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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  February 10, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning to howard bernstein. >> yeah, devon and i are back there watching the snow pile up. the storm totals are coming in. thank you for everyone going to and submitting your storm reports and the weather is go going downhill. wasn't that bad last night. some totals were ten inches in carroll county. six inches from steve in cross junction. devon will have a complete list coming up. we see the upper storm feeding in to the region from ohio. that is helping to activate the snow. west of 95, forget the pink areas, it's all snow there. east of 95 is where we have some mixing. go to live doppler hd. i will show you what i'm talking able. we have snow and a lot of it is moderate and locally heavy the last couple of hours. a little mix on the eastern shore. some sleet at easton the past hour, southern maryland and calvert county, a little sleet also or plain old rain at the
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pax river. but closer to washington and north we are seeing some moderate snow. a couple of stops for you and show you where it is snowing heaviest right now. in northern virginia you will actually see the least amount of snow. farthest away but culpeper and orange right now, snowing pretty good. three-quarters of an inch to an inch an hour there. as we get closer to town we have a little band of snow here. good one. chantilly in though fairfax county parkway. getting to the north of woodbridge and around clinton, this guy has been coming in good, as well. wean you see the dark blues and pink, purple areas mixing in. one northeast of brandy wine and dunkirk but clinton to andrews air force base is when we are talking an inch or two an from the snowfall rates. we will go through northern prince georges county, light in davidsonville but other areas are picking up. howard county moderate to heavy
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snow. from jessup where 295 reaches 100 there. west of bwi. and also east now we are seeing heavy snow northern anne arundel county as well as you head in to montgomery county and howard county. moderate for clarksville. back to montgomery county and you can see a strip of moderate snow on 270, lighter in the potomac and seneca. really we are starting to see these fingers of heavy snow here and there. one more stop. i'm looking at it now. it is south and east of winchester there and western fairfax county, chantilly. we will look at that. by this area between front royal and winchester, west of upperville, some heavy snow and all of this continues to increase in intensity. back on the weather computer, got some warnings for you to talk about. winter storm warnings until 7 a.m -- i mean until 7 p.m. for everybody. the areas in pink, in northern maryland including washington and allegheny but not garrett county. in the mountains of west virginia except for jefferson
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and berkeley counties. out in frederick, howard, anne arundel , baltimore counties. the eastern shore. blizzard warnings will be issued at 10:00 a.m. this morning until 7 p.m. winds will be gusting in that 30, 40, 50-mile an hour range and it is all done and we are looking at storm totals six to 12. four to eight in southern maryland. and 12 to 20 northeastern maryland, philly to new york and also in the mountains a foot or more of snow. now, andrea, winds are coming this afternoon. this is just the snow we are dealing with right now. >> thank you. here's angie with traffic. andrea, you were talking with jenni mccord from vdot. we heard from officials telling us that many of the roads out there are untreated as the snow cons to fall. they have a huge task at hand. we begin with 395 northbound. this is evidence of that. a lot of snow and ice on the
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main interstates. going southbound issues at king street. the ramp is closed because of a downed tree. duke street exit is where we have snowplows blocking the ramp there, as well. on 66 eastbound you will lose the right side of the roadway at gallows. 270 a rough ride for drivers. ice on the roadway. we are watching the lanes disappear as more of the snow and flakes hit the ground. and i want you to know there's no bus service for metro today and no above-ground service either. vre and marc is closed and there's no dash bus running out of alexandria. everything is closed. andrea, other to you. >> thank you. as howard just told us, one of the main concerns about the storm isn't so much the amount of snowfall as it is the strong winds. those winds could lead to more power outages later today. right now pepco is reporting the most outages -- let's see how the streets
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in alexandria, virginia are looking this morning. jell da doyle is live on south royal street with more. you have been around the region. how are things looking now? >> i will tell you, andrea, we just had the first plow truck of the morning pass by. two passes one up and one down the street. easy to expose the pavement but the problem is the ice buildup on the sides of the roadways, in between intersections. as you can see this is having trouble getting over that ice and snow left behind. but i want to direct your attention to the caution tape behind me. this is a safety alert we want to give folks walking around today. you will see a lot of this on the sidewalk. that's because we are actually having some overhangs collapsing because of the weight of the snow. these canopies are collapsing because there's so much weight of snow on them. this sat the pnc bank. they have strung up caution tape and put up metal barriers
