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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  February 3, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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unscheduled leave. get the entire list at and of course they are running at the bottom of the screen. okay. let's go to howard bernstein. he's got the weather for us. >> the storm is gone. the snow is over and the warnings advisories have been dropped. we have one problem leftover other than obvious slick streets some fog out there. we'll show you the storm. dropping less than an inch of snow. six to six and a half inches of
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snow in gerardstown, west virginia. a quick hitter and the storm is long gone. and the next storm is just starting to develop across the south and southwest texas. we'll talk more about that coming up at 6:15. temperature-wise this morning. 20s to low 30s out there, although culpeper is at 19 degrees. fredericksburg and pa tux sen river 33. same with national. some areas are wet and sloppy. some areas are frozen and foggy. you see culpeper, zero mile visibility reported there. orange, virginia has a quarter mile visibility. half mile at dulles. so that's sort of north gaithersburg almost to ladensburg. watch out north and west of town. very dense fog and definitely be a problem for the next few hours, probably until 8:00 or so. after that visibility should improve and we are expecting at least maybe some peeks of sunshine. forecast for today, clouds slow
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to break. mid-30s for 9:00, upper 40s at. we will be okay today. okay tomorrow. but by friday, problems return and could be some big problems as we head to the weekend. bruce keeps asking me how much. and i'm telling you we are looking a the numbers right now and it is possible we could be talking close to the december 19th storm. it is possible in some areas we could be close to that december 19th storm. as to how much snow, we'll fine tune that as we get closer, but plan, as we head in to friday night and saturday to be inside because i think travel will be very, very very difficult with this next storm. we will have more coming up. angie has the latest on the traffic. >> that's rye. i want to begin with a traffic alert we have been following of a video of a tanker truck overturned encased in the snow. this is last night but wreaking
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havoc with drivers this morning. out in rockville, it is closed at gaither road and as a result of this you want to use 355 to redland to get around this or use pick card to redland. that's another all alternative. 270 southbound we are tracking volume between 118 germantown road to 370. good news northbound. the flooding we were seeing near the shady grove exit is cleared. all lanes are wide open. on the outer loop at university an accident is holding steady. looks like that delay between new hampshire and georgia avenue. drivers are forced to tack on five to ten minutes for that. overall not so bad. in the district we are tracking inbound new york avenue. looks like the delay from the times building to bladensburg road has set in and we will round it out with the maps in northeast dc. we have been watching this since early on. in northeast, north capital is closed because of some police activity. i will give you one more camera. we didn't forget you about,
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virginia. 95 northbound, some volume between the prince william parkway and lorton and crash activity at the fairfax county parkway. now, back to you. >> our team of reporters is out on the streets to bring us the latest conditions from both sides of the potomac. let's start in maryland. >> kristin fisher is live in downtown silver spring. kristin? >> it stopped snowing here in four corners about two hours ago. in total we had five inches of snow and for that much snowfall i have to say the roads are looking good this morning. you can see the roads are wet and the reason why the roads are looking so good is for what you are about to see. check out the video we saw earlier this morning. you can see the road crews are out this morning an they have done a good job here in montgomery county and silver spring of plowing the streets,
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getting the salt on the road needed to make sure that everybody can get in to work for this morning commute. the one place i would tell you to watch for is the side streets. you are going to see a lot of excess snow on the roads there. plan a few extra minutes for that. as for schools, schools here in montgomery county are closed. get outside and go for a walk. enjoy the beautiful snowfall because it really is looking like a nice morning. now, i just want to mention, we will be streaming live right now from live stream. so if you can't get enough of the snow coverage, go to fisher and we will be broadcasting live from there all the way until 7 a.m. this morning. so, you know what, andrea, bruce, let's send it back to you guys, quite literally. oh any gosh i hit our photographer in the face. oh, i'm sorry.
