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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  January 4, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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word that jimdorn is fired as coach of the redskins. good morning. i'm andrea run. we start with school delays. in virginia, clark and frederick counties open an hour late. in west virginia, the following counties starting two hours late. howard person seen and angie goff has traffic, and helding created melting conditions. >> be extra careful. already seeing lane closures because of this. >> section of 355 near bennett where water creeps through the road. something going on there. county has been informed, but
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watch for icy spots. and let's talk about what's going on outside. energy in the upper level spinning across the midwest, northeast, new england. mountains protect us, but one or two snow showers may sneak in. it is a cold, blustery morning. down to 9 in oakland. 18 in culpeper. 22 for win chester. 23 in easton, wind chills in the low teens. a cold day ahead, maybe a flurry or snow shower this afternoon. highs in the low 30s. wind chills in the teens and 20s. happy new year, everybody. thank you for joining us early this monday morning. begin with that slick spot, trouble spot number one, bridge avenue at earn shaw, we have icy conditions. they take away the left lane for drivers. up, different situation.
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drivers moving nicely at university around the beltway. virginia, 66 eastbound through men as is, no problems. on the noop from 95 to 66. drivers moving at speed on this part of the beltway. and traveling 95 in virginia northbound accident free up to the interchange. thank you. it appears jim dorn coached his last game with the redskins. the team played the final game yesterday. highlights for washington include an 84-yard pass play down to the 4-yard line. redskins playing begins the chargers second and third string led in the third quarter, but billy bowl i can had a drive thenned in a touchdown with less than a minute left. they end with 4 and 12 record. crews are outside redskins park
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as the team arrived back from the west coast flight. brett haber joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. here is what we know at this hour. about 15 minutes ago around 4:45 this morning, jim ñson exited the building flanked by redskins security, got in his porsche and drove off the property for what we presume was the last time. sources reporting, close to the team reporting he was fired shortly after arriving back at redskins park around 2:30 this morning from the trip to san diego. the loss that you just chronicled to the chargers, and nor of turner who knows what it is like to be on the business end of a daniel snider firing. if true, it brings an end to
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the tenure marked by early success but late and frequent failure. you know he scripted play calling duties, most ironic because he was brought here as offensive master mind, that didn't work out. lewis took over play calling. they finished 4 and 12. he believed this job was still his. >> there's a lot of things i am sure out there as far as stories, already has been. i get that. but i am working on our team meeting, working on/off season schedule, and until i am told on any other effort i'm getting ready. i am going to be forthright and ask and get things moving. but i certainly want to be the
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head coach here. >> reporter: unfortunately for him, seems that won't be the case. this is video of mike shanahan, the super bowl winning coach of the denver broncos widely rumored to be the next coach of the washington redskins, that's been reported just about everywhere in the last 48 to 72 hours. rumors he could be introduced with a beefy of assistant coaches as early as tomorrow perhaps. no confirmation. he would be the 6th coach in daniel snider era. sources close to the team reporting jim ñson hear fired. he left the property here about 20 minutes ago. this story is developing.
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we will be on it as we have been all night. back to you. >> and just one question before you go. there's usually -- you can read more about the redskins feeble final game and reaction to that losing season at check out skins uncensored for stats, press conferences and blogs. morulation information becomes available. 5 after the hour. time for the first living smart report. jessica doyle has a preview of the first trading day of the new year. good morning. >> happy new year to you. we have to see what kinds of resolutions investors came are for 2010. most asian markets started off with modest gains, not a ton of news to react to. biggest report of the week is friday with final jobs report for 2009. the dow begins today at 10,420 after losing 120 points in the latest session. nasdaq dropped 22 points, and s & p 500 fell 11 points. gm moving forward with
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plans to shut down saab. the company says they will continue to hear bids for the swedish car brand. they were in talks with spiker, but no deal has been reached. gm is eliminating saab with pontiac, hummer and saturn as part of restructuring. tallest skyscraper in world set to open in dubai. it is a half mile high tower with price tag of 1 and a half billion dollars. at 160 stories, about 9.$4 million a floor. final height remains closely guarded secret. believed to stand more than 2600 feet, much taller than the nearest rival in taiwan. besides luxury apartments, it is host to a hotel designed by armani. not so shabby. >> not at all. >> they are building a massive tower, maybe on shaky
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foundation financially. >> you are answering questions for us in 2010. >> this week we are looking at home improvements, running numbers. we are looking at a popular ones do if they work from home. does it make sense financially? we will figure it out. >> that's in the next half hour. many riders on the red, blue, orange lines have longer than normal trips this month because the transit agency doing maintenance work on the lines from sunday through thursday night. work begins at 8:00 p.m. on red line and at 9:30 p.m. on blue and orange line. police trying to piece together how a car plunged 20 feel and ended up submerged in rock creek. a jogger called 911 yesterday after spotting a tire sticking out of the creek.
