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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 15, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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and watching hurricane igor. >> spying has never been easier. how a simple gps can track a cheating spouse or a criminal . this is 9 news now. >> and tonight a crime eerily similar to the -- he met his accusers on a telephone chat line. >> now police say a man has fallen to the sex trap. live where it all happened. armando? >> reporter: this is the middle school. two years ago, it was a very dark place, an ideal spot for an illicit sexual encounter. what officials did not expect was that security cameras would capture the deadly liaison. >> clearly killed this man in cold blood. >> reporter: this is the cold- blooded killer, tommy whack, sentenced to 30 years in prison today for robbing and murdering a man he paid for paid sex in the parking lot of the middle school in landover in 2008.
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>> he was robbed, his cell phone taken. he was shot twice in the back and left for dead. without a cell phone, he couldn't even call and get help for himself. >> reporter: security cameras outside the school captured back and his cousin as they spoke to the victim by cell phone. tommy offered the victim sex in exchange for money through a phone chat lion. >> essentially the arrangement was for some kind of apparently sexual liaison to take place in the victim's vehicle. >> reporter: the two teenagers were videotaped running away minutes after the video was shot. the cousins headed to tommy's home a few blocks away from the crime scene. >> reporter: using canine tracking, there was a video camera on the school that allowed them to figure out how many people were there, and roughly the direction they were heading in. >> reporter: police say whack posed with the murder weapon and poseed the pictures online as dna was found inside the victim's car.
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>> reporter: now, normally, under these kinds of circumstances, the accused would have gotten 15 to 25 years in prison, but the court decided to give him 30 years in prison because of the nature of the crime. reporting live, armando cruel. back to you. well, if you really want to know who d.c.'s mayor was going to be last night, you likely had to sacrifice some sleep. the election results were surprisingly slow in coming, left a lot of us scratching our heads as to what was going on. >> as brittany morehouse explains, the city took an aggressive overhaul of the election process, something that may not have been quite ready for prime time. >> we're taking the long way around. >> reporter: as if he didn't have enough on his hands, he takes us room by room. >> person by person, click by click behind the scenes of the board of elections, where he is chief of technology and where, yes, they're dealing with some speed bumps. >> we all know there was a lot of anxiety last night about the
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speed of election results. >> reporter: part of the problem, outdated web site software that just refused to import voting results last night. >> we have come up with a much more streamlined process we're using today and will use in november. >> what is that? >> now i'm going to talk geek speak. >> reporter: one step board of elections members learn about in the rehashing. the executive director said video was the launch of an election overhaul. speed was not an option. >> every election across the country, when you implement technology for the first time you'll see stories like you saw yesterday. it's not mismanagement, but what happens when you have new machines. >> reporter: and he says when you have more transparency. >> i can show you an example. >> this is a closing tape, results posted outside every polling location after booths shut down, so poll workers spend time printing the info from these before they transfer to info to main headquarters.
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>> we're looking for the election to be a baseline election. we're looking to make improvements. >> reporter: like the speed of results. >> we are set. >> reporter: the executive director says in the election business you have three words: accuracy, speed and expense. he said, quote, "we were cheap and accurate. we'll be even better next time." big changes to the district's government. >> i believe in my heart in one city, and i really fervently believe that whether people voted for me or not, they cared deeply about the city, and i want to try to engage them in how they bring the city together. >> reporter: overnight the council chairman defeated in the democratic primary. gray won, capturing a majority of the district's african- american vote while losing a majority of the white vote. with no republican opponent to
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face off against in november, the democratic nominee says he's going to spend the next several weeks holding town hall meetings. and one question he's sure to get is whether he will keep controversial school chancellor michelle wri. >> some residents say they actually voted for gray so he could get rid of wri, but as gary nuremberg reports tonight, other key supporters are urging to let him stay. >> reporter: wri's take no prison school reform angered teacher's union and helped gray decide to run for mary. during the campaign he refused to say if he want her to stay. bruce johnson tried again wednesday. . >> but we will talk. >> will you ask her to stay or wait to hear what her plans are? >> no, we are not going to make any personnel decisions at all until after the election. >> reporter: his supporter councilman connie wells says wri should stay until the end of next year. >> michelle wri has been the architect for a lot of what we've done and seen in terms of success for the school system; in particular, more parents
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choosing to send their children to d.c. public schools. since she's the architect, she needs to be really involved. >> reporter: council woman marry che doesn't want a quick dismissal, even if that upsets some gray supporters. >> no, question but that some of his supporters voted for him, because they wanted to get rid of chancellor wri. >> that may be true, but i'm sure some of his supporters also voted for him so he would take care of the schools. it would be more responsible to have an orderly, longer transition in something like this, because you don't want to upset the routines that have already been put in place. >> well, that will infuriate gray supporters, who want wri out. she issued a statement standing by her reforms, implying, if not saying exactly, that she wants to see them through; but as you could hear in her answer to bruce johnson, from his perspective, no decisions until after the november elections. >> we have to note, gary, that some of the reforms we put in place had to do with the private donations that are actually paying teacher salaries.
