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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  October 18, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> dick: you're watching the nfl on cbs. game between buffalo and new york jets. dick enberg with dan fouts our score tied at 1. "60 minutes" will be seen in its entirety immediately following the game except on the west coast where it will be seen at its regularly scheduled time. we open the fourth quarter from the 35 yard line. jones caught in the backfield this time. tries to fight through the line of scrimmage will bring up third down and short. one of the stars of "60 minutes" enjoying the nfl action, steve kroft here at giant stadium. third down and three for the
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jets. >> dan: that was big play by posluszny. on the run blitz, you get that type of penetration then twist thomas jones down. see that big pad on his left arm there, broken that left arm twice now both times against new england paths. broke it the opening game of the season here he is back in action. sanchez, chased out of the pocket, now in trouble. has to throw it away or throws it up for grabs. incomplete and edwards almost pulled it down. great effort by edwards with three bills around him trying to go up and steal the rebound. fourth down and three, this one in the wind is out of fieldgoal consideration one would think. >> dan: look at edwards get up, too. jairus byrd right there, reggie corner as well. sanchez under pressure got away with one. >> dick: they're going to go for it on fourth and three not going to punt.
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sanchez shotgun with leon washington with him. he's looking for washington, throws. and it's intercepted but they shouldn't have intercepted they would have gotten the ball back up field. but just instinct of reggie corner to go up and take one away. it would have been 15 yards up field. >> dan: you tell a defensive back to knock one down? first interception of the year for reggie corner. what's the temperature on the field? ninety-eight? ( all groan ) oh, that is hot! i wish we could give you some of our cold coors light. come on, for crying out loud! it's aged cold, it's filtered cold. - just throw it! - sorry, there's only enough for us. - come on, man! - dag it! dang on it! frost-brewed coors light. official beer sponsor of the nfl. first one to say "cowboy" gets our last coors light after the game. - cowboy! - cowboy. - ditka! - oh, michael!
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>> dick: "06 minutes" at the completion of this game in the meadow lands between the pass interception happy bills and mark sanchez and the new york jets tied at 13-13. plenty of time, 14 minutes left in the game. corners and reception with fourth against sanchez gives the bills the ball at the 22. it is complete to marshawn lynch who has to weave himself for a tough yards. >> dan: fourth and three. looked like sanchez wanted 20 throw the ball outside here to leon washington. he even gives him a glimpse but then he sees edwards open there
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for a second, ball goes right through the hands of edwards up in to the air and the arms of reggie corner. misread and dropped pass, sanchez first then edwards second. >> dick: corner playing the corner has the interception. battles his way for couple more out to the 27 yard line where it will be third and five. and the injury-riddled news continues especially on the buffalo side. we understand now from down below mcgee the corner back would return in emergency he's got a shoulder. and whitner the safety. when the bills are back on defense they really will have lot of stick 'em and glue putting 11 men together. third and five for fitzpatrick in the shotgun. no blitz this time. three-man rush. throw is complete to josh reed.
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he's between two green jerseys down around the ankle and reed pulls it in, first down. >> dan: 12th catch of the year for josh reed. this is a huge one as it keeps the drive alive. his slot receiver that was a great throw as revis comes off his outside coverage of terrell owens makes that zone a little bit tighter. but a perfect throw by fitzpatrick. >> dan: he plays like a hines ward of the hitsburg steelers, talks like him, too. big catch, 37 yard line. corey mcintrye the big fullback, saw the time running out uses first buffalo time out of the second half. tied at 13-13.
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>> dick: it's been chilly with the weather, the news on the other side nfc cold as well for giants fans as they were taken apart by the new england saints.
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the saints 1/6th remain unbeaten 5-0. here we're tied 13-13. the hand off goes to lynch and he's close to the 40 yard line before shaun ellis and company can make the tackle. >> dan: go back to the first half after great start by trent edwards completing all five of his passes. he gets hit right here and suffered a concussion. had to leave the field and he will not return. when he will be back in the line up, fitzpatrick doing solid job filling in for him. >> dick: here is lynch, stays on his feet, nice piece of running out to the 47. right at the yardstick. we'll see if he picks up the first down, david harris and revis make the tackle. >> dan: you wonder what goes through a running back's mind when he's trying to make decision where to cut. lynch has about ten choices here, nope, not there. not there. break that tackle. get inside there.
