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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  February 26, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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higher elevations. >> here we just in the winds. the flag is tall and proud. >> beautiful look. >> unless you are out. there. >> exactly. >> winds are in the 31-mile an hour range at national. baltimore is in the low 40s as is dulles. 44 winchester. 45 cumberland and 51 martinsburg. they take the cake for the high wind speed we are seeing currently. a lot of snow though north of jersey, new york city city and long island in to pennsylvania. locally on live doppler hd we are looking at an area in and around baltimore in to columbia and eastern howard county and northern anne arundel and eastern carroll. it is snowing pretty good here. the winds will be some problems, lighter flurries upper montgomery in to
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frederick county. the weather computer and show you the temperatures which are in the low 30s, upper 20s and most of the wind chills are in the teens. high wind warning until 6:00. >> i want to keep you posted on the traffic alert. 270 northbound is going to remain closed throughout the morning rush between the capital beltway and old georgetown road because of an overturned tractor-trailer carrying bananas. getting word the bananas are contained but they are dealing with a fuel spill. that's the big problem. the outer loom show you the delay here. things are picking up between university and georgia. have a little volume between 270 and wisconsin on the outer loop as well as you can imagine because of the accident on 270. 66 westbound at the fairfax county parkway, looks like that accident is cleared. eastbound the volume is picking up 50 to 123. in arlington a couple of problems for you. north glebe road at 19 is where we have downed wires and then we have a tree in the roadway
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at yorktown boulevard and north george mason. and we will end with a live look at the beltway in virginia. here we are. moving at speed. no incidents or accidents to report. looks like the disabled vehicle on the outer loop at van doren is gone. a busy month for power crews across the region. today's winds have them working early this morning. with more on the power situation and the wind alert we go to alex trevino in alexandria, virginia being blown around by the wind. good morning. >> good morning. the families who wake up here on m long avenue will wake up to no power. let me show you what happened. we have downed lines and cables snapped. they are just dangling on the road. at the other end of the street a huge telephone pole nell down. not safe for the people on the street. we talked to a woman who lives at the corner house on the block who describes what happened. >> 8:00 last night there was a loud boom like a transformer blowing and the lights went out
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and about three or four seconds later they popped back on and then it sounded like a second boom and they went out and have been ever since. >> reporter: donna robinson's main concern is when children, who walk to school in the morning it will be a dangerous situation. again, downed lines. if you see them, stay away. report them immediately to your power company. we will be out here monitoring this situation here where these downed lines are in this part of alexandria. we are live, alex trevino, 9 news now. >> we deal with high winds and just a bit of snow, this nor'easter is slamming people just to our north. this is a live look at new york city the wind and snow are hitting pretty hard there. they could end up with six inches of snow or more before the storm moves on. this is having an impact on air travel as you may imagine. at national there are a dozen flights cancelled. most of them are to the new york area. as well as some flights to
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montreal and ottawa. out of dulles, the first three morning flights to newark are cancelled. well at bwi a bunch of cancellations on southwest this morning. check our airlines website before heading out. you can stay on top of delays at airports across the nation by going to go to the traffic tab and click on airport status. the whale involved in wednesday's deadly attack on a trainer will not be put down. an expert tells our partners at "usa today" since the whale, wind chill wind chill is a breeder he's worth too much money. the whale dragged a trainer in toe this water in sea world orlando and it happened front of hundreds of witnesses and say the whale dragged dawn brancheau by her pony tail. she was the most senior trainer at sea world and her boss says she was prepared for her job. >> we worked dry with him. had more experienced trainers
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work with him. we thought we provided an environment that we thought would be the safest possible environment. >> sea world cancelled killer whale shows until further notice. the fbi says case closed in the investigation in the 2001 anthrax attacks but the house wants more answers. last week, the fbi ruled bruce ivans was the only person involved in the attack. five people died. the house wants the government to look for evidence of foreign involvement. the push was called for by congressman bartlett. time for a "living $mart" report. jessica doyle has good news for the local housing market. >> it is so good it is almost hard to believe. last quarter the local real estate market turned out to be the strongest in the entire country. a government report says housing prices the washington area posted the biggest
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increase, jumping more than 10 1/2%. they say it is after a 5.6% gain in the third quarter. nationally average prices fell by 1.2%. near record low mortgage rates have helped to fuel home sales. they are still near historic lows but may not stay there much longer. freddie mac rates inched up to an average of 5% on a 30-year loan. part of the reason rates are so low right now the fed has been pumping a trillion dollars in the mortgage market to keep it stable and the program is ending next month. meantime apple's iphone app store has been on a purchase. sexually provocative and sexually reminiscent ads have been delighted from the store. some think apple is responding to parent groups and some think it is trying to get ipads in to schools, homes and churches so eliminating the offensive content. >> good information. thank you, jessica. we have a little more information for you.
