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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  September 21, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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morning and short sleeves tomorrow. it's going to get hot again. this may be the last hooray for 90s. we have clear skies. you can see a few clouds off to our north but high pressure largely in control and it's really dropping temperatures. bradford, pennsylvania is 35 degrees. it's 48 in cumberland. we've got 56 in spring field. 50 in rockville. looking at today at a glance national 64. 747 at noon and 79 for the drive home and gorgeous afternoon ahead. hello to angie.
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>> looking good. hope you're off to a terrific tuesday. we're going to begin with our live shot in virginia. everything out here looking a-okay. as we continue onto 395 we're going to find our lanes wide open. we also want to take you to south capital street. those of you trying to cross the douglas bridge you're going to be reduced down to one lane. that's only going to last until about 5:00. it's very nice and quiet this way. finally we'll wrap it up with the capital beltway. here is your outer loop live. no problems to report. drivers still moving at speeds making their way into virginia. back to you. today the senate will hold a procedural vote on whether or not to repel the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. that policy prohibits service members from revealing if they are gay. it prohibits recruiters from
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asking people about their sexual orientation. >> reporter: leading democrats need 60 votes to push it think and all eyes are on a handful of lawmakers who could cast the deciding vote. >> don't ask, don't tell is wrong. >> reporter: lady gaga ditched her trade mark outrageous look for a black suit. she urged republican senators to break from the gop. >> doesn't it send to you we should send home the prejudice. the straight soldier who hates the gay shoulder. our new law is called if you
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don't like it, go home. >> reporter: the proposal to repeal it is part of a larger defense bill. republicans say congress shouldn't vote until after the pentagon completes its study on the issue in december. democrats argue the move is long overdue. >> repeal it. it's absurds. >> i think we should leave it the way it is. >> reporter: don't ask don't tell was enacted in 1993 by president clinton. under the policy more than 13,000 soldiers have been discharged. it could take some time for the issue to be resolved. a final vote isn't expected until after november's mid term election. >> we want to know what you think about the don't ask, don't tell policy. in this morning's news poll we want to know if you think homosexuals should be allowed to openly serve in the
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military. cast your vote by logging onto our website, you can find the poll on the lower right side of your front page. the white house is down playing the gop agenda, which is due out thursday. the pro pal sal -- president obama says what the gop is offering has been attempted and doesn't work. well, whether you know it or not the recession is over. it ended last june. that's despite 14.9 million people being out of work. we went to find out how that could be. >> why do i feel like we're still in a recession? >> reporter: tell people we're over the decline and many don't buy it. >> when you hear this they say guess what the recession is over
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and it ended in 2009. >> i say huh? >> that's why we are still struggling. >> i figured the number crunchers could do that like they claim the schools has been reformed. they always can crunch the numbers but we go by how it really impacts us. >> how does it impact you? >> we have less going out. we have to be a little more cautious with our money because we don't know whether we're going to get laid off. >> reporter: some already have been laid off like nikki who lost her job with the airline. she says that news about the recession sounds about right. >> i was unemployed in 2009 and got a job a few months ago and i feel pretty good about things. >> reporter: pretty good after a rougher year. >> took about a year to finish my degree and do the fellowship program. it was hard. >> reporter: now it's hard watching her kids suffer.
