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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  September 16, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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today. scott broom is on the story. >> the whole family is a nice family. >> reporter: safe to say people in tiny able, maryland, are shocked. >> we are all family here. >> reporter: their neighbor, who lives here, 42-year-old daryl carter, a former dc police officer and son of a retired local sheriff's officer is accused in a 1.5 million drug conspiracy case. but cart,'s modest home sure doesn't look the part. >> we are here to announce a major indictment. >> reporter: maryland's federal prosecutor announced carter's indictment today along with 11 other alleged people. investigators say they have got hundreds of wiretap phone calls to prove it and they have seized $1.5 million in cash, cars, jewelry, guns and profit. >> the goal is not just to
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catch the bad guys and send them to jail. the goal is to take the money out of crime. >> reporter: the indictment alleges they went by nicknames like squeak and barney. the former police officer daryl carter has been released on bond and 24-hour home detention. seven remain held without bail. >> cocaine trafficking organization that has been dismantled. >> reporter: the defendants will do a mandatory minimum 10 years in prison and could face up to life. in st. mary's county, scott broom now, and 9news now. the arrest came after 20 search warrants were executed in st. mary's, charles, and cal vert counties. tonight the senate finance committee has oferredz up its plan for health insurance reform. that bipartisan committee must be doing something right because their bill is taking heat from both the right and the left. under the plan most americans would have to buy health
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insurance or face being fined and insurance companies could no longer deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions. the bill would block the use of government money for abortions and would not provide coverage for illegal immigrants. >> this a good bill. this is a balanced bill. it can pass the senate. >> this bill is one of five that congress is now considering. of those five it is the only one that does not include the so-called public option, a proposed government run health insurance plan. it is the heckling that won't seem to go away. you remember last week when south carolina congressman joe wilson, a republic can yelled out "you lie" during the president's address. now former president jimmy carter contends conservative opposition to obama is based on race. >> i have a feeling that an african-american is not allowed to be president, not given the
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same respect as if he were white. and this has been in politics ever since i have been involved back in the 60s. >> the rare resolution of disapproval was pushed through by democrats. republicans called the vote a witch hunt and wilson insists his apology to the president is enough. reaction to president jimmy cart,'s race remarks has been swift at both the street level and capitol hill. here is bruce johnson. >> i hate to think it is racism but i'm beginning to wonder. >> reporter: it has been a barack obama bash. showed up unannounced. >> do you think it is racial or politics? >> i don't want to say that. >> reporter: even among obama supporters there is disagreement on whether racism is behind the harsh public criticism that the president has gotten recently. >> definitely more policy than
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race. i think people are against his health care plan. >> partially racial. >> the president doesn't believe it is based on the color of his skin. >> reporter: the white house moved to distance himself from jimmy carter's charge that president obama is being treated differently because he is a black man. >> african-american not allowed to be president. >> reporter: they pounce on carter's remarks. >> anyone that disagrees with the president's policies is somehow using race as the motivation for that point of view. >> reporter: the suspicions among african-american obama supporters is incredibly high. >> you have got a group of people that still don't want to accept him as president. people trying to say he is not really an american born citizen. >> jimmy carter now saying everything is about race. >> reporter: some feel the white house is making a big mistake about ignoring the chatter, demonstrations in the
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streets. >> i think some people could easily overreact to this, overestimate it but i think it is fool hardy to not react to it. >> reporter: another observer was quoted in print today saying both rewill you be cans and democrats have at times oversimplified what the other is doing by tagging it on race or right wing ideology. race is a driving force in politics but not the driving force one person said. bruce johnson, 9news now and south carolina congressman, democrat jim clyburn was a major mover. convicted sniper jonathan albaladejo len muhammad was sentenced to death for the murder of dean meyers. he was one of 10 people shot during the 2002 killing spree. mohammed's accomplice is
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serving a life sentence. lawyers for mohammed said he will appeal to the u.s. supreme court and to virginia governor tim kaine for clemency. looking into the fire that destroyed the home of former school board president. one council member wanted to know how the fire department did not insist on getting better maps after a 2007 fire. dave statter is at the willson building with the latest. >> reporter: dc council memes have been questioning the dc fire department about the fire on july 29th. one of the problems at that fire was that the dc fire and ems department could not identify which hydrants were connected to which mains in an effort to find the adequate water supply to put that fire out. the same thing happened in 2007. a council member questioned fire chief dennis ruben trying to determine why it has taken
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so long for the fire department to get the maps. >> your testimony is you responded to fires without water supply maps. correct? >> i would say it is correct. >> i'm truly stunned. why would you show up at a fire without knowing where the water supply is. >> reporter: the dc fire department says it now has the maps it needs to know where to find this adequate water supply. the council still has a lot of questions about the cambridge fire. dave statter, 9news now and a policeman spotted a man and arrested a 25-year-old yesterday afternoon in connection with an attack of an 18-year-old woman at knife point. she was taking out the trash last wednesday night when she was approached by a man.