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history making muse psych. -- music. that song is "guess things happen that way "by johnny cash and it is worth $10,000 to a music lover in georgia. he down loaded it from itunes. it was down load 10 billion on the music site since 2003. so itunes give away a $10,000 gift certificate for more music. a high profile health care summit yields no results and no compromise. i'm tara mergener in washington. president obama says he will move ahead with health care reform, with or without republican support. the latest coming up. right now, howard bernstein begins our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. >> good morning. maryland we have snow north and east of washington. we will start with live doppler hd. we are looking at the snow. rather moderate across parts of the baltimore area in to eastern and northeastern howard
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county. see columbia and northern anne arundel county up to bwi and across the bay, from chestertown in to queenstown. up in frederick county t western carroll things get lighter. what we are looking for this afternoon, windy day with blowing snow. frostburgburg 28. look at 36 for crownsville. and light snow or flurries with the winds in damascus and 35. we have been watching the wind shaking our cameras all morning long. update you on 270 northbound. the accident involving the overturned tractor-trailer, at the beltway. looks like it has been pushed to the left shoulder. the tractor-trailer is still there so you want to approach with caution. in bethesda, we have a downed tree at ridge drive. it has all the lanes blocked at 44th street. back to you. it will be a great day if you have your mind made up to make the most of it. best-selling author and
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motivational speaker willie jolley says the choice is yours to be happy. good morning. this is willie jolley. today's live better tip for success is focused on helping you overcome this challenging economy. it is taken from my new book -- all the economic calamities are not the way god wants us to live. that's why i wake up every morning and give thanks for another day and opportunities to live my dreams and not my fears. that's why i'm grateful every day for life and opportunity that life offers. that's why i wake up every day and say good morning, lord. rather than oh, lord it's morning. that's why i say every day isn't going to be a great day because i have life and i have a choice to make it a great day or not. i cannot choose what happens to me. i cannot choose what happens around me but i have some control over what happens in me and i choose to be happy, grateful and excited about this day. be excited and have an attitude
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of gratitude. this is willie jolley. visit my website at willie to learn secrets to turning your setbacks in to greenbacks and make this a great day.
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we're back at 6:11. a day after the bipartisan health care summit and we're no closer to any kind of resolution. the question is, what happens next? tara mergener looks for the answer. >> reporter: president obama is pledging to move ahead with health care reform, with or without republican support. >> we cannot have another year- long debate about this. >> reporter: he wrapped up thursday's roughly seven-hour
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summit with one last flee for both sides to come together but that doesn't seem likely. >> i was discouraged by theocrat come. >> reporter: the president refuses to scrap the temperature trillion dollar measure, despite continued gop demands to start from scratch. >> what we have been saying for a long time, is let's wrap the bill. >> reporter: several republicans, even hauled the massive bill to the table saying it is too much too soon. >> when we do props like this, stack it up and you repeat 2400 pages, et cetera. these are the kind of political things we do that prevent us from actually having a conversation. >> reporter: both parties did manage to agree on a few issues, including keeping the bill's deficit neutral and expanding coverage to those with pre-existing conditions. still differences dominated the meeting. >> we don't think the government should be in control of all of this. we want people to be in control. an that, at the end of the day is the big difference. >> reporter: democrats admit the two sides may never come to an agreement but they say
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giving up just isn't an option. >> time is of the essence. american people waited five decades for this. it is time we do something and we are going to do it. >> reporter: liberals could still ram a democratic only plan through congress with simple majority only vote but with waiverring support even in their own party, rounding up enough votes could be a whole other battle. tara mergener , 9 news now. here's what is in the news now. seven people are dead in the latest suicide bombing in kabul afghanistan. the area where the attack happened is home to workers at the indian embassy. the taliban has claimed responsibility. exan extension of the patriot act is heading to president obama's desk. the house gave bit partisan approval yesterday do extend the surveillance and seizure provision for one year. a house ethics panel finds congressman rangel broke the