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stay inbounds pick up first down. great run, a lot of decisions for marshawn lynch. >> dick: out to the 47 yard line. the bills with ten points in the third quarter, 10:43 left. fitzpatrick, incomplete. there's the wind, you throw it easily or don't throw it hard in to the flat with this wind. it will get taken away. the jets allowed three fourth quarter touchdowns l.a. week at miami. sacrificed a lead with each. chad henne a two-yard pass. henne then to ted ginn, junior, 53 yard scoring play w. six seconds, ronnie brown's two run yard gave dolphins 31-27 victory, each of those fourth quarter miami touchdowns rallied the dolphins from behind. very tough monday night loss that left rex ryan a very unhappy, angry man in his press
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conference on tuesday. can't like what he's seeing here either. second and ten. dump off is complete to corey mcintrye. that will lose a yard. >> dan: you can see the difficulty that fitzpatrick is having getting guys lined up, remember they're not doing the no huddle any more. they're going back in the huddle. but now they go right to the line of scrimmage trying to catch the jets with the wrong personnel on the field. >> dick: third and ten. let's see what ryan has dialed up here in terms of a blitz. look at that movement on the jets defense trying to keep fitzpatrick guessing. here they come. loaded from the left side. fitzpatrick trying to run out of trouble gets to the 4-9d. saves the sack but jim leonhard there to make the tackle at midfield. the punting team comes on for buffalo. >> dan: a guessing game that time as jets were moving up,
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moving back. when the ball was snapped they moved up big time coming from fitzpatrick's right side. he was thinking about dumping the ball off to marshawn lynch, but wisely hung on to it. bring out the punter brian moorman. >> dick: the fourth interception of the throws of mark sanchez has not damaging to the jets. but they do give up field position. here is the punt by brian moore moon towards jim leonhard. let's it bounce, that will take a favorable buffalo roll. down to the three yard line. the jets and sanchez start deep near their goal line. when we come back nine minutes to go.) domino's just came out with four new oven-baked sandwiches. let's see what we're up against.
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organizations and businesses in every corner of the economy. america. growing stronger. every day. growing stronger. >> dick: back at giants stadium. reminder tonight's cbs all new, begins with "60 minutes" followed by the emmy winning "amazing race" then "three rivers" and "cold case" sunday night only cbs. from the three yard line, rookie mark sanchez at the line. hand off to short man, tony
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richardson a rare call for the fullback. he gets a couple, maybe three out to the six yard line. >> dan: it's been pretty ugly picture for the jets, their last four possessions. missed the fieldgoal, then sanchez throwing it to the wrong colored jersey. i think the injuries to brad smith and jerricho cotchery have really affected the jets passing game. both those players have not suited up because of injury. sanchez having trouble getting the ball to his wide receivers. >> dick: braylon edwards lined to the right. it's jones tripped up after a gain of a couple at the eight yard line. this becomes a big play, third down deep in their own end for the jets in a 13-13 tie. jones with a career rushing day, up around 185 yards, that's about 20 yards away from the jets single game rushing record. held by curtis martin almost a decade ago.
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>> dan: you would think with that effectiveness running the ball the passing game would be better. but the wind and the damp conditions affecting mark sanchez. >> dick: edwards right. sanchez looking for edwards, and he's got him, the big target and first down. flag goes down with at the 17 yard line. reggie corner with the coverage. >> dan: that was jostling between edwards and reggie corner, when that happens, it usually goes against the defense. sanchez drew a strike to edwards who hung on with corner hang on to his back. >> dick: meanwhile, you may have seen on our scoreboard, oakland upset philadelphia 13-19. >> referee: first town r down. dike like battling for a rebound deep in the post.
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big man edwards prevails. >> dan: there's contact that's legal. now the grabbing and pushing, that's against the defense all the way. edwards turns around and reggie corner has both hands on him. >> dick: big first down on third down. jones with the carry out to the 25 yard line. eight more yards on thomas jones total. the son of betty jones, a cole miner, she worked midnight to 8:00 a.m. shift in stone gap, virginia. of course his brother, juliusa understand star running back cowboys now seattle. what a family she raised, thomas jones with 193 yards today. >> dan: a lot of time left for more yards. >> dick: second and short for sanchez. jones again.
