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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  September 12, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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. hello. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. our top story, an execution date has been set for john allen muhammad. they are seeking a november 9th execution date, the mastermind of the 2002 sniper attack in the wash area. the prosecutor asked for the date on a letter sent wednesday. muhammad was den sensed to death for one of ten people shot to
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death. mohammed's attorney said he'll appeal to the u.s. supreme court. thousands of people protesting what they call out of control government spending. marks on washington for much of the day and crowded metro between the u.s. capital and freedom plaza. we have more on that story. >> reporter: the final stop in the tea party protest brought tens of thousands of people filling up freedom plaza as they marched in downtown washington. the crowds held up signs and marched to the u.s. capital. >> we're serious about wanting change. we want the right change. we don't want control. >> it won't work. >> reporter: the conservative organization brought thousands of conservatives together but among the crowd were independents and democrats. >> i'll an american and i'm a voter and i am a registered democrat and i can tell you
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that this spending is out of control. >> reporter: protestors came to the nation's capital unhappy for various reasons including how the government is being run and what they consider out of control spending and healthcare reform. >> i like my insurance right now and the way it is. >> they pay for all of my premiums. >> i applaud every elected official in this country to put on your american hats and put on your partisanship. >> reporter: some people wore signs saying you lie in support of the outburst during president obama's speech. >> remember the tea bag party. i'm what they call a radical, and whatever else they want to call me i really don't care. i'm proud to be a patriot. >> reporter: the trillion
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dollar deficit budget had many gathering. the march in washington built momentum from the april tea paras ties and re-recentment. conservatives and lib tar yin organizations helped sponsor the vents. bruce, back to you. >> thanks. president obama took a push for healthcare initiative on the road this weekend. the president gave a fiery speech before a crowd of some 15,000 people in minneapolis. >> they can bring healthcare to every american and lower our cost and make you more secure. i want to know, minnesota, are you fired up? ready to go? fired up? ready to go? >> ready to go. >> fired up? >> ready to go. >> they can't stop us. let's get this done. president obama is now scheduled to hold a healthcare rally at the university of
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maryland. the president tells 60 minutes he will ultimately be responsible for the passing of the healthcare legislation. you can see the interview at 7:00 sunday night. turning now to central baghdad. two bombs exploded moments apart near the tomb of a shiite leader. it took place near the shine and another was a car bomb that exploded. in the northern city a roadside bomb went off near an iraqi army patrol that prompted soldiers to take control. the white house says international talks with iran should focus on new clear programs. iran said the program was off limits but today they said there is a possibility of talks about that issue under the right conditions. she was set to get married on sunday but this evening the search continues for a missing
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college student. investigators poured over video footage at yale where annie lee went missing on teases. she used her identification card to enter the building about tuesday morning but there is no evidence of her leaving by some 75 surveillance cameras that cover the complex. >> pretty terrible. i seen her a couple times and she's a really sweet girl and goes to yale. i know people that know her rsere and she's relyalceni on. >> we're told investigats pe are now reviewing the sullrveiance tapes frame by frame to say ifr they overlook lee that maybe changed into a lab coat or other clothes before leaving. a maryland woman accused of killing two adopted daughters and keeping them in a freezer for months pleaded guilty to another. they had a 17-year-old daughter
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wondering the neighborhood led them to find her sister's frozen remains. she faces first-degree murder charges. the water shed society celebrated the 20th anniversary today. senator benjamin and chris were among those on hand for that event. the celebration started with the clean up of the river. volunteers spent part of the day removing trash and debris from the water. >> we have a lot of people out here today picking up trash and helping us to clean up the river, which really is america. it's been our backyard within the united states capital and it's a great treasure. >> today's event was a kickoff for the clean up effort that began next week. coming up later on 9 news now, every dog into the pool. we'll tell you how local k9s had a good time today and the celebration at the kennedy center and it's all free.
