduled in several locations including new rk virginia, and shanksville, pence vein, good morning, i am andrea roane, thank you for being here with us. howard bernstein has weather, angie has the traffic, all of it impacted by the rain. >> right and some of that rain is locally heavy. if you are going out to the
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beaches watch out until noon a tornado wafor for eshee thr avie stmiemcos ngin. it was once tropical storm erika. we are watching these bands of rain moving from the east to the west. out west things are quiet but we e argoing to do a radar revi few you. looking at a windy day with the ra f especially this ndars ou s around here in the ndst70 n iricte district montgomery county through southern mahland getting light to mora teinra now, out west still waiting for it but east some of e rain locally wiy thav with rainfall rates approaching d ancoming into annapolis half an inch to an inch an hour. ha southern maryland ncement from baden toward leonard and stwest of enedict all moving eastto west at 20 miles an hour so the morning commute is going to be effected greatly and with more on that a traffic update at 5:01 from angie. >> yeah, tgif everybody, we are
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kicking off this 5:00 hour and i am happy to report that everything looking pretty crystal clear. 95 and the bw parkway nice green cars going southbound toward the beltway. here is a look at your outer loop. notice the shiny slick pavement out there, a few drivers, very volume light on route 4, route three, 301 crane highway, going back to the map, no accidents or incidents that is a good thing. that 395 heading northbound trip, slick lanes roads wide open and some rain dripping off our camera here. 66, we are tracking this trip and the headlights through centerville, clear past 50 and beyond, andrea over to you. >> thank you angie. today we stop to remember and hopper the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks. somber ceremonies will take place all over the country today. we have a live look for you at ground zero in new york city, where the names of the victims who died at the world
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trade center will be read allowed. ceremonies will also happen in arlington, virginia at the pentagon anding shangsville, pennsylvania, the sight of the crash site of united flight 93. whitt janson has more. >> reporter: two bright beams lit up the new york city skyline on the eve of the 8th and verse of the attack, the tribute lights were being tested ahead of today's memorial. this morning vice-president biden will attend a ceremony at ground zero. more than 100 volunteers who worked at the trade center after the tours collapse will read the names of the victims s even though it happened nearly decade ago for some it feels like yesterday. >> that compression your life flashes before up, it does. >> reporter: he saw up close ground zero, where more than 2700 people died. today construction is still being done to complete a lasting tribute to the victims a memorial museum. >> it is not a pit.
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it is not ground zero. it is now a zion of rebuilding and a sign of real hope. >> reporter: this year for the first time the country's national day of mourning will also be a national day of service. president obama is encouraging americans to take part in volunteer work in honor of the lives lost on 9/11. later today he will meet with family members of victims who died at the pentagon, near shangsville, pennsylvania, former secretary of state colin powell will deliver the keynote speech at a tribute for united airlines flight 93. earlier this week those victims were honored on capitol hill with a plaque. >> for those of us who work here at the capitol, this might have been the target of flight 93, we think it was, we will remain grateful for the heroes of that flight. >> reporter: grateful americans plan to show their appreciation with volunteer events across the country today, coming together in spite of one of the worst tragedies to hit u.s.
