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tv   CBS Evening News With Katie Couric  CBS  February 5, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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emergency, the snow emergency that's been declared? >> one of the things, the roads are just -- are very bad right now, and they're going to be impassible through the weekend. and we're asking people to stay home, it's the weekend. unless you've just actually have to get out, and you should just check on your neighbors, make sure that everybody is safe and that you're safe, too. >> all right, so there you have it. that is what's happening in the prince george's county storm center. and again, let's take a look at the camera to see what's going on throughout different parts of prince george's county. let's start up at the top. that's arena drive. you see how the snow is beginning to accumulate. then you've got i-495, then maryland 214 at richy. the snow is beginning to pile
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up. garrett at morgan, that's just up the street from where we are. a lot of snow up there. then paint branch, college park. this is where our colleague scott broom was, and he reported a lot of snow, and you can see that's exactly what's happening. about 240 plow trucks have hit the roads. they've got 1800 miles to go. they will be at it all night, and so will we. reporting live, armando trull. >> take a look at what's going on in montgomery county. ray chin is out with more on the conditions there. >> reporter: armando was talking about the roadways. here on 355 you can see the snow is getting to be covered and snow packed right now. it's been sticking for quite awhile for a couple of hours. he also talked about the temperature of the road. and i've got this nifty gadget here that shows the temperature. right now it's showing 21 degrees. of course, that is the concern when you're talking about these
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drivers traveling overnight, into teaching hours because the ground is so cold. i also want to show what you we picked up last night. this storm station. it is basically acting like a huge battery. hat a light, a flashlight, and it also has a radio. so it's all battery operated. check this out. you can even put your car charger in there and also a household charger. you can charge up your phone in case the power goes out w. so much snow that we're dealing with overnight and into saturday, that is the big concern with pepco and virginia dominion power. once the snow continues to fall because the snow is so heavy. so that might be something you might want to pick up. obviously right now, the roads are pretty dangerous, but something to keep in mind and make sure you've got all those batteries stocked. lesli, back to you. >> all right, go get warm for at least a minute or two. thanks. now to some good advice from the governor of maryland.
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>> oh, yeah. it applies to everybody watching and listening right now. >> we want to encourage all citizens, if you don't have to go out in this, do not go out. this is a great time to stay at home, get some quality time with your spouse and your kids, curl one a back and stay off the roads, so that our crews out there can do the job that we need for them to do, which is to keep the highways open for emergency vehicles and to do our best to get back to normal once this big event passes. >> governor o'malley issued an emergency declaration. that allows him to activate the national guard if need be, and it paves the way for federal help with show removal once this is all over. >> yeah, but it's not going to be all over for awhile, right, topper? i guess we gotta hunk down. >> we're still in the infancy. >> people nay be looking outside going, not such a big deal. >> not crazy. >> until they get stuck. >> right. but we are looking at by far and away the worse conditions will be overnight, and we'll
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slowly taper off tomorrow. even tomorrow we're going to see in the early morning hours probably near blizzard conditions. this just in, added to the blizzard warning, district, prince george's county and charles county, goes into effect from 1:00 p.m. until 10:00 a.m. so southern maryland, the district, prison gormtion county and charms county in a blizzard warning. let's go to the maps. how much is going to fall? this is one reason it's a blizzard warning. although quite frankly you don't actually need falling snow to after blizzard warning. it's really about winds and visibility, but we're going to have both. 20 to 30 inches from the shenandoah valley, fauquier, the district, even across the bay into northern sections of delaware where there's always blizzard warning. baltimore, even all the way to the mason dixon line, 20 to 30 inches. further south, 12 to 20 is a good call. i'm telling you, we're going to see some sleet and rain mixed in in st. mary's county, six to 12 across the delmarva.