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out to the 35 yard line, another first down, george wilson makes the tackle. >> dan: i like the decision at the end of the run not to go to the sidelines and go out of bounds. it's design run to the left but the vision to see open up back to the right side, then there's that cut to pick up two yards and stay inbounds. >> dan: jones over the 200 mark. 202 yards today. one shy of curtis martin jets record set nine years ago of 203. leon washington now in. washington with the speed to get outside. good coverage by posluszny the inside linebacker, did he get out there in a hurry. >> dan: showed great speed of his own. leon washington is a real burner. thomas jones comes back in the
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line up. >> dick: this drive beginning back at the jets three yard line. once again with thomas jones in the game they go to that offensive tackle playing at a tight end position. wayne hunter, 320 pounds lines up. being alternated at tight tonight get extra blocker for the jets. sanchez off a fake wants to go long and he's being caught by the jersey down he goes in the arms of chris graph at the 21 yard line. graph just picked this up week by the injury plagued line backing group of buffalo bills. he is 11 year veteran from stanford. >> dan: good tenacity by chris draft. sanchez wanted to go deep here. draft just stayed with him. got ahold of his jersey just would not let go.
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edwards was the intended receiver going deep against corner. but sanchez never had a shot. never had a chance, that's great coverage by reggie corner. >> dick: huge loss, third and 24. underneath complete to washington. he's surrounded by bills down he goes at the 27 yard line. fans not happy about the play selection on that series. >> dan: mark sanchez never played in weather this cold never probably been booed before. he's having a miserable afternoon with the interceptions and decision on that play to take the huge sack. >> dick: another never for sanchez, he had never lost two games in a row in his high school nor his college career. the long high punt. fielded by jackson. jackson's got room along the sideline. cuts back inside. oh, my, there is saving tackle by weatherford and hunter.
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28 yards on jackson's return. for those of you just joining us dick enberg, dan fouts at giants stadium in new york where the underdog buffalo bills have the ball in a 13-13 tie. nobody likes number 2. so we just upgraded you to number 1. introducing the bud light foozie! it's a foam finger. it's a can coozie. boom. whoa. s-stamp. it's the foozie! we love the foozie. thanks, bud light. ( cheering ) it's the bud light foozie and it's... tailgate tested! tailgate approved! ♪
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service of caption max, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. >> dick:we're undergoing a challenge, rex ryan felt that jackson stepped out of bounds about ten yards downfield. it was right in front of ryan. he thought he stepped out right there. they're reviewing on the challenge whether jackson indeed stepped out of bounds from that angle it's difficult to tell. >> dan: this angle it shows maybe, but still not conclusive. really this a huge challenge by the jets because if it's not overturned they lose a time out in a tie ball game. derrick already used one the second half. that would leave them with only one time out. >> dan: you remember when they had to use it? on defense when they had too many men on the field for a fieldgoal attempt.
7:25 pm
>> dick: walt coleman yet to announce the reviewed decision. >> dan: the other thing, dick, let's say the jets do win this challenge. it's only six yard difference. not like -- see what walt has to say. >> referee: after reviewing the play, rounder not step out of bounds. charged with second time out that was second challenge they have no more challenges. >> dick: no more challenges and only one time out left so price of being right is expensive for rex ryan. as the bills keep it at the 49 of the jets with 3:5 left in 13-13 tie. that man, dick jauron when we talked to him yesterday, he looked like coaches appear about game 16 or 17. gaunt, big circles under his eyes, you wonder how much sleep
7:26 pm
these coaches get. when you're 1-4 even when you do retire you really close the eyes for good. first down at the jets 49. marshawn lynch, he runs right in to green jerseys. jackson this time. for those of you joining us the injury news is as important as some of the other facts of this game. trent edwards starting quarterback out with concussion after a 5-5 start. sanchez 91 yards is all these thrown passing, outstanding rookie quarterback of the jets he's thrown four interceptions. thomas jones has been the big jets story, 2202 yards rushing, one yard high of all time jets rushing record in a single game. >> dan: fake to jackson. the throw to the sideline, is complete at the 37 yard line to the lee evans, he had 37 yard
7:27 pm
touchdown catch that tied the game at 13 in the third quarter. >> dan: now if you think about fieldgoal range, as we watch this beautiful strike by fitzpatrick, to the outside, he threw it hard he through a perfect spiral. to get lindell in range only need about ten yards, career long to 54 yards. >> dick: hand off inside to jackson. running as he's done all game long down inside the 30 yard line before jim leonhard could get him to the turf. ever closer to fieldgoal range. rian lindell, one of the best from long range in the nfl. >> dan: this looks so much like last week with the new york jets defense against miami. last week it was ronnie brown and ricky williams. this week it's been this man, fred jackson along with marshawn lynch. what a great effort by jackson to get an extra four yards to, get number nine a little bit closer to the goal post.