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soil. whitt johnson, cbs news, washington. >> the terrorist attack eight years what go was the pentagon and that is where we find armando trull, he has a preview of the activities there later this morning. >> reporter: well, mr. obama will mark the anniversary of 9/the the first rstime as president and commander in chief. at ex exactly 8:46 this morning, the time when the first plane slammed into the world trade center eight years ago. they will mark a moment of silence on the south lawn of the white house. >> to honor the memories of thosthat gave their lives. >> reporter: mr. obama will travel across the river to the pentagon where he will visit the memory honoring the 184 people who lost their lives there and meet with family members and survivors of a pentagon attack. >> he will continue to talk about this notion of serving our country and of public and
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national service. >> reporter: arlington is also marking the tragedy by draping flags throughout many buildings in the county. last night in washington the national's baseball team honored those who died on this day by hosting survivors of the attack as well as members of the fire department and police who participated in the rescue operations in one of the darkest days in american history. so later today even as the president lays a wreath to mark the spot where 184 people were slaughterrered he will also call on all americans to work together to forge a better stronger nation. reporting live at the pentagon, armando trull, 9news now and wusa >> this is the first year 9/11 will be observed us a national day of service. volunteer projects are planned across the nation. to learn more about events happening today log onto wusa and while you are there be sure to leave your thoughts
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and memories of that tragic day, september 11th, 2001. in other news a bill to legalize same sex marriage is ready to be introduced in the dc council and it looks like it has the votes to pass. if it does it will come under congressional review before it could take effect and force congress to finally take a stand on the issue of same sex marriage. a metro worker is thed afte by a train yesterday. the 44-year-old communications technician was hit by a six car train between the braddick road and ragen washington airport stations his injuries are described as serious and has been a metro employee for 13 years. the board will consider a rate increase, it faces a budget shortfall next year and say fair increases may be the only way to bridge the gap, especially if local governments
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cut back on the money they provide to metro. it is time for our first living smart report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with a preview of the last day on wall street. >> happy friday for a lot of traders. green has been the popular color because we have had five days in a row of gains. the latest rally was helped on word of a drop in unemployment claims and so far most asian markets are headed higher after china released stronger than expected data. the dow jones rose 80 points to 9627, the nasdaq added nearly 24 points the s&p 500 up by nearly 11 points. treasury secretary timothy geithner says confidence and stability are replacing the fear and panic that gripped the markets last year. he told a panel they will now end some of the programs launched during the financial crisis, he says 23 banks have repaid the government in full. and general motors hopes a money-back guarantee will help
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business. the automaker says buyers can return their investigates within two months for a refund if not fully satisfied with their purchase. the new ceo stars in the newd a and tells car drivers to compare gm to any other carmaker these days, the commercials reminisce sent of lee i a cocoa's spots 30 years ago, definitely challenging lee i a cocoa, channeling i should say. >> it is friday and we deserve a break. >> we do and today's money saving tip of the day free golf. no price no, cost. >> thank you before you hits the links though, pittsburgh leaders take steps to entire a quiet and calm g-20 someone mit in the steel city and the shuttle crew plans to once again try to come home. it is nine minutes after the s w.
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places factor in some extra minutes for your morning commute. right now the dulles toll road looking great. more realtime traffic for you coming up. >> in the news now coming up on 5:11. pittsburgh city leaders are leasing a downtown parking lot to accommodate protesters during the group of 20 economic summit later this month. it has angered many groups who feel they must be allowed in a free and on area. south carolina republicans are leading a push to force the resignation of republican governor mark sanford. yesterday the party voted to ask him to resign. he has been under pressure to step down since he disappeared in june to see his mistress in are gin tin, a sanford has vowed to fight the move. the shuttle will try again today to touchdown in florida. stormy weather forced them to miss two landing opportunities thursday. if the forecast in florida is
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bad again nasa may send it to its back up site in california. still to come on 9news now treating the h1n1 virus just got a little easier for medical professionals. we will explain when we return. you are watching 9news now. ♪ there's the other stuff. ♪ and then there's kraft macaroni & cheese. ♪ kraft has more cheese than those other guys. no wonder they call it the cheesiest! crunch. wheat thins. that's what's gonna happen here. because you're tasty... with toasty whe grains. (crunch) wheat thins. toasted. whole grain. crunch. have at it.