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>> my son is having a hard time finding a job. >> reporter: a tale of bitter passing sweet. the unemployed sitting across from a small business owner who received stimulus money. >> food stamps and stuff like that which i never thought i would be. >> clearly it hasn't trickled down to jobs yet. the family of a woman's whose he mains were found buried in montgomery county are pleading. she lost her mother at younger age. investigators are now searching for two people. the victims rights foundation is
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offering a reward of up to $5000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of her killer. you can call or text in a anonymous tip. the man expected of stabbing three people in the leesburg, virginia area is facing three counts. he's a suspect in a stabbing in ohio. he was already facing one attempted murder charge in michigan. iran's president is in new york city preparing to address the u. n. general assembly. his visit comes amid controversy as two american hikers remain jailed in iran. yesterday elected officials protested his arrival in new york. an agreement between haiti, the united states and south korea could bring thousands of
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jobs to the earthquake ravage country. restoring the once profitable sector has long been a corner stone of economic plans even before the earthquake. a chicago man has been jailed for allegedly placing a backpack he thought contained an explosive near chicago's wrigley field. he allegedly talked about poisoning lake michigan, bombing a landmark skyscraper and assassinating chicago mayor. wall street september rally is going strong and while investors regain some confidence, a major u.s. retailer looks at ways to expand. it's 4:38. you're watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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wall street is looking to keep the september rally going and hopes are high that at the fed meeting today central bankers will continue to prop up the economy. that sentiments has asian stock markets higher today. the dow standing at 10,753 after surging 145 points in trading yesterday. the nasdaq was up by 40 and the s&p 500 was higher by 17 points. now later this morning we will see how the recovery is going for the construction industry. the government reports on housing surges which is construction new residential building. the financial markets tend to watch this report for signals on the health of the construction industry and the outlook for job growth. wal-mart is looking for ways to grow. the company want a bigger presence in major cities. to an agreement means squeezing into smaller spaces. wal-mart has been scouting sites
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in urban markets including new york and san francisco. thank you very much. >> for more smart living headlines log onto our website at click on the living smart tab on our front page. getting an annual flu shot may save you from just the aches and pains of the influenza virus. nasa begins the countdown to one of its final shuttle missions. we'll be back.
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welcome back. the space shuttle discovery is sitting on the launch pad at cape canaveral preparing for its last trip to space. discovery is set to liftoff november 1st for the international space station. the final shuttle mission is planned for february when endevil -- endevour heads to the
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iss. good morning. >> it's a beautiful morning out there. a little crisp as you said earlier with a p. crisp not christmas. although some stores have the christmas stuff out already. >> yes, it's really pushing it too fast. >> let's get you started this morning. beautiful skies out there for some star gazing. this is jupiter and its moons. check this photo out. the neat thing right now if you've been noticing in the eastern sky along with the moon, this is the closest that jupiter has been to earth since the '60s. okay, our moms like bus forecast this morning. it's clear and chilly. 40s, upper 40s to the low 60s at the bus stop this morning. the sun is coming up at 6:55. today sunny and gorgeous.
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we're going to warm up nice. the dry air cools off quickly at night. today mid-70s by noon and upper 70s for the drive home. we're down to 60. the air quality is code green. tonight clear to partly cloudy. we'll be down in the low 50s to 60s. maybe about five degrees warmer than what we are seeing this morning. that sets the stage for a hot wednesday. the chance for an afternoon thunderstorm or two. we'll take the rain tomorrow but it's not going to feel anything but summer like tomorrow. this morning still 63 and at the naval air station. 48 for cumberland and martinsburg. york, pennsylvania is 43. we've got 60 at national. dew point is 47. yesterday morning it was 61.
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this thing was really dropped as the air dried out with the northerly wind. still have a bit of a northerly wind this morning. the one thing we're watching on our weather map is up in the midwest. look at the showers and storms in parts of wisconsin and minnesota. it will be close enough that it will start to trigger off some thunderstorms even for us. again, we're running deficits with drought conditions. high pressure this morning. by this afternoon as the high slides east winds start to turn to the south. this high starts to back toward the west. front is coming this way. it will push it back southwest. tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 notice scattering of showers and
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storms. with that front nearby thursday can't rule out an afternoon storm on thursday. temperatures today will be pushing the 80-degree mark here in town perhaps some low 80s out to the west toward east. this will be the coolest readings especially along the bay. our seven-day forecast summer like heat. chance of an afternoon storm tomorrow and thursday. look at the highs. i think we hit 90 or better. we're talking about a potential storm coming up the coast which could bring us some rain, maybe some real rain come monday. hope you're off to a great start. right now i just want to remind
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you that pretty much during the week what we will see from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. is that the douglas bridge will be reduced down to one lane due to construction. for this morning it should be clearing in the next 15 minutes or so. let's take it over to 95. i want to show we do have some construction. it's going northbound. going southbound you'll want to watch for it at 216. it looks like we have some construction going northbound at falls road. this is your northbound traffic being affected. 66 heading eastbound. everything is all good from centerville to inside the beltway and both loops of 495 and virginia i'm happy to report they are moving without incident. over to you. distractive driving takes center stage in the direct. the results of federal study of texting and talking on the phone will be unveiled at the
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distracted driving summit. the study looked at communities which enforced bans on hand held cell phone use. the findings are expected to be used to improve the especially forcement of distracted driving laws. we want to remind you about the great hang up. it's an effort to get everyone to stop using their cell phones. we'd love to share your story on the air if you've been affected. you can go to the district launched its new bike share program. participants received a key which provides them access to more than 1100 rental bikes. organizers say this is the largest regional bike network in
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the nation. membership starts at $5. officials overseaing the second leg of the project say it will cost hundreds of millions dollars more than first predicted. the airport authority says the price tag could drop by 600 million if the station is moved away from the terminal. the latest bill stands at 3.83 billion. taking a look at this morning's living well headlines. today is world alzheimer's day. researchers studying the disease says a protein may reveal how aggressive the disease will be. patients with mild alzheimer's and high levels of the protein are par predicted they will deteriorate quickly than others. so far this season five nfl players have been side lined with concussions.
