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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  February 10, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. power knocked out. families snowed in. >> and record snowfall totals blown away. this is 9news now. >> and this winter storm has put us in the record books rewriting history and it seems as if it's still snowing. >> let's check in with topper with the very latest. >> finally it is decreasing though. we're looking at lighter snow. you can access this on our website at we have a couple of batches. but notice this is all white with a little blue so nothing really heavy. leesburg up towards frederick, parts of the panhandle and west virginia and this area has now pushed across the bay. again, nothing heavy. and that should be out of here in the next few hours. let's go to the computer. what will not be out of here are the winds. 36-mile an hour wind gusts at national. still gusting to 43-mile an hour
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in winchester. just unbelievable. 24-mile an hour wind gusts in frederick and 30 over by the bay. you factor in the temperatures, it feels like it's 15 outside. it feels like it's 16 in frederick. 12 in winchester. and even across the bay, it feels like it's 13 in dover. all right. actual snowfall. we posted this on our website and updated our web totals as well. we're looking at 14-24 inches now north and west of town. even over towards parts of prince george's county. 6-14 in the metro and then 4-6 to the south and to the east down towards southern maryland and the northern neck. so for tonight, snow tapers off finally. windy and cold. wind chills five below to five above. low temperatures 15-25. i'll be back with wakeup weather shortly. we can't stay on one street forever. we have to make them as passable as we can for the humvees and the ambulances to get in there if, god for bid, your mom or dad have to go to the emergency
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room. so stop already with the pave my street or rather scrape my street down to the pavement. that cannot happen for the next 72 hours. >> that was maryland governor martin o'malley urging everybody to be patient and realistic as crews work to clear the roads. federal government offices will be closed. schools in loudoun, anne arundel, frederick, howard, montgomery and prince george's will be closed for the rest of the week. for a full list of these closings, go to or check the bottom of your screen throughout the newscast. slick, snow covered roads are to blame for a 50-car pileup. state police say seven people had to go to the hospital with minor injuries. the crews say they're closing i64 for several hours just to clear the scene and detour traffic. firefighters say it's one of the worst accidents thief ever seen.
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and -- they've ever seen. and the severe weather is blamed for a deadly pile up. one person was killed. several other people were taken to area hospitals. about 50 vehicles, including tractor trailers, were involved in the crash. i'm in the 9news now web center where we've been watching the number of power outages drop throughout the evening with all of the crews working. at last check pepco crews were working to restore customers, common dominion 430 and bge 2200. and metro underground rail service from 5:00 in the morning until midnight. trains will run roughly every 30 minutes. no bus or metro access service. and dulles reagan national and bwi airports are hoping to get
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their flights up and running tomorrow. the crews are going to work through the night. your best bet, check with your individual airline for flight status. old town is known for being a great tourist destination but it looks more like a ghost town. there were a few places that people couldn't seem to stay away from. surae chinn has been in alexandria all day. she joins us live to tell us all about it. surae. >> reporter: old town is desserted right now. but don't let this all fool you. it seems its people know exactly what to do, where to go and how to weather the storm. the record breaking snow chilled the streets of the usually bustling old town alexandria. ♪ music playing >> reporter: but residents and visitors found the perfect place to thaw out tonight. >> we have a drink right here. >> reporter: the irish pub managed to stay open through the blizzard, putting their workers in hotels overnight to make sure
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they would be here for patrons to stay well hydrated. >> i've been sitting in my apartment for four days and i needed some beer. >> we walked down here when we found out they were open and decided to come out and hang out with friends. >> reporter: a few blocks down, jackson 20 served a lively crowd. >> we have a very social block. >> reporter: this group of six are all neighbors who walked down to this watering hole. >> we have been hanging out since friday night together. >> reporter: we even got a shot out. they say they've been watching channel nine throughout the store. >> here here. >> reporter: some chose to play cards to pass the time. >> now, we are uno players. combining this with the restaurant scene is unique to the snow experience. >> and we ran out of liquor at home. that's why we had to come out. [ laughing ] >> we are completely out of booze and nothing is open. >> reporter: this man is drowning his sorrows from his snow injury.