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if she's gone, will the donations stick around? >> you're talking about millions of dollars. we actually talked to a couple of those foundations today, wanting to find out what their answer was going to be. they gave us wishy-washy answers, essentially, saying that their commitment is dependent on dc's commitment to school reform, saying that will play a factor in their decision, saying essentially, derek, "we don't know yet." >> gray was called. centi says he has no other job offers right now, but insists he'll keep charging ahead for the next 106 days that he is mayor of the district of columbia. centi has a law degree, but spent very little time practicing law, and he got into a bit of trouble with the d.c. bar when he did. he has not ruled out another run for political office, but says he's almost 100% certain he'll stay in washington and serve the community in some way. it was a big victory for
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the tea party in the little state of delaware. christine o'donnell won tuesday's primary against nine- term gop veteran mike castle. in the primary campaign she was called unelectable, which gives democrats plenty of ammunition to use against her come november. the win won a bitter taste of tea in the top of many gop leaders, but why are so many afraid of this conservative group? let's go to derek for inside commentary in tonight's let be real segment. >> it may be that the gop fears what it cannot control. i know a lot of you still see the tea party as a lot of crazy bumpkins, but research has been done, and he calls them bright, white. he says they're actually better educated than average, right as in right wing conservative, almost libertarian, but not
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necessarily republican, and they are mostly white. are they racist? rausche doesn't think so, but he points out, with no leadership or structure in place there's no way to tell the guy with the crazy signs to go home. that also makes for a raucous group. but they all agree on a few things; that is, government is too big, too intrusive and too unresponsive to regular people. while they do like winning elections -- just ask old mike castle in delaware -- actually getting an office is not the priority. instead they say the mission is to change the american mind- set. get elected, they argue, and you have to fight that battle all over again every two years. change the mind-set, and the american people will watchdog the government. ambitious, sure. perhaps a bit outrageous, maybe, but it does not sound crazy. still ahead tonight, spying has never been easier. there he is here. >> catching a cheating spouse, or tracking a criminal. >> this is the actually criminal.
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>> gps spying. it's available, but is it legal? >> who's watching you. that's coming up. i'm tom numbershe. high temperature a little above average. comfortable out here. the kids at the high school bus stop may want a bus stop. winds southwest, 10 to 15, dry. we'll come back and say if it's going to be wet for your evening commute and talk more about igor. stay tuned. hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long! mr. obama want to extend bush era tax cuts, but only for families bringing in less than $250,000 a year. republicans want to keep the tax cut for everybody, including the country's wealthiest americans, and some democrats do, too. conley is among them. fairfax is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation. >> if you look at the economic data, the top 5%, income bracket in america, it accounts for 30% of all consumer spending. we can't risk dampening consumer confidence at this time. >> economists disagree over whether increasing taxes on wealthy people will hurt or help the economy in its current state. the army says two people were buried in the wrong graves
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at arlington national cemetery. today's revelation comes amid an on going revelation into the burial mix ups in arlington. tonight a family from ohio can rest easy about the remains of their son. scott and melissa warner came today for the exhume medication of their son's remains. heath warner killed in iraq in 2006, but recently missing paperwork raised doubts as to whether he was buried in the right place at arlington. today's exhume medication shows the young marine was buried properly. >> i can bring. i feel like-a-thon of bricks has been let off my chest. good news. >> private warner's remains were placed in a new casket and reinterred at the cemetery. one minute the metro bus is out running its route. the next, it is slammed by a fire truck, and nearly 2,000 days, people have to go to the hospital. this happened at 10:00 this