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rules. it says the new york democrat knowingly accepted they take them from a cooperation. rangel says it is disturbing. >> could hear things knocking up against the house and blowing all night. >> the wind gusts, getting in some overnight. in pennsylvania, i will show you what is happening there. that is in scranton, wilkes- barre incident area. some of the wind gusts we have been dealing with, 56-mile an hour gusts. weather terrace some gusts 35. national had a gust of 37. loudoun county 55. petersburg and grant county this is the winner so far. 67-mile an hour gusts so far at 3:17. an amazing amount of wind and a wind warning is in affect until 6:00 p.m. a lot of wind to get through and it will cause all sorts of
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problems. windy and mid-30s today. breezy tomorrow. low 40s. maybe a flurry and see the snow this morning that is north and east and sunday 45. the bus stop forecast, we are looking at windy conditions with snow showers north and east of washington. temperatures in the mid-20s to low 30s. sun is up in 300 minutes. gusts 4 a, maybe upwards of 60 miles an hour with higher elevations with highs in the mid-30s and windy tonight. there's the wind warning. covers everybody. wind advisory around it. looking at gusty winds. you see 40-mile an hour gusts in garrett county. winchester, baltimore 44. fredericksburg relatively calm at 17. we will zoom in a little bit. one of the higher gusts, martinsburg with 55-mile an hour wind gusts. 44 for the gusts at andrews and 46 at dulles. thanks to the big storm. this is a monster.
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when it came on shore, maine and new hampshire had winds 60 miles an hour and even to boston. you can see the heavy snow rotating around it. some of the snow wants to go toward us. light snows across western maryland and west virginia panhandle now extending to the eastern shore. the baltimore area, up north and west, in to eastern parts of carroll county, moderate snow now. this is getting in to anne arundel county. northern prince georges, eastern howard, columbia, down 100. down 32. maybe toward annapolis, not quite yet but we will watch it. head your way in the next hour or so. in to upper montgomery and frederick county, lighter flurry and snow showers over there. we have a winter weather advisory as i said in affect until the noon hour. north and east. it does not include washington but all the counties in pink and winter storm warnings north and east in to northeastern maryland where they will see
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more snow. 33 national. 30 winchester. but with those winds our wind chills are in the teens and 20s. one below zero at johnstown and oakland. 33 sustained winds west at 23. gusting to the 30s but in martinsburg in the 50s. go to the seven-day forecast. we have a break coming, especially by sunday and monday. monday will be nice. mostly sunny and upper 40s. by wednesday a coastal storm may affect us. we are worrying about that as with get closer to it. hello. we have some weather-related incidents to tell you about but first show you 270 southbound. already seeing the traffic pick up between 118 germantown road to montross. the good news is going northbound the overturned tractor-trailer carrying bananas is pushed to the shoulder. so traffic is getting by. take you to northwest dc. we are seeing a downed tree and
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gusting winds. definitely taking a toll. on inbound new york avenue we are dropping in speed between the times building and bladingensburg road but no incidents or accidents to report. 395, we are crawling here. that taillights are stacking up duke to seminary. right now okay across the 14th street bridge. finally wrap it up with inbound canal avenue where we get word of d or are getting word of traffic lights being out. please treat them as a four-way stop. back to you. it is 6:18. a car crash on the way to high school leaves two maryland teens hurt and a third facing criminal charges. it happened yesterday morning on freetown road and quarterstaff road in columbia. that is by atholton high school. the 17-year-old tried to cross the intersection when he crashed with a trash truck. it forced the tenias car in to a volvo with a mother and baby
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inside. they were not hurt. >> all of his friends were in the guidance this morning. everyone's hear for -- everyone is here for them. >> do you get nervous when you go through that intersection every day. >> i actually do because there is no light it is dangerous. >> reporter: the driver faces negligent driving and violating a restriction on his provisional license which requires all passengers wear seat belts. for the first time since last year's inauguration, a meeting between former president bush and former vice president dick cheney. the two met at mr. cheney's house yesterday in northern virginia. they had coffee. no cameras were allowed. the former vice president is recovering from his fifth heart attack. now, have you seen this billboard? it is causing quite a controversy. it is in minnesota. it shows the former president with the words miss me yet. some small businesses bought the ad space but they want to remain anonymous. coming up, ahead in sports the end of an era at dematha
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high school. former wizard koran butler getting in trouble with the nba. in four minutes the old habit that is dying hard.