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up so folks won't walk and direct themselves to the falling snow and ice. i will walk over to the street and show you the conditions on the street here. we have a mixture for precipitation right now of sort of icy, snow, almost rain. it is kind of a hard precipitation to describe to you folks. now, we have pavement in this particular section. you walk a couple of feet over and you get to this icy snowy mix. this is the stuff people are having trouble driving on as the plows continue to come through. there are reports that 25% of dc snowplows are down. and in need of serious repair. this as the latest storm takes a toll on plows trying to clear the snow. officials really promising the plows will be fixed. the dc national guard is being called out to help during the snow emergency. >> we have a mission from the city to have humvees located at
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each of the police precincts. what they will be doing is shuttling any personnel, fire, police, doctors back and forth who are stuck in their homes. >> reporter: the district has about 200 plows. some are run by city workers. the rest are run by contract workers. right now we want to get a look at how the region is coping with the latest snowfall. we go to maryland. kristin fisher is live from the exxon station or somewhere along 38 a 5 if gaithersburg with a look at things there. where are you exactly? >> i am actually at a shell station on the side of 355. this station does have gas if you need some. so keep that in mind. i got a full tank last night. that's good news. now, this is 355. we have been watching the snowfall all morning long. it is picking up but as the snow picks up we are also seeing traffic pick up on this road. take a look at it. when we first got here 3:30 this morning, conditions were
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pretty good. i mean you could almost see the pavement on the road but now you can see the snow is starting to accumulate. at first, as you are walking on the road, it is really slushy snow. a lot of water a lot of wetness. definitely makes for some tough travel if you are walking. but now we're starting to see the lighter, fluffier snow start to fall. i want to show you guys -- let me put my mic here one sec. i'm having a hard time making a snowball now. it falls apart we are seeing a shift from what jessica doyle was saying, that real wet, sticky, slushy stuff falling to the lighter, fluffier, drier snow. we have gotten five inches of snow here in gaitherburg but we know we will get more as the day progresses and as those winds pick up. we are bracing for it and i have to say, andrea, it is getting pretty chilly out here. i'm glad i have all of this gear on but the roads are
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looking pretty good so far but they are getting a lot of attention. you can see -- well, there is a plow behind me. that truck is just going by so we are getting a quite a bit of attention on 355 and gaithersburg. >> good to see the plow down on the ground behind you kristin. metro transit responded to the snow similar to the way it did to saturday's storm the transit agency will have limited underground service for today. officials say they will work to clear the tracks quickly in hopes of resuming some above- ground service, as well. metro bus and metro access will not run at all today. circulator buses mta commuter buses and marc train service have been cancelled for today as well. most airlines have cancelled flights at dulles, national an bwi. if you plan to fly the rest of the week, check with your airline before going to the airport. we have links to all of the airports on our website at police in our region search
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in the news now, dc police are asking for your help in catching a bank robber. police believe this man robbed the bank of georgetown, the branch along the 1300 block of i street northwest. it happened last tuesday morning. police are offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. dc police also need your help in finding this man. 57-year-old robert blake of
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northwest has been missing since january 31st. that was two sundays ago. police say blake is in need of medication and might appear to be disoriented. if you think you have seen him, please contact dc police. dominion says one of its crews working to restore power made a mistake that ended with a house catching fire. the fire burned through the basement on the first floor of the home on north lexington street on sunday. a dominion spokesperson says the crew got the wires crossed sending electricity down what should have been an unenergized line and in to the home. the company says they are working to help the homeowner. howard bernstein is here now with the latest on the storm. what do you see with the track now. >> still on target for us to get moderate to heavy snow today. really four to eight inches during the course of the day but the winds are picking up. a gentleman called from romney, west virginia and said the blizzard warning goes in to affect a ten but the snow
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blowing off the trees and gusting in cumberland and oakton and garrett county in the mid-20s. and that will be increasing. between now and 10:00 it will get stronger and stronger and by 10:00 we have blizzard warnings with frequent gusts or sustained winds over 35 miles an hour. let get started with the break down on the snowfall. what i'm expecting for today. i think we will see three to six inches of snow through the morning. this afternoon, one to four, lighter amounts southwest, heavier amounts east. and even after 6:00, can't rule out one to two inches east and northeast of washington. and it all depends on the big coastal storm. sometimes these things could actually back up a little bit. if that happens we may have to up the after six totals east of washington. as we look at the forecast, heavy snow, three to six inches. becoming windy, northwesterly winds 15 to 30. the winds picking up in western virginia and western maryland.
