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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  January 4, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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in virginia, these are on one hour delay. we have cold, wind chills below zero. >> will we get snow? >> mostly to the west. low 20s and teens. interests winds gusting 30 miles per hour. 23 in leesburg, 17 in town. wind chills down to single digits and teens, although below zero in garrett county. looking at highs in lower 30s, again chance for flurry or snow shower, winds gusting 20 to 30. good news? >> we have dice conditions out there. good news, we are here to tell you about them. watch out. icy conditions blocking left lane, southbound branch.
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outer loop. in maryland, slowing down from new hams to kohl'sville. no incidents, no accidents. [ to real time graphics, 95. out in beltway, lanes are wide open. in virginia, 66 headed eastbound, finding lanes wide open there, too. traffic moving slowly in two spots, route 50 to 23 and to the capital beltway. in virginia, down to the noon where drivers are at speed from 95 past braddock to 66 and american legion bridge and beyond. that's the traffic. at the top of the hour, we continue to follow breaking news out of redskins park. head coach jim zorn has been fired. brett haber has been at the park all night working this story, joins us live from ash burn, virginia. boom. >> good morning to you. you have to admire jim zorn's
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optimism. as recently as ten hours ago at the press conference in san diego, he stood at the podium and answered questions saying yes, i expect to be the coach tomorrow and next year, and indefinitely into the future. and that turned out to be a bit of a cockeyed optimistic statement. 2:30 as they returned home from san diego, he was pulled into the front office and according to multiple sources close to the team fired. i watched him as he left the building about 4:45 this morning. flanked by security, escorted to his vehicle. and driving off the property with himself at the wheel presumably the last time. ending a tenure marked by failure and undignified end. he was repleased as play caller by certainly and lewis and left powerless as the head of the team. now he is gone, and most believe that mike shanahan,
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super bowl winning coach of the broncos will be the negligence one to run the franchise. some believe dan snider is picking shanahan up from his home in denver as we speak and bringing him in for introducing repress conference in washington as early as tomorrow. according to multiple sources, jim zorn is out, shanahan is on the way, and horrible stretch of football is hopefully on the way to an end. live at redskins park, back to you. >> and this is another story we are following later today. gilbert arenas will meet with federal and local investigators. they want to know more about the gun he brought to the locker room and more on what happened inside. he admits bringing it, but says there are misconceptions about a dispute between him and another teammate. he talked about what he expects
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to happen today. >> i got to put it in their hands, tell them the story. see what they say. >> what's the biggest misconception about this? >> the whole story. bad judgment, having the weapons here, but. >> the family said they will ensure guns are not brought in to verizon center again. four soldiers killed in afghanistan. the explosion happened in the country's southern region. deaths are the first combat related deaths for service members in the new year. five virginia students detained in pakistan on allegations of terrorism due in court today. pakistani prosecutors expected to ask a judge to officially charge all five with terrorism. the charge would carry maximum sentence of life in prison. now to images you will see
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on 9 news now. rescuers wearing protective suits chipped away at the ice in attempt to reach 22-year-old josh coleman. his car plunged 20 feet down embankment into walk creek. he was given advanced cpr, but didn't make it. park police sergeant spoke with 9 news now about the investigation. >> right now, we haven't determined where the vehicle came from, whether it came off rock creek or through the park. so that's part of the investigation. >> according to his facebook page, he graduated from johns hopkins in 2009 and recently worked in acquisitions for the u.s. navy. our region spent over $41 million dealing with last month's record snowstorm. now a request for uncle sam to pick up some of the tab. the district and virginia plan on asking for federal aid. fema should pick up 75% of expenses the first 48 hoursful storm. but as you know, cleanup lasted
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much longer. maryland will not seek federal help, even though already spent the entire snow budget. five after the hour. time for living smart. jessica doyle is here, ready for first trading day of 2010. good morning. >> good morning. well, the new year brings a fresh start for folks and the same for wall street. a lot could ride on how stocks perform this month. historically speaking, first few trading days in january the strongest for stock performance. this is time when new money is added into retirement accounts. wall street journal reports whether people follow this pattern can be a sign of market's prospects the coming week, even for the year. if stocks rise in january, they often finish strongly. ben bernanke out talking yesterday, specifically defending feds performance in 2009. he said extra low rates were needed to get the economy and job creation in full throttle.
