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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 14, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hour and an understand den free report, folks. that's the way we like it. 395 already slowing down in the duke street exit over to seminary and then a little bit crossing the 14th street bridge with where we have a traffic patten that is new in place. move over to 86 eastbound from -- 86 ebb february 50 to 123 a good amount of congestion building. plus five minutes and growing on the outer loop in maryland also finding more drivers stretching between new hampshire avenue and the georgia exit. also sighing a good amount of congestion start to build on new york avenue back to you. the top of the hour we get to what is happening today and today is primary day. there are several key races across the region. polls are open from 7:00 this morning until 8:00 tonight in prince georges county,
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maryland. statewide in maryland, republican voters will pick their candidate for governor. ehrlich is expected to win. an in the district, voters will choose awe new city council chairman. but then of course there is think big one. the mayoral primary in the district. kristin fisher is live outside of board of elections headquarters with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. you know, there is no republican challenger in this race. so, this is it. whoever wins today's primary battle will, without almost certainly that person will welcome dc's mayor. >> they hit the trail hard chasing down last-minute votes. by all accounts fenty is in trouble. the latest poll showed him trailing from 7 to 17 points but both sides say their focus isn't on poll numbers but on getting out the vote. >> i can't pay attention to that. i have to pay attention to our efforts to get people out to
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vote. that's one of the most important things of all and we are working on that, making calls, having people knocking on doors, we have vans all over the streets of the city. the focus is on getting people out. >> since the polls came out they looked at both of our records and now fenty has some things to work on second term but fora and away much more competent record and more competent person to run the city for the next four years. >> reporter: fenty was stumping sporting a redskins jersey, why? he said it is because on sunday night the redskins showed it dunn matter what the experts say when you have heart, effort and you believe in what you are doing. now it is all in the hands of dc voters. about 15,000 people have already voted early in the democratic primary. the polls will open at 7 pam today in dc -- 7 a.m. today in dc, closing 8 p.m.
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tonight. and if it all goes according to plan we should know the winner on the. keep in mind this is the first year ever for same-day registration in the district. so that could cause some last- mincings as we try to get the -- last mincings as we try to get it figured out. if that causes problems it could be ten days before we know who wins but if all goes according to plan we should know by the enof the day. now to prince georges county. voters will vote for a new sheriffs states attorney, school board and county council. in the democratic primary for county executive a negative ad against sheriff jackson is in the spotlight. it draws attention to the mistaken county police raid in bear win heights two year ago. the mayor's two dogs were killed in the raid and jackson is unhappy with the ad. >> they don't live in prince
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georges county and know nothing about michael jackson and my accomplishments over the last eight years. >> reporter: the ad was paid for by sciu local 9. again, stay with 9 news now and all day long for continuing primary day coverage. get up to the second results on our website. derek and anita will have a recap and reaction tonight at 11:00 and we will have voter guides on the website. look under 9 news extras. an update on the story we brought to you on monday morning. fairfax county police is a a long-running dispute between neighbors led to murder. 44-year-old david patton is charged. police say he shot and killed steven carr inside of the carr's home on field master drive in springfield. neighbors told 9 news now what happened on sunday night. >> there was a lot of shots. and then all i heard was
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sirens. >> they had their guns pointed to the woods an then we hear freeze, freeze, get on the ground. >> reporter: investigators say patton was angry over a speed bump. carr pushed to have the bump installed on field master drive. what a different a year makes. last year there was a political uproar over president obama's back to school speech. he delivered it to a nationwide audience from arlington. this year, barely a peep about his sec address. he will travel to philadelphia this afternoon to give students a pep talk. the president will urge students to stay in school and take responsibility for their education. jessica doyle has a special "living $mart" report. a look at the best federal agencies to work for. >> obviously something that impacts a lot of workers in the washington area. so how would you rate your work place? one nonprofit went over the surveys of federal employees to find out which haitian has the happiest workers and you may be really surprised about which