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this afternoon, snow, one to two four. inches. temperatures dropping slightly. northwest winds 20 to 40. gusts higher than that. 45 -- 54 on though sunset. still with the winds northwest at 20 to 30 miles an hour and gusting, lows in the 20s. the storm system, you can see it developing. it is here. but the upper low coming back here you can see a span passing columbus to charleston. as that came closer the area that had stopped snowing filled in. a lot of dark blues. snowing in western pennsylvania too bite the band. go to live doppler hd and i will walk to the weather center and show you what is going on with that. the dark blue that you are seeing. that's three-quarters of afternoon are an inch to an inch an hour. locally we have seen areas producing more than that. carroll county we have a report
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and i can't remember the city there. ten inches of snow and you have seen westminster to the pennsylvania border heavy bands of snow now. coming up from columbia to baltimore, as well. we are seeing heavy snow. and look at this knot of chantilly. route 28 south of dulles heavy snow, as well. this is extending back to fairfax and vienna here in fairfax county. this snow will be more than an inch an hour rate. you see the purple popping up between chantilly and dulles. a lot of areas are experiencing light to moderate snow and kristin fisher gets a gold star from me for noticing the snow going from a wetter to drier snow and that will help to pump up the snow total and help with the blowing and drifting. it will be a fluffier snow from now on for areas north and west of us washington. here's devon lucie. >> the lighter, drier snow stacks up higher because the
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fluffier snow doesn't compact like a heavier, wetter snow would out there. we have blizzard warnings, north, northwest and east of washington now. the immediate washington metro are not in the blizzard warnings. they will go in to affect at 10:00. east of anne arundel county, howard county, up to frederick county, maryland. baltimore county and points east to the eastern shore. a closer look. head to the appalachians, washington county, maryland, i believe you are included in this, too. and then areas of west virginia and the panel. martinburg, you are not in the blizzard warning but we will have to watch things and see how they develop. some snow totals coming in right now. charles couldn't ity -- charles county, maryland, south of washington four inches of snow. frederick county, northern virginia, that's extreme northern virginia over to west virginia six inches there and washington county, maryland in
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the blizzard warning before too long. to our friends in hagerstown you have reported 14 inches of snow. keep the reports coming in. a lot of you are just waking up. this is how we know how things are stacking up. they are posted on-line and we will keep you updated. >> the super ruler is on-line and sammy snow stick on the side to get a better measure of the storm tote totals. mid-20s in cumberland. winds picking up out here. the gusts over 25 miles an hour and the blizzard warnings are coming. when the storm is don't, we are talking storm totals within the six to 12 hour. have 12 plus in the mountains. i will have to bring this back to hagerstown now. looking at the heaviest totals in carroll county, baltimore, north ann east. philly could see two feet.
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for us six to 12 and bemay have to get that higher. all right. seven-day forecast, got the snow and the wind today. the sun and wind tomorrow. we are good on friday, saturday and sunday an monday here's a clipper system we will have to watch with potentially more snow and tuesday dry and 32. got all sorts of problems on the roads as well this morning. here's angie. >> did you say more snow? is that possible? >> it is mid february. 18 minutes after the 6:00 a.m. hour. if you have to drive early i suggest using low beams. you want others to see you. start with the road closures. anne arundel county, 424 is closed at newman way. drivers are using ridell road to get around that. we are hearing from howard, blizzard warning in anne arundel county by 10:00 a.m. by no means good driving
6:19 am
conditions. report of three accidents to tell you about. one on the inner loop at central and another at unanimous and another on the outer loop at darcy road. 270 southbound. we have a wreck that's popped up at wooten parkway. drivers are losing the right lane in the local lanes and drivers that are hitting the road are getting stuck. 66 eastbound at gallows road approaching the beltway. a disabled vehicle is taking away the right lane, not only for snowplows but anyone heading that way. our storm coverage continues after these messages. (announcer) anxious about quitting cold turkey?