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fredericksburg two inches. you could be in danger of flipping over to some sleet and rain a little later on tonight. hagerstown only two inches, but romney, man you guys get hammered, 10 inches in romney, west virginia. dangerous super storm. six to 12 between now and midnight. six to eight between midnight and 6:00 a.m., then it starts to pull away from the coast. so in the morning, maybe two to four, in the afternoon, maybe one to two. but near blizzard conditions tonight, and that is a huge deal for us. it doesn't happen too often. the criteria is the 12 to 18- hour period where you need visibility one quarter of a mile or less for three hours or longer, and sustained winds at 35 miles per hour or frequent gusts to 35 miles per hour. so doesn't technically have to be snow. it's just visibility and also wind, and i think we're going to satisfy those criteria as we get into the late hours tonight. the late hours tonight. especially in southern
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maryland. we may see this actually push further north. we said that earlier. may see it push a little further north. we haven't had time to talk about it but we're going to see some tremendous beach erosion with this store. satellite picture radar combined, here's the snow in blue, but we're going to watch this line creep north. usually what happens climatologically, we get a warm nose across southern maryland, up the bay, and we'll watch that because that will cut down on your accumulations south of town. let's look at live doppler and go outside to devon. has he got that crazy hat on? oh, much better hat. he stole my hat. >> reporter: i wondered who that was. >> you wear it well. >> reporter: appreciate it. let's go to live doppler. some pretty interesting things. you see the snow really bursting out right now. we've got a heavy band of he snow just passed over the potomac, moving in towards maryland, moving through fairfax county where that heavy band is going through, eventually up to the city of fairfax, up around the
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springfield area. it just moved through woodbridge not too long ago. that is a very heavy dose of snow. if you are not in the heaviest band, you're still getting at least moderate snow. maryland snowfall totals, gaithersburg at 6:30 measured two inches of snow. la plata, four inches of snow measured at 6:00. in virginia, cross junction in frederick five inches of snow. front royal, five inches of snow. and lorton, 5.3. if i can, if we can come outside quickly to the weather tear remarks we've talked about how wet of a snow this is. if you can come out to me, i know this -- move on out to our oftenbacher's, we appear fresh 80 it. it just sticks to anything. very high water content. >> good job. and you do wear it well. it's actually going to be a dryer snow tomorrow.
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winter storm juaning in effect for everybody, but prince george's county and the district will go into a blizzard warning between 10:00 p.m. tonight and 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. heavy snow tonight, 12 to 20 inches. near blizzard conditions, low temperatures 28 to 3 2. winds northeasterly 15 to 25, and they will be cranking after midnight. good time to go to you get your exclusive outage map and your seven-day outlook. we hope there are no outages, but you can get them there. tomorrow, upper 20s, low 30s. by afternoon, windy and cold, snow tapers off. highs only around 30. winds out of the north at 15 to 25 and rather gusty. next seven days, 30 tomorrow, maybe 31 on sunday with sunshine. low to mid-30s on monday. near 40 on tuesday. there's that next storm. probably insult to injury. in the a huge storm at this
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point. maybe snow/rain/snow, then there's not too many folks on the road but let's see what's shaking. >> what's shaking? >> what's shaking? not much on the roadways. it's good to see that fewer and fewer cars are getting out there. but as you can see on 395 we do have an accident. kind of blurry through that camera. the mnl vehicles off to the side, off to the shoulder, not really affecting traffic. but a lot of snow coming down just in the past half-hour, covering the lanes, really hard to see. so best advice, really take it slow out there, and stay home if you can. so 395 and 95 getting more dangerous by the hour. 270, same story. fewer cars we're seeing is out there. we're seeing some more plow vehicles trying to clear the roadways for all the vehicles going up there. we're lucky to see not too many cars so that's good news. no accidents or incidents to report all the way up to clarksburg. we are going to wrap it up in the district. we can really see the snow in this camera, near china town. as you know, the capitals are
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intown tonight. their game is set at 7:00. still set to be on. a lot of people rely on metro to get to the game so it's going to be interesting because metro could shut down their above ground operation. you mate want to keep them posted on the metro situation, let them know in time. we'll keep you posted on that situation throughout the newscast. guys, back to you. >> thanks for the update. we're taking a live look out on our weather terrace, and checking the levels. the snow levels. we'll come back with more totals, more forecast, more information, more, more, more, what's the we're doing here. more snow coverage just for you. stick with us. >> that's right. ( music playing )
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 compare them to anyone.
