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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  September 21, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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flu virus and about to be forced to fire 40 employees by november 1st. >> i never thought that we would come to the point where we really had to choose between services and choose between people. >> reporter: meanwhile, the rest of the county government will have lay offs, too, for the first time due to the state cuts, a total of 125 jobs slashed county wide and 25 other vacant positions simply taken off the books. pink slips go out october 2nd. >> reporter: i'm armando trull where police are investigateing the shooting of a 25-year-old man. police thought he was a gang member. people say he was racially profiled. >> all i was was my cousin running. a police officer shot at him. they didn't did any questions. they just started firing. >> reporter: police fired at the man as he tried to flee the
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scene of a brawl last night at the mall of prince george's and then tried to run down one of their officers, a nine-year veteran. >> the officer feared for his life and death. >> and that's why he shot at him? >> yes. >> reporter: that officer is on leave. the suspect faces assault charges. >> reporter: the co-owner of a pizzeria here does not want to talk on camera but ahmad wais afzali is one of three people charged with terrorism. mohammed wally-zoozy allegedly got training in tropical storm. >> why in the world would a man
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lie to the fbi about the contents of a conversation that he knew the fbi was taping? >> reporter: the fbi and homeland security are urging transit systems to step up streets of stations. police say the plot may have been to improvise explosionives at new york subways. maryland's attorney general is investigating acorn. that investigation prompted by that undercover video we've all seen by now that showed two acorn employees giving tax advice to a couple posing as a pimp and prostitute. those two employees have been fired. tonight, a fairfax county schoolteacher is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a 15-year-old boy. police found valerie roesler last night drunk in a parked car with that boy.
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she teaches at heyfield school. she's on leave with pay. an update on the water break. it will take weeks to fix it. that 72-inch water main pipe broke last friday afternoon. more than a hundred homes were flooded. still don't know what went wrong. the line was installed in the 1970s. so investigators do not believe age was a factor in the break. this is, however, the third break with this type of pipe in this year in maryland. topper, beautiful out there today. how long is it gonna last? >> we're gonna go down slowly. what a way to start the week. here's the forecast for tonight. i think everyone will become mostly cloudy. you will west of town. still comfortable. temperatures upper 50s to mid- 60s downtown. winds light south easterly at 10:00. temperatures after a high of
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80. still 75 at national. and still 73 in frederick. low 70s in manassas and culpeper and upper 70s down 95 toward fredricksburg. in the immediate metro area, it was okay. some mixed clouds and sun, but out to the west it was cloudy all day and in mountains, there interest showers. when we come back we'll talk about when the showers and clouds will roll in here. roadwork ahead means drivers can expect congestion in virginia later tonight. lanes on i-95 between route 1 and lawyerton road will be closed for up to 30 minutes at a time while the crews replace an otherhead sign. starting at 9:30 tonight, both inner and outerloops will be closed to allow the crews to install the power lines and we hope those lanes will be open by 5:00 a.m. 9news has learned that the dc council is getting involved
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in the heated dispute between the mayor and the owner of the tennyson center. the council will fake up emergency legislation that would prevent eviction of barry from the property. >> reporter: last week owners of the tennyson scored big. the chairman is siding with the centers and learning center as it fights city hall. >> not only do they not get money for what they do. they actually raise the money for the kids. they provide educational programs and scholarship and other supports. >> reporter: the fenty administration contended the lease it had with the tenant center became null and void when the nonprofit allowed the status to drop. a bill will be introduced
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tomorrow to restore that lease. >> everyone seems to agree it's an incredibly high-quality program. why wouldn't we want to continue with it? >> reporter: the mayor never said why they wanted them out of the program. he did say the tennis programs will stay under the recreation department. after tomorrow, the ball will be back in the mayor's court and the administration is also showing signs to allow barry to remain in place in southeast. this is bruce johnson, for 9news now and and the city, the attorneys for barry are due back in court. players were back at the park. they are dealing with an injury to a key starter. brett haber is here.