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high wind and snowstorms make for a deadly combination when it comes to trees. but as brittany morehouse reports it is something that is can sometimes be prevented. >> we are exhausted. >> reporter: for endless hours crews from capital tree care have been working. >> everybody has been pushing snow and putting down salt. we have been out with our four- wheel drives doing tree emergencies. >> reporter: tree emergencies like this one where two cypress every evergreens fell blocking an sand parking building. a typical sight lately. >> the tree is now out of shape. >> bill is a certified arborist and he predicts it will get worse as the winds get heavier. >> do not park under trees that are leaning, with large dead limbs, limbs that are bent heavily. be aware. >> reporter: and be aware of what you can do to help. first, by pay aing attention.
6:24 am
>> this tree to me looks a little precarious because now it is starting to lean and it has a tremendous amount of weight on the middle bows. if you look at the top you can see the snow is fallen, laying heavy in the middle and going to crush the branch below. >> reporter: which is where you should focus if you are knocking snow off of branches. >> if you are going to start to clean them off. clean them at the bottom knowing the weight will fall from the top because of the snow. >> trees on wires. if you lose limbs and they grab the wires it could pull them down [ no audio ] >> that was brittany morehouse reporting. we have breaking news from illinois where they are dealing with a snowstorm while some residents were woken up early this morning living near chicago with a 4.3 magnitude earthquake. it was centered in dekalb
6:25 am
county. it happened a minute before 4:00 a.m. central time. no reports of any damage or injuries, and we will keep you updated on this incredible happening when we get more information. our 9 news now special extended snow coverage will continue when we come back. it is 6:25. your generation had chalk and a blackboard. my generation has video streaming, gigabytes, megahertz. broadband is helping educate the next generation and empowering the ideas that will create the jobs of the future. it's simple: more broadband, more jobs. broadband innovation and investment will help our economy recover, providing hope and opportunity. so as
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welcome back. it is 6:29. a live look at gaithersburg, maryland along 385 and you can see the snow has been coming down there. good morning. welcome to 9 news now special winter coverage of the latest storm to hit our region. howard bernstein and devon lucie are keeping track of the storm. and angie goff has traffic for us. but we want to tell you about some closings, most everything is closed. we have the list at the bottom of the screen and it will be there throughout the day. and these are the school districts that have already made the decision to close for the rest of the week -- let's go to howard now for an update on the snow. >> we have been watching the snow return and blossom the last couple of hours. raining in easton, though, it
6:30 am
is 32. so freezing rain is a problem up in parts but most of us are going back to snow. go to live doppler hd. some of the snow? in the moderate to almost heavy category. the areas that are dark used to have the heaviest snow. you see the deep blues, fredericksburg to culpeper, warrenton. you see the deeper blue and medium blues and some in to charles county now. heading over to the metro we are seeing moderate to heavy snow now t. no far from annapolis up through prince georges county owl of the calvert county anne arundel is seeing moderate to heavy snow. on the howard and montgomery border here we are seeing moderate to heavy snow. some of those purples or l.a. laker purple as we call it is showing up here. courtesy of brett haber on that one. it is moving to the northwest and i want go to fairfax and southwestern parts of montgomery county. potomac, you are seeing it here on falls road here, 189.