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i apologize. we are practicing for that. i'm sorry. next time. 6:30 i'm going to make it work. right in the lens. >> we know kevin. he probably deserved the snowball in this face. look at the roads in the nation's capital. plows and salt trucks have been out for hours now. at connecticut and van ness the roads are clear but wet. 200 trucks have been clearing the path. the department of public works is reminding everyone to do your part, as well. >> i want to remind residents to clear their sidewalks. tomorrow is a school day. we want to have the sidewalks clear so that pedestrians can stay on the sidewalk and not walk in the street. >> reporter: city reminds residents if you have any questions about plowing, hasn't seen a truck call 311. let's go to the commonwealth now. jessica doyle is keeping an eye on things in tysons corner this morning. good morning, jess. >> reporter: hi there, andrea w
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-- we are here at the intersection of international drive and 123 in tysons corner. as you can see, traffic is moving briskly through the area. that's because the roads have been streeted and -- treated and plowed and things are looking very, very good for the main roadways. the side streets, though, are touch and go and we caught up with jimmy with vdot safety services for some driving tips. here's what he told us this morning. >> just kind of take your time. even though the snow is not really accumulated on the roads right now just take your time and keep in mind it is cold and there's possibility of ice. we have a lot of sand down and stuff like that, and just kind of take your time and don't push it. >> if you push it, then you could wind up in a median on one of the highways. something i saw twice on the drive to work. even though the roads are in a good situation. we have a plow behind us. it took 20 to 30 minutes for
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another plow to clean out this parking lot where we are at this sun know station here in tysons corner them main roadways are looking good could be black ice out there. you want to keep your speeds down. back to you. we told you yesterday that virginia promises to get roads cleared no matter the cost. the problem is, it needs to find money to do that. after saturday's storm is out of snow removal money. the northern virginia area has spent $32 million already this winter. and as you know more snow is on the way. the trains are on time this morning for metro. this wasn't enough snow to impact the rails. as for metro bus many will run on snow emergency routes. be careful getting off and on the buses as sidewalks are very slick around the bus stops.
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things are moving quite well at the regions three airports. we checked the websites for national, dulles and bwi and all three show a few delays but nothing major. plenty of cancellations. stay with us all morning for the latest on this round of winter weather. we will be on until 9:30 this morning giving you special snow coverage and of course there's more snow coming. >>, follow howard's forecast and go to the traffic page and check out live cameras and upload your snow pictures. it is all at our time is 9 after the hour. a check on other stories making news is next. more trouble for toyota. in three minutes what might be wrong with prius? >> oh. realize this morning that tough times only make you stronger. as willie jolly explains, you have to go through change to achieve success. >> good morning. this is willie jolly.
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we're back. good morning, washington. live look at downtown rockville, maryland. we will have the latest forecast, traffic and school delays coming up. in other news this morning, a chilling warning from the director of the cia. al-qaeda may attempt an attack on the u.s. >> leon pan net that says the timetable is three to six months. speaking on the hill yesterday, he said that al-qaeda is looking for new recruits and he emphasized there are no specific threats. the warning is on the heels of a thwarted bombing of a northwest airlines jet. the accused terrorist is
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cooperating with investigators. they are crediting the suspect's family for getting him to talk. more problems this morning could be looming for toyota. it is now investigating problems with the prius hybrid. the national highway traffic safety administration has received 100 complaints about the car's brakes. there are problems in japan, as well. this follows the ongoing problems involving gas pedals and floor mats. gm is looking in to complaints that the chevy cobalt. the problem is with the power steering t it is linked to 11 accidents thus far. gm's review of the 2005 to 2009 models. >> our storm alert focuses on school closings and delays. we start in maryland -- we
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can't get rid of one storm before we have to prepare mentally at least for another. >> i was talking to charlie out of catlett and he said we will build a snowman today and a family by sunday and put a hat
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on him on tuesday. >> the inlaws will come over. >> one of the chat rooms, said i have myself an igloo kits last week. and hey parentally he did not. he is a loafer of snow. some people are excited about this. >> you are one of them. >> i'm borderline now. i am border lean now. i generally love snow but this maybe getting much. we will shoot for records potentially. top ten snowiest winters and we will talk about that. >> we love records. >> we want to thank everyone who has been submitting storm reports to us at you can still do that. we love to know how much snow you have got. he's been tracking how much fell last night. he is joining us from the weather terrace. snow totals four to six inch totals where you are. if you want to touch on the removal of the snow, it is a still a heavy, thick and wet snow. this is a little bit in the
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shovel and that's okay. if you go over here and show a lot of snow is builted up and try to shovel out where it is six inches of snow. you can put enough snow on the shovel, the plastic ones, you can get it to break at some point. take your time removing the snow today. start with virginia. we are at reston. five inch snowfall totals. wild acres with six. next three days looking at no problems for the rest of today and tomorrow. fog lingering this morning but by friday afternoon, friday evening we have snow returning and this one looks like it will be a large precipitation maker.
