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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 19, 2010 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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hurricane igor. this is 9 news now. i'm bruce johnson and thanks for joining us this saturday night. we begin with a local crime spree that apparently came to an end. homes belonging to indian american families have been burglarized, 37 homes in all. the thieves are looking for gold. the mastermind is a woman from new york. >> reporter: that was her then, and this is her now. >> wow, finally, i believe like there's a justice system. >> reporter: 34-year-old melinda soto pleaded guilty to 37 burglaries, and stealing more than half a million dollars, mainly in family gold from indian americans in northern virginia. two other men, including her husband, have been charged. but that was hardly the case when i visited laha a year ago. $100,000 worth of diamonds, gold and other valuables snatched away.
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her community scared, paranoid and skeptical of everyone who came into their neighborhood. >> now, at least they can go to their house, sleep in their house. the house is a place where you live, and it was a hunting place. >> reporter: according to court documents, she found them by going to the white pages and having a scanner, tuned to police frequencies, she broke into dozens of homes. she listened to police scanners to make sure they wouldn't get caught while her accomplices stole priceless jewels. they felt victimized once again when the cases were dismissed on the state level. it all changed when the feds took over. >> the families still hold out hope that one day soto will lead them to the precious jewelry and gold that meant so much to them. >> it was like my tenth anniversary ring i get back, or like, my engagement ring. it's just, i hope we get something. or my grandmother's necklace. >> reporter: in fair fax and loudoun counties, surae chinn,
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9 news now. >> she will testify against her husband as part of the deal. unless the u.s. supreme court intervenes, teresa lewis has but five days to live. virginia governor mcdonald says he will not spare the life of the 41-year-old woman. she will become the first woman executed in virginia in nearly a century. she is scheduled to die by lethal injection on thursday for plotting to have her husband and stepson killed in 2002, so she could collect the $250,000 life insurance policy. lewis' supporters have argued she does not deserve to die because she is borderline mentally retarded and was manipulated by a much smarter conspirator. a lot of questions as to why a virginia couple drove nearly 20 miles from their home, only to engage in a violent and deadly argument. argument. >> reporter: robert baits shot his wife, jennifer, and then
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killed himself around 7:30 saturday morning. >> she was running around and yelling, i got someone to help her, help her. and the gunman, who was on the passenger side, took a gun and he shot her. >> reporter: the murder/suicide happened in this quiet montclair townhome community as neighbors watched in stunned disbelief. >> i'm panicking. i'm like what is going on? so i immediately dialed 911, and shortly after that, he shot himself. >> reporter: the bates lived 15 miles away and it's not clear what they were doing in montclair. >> she was bleeding profusely from her head. and he -- i called 911. the gun was laying by him. so hi my neighbor, nick, kicked the gun away from him. >> reporter: we know after the domestic incident in june, an
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emergency protective order was filed in court, barring the husband and wife from contacting one another. but that order expired, and it was not extended. it's hard to say if it had been in effect, whether it would have changed the outcome of this tragic incident. in montclair, i'm armando trull, 9 news now. >> police are telling us tonight that the wife was a prince william county employee. bermuda is bracing for what could be a direct hit from hurricane igor. tomorrow or monday. tourists have lined up at the airport hoping to get one of the last flights off the island. residents have been stocking up on supplies. bermuda officials are taking the approaching storm very seriously tonight. >> bermudans are not afraid of storms. sometimes we tend to brush off storms when we shouldn't. but the descriptions that have been used for this particular
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storm have scared us. >> meanwhile the remnants of hurricane carl has caused flooding and landslides in south central mexico. at least seven people have died. the storms could bring winds over 100 miles per hour if it makes land tomorrow. b.p. is getting close to killing the blownout well in the gulf of mexico. a pressure test this weekend will determine if the well is sealed for good. the difficulty on this well was really in the design of the kill operation. as far as the well intersection part goes, really, it's pretty much the same. >> earlier today, crews prepared for that test by removing a drill pipe used to pump all that cement into the well. ten pit bulls rescued from a dog fighting operation in ohio are getting new homes here in the washington area tonight. the humane society is bringing the dogs to d.c. with the help of the washington animal rescue
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league. some 200 american pit bull terriers along with 300 other animals including chickens, roosters, turkeys, reptiles were rescued from a major fighting operation in rural southeastern ohio. all of the animals are now safe in homes or with rescue organizations. the county begins now in afghanistan -- the countdown begins in afghanistan for a new parliament. the afghanistan people turned out today for their first election since the fraud-ridden presidential election last year. it remains to be seen if the results this time will be accepted as legitimate. there has been a modest turnout and early evidence of some fraud. >> as in every election, we do hope there will be a high voter turnout, that nobody will be deterred by security incidents, which i'm sure there will be some, and that people will come out and vote to the person, man or woman of their choice