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this is a look at roanoke, virginia. the snow started falling there, and that happened before it actually got here. the virginia department of transportation had its snow plows out in force. crews spread the salt and de-
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icing chemicals trying to keep ahead of the snowfall for as long as possible. >> it was a similar situation in lexington, virginia. snow plows tried to keep the major roads and highways clear but at times the flakes just came too fast and drivers had a tough time keeping their cars on the road. in the piedmont area of north carolina people woke up to find plenty of snow already on the ground and the roads, but fortunately for them, the snow changed to rain as the day progressed, but the bigger problem tonight for them could be ice as colder temperatures move in. earlier in the newscast we were checking in with our crews in maryland. now let's go to greg geist via skype in front royal, virginia. greg, condition update, please. >> reporter: a lot of snow up here. everything is covered. five to six inches of snow. a virginia state trooper patrolling said about six inches of snow, and he said 22 yards of visibility. i think he was just guessing there. we're in a small shopping center just on the outskirts of
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front royal. you can see that they have begun to plow parts of the parking lot. it's a good location. you can see a lot of snow coming down. now, earlier than on interstate 66 westbound, that's the direction from washington, people coming back to the valley, a truck lost control as it approached the markham exit and the western portion of fauquier county. slammed into a jersey wall. that's when the trouble began, and stanley clark -- stanley otis, rather, was part of that trouble. >> then there's a car hit the bridge, three or four people stopped to help, and funneled it right down to nothing. so it all crowded in. then it spun out, and here's what we have, an accident. this car was parked on the side of the road. >> reporter: just a bad day. >> a bad day for everybody. >> reporter: boy, and that's an understatement, perhaps. a bad day for anyone traveling, a bad day for anyone trying to
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get anywhere. but a good day for the vehicle here in front of us. see this gin snowplow? i suspect this has been the mother lode of sea sops for people like this and i suspect that come springtime, some of these guys are going to be -- here's another one -- making a few bucks -- they are going to be buying new vehicles and perhaps heading south for a nice vacation. >> i bet they will. plenty of money to be made. greg geist, thanks for that. a great look to see how much is accumulating in different areas. and that accident he showed us earlier, how clearly things can spin out of control, how quickly it can happen, and that there can be such a chain reaction. >> absolutely. that was virginia. this is a shot from our weather terrace here where if you have been watching us you can tell it's getting thicker and it's amping up, and topper has been telling us about that. everybody wants to know what's the number, top? >> the numbers are big. and i tell you what, i think it was scott broom who said earlier, this kind of wet snow, it is more slippery outside,
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and i think that's the case. in the december snow it was so cold that traction was actually pretty good once we had a couple inches on the ground. let's get to the numbers. here we go. pretty huge, i gotta tell you. 20 to 30, and that's for the metro area. that's unbelievable, all right. and that includes the district. it even goes up into frederick county and washington county, even goes into parts of the mountains and also the panhandle of west virginia, mineral county, jefferson county, berkeley, that area. 12 to 20 down to the south. 6 to 12 in extreme southern maryland and over toward the delmarva. i think we're going he see some mixing here. i think it almost climatologically has to happen because of the position of the he will pressure. it's a little inland around wilmington, north carolina. when it moves offshore that will suck down some cold air. meantime, six to 12 tonight between now and say midnight, then midnight to 6:00 a.m. another six to eight. two to four inches in the morning. and probably another one to two in the afternoon. now, if you live east of town,
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the snow is going to taper off last. it may snow everywhere or flurry everywhere most of tomorrow night, but in terms of accumulating we think it's going to shut off between 6:00 and 8:00 on saturday night. that said, blizzard conditions tonight, and that's what we're really kind of concerned about. satellite picture, radar combined, there's the area of snow, but notice the area of green here, which is rain in the pink is a mix. we are going to watch this as it starts to move farther to the north. again, the area of low pressure is going to hug that north carolina coast, just to the northeast of wilmington, and until it moves a little further northeast, the winds are going to have more of an easterly component, and that will send a little warm nose right up the bay and often time turn some of that into some sleet and rain, and it may cut down some of your totals as we go through the day. the night, rather, into, say, the wee hours of the morning. eventually colder air wraps back in. around the house, hopefully you've marked your down spouts. i actually did in that december
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and left them. who knew that it would come in handy a second time. mark your fire hydrant. if you have, god forbid, a fire, the fire department can get to it. so dig out a little path. mark your storm drain, because it hat to melt some time, and keep your heat pump free of snow. that includes your dryer vent and intake and outtake of your furnace as well. winter storm warning covers the metro area, but by 10:00 tonight prince george's county, the district, charles county will join anne arundel county, calvert county, st. mary's county into a blizzard warning from 10:00 p.m. tonight until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. we said this earlier, and they have crept a little further north and west. we'll see if they don't creep a little further north maybe into montgomery county and fairfax county. we'll see. again, that's blizzard warning, and that's more of a visibility issue as -- posed to heavy snow issue. heavy snow tonight 12 to 20 inches, near blizzard conditions. low temperatures 28 to 32. and winds beginning to crank,
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northeasterly at 15 to 25. now, they're going to have a little easterly component. when they become due northeast, we're talking about colder air moving back around the system, then that rain and snow line will sink further south, well to the south of southern maryland. don't forget to check on the elderly, check on or bring in the pets. shovel in shifts. right now it's heavy, wet snow. not as dry as the snow in december. had the leaf blower out there to show you how dry it was. not the case here. shovel in shifts. you have to sort of keep ahead of it. and have flashlights ready, because -- i don't think we'll run out of power, but just have them ready. be prepared, as it were, like a boy scout and a girl scout. tomorrow windy and cold, more snow, two to four inls. wind north easterly 15 to 25. i think temperatures are going to settle around 30 for a high. windy and cold, snow tapers off. one to two inches still possible in the north.