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probably snow maker before it is said and done, especially on saturday. it will be a very difficult day to travel. bus stop forecast for those schools going in late or even on time, i believe as dc is, mostly cloudy and upper 20s to mid-30s with sunrise 7:12 this morning. we hope to see some sunshine. not a lot but some sunshine. call it partly sunny and seasonably chilly. back in the 20s tonight under partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies them storm is quick to exit to the east but at times and some weather watcher and friends in the chat room at telling me they have an inch of snow an hour from 10:00 to 1:00 last night. it quickly left the region. visibility is zero. at culpeper, leesburg, montgomery county at the air park, frederick is a half mile, manassas a mile and a quarter and orange, virginia a half mile visibility. west and northwest of town, very dense fog. keep that in mind.
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temperatures up to 21 in culpeper. they were 19. 32 in town. at the naval academy and low 30s from saint indigos this morning with winds our of the, well, no direction. calm winds and with the high humidity we have the fog. i want to show you this moisture down here. this is the developing storm and looks like it may clobber us late friday in to saturday. here's the seven-day forecast, 42 degrees tomorrow. 40 tomorrow. friday in to saturday, significant snow is possible. likely. sunday and monday we are drying out and tuesday maybe another storm and 33. it is 6:18. here's angie. a couple of traffic alerts to kick things off with. we begin with the capital beltway. on the outer loop in maryland, watching an accident near the university exit. we are also seeing drivers are jammed from 95 to georgia. as we take it to realtime graphics. show you the inner loop. this is at branch avenue, a report of a car firework. watch for crawls. in to dc, south capital street
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and the suitland parkway. this shot reveals a nice, quiet, light drive in to the district. as we go back to the maps, i can show you in northeast dc we still have north capital street closed between v cheat and channing because of ongoing police activity. police are on the gun and they are directing drivers. 66 eastbound. we will call it a wrap with that. tracking nothing but a delay from 50 to 123. that's just your volume. back to you. joining us now by phone is jennifer mcchord, spokeswoman with vdot. tell us what the roads like this morning. >> the interstate and primary roads are looking pretty clear. we have been able to plow those overnight. one issue i'm hearing a lot about is road spray. we want folks to slow down a little bit because the visible maybe limited from the snow melting and being thrown out of course the major issue for folks is secondary roads and
6:20 am
subdivision streets where we haven't hit those yet. we ask that folks allow extra time to get through those. >> we always get those calls what about what about the neighborhood streets so we can get to main arteries that are clear. so what kind of timetable are we looking at or you prefer not do go in to that yet, too early? >> within have been in subdivisions overnight and gotten through 25% of those. we will continue to work through those this morning and we think with the sun coming up and the temperatures going up that will give us a leg up. folks should expect a plow in their subdivision today. we need to get those color cleared because we expect more snow in a couple of days so we need to get those cleared. >> i am assuming the morning rush has been different because federal workers have not been hitting the roads like they normally do. >> having traffic on the roads helps. the exit ramp, of course, have a little less traffic on those and those tend to get slick
6:21 am
more quickly. those are another area to watch for this morning. >> reporter: what about hov, is that in affect this morning? >> hov is open with regular hours. those roads, those lanes should be clear. the commuter lots should be clear. so folks traveling to those should be good. >> reporter: jennifer mccord with vdot, thank you for the information. we may check in with you later. this just in alexandria city schools are closed for the day. good news for the students. ahead in sports the caps go for a record-breaking win. plus, super bowl media day. in three minutes, what some players did to steal the spotlight.
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♪ [ music ] >> if you want it then you should have put a ring on it &&. >> all the single ladies all the single ladies &&. >> karaoke at the super bowl media day. they sang a little beyonce. they practiced today. this is the place to watch super bowl 44. it is sunday night here on channel 9. kickoff 6:25. the caps are riding the longest winning streak in franchise history make it 11 wins in a row now. >> he triggers it around, alex semins scores. >> reporter: he broke a 1-1 tie the caps score to beat the bruin and go for 12 in a row tomorrow night against the rangers. thanks for joining us. it is 6:25. up next we continue the winter weather coverage. the snow stopped but the morning commute is sloppy. a list of school delays and closings and a look ahead to another storm coming this
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when i really need to get to sleep,
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i trust unisom. i fall asleep fast and have a full night of restful sleep. morning class. unisom. good night. good morning. . we're back at 6:29 with continuing coverage of our latest winter storm. here's a look at the four corners area of silver spring. you can see the roadways are wet. the snow has stopped but the traffic is moving. >> we have a live look at
6:30 am
tysons corner in virginia. no doubt people are heading this way to go shopping or check out a movie on this snow day. >> now to the district, main citys re pretty clear but side streets like this one, this is 34th street, rather 39th street in northwest. still slushy waiting for a snowplow to come and do more cleanup. thank you for starting your wednesday morning with us. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm bruce johnson. we will be with you until 9:30 this morning. >> but first the closings and delays. federal workers are on unscheduled leave today. and now the school closings and delays --
6:31 am
right now we say good morning to howard bernstein. he says it's done for today and there's more to come. >> yeah. this is one i think of a series of three storms that will affect us over the course of the week. if you start with yesterday, until next tuesday, or wednesday even we will have three storms. storm number one is finishing. number two is late friday in to saturday and number three could be coming next tuesday.