7:28 pm
>> dick: second down and two with the ball down to the 29 yard line. the final seconds tick off they don't need to run a play, the bills. that takes us to the two-minute warning. lindell loosening that right leg. he's 8-11 lifetime from 50 yards or farther. calling circle. he's saying "toodel-loo" and switching to sprint - with any mobile, anytime. - hi, john. now, on the sprint network, he can call any mobile phone, on any network, anytime he wants. without worrying about the meter running. so he's decided to call every mobile phone in the country. he'll finish... just after his 93rd birthday. - welcome to the now network. - ( bubbles popping ) get unlimited calling to every mobile phone nationwide when you switch to any mobile, anytime. only from sprint. the now network. deaf, hard of hearing and people with speech disabilities access
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get it for a song. only at subway. >> dick: reminder fans, following conclusion of our game "60 minutes" amazing race" cold case" the full sunday line up in its entirety here on cbs. >> how much has the injury to kris jenkins meant to this jet defense trying to stop the run. he went it with a knee injury first half. the trouble for rex ryan's defense since. >> dick: two minutes to go, jets have only one time out left remember, ball at the 29. second and two. jackson the running back. ryan fitzpatrick in for the injured trent edwards. trying to pull the big upset here at giants stadium. leaping forward to jackson but short of a first down.
7:31 pm
down inside the 29 yard line. maybe a yard gain, david harrison, calvin pace team up on the tackle. >> dan: this is the injury to kris jenkins, one of those situations where you have a pile and your teammates hustling to make the play trying to get in on the tackle, he was rolled up in the back of his feet by shaun ellis made the long slow walk to the locker room. soon thereafter. >> dick: damien woody out with a knee. several injuries on the bills side as well as along with trent edwards. third and one and no play, no play. officials from the sidelines whistling it dead. time out has been called by the bills. they have one time out remaining. clock down to 1:19. you get a sense of the strong wind and when they swirl here in this genes stadium they can cause havoc. the jets at the end of the first
7:32 pm
half missed a 44 yard fieldgoal, jay feely would kick 24 in a row. that was going the other way. still some wind, not the 25 mile an hour wind, is that frayed the flag on the first half. but still mighty capricious. >> dan: this is a -- mighty what? this is a tougher direction than with the kick. because the wind comes in the top, hits this grandstand and comes right back at the kicker. but if there's ever a kicker who can handle the wind it's rian lindell. this is before the game in pregame warm up kicking in this direction from about the same distance. lindell also kicked in tough weather conditions in the palouse in washington state. a long, long time ago. >> dick: he's rooting for the offense to pick up a yard and the first down get closer. fitzpatrick, they try to wedge
7:33 pm
it forward this is going to be close. >> dan: he got it. he got it by a good two feet. >> dick: see the officials from the near side coming in to mark the ball. based on our yellow line that that should be a first down so signalled by walt coleman. >> dan: the jets with one time out to stop the clock. >> dick: rex ryan, jets first year coach after wins over houston, new england and ten off to that great 3-0 loss. then loss to new orleans and miami monday night. 13-3 halftime lead today. this is jackson and jets swarm and smother, no gain, maybe a loss of a yard. >> dan: highway ironic for rex ryan last week went to the locker room after the ball game with two timeouts still in his back pocket. has used two here in the second half where he could use it
7:34 pm
coming up. >> dick: fieldgoal here, dan fouts, would be around 45 or 46 yards. that is no gym me by any means. >> dan: especially in this wind^. >> dick: lindell in his career have tried 11 fieldgoals from 50 yards or more. made eight of them. he's got a long distance leg and the bills stall time with three seconds left. going to be on the toe or arch of lindell to win the game. >> dan: ryan "the arch" lindell. kind of like lou "the toe" grozzo." >> dick: if it's good it will sound sweet to the win-hungry fans up in western new york. >> dan: garrison sand born. he's the snapper. mark sanchez can only hope on the sidelines along with his
7:35 pm
head coach. >> dick: jets, do you think they will ice him with the final time out? >> dan: why not? >> dick: 46 yards for the win. no. never a chance. wide right. overtime in the meadowlands. >> dan: never hooked back in, stayed out right. dick jauron and buffalo fans have to be wondering, what do we have to do to win this ball game? >> dick: wide right echos scabs
7:36 pm
off of buffalo wounds. to the blight of fiery head coach of the jets. we'll play over time. how do you read the wind, lindell explaining. i thought if i played it right it would draw in. often it did. >> referee: 15 minutes over time period. first team to score wins. nobody scores, the game wins in a tie. each team has two timeouts. replace will be handled in the press box. call tails. it is heads. >> dick: the jets will get it first. fans love that. 9-19 over time games this year. won by the team receiving the opening kickoff. jets get it first, 13-13. res.