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winds out of the north at 15 to 25 and rather gusty. so we'll see some of the blowing and drifting with this storm because dryer snow will mix in tomorrow early. all right, next seven days, 30 tomorrow. 31 on sunday, with sunshine. monday looks okay. we're looking at temperatures by monday in the mid-30s. upper 30s to near 40 on tuesday. maybe a little event tuesday, wednesday, maybe snow/rain/snow, then cold on wednesday, thursday, friday behind that storm. so once again near blizzard conditions tonight. just because your county is not under a blizzard warning don't think, well, this is cool, i can go out. stay ine because really, across the metro area, essentially the conditions are going to be the same. back to you guys. >> all right. >> the caps are going for 13, but is anybody going to be there to watch? >> that's the big question, can people get to the game. i believe this. i believe that the stakes of this streak, combined with how dedicated the caps fans have become, i think the place will
6:52 pm
be full. i might be wrong about that but i think caps fans will find a way to get there. it's the one place in town where the icy conditions are a good thing. caps going for 13 tonight. how long can the streak continue? plus, less than 48 hours until the bowl. who you got? he we'll help you decide. 9sports getting oxygen for topper right after this. (announcer) school mornings are busy mornings.
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from a marketing standpoint, they almost have to win tonight, because then it would be friday the 13th. kind of catchy. their 12-game streak is already the longest in the nhl since the lock-out. as dave owens found out, not even mother nature can stop the caps. >> reporter: the caps have
6:56 pm
found all sorts of ways to win during this 12-game streak. some nights they dominate. >> score! >> reporter: others, like last night's 6-5 affair get accomplished with less than their best. >> it just happens that our b level is usually higher than most other teams' b level, even higher than sometimes when they play their best. >> reporter: alex ovechkin sat out this morning's skate. just the 9th player in history to earn 500 points in his first five seasons. >> he's got so many, i don't know where to begin any more. >> reporter: tonight, the thrashers. despite having beaten atlanta he three times this year the caps coach feels this will be the toughest in the series yet. ilya kovalchuk was traded thursday, but there's a little north of the board o'er perspective. >> a beautiful winter day in canada. fans would be lining up outside the building to get in.
6:57 pm
>> and this ain't canada. dave, thank you. double good news for the caps tonight. they get all-star mike greenback after his three-game elbowing suspension, and they don't have to deal with atlanta's superstar ilya kovalchuk because atlanta traded him to the devils last night. very convenient for the caps. final item on the nationals shopping list was veteran second baseman. when they passed on orlando hudson last night we thought they might be giving up, but today there they were at the checkout counter purchasing one brand-new adam kennedy. 11-year veteran signing a one- year deal worth a million and a quarter with the nats this year with an option for 2011 kennedy hit .289 with 11 home runs last year for the a ee.s he was the mvp of the alcs back in 2002. meanwhile, we wait to find out which georgetown team will show up against villanova tomorrow night, the world beaters who dominated duke last saturday,
6:58 pm
or the average looking team who lost to south florida. the boys believed it is the former, not the latter. >> nothing in south florida, they played great, but we're disappointed. we're not going to reach our goals playing like that. so we definitely want to learn from the and move on. >> here here. by the way, due to our ongoing storm coverage, tomorrow's michigan-wisconsin game scheduled for channel 9 at 4:00 p.m. is being moved to digital channel 9.2. you can see it on all the cable channels listed right there. finally tonight, a hockey skate without a blade is just a shoe, and that's what detroit's nicholas cronwall wound up with last night. i believe we have tape of it. do we have tape of it? because this story is much less interesting if i don't have the tape. nicholas cronwell, his skate broke, and the blade just fell out, and that's what a gay looks like who is trying to skate when he has no skate. eventually one of his teammates
6:59 pm
had to come off the bench and literally carry him off the ice, because you can't skate if you got no blade. here's hoping nobody needs to help you off the ice tonight as we wrap up 9news now at 6:00. derek is here for 9 news at 7:00 when begins right now. okay, there i am. tonight in your only local news at 7:00, they call it the super storm. so get ready to stay right where you are. hopefully on your own couch while this historic amount of snow falls in our area. we've got team coverage tonight of this super storm on the super bowl weekend. we begin with armando trull in maryland. peggy fox is in virginia. scott broom has been patrolling the beltway all day long. we've still got him out there. petron is in the traffic center but the man of the


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