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good morning, everyone. i'm brett haber with the wakeup sports. you want to talk about a home court advantage. listen to this. from 1961 to 1976, 15 years the da math that stags never lost in their home gym. in that building the coach loot boothen coached all 46 of their seasons and last night they closed the door on the gym. final game and dozens of alumni came back to say good-bye including wooten himself who addressed the crowd. a state of the art gym will open next year and they sent it out with a w. robinson to david
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naves for the throw down and then grant, the son of former bullets star harvey grant of dematha closes the gym with a 14-point win over good counsel. up a couple of levels. the veteran seven-footer was released before the played a game here. the two sides agreed on a buyout saving the wizards $1.5 million and allowing him to resign in cleveland in 30 days. butler is embroiled in straw gate. many fans in dc know that he likes to chew on straws, especially mcdonald's straws while he plays. all the guys in dallas, the broadcasters having fun with it now but the nba ruled that he needs to stop. the league did not give a reason. maybe the choking hazard. he may appeal. have a great friday, everybody. ahead the bizarre tug of war involving a robber and cash
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register and it is caught on tape. plus, get ready for metro's fare surcharge. learn when it starts and who else is joining in. it is 6:25. here's angie. a report of a crash at gaither road. more problems to avoid coming up. not only do we have the wind this morning but the snow is getting closer to the metro. we will look at live doppler hd and the rest of the forecast when we return. g÷g÷uññ
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when i really need to get to sleep, i trust unisom.
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i fall asleep fast and have a full night of restful sleep. morning class. unisom. good night. good morning. wire back. look at the flag getting tangled up in the pole on a wild day with the wins -- winds. to our north it is the wind and the snow. this is a live look at times square. several inches have fallen in new york and philadelphia with more snow on the way. i'm in the weather center now. thank you for starting your friday with us. howard bernstein has more on our windy day. >> not just windy but snowy. a winter weather in the north and east. a winter high wind warning. gusts 55 in the martinsburg area and others in the 30s and 40s. dulles 46. we are dealing with that. the winter weather advisory
6:30 am
north and east of washington, prince georges, montgomery county, run, and the eastern shore. as we look at the radar you will see how the snow is trying to rotate from the north to the south. go to doppler hd. this snow has been getting closer and closer. starting at a good clip out of baltimore, columbia, bwi in to anne arundel, northeastern prince georges county. eastern howard. southeastern howard snowing at a good clip. with lighter snows in to frederick county. temperatures today in the mid- 30s. winds could gust over 50 through midday and high wind warning until 6:00. winter weather advisory until noon. >> thank you so much. traffic lights out, downed trees and wires on the roadway. all sorts of stuff out there. head to wusa -- for a complete list. 50 westbound in maryland at route 3w 01 on the off ramp it is closed because of a disabled tractor-trailer. we want to take you to the outer loop in maryland.
