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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 17, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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they're leaving under the circumstances quickly. in its wake, we have a few lingering clouds but they should be gone quickly as well except in the mountains. good-bye to them. they're offshore now. still 71 here. we're looking at sunshine, drier air and we'll still see 70s in the mountains but 84 in town, 86 in fredericksberg and 79 up in hagerstown. a good looking friday. your weekend forecast in about 15. here's angie. right now it looks like we have better news as we move it outside. you see the icon on my map. let's take it live on the outer loop at connecticut. all lanes finally back open following that accident investigation. meanwhile, route 4:00 -- route
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four and five are all checking out clear. and we do have that accident in staff -- stafford. this morning, the doctor shot at johns hopkins is recovering from his injuries. dr. cohen had surgery on his abdomen and is expected to be fine. the doctor told a man that his mother would never walk again and he became distraught and killed his mother and then himself. >> he was always there for her. if she had to go in an ambulance or anything, he rode with her. he never left her side. and i told when we are i saw him walking her out that she had a great son. you don't find too many sons
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like that. this is hard to believe that. >> neighbors knew him as warren davis. he drove for metro access. a hearing for the army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people at fort hood texas will be open to the public. a judge rejected the defense's request to keep it private. the judge said that the victim's family have the right to hear the testimony. he was once a psychiatrist here at the walter reed medical center here in the district. can you imagine adding two more hours on to your drive every day? some studies say that will happen when a new defense building along 495 opens its doors. kristin fisher is joining us live from 495. >> reporter: anybody that has
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ever driven along the 395 corridor during rush hour know how bad it can be. but many drivers fear with the opening of this new mark center, many people fear that rush hour conditions on 395 could get much, much worse. two hours a day worth in fact. and last night, hundreds of fairfax county residents preparedded with the officials at the department of defense to delay the opening till better transportation is in place. they say it will be intolerable conditions for drivers. and now 6400 people are set to start working at the mark center next fall. he was built nowhere near a metro station. it would force and influx much drivers on the i495 corridor, tacking on an average of two
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hours are to the commute. the department of defense says don't worry, we got a plan. they are going to stagger work hours and encourage workers to carpool. but there are people are saying there's no way that will work. >> this is absurd to our intelligence. i beg you to look at the idea of true mass transportation. >> reporter: that's a terrible thought. and now in addition to all the traffic concerns, there's also serious environmental issues that are surrounding the new building of this mark center and all the people that will be driving there to get to work every morning. we'll talk about that coming up at 5:30. we've learned the identities of the men killed in yesterday's crash between an
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ambulance and suv in district heights maryland. emmanuel jones was driving the suv on the wrong side of marlboro heights. his cousin and his friend were riding in the suv. all flee men were killed the two people inside the ambulance were not seriously hurt. police are still investigatinging with alcohol or speed -- investigating whether alcohol or speed played a factor in the crash. investigators say that 19- year-old turner jaw used a credit card for one of these crimes. and they found more evidence while searching his home. he is now jailed without bail and police are looking for more suspects. five affidavit hour and time for another living smart
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report. jessica doyle is here with a look at wall street. are we paying more for everything at store? that is the question that will be answered this morning by the latest reading on inflation. they're expecting to see a mod date rise for the consumer index for august. the dow is up just shy of 2200. and the s&p 500 was off by a fraction. nearly 51 million mornings went without health insurance last year. that is 4 million more people than the previous year. it's the first decrease in the number of insured americans since the census bureau began tracking these figures in 1987. they blame a steep drop in health coverage. and if you want to run -- want to rent a new movie from red
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box you may have to wait longer. and that has helped with sales. dvd purchases were higher as well. so we might start seeing other movie companies potentially delaying red box and netflix so you have to stream from your cable provider or buying the movie. >> and it's cheap tore buy the movie instead of going to the theater. but the experience worth it. >> that's right. we have a new coupon deal. it's launched already and a new thing is launching on monday. >> a group coupon? >> right. it's a coupon site and you get the coupon. >> very good. abraham lincoln's cottage has
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received much needed tlc. 75 volunteers pitched in for the last save a landmark project of the year. the cottage served as a camp david for president lincoln. our program has been going on for ten years this year. and we made 55 different landmarks preserved for the future. >> it's estimated that president lincoln spent a quarter of his presidency at the cottage. there's one more step left to permanently seal the well in the gulf of mexico. that is coming up. it's 71 degrees.
