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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  January 3, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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you lied to us, chelsey. what about it? you and rafe were in philly the week your son was murdered. (sniffs) yeah, well, i don't have to talk to you. no, you don't. it's just your kid who's dead. and yet you keep jerking us around. keep it up, i'll have the da pile on conspiracy, and extend your stay. not like i got anything waiting for me out there. well, there's always vodka. my mom liked hers straight, you know, in those plastic bottles that don't break when you pass out. gin. mm-hmm. hey, i get it. i mean, my mom was no june cleaver. the messed-up thing was...
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i still loved her. and in her own way, she loved me. what do you want from me? i want to know why you went to philly. because i missed my son. hey, baby. where's mick? thought you were gonna bring him. i couldn't. uh... rafe is here, isn't he? i told him to stay in the car. you're wrong about him. okay, i mean, he's, he's got me on the straight and narrow. is that why you smell like gin? you ask me to come all this way so you can judge me? i want mick to come live with me. what?
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you don't know the first thing about raising a kid like mick. and you do? i'm gonna get a place of my own. i got money. money from what? skating. right. look, i got a sponsor. hey, baby, how about giving me some of that money, 'cause...? did you ever give mick that board i sent? uh... i will, i will. that was the last time i ever saw him. he got money from a sponsor? never made any sense to me. i know he was living outta some skateboard shop. guy named hess? could be. not a day goes by
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that i don't think about what i did to those boys. (scoffs) stillman: make it quick, scotty. they're waiting for me on the fifth floor. something going down? i'm not goin' for the coffee. tracked down the manufacturer on the skateboard nash sent his brother. board was a prototype, custom-designed by hess. the first order was for 200 blanks. hess bet big on nash. same guy was singing the blues about how big money ruined the sport. yeah, but the manufacturer said hess canceled the order june 29 and refused to pay the rest of his bill. yeah, took him to small claims court. after that, hess claims bankruptcy. and nash winds up dead. so why're you still standing here telling me about it? what's eating the boss? doherty just got appointed to oversee the detective's bureau. wondering if you could make me one like this. capitalize on the sport, but then again it might be a little late for that.
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i get by. don't wanna sell out, is that it? seems you were ready to back in '95. lot of boards. more than i could sell. nash woulda helped with that. seeing as how you'd tapped him to be a star. never happened. why is that, hess? people, people forget. this is the place where it all started. without my shop, philly never woulda taken off. i had a plan, too, till somebody beat me to the punch. (bettie serveert's "palomine" plays) (skateboard clatters) hey, check this out. just like the one you sent your brother, but this one's got a carbon-fiber ply in between the wood. impossible to break, man. cool.
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these are high-end blanks, man, not some chinese crap. it's all coming together. really? yeah, man! and check it, your name's gonna be on every board. gonna do it right, soon as i get the funds. that sounds awesome, but, um, i'm-i'm just getting started. and this is how you do it, man. i'll be your sponsor. we'll keep it east coast. i can't. don't tell me you're not ready. you're better than everyone in philly. that's not it. i already got a sponsor. what? accelerator. skated a live demo for them. they're gonna hook me up with a board. when? yesterday. love park. i couldn't wait. if you needed money, man, all-all you had to do was ask.
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you can barely make the rent, hess. i didn't wanna. look, i'm sorry, but i gotta take my shot now. ♪ how come life sometimes makes you feel so scared? ♪ after all i've done for you? ♪ i know the sun will always shine ♪ just get the hell out. ♪ yes, the sun will always shine ♪ ♪ on this palomine. it's a matter of time before he got snapped up. bunch of corporate sharks buying street cred. accelerator was grady's sponsor. made a lot of money off those kids. you weren't trying to do the same thing? my stuff had integrity. maybe. but you never saw him again? can't say i blame him. i was small-time.
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(chuckles) guess i'll always be. jeffries: found some interesting stuff on these tapes, vonda. vera: need you to put it together for us. you recognize that? grady. a long time ago. summer of '95. time code has him doing this july 26. kept doing it over and over, but never quite nailed that banger, though. must've been something he was working on. tape was in the box you gave us. some of those were grady's. after we broke up, he was too famous to move his stuff out. vera: what about this? nash. same trick. same place where we found nash's body. time code has nash doing this trick june 27. nash did it first? vera: and better. a month before yo-yo grady even tried it. jeffries: only nash nailed it. so grady stole his trick. jeffries: but grady got all the marbles.
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light snow now possible for monday morning. rescue favorites failed to save a young arlington man as his car plongs into a frozen creek. who was it? how did he get there? no word on when the u.s. and british embassies will reopen in yemin amid terror threats. tonight. o ññ
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rush: tough trick. yeah, gotta innovate and elevate. it's what i do. didn't bring you down here to admire your innovations. remember where that was, grady? oh, some warehouse. that trick was too sketchy. good thing vonda held onto it after you kicked her to the curb. know what's on this? check it, man. i look like one of your psychic friends? it's bad luck wearing a hat inside. it's a tape of nash in brewerytown. yeah? yeah, same warehouse. one month prior to the one you made trying that exact same trick. not being psychic, but i'd say your future's mandatory ten-year jolt. whoa! that's kook, man. you're saying i killed him over that trick? i told you, it was too sketchy.