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rescuers wearing protective suits chipped away at the ice to reach a 22-year-old, josh coleman. he was given advanced cpr in hopes he may be one of the lucky ones to survive a cold water incident but he didn't make it. they also checked the park to see if there were any other bodies. new rules for flights entering the united states. it includes body scans, pat downs and random screenings for u.s. bound international passengers. tsa says anyone traveling nations regarded as state sponsors of terrorism and other countries of interest will be subjected to enhanced screening. cube airan, superdelegate dan on the list as are nigeria, yemen, pakistan. those new rules took engineer as an airport emerged from security lockdown. an overseas terror threat shut down some western embassies. and the big chill could make it more dangerous for those prone to heart attacks. 9 after the hour. watching 9 news knew.
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owners of a motel in the keys led police to one of "america's most wanted." officers caught up to paul mirage over the weekend, charged with killing his twin sister and three others in florida after thanksgiving dinner. no word on when the u.s. and british embassies in yemen will reopen. they were locked up sunday
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after fresh threats from al- qaeda. tomorrow, president obama is scheduled to meet with top national security advicers at the white house. and flights taking off from newark. they put the airport on lockdown after a man entered an exit lane at terminal c, then disappeared. passengers already on board planes had to come back inside and get rescreened. we will look at some of the top tech trends for the year coming up in what's on the web. and the cold and wind for days, but how much longer. it is 5:11 with answers. >> i don't think you want me to answer that, it is january after all, certainly feels like it. we will talk about how much longer cold will be around and a little snow in the forecast. you're watching 9 news now. for wherever you hurt. icy to dull pain, relax it away. the new icy hot medicated roll. with the roll, pain's under control.
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people brave enough to venture out had to cope with the winds. only a few of those the camera spotted ventured out without a hat or starve. now want to get you up to date on school delays because of cold weather. in maryland, allegheny and merit county schools are opening two hours late. these counties in virginia are opening an hour late. and in west virginia, the
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following counties start two hours late. berkley, grant, hardy, jefferson, mineral, and morgan counties opening two hours late. >> purchases in the mountains are running five, ten below now. >> it was cold. the sun was shining, but it was cold. >> shopping yesterday, had to run out, restock the house, and i was not happy camper going car to car. didn't worry about a cooler. cold stuff would be fine in the car going to the other stores. not a concern this time of year. let's talk about the next three days. we will see a little break in the extreme cold warming into mid and upper 30s, maybe by wednesday. today and tomorrow, blustery. today, could have a couple of snow showers up to the north and west in the mountains where gather etc. county, 3 to 5 possible with winter weather advisories, same with parts of west virginia, maybe two to four. bus stop forecast, very cold,
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blustery, purchases 5 to 20, temperatures 18 to 25. sunrise, 7:27. partly to mostly cloudy with snow showers this afternoon, highs in the low 30s. gusts 25, possibly 30. still better than where they have been. mostly cloudy, cold, lows in 20s. one or two spots may get into upper teens, but low to mid-20s with northwesterly wind 10 miles per hour. the storm is spinning across eastern canada. look behind it. all the snow showers across ohio, pennsylvania, west virginia. some of the action going to sneak east of the mountains. a little of it may make it, majority, talking 95, 98% of it in the high country. and that's where winter weather advisories are posted. 16 in culpeper, 22 in the sheen and dough a valley. down south, not much different. east continue, 23.
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annapolis, 24. officially 24. wind chill of 13, thanks to west, northwest winds at 13. and dewpoint only 8. it will be really dry. if you don't have a humidifier in the house, you know what's going on. 9 below in minneapolis. this is the core of next batch of arctic air. kansas city, 7, memphis, 23, and snowing in places like memphis, and not quite jackson, but mississippi seeing some snow, and snow making it pretty far south. huntsville, birmingham, even atlanta could see flurries before the day is out. for us, big storm is spinning across eastern canada. brings little pieces of energy back behind it. you see a reflex of that with a trough coming across new york, pennsylvania, back through the ohio valley. other than that, passing flurry or snow shower kind of more of the same. seven-day forecast.