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three days earlier a 56-year- old man was attacked in the 12100 block of pinderview terrace. police say they do not believe the man arrested is related to that second attack but they did release a composite sketch. >> you always have to be careful. it is a reminder. always be careful, aware of your surroundings. >> make sure alarm systems are on, not walking around by myself at night. there is a little fitness center by me and i don't walk over there at night any more. >> the man has been charged with assault and abduction. if you can identify the man in this composite sketch, please call police. 9news now has learned that prince george's county is considering laying off as many as 150 workers. the layoffs would help the county battle is $22 million budget shortfall because of state funding cuts. a senior county official tells us that at the moment those cuts would not affect police,
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firefighters or corrections officers. but union officials say the county officials have told them they are not immune. still to come when 9news now continues. as her family prepares for a funeral we learn more about the person of interest in the murder of a yale university student. and cheese as currency. see how some are using expensive cheeses as collateral with some banks. and topper? >> right now, a lot of cloudful we will take you out with the almanac. temperatures managed to make it into the upper 70s today. our website has the information. 77 and 68 goes in the book. average of 79 and 62. record 96. record low 44. we will come back and take a quick look at doppler radar and look ahead to the weekend. stay tuned.
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wall street faced another day of bad memories. one year ago today the government seized control of insurance giant aig. the initial $85 billion bailout eventually ballooned to nearly double that amount. the stock market slugged off this week's anniversary of the leiman brothers collapse. nasdaq climbed 30 points. s&p 500 rose 16 points. shop like a pro at the flea market. you can get more if you seek what you want early and return right before closing. that's when sellers are more willing to barter.
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a stash of small bills gives you more bargaining leverage. buy in bulk. you'll better your chances of saving more and make sure you have a solid plan to get those purchases home. up next when 9news now returns. we all know that time is money but cheese too? you want to hear this story before you run down to your bank with a brick of velveeta. first a preview of the "cbc evening news." senate democrats rolling out their health care bill but will even a single republican report it and will liberals dismiss it as a sellout? that story tonight only on the "cbc evening news." 9news now is sponsored by your local toyota dealer.
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we now know how murdered yale graduate student annie le died. today a coroner ruled that she was strangled. police questioned and released raymond clark after he submitted some dna samples. he worked with le. but at this point clark is not
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being called a suspect. >> we are going to narrow this down and do it as quickly as we can. >> le's body was found behind a basement wall in the yale university wall where she and clark worked. annie le was supposed to be married last sunday. now her family is planning her funeral. police in frederick, maryland, want to know who shot an 8-year-old boy with a pellet gun. the boy was playing with some friends when he was shot in the lower back. he was transported to john hopkins hospital and released the next day. a bank in northern italy has devised a rather unique loan system helping customers turn hard cheese into hard currency. instead of money or gold these vaults contain cheese. more than $180 million worth of cheese. the bank's director says investing in cheese is much more stable than investing in gold because cheese is worth
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more than younger cheese. they turn a profit either way. they can sell the cheese on the open market if someone defaults on a loan. >> why didn't we think of the whole chose thing? >> i didn't have enough wine to think of that. >> we could scrounge up a whole lot of cheese. >> didn't have enough wine to think of that. >> we are looking at some clouds and a few showers but not a washout by any means and i think we are going to be in pretty good shape just in time for the end of the week and weekend. forecast first. next three days a few showers tomorrow. more clouds than anything, though. temperatures in the mid-70s. then we get into friday. clouds to start. upper 70s. beautiful on saturday. mostly sunny. high temperatures near 80. so a very nice day for the terps. and also for the children's festival at the wolf trap. tonight, mostly cloudy and cool. we could still see a shower or a sprinkle.
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low temperatures between 60 and 65 and winds northeasterly at 10 to 15. live doppler 9000. you can access this on our website we are seeing a couple to the north. zoom up to the north on 270. sprinkle or shower. we are looking at some heavy activity or light activity on the west side of 270 just past gaithersburg. where will the activity go? not going to go very far very fast. will slide southeastward. you can see a shower in this area. should cross 95 into laurel in the next hour. back to the computer we go. we will talk about temperatures and lows tonight really pretty comfortable. pretty uniform actually. 62 in great falls. 64 in silver spring. so everybody is pretty much if the low to mid-60s.
