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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  February 5, 2010 6:12pm-6:30pm EST

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>> all right. let's take a live look at the springfield interchange. always known as the mixing bowl. 95, 395 and 495 coming together. moderate traffic. nothing like you would normally see on a friday night. things are moving smoothly and again people going at a slower pace, which is so important as the snow continues to come down and visibility, with the darkness and blowing snow is going to get worse. >> absolutely. that's why topper and patranya bhoolsuwan has been telling you this thing will amp up and look at you. you can tell it is already amping up. >> it is amping up a little bit. in places it had not accumulated on the concrete it is beginning to accumulate. heavy snow tonight, near blizzard conditions. we will take you out with live doppler and pinpoint the heavier bands. everybody is at least getting moderate snow across the metro area and that is from warrenton to leesburg across the river in to frederick and up in to hagerstown. points south, too are getting hammered. we will come back and talk
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about the prospect of mixing with sleet and rain. the full forecast is next. (announcer) school mornings are busy mornings.
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this is a live shot of northwest dc where the snow is coming down again. by now you know there's a snow emergency. you want to keep the cars off the snow emergency routes and all the jurisdictions are asking you to park in driveway and garages so they can get those plows an the area as quickly as possible. now, right now we are in the mile of the storm. if you haven't already, you want to get some things ready. you want to make sure you have enough batteries for flash lights and radios, battery powered game and toys.
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if you have alternative heat sources keep them three feet from anything that could catch fire. keep plenty of blankets on hand in case of a power outage and cover windows and spaces around the doors to keep the drafts at a minimum. here's tips to help you dig out of the snow. you should have snow removal equipment ready to go. hopefully you have a shovel. if you are lucky a snow blower locate the equipment now so they are in good working order and you want to shovel periodically to keep the walkways clear of snow. >> a quick note, we are pre- empting the cbs evening news with an extended edition of 9 news now at 6:00. >> and live skype shot of scott broom driving with both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road. scott, we know you are there. what are you seeing? >> well, i'm parked right now in the parking lot of a shoppers food warehouse store. i want to go in the store and
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see if the last-minute folks are getting out here are finding what they are looking for. in fact, nobody, i want to assure you nobody is going to starve to death in the storm. the stores have things in them but don't have select items that you may want. i got in there, hamburger meat, for instance, shredded mexican cheese, for instance. what could people be making on super bowl weekend that would require hamburger and shredded cheese. exactly all of that stuff. doritos, some chips and dip gone but the bread and milk and stuff like that are in the stores for those who will try to make a last-minute venture out tonight. so that's good news. what is not good news is what i'm seeing behind the wheel here and i will take you on a tour from the shoppers warehouse in college park to the parking lot. very briefly and calmly we will slowly see the parking lot is completely snow covered and
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extremely slick. this is the situation on side streets as well and even the main roads i have been on in the last few minutes have also started to build up slush, even with a layer of salt down. as predicted it is starting to couple down and build up and it is a very wet snow. high moisture content. in my opinion, that makes things more slippery under tire when you are in a vehicle here. so, you know, for the last- minute people who are getting out now, you can still move around. it is certainly -- we're not in the critical transportation status right now but things are getting slick very quickly the sun is back. it is getting colder. i'm right at 32, mark that to 31 degrees now on my in-car thermometer here. so if you haven't got out, and you really need to get out you can still do it. but it is not a great idea and conditions are only going to get worse as predicted. it is unfolded just as they
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said, started light, getting heavier. so it is unfolding as predicted from what i'm seeing here. i will talk to you later and we will continue to cruise around and check back in. >> we know you want to give us a view but if it looks too treacherous pull over. you heard him talking about the high moisture content. it will be colder air. start with the map. 202030 inches including the district, fairfax, montgomery county, anne arundel, howard county, frederick county in to winchester and the mountains. less to the south. that's a heck of a storm for southern sections of charles county and back in to calvert county. in to southern st. marys six to 12 inches. i think we will see a mix of a
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little bit of sleet and rain. thanks to m.j. for taking this before it got dark in damascus. he had 3 1/2 inches at the time. up to 4 1/2 now. here's now totals for you -- we want you to stay home. big storm, classic storm, pulled out of the gulf of mexico. it is going to have verse across south central georgia, eventually getting north of wilmington. it will hug the coast as it moves across north carolina. that's why we think we will see this mixing line move to the north. already seeing the rain pretty
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close to us. that will indeed cut down on amounts a little bit. let's talk about amounts in live doppler. here's devon. >> we will start with the super ruler outside. you can get this at the livestream, not just live web updates but livestream on the super ruler. upwards to four and a half to five inches of snow. but the other side is a more likelihood of build upof snow. it is 2 1/2 to three inches of snow we have there. we have moderate steady snow across the area. we tweak the colors here and talked about this a little bit and we will talk about it more. steady snows. if you lap to see purple and brighter shades mixing in, that means it will be heavier snow bands. there you see it. moving over the potomac to the chesapeake. that's where we have an enhancement from the relatively warmer water in the air. that is a heavy band of snow moving through that area right now. a couple of snow totals. up in washington county, western maryland, hancock, seven inches of snow.