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temperatures today, low 30s with flurries and snow showers. mid-30s tours and wednesday and thursday, friday, chance for snow, but not sold on it yet. we will watch. colder weather friday and saturday into upper 20s. 517. time for traffic. form. >> hey, hello, everybody. trying to get down this cough drop. good morning. 18 minutes after the 5:00 hour. we are going to kick things off with southbound branch avenue at earn shaw. icy conditions there. losing one left lane. okay on 301 and route 4, pennsylvania avenue. route 395 northbound, no problems from beltway to 14th street bridge. volume picking up around duke street. inbound new york into the district. we find an all clear commute from times building past florida avenue. not done yet. back to the maps. 95 andbw parkway, 198 to powder
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mill, clear commute. and 270 southbound, live from 109, tracking taillights building here past this point. but overall, maintaining good pace making it towards the split. that's the latest. back to you. in living well headlines, this cold air may increase your risk of a heart attack. doctors say cold air causes blood vessels to tighten because the body is trying to stop loss of heat. that can race blood pressure and reduce oxygen flow to the heart. those factors combined with strenuous activities like shoveling could trigger an attack. and surgery could help people with sinusitis. condition that causes sinus pain and pressure, sneezing and snuffy nose. three-quarters of patients that had sinus surgery felt better afterwards, and most of the remaining 25% saw some improvements. well, at 5:19, the gang all here. chris continue fisher has
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what's making news there. >> that's right. good morning. most people are heading back to work after the holidays, done reflecting on the past year. no more 2009 lists, we are onto 2010. what's on the web, that means the tech blogs are looking at hot new gadgets to look forward to in the new year. we start with big launch set for tomorrow. on tuesday, google expected to unveil its first ever smart phone. the nexus 1. for months, it would be one of the most closely guarded secrets, but it is about to be available online for about 500 bucks. that's a closeup shot what to expect with the nexus 1. all questions will be likely answered in a press conference tomorrow at their headquarters. that's the big news in smart phone world at the start of the year. big new gadget of 2010 will be the apple tablet. wired reporting 2010 is the year of the tablet. it is basically an iphone or touch combined with laptop.
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closeup shot of that. you can see the similarities. you can access web, e-mail, look at pictures, and is flat with features like iphone. they have been buzzing about it for years, billed as a way to revolutionize how we look at media. don't get too excited yet. we are a little ways off. apple expected to show off a prototype in san francisco later this month. could hit shelves by march. something to look forward to if you're a big apple fan. consumer electronics will be a big show. more on the ravens coming up. and eagles and cowboys do battle to see which team wins nfc east. stay tuned for sports. 5:21. they've been discovered to be life-enhancing.
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can 234. a look at the playoff picture. cowboys hosted eagles at the nfc crown at stake. dallas up a touchdown when tony romo gets a score. later first half, donovan mcnabb fumbles a snap, blowing the best scoring chance. next weekend, eagles return to dallas for first round playoff
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game, while the packers visit the arizona cardinals. saints and vikings await winners of those games. afc playoffs was more complicated, but not for beltway. they could get a win over the raiders. bust up a big one middle of the second quarter, gets a touchdown. oakland had cult the lead to one point in fourth quarter, but then a third touchdown of the day. ravens win 21-13. in the nfc, beltway heads to new england while the jets play at cincinnati after beating the bengals badly last night. chargers and colts have first round byes. we will have the latest on the coach southern firing, and ahead.