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came out on top. of all of the government agencies, which one is the best place to work? workers at l'enfant plaza took a guess. >> i know they are happy at state. >> secret service. >> d.o.d. >> faa. >> why? >> because i work with them. >> reporter: based on workers surveys that reach 263,000 federal workers the nuclear negativelatory commission took the top spot for the third year in a row. surprised? okay. >> reporter: max is ceo of the partnership for public service. the nonprofit has been ranking federal agencies based on work place conditions since 2003. >> the most important ingredient for an engaged work force is strong leadership. >> reporter: leadership, vision and a sense that your your work matters. some of the rankings that pushed up the department of transportation in the best places to work survey. >> they held town hall meetings, solicited input from employees and they listened to their employees and acted on
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what they heard. >> reporter: based on the overall scores the nuclear regulatory commission was first, followed by the government accountability office, the federal deposit insurance corporation in third. in fourth place, the smithsonian institution and the national aero naughtic and space administration rounded out the top five. >> what are some of the things you need in a federal government agency to make for a happy work force. >> family friendly balance, especially working mothers. >> being listened to and that you make a difference. >> smile. come in with a big smile. make people smile. make them happy. >> will have the bill smile. those are the agencies at the top of the list, the national archives and huh hued. they tied for last place on the list. number one thing people want, they want to feel their work matters that their mission will help people. >> yes, we understand that. >> do indeed. in thank you. it appears more of us are
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washing our hands. a study in the "usa today" found 85% of adults say they wash their hands in public restroom rooms. however, when it comes to the sexes, the study says only 77% of men wash compared with 93% of women. it is 8 after the hour. ahead a health alert about peripheral artery disease. it can be deadly if you don't know the warning signs. in three minutes, what you need to look out for. and learn about free testing coming up later this week. right now our ocuss on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> no fog this morning. that's good. a little cool to start but we are in for a good looking tuesday an here. we start the day with 60s and even 50s out in parts of western maryland by 9:00 in the 860s 860s.
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-- angie has the maryland tuesday traffic. >> that's right. sky 9 is hovering over the roads. a live look at conditions on 4 t 5 near the georgia avenue exit. right now we are watching congestion build on the outer loop. that's the right of the screen making your way from new hampshire avenue to this spot. we are lacking a plus five minutes and growing. as we switch our cameras over and show you bradley and connecticut, obviously the commute is clear. nothing to stand in your way. very volume light. and ending with a shot of 355 and shady grove, stopped at a red light because green light to a nice commute right now. we remain incident free. it is 6:09. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right
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we are back with a hidden warning about a health danger. a blood vessel disease that million of americans have and many don't know it until it is at an advanced stage. we have more on pad and how you can get checked free for pad. >> reporter: that's the sound of blood pumping through the body as picked up by an ultrasound machine. if that flow gets blocked around the heart or brain, a heart steak attack or stroke
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can strike. -- heart attack or stroke can strike. but when it is blocked in the legs it is called pad an the biggest warning sign is pain after exercise. >> the fist thing that happens is you get pain when you walk. this occurs when you use the muscle in your legs. >> after a quarter of a mile on a treadmill the pain would begin to increase in my calves. >> reporter: turns out joseph had blockages in both legs, bad enough that vascular surgeon did a type of bypass surgery using synthetic blood vessels. >> excellent pulse there. >> think different was dramatic. >> reporter: he says most cases can be managed with lifestyle changes, stopping smoking and certain medications. the important thing is finding out you have it before it is too late. >> it can lead to amputation or loss of the leg. >> that's why georgetown is holding free pad screenings