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looking ahead, he said stronger regulation is the best way to prevent financial speculation. also not ruling out higher interest rates. the super bowl more than a month away. cbs says it has less than a handful of remaining commercial slots for the game. usa today reports cbs sold 65% of ad slots. first half of the game is sold out. prices range from 2 to 3 million for 30 seconds slot. most game veterans are back. you can see the big game here. i love the clydesdale's. >> glad they are here. sorry about gm, but says a lot about what's happening with that company. thank you. 2010. it is a sense us year. and they are kicking off an ad campaign today called the portrait of america road tour. more than a dozen 46-foot long
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trailers tour the nation encouraging people to mail in forms. 10 question forms go out in march. sense us provides thousands of jobs at the headquarters in maryland. coming up on 8 after the hour. in four minutes, the story of a five-year-old that didn't hesitate to become a hero. then, in ten minutes, new security regulations for international flights. what's done for people flying. right now, focus on maryland's weather and traffic. begin with howard. >> good morning, maryland. a cold start again, not as cold as yesterday, but certainly plenty cold enough. look at the temperatures out there. we have some snow across garrett county. otherwise, fairly quiet. 21 at cumberland. 23 from andrews air force base, and easton, 25 on the bay in annapolis. highs today 30 in cumberland, 34 in leonard town. can't rule out flurry or snow
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shower, with likely places in northern maryland for that. time for a look at the highway situation. >> you tipped us off to this. watch for some icy conditions. we have some slick spots out there. be careful. connecticut at bell freed, nice clear commute here. and flying over 295 northbound from wilson bridge towards the district, all the way towards 11th street bridge, find lanes wide open for business. first full week of the new year, time to think about all the possibilities. best selling author and motivational speaker willie jolley explains why this could be your best year yet if you don't look back. >> good morning. this is willie jolley. today's message is one about the fact that this is a great time to live your dreams. have a happy new year, do things better in the future
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6:11. time for hero central. emotional farewell in boston. more than 600 national guard troops were given a special fair well, led by the governor. the largest single troop sendoff since september 11th. some going to iraq, others heading to afghanistan. and kristien fisher has the story of a young hero. >> yes, given big responsibility. talking about a five-year-old from california, helped deliver twins. that's right. patricia davis, pregnant with twin girls was home alone with her five-year-old when she started giving birth new year's day. it was clear the babies weren't waiting for the hospital. so she called for help from the one person who could hear her, abigail, who was playing in the next room. >> my mom told me to go next
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door and tell carry and linda that the babies were coming. >> the babies were coming. terry and linda were the next door neighbors. first abigail called an ambulance, then ran next door to notify neighbors. patricia says thanks to her daughter, she gave birth to two healthy baby girls in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, with little abigail by her side. the bizarre part to the story, the morning that abigail was supposed to go to the store with her dad, but her mom says abigail insisted on staying home because, quote, she was afraid something bad was going to happen. she said that to her mom and dad that morning, then this happened. and fortunately, it all worked out well. >> a little psychic there. that's very good. she is going to be a great big sister. >> she is. 6:13. here is what's in the news.
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we've been reporting all morning, redskins fired jim zorn as head coach. brett haber tells us the team lost to the chargers. finishing season at 4 and 12. first family travels back to washington today. this is video of them visiting the zoo in honolulu yesterday. the president also spent sundry viewing terror threats. and digging out from a record snowstorm in new england. 33 inches in anniversary over the weekend. biggest -- in vermont. snow finally stopped falling overnight. 33 inches the biggest for burlington. >> they are a little far from the ocean to get the big ones. inland like that -- >> nice and fluffy.
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>> don't forget to shovel the fire hydrants. lot of winter left. having fun with it. reminder, few school delays in the western suburbs. you have the bottom of the screen, scrolling the delays. more than 2 hour delays. all the latest information down there. >> and always on the website at >> making the bosses happy. weather wise, talk about that. make everybody happy. won't be in the 20s. we will be in the 30s. highs only about 32 degrees. moms like bus stop forecast. very cold. blustery. wind chills between 5 and 20 in most areas, below zero in garrett county, with air companies between 18 and 25 at the bus stop. keep it in mind. drive the kids or keep them in the car until the bus comes.