6:31 am
extending in to fairfax county, outside of the beltway. vienna is seeing heavy snow as well and also at times down, not quite chantilly but as we head to fairfax. i want to put this in motion and you can see how the heavier snows have been occurring west of vienna and north of fairfax and annandale right now. let's go to the weather computer. we have somes, not just the winter storm warnings in affect for four to eight inches of snow today but the winds are a problem. winds are blowing and blizzard warnings in the pink counties go in to affect at 10:00 a.m. we could have gusts over 40 miles an hour. that will cause more problems with the power and other things. let's talk traffic. here's angie goff with more. >> definitely low visibility which is another reason not to hit the roads. good morning. it is 6:31. we begin with 270 here at
6:32 am
montgomery village avenue. looks like there are a few drivers moving on this roadway. you can see some of the pavement but a lot of lanes are clearly invisible. to the outer loop at central avenue. we have an accident taking away two right lanes for drivers. we also know on the inner loop at annapolis road a confirmed accident out there. moving to 95 and the bw parkway. watch for ice and sleet on both of these roads going southbound on the bw at 197 laurel. a wreck just popped up. in virginia, good news, vdot is working to get the disabled vehicle off the roadway on the right side of 66 eastbound near gallows approaching the beltway. 395 the drive through arlington in to the district. snow covered. a decent amount of drivers obviously out early. if you have to pass a plow, watch for the plow on the side, we don't want more accidents than we are already seeing. be careful. as howard just told us, one of the main concerns about the
6:33 am
storm are the strong winds that could lead to more power outages. pepco is reporting 2883 outage and most of those are in montgomery county. people without power now have two additional overnight shelters in montgomery county. one is located at the wind lynn center and silver spring and seneca valley high school in germantown and richard montgomery high school facility will be open, as well. they should bring all medication and personal supplies with them for three days. pet, except for service animals are not permitted. 9 news now snow coverage continues with a look at things across the river in northern virginia. jessica doyle is in alexandria. how are things looking there? still snowing or raining, or what is that? >> it is a combination, andrea. it is very fine snow. when it comes down it feels
6:34 am
like really, really cold rain. it sort of melts needily on contact. they have been plowing the streets here. the surrounding area, 395, 95, 50, columbia pike they are down to pavement and not having troubles getting the snow off because it is falling slowly. we haven't had a ton of accumulation. the problem is the remainedder of last week's storm. what i have in my hand, a big chunk of ice. is what folks are trying to navigate and this is nothing. let me show you what else i found. this one i will have trouble lifting this probably weighs 20- pounds. we have got more, though. this shrined up here. this is what people are trying to get through this morning. if they are driving on the roadway, the pavement is fine. it is these accumulations of ice and snow that people are trying to get around. i want to direct your attention this way. if you walk to the sidewalk, we have a jogger here.
6:35 am
good morning, getting a worn morning jog in. >> absolutely. >> down the center of the road, right. >> no one is here. >> reporter: the orthing is the sidewalks, you have a great sidewalk on that side of the road, right there. you get here and you hit caution tape. that's because at the pnc bank we have had an overhang collapse. so they have put up signs that say notice, be careful, don't walk here because of falling ice and snow. barriers are set up and this is a common occurrence all over alexandria. you have old, flat roofs. you have canopies for business areas. so really, it is a mixed bag out here. we are telling people to stay home n. the meantime, i will send it back to you. >> all right. get some cover, thank you. more snow is far from what most of us want right now. this the district, many streets were never plowed before the flakes started to fly yesterday as people struggled to get
6:36 am
around the nonstop roadwork. the dc national guard has been called to help to transport police, fire and medical personnel in between home and work. some business owners say they need a break in the weather just to get some customers. right now we continue our special coverage at 6:36. we are joined on the phone from j.c. from dominion power and last thing you want to hear is predictions of 40 to 590-mile an hour wind gusts. >> good morning. we have 370 customers out in the northern virginia area and unfortunately we expect that to go up later today as the winds start to come in. you know, with the trees already saturated an the ground saturated and stressed trees, the high winds, we fear, will really cause a problem on our system. >> and there isn't anything you can do to minimize the problem because it is in the hands of the weather and nature. >> i'm sorry.