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>> when you your offense scores 26 points in the first two games you need to add pieces, not subtract but the redskins are dealing with without their most powerful linemen. the randy thomas tore his tricep muscle. the redskins announced he's done for the season. it's a heartbreaking time for him after he tore his other tricep, if you can believe that. >> we're really disappointed. he's very disappointed. >> just hard. i feel bad for him. he's bun of the rocks on the -- one of the rocks on the line. we got guys that will step up. >> i assume i will be suiting up. be more focused and knowing that you are gonna be in the
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game versus sitting on the sidelines is a lot difference. >> that's chad rinehart. either he or montgomery will take his place. coming up, a dicey exchange between zorn and sonny. coming up next -- secret interviews of former president bill clinton. what he had to say about the monica lewinsky scandal. stay with us.
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the information is being published called "the clinton tapes" he talked about those tapes to "usa today." >> chelsey is in there, hillary is in there. i think it's fair to say he's a -- he's nervous. >> nervous now and during the interviews. grant says the president kept copies of the tapes hidden in his sock drawer. you are probably interested in what the president said about monica lewinsky and so was branch. >> i cracked -- i cracked -- i just cracked and i said what do
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you mean? he said, i felt sorry for myself. it occurred twice, when i thought i had given myself and i thought things were gonna -- i thought we were gonna get over the personal diversions and into the real presidency that i had earned a fresh breath. >> by the way, on this day in 1998, bill clinton's testimony on his relationship with monica lewinsky was released to the public. if you want to read the entire story about these secret interviews go to scroll to the bottom. tonight, late show history. president barack obama will join letterman. the president will be the first sitting united states president to appear on a late-night talk show and that's right after 9news now at 11:00. so what do you think? are we seeing a little bit too
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much? "60 minutes" last week, and now all of the talk shows? is he running the risk of him talking and not listening. send your thoughts to the mailbag. next up -- hero central. they are the people who risk their lives for your safety every day. and topper is back with your full forecast. keep it right here. last year,
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u waed videos and phos... ail and brdband. you wanted to ruyour buss from anywhere... and stanmessa#g stay in h everyone. you wanted apps to find music, news, or the way hom ok yo wireless mpanies... grow your world. quite often, a hero is born out of a life-threatening situation. well, today, montgomery county officials honored members of our community who stepped in to rescue folks. today she's in line to get an
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weigh ward for -- an award for saving a life -- hers. an artery tore in her heart and she went into cardiac arrest. kathy was on the student ems team at georgetown university. she called sherry's husband and 911. >> it's nice to have my wife for a number of years more. >> sherry's husband got there first. his cpr training might have been rusty. his last class was in 1986. in fact, the nurse said it was critical. >> through defibrillation they were able to get the heart back. >> but every tale does not have a happy ending. a high school sophomore stepped up for someone hit by a car. >> we applied the tourniquet
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and applied compressions. >> though the victim did not survive, the county chief says the important work of heroes cannot be overlooked. >> no matter how strong and how valid we provide a service to protect it, we can never of there 100% of the time at the right moment at the right time. >> right place, right time. everyday heroes are nominated. do you know a hero? send your nomination here. if you have a good allergy, going out to eat can be stressful, here's some restaurants that could make dining out a whole lot easier. supermarket shares this information that offers allergen-free items -- they all
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make the cut. enjoyed the great weekend. monday has been nice. you say we better be happy with that. >> we're gonna ease our way into showers. some showers heading our way. we did salvage a nice monday. tomorrow we'll have more clouds and a slight chance of a shower. here's your forecast first. the next three days we're looking at temperatures going up, even though fall arrives tomorrow evening. 76 tomorrow. shower possible well west of town. then we go back in the 80s on wednesday and thursday. we're gonna be the first full day of fall will be 83 with showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. even on thursday, despite the clouds, i think we'll still make temperatures in the low to mid-80s with scattered thunderstorms. tonight, becoming mostly cloudy, comfortable. we'll see a few breaks in the clouds. because of those breaks, they kind of widen out the range. lows 5 to 66. winds southeasterly at about 10. lows tonight across the area,
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well, we're looking at maybe 59 in great falls. 60 in tyson. low 60s in bethesda springs. the temperature really plummeted saturday night. but still comfortable. 60 out in bowie. maybe 59 in upper marlboro. temperatures tonight, low 70s. 73 in gaithersburg. 73 in woodbridge and 74 in fredricksburg and 74 in glen burnie. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and pleasant. 60s and 70s. winds south easterly at 10. the showers will be in the mountains tomorrow morning. by the afternoon, mostly sunny and warm. a shower west of town possible. we mean west like winchester, low ray. winds will still be southeasterly at 10. temperatures will still be close to 80 despite the cloud cover. a lot of thunderstorms through much of missouri.