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he took your girl vonda. you stole his trick. you saw him stick it. decided to take it for yourself. no, no, man. wasn't like that. no, you came out top dog on the east coast. hooked up with a big-time sponsor, you never looked back. the only way you could have this tape of nash was if you were there that night. and we got your lying ass, same location. (sighs) look... truth? i tried to snake the trick, all right? but only off the tape. the tape? what are you talking about? i was never there when he hit the trick, man. i wish i was. damn, how'd he do that? it don't matter 'cause he split. and what are you showing me this for? you can do it. nah. you can just add that double g style. yeah. why don't you bust it? look, you want the tape or not? 50 bucks. first i got to know where this is at.
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come on, man. i need the money. only got $40. brewerytown. a warehouse we found. it's totally set up. all right. now, get. took me a month. i still couldn't hit that trick the way he did. why didn't you get rid of the tape? i couldn't, man. that trick was... too beautiful. now, where'd cal get the tape? cal was nash's boy. i just figured he was there. some jurassic technology, huh? unless you want to spring to have the tape analyzed. it's not up to me, lil. i heard about doherty.
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just have to do the job better with less. (cell phone chimes) have a seat, cal. (sighs) what? well, innocent guys don't just take a seat. deep down, you knew this day was coming, cal. lost a lot of years to drugs. i made no secret of that. probably don't remember some of the stuff you did to score. popped for meth twice. five months in county, caught jacking car stereos. i told you, those days are behind me. yeah, but this ain't. want to know what's on there? why don't you tell me? it's footage of your best friend's last night on earth.
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june 27. warehouse in brewerytown. remember that? no. come on, cal. that night nash skated that line? tore it up. epic stuff. i mean, so good you sold the tape of it to grady. i don't know what you're talking about. i wasn't there. hmm. well, in that case, you won't mind if we get a voice read. for what? well, need to match a voice our techs discovered on the tape. (clicking) (static crackles) say "nash" into the mic. (sighs) we know you were there that night. but what we can't figure is why you'd sell the tape to grady. the only way you'd sell out a friend like that was if you knew he wasn't coming back. just say your friend's name. i'm not going to do that. i want to hear you say it! you were there.
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we know you were there. maybe i was. nash tell you he signed with grady's sponsor? i heard it from somebody else. but you and him were gonna do your own thing. was that it? we were a team. but he ditched you, forgot all about your plans. i didn't have what he had. nobody did. he left you with nothing. that why you sold this tape and the trick to grady? the guy you hated? you could have hit that trick, made a name for yourself. no. no what, cal? i couldn't do it! not then. not after. not ever. and he was leaving me behind. been looking for that. come all the way down here just to make sure i didn't sell vonda's camera? what are you doing?
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what's it look like? working on the trick. something else you want to tell me, like how you signed with accelerator? i need the money, cal. going to try and get a place, have my brother move in with me. sure. why not? big-time now. ain't like that, man. i'll be back. (crashing) damn it. (groaning) your foot's too far back. oh, you think? just try it. i've been trying. you tweakin'? what's that matter to you? maybe if you stopped with the junk, you'd be able to nail it. maybe you should stop giving me advice, bro. i thought we were going to work on this thing together. we can still do the video. not if you're signed with accelerator. get this trick. i'll show it to them. i guarantee they'll sign you. yeah, right. yeah. right.
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all right. let's go. just get more speed and keep your foot back. keep your foot back. again. do it again. come on, cal. hey, you think it's so easy? here. you try it, big shot. no. it's yours. i got to think of something else. i'm just tired of busting my head. come on, cal. no. you don't get it. i can't do it. all right? i can't.
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♪ what's a boy supposed to do? ♪ the killer in me is the killer in you ♪ ♪ my love ♪ i send this smile over to you ♪ ♪ the killer in me is the killer in you ♪ ♪ send this smile over to you ♪ the killer in me is the killer in you ♪ ♪ send this smile over to you ♪ the killer in me is the killer in you ♪ ♪ send this smile over to you. captioning sponsored by cbs and warner bros. television major rescue efforts fail
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to save an arlington man. who was he and how did he get there? coming up on 9news now. - ( chimes ) - are there quick meals here?! quick meals, please! announcer: it doesn't matter why you need a quick meal, it just matters how you make it. just add ro*tel and velveeta to chicken and pasta and you've got a quick meal.