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this thursday that measure flood flow in the lower legs. no needles or poking just blood pressure cuffs. theist's free but they are scheduling appointments for folks this thursday on september 16th between 3:00 ann 8 p.m. to find out if you are a candidate, call 202-342-2400. >> anita tells us these are the people that should be tested for pad. people of 50 who have smoked. people over 50 who have diabetes. people with abnormal cholesterol. people with high blood pressure and anyone over age 70. it is 6:13. here's what is in the news now, secretary of state hillary clinton is in egypt this morning. she's there for the latest round of peace talks. she says "the time is right for a permanent peace." the second wildfire in colorado is only 10% contained this morning. it has burned 700-acres of land
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near loveland. it was started by a homeowner burning debris from a tree cutting. residents of california will get a rebate on property taxes. it was in the spotlight over the summer when it was revealed that city leaders were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars most of them quit or gave back the money. >> power to the people. that was out age assume solve the salaries an bonuses given to a people. >> you have to wonder if that was a wake up call for a lot of folks. >> you have a wakeup call for us. >> temperatures in the 50s and 880s this morning. as we head through the day a front comes through but not enough moisture to work with. i know we need rain but can't get it until late thursday in to friday. look at the day at a glance today. temperatures here in town in the mid-60s. upper 70s at noon and 81 at
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5:00. in the lower 80s here. mid-80s to the south and southwest this afternoon. and code green air quality. bus stop forecast, it is cool in spots this morning urn mainly clear skies. temperatures in the upper 50s. a few spots, bus time in the low 70s. sun is up 49. this afternoon, mostly sunny breezy and warm. some high clouds at times. low to mid-80s. northwest winds ten to 120. southern areas, down in parts of virginia, maybe southern maryland that cud get closer to 85. 53 to 63 tonight with clear to partly cloudy sky and a west wind at 5:00 and the west wind 7:18. i want to talk about the dew points the dry air that's around with dew points in the 40s to upper 50s. don't have a lot of moisture to work with. when the front comes through, it doesn't have a lot to work with. some showers off to the north in new jersey, new england. all we are seeing are high clouds streaming in from the
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midwest with temperatures in and around the metro. now down to 57 in reston. fairfax is 85. springfield is 62. portion county, brandywine, 60. andrews 61. columbia 60. crofton 59. montgomery county pair of 60s from gaithersburg and rockville. 65 national. dew point of 59. the winds light out of the south southwest at five and a few high clouds around. we'll expand the picture and you can see the clouds streaming in from the midwest with dying showers moving in to illinois. low pressure will perform in the midwest and head this way. a front will be coming this way. and with it the winds will start to gust over 20 miles an hour this afternoon. there's the cloudiness moving through this afternoon and this evening. tomorrow is a quiet day also. should be fairly nice. as we head in to wednesday night we see this area of low pressure developing out in the midwest. by thursday morning, it's
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coming in and you see the showers and storms in indianapolis there. that's what we will hope for as we get to thursday night and friday morning. the seven-day forecast, temperatures here low 80s the next couple of days. one or two spots 85 today. thursday mid 890s with a chance of a shower in to friday morning cooler on friday, 78 and the weekend is looking good in the low to mid-80s. it is 6:17. here's angie. >> thank you, howard. right now we are looking good, washington. as far as tieups are concerned. right now we want to show you the slow goes that have started to stet in. t 5 northbound, slow in two spots. the prince william parkway over to route 1 and making the way from the fairfax county parkway up to 8844 -- 644. take you to the lanes that are open on 395. but below speed from the beltway over to seminary and then you will stack up across the 14th street bridge. where we have new traffic pattern in place taking away the left lane for drivers. on the inner loop in virginia.
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volume is picking up between braddock and gallows. no incidents or accidents along the way. and finally, maryland, we are wrapping with you. 270 southbound, no incidents but from germantown to fall you are below speed. back to you. we have another commuter alert. it could be another rough morning for bus riders in prince georges county. union drivers for the bus transit system are on strike. monday the county ran limited or no service on all 25 of its routes. i waived fares on the buss which did run. the president of the teamsters 63 t says members want better security -- better job security, better health insurance and higher wages. their union contract expired june 30th. things are back to normal at the wheaton metro station in montgomery county. the red line station was closed several hours during the rush hour last night. all of the elevators and escalators were out due to mechanical problems.