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welcome back to 9news now, it is a rainy friday morning, the good news is at least it is a friday. >> yay, it is friday and rose bud, whose dog was gone for nine days found him yesterday. >> that is good. >> we are very happy to hear that, good news, right? it is friday, although angie has been telling you about the commute especially from the district east, out west still waiting for the ras tos movpe h mir t not see at l.alwewe al have this area of prre re suesgg buing the heck out of us all week ofs ndre and waivers finally moving bu d anwaivers finally moving and got rain from the metro stl il of these rainbands have locally heavy rainfall in them. in fairfax, lowden county some stragellers moving in, light showers there especially west of leesburg not much to talk about, west of ma nas sass fairly quiet. the rainbands, these guys from baltimore down half an inch to
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an inch an hour, not storming, pouring i should say, lightning is toward delaware. an area of heavy rainfall from nap pals up to bw i, we g to southern maryland where the rain is heavy from brandy wine to baden in into southern moreland, all rotating around the bigger storm system. to the west you see that about to move into manasas, still east of you it is still dry. let's go to the weather computer. this thing is well-defined now. good thing it is not over water it would have a chance potentially to develop but with a big spin here coming north- northwest, lots of rain, it is going to head like this, so areas to our south and west, especially culpepper, orange, down to charlottesville, might miss it completely, then other areas north and east could pick
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up an inch or two of rain. forecast the next three days the rain around especially this morning, windy, and 70. tomorrow still a shower poive, mid-70s. maybe 80 if any sunshine. then sunda much better day with highs low 80s. showers some morning, breezy, cool, mid-6050s to low 60s. windy scattered showers, highs around 70, north winds 10 to 20, then for tonight still a shower left over, mostly cloudy, mid-50s to low 60s. we get a lot better after today. today is going to be a rough one, especially this morning, by sunday, monday, tuesday, much nicer, low to mid 80s then a chance of a shower wednesday and thursday still not bad, highs upper 70s. good morning at 5:17, to my colleague angie goff. >> good morning, howie, a big thank you to all of you viewers who came out for the dc
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festival last night. special shutout to our loyal viewer robert edmond, thanks for joining us, 95 heeding northbound in virginia. we are tracking the headlights right here, you can see very volume light. moving on to 395 headed northbound past duke street we still remain delay free but those roads are slick, you will want to factor in extra minutes for your morning commute. inbound new york avenue to the third street tunnel looks like it is a clear drive. heading to the beltway a nice morning drive here also for drivers north of our district, live from coalsville and finally we are flying over route 50 from the bay bridge all the way to the beltway, nothing but green cars finding the lanes wide open for business. now over to you. >> thank you, angie. here is a look at today's living well headlines. more people in the u.s. are living without health insurance. a new report from the u.s. census bureau puts the number at 46.3 million for last year, an increase of more than half a
5:19 am
million, they believe the figure will get higher this year as more people lose their jobs and employers cut coverage. two new studies confirm you will only need one vaccine shot for the h1n1 virus. earlier researchers believed you would need two doses to provide file immunity. the vaccine is expected to be ready by mid-october. scientists have discovered a kind of master stem cell that may cause at least some stipes of prostate cancer. so far the findings are just experimental because the cells have only been found in mice but could offer a new way to treat prostate cancer. it is 5:19 we say good morning to kristen fisher in the webster. >> good morning, happy friday everyone. it has been less than 48 hours since representative joe wilson shouted you lie at the president during his speech before congress on healthcare reform. well, almost instantly he received a huge backlash on line. but now representative wilson is actually using the internet
5:20 am
to fight . k ecis out. last night he k st statement right rea end on o on for the south carolina e ththe wi wr iit es y tack, he t miadi should not have disrespected the president during his speech but i am not sorry for fighting back. take a listen. >> on these issues i will not be muzzled. i will speak up and speak loudly against this risky plan. the supporters of the government take over of healthcare and the liberals who want to give healthcare to illegals are using my opposition as an excuse to distract from the critical tiquonesras ais ted his orly conceived plan. >> reporter: if you scroll down on his site just below the video you will see the deorhiag it is right here, this is where representative wilson is asking vorso t namakes doontito his campaign onfor congress. you got to keep in mind his opponent, rob miller ha
5:21 am
ady raised more than al $3e 00sinc00wilson's outburst wednesday nit. sik this out, this right here obmiller's website, rob miller for wnis dodown due to h as is representative wilson's official house website down since yesterday so that goes to show you how popular this story and those two have become on line. >> the redskins unveil a new defense to stop the power running game of the new york giants and the nationals go toe to toe with the defending world champions. this morning's sport headlines are next, it is 5:21. you like your health coverage, but worry what happens...
