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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  January 4, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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ññ hello, happy new year. welcome to 9 news now at noon. i am jc hayward. well, another team overhaul is
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underway at redskins park. the expected firing of head coach jim zorn this morning opened the door to a new found of changes in ashburn. our 9 news sports team brett haber and sarah walsh have the latest developments. >> reporter: it was a five -- it was a 5 hour flight last night and for jim zorn it was either a very long five hours because he knew he would get fired. >> reporter: or a very short 5 hours because he knew he would be fired and then this circus would be over. this was the scene at redskins park at 4:45 this morning. 9 sports on hand to see jim zorn leave the facility for the final time we presume. he was informed of his dismissal prior to 3:00 a.m. after the team arrived home from the west coast. team sources telling 9 sports that zorn met briefly with a handful of assistants before being escorted out the door by team staff and ening his 2 year 20 loss odyssey here in
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washington. red skin's owner daniel schneider issuing a statement reading in part quote no one in the organization is satisfied with our record over the last two years and i am sure that jim would concur with that statement. it has been painful for him, too. i certainly accept responsibility for mistakes that i have made. dan snyder making that confession today. gm bruce allen saying he didn't want to wait one more day to start fixing this franchise for next year and we will hear from him inside redskins park in about 25 minutes. and players have supported publicly jim zorn throughout this entire 4-12 season but really none of them inside of the locker room were surprised that their coach had been fired. players started arriving at the facility just after 9:00 this morning. they are now left with the uncertainty of who will take over this team. and if they will fit into the future coach planes. bruce allen met with the team in a meeting that would last less than 10 minutes and the message was clear. change is needed. for the redskins you know we're starting anew. 2010 coming in making changes and make things happen. >> but like i say what have you
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done for me lately? we didn't get the job done. so we have to at this time back and wait to see what happens. >> he's a great guy, he really is. it is sad to see that can he -- we couldn't finish the games for him but -- it is the nfl, you know? there are changes, coaches, changes players every year so, i mean, it is just one of those things. >> reporter: interesting comments out of that locker room. rock cartwright a longtime veteran said the team had a lack of discipline. and he also said under this coaching regime it seemed like players would go above the coach if they had a problem and take those problems to get them resolved elsewhere and that does not work. brian mitchell made that point last night on sports plus there has to be a distinct chain of command. perhaps you will see that under mike shanahan who everybody expects will be the next head coach. we will hear from bruce allen the general manager coming up in 25 minutes. that press conference will be streamed live on hope you will watch that. for now for sarah walsh, brett haber live at redskins park. we want to remind viewers
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we will be streaming that press conference. it is being held out at redskins park at 12:30 on our web site, okay? of course on the web site, the firing of jim zorn is the subject of our 9 news now poll. so, we want to know and we want to hear from you who do you think the new head coach should be? should it be mike shanahan? john gruden, bill kower, or someone else or does it really matter to you? okay? and you can find out poll and more coverage of the jim zorn firing, again, on our web site, and we will be streaming that elf 12:30 proffers. washington wizards gilbert arenas is scheduled to meet with federal and local investigators today. they want to know more about the weapons that he brought into the locker room.
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arenas admits to bringing guns into the verizon center but he says there are misconceptions about a supposed dispute between him and his teammates, javaris crittendon. saturday arenas talks about what he expects to happen today. >> i have to put it in their hands and, you know, tell them the story, and then see what is there. >> what is the biggest misconception about all of this, gilbert? >> the whole story. so -- i mean, you know, bad judgment to have weapons here but -- the poulan family released a statement saying they would ensure guns were not brought into the verizon center again. despite best efforts rescuers were unable to save an arlington man whose car plunged into rock creek. 22-year-old josh coolan was in
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the vehicle when it crashed yesterday. once rescuers reached him, he received advanced cpr but it just was not enough. park police spoke about the investigation. >> right now we haven't determined where the vehicle came from. whether it came off rock creek or whether it came down through the park. so that will be part of the investigation. >> according to joshua coolan's facebook page he graduated from johns hopkins university in 2009, and he recently worked in acquisitions for the u.s. navy. the district and virginia plan to ask for federal aid. fema should pick up 75% of the expenses for the first 48 hours of the storm, but as you know, the cleanup lasted much longer. maryland will not seek federal help. even though it has already spent its entire snow budget.