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an extra five minutes from new hampshire to georgia. that's just volume. 66 eastbound, things are stacking up 50 and 123. slow approaching the beltway. here's 95 northbound in virginia. jammed up between route 1 and backlick. no incidents or accidents. we have a short list of school closings and delays to bring you this morning -- good morning, howard. how are things there? >> things are okay except for the power and we will show you the downed lines here in the middle of the road. they don't present a hazard. we have been told they have
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been deenergized. sop the only one lights are the ones generated by our truck. morning winds are the big concern for power companies. crews have been busy working on fry street. think were replacing a pole and two cross arms. that impacted 500 customers in that area. so we have seen what heavy winds and freezing storms can do to power lines. even drives skidding on slick roads and striking poles lake in this instance here. we have been told it doesn't present a safety issue, just it looks pretty nasty right there in the middle of m long avenue and hopefully crews can get out here and clean it up soon. alex trevino, 9 news now. thank you, alex. maryland officials are keeping a close eye on the wind conditions at the chesapeake bay bridge. two-way traffic was stopped yesterday because of the winds. it is a big safety measure
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especially with trucks. at last check things are operating normally but conditions could change at any moment and if we find out any change we will bring them to you. in massachusetts crews are keeping an eye on a dam in freetown between the snow, the wind and the rain they are worried if the dam will hold up. it is keeping the pond from flooding nearby homes. they are asking people to evacuate as a precaution. you can keep an eye on weather here and across the nation all day long while you are at work go to click on the weather tab. the three-day national transportation safety board haring in to last year's deadly metro collision is over. the hearings exposed glaring shortcomings including a warning not to reconfigure electronic components on the system that is supposed to keep trains from hitting each other. there was no closure for the mother of one crash victim. >> everyone was at work.
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nobody was doing their job. okay. so now i have a bigger job. i have to go and tell my grand kids that their mother died because nobody did their job. and it's sad. it's really sad. >> reporter: the ntsb will now pour over the evidence it's collected. official findings are not expected for several months. a commuter alert involving metro. get ready to pay more for your commute. metro will enact a 10 cents surcharge on all fares that means another diem dime to ride trains and buses. senior and riders with disabilities will pay an extra nickel. metro needs the money to ease the budget crisis. it will stay in affect through june two local bus systems are enacting a 10 cents surcharge. a ride on the connector will cost you a dime more as well as
6:35 am
ride on buses. time for another "living $mart" report. the big meetings aren't over yet for toyota. >> they are not likely to end for some time. the latest is the president of toyota sat down with america's top transportation boss, a la hood. after the meeting, akio toyoda thanked workers in kentucky for supporting him on wednesday. another hearing is now planned for next thursday and more are being planned. officials are asking how long toyota knew of safety problems? did it drag its feet on recalls and whether glitches in electronics could have contributed to the issue. heavy snows have introduced heavy layoffs. the claims of unemployment benefits jumped unexpectedly last week. the senate is expected to pass a bill that extends benefits to the jobst after the house passed it yesterday. it is green and you need green to drive it.
6:36 am
they are getting more affordable. they say it will make the roadster and roadster sport available by lease. the cost over $1,600 a month. >> wow. >> it's a mortgage payment. >> wow. >> but it is good for the environment. >> of course. okay. can't wait for the next model. maybe it will come down a it will million. thank you. another story from the stupid criminal file and this one is caught on tape. the video is out of miami. police say that guy, yeah, there he is, smashed in the front door of a restaurant. he goes after a cash register. but he gets in to a game of tug of war and the cash register wins. the guy finally gives up and goes after another cash register. he gets away with that one. police are looking for him this morning. coming up, the olympics update learn what happened after the winner hockey game that has the ioc investigating. and we hit the streets of
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vancouver for a spectator sport. in six minutes we go in search of popular pins. here's huard with the weather. virginia not seeing the snow but definitely the winds. we are looking at the gusts. the latest coming in to us and they are impressive. especially in the northern part of the shenandoah valley where winchester isen gusting to 46. dulles 46. you go south to culpeper, 22 and fredericksburg, what wind. only 17. so much worse north than south. it will be a windy day today. mostly cloudy skies and maybe a flurry or two to the shenandoah valley. 35 luray, 38 dumfries and chantilly, 36. we are seeing the winds an we see problems. begin with a map of downed wires in arlington. north glebe road at 19th street, avoid the area. moving it outside, very light traffic out here on patrick
6:38 am
henry drive. and the dulles toll road is okay from the greenway toe toll plaza or to access 66. tgif everybody. we'll be right back after this break.