6:32 am
look at what is coming right now. satellite and radar. we say good-bye to the first storm. it rained in reedville. an inch and a half in newland. seven inches james called in from morefield, west virginia. they had a bit there. we have a couple of snow showers on doppler hd. i want to show you this hagerstown to charlestown in to northwestern loudoun county. can't rule out a couple of flurries or light snow shower and one toward hagerstown will head to thurmont and emmittsburg may see it toward frederick and meyersville, as well. devon lucie has been with me and we have been talking about the potential for the upcoming snow and this one, as well. devon, i'm thinking about the know ratios. why don't you explain that to people and why this is a heavier snow. >> great point. this is a much heavier snow because our air temperature was closer to freezing. many areas above freezing
6:33 am
overnight and below. if you don't get everything plowed or scooped out you get it to pack down and that's the hardest part to remove. turns to ice. i just rolled a ball of snow around for a while and this is what i came up with the beginnings of a snowman out there. you have so much more better water that has gone to making the snow. it is a heavier packing snow. you have the fluffy snow. mid-20s to the teens like in the previous snowstorms. looks like the next system will start out like this but probably end like our previous storms, right, howard? >> we are thinking a milder start, a colder finish. the snow ratio may go up to 15 to 20 to 1 by the time it is over. we will talk about that coming up. a lot of low-level moisture. visibilities have really dropped off greatly. we are looking at some visibilities north and west to zero with the fog. up to a quarter mile in culpeper. they were zero. same with orange.
6:34 am
dulles at a half. frederick is up from zero to a quarter and montgomery county has come up from zero to a mile and a half. patchy dense fog especially west and northwest. for today looking at temperatures in the upper 20s and 30s. to get close to that 40-degree mark with a peek or two of sunshine later on. angie goff has been a busy lady as well. >> please don't be overconfident this morning. i know a lot of the roadways have been well treated but you want to take it slower than usual. we have some slick spots out there across the region. on the outer loop, good news at university. the accident has cleared out of the way. the delays have not. you are below speed from new hampshire to georgia avenue. on the inner loop, we are tracking something new here. the vehicle fire at route 5. we now know that it blocks the right lane. drivers are slow approaching the scene. it is blocking the right shoulder, too, i'm hearing. no major delays in the area. 395 northbound, slow between edsall to seminary.
6:35 am
no incidents out there. the beltway in virginia. 95 to 66 notice a little bit of slowing but overall giving it the thumbs up and 270 as you head outside, traveling southbound, drivers are below speed from 118 germantown road to 370 and this is something new. 7th is closed at h street in northwest dc because of fire activity. we have crews on the scene. now, back to you. >> thank you. our team of reporters has been out all morning bringing you the latest from the region. >> we want to check in with jessica doyle. she is live in tysons corner, virginia. >> reporter: you need two best friends today. one is really good windshield wipers. you want good blades on there and the other of course is the wind shield wiper fluid and de- icer. there's so much road spray on the road and you were speaking to vdot earlier. they are telling people to keep the speeds down. the road spray has become an issue because we have so much
6:36 am
snow melting. they have been out overnight, plowing and putting down de- icer and basically like we have a rainstorm here. if you can see on the roads and the parking lot, we are here in tysons corner, the roads are slick. and in spots where it is warm or treated, that's fine. you just race through there as if it was rain, but there are plenty of icy patches on the roads, as well. black ice is something to watch for this morning. keep the speeds down or else you could wind up in the median. of course the rule always applies, the bridges, the overpasses, the on ramps, those can be some of the most dangerous places and then later when the sun comes up you think everything is fine, the shady spots can be slick as well. tysons corner, you can see the traffic is picking up here. this is a commuter area a lot of businesses here and government businesses and law firms so you see people coming out and coming to work this morning and it is looking good here. i have to tell you the roads are looking pretty good.