6:37 am
i didn't get that. >> it seems there's nothing you can do proactively to prevent the outages because it is in the hands of the wind and mother nature. >> you are right. unfortunately mother nature is coming at us again. all we can do is keep our strong work force that is already in place. keep them ready keep them supplied with materials and prepare for the worst. >> i know you are trying to get rid of those 300 or so outages you have right now. talk about how difficult is it? is it still a problem getting down certain streets, getting close to wires in order to make the repairs? >> yeah. the working conditions are very hazardous. our crews are very careful in the places they go to work. accessibility has been a problem with the snow and the ice. so, you know, safety is of the upmost priority for us and also for our customers. we just ask that they stay safe and again we are working with
6:38 am
vdot closely and getting access to the areas we needed to get to. >> reporter: we did report the story that dominion admitted that one of the crews made a mistake that caused a fire in the home. talk about the fatigue and wear and tear on workers. not necessarily saying that is the reason why but how is the hours and hours of work affecting them? >> our crews are working hard, long hours but we make sure they get plenty of rest. they get about eight hours of rest and make sure they have shelter to go to and we take good care of our crews. >> reporter: how is dominion powerful the -- power helping the family who was in the house burned in the accident. what does that mean, you are helping the family. >> we put the family in a hotel and we are looking out for their needs and again, our focus is to get them in a safe shelter and we are looking out for them. >> i know you are waiting for
6:39 am
when we have sunshine, blue skies and warm weather. daisy, thank you for staying with us. >> thank you. metro transit responded to the snow in a similar way as it did to the saturday snowstorm. the transit agency will have limited underground service for today. officials say they will work to clear the tracks quickly in hopes of resuming above-ground service, as well. metro bus and metro access will not run at all today. dc circulator buses, mta commuter buses have been cancelled for today. most airlines have cancelled flights at dulles, reagan national and bwi marshall. if you plan to fly the rest of the week check with your airline first before heading to the airport. we have links to all three of the airports on our website at our time is coming up on 6:40. we'll be right back. g÷gyç
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welcome back. you can barely see it but that is the capitol dome. we welcome you back to our special snowstorm coverage. howard bernstein, take it away. >> one thing i like about this picture, if we can get it up real quickly is not just the snow but the flags, and they are not blowing hard yet. gusts cumberland 35, winchester 29. they are going to increase and that's going to be the bigger story as we go throughout the morning in to the afternoon. some blizzard warnings coming in to affect at 10:00. go to the computer and talk about the storm itself. as far as snowfall goes, three to six inches additional this morning. could be higher in a couple of spots.
6:44 am
this afternoon, one to four and another inch or two after six. east of washington, total, when the storm is over, four and i'm talking southern maryland, saint mary's city, that way. as much as 14 or 20 in the mountains. we will have to expand the range. really getting hit hard with the snowfall this morning. that's what we expect for the metro three to six. heavy snow. becoming windy. temperatures 25 to 30. they will hold there and winds increase this afternoon. maybe not as much snow, but certainly more winds. 20 to 40 miles an hour northwesterly winds will kick up an really cause some problems. and gusts higher than that. could gust to 45 or 50. early snow is still possible this evening or tonight. then mostly cloudy, staying windy and cold. northwest 20 to 30. could gust to 40 for a while.
6:45 am
lows in the 20s and a windy day tomorrow. a lull in the action. we had sleet and freezing rain overnight. annandale had four inches of snow and then heavy freezing rain and sleet and another inch of snow this morning. they are up to five. you see how the area has filled in back to the north and west. pennsylvania look at the dark blues here. go to live doppler hd. i will move it around for you because we have moderate to heavy snow in spots. still some freezing rain over to easton and parts of southern maryland, but just about everybody now is back to snow. going to prince georges county where we have moderate to heavy snow from andrews to clinton. up 301 and davidsonville. and in fairfax county, parts of northwest now, and the district in to arlington we are seeing some dark blues. some of this purplish color is mixing in. we are talking about snowfall rates an inch an hour or more.
6:46 am
it is starting to pile up. a you go to northern virginia up to winchester, we will get in to loudoun county first. the heavier snows south of leesburg. take you winchester. we have had a bit of snow there. and west of purseleville we are seeing a heavy band in to jefferson county, west virginia. outside on the weather terrace, devon lucie who has a better voice than me takes over. >> you have been working hard the last week and a half or for a monday it seems like, howard. we have a snow/rain falling here. some people may think it is sleet but it is the grains of snow falling down. we have had fluffy snow the last hour here. the updated snowfall totals. these are coming in via you at we still have higher snow totals north and northwest but montgomery county, yet again, as been seeing six and seven inch snowfall totals.
6:47 am
five in germantown. fairfax county, falls church three inches. starville 3 1/2. annandale five inches and for viewers out in west viriginia, martinsburg five inches and of snow. and cherry run, that's in morgan county, 13 inches of snow going on there. we have blizzard warnings to talk about. those are going to go on at 10:00 a.m. this morning east of here. anne arundel, baltimore, howard county and north in to frederick county and in to west virginia. 10:00 a.m. to 7 p.m., blizzard warnings in affect. the rest of us we are under a winter storm warning until 7:00. martinsburg, west virginia are the only county that watches us that is not included in the blizzard warning. >> also down 81, pretty much not in it except for washington county in maryland. we are looking at temperatures this morning. 20s to the north. still a couple of spots above the 30-degree mark. cambridge 34.