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[ female announcer ] that's because new tide stain release is a revolutionary in-wash booster that works with your detergent to help remove the toughest stains... ...the first time. mom, let me grab that. another first. [ female announcer ] new tide stain release. stains out. no doubt. it is 5:24, here is a look at some people celebrating a birthday today, the 11th of september, chris bridges known as ludicrous is 32, motion mobby is 44. local boy from new orleans, singer harry conic junior is 42. director ryan depalma is 69 today. happy birthday if this is your day. the 2009 nfl season kicked off last night in pittsburgh. the team was coming off its super bowl win earlier this year against the arizona cardinals. this time they played host to
5:25 am
the visiting tennessee titans and it was a close defensive battle right to the end. it would all come down to a kick in overtime. there you see it, jeff reed's 33-year-old field goal giving the steelers a 13-10 win. the redskins are preparing for their season opener against the new york giants. of the redskin's 11 defensive starters nine are returning from last year. one of the two newbies is albert haynesworth and we certainly know what he is capable of but the other guy, the new one is rookie bryan arakpo, he will start at left outside linebacker making him the only rookie to start on this team. >> i am moving up the basis about starting him, i am just concerned with like i say the speed of it all day he will see for the first time but as far as having a rookie start, i don't look at him as a regular rookie because of the maturity that he brings to the arena. >> by the way the skins say
5:26 am
starting cornerback carlos rogers will be good to go sunday despite missing 3-4 games with a calf injury. you can hear coach southern's comments on wusa the phillies are the defending world series champions and on the other end of the spectrum the nationals, they are the worst team in baseball. so you would expect the nationals to suffer another loss, but no one told the nat's rookie or the rest of the nats players, the team kept it close the entire game but then desmond would hit a 3 run shot to help the nats over the phillies 8-7. a significant increase in congestion, those are words used to describe the impact the military base realionment plan will have on our region, lawmakers unveil new proposals for cleaning up the chest a peak bay, you are watching 9news now, it is 5:26. fab@fab
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the more than 3000 lives lost during the terror attacks of september 11th, 2001. welcome back to 9news now. i am andrea roane, thank you for joining us this morning, angie goff is here with traffic in just a moment. howard bernstein starts us off with the forecast, a rainy one it. is a riney one, a reminder wusa, you can track the rains, the storms and also send me your storm report so we have a real od et ben feter even better feel for what is out there. do want to start off with live doppler 9000 hd beuse that cabee hat amet.lo me a lot. very y avherainfall in sports moving into howard county and arundel county, you see it out in the bay some of that rainfall half an incto an inchper hour all moving tothe west rotating around an area of low anpressure approaching dill aware. you yoget out west not much goi on, so iuth of 75 not much
5:31 am
going on but a lot of areas seeing rain. just want to show you this area of low pressure spinning, south and west won't see much. windy with highs near 70, almost 5:31 time for traffic with angie. >> time to hook you up with a personalized traffic report, you can e-mail me, follow me on twitter or facebook, i will hook you up. let's talk about the traffic, roads starting to fill up. 270 southbound a little bit of volume building. i feel like these delays will set in early because rain is a factor. 95 and the bw parkway. over to the realtime graphics nice and green out of baltimore past 198 to powder mill and 66 tracking taillights to my right and -- i should say headlights actually and that is going westbound. your taillights are going eastbound and it looks like we are doing just fine, no incidents no accidents, let's go over to the builtway and show you i-95 up to 66, we will get there.
5:32 am
according to our realtime sensors drivers are moving more than at speed and the same situation towards the american legion bridge. andrea, over to you. >> today marks the 8th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on america. later today the nation will hold a moment of silence at 8:46 this morning when american airlines flight 11 crashed into the trade center's north tower. this year more than 100 volleyers who worked to clear the site will read the names of the victims. vice-president joe biden will be in attendance. about an hour later at 9:41 president obama will participate in a wreath laying ceremony at the 9/11 memorial at the pentagon that honors the 184, men, women and children who died when terrorists crashed a flight into the side of the pentagon, armando trull is live with more. >> reporter: this will be the first time that mr. obama marks
5:33 am
9/11 anniversary as president and commander in chief. last night the nationals baseball team honored those who died during the noim terrorist attack eight years ago by hosting survivors as well as members of the rescue teams that saved so many lives on that terrible day at the pentagon. arlington is marking the tragedy with ceremonies and huge flags draped on buildings throughout the county and later this morning president barack obama and the first lady will observe a moment of silence at the exact time the first plane slammed into the world trade center building. mr.obama will then visit h the pentagon and the memorial marking the spot, where 184 people were murdered during the greatest peace time attack on american soil since pearl harbor. even as the president lays a wreath pat the spot where 184 innocent people were slaughter teared eight years ago he will also call on all americans to work together and forge a bert stronger nation.