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earlier this week we told you about the superman come ache than now the batman comic went for $1,075,000 worth more than the first superman. in 1939 the comic sold for 10 cents. now a check on the winter olympics. three more days to go in vancouver. the u.s. men's hockey team is one win away from the gold
6:42 am
medal game. and canada versus slovakia. as for women's hockey not gold for canada. they blanked team usa 2-0. 30 minutes after the win the canadian team skated on the ice with cigars and beers. the ioc says it will negligent that. a record-breaking night in women's figure skating. south korea won the gold. japan won silver while canada got the bronze. so here's the latest medal count. team usa is in the lead with 32 medals. there's one non-stop spectator sport that's the rage at the olympics, pin trading. we see the action on the street in vancouver. >> it is an addiction. do you have any pins? >> i had 300 with me right now. >> never count them.
6:43 am
>> changes daily. >> reporter: it's the rarely discussed, secret underbelly of the olympic games. >> want to trade? >> if you are in town, you can't ignore the pins or the pin traders. >> so many people get involved with this as they do going to watch the sports. it is a way for people -- can't go up to everybody just start talking. >> pin trading unofficially began between athletes of different countries and then the companies. >> a lot of sponsors will give out pins for nothing. >> reporter: and the networks started to get involved which is why these guys are set up outside of the international broadcast center. >> some of us collectors in here we come and collect media pins. >> i will give you an nbc pin because normally it is the other way around but i will give you one. >> the pins are in the ibc, as well. japanese television, this is after day five, no pins, sorry. so stop asking. thankfully there are other
6:44 am
options. four blocks east, the pin trading center inside of a big name department store. you can buy special coca-cola pins for $10 a pop, or you can do the usual. >> what do you have, sir? >> any pins to trade? >> reporter: for many pins equal memories. >> i like it. >> make a friend even if it is for one minute. it is a lot of fun. >> that was matt pear reporting from vancouver. we were saying it is probably one of the few things you can afford to buy at some of the sporting events. i still have milanyard with the pins from when. we have a lot of weather going on. not only here but all over the place. it has been pounding areas to the north and east. new york city, the latest report up there is heavy snow coming down. that's not central park, that's columbus circle on the north side of manhattan. it is barely moving there.
6:45 am
they have had ten inches of snow or so. a big storm for them. for us, we didn't get the snow but wind out there. the weather terrace past the sunrise hour just happening right now. winds 30 to 40 miles an hour in the metro. our biggest winds were reported in west virginia at 567-mile an hour gusts in petersburg and grant county and purcellville 55 and over to middletown and frederick county 56. martinsburg in the mid-50s. windy, very windy through midday. a little snow this morning north and east of washington. 36. tomorrow 43. could be a flurry tomorrow night and sunday 45. the bus stop forecast, very windy. some snow showers are north and east of town. mid-20s to low 30s out there. sun is coming up right now and this afternoon it will be mostly cloudy with that wind warning until 6:00 p.m. a couple of snow showers are possible with gusts 40 to maybe as high as 60 miles an hour
6:46 am
especially in higher elevations. windy and cold, 25 to 30. northwest winds 15 to 25. the sustained winds 40-mile an hour or greater. the gusts above 50. we have frequent gusts over 50 miles an hour and a lot of wind out there. especially this morning. i could see the gusts 38 easton. 38 at pax river. not so bad south fredericksburg to richmond but winchester, hagerstown, oakland 40 plus. and 40 here in town with, zooming in 46 at dulles. 55 on the wind gusts in the martinsburg area and andrews air force base is gusting to 44 miles an hour. beside the winds a little wintry weather and snow in the northern and eastern suburbs. the winter weather advisory until the noon hour. as we look at the bigger picture you can see the snow rotating around the low pressure here. coming in to pennsylvania. johnstown is reporting heavy snow. and getting close to us. show you what is happening.
6:47 am
see the dark blue area around the baltimore region extending in to carroll and howard county. this is moderate snow band down there. this is in anne arundel county through annapolis and davidsonville over to bowie and prince georges county, as well. upper montgomery county to frederick county, parts of carroll and western howard we are looking at lighter flurries but eastern carroll and howard county mild snow going on. upper 20s and low 30s. 32 manassas. 29 martinsburg. 32 dulles. 28 in gaithersburg and with the winds the wind chills are running teens to low 20s. the actual sustained wind at national is 23. gusting to 40 and the wind chill is 21. so this storm will affect us the next several hours with the snow north and east. that winter weather advisory until noon. wind warning until 6:00. 36 today. we are looking at 40s over the weekend. upper 40s on monday. monday looks nice and a possible coastal storm for the middle of next week.