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the station is one of the deepest in the system. metro says most of the escalator and elevators are now operating again. nationwide, sat scores remain steady but in our area they are on the rise. the test is graded on a scale of 2400 points. in the last year, district students average 1404 points. that's a jump of 26 points from a year ago. montgomery county students gained 38 points going up to 1653. fairfax county remains steady but at 1684 is the highest in the region. the national average was unchanged at 1509. ahead in sports, after self rain delays there's finally a men's champion at the u.s. open. and some smash mouth football to end the nfl's fist week. highlights from the ravens and jets are three minutes away. we'll be right back. think about the internet.
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the fist week of the nfl season wrapped up with a pair of games the ravens traveled to the meadow lands to take on the jets. time running out in the first half. he runs in for the touchdown and the ravens led 7-6 in the half. in the fourth quarter check out this tackle by law wis. he nails new york's geller. wow! ravens go on to beat the jets 10-9. in the late game it was kansas city hosting san diego. in the second quarter, a 94- yard punt for a touchdown and the chiefs past the chargers 21- 14. rain on sunday and monday afternoon push thed me then's final at the u.s. open until last night. nadal didn't seem to mind.
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he captured thief's ever title in new york. he won in four sets. he now has a career slam with a win in each of the four grand slam tournaments. it is 6:24. still to come, which state government is considering giving everyone a four-day workweek? more computer issues a the dmv in virginia. find out whap what's happening now. angie is watching the roads for us. >> we are live from georgetown. m street at wisconsin. nice and quiet drive this tuesday. we will have more shots of roads you take coming up. smooth sailing weather wise but a little cool. find out how warm it will get today and when we may see much- needed rain. 9 news now returns in just a moment.
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i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. we're back with beautiful nature shots. first check out the gorgeous sunset. a great orange and pink sky and then later a clear night to check out the moon. and this morning the moon is in the first quarter phase. thank you for starting your tuesday with us. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with the forecast. two beautiful shots heralding a beautiful day ahead. >> that's correct. 20 minutes before sunrise, a nice glow in the eastern sky
6:29 am
and in store for a beautiful looking tuesday. i know we need rain but it didn't isn't going to happen today. mid-50s in cumberland to mid- 60s here in washington. easton and cambridge 59. it is 57 in frederick, gaithersburg and leesburg and 55 manassas. looking at high temperatures in the low 80s. as you head south to fredericksburg and tappahannock, culpeper, more like the mid-80s an up to hagerstown around 80 degrees. sunny skies and watch out. we could have some breezes over 20. >> hope you are ready to enjoy a fantastic day. right now inside the beltway looking good. it is outside that we have learned out in howard county area that they have reclosed route 94. this is between florence road and old annapolis road. that's because we have a pole down on the ground and some wires. crews are out trying to fix that. move to the outer loop. we are moving slowly between 95
6:30 am
and georgia. plus five to ten minutes for that stretch of the commute. no incidents along the way and we will wrap with route 4, route 5 and crane highway. we will take you there. i want you to know we are building a little volume on the roads heading in to dc. no tieups at this time. oh to you. >> thank you, angie. >> polls in our region open in 30 minutes. voters will cast ballots in key primaries. the biggest is the race for mayor in the district. kristin fisher is live in northwest washington with a preview. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. this has been a personal and heated primary battle. in fact, just over the past few days, really the final days in this race, both campaigns have accused the other of foul play and here's what i'm talking about. right now fenty is fighting accusation that's his campaign campaigns for jobs for votes.