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pope benedict xvi has arrived in i think land. he'll meet with school churn and then he'll cliff and address at westminster hall. relief well has intersected the damaged well on the ocean floor until the gulf of mexico. and now bp engineer will install the final materials that permanently seal the blownout well this weekend, nearly five months after the deadly oil you explosion. passersby may have thought one of romes most famous landmarks may have burning last
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night. they are virtual firing the coliseum. at the time burn tonight and again tomorrow night. people in new york city got too much rain too fast last night thank yous to a severe storm system. 5:11. same system gave us our showers overnight. and we're looking toward the weekend. 9news now return rz right after this. eep fast. unisom sleep melts.
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wedge death in new york city is blamed on a storm that struck there last night. a woman was killed when a tree fell on a car in queens. it sheared off some rooftops. at within point tornado warnings were issued. >> and they'll go out and find out if there was indeed a tornado-like we saw in alexandria. unfortunately, it's new york's turn. >> it's been a crazy summer. what will fall bring us next week? >> warmer temperatures. it will be almost hot next week. today we get a nice break. the showers have pushed
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through. today and your weekend, the last weekend of summer. this will be an awesome one. you won the need the bell las today. the showers are gone and clearing skies. some areas in the low 60s north and west but we'll still have mid- and upper 70s in maryland and fredericksberg. you're holding on to the warmth a little longer. today we'll see the temperatures in the upper 60s, 70s by 9:00. upper 70s by noon and lower 80s at 5:00. high today 81 to 86 and a nice, dry, northwesterly wind. clear and cool, great for high school football. the game time temp will be in the upper ooze and low 60s. north winds at five. sun sets 7:13. saturday, blue mount fair starts this weekend. light winds and sunday is  looking good with the highs in the low to mid-80s. these are the showers and thunderstorms that we had last
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night. more rain north and west. and we had a few showers and then the second line came through. not that much south. and this morning we're seeing the skies slow to clear and the mountain it's still holding on to some clouds. and 71 now in dc and fredericks burg. locally, we're down in the mid- 60s and brandywine 66. lore relevant is 65. gaithersburg 63, leaseberg sitting at 64. northwest winds. the front is coming through. the dew points will drop nicely, maybe 50s and upper are 40s again. the storm system pushing through the northeast and the cold front trailing behind it. we'll be in fine shape here
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later today, tonight, tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle or two in the mountains. but you see how the skies clear out today, tonight and saturday. the tropics are active. karl a category three storm. 84 today and 83 tomorrow. sunday 85 and it looks good for the skins' game. and there are your 80s through next week. we need more rain, angie. i know. no big complaints on this friday. tgif. on the outer loop, write want to go first. i want to show that you serving checking out okay finally at connecticut avenue. we had an accident take ago way all lanes. but west lanes wide open. moving over to 270, headed southbound, things here moving nicely from 118 german town
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road to the split. 66 eastbound, you're okay. and finally we're going to wrap it up with 395 headed northbound, everything all clear from the beltway headed toward the 14th street bridge. now back to you. to a couple of weekend commuter hertz for you. the department of transportation is implementing a new traffic pattern today in part of northwest washington. forth street will be converted into a two-way street between l street and massachusetts area. right now that stretch of road is one way southbound. new an up graded traffic signals to assist drivers and pedestrians will be activated over the next two weeks. this weekend's work on metrorail will affect the red, yellow and green lines. customers traveling between the shady grove and twin brook stations should add at least 30 minutes to their travel times. on the green and yellow lines, there will be 30 minute delays
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between mount vernon square, seventh street convention center and the civil war memorial metrorail stations so the crew cans replace a track switch. metro's decision run fewer trains during rush hour to improve arrival time is paying off that is acorgd to the latest vital signs report. july was the first month with fewer trains. they were on time 88.6% of the time. that is up more than 2% from last year. the capitals get back on the ice and the redskins prepare to take on a team that had a monster game last night. let's see who is having a birthday this week.
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good morning. it's the manufacturer a great
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season for an nfl running back. liz name is arian foster. he plays for the texans. he's only played in seven nfl games in his life. but he sure did not look like in the game against the colts last week. he had three touchdowns on 3eu carries. how do the redskins plan to stop that? >> he doesn't play around. he sees the hole and exploits it and hits it. he doesn't dance. >> he's hard to tackle. so we'll have to make sure that we're sound feet wise and tackle the guy. he reasons hard. >> they made plays with him. he reasons hard and makes a cut on downhill. last week was the first time clinton portis got to speak after the foot in hole
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speech last week. he had duct tape on the pie hole. you can see the game sunday that is preceded by the ravens and the bengals. but according to nfl rules, we cannot left ravens game on 9 tills is completely over. if it runs long, we could miss the start of the redskins game. again that is not our call and hopefully it will not happen. the capitals back on its ice for the first time yesterday since their stunning loss to the canadians. alex ovechkin arrived at training camp. >> it still stinks. and you try to use it as a motivating factor. you come back to camp with a level of intensity to make some wrongs right.