6:37 am
back to you. >> the snowstorm and the one expected this weekend. they are going to take a financial hit on the commonwealth. vdot in northern virginia has already spent the entire winter weather budget and it is only february 3rd. the district started to get ready for the snow before it started to fall. this is a live look at the sousa bridge at pennsylvania avenue. you can see it is clear of snow. while you slept more than 200 trucks spread salt, sand and cleared away the snow. city leaders remind you have to clear your sidewalk and they encourage you to help out your neighbors, especially those who can't do it, as well. >> how are things going out in the maryland suburbs? let's go to kristin fisher live in silver spring. hi, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. we are just now entering the start of rush hour and i am happy to report the traffic is looking really good. i'm in the woodmore shopping center in silver spring. you are looking at the intersection of colesville road and university. and you can see you are looking
6:38 am
at inbound traffic heading in to dc. you can see the traffic is moving real smoothly this morning. and you are not going to see any snow on the main roads, at least where i have been in silver spring. you are going to see mostly wet conditions. so it is slick but crews have done a good job of getting the snow out of the way before rush hour this morning and you have crews on the road and crews on the sidewalk. check out these guys. there have been people in the woodmore parking lot since we got here at 2:30 a.m. this morning. first it was the plows and then the bobcats. and now we have got these two gentlemen actually shoveling the snow. you can see them picking at the ice, making sure to get rid of the slick spots. we are out here and cold, doing live reports all morning long but we are not really doing anything except informing you guys. these guys are the heros getting their hands dirty and making conditions on the road safe for you guys. if i heading out, don't plan too much time. check out how easily the snow
6:39 am
falls from your windows. it really does brush off. that's the good news in all of this. we will be live all morning long. now back to you. >> doing a great job. thank you. the weather is to blame for the slow cleanup at the overnight crash. this was the scene a few hours ago in rockville, maryland. a truck overturned on west gude drive and gaither road. the driver suffered minor injuries. some fuel leaked out. it should be cleared up later we're told. we will be here with you this morning until 9:30 bringing you the latest on the storm. >> you know we will be here preparing for the next winter blast as well. >> follow the forecast at you can also go to the traffic page to check out the live cameras and upload snow pictures. we want to see what you see. it is all at the time is 6:39. ahead other stories making
6:40 am
news today. driving faster through virginia. in five minutes the latest on the push raise the speed limit. it's monday,
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breaking news out of the district. weaver told several people are hurt after a fire. at least three are children. it is on naylor road in southeast washington. an apartment building there has been evacuated. we are getting information on all of this. a crew is on the way. we will have the updates as soon as we get them. other news making news, an arlington woman is behind bars accused of a double murder. the victims were found 24 hours ago in dale city, virginia v.a. 47-year-old natalia wilson is charged in the murders. police say she knew the victims.
6:44 am
police confirm that morgan harrington was murdered. the body of the virginia tech student was found last week three months after she van fished. -- vanished. no word honor how she died or who killed her. prince william county has a deputy executive she was appointed on tuesday. she had been serving as deputy executive for two and a half years. you could soon legally zoom along virginia highways at 70 miles an hour. that they approved the hike from 65. it would only take affect on interstates in the more rural parts of the commonwealth. governor mcdonnell is expected to sign the bills in to law. now the all-important list of delays and closings. federal workers are on unscheduled leave. >> now the school closings and delays in virginia. these schools are closed. --
6:45 am
i bought a little sled and i get to use it. >> enjoy. >> don't crash in to trees.