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>> the tree was across the road and he couldn't get the car out. >> reporter: everybody gets a little stir crazy at this point in the storm. >> so you want to just connect with friends and share a meal and have a good time. >> reporter: all right. so i'm taking the temperature again. it says it's about 17 degrees. you know, the good thing after talking to all of those people in the bars, they say at least they are walking home tonight. we want to check in with bruce leshan right now who is in gaithersburg, maryland on the storm coverage. >> reporter: hey, surae. hard to believe but the final throw back arm of snow seems to have blown on out of here. but the high winds, well, they are still here. take a look at the huge drift. that's all freshly blown snow. and i'm going to come down here and put a shovel in it. and you can see this light snow and you can see how that wind is continuing to blow right through here. it died a little bit, but it's still pretty darn intense. i want you to come over here and see a pretty nice sight.
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this is our live truck. and if you followed the mass straight up, you can see actual clear skies. some clouds and stars up there. hard to believe. one of the big challenges in a snowstorm like this is gas. we pulled our live truck into a gas station here so that we would be sure of a supply. but you can see it's shut down. you go off to the left, there's an exon station just across 355. that shut down too. and so i'm coming right behind you, joe. i'm going to be over here. so we went out in search of gas a couple hours ago. we made it down on to 355. came back up this hill, made it all the way up this hill and then we got stuck like right here. and we spent the last two hours, you can see the tracks, digging away. and after an entire bag of kitty litter and all of the digging,
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we got the truck back into position. the roads are still covered with snow. still plenty slick. and there are huge piles of ice and snow off to the sides pushed in and taking up a lot of lanes. but you know what they say about mail carriers, neither sleet nor snow nor dark of night. they cancelled mail service today, but we ran into one mail carrier at a local fire station who insisted he was going to get through. >> the mail has to get through. i have to deliver the mail. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: so he says he'll get through tomorrow. but we're not sure what kind of conditions he's going to encounter out there. he may well need that snow blower. live in gaithersburg. >> wow, what a night for you guys. i'm glad you got the truck out. thank you so much, bruce.
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meantime, a family's bedroom turns into a delivery room. >> i just couldn't believe it was -- that she was actually early because i was totally expecting her to be late. >> coming up in our special extended edition of 9news now at 11:00, a neighborhood pulls together to help a mom in labor. another look at this accident on a highway. wow. right after the break. stay with us. plus you can imagine what it's like driving on the roadway. imagine working on these roadways 12 hours a day every day. that story coming up. i keep shoveling the weather terrace but the wind keeps blowing the drifts back. we'll take you out with your wakeup weather. finally sunshine. bright. we can actually dig out a little bit. temperatures very cold. 18-26. wind chills four below to 14 above. but at least partly cloudy. we'll come back and talk about the rest of thursday and we'll see if we can dry out the whole
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weekend. stay tuned.
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no plow drivers. just some of the many people who have been working endless hours during the winter storm.
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many are exhausted. >> boe continues our story. >> reporter: you have to remember these guys have not just been working the storm. they were working the storm before this. in many areas they had been working for 29 days straight. this is what it looked like this morning. you can see over here this is what they've done. this is the parking lot here at the department of transportation here in maryland. they've actually done quite a good job of clearing this out, but they have a lot more work still to do. meet tosha greene. >> i'm a truckdriver. >> reporter: it's a job he's done with pride for over ten years now. but never has he seen a winter like this. >> not like this. it's very real. >> reporter: 1:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. 12 hours every day. >> you do get fatigued. your shoulders and eyes. you start seeing things. >> reporter:
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but the snow-covered streets hae neighborhood residents fatigued too. they want the snow cleared away and fast. >> hey, what's wrong with you all? you're doing this and doing that. be patient with us, please. we're doing the best we can. >> reporter: but with all of the complaints, there are also thank yous. >> it makes you feel good when you do a good job. >> reporter: even though he hasn't seen much of his family this week. >> i call them. i call them every day. >> reporter: it's a job even in weather like this tosha greene loves. 11:00 right now. he's still got two more hours on the clock until 1:00 a.m. he's been working these 12-hour shifts for days and days now. we'll be right back out here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. to start clearing out neighborhoods all over maryland. reporting live. beau zimmer.