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sunrise, 7:27. this afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy. flurries or snow shower. low 30s, northwest winds 10 to 20. 35 miles per hour. sunset 5:00 even. mostly cloudy, not as cold. i don't think we will see teens but 20s with northwest wind at 10. lots of snow showers in the mountains to the north and west, coming over the mountains, that's the damage. again, it may happen, but most of it staying up well west and north of us. 9 in oakland, 21 in fred rescuers wearing protective suits chippedburg, 23 in easton. 16 across junction. win chester, 22. look at the wind chills. in the teens. 8 below wind chill in oakland, hence a two hour school delay there. gusting around 20 to 25 in many areas with arctic air coming back into minnesota and iowa. a lot of snow shower activity from the northeast, but also
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down across the mississippi valley. northern arkansas through memphis and northern mississippi, seeing snow showers headed into alabama. and around here, big storm spins off the coast. for us, we will see if we get any energy to cross the mountains. if we do, one or two flurries are not out of the question. seven-day forecast, low 30s today, mid-30s tomorrow through thursday. can't rule out by the time -- angie coming up in a second. by the end of the week, could have snow friday. more cold on the way. here i go. hello. thanks for helping kickoff the new year with us. let's kick things off with 95 northbound. things dragging from prince william parkway to fairfax parkway. no ain't. if you continue to 395, expect to slow from etc. sell, and expect to get dizzy with that camera shot.
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okay approaching 14th street. new york avenue delayed in spots, live from sky 9. look at the left side of the screen. looks like we have 270 accident at the spur split. this just popped up. obviously this is going to cause quite a slow down for those approaching the capital beltway. already seeing delays on the op from new hampshire over to georgia avenue. we will keep you posted on the situation here at the 270 split near rockville. moving to 270, main delay before all that looks like stretching from 118, germ and town road to 370. nasrallah the traffic. 6:18. a story happening today. new security regulations for people flying into the united states. it stems from that attempted bombing of a flight on christmas day. over the weekend, president obama linked that plot to al-
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qaeda. new rules took effect at midnight. they are already getting mixed reaction, come after a late night security breach. >> reporter: starting today, all travelers that want to get into the u.s. have to play by tough security rules. people flying from nations considered to be sponsors of terrorism or other countries of interest see the biggest changes. mandatory full body pat downs, carry on searches and body scans are part of the latest wave of enhanced procedures. at least 14 countries on the list, nearly all muslim. philadelphia residents went through ramped up measures on flights from belgium but weren't impressed. >> they looked through the bag, they missed one bag. so sort of felt very artificial. >> reporter: new guidelines more than a week after a man allegedly tried to blow up a plane christmas day. airports around the world have
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been on alert ever since. another security breach last night forced one of the country's busiest airports to come to a complete stand still. >> we were simply told to vacate the area and to move upstairs. >> reporter: flights grounded for hours at new jersey's airport after a man slipped past security by entering through a checkpoint exit. thousands of passengers had to be rescreened. this man had just boarded his flight when he was told to get off. >> they announced we had to go through security. we went back to the gates. then we end up here. >> reporter: despite six hour lock do you know, travelers were tired but some didn't mind the delay. >> the more security, the better. >> reporter: that's the attitude hope more people will have as they continue to try to keep travelers safe. in washington, tar tar, 9 news right now, at, learn more about the increased security measures and read the
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press release from the tsa on the front michael jackson. a time approaching 6:21. ahead in sports, nfl season comes down to final game. we have the entire playoff report.
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in what will probably be the final game at giants stadium, jets came up big. beat the bengals 37-0. 6:24. there will be a couple of rematches in round one of the playoffs. we finally know what the first round looks like. let's start with the nfc. eagles and cowboys meet
6:25 am
saturday night, packers visit cardinals. saints and vikings have the week off. onto college basketball. so far so good for georgetown and big east. they visited depaul. austin freeman had 17 points. georgetown visits marquette wednesday. maryland visiting greensboro. they went on run to start the second half. maryland hosts florida state sunday. 6:25. ahead, more on firing of jim zorn. sources say he was let go just hours ago. and live look at southbound 270. crash up the spur past montrose, causing big slow
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down. angie has more when 9 news now returns. cycycyc;c;ckccoc/c/
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everything not nailed down. didn't help -- thank you for starting your monday with us. happy new year to you. i'm andrea roane. we want to update school delays. these districts open two hours late. in virginia, these are opening one hour late. i am here with howard saying good morning. we have a snow flake on the forecast. >> i laugh about the sunshine. you have a better resolve than i do. i was out in it. it was miserable, painful cold wind. >> i was, too. but the sky was blue, that makes it better. >> i suppose.