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now, temperatures right now if you're going out. high was 77 despite the clouds. not a bad day. 70 in gaithersburg. 71 in woodbridge. 72 in fredericksburg. even out to the west romney checking in at 70. tomorrow mostly cloudy and cool. few showers possible. winds north east at 10 but nothing heavy in the morning. afternoon mostly cloudy and cool. a few showers possible. nothing heavy and most of us won't see anything quite frankly. high temperatures low to mid- 70s and winds turning easterly at about 10. norfolk has some activity. that will stay to the south. clouds around. as a cold front pushes through dryer air will move in. all six zones on our website
6:21 pm slight chance of a shower. 74 in the plains. low 70s for oakton. so tomorrow, maybe a couple or three degrees cooler than today but everyone should at least make it into the 70s. 74 downtown. 73 in college park. german town. over by the bay a small craft advisory until noon. 71 for annapolis. 74 in prince frederick and there are some flood advisories for some of the counties on the west side of the bay. that persistent northeasterly wind. returning partly cloudy and late warmer. upper 70s. saturday and sunday. it will be dry for the redskins. dry during the game. then some showers on monday. storms possibly on tuesday. and we are back in the low 80s tuesday and wednesday. so temps a little bit above average. >> all right. we need everybody to calm down.
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one down. 15 to go. >> too many people are a little too far out on the ledge after just one game. >> you've just got to be -- >> keep it medium. lesli is on medium band wagon. you don't judge a meal after the appetizer. so the redskins say don't judge them after just one game. here are the players back to work comments today. plus, the little girl that lost the ball but won our hearts. you'll see. there she is under that blue banner coming up.
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growing up we didn't have much, but education was always a priority. my mom sent me off to college with just four 20-dollar bills. so i know that education is the best investment virginia can make for our children and in our future. narrator: endorsed for governor by classroom teachers for his record protecting our schools... creigh deeds' plan to rebuild our economy starts with education. more accountability...
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and expanded college opportunities. creigh deeds. no one more committed to our children's future. no leader more prepared to move virginia forward.
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it is time for 9sports with brett haber. the best sports in town. >> so predictable. every year one of the same two things happens after the season opener. either the skins win and fan base starts looking at the super bowl or they lose and we totally overreact in the other direction questioning the quarterback and asking for bill's phone number. thing is, and it is something the redskins reminded each other as they returned to practice today it is only one game. and with the rams and lions on the docket the next two weeks
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there is a good chance the skins will hit october with 2- 1. but for now, the reaction. >> you read the papers, watch the t.v., you may as well just put a pillow over your head and pass out because everything you hear you are just done. >> people want you to win. people bet on you a lot. it is what comes with the business. but for the most part i think if we start winning everybody will be back on our band wagon. >> one thing in particular the redskins would like to jump start is the running game. many fans found it curious that clinton portis only carried the ball 16 times last week then again the skins only had 49 offensive snaps in the whole game. that's not very many. still it was hard not to notice that after that 34-yard burst on the first play from scrimmage clinton portis only had a few yards in the entire rest of the game which wouldn't be that big of a deal if they won but they didn't. >> after that run i was like,
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we got to stay on the field just keep attacking. and i think for us that will provide much more satisfaction for everybody but what we need most is a w. >> meanwhile fullback mike sellers finally got a new contract today. zelers coming off his first pro bowl season. had skipped workouts. he will be with the skins through 2014 and now he says he can retire as a redskins player. virginia tech already playing number 4 alabama now getting set to host nebraska. which hokie's offense will show this week? the one in the opener or the one that exploded for 600 yards of offense last week against marshall? if i'm frank beamer i would vote for choice b. >> we are going to throw the football. game plan is to go and try to stretch the field. of course, trying to get the running game going. >> it will be crazy around
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here. that's why everyone came to virginia tech for to play in a game like this. >> day 5 of training camp for the capitals and three-day tournament is over with alex ovechkin's team a capturing the cup. he had four assists in today's final game as he and nicklas backstrom knocked them off. preseason already tomorrow in buffalo. nats in philadelphia tonight except jesus flores. he had surgery on his shoulder. he just came off the dl last week after missing 105 games was diagnosed with a torn muscle. he will be out with three to six months and hope to have him back on the field at some point during spring training but who knows. nats in philadelphia tonight. joe blanton goes for the home team.
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finally tonight, this is going to move your cute meter. last night's nats/phillies game. 5th inning. so excited to catch that foul ball and even more excited to give it to his little 3-year- old daughter emily who throws it down to the other level. but look at dad's reaction. he is not madam justice a big hug to make emily feel better. he said it is my fault. when we are at home i give her a baseball and she throws it. so i should have known her. if i gave her a ball she was going to throw it. aside from the fact they were phillies fans they were very cute. >> cute. >> can you imagine? they were actually cute. >> they should make a psa out of that. >> they should. >> clouds tomorrow. few showers. upper 70s on friday. clearing out. right now the weekend looking nice. beautiful on saturday near 80. and fading sunshine on sunday. >> let's


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