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>> it was a long summer for us. i know as far as myself, we're ready to get going. >> good to have the capitals back. that's a quick look at sports. have a great friday. president obama attacks republicans over their handling of the economy. and today the new darling of the tea party movement is coming to washington. and defense officials are expected to help with traffic nightmares from the opening of a new dod center in alexandria. how is traffic looking now, angie? all board. right now it's smooth sailing 50 westbound past 97 all the way toward washington. we have more traffic conditions along with your week weather with howard when 9news now returns. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other.
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dog quest time, rhonda spits in west high school. she's been a human ice cream cone and spent a day on the school's roof. they didn't do that when i was teaching. welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. and gill have traffic in a moment. but first here's howard with our friday forecast and maybe a glimpse thought weekend. motivation for anybody -- glimpse into the weekend. >> motivation for anybody. a glimpse into the weekend. we have some rain that has been pulling ago way. vain in good shape and leaving us in good shape. skies are starting to clear. it's going to be a nice friday. we're in the low autos and 60s.
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-- 50s and 60s. 50s in oakland. culpepper 86, annapolis 80 and many washington up to about 84. upper are 70s by lunchtime and ac drive home -- and that 5:00 drive home 81. we have a new accident to tell you about, it's on the capital beltway. nine inner loop approaching the ramp. let's take it outside. i want to let you know so far so good, not affecting the flow of traffic. and now we next take you over to eastern avenue where everything is clear out this way and finely 95 headed northbound just filling out a bit between the prince williams parkway to 93. we all know traffic is
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around here can get ugly. can you imagine packing on another two hours on to your commute? that's what some are saying will happen when a new defense building opens its doors. >> reporter: good morning. this building right behind me, the mark center, is the building question. it cost $1.4 billion. it will how's 6400 people and look at it is. it is absolutely huge. but for every one of these empty office buildings, there will be that many people clogging the i-95 corridor. this building was built nowhere near a metro station. last night, hundreds of fairfax county residents begged officials with department defense to not move forward with the plan to open the mark center next fall. they want the department to open till they give people a
5:32 am
better way to get to the mark center. they said they will encourage people to carpool and stagger work hours. but a study shows it will tack and extra two hours on to the commute. and there's environmental impact issues, especially to the wingly botanical preeveryone that is a block way. >> it's a crown jewel in alexandria. and it was incredibly short sided when they put the mark center there. >> reporter: there had been talked about building and exit ramp through at winkler reserve. but the talks are stalled. em want and extra ramp.
5:33 am
but a lot of people say enthusiasm preserve is important and they're concerned that because they don't see any other viable opens here that the talks will resume and a roadway exit ramp could be built through that you preserve. so a lot of frustrated and worried people here are in fairfax county. >> i bet there are. the doctor shot at johns hopkins hospital thursday is recovering from his injury. dr. david cohen had surgery on his abdomen and said to be in stable condition. and arlington man shot him after becoming distraught over his mother's condition. he killed his mother and then himself. hospital staffers said that she had spinal surgery that did not go as well as hoped. a teenager is dead after a shooting in the 6200 block flago park way. they found the boy just before
5:34 am
7:00 last night. emergency crews took him to the hospital where he later died. officers are looking for at least two suspects. no word on what sparked the shoot. results of campaign 2010 in the district have led to a regular national announcement. dc attorney peter nickels said he will design. he recently made it clear he would replace nickel's as dc attorney general if elected mayor. delaware's republican nominee for the u.s. senate will be in washington today. tea party candidate christine o'donnell is scheduled to speak at a conservative summit. she defeated nine-term congressman mike castle. virginia governor mcdonnell and
5:35 am
former governor massachusetts mitt romney and knew gingrich are expected to attend. president obama went on the attack against republicans last night. he likened the economy to a car, saying that the gom run it into a ditch and watched as democrats tried to fix it. >> we get this car back on the road and we can see the way forward. and we get a tap on our shoulder and we turn around and it's the republicans. and they say, can we have the keys back? no. you can't have the keys back. you don't know how to drive. >> president was speaking at a fundraiser for connecticut
5:36 am
senate candidate rich bloomingthal. this is a measure aimed at boosting up small businesses and hopefully getting them to hire again. of course people would want that. the senate has passed this new bill. it would establish a $30 billion government fund to open up lending for credit-starved businesses and give them more tax incentives. rates on a zero year fixed mortgage averages 3.47%. mortgage rates are linked to bonds that have been going down on concerns of the economy. living social district offering even more bargains now in our town t rolled out deals specific to the district. north virginia and montgomery
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county is one of the websites. you can sign up for e-mail hertz or get the new android app. follow me on twitter and i would love to be your friend on facebook. the holiest day in the jewish calendar starts at sundown. and the small island of bermuda prepares for its encounter for the massive hurricane igor. take a look. you driving here? it looks crystal clear. we have more news for you that matter to you on this friday on 9news now. stay with us.