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without pressure, without the force of money or any other pressure. >> in some cases, they're paying with their lives. at least ten people have been killed in election violence. results will not be known for several weeks. pope benedict is being greeted by both supporters and protesters during his state visit to britain. thousands marched in the streets calling for his resignation while a huge crowd gathered in london's hyde park cheering the pope as he celebrated an evening vigil. earlier benedict apologized to five people molested as children by priests. >> i express my deep sorrow to the innocent victims of this inspeakable crime. >> some protesters say the pope is out of touch with catholics in britain and want more than an apology. >> we suffer from human frailty, as anybody else does. i do not believe the catholic
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church was aggressive enough in addressing that issue. >> the vatican says benedict met for 30-40 minutes with the victims and expressed his deep sorrow and shame over what the victims and their families suffered. tomorrow is his last day in britain. she's on her way home tonight. an american woman released from iran after more than 13 months in custody. she began her trip back to u.s. sarah shore is one of three americans detained in july of 2009 along the iraqi border, accused of spying. two men still being detained. one is her fiancee. shore arrived in iman earlier this week. >> i will always associate your country with the first breath of my freedom, and it is my deepest, deepest hope that i will be able to show shane and josh the grand mosque soon, one of the most peaceful and powerful places of worship i have ever seen. >> this is far from over. secretary of state hillary clinton says she continues to
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work through third parties for the release of the two americans still being held. still ahead on 9 news now tonight, it may have looked real, but it was only a drill. an emergency test out at reagan national airport. we're going to take you there. a church outing turns deadly when a van carrying parishioners crashes on a highway. the details when we come back. a picture perfect average day here in washington. 79 was our high, right on the average high for this time of the year. our wakeup weather will call for another cool start to the day. we're going to go for about 358 downtown. outer -- 58 downtown. talk about warm temperatures and our next shot of why is travel these days about what you give up
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and not what you get? like electricity for gadget power at your seat. room to stretch your legs, and your wingspan, food when you're hungry, and taking off your shoes, only if you feel like it.
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these aren't luxuries, they're basics. get them back on acela. tragedy on a new york highway this weekend. six people are dead after an accident involving a church van. authorities believe a tire blew out in the vehicle, and it flipped over. two people were hospitalized in critical condition tonight. the highway, about 50 miles
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north of new york city, was closed for several hours. this morning, smoke, helicopters and emergency vehicles converged on reagan national airport for emergency drills. first responders took part in river exercises that tested for seizures for pulling individuals from the potomac. sometime located airplane accident tested the operations plans for the airport authority and response personnel. routine flight operations were not affected by the drills, although passengers taking off and landing might have had some concerns. saying you didn't elect me to be popular but to do what's right. president obama electrified an audience of supporters at the an mull dinner of the black caucus foundation tonight. he urged members of the caucus to go back home and rally voters to support democrats in the november elections. he likend the party's struggle to the grassroots effort that pro polled the civil rights movement. he noted the recession was hit
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with a particular vengeance on african-american communities. d.c. congressional delegate hosted a college and financial aid expo today. dozens of recruiters from local and out of town colleges were there to recruit and explain admission requirements and of course, financial aid. it was a one stop college shopping tour for students and their parents. delegate norton is architect of the d.c. college act. that program approved by congress provides up to $10,000 annually in free tuition assistance only to d.c. students attending colleges here and out of state. tomorrow, portions of the g.w. park way will be closed for the running of a half marathon on the woodrow wilson bridge. the park way will be shut down from mt. vernon to bell haven road. the park way will be closed to traffic from 6:00 in the morning until noon. the half marathon is the very first race across the woodrow wilson bridge. tomorrow's washington examiner, montgomery county workers spend significantly more hours in recent months
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browsing websites, not usually related to their jobs. that's not according to us, but county analysts on internet usage. you can read the full story in sunday's washington examiner. still to come, bermuda bracing for igor tonight. what about any impact along the atlantic coast? step back in time this weekend to mt. vernon, 18th century entertainm
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if you were lucky enough to get outside it was a great time to go to mt. vernon. arty sans re-- artisans recreated a 18th century arts and crafts. one of the most popular events is the ancient art of making chocolate using authentic colonial recipes. from parenting to politics, george mason's annual festival for all kinds of writers.