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let's talk about it. today, we have a chance for flurry or snow shower. best chances stay in the mountains. it is cold and windy. temperatures are running into the low and mid-20s. some teens, culpeper, 16, 25 in annapolis. wind chills running in 10 to 15 range. 8 below zero in garrett county. today, chance of flurry or snow shower this afternoon. only in low 30s at best for a high. >> good morning. we are tracking trouble spots. we come to you live above 270 southbound. then what a minute a difference can be made. let's talk about here at the spur. moments ago, all lanes to access outer loop were blocked. as you can see, police doing a great job with getting off to the center median. all lanes of traffic can get by
6:32 am
following this accident that happened about a half hour ago or so. meanwhile, drivers feeling the impact, backed up to montrose. before that, slowing from 118, germantown towards 370. great news here foot of snow kickoff this report. move to the outer loop, things are slowing down between new hampshire to georgia after. no incidents to report here. let's keep it that way. in virginia, 66 headed eastbound. slow ride from 50 down to the capitol beltway. speak will of 495, here is the inner loop. drivers moving at speed. that's the traffic. 6:32. we continue to follow breaking news involving the redskins. as expected, they fired head coach jim zorn. brett haber wrapped up the sports show last night and has been at redskins park ever since, joins us from virginia
6:33 am
with more on this big story, but not a surprise. good morning. >> reporter: hardly a surprise. it has been in the works several months, and you have to remember as a backdrop to this, jim zorn never thought he was going to be the head coach. he was hired two years ago as offensive coordinator and only elevated to the number one job after nobody else would take it. the team arrived back from san diego last night. we've been reporting he was escorted from the building by redskins security. and we should clarify it is not clear why he was escorted by security. perhaps because they wanted him out of the building timely, or perhaps they were concerned he would be accosted by us, waiting sports media. he went to his porsche suv and
6:34 am
left presumably for the last time. his replacement could be named in relatively short order. the player personnel boss a few weeks ago was fired or resignation was forced. two hours after that, bruise allen was named as his successor. could it be that later today we could see mike shanahan named as 7th head coach of dan snider era with washington redskins. that's been the rumor. shanahan who won two super bowls with the broncos could be the man. we hear his son would be the new offensive coordinator and assistant with bengals would be the defensive coordinator and that shanahan for some time had a full staff in waiting ready to pounce when the opportunity became official. jim zorn relieved of his duties earlier this morning, leaving the premises after talking with some assistant. we will have continuing coverage as we have had since
6:35 am
midnight last night. and all through the night. live in ash burn, brett haber, back to you. >> thank you for keeping us up to date on this. another story making news, wizards guard arenas scheduled to meet with officials today. saturday, he told reporters he used bad judgment when he brought guns to the wizards locker room. he said the innocent had nothing to do with gambling or altercation with teammates as previously rumored. with the new year comes new laws and there are quite a few of them in effect in prince george's county, maryland. speed cameras can snap your picture. no plans when they will be brought up. new laws for bed and breakfasts along with wineries, and new laws make it tougher to start
6:36 am
check cashing business and ban food sales at pawn shops. 6:35. time for a living smart report. new problems with foreclosures. >> right. one of the major hurdles for ceiling a real estate deal has been the home appraisal. foreclosures matter for this. agents and home builders say too many of them come in low because foreclosure prices are used to calculate home value numbers. national association of realtors and national association of home builders say lately one in four sales are scuttled due to appraisals. general motors may have had a tough year selling cars in america, but not in china. they say 2009 sales rose 67% to record 1.8 million vehicles. gm expects 2010 to be even
6:37 am
stronger. beijing gave a boost to auto sales with tax breaks and things for them to move to more fuel efficient cars. wall street journal reports a group of broadcasters plans to use this week's consumer electronic show to promote plans to deliver news, sports, weather and local content to users on the go. programming available not just on cell phones but laptops, portable dvd players and devices in cars. ten years before it is everywhere. >> i'll keep thinking. >> thank you. some dedicated people, really dedicated to the game of golf. 78 of them braved the snow around the gulf in illinois. the 46th annual eskimo open. you get the option to play 9 holes or full 18. can't use white golf balls,