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morning at madison street in northwest d.c. normally the bus would have had the right-of- way, but d.c. fire and ems said the truck had its lights and sirens on. it was responding to an emergency call. the fire truck slammed into the side of the bus, pushing it sideways. here is one of the passengers. >> i fainted. i was on the floor. next thing i know, i opened my eyes, and the guys were working to get up and everything. >> in all, crews took 23 people to the hospital. we are told that all of the injuries are minor. the crash is under investigation. who's watching you? a warning tonight for anybody who may be up to no good. >> we're here to talk about an everyday device being used as a gotcha. >> if god forbid your significant other was cheating on you, how far would you go to catch him or her? maybe you would hire a private investigator, but would you
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want the government spying on them? >> this is the actual unit right here with the battery attached to it. >> reporter: it's the familiar gps device, but in this case, stuck secretly under your car and used not to get you where you're going, but to spy on you. >> and there he is here. >> where the heck is he headed? >> monthky business. >> reporter: private investigator mike russell and his partner have used the device for year to track cheating spouses. the newest technology punishments you live on a surveillance tape photo. rick is playing along. >> hey, rick, it's bruce lashay from channel 9. where the heck are you, buddy? >> almighty over here eating out. >> actually he's at a strip club in springfield. >> i have you at the gentleman's club. >> seems like i have explaining to do. >> what about the government? should police, federal agents be allowed to stick one of these on your car, and do it
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without a warrant? >> the d.c. court of appeals tossed out a conviction of antoine jones. authorities ruled the authorities needed a warrant to hide a gps on his car. >> they could be following a suspect's mother. >> reporter: mike russell says he will only use a gps transmitter if the client is on the car title, and he figures police ought to have some ground rules, too. >> they just put it on there as a matter of investigation? no. >> you think they need a warrant? >> yeah, need a warrant. >> reporter: police and federal agents insist the gps tracker is is a high-tech way of tailing a car, and they have always been allowed to do that. but privacy advocates say 24- hour electronic surveillance is way different. >> wait a second. didn't the virginia court of appeals just rule it was okay for the fairfax county police to tail a sex offender with one of those devices without a warrant? >> yeah, it did, but that ruling is in conflict with this ruling from the federal court of appeals here in d.c. it's also in conflict with state
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courts in new york and massachusetts. really seems likely this will end up before the supreme court. >> all right. on that note tomorrow morning, we'll hear from the local attorney who managed to get the drug conviction tossed out when police used one of the gps units without a warrant. it is going to be another banner weekend across our area. perfect weather for the grand opening of cox farm. the leesburg farm will have zoo animals, hayrides, maizes, plus chow down on country farm food. that's a nice picture. go to our web site and click on where you live, and select leesburg to find out more information or stuff going on in your backyard, select your own neighborhood. where you live on . >> i wonder if they have any fried stuff out there. >> i'm going to guess a little bit. >> i'm going to hold on to summer after that incredible winter. i saw people stacking up pumpkins at a super market. >> but i'm loving the september weather. >> so nice. >> warm days, cool nights,
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tough to beat. give your electric meter a little break. >> exactly. >> here's your forecast. the next three days, it will warm up tomorrow about 85, but not that bad. clouds will come in, and some showers are possible late in the day, or early tomorrow night. you can probably leave your umbrella at home, though. it will be windy, too. 81, nice on friday, and then 83, warm again and very nice on saturday. all right. we'll break down tomorrow. upper 60s to near 70s to start downtown. you'll need shades in the morning. upper 50s to around 60 in the buts. winds pick up a little bit, breezy by noon. some clouds are coming in. a cold front approaches from the west. temperatures near 80, and 84 by evening, windy a slight chance of a shower on your way home. most of us will drive home with the pavement. overnight, becoming partly cloudy, comfortable still. low temperatures, 55 to 65, winds turn a little bit, southeasterly at about 10. now, tomorrow morning, partly sunny, breezy, and cool to start, but it will warm up pretty quickly. 50s and 60s at first, but the