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it begins tomorrow at george mason university. runs through friday. and most of the events are free. for more information or other stories from where you live you can go to find your community and our where you live section and keep up with what's happening in your neighborhood. if you have a story or news tip, we want to hear from you. be part of the team. hey, nice out there today. no complaints. >> picture perfect. temperatures this time of year should average 78, 79. dulles to reagan national, we were on the money today. going to get warmer but nothing to worry about, as we have a big game going 4:15 in the afternoon, picture perfect for it. we won't see any chance of rain. the next three days, it will be a little warm you can call it for this time of the year. 78, 79 is our running average, so we'll be above that. still it's pretty dry. 79 on monday. there's the slightest shot we might see a sprinkle or something coming in. monday and tuesday, back shld b
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get beyond that and i've got big news middle to end of the week. outer suburbs overnight could be as low as 48, 49. most of the stones in the 50s here tonight. warming quickly as we go through your sunday morning. light breeze and that's really not going to make it for awfully cool start, but again, it will be chilly in some cases but with that light breeze we warm up very quickly. it will be a south wind by the time we get to the afternoon. if you're headed out to fedex field, 84 degrees at game start by the sun the sun sets -- by the time the sun sets, 7:30. really nothing going on. this is a look at the satellite, the radar composite. you don't see anything around washington. maybe a cloud here or there. current temperatures running again cool, dropping into the 50s already in some cases. baltimore, gaithersburg, 68 at reagans national. it is a tad humid out there, too. i will say that dew point's picked up a little bit tonight. warm temperatures tomorrow, one
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or two clouds coming, mainly the sunshine. but this weak little system, overnight sunday to monday, might squeeze out a sprinkle or two. this is the overnight hours so early on monday morning. nobody's probably going to notice it unless you're a realearly riser. a mild day into tuesday before we're going to see a big warmup. before we get to that, all eyes on bermuda. boy, they're going to get hammered here on sunday. this is igor. look at his size. the extent of already the outer bands touching bermuda. very large storm, but at least its weakening, already down to a category 2 from a category 4 earlier. gusts to 120. it will weaken to a 2, maybe even 1 by the time we get to sunday evening. bermuda is going to get hard with the storm. i hope you don't have plans to fly into there tomorrow. good news, bermuda, you're kind of used to it. so that's the best news, too, of staying well away from the coast. although it is giving high rip current status to the eastern shore and very, very high surf.
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low temperatures here tonight. down into the lower 50s. maybe an upper 40 in a couple of places, reston, manassas, the rest of us upper 50s. lower to mid-80s by the afternoon. it won't be that humid, even though there's a touch here tonight. it is going to be a little bit warm for this time of the year as i explained. even the western zones are getting into the lower to mid- 80s tomorrow. out in west virginia will be 78 to 80 degrees for highs tomorrow. upper elevations of the appalachians will be in the mid- 70s. 80s, washington, eastern shore, even upper 70s in some cases. eastern shore beaches on the atlanta particular, we have the -- atlantic, high rip current. mild to start off the work week. fall begins the equinox will feel like summer. i told my wife we were done
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with 90s. unfortunately, they're back again. 90 to 93 thursday. 92 friday. it's going to be shot. the one thing is i don't think it will be awfully humid with that. especially this time of the year, it's really hard to work that humidity back in, you get the summertime. it will be hot. you're talking nearly 15 degrees above where we should be, 78 to 79. there could be a cold front friday that might bring a storm or two. slight chance. really, next weekend setting up for kind after rainy period. that will keep us way down into the 70s. highs 92 to 70s. >> we're getting ready for fall. >> it will officially be here wednesday. >> thank you. what do you have for us? football, of course. redskins tomorrow. today means college football. maryland, west virginia, we were talking about it earlier today. i pick maryland. >> now you know. >> border war between west virginia and maryland today. unfortunately for the terps, they forget the start time. tori smith tries to rally the troops after a lost first half.