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four of them in the first week of the season. they're just some of the 3.8 million sports related concussions the centers for disease control logs every year in the u.s. two members of the d. c. council said enough is enough. >> people don't know the super bowls. if you don't know the super bowls, i don't care what sport it is, you don't pick up what you need to do and what you need to know. so now education is a big component. >> today the athletic concussion protection action of 2010 will be introduced. it requires any youth athlete to be removed from play after a suspected concussion. the student would only be able to return after being cleared by a licensed professional. researchers have discovered another reason to get a flu shot. not only does the vaccine help you skip the fever and body aches of the flu but a new study finds you may also be helping
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your heart. >> reporter: rob is one guy who gets the flu shot every year because he doesn't want to feel that sick ever again. >> if it's going to prevent a week of just horrible headaches and body aches, i'm into it. >> reporter: there may be a surprising bonus. a new study shows the flu vaccine can lower the risk of suffering a heart attack by 19% in middle aged adults. >> heart attacks many found more in the winter. >> reporter: when people get the vaccine is key. the earlier if the fall you get the shot the more protection it seems to offer. doctors aren't sure what the connection is between the flu and heart attacks but the theory is that respiratory infections may trigger plaque to break off and block blood flow. rod doesn't have a history of
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heart trouble but he'll take any extra protection he can get. >> i'm 51 so anything that will help me live a little longer is a good idea. i certainly don't want to have a heart attack. >> whether you have a history of heart disease or not a flu shot can protect you from the serious complications that come from influenza. this year's version includes the h1n1 strain. for more living well headlines log onto our website at click on the living well tab on our front page. a shocking discovery leads the members of one nfl franchise searching for answers. it's 60 degrees and 4:54 just shy of 4:55. we'll be back. i've got power pain can't mess with.
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welcome back. investigators are searching for answers after finding kenny mckinley in his home. a sheriff says detectives believe he was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. in a statement team owner pat bolin said everyone in the broncos organization is shocked and saddened by the death. a california judge has issued an arrest warrant for lindsay lohan. he has a hearing on friday. she has been previously threatened with 30 days for each probation violation. an fda panel is deciding on whether to allow a company to sell genetically engineered salmon to u.s. consumers. if the panel approves the salmon
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it will be the first genetically engineered animal approved for human consumption. >> reporter: it's not just a fish story. you could be getting genetically engineered salmon. the eggs can grow full market size fish in half the time as wild salmon. the company says the altered fish is safe and will create jobs. >> we can bring us an industry back to the united states and provide americans a safe and sustainable high quality sea food food material. >> reporter: the food and drug administration agrees it's safe but is waiting for an advisory panels opinion before approving it for sale. food safety groups call it no way. they argue it could be bad for humans and natural fish. >> we think that the f. d. a. hasn't done all its homework yet and the company hasn't done all its homework yet. >> reporter: it won't be available for at least a couple
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of years. the consumers we talked with are skeptical. >> you're fooling with nature. any time you do that you're taking a big chance especially when it's something for human consumption. >> reporter: no one seemed anxious to try the new salmon. >> i'm scared of it. >> reporter: if fda hasn't said when it will make the decision but both sides agree if it's approved other genetically modified food will be right behind it. >> a fix foot chicken scares me. we're all thinking twice about this. thank you for watching at 5:00 a.m. angie will be along. she'll have traffic for you but howard is here. he has a quick look at our forecast. you'll need a jacket and then you won't need one. that's right this morning it's chilly out there. mid-40s in spots. autumn does begin tomorrow night. tomorrow will feel very much like july. we're going back into the frying pan so to speak for a f


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