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them bermuda are prepare for hurricane egging gore are
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this weekend. -- igor this weekend. some cruise ships are departing early today to get out of igor's page. jews prepare for the holiest day in the religion. it's the day of "atonement." and the final episode of as the world turns airs this afternoon. it has been on the air since 1956. it's the latest soap exodus following guiding light's departure last year. there's new technology to help young drivers from textinging behind the wheel that story is coming up. a popular family business is fighting to stay open as it tries to comply with government regulations. coming up on 5:41. what do you see out there,
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howard? we see the stars. you can put away the umbrellas for a while. your weekend forecast is just ahead what 9news now this morning returns. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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the owners of a popular arlington hole will be opening tonight, even though they were threatened to be shut down. >> it has grown and grown. and now it's a local tradition. >> reporter: mom and pop store by day and beer garden by night. they're permitted to have nine chairs. but on the weekend there could be dozens more people than that that. there are building code violations. and the bathroom is not ada accessible. you need to be able to get a wheelchair down these stairs. you know when you are doing this you're breaking the rules?
5:45 am
>> technically we're filing and appeal for the bathroom. we're not doing live music. >> reporter: live bands turned away because the county received two noise complaints from nearby residents. >> this is like great jazz bands, classic rock bands. >> we're in violation of the law, but forgive us and we'll maybe some day get into that. and i feel like saying i'm speeding right now, let me keep on speeding and maybe some day i'll come into come appliance. >> don't -- compliance. >> it was a mixed group and older and younger people. >> i don't know who is right or who is wrong. but i hope the majority of people will say let it stay. >> reporter: in arlington county. she tells us that the owners are working with
5:46 am
building inspectors to make the $50,000 changes next year. arlington county will not give them a temporary pass. we got a tip on this story on our viewer tip page. you can go to all right. news where we live and whether news. what is it going to be strike. >> it's going to be really nice today, tomorrow, sunday. we got some much-needed rain last night. some areas close to an inch and north and west of town not quite as much, maybe a tenth or so in town. we'll know at 7:00 how much rain has fallen. we're looking at a good start to the friday morning. the showers are gone and your moms like bus stop forecast, it's fine out there. but the umbrellas away and get ready for a good friday. clearing skies and they've cleared here in town. south and east they're still dealing with some clouds. and the mid-70s really confined
5:47 am
to the southern suburbs in maryland and newland. so we're looking really nice and plenty of sunshine and north west winds and high 81 to 86. front clear and -- tonight clear and cool. great friday night football weather. and lots of 50s to start your saturday. and sunny and gorgeous saturday. 79 to 84 with light winds. chamber of commerce happy with a forecast like that last night we had the showers and storms that pushed through. and look at this, just before 1:00, the heavy showers and thunder from carol county and frederick and montgomery and culpepper and coming in towards charles county that pushed in this morning and we're left in good shape. temperatures have cooled off significantly behind the front into the 50s and 60s.
5:48 am
winchester is down to 62. 76 in richmond and 68 in fredericksberg. a few clouds and we'll call it partly cloudy but the winds have charged northwest at eight. this is bringing in cooler and drier air for the next couple days. yesterday we hit 91. plenty of sunshine into saturday. we'll see a few clouds on sunday with the temperatures around 856789 here's tropical storm karl. this king will be offshore later today. they're bracing for that. and the atlantic, we're still watching igor. they're bracing in bermuda for this one. it's a big storm and it's moving off toward the northwest. it does look like it will maintain a decent intensity here, probably a category two.