6:48 am
saint indigos 37. and the winds are going to watch them. 25 cumberland. 29 winchester and gust in the mid-20s here in dc. we will see the winds increase a lot between now and 9:00. by 10:00 the blizzard warnings are in affect. we are dealing with winds at washington national at 16 sustained. that's picking up and 28 on the temperature. storm system goes back in to the great lakes. coming in to pennsylvania, new york. heavy snow up to philly and new york today. one to two feet. blizzard conditions for them, as well. we are looking at a storm potential six to 12. we have raised the numbers here, 12 to 20, as well. areas in northern maryland over to philly and new jersey. generally six to 126789 and southern maryland four to six and two to four as you go down to parts of the northern neck due to the fact they will be seeing more rain and less snow. parts of northern virginia the snow will shut off early.
6:49 am
here we go. temperatures are cold. monday has more snowfall and a clipper system coming. we will worry about that when we get closer to it. here's angie with the roads [ no audio ] >> the capital beltway already seeing a lot of problems out there. begin at maryland, the outer loop at central avenue. one lane is getting by because of an accident there. and another one at 212. that's a disabled vehicle. two accidents. the inner loop at annapolis road. the inner loop at ritchie- marlboro. if you are taking the risk and hitting the roads you are taking a risk of clogging up the roadway for the snow crews that need to get out there and get their job done. route 50, more problems at jennifer road. a new crash. crews are on the scene. we have fog warnings on the bridge. the inner loop more crash activity. drivers are losing the right lane. and then we will wrap with a
6:50 am
wintry mix on i-95 between fredericksburg and the mixing bowl. we are seeing that ice and sleet. those are going to be the biggest problems. good wednesday morning. everybody. we are ten minutes from the 7 hour. round two, our storm coverage continues after these messages.
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welcome back. it is a live look at a snow- covered mass avenue in northwest. in the news now, the space shuttle "endeavor" has arrived at the international space station. the shuttle's six astronauts will spend more than a week installing a new room and domed lookout and nasa says all of the picture and information collected during the first two days of the flight indicated "endeavor" suffered no serious damage during monday's liftoff. in los angeles, rain has some homeowners fleeing the foothills. 500 people have been ordered to
6:54 am
evacuate over fears of mudslides. those who refuse to leave had to sign waivers saying they were staying at their own risk. >> toyota's problems keep growing. federal officials are looking in to complaints from corolla owners. 80 drivers have reported difficulty with steering saying cars tend to wander out of their lanes. this is after toyota already recalled 8 million cars because of faulty breaks and problems with sudden acceleration. congress was scheduled to hold hearings on those problems today but the weather has postponed the hearings. it is 6:54. we'll be right back. g÷gyç i love winter.
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with my subaru forester and its all-wheel drive... ... handling even the toughest conditions... is just another day at the beach.
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welcome back. it's coming up on 6:58. we want to get a quick look at how the region is coping with the latest snowfall. and this is 355 in gaithersburg, maryland. this is kristin. >> reporter: can we take a time out and let me relish the fact that alex bernstein gave me a gold star. and i had noticed that when i first walked outside this morning we were seeing a real slushy, wet snow falling. i was getting wet and i have on full waterproof gear. but an hour ago we watched the conditions change. check this out. look at this light, fluffy stuff. do you see how light and fluffy that is. and when you try to make it into a snow ball it falls apart in your hands, so we're seeing the type of snowfall change. and we're also starting to feel the winds pick up.
6:59 am
it's just a little bit. as for conditions on the road. this is 355 in gaithersburg. when we first got out here, the pavement, you could almost see it. now it is definitely filling up with snow. we have seen a lot of plows and sand trucks and snowblowers. traffic is moving but very slow. if you don't have to be on the roads, just don't. and i want to show you this. on the roads we're seeing the light fluffy stuff falling. but if you're actually driving and in your car and it is warm, check out the windshield on the live truck. do you see how wet it is. it looks like you're driving in rain in this stuff. it doesn't feel like snow when you look on the roads. you know its snow but it looks like rain as your driving so keep those windshield wipers going. and i want to leave you with this. this is all the rage in the social networking sites, twitter and facebook. and


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