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four u.s. service members have been killed in a roadside bombing in afghanistan. the explosion ahead happened yesterday in the country's southern region. the deaths are the first combat- related deaths for u.s. service members in the new year. five virginia students detained in pakistan on allegations of terrorism are due in court today. pakistani prosecutors are expected to ask the judge to officially charge all five men with terrorism. the charge would carry a maximum sentence of life in prison. new security measures regarding airline travel went into effect at midnight. the stricter rules stem from the attempted bombing of a flight on christmas day. janet choi has details. >> reporter: passengers departing pakistan are being patted down before heading to the u.s. it is part of a new policy requiring intensive screening for travelers flying
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to the u.s. from 14 countries. they include pakistan, somalia, yemen, cuba, sudan and syria. passengers must undergo full body scans and pat downs and hand checks of all carry-on luggage. it follows the arrest of a nigerian man, abdulmutallab who allegedly smuggled explosives on a flight from amsterdam to detroit on christmas day. >> some international flights from the countries of interest land here at newark liberty airport. most of the passengers we spoke too welcome new rules to increase safety. >> i don't think it is the ideal solution but i think it is something that needs to happen if people are going to feel safe traveling. >> security lines seem to be moving normally this morning, but it was a very different scene here last night. man slipped past security, entering a gate area through an exit. the security grounded flights for six hours and thousands of passengers had to be rescreened. >> we were on the plane ready to leave the gateway, and they told everybody you have to
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deplane and take everything with you. >> and travelers can expect more security changes. president obama meets tomorrow with top security advisers to discuss what else can be done to keep the skies safe. janet choi,s which news, newark, new jersey. you can learn more about the increased security measures by going to our web site and you can read the press release from tsa on the front page of still to come, reaching new heights. a new building claims to be the world's tallest. we will see it. plus, the first family is back in washington following their vacation in hawaii. we will have details on these stories and more, just ahead.
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well, president obama is back in washington. the commander in chief and his family left hawaii early this morning. however, when he talked to the press, it didn't seem that the family was excited about returning to the nation's capital. >> hey, guys. are you ready? >> no. no! >> i'm with you. okay. are we all in? i'm trying to mount a coup here. >> president obama scheduled to meet with his security advisers tomorrow. they will discuss what additional steps need to be taken following the attempted christmas day bombing of an american airline.
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the world's tallest building opened today in dubai. the structure is about 2,684 feet high. and it has 164 stories. the most in the world. and it -- its observation deck is on theton 24th floor. -- is on the 124th floor. thousands gathered for a spectacular celebration. the price tag $1.5 billion. only in dubai. after more than a month on the run, a florida man wanted for killing four relatives on thanksgiving day is behind bars. mark strassman reports. it was the ending so many people had hoped for. i am glad the monster is in his cage. for this family there is a big sigh of relief. paul marriage was arrested late saturday night. he had been on the run for more than a month.
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marriage is accused of fatally shooting his 33-year-old twin sisters. a 79-year-old aunt and cinton's 6-year-old daughter at family gathering in jupiter, florida. authorities were able to track down marriage from a tip that came in from the owner of the motel marriage had checked into in the florida keys. more than 180 miles south of jupiter. the motel owners had recognized him from a preview of the show "america's most wanted." and then called the show's tip line. >> first thing the news flashed his face on the screen. and i go, you know, that's him. >> marriage had been camping out in this florida motel room lube alone under a fake name. he used only cash, stockpiled canned food, and had covered his blue toyota to conceal it. >> we can begin the process of mourning ask of groving. >> this is a first appearance hearing. >> now in custody, marriage faces four counts of first degree murder. mark strassman, cbs news, atlanta. coming up on 9 news now at
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noon, we're in a deep freeze. and much of the country is coping with bitter cold temperatures. we will have details in just a moment. i am meteorologist howard bernstein. the deep freeze could last awhile. we will look at the temperatures and the trend for the rest of the week. we have snow flurries showing up on live doppler 9,000hd and maybe more than snow flurry is about the end of the week. we will are the full forecast when 9 news now at noon returns. produce with a 100% guarantee...
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but we want you to take a look at other parts of the country. a bitter deep freeze extends all the way from the rockies down to florida. dean reynolds is in chicago with more information. temperatures drop below zero from the northern plains across the mississippi valley. while in the northeast, it was little better, with temperatures in the 20s. even the southeast got the treatment, with temperatures dipping down into the 30s. lake effect snow dumped 9 inches on buffalo new york and up to 15 inches in the suburbs. a record-setting nearly 3 feet of snow fell on burlington, vermont, one of the biggest storms that town has ever seen. the combination of snow and wind-driven gusts caused dangerous driving conditions across massachusetts. making cleanup difficulty for many. >> this is the second time i have shoveled today. the wind keeps blowing everything back on the driveway. but minnesota registered
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the coldest temperatures in the country from 20 blow in eden prairie to 36 below in crane lake. no big deal for hardy minnesotaens. glike handle it. i'm cold. i have been around the block. i was shoveling snow last week in a t-shirt. cold, cold cold. >> well, listen. dedicated golfers didn't let the snow stop them this weekend. 78duffers braved the snow and bone-chilling temperatures for a round of golf in illinois. it is the 46th annual eskimo open, appropriately named. of course white golf balls were not an option, so the golfers used colored balls and the 42- dollar fee included a hot drink, and the bowl of chili. now, i -- i met some golfers that love playing golf, but this -- >> toker is a big -- topper is a big golfer but i don't know -- that is really i dohard.