5:34 am
live at the pentagon, armando trull 9news now and wusa >> ceremonies will also be helding shapingsville, pennsylvania, to honor the victims of united flight 93. former secretary of state colin powell will addresss that gathered to remember the 40 passengers and crew members killed. flight 93 is believed to have been headed to the u.s. capitol when the pang jeers tried to regain control of the plane. earlier this week the victims of that flight were honored with a plaque at the u.s. capitol. the names of the passenger and crew are now permanently eached in the walls of the front lobby. nancy pelosi said it is only fitting their names be etched into the wall of the building they helped protect. soldiers in afghanistan are honoring them and the troops who have died in fighting in that country. there is a memorial service at the air base there that will coincide with a moment when t eh first plane hit the world trade
5:35 am
center in new york. there are several 9/11 remembrance events scheduled for today. at noon the remembrance ceremony will be held at national ka thread drail. in sterling, virginia, from 5:00 to 8:00. it is sterling 9/11, we remember, at the sugar land crossing shopping center. and at 6:00 the muslim community plans to hold an inner faith 9/11 vigil outside the white house called light the night for peace and friendship. there is a complete list of local events remembering 9/11 on wusa new this morning an explosion at a warehouse in capitol heights, maryland. prince george's county firefighters have a hazardous materials unit on the scene. the warehouse in the 9200 block of hampton overlook. firefighters say many chemicals are involved. we are told no one has been hurt in the explosion and of course, we will keep you updated on this story. we already have some of the worst traffic congestion in the
5:36 am
country, now a government accountability office report says it could get worse thanks to the base realignment and closure plan or brack. the plan would relocate thousands of defense department workers next year. the gao says the areas near there would be hardest hit. each would receive thousands of additional workers under the plan. a draft report on saving the chest a peak bay is out this morning. the report was done by 10 federal agencies studying ways to save the bay and calls for stricter regulations on farm runoff and more federal funding for land conservation. the report also called for coordinated efforts between federal agencies working on chest a peak bacon servevation. time for another living smart report and digital coarse respond jessica doyle is back with a tough day for the sec on capitol hill. >> that's right. the securities and exchange commission got called owned the carpet by lawmakers yesterday
5:37 am
for failing to prevent bernard madoff's largest investment scheme in history. the committee held its second hearing to investigate the problems and improve the agency's performance. committee chairman chris dodd summed in the day when he said there can be no excuse for that close sal failure. it comes one day after e they released a conversation madoff leincturg colleagues on t how to avoid being scriewt tinnized by the sec. they reporismonth the montet median sales pricicfor a local meas wa just under 357,0 two% less than the most rent list price, nationwide selling n r 3.3% less. they say 22.1% ueen ay s 22.1% of inshwagton area selfers have lowered their original list price at least once in the last 30 days, the average reduction, 6.8%. moy neshmoney saving tip of the day.
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this 1 for you golfers out there. longing to a country club can cost 500 dollars or month, to cut the cost consider volunteering at a golf course, if you work a couple of hours many will give you free golf any time you want to play and some even bring you guests at noadaldiseonti ongearch anatthd will save you money and make an you popular write your friends. for more information check me out on line. i would love to be your friend on facebook. >> that is a good deal. >> not so bad, huh? >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> the former vice-president is heckled at his alma mater and severe flood storms leave behind flood damage in the southwest. it is 5:38. you are watching 9news now. we will be right back.
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20 minutes away from the 6:00 hour and we are live from fox hall, the commute looks wet
5:41 am
but clear. find out how the rain is effecting your friday morning commute coming up. n i>>b@th >> in thws w at 5:40, eight people were killed and more than 200 people missing after a boat capsized off the coast of sierraly one, only 39 passengers have been rescued and most were believed to be school aged children returning from vacation. former vice-president dick cheney drew cheers and jeers at the dedication of a new international center at the university of wyoming, which bears his name. about 100 protesters heck led cheney throughout the ceremony. cheney is an alum news of the university. parts of sedona, arizona, are recovering after a flash flood which came and went within 30 minutes. the floods were part of a severe thunderstorm which brought heavy downpours to the region, no reports of injuries but several homes and cars were damaged. still to come on 9news now a local hangout spot which promotes itself as the friendliest saloon in town
5:42 am
facing a lawsuit for allegedly being unfriendly. we will be right back. the irresistible "cinnabon" aroma of pillsbury cinnamon rolls bring everyone to the table in their sunday best until the grands are on the table" grands biscuits. would it really be breakfast without 'em? for money saving coupons go to... ll pi
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♪ ♪ mmm! ♪ and i would do anything for love ♪ a.1. makes meat loaf sing. a lot of other beef too.