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southwest winds will get cranking at 10 to 15. it will still be a warm day tomorrow, despite the increase in cloud cover. mostly cloudy, windy and warm. a late shower possible early tomorrow night between about 6 and 10 p.m., high temps around 85, winds out of the southwest, 10 to 20 and gusting, air quality code green. the nice thing about late summer, early fall. the air quality is usually in the good range. high temps tomorrow, 85 in rockdale, 85 gaithersburg, 85 downtown, 86 over toward andrews, 86 springfield, 84 fairfax, mid 80s, 85 reston and springfield. hurricane igor still a monster, headed for bermuda. i mean, this track has not changed much. not much deviation in the last 48 hours. looks like it will hit bermuda on saturday as a category 1 or 2. winds may be as high as 110. we'll still keep you posted. there are no warnings out. we made history in the atlantic bay single. want to know what it is, go to
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our web site at and check out my blog. 85 tomorrow, a sprinkle or shower. finished the week strong, partly cloudy on friday, nice on saturday, low 80s, a few clouds will come in sunday afternoon. not a big deal. a sprinkle about the time the game ends. don't change your tailgating plans, for crying out loud. 80 degrees for a high, cooler on monday. back in the upper 80s by next weekend. >> i love that, for crying out loud. >> keep grilling. >> some people have already started tailgating now. >> [ [ laughter ] speaking of the redskins they have an advantage this week. >> washington is the center of the intelligence universe. a little spying never killed anybody, right? well, actually it probably has. quite a metaphor. we're talking about the head coach's son who spills the beans on his former team's game
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plan. plus if female reporters can go into men's locker room, what about men reporters going into women's locker room? think about the internet.
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for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today. the reason players study so much film is to try to figure out what other guys will do, to decipher their playbook without having it, unless, of course, somebody gives you, which is what essentially kyle shanahan is doing this week. he is the redskins offensive coordinator now, but for the past two years he was the houston texans offensive coordinator, and with the texans coming to fedex this sunday, he is serving as the skins' chief double agent. >> we have inside knowledge of their scheme, and, you know, their personnel, so definitely we're asking him questions.
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>> everybody has been picking his brain. we'll have some type as far as knowing what they like to do. >> we like to attack each other. no secret about what we like to do against each other. so more what are we going to do. >> he's in his 30s, but he looks very young. >> as for the defense, albert haynesworth was limited at practice due to an ankle injury. he played, but did not start against the coins. mike shanahan did not say what big al's role will be this sunday. mike shanahan met with clinton portis about the running back's social commentaryly yesterday on the merits of female reporters in the locker room. it had washington talking yesterday, and a lot of you wanted to know, hey, if female reporters can go into men's locker rooms, what about guys in women's locker rooms and places like the worksnba. we asked today, and the mist six say that they go by the same rules as the nba and that male report records allowed into locker rooms.
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the university of maryland said all locker rooms are closed to reporters. all interviews done in a common area. brace yourself for this one: hockey is back. the caps -- i know, they hold their game tomorrow. 3 p.m. in arlington. open to the public. training camp opens on saturday. i know, it seems like yesterday. as soon as i tell 8 told you the gnats were in atlanta, you probably assumed they lost, because the braves have the best record in baseball. then when i tell you that they had 5 hits, you probably assumed they lost. . then bruce woren came on in the, 4-2, gnats win. just the 2nd home series that the braves have lost all years.
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at camden yards, os and js tied at 1 in the 4th. cory patterson has a couple of ducks on the pond. he turns on that fast ball, pokes it into right field. helix pa scores. that's a game winner. . the o's sweep the jays. tonight, people ask us, what do you sports anchors wear under the desk. turns out, in some cases, nothing. look at that guy. he has no pants on. he is slovenia and went pants free on the evening show and didn't mind showing people at the end of the show that he opts for boxers. >> better boxers than briefs. >> which begs the question, shawn is standing up. would you like to stand up? >> the old leg of pant here. >> you never know. >> we're all good. >> i would like to do that. >> really. i would like you to not do that. >> no, we don't need that. we'll be right back.
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that's 9 news for the night. >> letterman up next. have a good one. see you tomorrow night. >>
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