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>> dick: after our over time. the sunday line up to follow. >> dan: they didn't do rian lindell any favor, the ball at the 29 a couple of runs with no gains, a 46-yard attempt in these conditions. very challenging task and wide right gives the jets new life. there are the overtime rules going across. possession to the jets first. big part of the overtime is that all reviews will be made by official upstairs. lindell drives it to washington who has four kick-off return touchdowns as a jet. he spins across the 25 to the 28 yard line line and george wilson makes yet another play for the bills. here is a flag coming in late. >> dan: this is going to be a personal foul. appears against the jets. derek fine had his helmet ripped
7:39 pm
off. appeared for a moment there that washington had a lane. closed in a hurry. this is a huge penalty. field position so important in overtime. >> dick: we've seen why you need to get much closer than normal to kick a fieldgoal in these conditions. >> referee: after the play was over, personal foul, unnecessary roughness, 44. of the return team. number 44 hit the player in the face. >> dick: oh, my, thrown out. james ihedbo. the helmet is off. looks like fine is battling with morel. >> dick: threw a punch as well.
7:40 pm
>> dan: the second guy that gets caught. >> dick: more importantly cost his team 15 critical yards or half the distance almost full 15. the ball will be spotted at the 15 yard line. >> dan: in this case, it's so much better that the bills lost the toss, the jets wanted the ball. but the jets got the direction that they wanted to kick at this end of the field if they get the ball back from the jets. >> dick: sanchez in his first nfl hover time. hands off to jones for a yard. paul posluszny makes another play for the bills. jay feely kicked his first two field goal tries, short ones in this game. and then missed from 44 at the end of the half.
7:41 pm
we're guess the 27 yard line would be reasonable distance, the 45 yard attempt. you saw his counterpart lindell miss from 46. talk to jones. over the middle, sanchez to edwards. braylon edwards across the 40 to the 43. >> dan: he didn't miss time his jump than time. again, the ball sailing on mark sanchez. but edwards bails him out. check out this effort here, once again he goes way up high to make the catch then realizing he's not touched by reggie corner, after he falls down gets up and picks up an extra three or four. what an effort by braylon edwards. the only jet wide receiver to catch a ball today. >> dick: mark down by contact back at the 37 yard line. 22-yard play. leon washington.
7:42 pm
all the way to the 30 yard line goes leon washington to the 29. 33 yards for washington. >> dan: just a simple draw play with the fake end around. reggie corner can't make the tackle, then washington stays inbound dives for an extra three yards. but the jets cannot get conservative now. they got to keep the pedal to the metal, get feely in closer range. >> dick: exactly the spot where the bills at the end of the game regulation stalled on a couple of running plays and 46 yard miss. washington. he gets another four yards closer to those uprights. ellison makes the tackle. >> dan: washington has 13 carries now, two receptions, he's got a handful of kick-off
7:43 pm
returns r returns and punt returns, he is right about his expected quota today as posluszny is now with another injury coming back from a broken arm, appears now to have a leg injury. >> dick: paul posluszny, the terrific leading tackler last year of the bills, he gets caught up in the wash again.
7:44 pm
you get other players moving in. >> dan: nick mangold with the push on posluszny. and again, it's just unfortunate. unintentional. but things like this happen. >> dick: maybe just a cramp. they lost kyle williams and with other others are out. bryan scott didn't play today, ankle injury. leon washington stays in. on second and six. washington, hit hard by marcus stroud. stroud throwing his 310 pounds on the speedy washington brings him down immediately. >> dan: another dry throat there by jay feely. >> dick: good news for buffalo that it appears that posluszny is okay on the sideline.