6:46 am
check the path where you go. >> okay. >> it is over for now. >> for now. >> but the worst is ahead of us. >> yeah, i think the storm over the week will be the worst win we get in the area. so three, and then another one probably sometime looks like on tuesday afternoon and tuesday night is the way it is looking. that is so far away it is sort of -- >> the one this weekend it is good to talk about it so people can get to the grocery stores now and take the time. shovels and salt. >> ever think of running for public office? >> bite your tongue, bruce. a lot of people are saying bite your tongue. we have snow last night. piled up quickly last night. at times an inch and hour. we have decent totals from a little quick-moving storm. devon lucie has been with me this morning. while the snow has ended we are getting storm reports with totals. here's devon with more. >> most of the totals were piling up this morning, 1:00 to
6:47 am
2:00 the morning. half you got beyond that and the snow let up we had heavy thick wet snow. it compacts a bit. where you have thick wet snow, the wake of it starts to compact the snow more. here's the totals where you are. first in virginia -- looks like this is just the preview of what's to come, right, ward. >> that's right. we are looking at a lot of snow that will be coming in to friday afternoon and friday night in to saturday. saturday is going to be the day
6:48 am
where it will be tough. even starting on friday night to do any traveling potentially around here. temperatures before the storm starts mid to upper 30s and then we will get a crack at 30, 32 on saturday. might even hold in the 20s as colder air moves in. some rain is possible in southern maryland, northern neck and switching back to snow and becoming a fluffier storm as the snow progresses. the bus stop forecast for the commuters and the kids going late. mostly cloudy, mid to upper 30s and sunrise 7:12. this afternoon a little sun. partly sunny, seasonably chilly. highs 40, 42. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. upper 20s in town and low 20s in the suburbs. northwest winds five to ten. the storm whipped through quickly. ten to 12 hours is what it lasted. it really did fly across the region but drops upwards of seven inches of snow. more snow out of ohio, and
6:49 am
pennsylvania in to western maryland. go to live doppler hd. in the hagerstown area and west virginia, maybe loudoun county, we have a couple of snow flurries and snow showers there. the bigger concern is the fog that is formed and the high moisture-rich environment. with light winds, visibility is near zero at culpeper. quarter mile at dulles. half mile leesburg. you get the idea there are real problems to the west with temperatures below freezing. so not just slippery roads but fog. you may want to wait a while before you go out. the seven-day forecast, the next storm is taking shape as we head in to friday and saturday. actually down texas starting. we could have significant snow here and a lot more than this one and sunday and monday, another snow is possible on mobbed monday and tuesday. we are going through until 9:30. stay with us with for updates on the school and road conditions. no problems out of
6:50 am
fredericksburg to the springfield interchange. we are moving well. we are slow little river to route 50. that is pure volume. no incidents or accidents. on 66 eastbound, that trip is looking slow around the route 50 area. the roads are well treated but still you want to watch your speed. we have some slick spots out there. in maryland,. the second one is from falls down to the split. drivers are still losing two right lanes because crews are out there trying to address a car fire. that's the traffic. with more on the trains here's andrea. >> thank you. it is 6:50. we want to get an update on how metro rail and bus are moving this morning. joining us is metro spokeswoman, kathy assado. we understand you are dealing with two issues this morning. gallery place station and twinbrook. start with gallery place.
6:51 am
>> i can tell you at gallery place there is a report of smoke on the track on the red line. fire department and emergency personnel are on the scene. at this time we are unable to run red line trains in to the gallery place station. to help customers get around that situation we are setting up a bus shuttle that will go from met throw center to judiciary square. >> and also, we understand that there is a problem, maybe a switch disruption at the twinbrook station. >> there is a switch situation at twinbrook and we are working to get that operational. so we need our riders to be a little patient with us on the red line as we deal with the weather and the mechanical issues that we are coming up with. i want you to know most metro buses are running on schedule. however, we have about a dozen routes that are operating on snow emergency routes only and that is due to the conditions and as those improve we will be
6:52 am
able to restore service. with the smoke at gallery place, do you have any idea what the cause of that and how long getting around that disruption will take place? >> i unfortunately don't have an estimated time for you. and we are looking in to the cause and trying to get a remedy so we can restore service. >> thank you for being with us and of course you can get updates on what's going on metro rail and bus at we'll have a link to metro's website right there. our time is 6:52. freezing here in northwest washington. officially 32 degrees. it is our second snowstorm in five days. in three minutes, a live report on conditions across the region. (announcer) sinus pressure.
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6:56 am
>> it is a picture perfect daybreak morning here. snowy morning in tysons corner. the traffic is moving through. vdot was out all night plowing and treating the roads. they are okaying okay except for the slick spots. i'm kristin fisher in silver spring where crews have been on the roads all morning long to make things safe for your commute. the traffic is moving smoothly but schools are closed. i have been tracking the traffic all morning long. live from pennsylvania and new york. most main roads are treated but we have some closings and metro issues to tell you about. howie? >> we are done with the snow. fog out there. highs 40 to 42. stick around. we will stick around also until 9:30 this morning with our special snow coverage. see you in a moment. pillsbury crescent rolls, so warm, light, flaky...
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