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university of maryland officials trying to change the university's reputation as a party school. campus police more than doubled the number of officers on patrol at night. during the week a dozen patrol and on the weekends the number rises to more than 30. officers busted more than a dozen parties, took kegs of beer and dumped out bottles of liquor. seven people were arrested. a special anniversary celebration today and free performances for all the audience, lindsey is down there. lindsey, what do you see and hear? >> reporter: you know, this is the anniversary of open house arts festival and ace -- it's a chance for families to see performances in just a matter of hours. [ music ] >> i like that there is so many different shows and you can't just pick one. >> reporter: 8-year-old
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sabrina and her family watched a performance outside the kennedy center. >> he was spinning on the rope and it was really cool. >> reporter: other kids played in a city of boxes. the idea is to open the center to people who would otherwise not get a chance to come. >> the performing arts can be very expensive and tickets can range from $15 from a youth and family program presentation to $150 for an opera ticket. >> it's not only the price but what i think they get to see everything. if you come for one show you get to see that one specific show. here you get to go up and down. you go see, you know, the view, and different shows. >> reporter: organizers say they believe 20,000 people came to the kennedy center today and they say that is the largest crowd in their 25-year history. live in washington, i'm lindsey
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maskes. still to come, not much time by a good day to be in the fool for four legal friends. >> that's right. a little cloud cover but have good news for the tail end of the weekend. we'll tell after the short break. stay with us. b@
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no excuses for not getting out and dog something. >> it wasn't a bad day. a little bit of rain. it was really not a big deal and by the time we get into tomorrow we'll turn up the sunshine. good news for the tail end of the forecast. let's start with the three-day trend first as we always do. there it is for sunday. it will clear up a bit. high temperature will get up close to 80. today we were in the low 70s. the normal high is around 80 so that's getting back to where we
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should be and warmer with high temperatures in the low 80s by monday. the rest of tonight partly to mostly cloud die skies. that would be mostly in the northern suburbs. the low 60s in the city. during the day tomorrow we might start out with cloud cover in the morning and clear up in the afternoon and will turn warmer and sunshine and the temperature should jump into the upper 70s to 80. 70 right now at the top of the hour. nice breeze coming out of the northwest at 17. the dew point is only 57 so obviously the air is very comfortable and temperatures were a little warmer down to the south. tot -- to the south temperatures responded into the mid to upper 70s but in the northern suburbs the temperatures were cooler. we can thank the same storm system bugging us, the same one that gave heavy rain is
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weakening and departing. we could see a few showers popping on the eastern shore. around here i wouldn't be surprised if there was sprinkles or drizzle. it was too light to be picked up. if you're going out take the umbrella but odds are you won't run into specific rain. in new york tennis matches delayed and the same storm slowly walking it's way off to the northeast and will continue to do so overnight tonight. you can see it better here on the satellite. you watch the spin going up into theout earn part of new jersey. it is slowly drifting away to the northeast and taking it's sweet time so eventually the skies will clear from the south to north overnight tonight and into tomorrow. if we look upstream there is nothing going on and this is where the weather is coming from and that's why we have good news for sunday but down at the bottom of your screen activity in the gulf of mexico, showers, thunderstorms, the hurricane
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center is watching that for the potential of tropical development in the gulf. if something does develop down there, it may wind up giving us rain during the middle of next week but high pressure will be in control into the beginning of the week. the warmer stuff off to the west and again, this is where our weather is coming from and i think it will warm up sunday and monday with temperatures in the lower 80s. seven-day forecast, nice day tomorrow, nice day on monday. getting warmer on monday with a high temperature near 83 by the time we get into tuesday and wednesday another front will come through. this one won't have moisture to work with so slight chance for a shower on tuesday but it will drop the temperatures from the 80s back into the upper 70s by the end of the week and maybe a shower friday. basically a dry forecast for the next seven days with temperatures warming up into the low 80s by early next week. not a bad forecast. >> all right. this next story is coming from somebody who thought outside of the box. >> oh.