7:45 pm
>> dan: he had a cramp there, dick. remember he hasn't played quite awhile with that broken arm. played the entire game at middle linebacker for the bills. third down, four yards to go. jones now in at tailback. thomas jones has a first down and more. they are in fieldgoal range, a flag is down. >> dan: this penalty flag was thrown by walt coleman who is about 15 yards behind the play. what did he see? tight end holding. that's very unusual for the referee from his position on the field to call holding. here is hartsock over here. walt coleman is down here at the bottom of the screen. check out hartsock. gets his right hand on the defender that's george wilson. that's a great call by walt
7:46 pm
coleman. because he would not let go that gave thomas jones about six extra yards. >> dick: the hold created the hole for the runner it's called back. that is painful for the jets fans because instead of being down knocking close for an easy fieldgoal now back to the 32 yard line. >> dick: and third down. they're literally out of fieldgoal range right now. third down and 13. pressure on the young 22 year old rookie quarterback sanchez to come up with this big yardage. edwards over here to the right. the throw is incomplete. no one close except dustin keller the tight end. but the ball landed five yards away from him. feely comes in to try an incredibly long effort. he missed from 44 going the other way. this is at the end of the first half. it sailed to the right. earlier he had made a fieldgoal of 41 yards that hit the right
7:47 pm
up right. >> dan: remember, this direction, lindell missed wide right. >> dick: 50 yards the attempt to win it for the jets. it's a fake. rutherford throws it in the air, dangerously slow it's intercepted at the 35 by the bills. rutherford lucky that one didn't go all the way as john wendling for a moment looked like he might have clear sailing. >> dan: that was one of the worst fake fieldgoal tries i have ever seen. fourth and a mile, bad snap, i guess what happened here, once he snaps you cannot pull the ball down. then the old fire break call. good effort by weatherford. not a fake fieldgoal at all just a bobbled snap. now he's in real trouble as wendling comes down with it.
7:48 pm
the bills start the the 35 with good field range. >> dick: four interceptions the first five games. five today. from the 35 yard line. fitzpatrick, pump and gets away from the rush. now right at the line of scrimmage. >> dan: great coverage in the secondary by lito sheppard on lee evans. you saw the pump fake, this is why. evans is going to run a hitch and go but sheppard doesn't buy the hitch he stays with him. the decision by fitzpatrick not to put it up for grabs. >> dick: 13-13 in overtime. the bills i-4, jets are 3-2. marshawn lynch. he buys a yard or two but there's plenty of green to hold him up. david harris led the charge from his inside linebacker position.
7:49 pm
lindell, who had a chance to win it, the miss from 46 yards in the final play of regulation. 45 yard fieldgoal would require the bills to get to the 27. mark sanchez trying to play cheerleader. on third down and seven. here comes the jets blitz. fitzpatrick throwing, incomplete for evans. at the 45 of new york. evans was open, ball thrown short. >> dan: good protection. that gap slide protection. he has a throwing lane, just throw the ball in a little too low for evans. moorman to punt.
7:50 pm
leonhard is back for the jets at the 15 yard line. high kick. no fair catch. leonhard hit, breaks away gets a couple out of that. flag down. dangerous when you got that wave of special teamers coming at full speed. hang on to the ball. >> dan: another jet penalty will push this ball back inside the ten yard line. for mark sanchez and the jets offense. >> dick: 17, half the disanswer to the goal if it is against the jets. be half the distance inside the ten. >> referee: during the kick, holding, 31, return team. half the distance to the goal. first down. ahmad carroll. >> dan: almost get the feeling at this point of the game where the defense has to score points to win. i'm sure that's what dick jauron
7:51 pm
is thinking right now. rip the ball loose, field position all in buffalo's favor right now. >> dick: thomas jones when rex ryan had been in trouble. it was broken off a couple of huge runs of 64 and 71 yards. he now has the jets team record for single game in rushing today with 205 yards. from the eight yard line. leon washington, that is going to be a false start. >> dan: that's the tight end, dustin keller. >> referee: half the distance. still first down. >> dick: take it back to the four yard line on the jets 12th penalty of the game. >> dan: number 81 is keller. watch the flinch. >> dick: no question about.