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starting today, international travelers face tougher security measures if heading for the united states. coming up on 5:26. here is angie . >> gwoks wparkway, clear. another chec ( music, toasters popping )
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♪ ooh! frosted blueberry?!? ♪ over 25 flavors of kellogg's pop-tarts®. and they're all for fun and fun for all. pop-tarts®. made for fun™. after two years at the helm of the redskins, we expect officially to hear in the next few hours that coach jim zorn has been fired. welcome back. we have news for a few students out there. there are delayed school openings because of the very cold weather. in maryland, allegheny and merit conditions are two hours late. in virginia, these schools one hour late, and in west virginia, these are starting two hours late. berkley, grant, hardy, jefferson, mineral, morgan counties again on two hour delay. howard person seen here with
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me, angie governor here. we wish you a happy new year. first full week of the new year. frigid start. will the sun be shining? >> we may see a few flurries and snow showers. in case you haven't had enough in the month of december, we will try to get it going in january. a snowy, cold month. a lot of cold out there over the weekend. still dealing with that starting the first full work week of the new year. big storm system spinning off the canadian maritime, throwing little pieces of energy back at us. you can see the snow showers and lakes. down to the south, memphis seeing a little snow. we may see some of that if it makes it across the mountains. the other big story, the cold. low 20s in sheen and dough a valley. winds gusting 25 in montgomery county, 23 at dulles and
5:31 am
maryland. wind chills are single digits in win chester to 13 in washington. seeing highs in low 30s with chance for flurry or snow shower. coming up on 5:31, angie has the traffic. >> i sure do. i bet you have your new year's resolutions also. get cracking on those as we kickoff the new cold year. 95 northbound in virginia, so far no issues to report from dumb frees to lorn ton. onto the beltway, noop past 66, we are moving. next stop, 66 eastbound. volume building out of centerville. outer loop, a wrap from 95 to georgia. notice headlights moving at speed. lanes are open towards virginia. this morning, roadside bombing killed 4 u.s. troops in afghanistan. the first american combat deaths of the new year.
5:32 am
meanwhile, the fight against terrorism means new security rules for thousands of airline passengers starting today. passengers flying into the united states from other countries now undergo enhanced security screenings. >> they looked through my bag, missed one bag. >> the more security, the better as far as i'm concerned. >> new measures are stricter for travelers passing through certain countries, mostly muslim nations. they will face mandatory full body mat downs, carry on searches and body scans. now to something far less serious, but a story that will have washington buzzing all day. expected firing of redskins coach jim zorn. here is the biggest highlight from the game. jason campbell connects for 84 yards. that's the longest pass play in 8 years.
5:33 am
and that resulting touchdown gave washington a 14-13 plead at half time. redskins scored two field gold in the second half, but allowed san diego second string offense to drive late in the game for that game winning touchdown. washington loses 23-20, ends the season with 4 and 12 record. with the dismal season in the books, rumors have been swirling about the coach's future for three months, expected to end today with his dismissal. brett haber joins us from redskins park with more of what you have see seen with your own eyes. >> reporter: good morning. this comes as a shock to nobody. his firing has been rumored for the last several months, seems to be coming to fruition this morning. i had to laugh when i was at the station getting ready for sports plus. the redskins sent an e-mail saying that jim zorn's normal monday press conference was on for 12:25 this afternoon, and all of us laughed and said the
5:34 am
likelihood that press conference takes place with him present is low, now it seems there will no press conference, unless it is a press conference for the hiring of magician san. several sources reporting this morning that he was fired shortly after arriving back here at redskins park at 2:30 this morning. that's when they got back from san diego. i witnessed him leaving the building on foot at 4:45. he was escorted by redskins staff. security to my knowledge. they walked him to his porsche. he got in the car, and left. presumably for the last time, ending his rather due just tenure with the team that saw them win 8 games last year, 4 this year. saw his play calling duties overtaken by certainly and lewis, and a rather odd end to his tenure. one he handled with class and dignity, one that appears to be
5:35 am
over. now the mike shanahan era we believe will begin. reports far and wide that he will succeed jim zorn as the boss here. some rumors unsubstantiated that daniel snider was picking out mike shanahan in his plane and bringing him back for introductory press conference later this week. haven't heard details as the fact such that shanahan may hire as son for offensive coordinator and members of bengals staff to be defensive coordinator. news according to sources is that jim zorn is fired. we saw him leave. he is physically off the premises. more later this morning from redskins park. back to you. in other sports, wizards guard scheduled to meet with law enforcement officials today. on saturday, areason as told reporters he used bad judgment when he brought guns to the
5:36 am
wizards locker room. he said the innocent had nothing to do with gambling nor did it involve an altercation with a teammate as previously rumored. arenas the subject of investigation related to this incident. time nor another living smart report. jessica doyle is back with tough times for the state. >> it is a tough year for lawmakers. they are scrambling to find more money, not raise taxes for people across the country. problem is several fold. tax collections continue tosspotter. federal stimulus dollars are drying up. rainy day funds have tapped for services like medicare, food stamps and unemployment benefits. carl icon plans to put more money into his bid to buy donald trump's bankrupt casinos. his investment company will commit $125 million more to buy
5:37 am
trump entertainment resort. trump bondholders also want to buy the casinos, offered $225 million in a deal that gives him 10% of the reorganized company. time for your money saving tip of the day. running the numbers on popular home improvement. if you work from home, a designated work space is a must- have in a potential tax deduction. according to report, overhauling home office will not pay off when you sell your home. that rule especially true if you borrow usable space from bedroom, living room, or garage. treat yourself to the home office if you need it. but you only earn back about 50% of the job's cost. for more money saving tips, check out my blog and follow me on twitter and facebook. not all these projects pay off in the end. >> we will talk about that all week. those that work and those that don't. thank you. local woman past the sent remark shares her secrets etc.