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a solid line of severe weather stretching through southwestern missouri, about to go into northwestern arkansas. we still have a tremendous amount of showers in the east. we've seen rain and showers in this area and we saw the flooding in north carolina and it looks like they'll have one more night and day of pretty heavy day storms. we may see a couple of showers tonight in garrett county. that's about it. the zone forecast, all six zones are on our website. shower possible winchester. mid-70s. less of a chance as you get toward leesburg, mid-70s. a lot of clouds, mid-70s in fairfax and manassas. maybe upper 70s in woodbridge. downtown, we'll give you sunshine. 76 in bowie and rockville.
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pretty nice by the water. winds are light. no advisories. mid-70s. annapolis. upper 70s in waldorf. fall arrives tomorrow at 5:15. we'll explain what means. the equinox. with it thunderstorms. low 80s on wednesday and thursday. most showers on wednesday will be in the afternoon and then friday looks nice, partly cloudy, upper 70 to near 80. saturday looks great. terps are in town again and then another system comes in on sunday and monday with some showers, just kind of rain, low 70s. >> maybe kind of a funky night. >> yes. let's talk about weird news. most of the time if you are going out on the white water, you want to have the sturdiest craft you can muster. so what do you say to these characters who made their kayaks out of cardboard?
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it's idaho. cardboard racing. the rules are simple. only can use cardboard. only adhesive duct tape. you did have to have a life jacket. be prepared to get wet, my friends. i expected these things to come apart. but they are not. they are rolling on down. not a lot of trouble. they are making it into somewhere. you get a prize for the fastest run and the most creative design. i'm thinking you should get a courage award, just for showing up. >> yeah. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to -- mailbag@wusa9
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virginians are asking lots of questions about bob mcdonnell's "thesis." how old was he when he wrote it? mcdonnell was 34, married and attending pat robertson's law school. and what did the thesis say about women? a lot...
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abortion should be outlawed and birth control should be restricted-- even for married adults. then as a legislator he introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. learn more. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad. you may want to order in
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for tonight's prime time cbs lineup. a brand-new accident "accidentally on purpose" debuts. jenna elfman is on the rebound and hooks up with a 20 something and in 2001 night she goes from a sexy 40 something single to a soon-to-be doting mom. >> and that is your baby! >> luckily, she's a great guy. luckily, you know, she has a sister and a friend and career. she's not completely in the dumps. but it's like what! >> producers say that "accidentally on purpose" is actually based on a true story about how a lot of folks are living their lives differently than expected. it debuts tonight after "how i met your mother." that's our report. i will be back here tonight at 11:00 with anita brikman. join us as we visit the first underwater cemetery in the
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entertainment tonight in high definition. any nerves tonight? >> yeah, i am nervous. >> i think it's the purple emmys. >> do you hate being the world's sexiest man alive? >> no, i don't hate it. >> from the nokia theater in downtown los angeles. simon, julia, alec and tina. >> "e.t." at the emmys. >> feel the fun. >> you guys are not going to want to leave our platform. >> i'm so happy that after 26 years, i'm standing here next to you. >> i got a feeling. >> i got a feeling. >> "e.t." is rocking the emmys. >> oh, yeah. ♪


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