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>> apparently they do this -- that is really die hard. >> like the people who do the polar bear plunge. >> just talking about it. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to everybody out there. weather-wise we had a deep freeze ourselves. we're coming out of it a little bit. the worst of the cold was over the weekend. not that it will get balmy all of a sudden. just won't be as brutally cold over the next few days. your forecast first, looking at today. low 30s. in fact, we already have it at 32 this hour. maybe we will get to 34 or so. mid 30s the next couple of days. i have a flight today because we could see a flurry here or a snowshower in a couple of spots. as we look at your forecast, partly to mostly cloudy. calling for a few flurries, low 30s. northwest winds 10 to 20. gusting 25, even 30 in some spots. sun set 5:00 on the news. mostly cloudy, notes a -- as cold tonight. lows in the 20s with less winds. so windchills will start to come up and then tomorrow, partly sunny and blustery day,
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low-to-mid 30s northwest winds from 10 to 20 miles an hour. let me show you what is happening. look at doppler in just a moment. lots of snowshowers, pennsylvania, ohio and kentucky. we have sunshine off to our south and southeast, but off to the west and north, live doppler 9,000 hd, a few flurries. not all this is reaching the ground. you can sort of see them there. let me go north here up into frederick and northern montgomery county, you see it here west side of 270 up around -- through frederick on the east side, we may have a couple of flurries there. these are very, very light. and also, in and around the culpepper area as we go to the south and west. we have obtained light scattered flurries. that's about it out there. looking outside from our camera, you see, boy, it is a beautiful day. just a few high clouds out there. we have sunny skies for the most part. temperatures sitting right at the freezing mark with the west northwest wind at 16 gusting to 23. we certainly have a windchill that we're dealing with. most windchills in the low maybe mid 20s and very dry air with a dew point of 9. other
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temperatures still in the 20s and the shenandoah valley. we have low 30s in southern maryland over to cambridge fredericksburg is the warm spot sitting at 35. we got temperatures around 32, another shot of arctic air coming into minneapolis, the chill goes down to new orleans where they are 42. we will be in the 20s. big picture. one storm on the west coast not much to worry about. then we have got the snowshowers in the great lakes. but did you see what is happening in the deep south? a little disturbance with snowshowers from south of memphis now to parts of central and southern alabama. this may sneak in to georgia here in the next little while. that's not amounting to much but it is a good topic of conversational stuff there for them. for us, we have got the cold northwesterly winds persisting that other cold blast. and you know there is another cold blast behind this. so by the time we get to friday and saturday, more cold air comes in but with this next batch of cold air, looks like a
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little wave will try to develop ahead of that. that could bring us a little light snow here. as we head into thursday night. and friday friday morning. let's look at that seven-day forecast forecast. we have low 30s today with a flurry or two. partly sunny south. mostly cloudy north and west. tomorrow mid 30s after another chilly night. wednesday and thursday, looks fairly cloudy. though by thursday night to friday morning, right now doesn't look like much more than light snow. light snow. that's what it looks like today. let's talk over the next couple of days to see if anything changes. but more cold air by friday and saturday. upper 20s for highs. and by sunday, well, we're still cold but a little better, back to 33. that's weather. we have got more of 9 news now coming up at noon. please stick around. cycycyc;c;ckccoc/c/
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feel the heal. breaking news. at least two u.s. marshals were wounded today when a gunman opened fire in the lobby of a federal building in downtown las vegas. authorities say what the gunman was shot and killed at a building across the street. we will have more details on this evening's newscast and of course on our web site. and, by the way, in a few moments, on our web site, we're looking at pictures now from las vegas. but again the gunman was shot and killed. but two u.s. marshals were wounded. all right. the cold weather is not good for our skin but there are some things that we can do, okay? to weather the low temperatures. and allison has more on that.
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>> reporter: when temperatures drop skin can get painfully dry. >> itchy, red, flakey, gets a lot worse in the winter. >> do you look very dry. >> doctors say the number one way to combat dry winter skin, is to moisturize several times a day, especially after bathing. and remember, sun screen isn't just for summer. on a winter day, on a cloudy day, even if you're going to be inside and sitting next to a window or driving in your car, the ultraviolet radiation comes in. stay out of the tanning bed. it is the worst thing for your skin. >> when it is bitter cold out, most of us put on a winter hat and gloves. but some fabrics like wool can actually irritate overdry skin. >> in the winter, the things that might not bother you, in the summer when your skin is not as dry would bother you in the winter. for example,e, for example, wool, fragrance. things that make your skin more
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sensitive. >> a feeling blake mayes knows all too well. >> it feels like you're being cut with a knife because the windchill is like 11 degrees. and then you get inside, and your face is completely red, and completely dried out. >> so stock up on -- >> all right thank you for being with us. come back and join us at 5:00.
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