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to long life. and rise in violence. crossing the bay bridge headed westbound, looking good, but crank up the heat. it is cold out there. more weather and traffic when we return.
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law enforcement agencies hope to reverse a 2009 trend this year. murders of their own officers. national law enforcement officers memorial fund finds 48 officers were shot to death last year. they blame the number of cases where more than one officer was murdered. indiana man under arrest for leaving three children in a freezing car. police in bloomington found a running car in shopping center parking lot with the children all under age five in their pajamas. authorities say he was passed out drunk in the front seat.
5:41 am
and police in arizona say they uncovered a drop house for human smuggling in phoenix. five alleged smugglers under arrest. authorities found 11 immigrants held against their will and say some were beaten. the hunt on for the facebook fugitive. that story coming up in what's on the web. and the oldest woman in the district celebrates a milestone birthday today. here is howard with the mittens on. >> that's right. mittens are better than gloves, fingers work together to keep hands worm. we will talk about how warm we get or don't get, and a little snow is possible. details in the seven day forecast when we return. why the hurry? my mother in law will be here in an hour!
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she's believed to be the oldest woman in the district. eddy williams turned 110 years old today. the former nurse was born in tampa, lived in washington the last 56 years. she says one of the secrets to
5:45 am
long life is not worrying and having faith. >> one thing i can tell you, you, me, everybody, look up. look up. >> at her party later, she will be joined by 8 grandchildren, 21 great grandchildren and 7 great, great grandchildren. and happy birthday to her! >> i liked her advice, no stress basically. eliminate it. >> 110. wow. all right. some school systems opening late because of cold. in maryland, allegheny and garrett county opening late. these in virginia, and in west virginia, the following counties starting two hour delay.
5:46 am
mittens do work. >> what happens with the mittens, fingers are heating each other, where if you have gloves, they have to heat themselves. the mittens may not be the man leest thing. i don't care, my hands were warmer. >> he is being teased in the chat room. >> and by the crew and everybody. whatever. mittens are the way to go in the really cold weather. something to think about. get over yourself, get the mittens. weather wise, next three days slightly warmer. yesterday stopped in the 20s. today around 32. can't rule out flurry or snow shower. mid-30s with sunshine and clouds tomorrow, and wednesday. moms like forecast, cold and windy. temperatures 18 to 25 with sunrise at 7:27. partly to mostly cloudy. flurries or snow showers possible this afternoon. best chance in the mountains where we have winter weather
5:47 am
advisories in garrett county. could be three to five inches by tonight. highs in low 30s, in the metro can't rule out a shower. winds gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour. mostly cloudy. i don't think as cold tonight. no -- lighter winds, we will have less purchase. won't feel as cold. this morning, clear skies. you notice the clouds especially in northern areas trying to come in from northwest. we have all of these snow showers, pennsylvania, back through west virginia and ohio. piece of energy here trying to swing across. if it does, could squeeze out flurry or shower east of the mountains. bigger picture showing big storm spinning in canada, with snow across parts of the mississippi valley. currently running in the 20s. teens in spots like culpeper. oakland, maryland, garrett county at 9. low 20s southern maryland and easton, frederickburg, 20. purchase, low to mid teens.
5:48 am
7 in win chester, 9 below. perfect of 13 in washington. sustained wind out of west, northwest at 13. lots of cold. kansas city at 7. atlanta now colder-we are, 19 degrees. freeze warnings across florida with temperatures in tampa, orlando, gainesville, 20s and 30s this afternoon, not doing better in atlanta, 33 with 8 for kansas city, 34 here. for us, watching the snow here. we may see a little of that activity reach east of the mountains and get to us. deep south looking at a little snow. always amuses me when mississippi is seeing a little snow. here's the seven-day forecast. low 30s, snow showers are possible. shouldn't amount to much, except in mountains. 35 tomorrow. warmer wednesday and thursday. by friday, chance for snow.