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>> thank you, boy. beau. charlie wilson died today. doctors believe he died of a heart attack. charlie wilson was 76 years old. and caught on tape, a teenager is beaten and robbed all while security just stands there and watches it happen. now, we have to warn you, some much this video is a little disturbing. you can see two teenagers fighting each other while the security guards in the yellow vest don't seem to do anything. at one point, they even sort of step out of the way just so the fight can keep going. police say the 15-year-old beat the victim then stole her cell phone and bookbag. an amazing video of an accident in iowa. this is video from a state trooper's patrol car. he just pulled over to help with another accident when this car hit him from behind. a little tough to see. but the trooper said he could see the car coming but there was nothing he could do but brace
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for the impact. and he only suffered minor injuries. let's go right back to topper shutt for the latest on this storm that is hopefully moving away from us for good. >> it is. i think we can put it to bed tonight. >> all right. >> here is a look at your forecast first. the next three days it still will be windy tomorrow but bright. partly cloudy and 30s. a little colder on saturday. temperatures go back into the low 30s. but watch a little storm system to our south. but right now we are pretty confident it stays to the south. in fact, it may snow in places like atlanta next couple of days. all right. forecast in detail. tonight snow tapering off. windy, cold, wind chills five below to five above. and low temperatures not doing much really. 15-25. pretty much in their range right now. and the winds still a factor but going down tonight to 15-30 and gusty. let me show you live doppler 9000. we have a little patch of snow left. in our viewing area, we'll go on the west side of i270. we'll see a little bit of snow. and, remember, the darker the
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blue, the heavier the snow. so this is all white. this is just light snow around brunswick and this is insult to injury because you guys had about 20 inches of snow today with winds up to 50 miles an hour. remember, you can access doppler and our interactive radar at all right. we will go back to the computer. let's talk about tomorrow morning. bright, partly cloudy, windy and cold. teens and 20s and winds northwesterly at 15-25 and gusty. so still a factor but they're slowly getting slower. partly cloudy. still windy and cold in the afternoon. temperatures in the mid 30s and winds northwesterly at 10-20 and gusty. we'll talk about headlines. winds are going to continue 15-30 overnight. 15-25 tomorrow. we're going to go above freezing on thursday. and there will be some melting. it gets into the 30s, we can still melt with the angle of the sun right now. but we have to worry about refreezing at night. and we'll be going through that for the next several days. a checklist. here is what you need if you're trying to go out. sunglasses in a big way. wind chills -- if you have a
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young driver in your house, make sure he or she takes sunglasses and you may not want them driving in the snow anyway. make sure your windshield fluid is full. do not overexpert. shoveling, walking to your neighbors. there is all kinds of way with this much snow on the ground. remember to check your flashlights and your batteries. weekend is flanking me. look at this storm system. just a monster storm. almost a winter hurricane really with unlimited moisture. and also look at all of this shroud cover down to the south -- cloud cover down to the south. in some respects, this storm is suppressing that storm. and actually that's a very good thing for us because that will keep the next storm to the south. and that is good because that would have been another light snow. in the meantime, snow is shutting off. the system is moving out. the snow is picking up around rhode island and the cape.
