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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 12, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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feignly and verbally abused her. referee brian early comes out. the explanation given to him. there had already been the crashed racket at the end of the first set by serena williams and a warning then, so this becomes the second code violation, and a point lost with that is match point. let's get the explanation from mr. early himself. he's with mary jo. mary jo: brian, take us step by step to what happened to get serena defaulted at the end. >> well, it was not an immediate default. it was a point penalty that happened to be given on match point. she had had an earlier warning for racket abuse, and at -- i believe it was deuce, she was called for a foot fault, and a point later she said something to a line umpire and it was reported to the chair, and that
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resulted in a point penalty and it just happened that point penalty was match point. mary jo: did serena have anything to say when all this was happening, to her defense? >> i can't go into that, but it was a code violation for unsportsman like conduct. mary jo: thank you very much. there you have it, dick. dick: you can see the disappointment in brian ealey. it's the very last thing a tournament referee wants to officiate. those were the conditions. serena williams is out, the defending champion. kim clijsters advances. mary: it's a pity. but what seems to have happened is that when foot fault was called, those two "f" words led to far worse ones from serena. in the men time, there is another women's semi going. dick: we'll continue after thisy local station. ls are uncomplica
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dick: back live, after 11:00 in the east. arthur ashe stadium in the background. quiet outside, but stormy inside 10 minutes ago, as serena williams, the defending champion, defaulted at match point. and you can see some of the friends and family of serena williams, who is there in the background, trying to mask our camera from her. we saw that she did have a big smile, talking with venus. but here is the incident again. we'll play the foot fault call, but we're going to turn off the sound, because there is profanity. and so she goes over to the linesperson, and this is where she challenges her in the most pro feign way of what she's going to do with that tennis ball.
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and that's an automatic code violation. it doesn't matter if you're the best player in the world or not. and revisited her challenge. and that might have been the big mistake, because the chair umpire not until now says what's going on now. had serena gone back and just served, this might not have happened. but now the umpire under her rules of officiating have to call the linesperson over, and there she goes and explains what was said. and then brian earley came out, the second code violation, the first coming on the smashing of the racket at the end of the first set, and that then became match point.
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totally lost her composure, serena williams. dick: we heard serena say, i didn't say i was going to kill you. maybe she didn't say that, but what she did say was a definite violation. we're going to go over to louis armstrong, as apparently that match is nearing conclusion as well. it is over. caroline wozniacki, 6-3, 6-3, defeats yanina wickmayer. two 19-year-olds, their best ever slam effort. tomorrow night, who would have had this bract resolved in the final. caroline wozniacki of denmark, kim clijsters, the mom from belgium.
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♪ made with real fruit and now with more of the whole grains your body needs. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day. dick: so kim clijsters, 6-4, 7-5, defeats serena williams. cleisters in the u.s. open championship tomorrow night. to serena's credit, she wasted no time going into the press room and answering the questions of the media, and
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here are her responses. she was asked whether she thought there would be a point penalty out of her argument with the linesman, and did she realize that the throwing of the racket also was a code violation. >> no, i didn't think i would get a point penalty. i didn't think about it, so, you know, i've been more positive on the court lately, and today was a tough day. i didn't play my best. i kind of felt like i had more errors today i think than all my matches combined. and it was just really tough out there for me. >> what degree do you think this taints the defeat? >> well, i don't think it does. i think that kim played really well, and i think she came out with a really big plan, and i think that, you know, the next time we play, i'll know a
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little bit more about her game and what to expect and what to do. >> do you regret losing your temper after the first set and then after the foot fault? >> i haven't really thought about it to have any regrets. i try not to live my life, saying i wish, i wish, but, you know, i was out there and i fought and i tried and i did my best. >> serena, to what extent do you think maybe the weather and the uncertainty of the matches contributed to you maybe losing your temper? >> what? that's like the craziest question i ever heard. the weather make you lose your temper? usually if it's hot you lose your temper, not when it's cold. >> did it affect your focus? >> no, it didn't affect my focus. i'm a really, really intense player and i always have been. my idol was john mcenroe and martina navratilova and monica
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seles, actually. a big mixture. but i'm just a really intense person, and i give 200% in everything i do, whether i'm playing tennis or whether i'm doing something else. and i just go for it. >> serena, you've always prided yourself on being -- could you tell us what you said on court? >> i don't think that's necessary for me to speak about that. i've let it go. and i'm trying to move on. >> on court, you said -- it was picked up what you said. i would never say such and such to you. >> i think she said i would kill you. i was like, what? i was like, wait a minute. but then i had misheard. she had never said that. that was something. i was like, whoa. because i was like, wait a minute, let's not -- because i'm not that way. she was like, no i didn't say that. she said something else. i said, oh, ok, i get it. i was totally fine, because at
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that point i realized i got a point penalty and it was match point. what can i do? i'm not going to complain. it was what it was. >> what did she say you said? >> i don't know. like i said, i wasn't there. i was actually at the baseline preparing my serve. and i think she went to umpire at that point. actually, i didn't even see her walk over to the umpire. so i have no idea. >> are you surprised the level kim played after being out of the game for 2 1/2 years? you know her from before. >> yeah. no, i think that -- i mean, i wasn't surprised because i saw her play i think in cincinnati, and she played incredible. i thought, wow, this is someone to watch out for. and i think it's really good to have her back on the tour. maybe we can get together and have some calming lessons. >> kim seemed not to want the match to end that way. what did she say to you when you went to shake hands? >> she said she was sorry.