7:52 pm
from the four. first down 14 for sanchez. leon washington, the middle, maybe to the six yard line. the knew patriots just crushed tennessee 59-0. they're on top of the afc east. jets looking for a win to share the lead. miami at 2-3 and buffalo hoping to get in the mix, they can shoulder their way in to that afc east with the upset today. >> dan: real quiet at the stadium right now, isn't it? >> dick: certainly is. 80,000 capacity. second down and long. leon washington staying in. sanchez throwing from his own end zone, underneath, complete. tackle made immediately of washington by keith ellison. ellison from oregon state, his brother kevin is a rookie, they
7:53 pm
say going to start playing more for the san diego chargers since they released hart this week. >> dan: big decision now for brian schottenheimer. not been able to get the ball to any other wide receiver besides braylon edwards with smith and cotchery out. just no can confidence in clowney or wallace wright. >> dick: with five interceptions, four by sanchez a little nervous there as well. sanchez looking. pulls it back, almost intercepted there. incomplete, intended for keller and keith ellison angled across he was looking as you said as a defensive touchdown was on the mark. jets three and out from deep in their own end. >> dan: check out sanchez. he has a lot of time to throw on this. can't find anybody. then almost makes that critical error there that would have cost the jets the game.
7:54 pm
>> dick: fair catch called by jackson at the 45 of buffalo. bills have good field position after 43 yard kick and no return. >> dan: that's heads up play by fred jackson. don't worry about the return with the fair catch you have good starting field position. >> dick: 55 yards from the goal line. and "60 minutes" standing by a full cbs line up to follow the conclusion of this overtime game. >> dan: you wonder when -- about terrell owens now, will fitzpatrick direct a passer to in his direction. haven't seen a lot of t.o. in the second half or in over time at all. >> dick: owens to the left. evans to the right. jackson the tailback. it's jackson, nose down gets a couple out to the 47.
7:55 pm
sione pouha playing for the injured kris jenkins in the line. rex ryan's defense, he says i hang around the offensive coaches, i want to know their game plan, no question, he is a defensive man as he was as coordinator with the ravens. if it's patrick, underneath. that's intercepted. picked off by dwight lowery. he has his first interception of the season. >> dan: he made this play as he jumped the route, got inside the slant route from the left side of the screen. watch him jump inside of the receiver. fitzpatrick not sure what he was thinking trying to get the ball to lee evans. trying to throw it through number 21. but lowery at san jose state did
7:56 pm
this a lot for the spartans, picked off passes, that's his second career interception and huge one obviously. >> dick: first down jets. 46 yard line. overtime, mid point. 7:14. movement before the snap, appears to be a false start against the jets. >> dan: let me ask you, do either of these teams want to win today? >> referee: five-yard penalty. still first down. >> dick: left tackle, d'brickashaw ferguson. >> dan: not going to hide at 6'6" and 3106789 the flinch comes then the finger pointing. yeah, he did it. >> dick: to schobel, you're it for five. first and 15. jones the tailback. jones a big hole. he blasts out to the 46 yard line. gets the five yards back, second and ten. those of you that are joining us
7:57 pm
to enjoy our usual fine line up on cbs, because of the length of this game, sunday night specials are shortened by one: "cold case" to be seen next sunday. second and ten for the youngest guy on this jets roster, 22 year old mark sanchez. he's back to throw. deep down the middle, over the head of tight end dustin keller. george wilson in the area. he wears no. 6, kind of interesting, his dad is a fire captain in orange county, california. and his fire station is no. 6. he said, but really number six because he wants to be number nine. when he saw the jersey on the training room pick up i was looking at it upside down. he thought he got a nine.
7:58 pm
that's his first rookie mistake. third down and ten. wallace wright out here. braylon edwards far left. sanchez, plenty of time. now he scrambles and throws. intercepted again! it's pusslies knee. six interceptions by the bills and a first down. >> dan: this sun believable. key have run picked up yardage. some reasons he thinks he can force another one in. zone defense that time, look at positives clouds knee looking for the pass to braylon edwards. then picking it off dunks. >> dick: anarchies threw five interceptions first five games. he's thrown five today then weatherford on the botched fieldgoal attempt. also with one.
7:59 pm
six for buffalo that's got to be flirting with a bills record in a single game. hand off goes to marshawn lynch and he battles but gets short yardage in to the arms of kerry rhodes the safety. >> dan: before you ask me if i've ever thrown five interceptions in a game -- >> dick: have you ever -- >> dan: couple of times. i know the feeling. it's not a good one. you just trying to win, trying to make a play. the defense is trying to make plays, too. that's what the bills have done today. >> dick: second down. back to jackson. he carries tacklessers with him out to the 48 yard line where it will be third down and three and a half. >> dan: big thing to keep your mind on this clock right here. they are the timeouts for both teams in over time, each team gets two timeouts. but for this one is


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