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need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun. the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love. welcome back to 9news now. a banner across the front of a georgetown bar claims it is the friend iest saloon in town but
5:45 am
mr. smith's wasn't so friendly to georgetown student taylor price who uses a wheelchair, he is suing the bar for discrimination. add dre barns has more. >> this is a slap in the face to me and everyone else in the community. >> reporter: 24-year-old taylor price is still feeling the sharp sting of discrimination he says he encountered at mr. smith's bar in georgetown when he showed up with three friends and tried to head back by the piano he was stopped. >> i was told i wasn't allowed to go to the back of the restaurant because the bar was too crowded and i was a fire hazard. >> reporter: he said he could stay if he sat up front out of the way. he is suing for discrimination. >> my ultimate goal is for mr. smith to do the right thing. i don't want anyone elseto ever be put in this situation. >> reporter: the washington lawyer's societiy are representing him. she says the laws are clear. >> this is a civil rights issue. >> reporter: the management did not want for go on camera but one of them told me on phone
5:46 am
this business doesn't discriminate again anyone including people who use wheelchairs. as for price he is working hard to finish up his double degree in finance and marketing and trying not to let the experience make him a homebody. >> people with disabilities have to work too hard to get to a point where they feel comfortable in social settings and it took me a while. they just cannot treat people with disabilities this way. >> reporter: add dre barns 9news now, wsu s a >> the washington lawyer's committee has handled more than 5000 cases in the areas of housing, employment and disability rights. it is 5:46, howard bernstein is back and we are talking about the nationals. we are talking about all kinds of outdoor things. will be able to enjoy them. >> yes, you will be. thank goodness it is not happening this morning, still could have showers, this afternoon, tonight and even tomorrow one or two showers but this morning cloarl the wettest period. a big shout out to the american
5:47 am
red cross donor center in rockville they took care of me yesterday. please be a donor. it is alwayslo okelat atthe red crs. t' > les get to > darar this morning. doppler 9000 hd very busy. this storm andrea israng g oito oropine m rain maryland than it is on the west side of th river in virginia. in fact, if you are by the liver river you get a littrt fatht r hewefarther west you go odds of u eira ngse ingo up. this area is spinning with heavy bands of rainfall coming out of the eastern ars ea towards the west, kind of going in an opposite direction for us, as we zoom in on live doppler 9000 hd, some of that light rain into fairfax county, eastern lowden, getting to manasas, down 95 you are drive but east it is pouring in spots montgomery county some of that heavy rain has come down into
5:48 am
laurel, approaching college park, bowie seeing some of that down shady side and into the bay this stuff is coming down half an inch an hour or month, so heavy downpours, this is going to cause issues without a doubt. down to the south here in the bay coming into southern maryland seeing some of that heavy heavy stuff. want to show you the weather computer, the big picture. we put this in motion, you can see the circulation here. look at this, but with the movement this way the back edge is kind of going to straddle i think or maybe into virginia a little bit but towards culpepper and charlottesville hard presidented to see rain, a couple of showers this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow sunday much better with highs lower 80s. at the bus stop this morning, away from virginia
5:49 am
away from town not bad, showers are locally, heavy rain, breezy and cool. i spoke to bill in newlin he said only 59 down there and a 10th of an inch of rain, windy, showers, a high around 70, mostly cloudy that isolated shower, mid-50s to low 60s an then you know we are going to get slowly better, in fact a lot better tomorrow with only an isolated shower. we sit at 60 and breezy and wet, lots of 50s out there as well. it is raining, it is kind of a raw morning and that is going to slow things up. here is the next seven days for you because we are looking better after today. come on computer help me out here. it come is in, come it is coming, it is coming, we will just go through it. temperatures slowly rise tomorrow mid-70s, saturday we are looking at temperatures. >> it is that rain. >> we will fix it. i will tell you saturday mid-
5:50 am
70s, sunday low 80s and still looking good monday and tuesday, angie goff i will go kick my computer you take it away. >> hello everybody, that rain though is effecting our traffic on the roads. we begin with this new incident on the capitol beltway. the outer loop at the claire barton parkway, this crash activity is taking away the left lane for drivers. moving over to the beltway before that a good amount of volume building. live from university here. you can see this is the situation all the way over to georgia. next route four, route five and 301 still checking out incident- accident free. 3 five north bound watching this road as well. more drivers hit the road between duke and seminary but those taillights not stacking up. finally let's wrap with the maps again, another new incident, zooming on in, northbound on the gw parkway, some crash activity but volume light right now. okay. i will send it over to kristen