6:31 am
both candidates took though street on the time day of campaigning before the polls open this morning. gray is running on transa patiencecy and team work and mayor fenty is focusing on what he has accomplished in office, specifically in dc public schools an trying to shake off allegations about being arrogant an autocratic. that's what his critics accuse him of. 20,000 people have voted early in the district and it's not looking good for the incumbent. the last poll putt him between 7 an 7 point behind gray. yesterday we asked both candidates, are you prepared both win or lose? listen to what they had to say? we're going to win. so we are prepared to win because we have put in the right amount of work as an administration. >> you don't want to focus on losing. i'm focusing on winning. i love the city and no matter the you come i will do half i
6:32 am
can to support the city. >> reporter: this is of course a very local race but it has been getting a ton of national attention because whoever wins this pattle could have significant implications in regard to the national debate over education reform. that kind of reform has been a very big focus of fenty's campaign. so whoever wins today it will say a lot about the national the bait over educational reform. a lot at stake for the candidates and the issues they care about. back to you. in another race we are keeping an eye on is the republican gubernatorial primary in maryland. bob ehrlich has a lead in the polls but a few weeks ago, sarah palin made headlines when she backed conservative brain murphy. that drew attention and money to his campaign. monday ehrlich received the support of palin's former
6:33 am
running mate two years ago, arizona senator john mccain. there are some primary races to keep an eye on nationally. in delaware, the republican primary for the u.s. senate is putting castle against o'donnell. in new york the one to watch is the gop pry i mary for governor. paldino is running neck and neck with lazzio. and former attorney general is the front runner. before you go to the polls go to we have voters guides for all the races in maryland and the district. look urn the 9 news extras tab. another commuter meltdown at a virginia department of motor vehicle branch caused a big problem for customers. the washington examiner reports the automated system at the franconia dmv went on the fritz for several hours yesterday. less than two weeks ago, a mass
6:34 am
server failed shutting down dmv service across the commonwealth. the company that provides computer services to virginia says it is looking to what caused the computer problems at the dmv and 25 orstate agencies. knot rupp drummen says it will pay for the independent review. it should be finished in december. northrop grumman has a $2.4 billion contract to virginia. i'm for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle has a plan to make every weekend a three-day weekend. boy, that's music to our ears. >> sounds good working just four days a week. that's the upside. you know there is a down side of course. and the down side is every work day becomes, you know it, ten hours, moving to a four-day workweek is on the table for virginia state workers. the state employees could take fridays off under a proposal to save $3 million on energy and
6:35 am
other expenses by shift shutting down government buildings one day a week. some agencies would be exempt including law enforcement, public health, higher education and departments that generate revenue. the governor plans to call the general assembly back to richmond in november to debate the proposal. new lawyers with big firms are making bank. the average salary is get this $160,000 fist year. the national association for law placement says salaries are holding steady from last year. other cities are paying $185,000. you don't need a lawyer's salary to stay an extra day at these hotels. some are offing a free night to sell rooms this fall. our partner at "usa today" reports that marriott rewards has a free pro motion. they can stay a free night by staying with a visa credit card and hyatt and best western have bonus.offers, as well.
6:36 am
tough to fill up the hotels during the season the kids are in school. >> the three day weekend would make it tempting. >> we already work ten hours a day anyhow. female will serve as a body and paint shop for metro bus and metro access the transit agency showed off a few new vehicles, including 48 hybrid pauses the $52 million project was funded through federal stimulus dollars. it is 6:36. we are getting a new look at last week's deadly gas egg explosion in california. check out the surveillance video. op the left side of the screen, you see the fire ball erupt and people starting to panic. in seven minutes how a lab here in washington will play a role in listening what happened. right now our daily focus on virginia's weather and
6:37 am
traffic. here's howard. >> looking good across virginia this morning. no fog like yesterday. clear, cool, comfortable conditions. a nice morning. hoping for some rain, maybe thursday in to friday morning we will get you some. we start with temperatures in the 50s in spots an low 60s here. we will be upper 60s or so by 9:00. maybe 70 in tappahannock. the lunchtime 80 degrees for culpeper. 77 leesburg and fairfax and by this afternoon temperatures topping ought out in the lower to middle 80s. a good looking breezy day ahead. we are live from sky 9. hovering over the mixing bowl and it is ease -- it is busy out there. no major accidents but the usual slow goes. you are coming from t 5 and looks like we have slow between prince william parkway to route 1 and getting to this point. let's move over to route 7. through tysons corner.