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virginia tech are sitting on the line needing an obama-like bailout plan. the redskins will troy to corral a young houston stallion corral a young houston stallion ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪
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west virginia, and. >> back to reality. >> it wasn't good. >> good thing i know that song. >> people out there know that song. nights west virginia nor maryland entered saturday having a signature win. you can see say their undefeated records were the result of inferior competitions. you had to wonder as they faced off one another would one of
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them be exposed today? that answer came shortly after noon eastern time. west virginia was putting the foot on the gas. jino from baltimore dunbar high school looking good. the onslaught was on. smith to austin again. maryland tried recruiting this guy. you see why. two drives, two scores. first possession of the second half. smith finds oprah's husband, stedman, bailey, wide-open. smith was 19 of 29 also 268 yards. 28-0, mountaineers. too bad martin couldn't clean tori smith. he did everything. the terps only had 217 total yards. smith also had 93 yards on returns. this ends at west virginia rolling today 31 to 17. wow. well, 12 days ago, virginia tech was ranked 10th in a popular pick as a national title contender but the wheels have come off the wagon on the
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hokey train. east carolina promising to be tough today, too. already up 10 in the first quarter. looking for more. size matters in football. dwayne davis is 6'1". he wins the jiewmp ball over carmichael who's over 5'10". east carolina. david wilson may be saving the season though for virginia tech. pin balling his way into the end zone. a little bit later, david, david, david, has done it again. 12 carries, 89 yards. hokies come back and win 49-27. >> i think this is a great win, because it came after a very, very difficult week. >> the main thing i wanted to stress is don't panic. be relaxed and play the game. i've still got to go out there and have fun. don't go out there and try to stress over a win. let the game come to you. >> navy in ruston, louisiana, to face louisiana tech today.
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two quarterbacks playing tonight. chris procter showing a little swivel into the end zone. 30-23 navy. fourth quarter you've got to watch that navy fullback. up the middle, up the gut. that's vince murray and navy wins 37-23. all right, typically when you're prepared for the texans, two names came up. quarterback matt shaw, and wide receiver andre johnson. together they put up monster numbers the last few years. this year houston added more balance in the run game. second year back, aryan foster splashed on the scene with a 231 yard performance. all week long the defense have talked about containing foster. he says that houston tailback is a handful. >> he has great vision. one thing about him, he doesn't play around. he's a guy who sees the hole and exploits it and hits it right now. doesn't dance. he hits it. >> i'm thinking they'll throw the heck out of the football. caught them a little off
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balance. they did a great job in the running attack and got some big yards. >> big day of pro football right here on 9:00. ravens and bengals at 1:00. redskins and texans right after. be advised we cannot leave the ravens game until it is completely finished because of nfl television broadcast rules so there is a scenario where you might miss the first few minutes of the redskins game. >> come on. >> hold o bruce. that's trying to play on the road, ryan howard. phillies win 5-2. zimmerman lasting just 3 innings today. yanks in baltimore today. robinson up and away. that's a home run. the yaifngies role -- yankees role 11-3. soccer news, the score is tied right now with d.c. united. >> i don't think oprah and stedman are married. i know you were joking just now. she doesn't want to get married, she says. >> that's what she says.
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>> update for us. >> temperatures warm tomorrow. it's not going to be all that humid. that's staying away. we could bring back showers sunday and monday. really mild starts to the work week after tomorrow. >> thank you for watching. have a good night, everybody. we'll see you back here tomorrow. . kwb your first look at susan sarandon's -- sarah palin's documentary series. >> the weekend insider is on. >> watching baby trig, baby tripp in a toy car. todd with the fishing poll. >> the family photos at home and in the wild. >> paying her a good buck to root out the moose. >> bill o'reilly on sarah palin's


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