5:51 am
fisher standing by in the 9 news now webster. >> good morning, after one. we have been telling you how today marks the 8th anniversary of11th tes 11ckthtat bu isisor attacks but this is the first year it willatal be observed as a national day of service. this movement was starteby jay winnic, e has written a n.ecial commentary today on com. his brotcnr, this guy right here, brglen winnic, he was a volume firsfid ghan teemt killed in the collapse of the south tower of the world trade center, so afr tehis death, jay, ght r herestarted a rograss s ots initiative called myedoode al, eito establish the arniversy of 9/11 as an ve annually recognized national day of service. we jatoy daisy finally getting his wish, so if you are looking for a way to honor the victims of 9/11 d take part in the first ever nationaday of service, then you need to go to jay's website, icwhwhish right here, 9/11 se oric g.> rvic now again, the mission of
5:52 am
this site is to pay tribute to the victims of 9/11 and so what jay is asking y erodybod todo is to share their plan for wha they innd to do on the first ever national day of service. so if you click right here on share your plan, this is what is going to pop up and you will see this pretty impressive list of all the people sharing thei stories of what they ando tpl y lphelp honor inothu f w,aryy iw,f you are somebody lking f to anibss doo lo fngn'om sd ethin to do and don't ha toofto what to do daony to your n,ow all you need to do is click on find a volunteer opportunity. and it will pull up an entire list of all the 9/11 related activities in your area to help commemorate the event. so if you would like to take part i will have a link to this site on my blog go fish at wusa >> still to come on 9news now we will preview the magic and horses. and tonight at 11:00, in a
5:53 am
rare arlington conference room, bare arlington conference roomy nothing more than a clock, a can of soda and a box of tissues history is being recorded, the washingtonians who will be part of the september 11th memorial museum, that story only on 9news now, tonight at 11:00. ( piano music playing )
5:54 am
by putting an end to paper medical records, we have ushered health into the digital age. saving lives, sometimes when seconds count. managing chronic conditions. making amazing new discoveries. and, oh yes, saving a lot of trees. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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5:56 am
it is a favorite back with a twist, a show where horses take the spotlight. here is a sneak peak of an equestrian spectacle debuting today at pentagon city. >> the risky riding stunts and the grand your of the horses that is why james buchanan wanted to be part of it. >> it is frightening at first with training for trick riding there is only a certain number of things you can do standing still before you have to get knee guts to do it full speed. jump off of a running horse. >> reporter: the 24-year-old grew up riding horses after two years of persistence he worked his way up the ladder from backstage to center stage. >> at the time they weren't hiring for any riding positions but they had a show called position backs stage working with the horses kind of a stable position so i took that as a way in to the company.
5:57 am
>> one of the show's creators said all 13 breeds of horses take the reigns in this majestic live performance. >> it is all about them. it is not about us. we don't force them to do something. we slowly train them. >> i am in their comfort zone you know because if something goes wrong they come to me for security, so of course this takes a lot of time and there is a relationship that has to be built with each individual and what you see there eight arabian stallions mixed together, total free, and they can run away at any point in time and they choose not to, it is something that takes a lot of time. >> that was audrey barns reporting part of this weekend's ticket sales will go to the pentagon memorial fund. it will be in town for three weeks and tickets can be purchased on line. >> i had a flashback seeing those beautiful horses,
5:58 am
remember in the wizard of oz -- >> yeah -- >> -- in and out -- -- >> -- creator of cirque desolee -- >> yes -- >> e 0-artisanship -- >> -- flare they have- >> -- they are back. a big time to go to the movies and maybe a day at the movie is a good way to spend a day. >> yes. >> i can do bad all by myself is the tyler perry hit. the catches them stealing and brings them to the only relative they have and that per you saw is the aunt, who was an oscar nominee -- >> -- from -- >> -- here- >> -- right -- >> -- great -- >> -- story where she needs salvation, the kids need salvation, she is in a bad relationship with a giewfy guy
5:59 am
but then she meets adam rodriguez from csi miami, maybe love will win out. >> sounds good. >> sounds good. hey in enid wind blows a lot in oklahoma. they got together to try to break the world record, this north of oklahoma city an hour and a half. the world record for most kites flown at a time. germany holds the record, organizers will know when they submit the paperwork whether or not they sat the record. so great job for them. >> we always hear about women battling it out for those cheap wedding dresses -- >> -- cake below that -- >> -- tallet posterior out in israel apparently models were parading -- >> -- new toilet paper -- >> -- oh -- >> -- 9-9-09- >> -- right -- >> -- learned -- >> -- chock clat creations -- >> -- tears. >>


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