6:38 am
need colored ones. forty-two-dollar greens fee includes a hot drink and hot bowl of chili. in six minutes, we are on tech watch. kind he wills and e books are so 2009. hot gadgets for the new year. wii let's check the traffic. >> virginia, a cold morning. spoke to charlie. 21 and biting wind. talk about the temperatures. other than that, a quiet morning. bundle up for sure. serious cold in place now. 16 in culpeper. win chester, 22, dulles, 23. 25 in minimum as is. fred rescuers wearing protective suits chippedburg, cold start for you at 20. chance for flurries this afternoon. culpeper and men as is. 32. we come to you live from
6:39 am
route 50 and glee road. hardly any traffic. take you to dulles toll road, jacked up an extra quarter as you approach the tolls. live look towards hunter mill. fly this, show you the commute is clear making it from beltway to the key bridge. keep it here. we will be right back. ññ
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have you gotten your seasonal flu vaccination? great - but your work's not done yet. we still need to get the h1n1 flu vaccination. you, me -- we should all get one. the vaccine is safe and proven effective against this highly contagious new strain of flu virus. we can help prevent the spread of this virus if we all just roll up our sleeves. to learn more about the h1n1 flu vaccination visit or call your local health department it's up to you to fight the flu. 6:42. world's tallest building opens today in dubai. the tallest man-made structure ever built. comes in at 2684 feet. 150 floors, taken over five years to complete. price tag, over $4 $4 billion. -- -- $4billion.
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four days into the new year, getting a look at the top tech toys for 2010. >> that's right. we are done with the best of 2009 lists. we are ahead to 2010. here are hot new gadgets to look forward to in the new year. first big product of 2010, google's first smart phone. nexus 1. it has been one of their closely guarded secrets, but the veil almost off. google set to show it off at a press conference tomorrow. costs about 500 bucks. unlike iphone available exclusively through a t t, buyers have their choice of wireless carriers. interesting to see how that may shake up the smart phone market in 2010. another tech trend this year, pico projectors. they connect to devices like iphone or smart phones. the idea that it let's you
6:44 am
share photos and videos on big screen with anyone, any time, anywhere. cool technology to expect in the new year. also on the lookout for 3 d hd tv. available in 2010. bad news, means you need to buy new tv and blue ray player to get it. pricey, but very, very cool. and the big new jacket, the apple tablet. they report 2010 is the year of the tablet. this is something the tech blogs have been buzzing about for years, being billed as way to refugessize media. it is an iphone or i touch, but bigger and more powerful. let's you access web, look at pictures, listen to music, watch video, and is flat with touch-screen features. don't get too excited. it will a little ways off. they are expected to show a
6:45 am
prototype later this month, could hit stores by march. that's something i would have on my list next year. already thinking about that. >> wait until a generation goes by. then the price comes down. 6:45. say good morning to howard person seen. another cold day, not as much sunshine. >> not as much sunshine. we may see a flurry or snow shower. nothing big. except in the mountains. we have some winter weather advisories in west virginia, western maryland. garrett county, 2 to 4, 3 to 5 inches not out of the question. a lot of snow the last couple days with strong northwesterly winds. next few days. blustery. yes, i did was windy. same with saturday. temperatures low 30s today, mid- 30s tomorrow and wednesday, with flurries or snow showers possible this afternoon, even in the metro. moms like me bus stop forecast.
6:46 am
wind chills 5 to 20 now, with air temperatures 18 to 25. sunrise 7:27. this afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy. flurries, snow shower. northwest winds dusting 20, 25, 30 miles per hour. mostly cloudy, not as cold tonight. won't feel as cold with winds about 10 miles per hour. temperatures in the 20s. a little more bearable out there. tomorrow, mid-30s. still a bit on the breezy side. snow this morning. western pennsylvania, ohio, through west virginia, upper energy trying to come east of the mountains. that's why we have that threat for flurry out there. oakland at 9. we are 24. 20 in fred rescuers wearing protective suits chippedburg. culpeper, light winds, clear skies, 14 degrees. same as their wind chill. wind chill up to 6 below from 8 below last hour.