5:49 am
more importantly, colder air for friday and saturday. highs back in the 20s. arctic blast. hey, 12 minutes away from the 6:00 hour. happy new year. thank you for joining us. kicking things off with a trouble spot out there on branch avenue southbound, where it meets earnshaw road. icy conditions take away the left lane for driving. use caution. move it into virginia, 395 northbound a little bit of volume between duke over to seminary. overall, no accidents to report. 95 before that slowing between prince william parkway and in maryland back over to this area, 270 southbound. no issues. massachusetts avenue, great example as incident, accident free drive. time to look at the top
5:50 am
stories on the web. we will start with a story out of dubai. check this out. today marks grand opening of the world's tallest building. people are flocking to the web to check it out as it opens for business. understanding at 2684 feet, it is the tallest man-made structure ever built. about twice the height of empire state building. what did it take to build it? >> only five years and over $4 billion. costs quite a bit to make that building. but that's what's hot on the web. moving on, fugitive from the usa taking facebook by storm. craig lynch escaped from british prison in september. you are looking at him here. now he is taunting police on his facebook posts. on christmas, even shared photos of christmas dinner on facebook. looking at one of the shots there with his turkey dinner. police have responded by seizing his assets.
5:51 am
they are clearing not pleased by the facebook taunts. so far, that hasn't stopped him. he is up to 42000 fans on facebook. finally, let's check out this story that a lot of people are looking at as they head back to work. how do you pronounce 2010? options are 2000 tenor twenty ten. they make a case for both. national association of gramaries taking a stand, saying they decree this year should be pronounced twenty 10 and all subsequent years twenty will he have en, etc. they laid it out there. twenty tennis what we are supposed to call it. who knows what society will call it. i am going with twenty ten. >> i like 2000 ten. let be different. which movie is the first number one of 2010 coming up.
5:52 am
and something scientists found on the near side of the moon could make it easier for humans to live there. slow going for opening slot parlors. snow removal for virginia. asking for federal aid to help pay for costs from the recent storm. learn more today in the washington examiner. 5:52. xóxó
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(announcer) itchy dry scalp? get new selsun blue
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for itchy dry scalp. strong itch fighters target scalp itch while five moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. what's buzzing in entertainment starting with box office. avatar third straight weekend at number one. the studio estimates it made more than a billion worldwide, could potentially outbeat 1977 titanic, a top earning film of all time. director guy ritchie filmed sherlock holmes, pulled another 38.$4 million in the second week. rounding off top five, alvin and chipmonks, it's complicated number four. and sandra bullock, the blind
5:56 am
side hanging on. and in this metro mix minute. a recap of rocking new year's eve party at the grand hi at hotel. chelsea and lindsey -- there was a karaoke room and balloon drop. to see a complete slide show, get the recap by visiting the website. ringing in 2010 continues request reports from angie 's army. >> we wanted to do something different in washington, upscale, sophisticated party. >> intimate crowd gathered at the luxury park where a dj spins the hottest tunes. guests got star treatment complete with fine food and flair for all. >> oh, my god! happy new year, angie . >> one of the resolutions to
5:57 am
spend more time with my wife, which this year we haven't done a lot of. spend more time with the kids. >> my wish to get every child with make a wish getting their dream come true. >> happy new year. >> washington film institute holds a new year's eve eve party. happy 2010. share your good news with us. chick on angie 's army. submit pictures and videos to share on air. >> i resolve to join the crowd. new discovery could make it easier for humans to settle on the moon. they found a lava tube.
5:58 am
humans could live in the moon instead of on it. >> what's is what it looks like in a volcanic mountain range. it is a smaller lava tube on earth. has. >> this would provide good habitat for people living and working on the moon. >> he authored the decision to go to the moon. >> gives you shelter from the hazards of operating without an atmosphere and without a magnetic field around the body. so that radiation, you're protected from radiation and meteorites. you're basically living in a cave. i am sure by the time it happens, it will be a well appointed cave. >> today i announce a new plan to explore space. >> united states has been looking at return to the moon since president bush announced
5:59 am
a goal of exploring mars, believing the moon could be use as base for space exploration or host a coming 1993 of humans. >> the whole question could become moot by a decision made here in the white house in the next month. >> on president obama's desk is the decision whether the united states stays on the current course, which calls for us to go back to the moon as the next step in space exploration. we are all waiting in the space community for that decision. >> it is costly. 1 or $2 billion a year. >> we'll know more about what the current administration thinks about spending on space exploration next month when president obama's by the is released. before we get to howard's forecast, we want to update some school delays. in west virginia, these open two hours late. in maryland, these are on two hour delay.


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