6:38 am
looks like smooth commuting near near international drive and take you to alexandria where we will wrap it up. route 1 and 23rd street. lanes are wide open for business. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back after this
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we are taking you the top of the charts. this morning the hottest topics on going. number one rate right now tay already swift. she gave a strong performance at the video music awards. in third place the ravens. they won last night. and in fifth, oprah winfrey. she's taking her entire audience of 300 people to australia. investigators in the district will play a role to determine what caused last week's deadly explosion in san bruno, california. four people died in the gas pipeline explosion. tara mergener reports this
6:43 am
tragedy is leading to questions nationwide. >> sections of the gas pipe that exploded near san francisco are now heading to a federal lab in washington, d.c. >> they will undergo an extensive and detailed examination to help determine what caused the pipe to be breached. >> reporter: surveillance video captured the terrifying moment last thursday when a blast ripped through the san bruno neighborhood sending residents running for their lives. >> did you have any idea the pipe went so choice to your house? >> i did not, no. >> reporter: the pipe was more than 50 years old. around the life expectancy for steel pipes and located in a heavily populated area. >> these pipes are underground. you don't see them. and it is very easy to kind of have a sense of security there. >> reporter: experts say the disaster is a sign of a much bigger problem. since 1890, federal officials have recorded more than 3,000 gas pipe accidents, more than a third resulting in death and
6:44 am
injuries. >> critics blame the government's regulatory system. the law requires only 7% of the country's natural gas pipelines to be inspected. most residential areas are served by low pressure lines, which are not usually marked. even though they may lie inches underground. and there is no law insuring -- ensuring construction is done from a safe distance of the gas line. >> our hearts are very much with the people of san bruno. >> reporter: for residents the explosion came without warning. now officials wonder how many other ticking time bombs are out there. in washington, tara mergener, 9 news now. pacific gas and electric owns the ruptured gas pipe. it has putt aside $100 million to help victims of the explosion. money could come to those affected as early as this week. on the lighter note. our own good weather and at the kennedy center crowds are expected tomorrow night. it is a big celebration.
6:45 am
the bicentennial mexican independence and they will be outdoors on the south plaza. music, dancing and singing. >> the weather will be excellent but it really looks nice there. spanish class was so many years ago, andrea? >> you will appreciate the weather we will have the next couple of days. the sunshine will be around, unless you need the rain, may not appreciate it like the folks to the west where drought conditions are pretty bad. show you what is happening for this tuesday. a comfortable start. 60s here. 50s to the suburbs. around 70 at 9:00. 5:00, northeast notice breezy this afternoon and gusting over 20 miles an hour. the bus stop forecast, some high clouds are giving us pretty colors in the sky right now. we will call it mainly clear. cool in spots with some areas in the 50s to low 70s. sun is up at 3 minutes from now
6:46 am
at 6:49 an the late sunrise, got six more weeks until daylight savings time so around a while. sunny, breezy a warm, 81 to 8 south. northwest winds 10 to 20 and wind relax out of the west at five to ten with temperatures in the 50s to lower 60s. sunset 7:18. there's the 80s -- 60s. jan in reedville 7 on the northern neck and 55 gaithersburg, cumberland an oakland 54. locally you will notice 57 in reston. manassas 60 with clear skies out there opposed to yesterday. college park is 61 along with andrews and ft. belvoir. arlington 64 and columbia and rockville at 59. national, mid-60s. sunny skies. winds are light from the south southwest. a front is coming but you will notice with the southwest wind we are not seeing the front yet passing pittsburgh approaching western maryland. the front does not have a lot
6:47 am
of moisture to work with. over than a few clouds not expecting rain with it. we will turn our attention to the west. high pressure builds in. we are in for a good looking wednesday with less wind than today. we will warm up ahead of the next system. notice the showers and storms passing chicago on thursday morning through parts of indiana, back through missouri an illinois. that will likely take most of the rain knot of us but at least give us a chance of showers by thursday knight and friday. in the tropics, we have you'll ya behind me. tropical storm igor, pretty impressive looking hurricane there. and the forecast track from the hurricane center, thankfully starts to take this away. it is turning northwest ward soon away from the leeward islands but winds are down to 135. this could be coming close to bermuda by saturday evening and sunday morning. they will have to watch that as a weaker storm, still a hurricane nonetheless. the seven-day forecast, sunshine, breezy today. 83ment less wind tomorrow, 83.