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i was like, it wasn't her fault. it was just a point penalty. just at a bad time, basically. i just said good luck. >> what did venus have to say? >> oh, you know, that was between me and v. >> do you feel like others have been more angry in tennis matches and not lost them on a -- >> absolutely. i feel like -- i was watching lots of matches just because of all the rain coverage. there's been a lot of things out there, a lot of arguments in the past and -- well, fortunately, they didn't lose the match. but, you know, like i said, things always -- i don't know. it's fine. i'm moving on. >> how will you look back on this? >> pardon? >> how will you look back on this match and the way it ended? >> i haven't had a chance to think about it.
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i feel that i could have played better. again, i feel that kim played an incredible match. she definitely came out with a plan. and i'm glad i got a chance to play, because now i know what to expect and what to do and what to work on. and i think that there are so many things that i can do on the court to actually do better. so that's what i will think about, what i can do better and learn from it, which i think is actually exciting. >> how much of your physical appearance -- i mean, your body language, because it came out quite different. do you think that made the umpire to think different, or maybe to misunderstand something you said? or something you tried to communicate? how much of your body language on the court played a part in her thinking otherwise on what happened out there today? >> honestly, i don't understand your question.
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i'm sorry. i couldn't relate to -- >> i'll put the question like this. if you were to do anything different -- dick: well, at times, very awkward question and answer period. and somewhat evasive. we'll shdent he incide again when we return to new york. someday, the driver will get to choose how efficient or powerful their car will be. the first ever hs hybrid, only from lexus-- the most fuel efficient of all luxury vehicles. the most fuel efficient [bell ringing] the way the stock market's been acting lately you may wonder if you've been doing the right thing. is the advice you've been getting helping or hurting? are the fees you're paying really worth it?
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dick: so kim clijsters advances to the championship final tomorrow night. 6-4, 7-5 over serena williams. the match ending in controversial default. serena williams already had had one code violation. the second costs her a point. when she heard the foot fault call, here's what she did.
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dick: well, with our sensitive microphones, we could pick up the profanities, and with that second code violation, the foot fault made it 15-40, and the code violation carries a point penalty, which was match point, and kim clijsters is the winner tonight. our cbs sports coverage will continue. we'll check on the other semifinal after a word from your local station. hello, i'm a mac. and i'm a pc. and i'm looking to buy a great computer. well allow me to introduce the top-of-the-line pc. oh, wow cool. hey. well, i want a computer with a big screen. look no further. and a really fast processor. some say i'm too fast. and i want one that just works, without thousands of viruses and tons of headaches. look, lady any pc you get is gonna have those problems. oh, well i think i'll go with mac. great. when you're ready to compromise you call me.
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dick: this championship has provided a lot of feel good stories. kim clijsters one of them. this was a feel bad story. serena williams just moments ago after her press conference. and john mcenroe, you can identify, because at the australian open, you were defaulted. john mcenroe dick and mary, what do you want to know, ok? dick: how she feels. john: i guess she idolized me for wrong reasons, apparently. because i feel like i'm on the hot seat now. the truth is she probably was a little bit unaware of the rules, which is what happened with me. they changed the rules down there, so you got to live and learn from that. i can't defend the indefensible, and i couldn't do it at times with my career, but i think it shows you two things, one, how great these athletes are today, how well behaved they are, and how they the handle a lot of strain, and how all this can get to you, and you can lose it in a
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situation as important in the u.s. open. it only happened to me once. mary: she didn't win the match. she could have won the oscar for her per fornance that press conference. dick: like any accident, it took a combination of factors for all that to happen. a rare default at match point. we'll be bac ♪
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at arthur ashe, caroline wozniacki, she wins in straight sets tonight. that's all for this super saturday at the u.s. open. tomorrow, the nfl on cbs jump starts its 50th season. regional action including the jets and titans. it all begins with james brown and company on the season premiere of "the nfl today" at noon eastern. following football, roger federer, novak djokovic will meet here in the men's mifinals. fornafils. r john mcenroe, mary carrillo, and our entire cbs sports team, i'm dick enberg. looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. the men's semifinals after nfl football. clijsters and wozniacki will play for the 2009 u.s. open championship. [captioning made possible by [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, inc.] cbs sports, a division of cbs captioned by the national captioning institute captioned by the national captioning institute
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execution day for the sniper. i'm bruce johnson. virginia has set an execution date for convicted


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