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over in northern virginia, fairfax county, lorton 5.3. western virginia, warren county, front royal checked in with five inches of snow. west virginia, romney, hampshire county ten inches. i want to touch upon this coming back outside one last time. my great hat here is courtesy of derek mcginty and you may remember he wore that for the inauguration last year. so i joked around. thanks so much for the hat. i was missing one. so i will have to see if i get the flint lock out of my car later. >> i think you need a more stylish hat. >> temperatures 28 to 32 and the winds northeasterly. don't forget to check on the elderly and bring in your pets. shovel in shifts and have flash lights ready should we lose power with the storm. a reminder here, wet and dry snow. one square foot of snow is 0.5- pounds by if you have a
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driveway with two inches of snow you are moving about 468- pounds times ten. this is just with two inches of snow. that's over 4600-pounds, over two tons. so that's why you are five times as likely to have a heart attack when you are shoveling snow. it is actually strenuous. shovel in shifts because it will snow so hard overnight. you need to do it every three hours. windy and cold tomorrow morning. more snow two to four inches. 28 to 32 and by afternoon, snow tapers off slowly. one to two inches additionally. highs 30, and winds from the north at 15 to 25 and gusty. next seven days, 30 tomorrow. looking at low 30s on sunday with sunshine. mid-30s on monday. near 4 on tuesday. the next system probably insult to injury not a huge storm and maybe snow, rain and then back to snow. low 30s in its wake. >> oh my. >> it is tough out there we'll get you through it. it is all good. >> you won't go home for the
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next week but you'll get us through it. >> that's it. we are continuing super storm coverage on our website at as well as updates on the facebook and twitter pages and sent your storm reports. also a quick note, we will be on the air all day on saturday starting at 6:00 a.m. and then sunday morning with wall-to-wall super storm coverage. stay with us.
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welcome back. super bowl weekend, super storm. all packed up together what. do you say? >> yeah, stuck, together. >> exactly. >> armando trull is in forestville, maryland. kind of a storm command center there at the department of public works. armando. >> that's right this is the snowstorm center, and it got a huge screen with access the
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about 100 cameras, and from the last time we spoke, we now see that the snow is beginning to pile up. this is old branch at kirby. we've got garrett at morgan station. you can see a lot more snow there. paint branch, and that subpoena in the college park area. and the temperature is now about 26 degrees. that is the temperature on the pavement. that's what their computer records say. and that means that the snow is actually sticking. and that means this about 240 trucks and crews are about or have gone into action, and with us is jim. tell us about what's going on out there. >> what happened was about 6:00 we started seeing about one to two inches of snow falling, and it started accumulating on the streets. so we began plowing at that time, and we will be hitting the primary streets pretty much through the evenings. we will continue to plow the main streets, so they're clear,
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and then it's going to be later on before we could even get into the neighborhoods. >> what is the recommendation that you've got for folks if


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