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dc public schools are closed for the season but today two northwest washington pools went to the dogs. they hosted the first ever dog gee day swim. the event provided dogs and owners a chance to play games and go in the pool. wonder if they provided swim less lones. not all dogs are natural swimmers. >> didn't you throw your dog into the atlantic ocean? >> you've been watching my facebook page? >> how did he do? >> boxers aren't so smart dogs, they are sweet but not smart. i had to get him a few times. >> my apartment complex is doing the same thing tomorrow. >> dog gee day? >> yeah, my dog is missing out because i'll be with the redskins in new york so my dog is missing out. >> i'll bring my dog and we'll take your place. >> he needs a life jacket. i -- he can't swim.
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you know what, he would like to go to the pool and check out the scene. you never know who he would meet. >> is that wrong? i don't think so. we got college football and redskins and giants to talk about. ahead, how would maryland respond to an embarrassing week wind. the terps have the home crowd on their side and snow no ill effects and the redskins putting the final touches on them. we got all those stories next.
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it is a big test. people say it's just james madison but two teams beat two acc teams. what maryland has going is they
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won't take anyone lightly after how the season started. considering the maryland football team lost 30 players. little was expected but no one would predict the start of the season. a 52-and blow out but today in college park the program out to prove that will not be the norm this season. of course, james madison not exactly ranked in the top ten at the moment but very early in this one the dukes got into the maryland 33 on that opening drive on fourth and five and jam u stopped and the terps get the ball back. on their first position scott going into the end zone for a touchdown and the terps in the first are up 7-0. staying in the acc virginia hosting 16th ranked texas christian. they are down seven in the second quarter and they beat down even more. turning punching it in and virginia is down 27-0 in the
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fourth. psychologists will say anger isn't good for you and after a loss they had a lot of it because they took their frustrations to the field this afternoon and it became the unfortunate team on the other end of virginia tech. he's doing everything to e. coli race the week one loss. ryan williams went up the middle 57 yards for the score. virginia tech has a 7-0 lead then just before the break, tie rod tailor will get flushed out of the pocket here but in big deal. he'll find roberts way in the back of the end zone and a 21-yard touchdown. they rolled big to win it 52 to ten. meanwhile up in morgan town west virginia hosting east carolina and down three in the second. jared roles right and fires one and johnson that's a four yard touchdown and west virginia leads 28-20 in the fourth.
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-- last week down 11 in the first but the come back corey for a 16-yard touchdown and the navy would add another one 25- 14 in the fourth. howard opening their season today on the road. the seconder quarter down 17 and hooks up with drayton and that's a fumble and recovers. three plays letter the knights would punch it in and howard trailing 42-7 in the third. the redskins open the season in less than 24 hours and there is no doubt the giants defense has had some extra studying up to do because eliminating should not long washington without options. the redskins believe kelly is the team's number two receiver and should stop teams from double teaming santana. for as much talk as there has been, it's more about how they will help others elevate their game. >> we have a lot more guys, we
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using a lot more guys. offense is little -- it's not new to us now so we not just based on two guys getting open. we have more options and targets to pretty much look for, you know, look forward to throwing to. >> afternoon baseball, the orioles looking for the second straight against the yankees at their place up one in the second. this will help brian roberts a grand slam, his 15th of the year and the orioles beat the yankees again 7-3. tennis and go days after it started the completion of the men's quarter finals raphael coming out and the tie break and won the third set 6-0. he's off to the semi finals tomorrow. the men's finals because all this weather mess scheduled for monday and the woman, of course, semi finals going tonight has been a big mess at the u.s. open. >> i think they will get more rain tonight. i don't know what the threshold for playing in the rain is but
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it's going to rain up there in new york. >> i think tonight will be okay and we got better news for the beginning of the workweek. tomorrow the nicest, we'll make it close to 80 and today we were in the low 70s and 60s. nice change coming up. monday 83 and a slight chance for a shower tuesday and basically i think the next seven days overall dry and comfortable temperatures. >> i got to ask you, you got to be ready for this gape to start, the giants and redskins. >> i think it's like a six month preseason. yes, i'm ready. >> see you back here at 11:00. bye.
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