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this is 9news now. >> i'm bruce johnson. thanks for staying up with us tonight. final over. washington redskins season is over now the watch begins to see how long before dan snyder moves to make changes. brett haber is here with the top story. >> hi there, bruce. give or take about a five hour flight from san diego back to
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dulles for jim zorn. must seem like five days as you comes across the country because he knows within hours of walking off that jet he will be relieved of his duties as the redskins head coach. that's assuming it doesn't actually happen on the plane itself. zorn's final act was presiding tonight over the redskins season ending 23-20 loss to the charges. led by turner, a man who knows what it is like to be on the firsthand of a dan snyder firing. 4-12. worst record for the redskins since 1994. for zorn that makes two seasons with a mark of 12 and 20. the coach was asked after the game tonight about his tenure with the redskins presumably coming to an end. >> there's a lot of things i'm sure out there as far as stories. there already has been. i get that. but i'm working on our team meeting. i'm working on our off season schedule and until i'm told that on any other effort i'm getting ready and i'm going to
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be forth right and ask and get things moving but i certainly want to be the head coach here. >> ever the optimist. reports circulating tonight that mike shanahan it be introduced the redskins new head coach as early as tomorrow morning. 9sports will be at redskins park around the clock until it happens and full coverage with brian mitchell and sara walsh joining me right after this newscast. >> becoming a restricted free agent at the end of the season. i believe he will have options. i believe he proved himself to be a legitimate starting quarterback in this league this year. they treated him poorly. he has been in six offenses in five years. they tried to replace him with mark sanchez and jay cutler. the way he has been treated and options he has, i'm out of town, bruce. now to the other big story this weekend. frigid weather.
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only have to step outside for a moment to feel the cold. temperatures are falling again overnight and now there is a chance of light snow for the monday morning commute. how big a problem is this going to be? >> actually, bruce, this is looking to be not a big problem. at least for the snow. the biggest problem will be the temperatures to get through. well below 0 in many cases. this snow off a huge storm system in new england. it is moving away. as it does see those bands moving in. you might see a flurry. it will be a flurry tomorrow, period of snow here and there. it will be light. single digits already in places. out west, way out west we already have windchill advisories that have been issued yesterday. continue because of those windchill advisories we already had some school not necessarily closings but openings a little bit late because of frigid temperatures. wanted to show you that bust stop forecast right there because we are getting kids back off to school after the recent break. see we are into the teens.
11:31 pm
windchills making it feel like single digits and below in many cases and there is already a look at counties opening up a little bit late due to the miserable cold out there. finally seeing warmer temperatures. it is not going to be all that warm. and then we are also going to see our next storm system moving our way. i will explain everything in our complete forecast that will number a couple more minutes. just a miserable night to be out for any length of time. we sent dave statter out there to make point. >> reporter: the only thing lower than the temperature here are the interest rates at that bank. 25 degrees may be the high of the night with temperatures expected in the teens. but the blowing flags tell the rest of the story. >> i'm freezing. >> imagine you are not only cold but a little bit lost. not knowing where to go. >> somewhere over there. >> reporter: these people just came in from san diego and it wasn't like they had to be here for business. >> just visiting. >> we were ready for it. >> you seem to be. you've got it you will?
11:32 pm
>> yes. >> reporter: some came from the north and find it balmy than new york. >> how much colder? >> 2 degrees colder. >> just as windy? >> windier. >> reporter: others just need a distraction from the cold. >> am i on t.v.? >> yes, you are. >> reporter: and others believe it is a mental game. >> how do you look good in this cold weather? >> do i look good? >> you look great. >> i don't know. >> reporter: obviously there are people that have to be out on a night like this but there are some people who want to be out there. take eric robins who had a very specific purpose. >> looking for a chess game. >> that's right, eric robbins wants someone to sit down with him to pay speed chess in dupont park. >> this is speed chess. does the weather slow it down any?
11:33 pm
>> only shivering. >> reporter: obviously others aren't like eric and they are going inside. dave statter, 9news now and winter storm from the main coast brought heavy snow showers to western new york this weekend. some areas are digging out from over a foot of snow. forecasters warn the 45-mile-an- hour winds could cause blowing and drifting snow around the region. same storm brought a band of heavy snow to vermont. more than 2 feet of snow is piled up in burlington. forecasters say they will be one of the biggest snow storms on record. wind gusts as high as 35 miles an hour in new hampshire this weekend. residents along coastal areas also dealing with possible floodle. motorists throughout the region are being urged to use caution. the snow drifts could reduce visibility to 0.
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dc rescue crews in rock creek today in an effort to save a young man trapped inside his sub merged car. 9news now watt the first news crew on the team. you will only see this report here on 9news now. >> reporter: dc fire and rescue divers faced very challenging conditions when they arrived minutes after a 911 call from a jogger who spotted a tire sticking out of rock creek. >> swift moving water. rocky. unstable ground. you have a vehicle upsidedown. you have victims in the car. >> reporter: the divers wearing protectives suits chipped away at the ice in order to get to the car trapped in 6 feet of partially frozen water. >> reporter: the biggest thing was for the crews to determine if there was a body inside the vehicle. the frozen body was pulled from the car. it is not clear how


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