6:47 am
norwood, 13. a quiet morning out there. still not too much in the way of cloudiness. 24 degrees. west northwest winds at 12. no gusts at the moment. dewpoints was only 8. arctic air mass in place with cold air. more cold coming towards second half of the week. for beginning of the week, looking at snow showers in the deep south from arkansas down towards northern mississippi. big storm system still spinning off the canadian coast there. little piece of energy come back. that's why snow showers persist north and west. see if we can get some of these to survive the trip over the mountains. once you lose the elevation, a lot of moisture is running out. it is tough in our part of the world to keep them going. looks like we have a little potential for that today. seven-day forecast. temperatures slowly rising through mid and upper 30s going
6:48 am
through thursday. by thursday night, friday, storm system may try to organize. not sold on it yet. say a chance of snow friday. don't get too excited yet. will get colder. highs friday and saturday back in the 20s after the 30s for the first part of the week. 6:47. here is angie . >> thank you. 270 southbound, approaching the split, still have a crash activity. good news, you see the flashing lights. there in the median, crews are working hard to get it out of the way of the roadway. drivers taking a hit. feeling that impact, backed up to 118, germantown. as i mentioned, all lanes get by. you get through this, make it to the outer loop if that's the way you go, we see a slow go from 95 to georgia. let you know on the noon, watch out for disabled vehicle. again from florida avenue
6:49 am
towards third street tunnel. virginia is jammed from capitol beltway towards seminary. slow from washington boulevard, approaching the bridge. 95 northbound before that, main delay about 15 minutes to make it from presence william parkway to fairfax parkway. moving without incident. 6:49. commuter alert. you need extra change on the dulles toll road. it is the first rush hour with new tolerates. pay 1 dollar at the main plaza. seventy-five cents at the on and off ramps. extra money goes towards the new silver line. now to metro, delays at night on two lines this week. starting on red line. add 20 minute between medical center and grown they are. crews working from 8:00 p.m. to closing. going on sunday through thursday all month long. the same story on the blue
6:50 am
line. add 30 minutes between stadium armory and madison. that work begins at 9:30. late night work on orange relationship in arlington beginning next week. in sports, beltway ravens take on the new england patriots in the first round of the nfl playoffs. see that game sunday at 1:00 p.m. here on channel 9. ravens clinch spot with win over raiders yesterday. saw that on 9. three touchdowns. beltway wins 21-13. and cowboys won the nfc east by beating the eagles. sets up first round matchup between the same teams playing saturday. 6:50. 24 degrees in northwest washington. it is cold here, but at least we didn't get more snow.
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6:53 this monday morning. here is what's in the news now. starting today, stricter security guidelines for international flights into the united states. all passengers coming from countries of interest get body scans and pat downs. this is in response to the christmas day plot. we deal with arctic temperatures, plenty of snow down south. this is what it looks like in arkansas. a few inches of snow there, temperatures dipping into single digits. >> impressive stuff. for us, still have the cold, maybe not as cold as the weekend. highs in the low 30s today. winds gusting over 20, 25 miles per hour. chance for flurry or snow shower. and the latest look at the seven-day forecast when we return. produce with a 100% guarantee...
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the film after tar is looking like an unstoppable force. finished number one this weekend, that's two weeks in a row. it brought in $68 million, now topped one billion dollars worldwide. sherlock holmes came in second, followed by alvin and the chip amongst. and the blind side rounding out the top five. >> which ones did you not seen. talk about traffic. seeing a lot of cars on 270 at the split. that's where we have the accident pushed off into the median. traffic getting by, backed up to 118, germantown. southbound branch still icy.
6:59 am
watch speeds. stay to the right to get by. 66 eastbound slow from 50 to 123. a quiet but cold morning. temperatures in teens and 20s. low 30s with chance of flurry or snow shower. quiet but cold through thursday. mid to upper 30s. then slight chance for snow friday. gets cold again, highs friday and saturday in the 20s. first trading day on wall street, looking higher. for the record, i love alvin and the chipmonks. >> early show is next. more on the winter weather slamming the midwest and new england. and the new year in politics with aaron billings fromgq. and the stories always continue at >> have a great day, happy new year.


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