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but it will shut off there in the next six hours as the storm finally moves away. wind gusts up there as much as 70 miles an hour. our highest wind gust was 60 miles an hour. that is unbelievable. the reports up to 4-8-foot drifts across the metro area. all right. next seven days, 35 tomorrow. still windy. and then 37 on friday. a little colder on saturday. back in the low 30s. and this is well below average. we should be in the mid 40s now. temps are starting to go up or supposed to be. 36 on sunday. we still have a clipper on the map for monday. and, again, clippers aren't huge. they have very little moisture to work with. they have a lot of upper air support but very little moisture. so a little bit of snow possible monday afternoon and monday night. maybe a few clouds early on tuesday and we clear out nicely but we still stay cold. >> we're halfway through february. if you're looking in your meteorological crystal ball, are
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we done with this, do you think? >> i have to say we're done with blizzards. we have three. i'm feeling pretty good about that. are we done with snow, no? are we done with significant snow, probably not. the first week of march, that's tough. >> okay. thank you. speaking of significant snow, the snow caused a collapse in maryland. the building houses artifacts tr the air and space -- from the air and space museum. part of the roof and wall caved in. a person said the collections are safe in a sealed container inside the building, but it's still so dangerous to go inside the warehouse to get them. an all new david letterman is on. jessica biel will be there. here is a quick preview. >> what are you folks doing here? it's a snow day. the first thing i did is i listened for the talk show closings. darn. [ laughing ]. and then i get a call from a guy at the office here and i think
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right away somebody is calling me at home. they're not supposed to do that. there must be trouble. i said, what's wrong, has the show cancelled. the guy says, no, just checking in on the elderly. [ laughing ] >> and just a quick reminder. >> you laughed a little too hard. >> exactly. tonight a special extended edition until 11:00. >> who is elderly on the set? >> nobody that i know. >> nobody. are you kidding. >> we're all immature. >> there is that. >> no male here has an age above 12. >> that's right. >> emotionally. >> emotionally [ laughing ] . yes. it eventually had to end. unfortunately it was tonight. how the caps mounted a val yant come back only to see their sweep end at 14. plus why this hockey player is crawling. 9 sports explains after this.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> well, as the scarecrow said, if you play with fire enough time, you will get burned. after coming back from a three-goal deficit on sunday to beat the penguins, tonight the caps found themselves with another three-goal deficit and they came back again but it wasn't enough. in montreal looking to run the 15 games, caps would be down 5-2 at the start of the third. but here comes the come back. mike greene rips her from the point. his 14th. now it's 5-3. eight minutes later brooks like already with one goal in the game buries his second to make it 5-4. then with 18 seconds left in regulation, caps pull the goalie, get a two-man advantage.
11:25 pm
kanuble ties the game at five. be go to overtime. -- we go to overtime. it ends. 6-5 final. first loss for the caps since january 12th. the streak over. third longest in nhl history. way to go. college hoops tonight, virginia tech in raleigh. hokies up big. hokies knock off the wolf pack by 20. they're now 19 and 4. the nationals open spring training in eight days. and while they've already become vastly improved since last year, they were hoping to add one more starting pitcher to their rotation and they may have found that man. the nats reportedly close to signing former yankees starter. the righty twice won two games. he's coming off shoulder surgery and a horrible 2009 and wouldn't
11:26 pm
be ready to play. meanwhile the nba trade is a week from tomorrow and they're ready for a deal that would send karon butler to the rockets and ail harrington to the wizards harrington averaging 18. a little jealousy brewing in particular for all of the media attention she's been getting. one driver tweeted today that maybe espn could cover her on one channel and the other 50 drivers on espn classic. she'll race in the nationwide series race saturday. danica played it safe today. she was just happy to keep the car out of the wall, which she did. the same could not be said for
11:27 pm
reigning champion jimmie johnson. joey lagono also involved in the crash. why are these swedish hockey players laughing? take a look. their player hopped on to the ice but he forgot to take off his rubber skate guards and had to crawl back to the bench and that had them laughing all night long. you know what you're talking about. >> you pull them off? >> well, he forgot. yes, it's much more helpful if you pull them off. >> i guess he was saying why not walk out on the ice. >> he was too busy falling on his ski. it's hard to reach down there while you're behind. you can't do it. >> that's the information we're looking for. we'll be right back. g÷gyç
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9news now at 11:00 isn't over. don't worry, david letterman is run at 11:00. we're dpoing to take a look at -- going to take a look around the area from today's snowstorm. jumping jack flash may have been born in a crossfire hurricane, but little regina was born at the height of a snowstorm. there was some anxious moment, but it's all right now.
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i'll have the last word on the record breaking snow. our third blizzard of the year. >> we'll be right back after the break. stay with us.
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