6:48 am
might slide south but it also may not. happy friday to you. 13 minutes from the 7:00 hour. new traffic alert out in the district. let's begin in northeast where we have fire activity on michigan avenue. the road is actually closed between 4th street and hairwood road. over here in northwest dc a tree in the roadway at 37th and u street. turn on the cameras and take you outside and show you 395 northbound stacking up from the beltway to seminary. no incidents or accidents. just volume. maryland 50 westbound. this is the deal here at route 301. looks like the latest is the disabled tractor-trailer is causing drivers to lose two right lanes and also the ramp and remember at the bay bridge we have wind warnings in place. 270 back outside. delayed from 118 germantown road to montross. that's 16 minutes in the car for these drivers right now and finally wrapping up in bethesda, another down tree at ridge road and 64th.
6:49 am
andrea, back to you. coming up on 6:49. right now we want -- want to take you to hampshire, new hampshire. it consumed a hotel and several businesses an entire block is destroyed. this have on the ocean on the new hampshire ' coast one hour north of boston. the same storm fueled these flames. nearby gusts came close to 70 miles an hour. we're told flames could be seen for miles them good news here. no one was hurt. the maryland senate unanimously approved a bill on thursday banning bisphenol-a in bottles and cups for children under 4 years of age. it is a controversial chemical used primarily to make plastics. the ban takes effect in 2012. it is similar to laws passed in connecticut and minnesota last year. a teenager's impression didn't work. a 14-year-old skater grabbed the back of a dc fire truck
6:50 am
looking for a ride. it happened at sheridan street and 7th street in northwest. instead of getting a ride, the truck ran over the teenager's foot and he ended up getting a ride to the hospital. washington played a little hollywood on the potomac on thursday night. first stop the white house. she gave president obama a big hug. clint eastwood and bob dylan won awards but weren't present ♪ [ music ] that's musical legend stevie wonder. he performed last night at the ken city center. was a benefit for the duke ellington school of the arts. we caught up with him after the concert and asked him about the importance of the school. >> this is the original, the
6:51 am
original might mile, the real deal. >> reporter: and here's a little more of last night's kennedy center concert for you to enjoy. stick around. we'll be right back. m÷
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here's what is in the news now. virginia is taking potholes head on. they want to focus on fixing potholes for the entire month of march. he vows they will be fixed in 24 hours on major roads. the bear win mayor is suing prince georges county over a mistaken drug raid at his home two years ago.
6:55 am
it left his dog dead. the big apple is getting a big taste of snow this morning. this is video from times square. a few inchs on the ground already but could have a foot of snow by the time the storm moves out. a few flurry and snow showers north and east. the winds are be a big problem, gust 4-g 0 to 50 miles an hour. winter weather advisory north and east until noon. anally will have the traffic and i will look at the forecast when we  [ woman ] most of us don't get enough fiber in our diets.
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i recommend act fluoride mouthwash. act works with calcium to rebuild enamel. to avoid dental problems act daily. time 6:58. 50 westbound, a disabled tractor-trailer is taking away two lanes and the ramp to 301. an overturned past the beltway it is off to the left shoulder. southbound delays from germantown road to montross.
6:59 am
and in northeast dc, looks like we have some fire activity that is closing michigan avenue between 4th and hairwood and a downed tree is at 37th and u. a few flakes out there north and east of town. the light blue in to calvert county and upper montgomery got a call from the mrs. saying some flakes up there. columbia and baltimore got moderate snow showers. winter weather advisory from noon north to east. the winds will gust to possibly 60 through 6:00 when the wind warning expires and a better stretch through monday and next wednesday, maybe a coastal. hopefully not. >> as for wall street, it was a down day yesterday but things look better this morning. the "early show" has more next on the winter weather slamming the northeast and bob shafer weighs in on the health


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