5:49 am
sunday 8:00 p.m., it's bearing down on hamilton bermuda and quickly out to the north atlantic and die there. but this will be the biggest storm they've had in about seven years. low to mid-0s tomorrow, saturday and sunday. no problems this weekend. and mid to upper 80s through next week and fall begins wednesday night. >> would you like to come and do my yardwork? >> i've got any own yardwork, angie. right now still watching one tieup out there. it comes to us from the capital beltway. let's move it outside on the inner loop. we're trying to access that ramp northbound 95. and right now it's not affecting the flow of traffic and we're watching the speed drop between university and georgia avenue. it looks like your delay is stretching from german town
5:50 am
road to i370. 66 headed eastbound, a good amount of volume building. and if you track the taillights from 50 over to 123. and we'll wrap it up in the district. no problems there. but going outbound at penn street, we're finding a report of some new crash activity. some families in our region are testing out a new cell phone app that prevents texting while driving. it automatically sends all incoming calls to voice mail. the driver can read and respond to them safely. one teenager has mixed feelings about the program. >> i would be be frustrated if i had really wanted to talk to somebody. but i guess if it's safer, it's probably a good idea just to play off the phone. >> it's also preventing
5:51 am
outgoing communication but it does allow the user to make 911 calls. we're part of the great hangup here at 9news now. it's an effort to get people to stop using their cell phones while driving. we would like to share your story. go to the great hangup page on or call the number there on the screen. hackers have cracked the code and figured out how to copy blu-ray discs. and we'll take a look at what is new for what is new in theaters this weekend. i've got power pain can't mess with.
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(announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot power gel. don't mess around with pain. what is opening at the box office this weekend? stone plays a clean cut high school student that advances her way up to the social ladder by creating her own rumor mims. and catfish. nev is contacted by an eight- year-old girl by facebook and asks to make a painting by one of his photographers. this one is all over twitter and face book in real life.
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it's been a while. ben affleck takes town by storm this weekend. he is being hunted through the unfor giving city of boston. one of dc fashion's biggest supporters breaks out big at new york fashion week. former project runway finalists debuted her 2011 line at new york fashion week. she's known for supporting many dc charities and doing events for our fashion district. makinging it in new york is huge but there is still a lot of work ahead. >> people saw the selections we want to get into the stores but we can't get there because we don't have funding. i'm ready. >> tyson is one of the
5:56 am
celebrities that attended the show. katherine submitted this next video. this is all about picnics. this is virginia's wine country. this is a perfect background for the virginia wines festival. the guests enjoyed polo matches and fine gourmet and hats. spectators played their part too. we want to hear about the good news and events happening where you live as well. submit your pictures, videos and events for me to share on the air. have you ever wanted to make a copy of those new blu- ray dvds? you can't because there's a code that protect it's. but now the code has been hacked. this is what it means for the movie industry own movie lovers. >> reporter: we searched the would be and within seconds we got our hands on the code.
5:57 am
it looks like codes and cryptic instructions. but to the right person, it's the keys to the kingdom. they say programmers can create hardware anyone can use to copy blue raise. >> it might be as easy as using your tivo or dvr. >> we will rip the blu-ray and put it on a file sharing site and tens of thousands of people will download or illegally stream that content. >> reporter: at that time trick ross at the copyright alliance when people start making copies of the blue raise, it will devastate the blu-ray industry. >> for the carp enters and the costume workers, those are all funded by the dvd sales. >> reporter: it's illegal to make copies. but he said that many people may risk the consequences. >> i can take this movie that i'm watching and record it from any ipod. >> reporter: the industry is
5:58 am
sensing format instructionations and offering a -- format frustrations. i talked to intel on the phone. is that the correct code? >> it is. >> reporter: intel is the company that created the code to protect be blue raise. >> they would have to use the code to manufacturer a computer chip and build that into smew kind of a box or device. and that would be very difficult and costly. >> reporter: but he said if someone uses the code to offer movies for free, they'll take legal action. according to a study by the institute for policy invasion, the motion picture association of america lost $6.1 billion due to piracy in 2005. cracking codes like to is not new. a few years ago they discovered
5:59 am
a way of making copies of dvds. thank you for watching us at 6:00. i'm rhone row howard bernstein is here with our forecast that we'll be copying for the days ahead. that's right. we got the rain that we really needed. it wasn't really enough but we'll take it. here are the nice showers that we had yesterday and a little thunder. not so nice up in new york. they got hammered at a hundred- mile-an-hour winds. but all of this has moved well off in the region. temperature down to 71 at national but still 73 in southern maryland and 54 in oak land. everybody else seems -- oakland. everybody else is in the 70s. and mid-80s like culpepper.


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