6:48 am
warmer on thursday, mid-80s but a threat on thursday night in to friday morning for showers with that front, 78 and nice looking weekend low to mid-80s. how's the traffic? >> so smooth all morning long. as we creep closer to the 7:00 hour, we have a boo boone othem -- beltway. move it outside. at college park this is what we are dealing with an accident taking away the left shoulder and causing this, a jamup, bumper-to-bumper condition here starting an the kenilworth avenue exit. past this accident you are going to slow down quite a bit trying to get from 95 to georgia avenue. no real surprise there. 270 southbound looks heavy from father hurley to he split. extra 10 to 15 minutes in the car to make it through that. in virginia tracking the eastbound 6 trip and delayed from 50 to nutley and once again approaching the capital beltway. we will wrap it up with a shot
6:49 am
in virginia. 395 northbound, you are bumper- to-bumper below speed from the beltway to seminary and crossing the 14th street bridge. back to you. our time is 49. today president obama heads to philadelphia. he will deliver a back to school speech to students nationwide. meanwhile, here in washington, a battle is brewing over taxes. republican leadership wants to extend the bush era tax cuts for everyone. while the president wants to let them expire for people making more than $250,000 a year. mr. obama made his case yesterday on a visit to fairfax. >> we are still in this wrestling match with john boehner and mitch mcconnell about the last two to three percent where on average we'd be giving them $100,000 for people making a million dollars or more and we just can't afford it. >> reporter: if congress fails to pass any extension at all the tax cuts will run out for every taxpayer. tonight you will get a second chance to learn more about phase two of metro's silver line project.
6:50 am
last night was the first open house about the extension. it will go from wheely avenue to herndon to dulles and ashburn. the line is scheduled to open in six years. on the's meeting is at the loudoun heritage farm museum just off of the cascades parkway in sterling, virginia. in sports, the nationals need just three more wins in order to not lose 100 games. they are struggling to get them. they struck out a career high 1 batters last night and the nationals bell fell to the braves the orioles snapped a losing streak against the blue jays. scott singled in the game winning run last night. baltimore topped toronto 4-3. 65 degrees here in northwest washington. voting in the lowal primary begins in nine minutes. xc@3w÷)
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it is 6:54. here's what is in this news
6:54 am
now. primary voting begins at the top the hour in our region in the democratic race for mayor, polls show vincent gray leading mayor fenty. the polls close at 8:00 p.m. tonight. opening statements in the trial of a man accused in the death of nick adenhart an two of his friends. major league pitcher died in the drunk driving crash last year. he grew up in washington county, maryland. an armored car guard is hospitalized this morning. she was shot on the job yesterday in southeast washington. the man ran off without taking any money and is at large. a pretty morning out there. 50s and 80s. 77 at noon and 81 breezy degrees at 5:00. angie will have another look at traffic an i will show you the seven-day forecast when 9 news now
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there's a shot of the american flag atop of the u.s. capitol. it was on this date in 1884 our national anthem was born. francis scott key wrote "the star spangled banner." did you know there are four versus. we only sing the first one. he wrote the words. the music comes from a british drinking song that was popular at the time and wasn't our national anthem until 1931. >> what would we do without the key bridge? traffic is smooth making your way to georgetown. okay. this is the beltway deb. the inner look at route 1. it is pushed to the left shoulder
6:59 am
in many. stacked around the kenilworth avenue exit. branch and southern avenue a  disabled vehicle is taking away the right lane. backed up at the suitland parkway and howard county a downed pole and route 94 is closed between florence and old annapolis. over to howard. >> sunny and breezy today. in the low to mid-80s south. low 80s tomorrow. mid-80s an warmer on thursday. the weekend is looking good. high unless the low to mid-80s. as for wall street we have been up in eight of the last nine sessions. looking lower but economic data is out. >> the "early show" is next with more on primary day nationwide. >> down load a hurricane tracker at next news is at noon and we will see you tomorrow primary day.


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