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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 21, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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70s the low 80s for highs. it's 6:00 a.m. here angie. we have a couple of things we're keeping our eye on. we have this accident. it's taken away a couple right lanes for drivers. notice red on the screen. that's because we're starting to stack up around around 66. 66 also slow approaching that capital beltway. a good amount of volume already building. we are slow. as you go back to the map i want to take you up to frederick, maryland where we have some crash activity headed eastbound. finally let's take a look at the live conditions. this is the intersection of branch avenue where it meets pennsylvania. notice the intersection is closed due to this crash activity. that's a quick look at traffic. back to you. at the top of the hour here is a look at some of the stories
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happening today. the senate will vote on a repeal of the don't ask, don't tell military guidelines. it's tucked into a defense spending bill which includes money for iraq and afghanistan wars. diplomats are converging on new york city. the unite nations is opening its general assembly. a national summit on distracted driving. what can be done to make it safer for everyone on the road. christine is in washington with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. the transportation secretary held his first distracted driving summit right here last
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year and since that time the number of states that have banned hand held cell phone use while driving has jumped the eight. the number of states that have banned texting while driving has risen to 30. the message still doesn't seem to be reaching teenage drivers. that is the big target audience here. a new survey shows that a majority of teenagers believe that drunk driving is more dangerous than texting behind the wheel. the reality is it's just as dangerous if not more so. in 2009 alone almost 5400 people consider killed by distracted driving. transportation secretary calls this a growing epidemic in our country. he tells me that this summit
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will help find a cure. >> thank you. we know distracted driving is a problem but what kind of solutions do we expect to come? do you have an idea? >> reporter: the answer seems to be two fold, awarement and enforcement. almost everybody seems to be on the same page. if you're caught texting and driving you will get a heavy fine. the key is how do you catch people doing this on a free way. law enforcement officers will be talking today about how do we especially force all of these new laws on the book in states across the country. the other big solution that people are hoping will work is raising public awareness. there's a new nation wide
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campaign that will be hitting the air waves. enforceable, public awareness, hopefully that's the solution. they'll be talking about it today at the summit which begins at 9:00. >> you can join in our fight against distracted driving. it's called the great hang up. head to and take the pledge not to talk or text on the phone behind the wheel. environmental education could soon be required for maryland high school students. the proposal goes before a state school board today. it could allow each district to decide the materials that would be taught. if the proposal is approved environmental education would begin for incoming ninth grade students next year.
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city offices in the district can be a little empty these days. people are taking time off ahead of the expected transition. political apointees are using their sick time. many serve at the pleasure of the mayor whoever that is but all eyes are on school chancellor michelle rei. we caught up with the next mayor to talk about rei's future. >> i expect we will try to meet this week. i think it's contingent on what the discussion reveals. >> sources says she will stay on through a transition period but will be leaving the city soon after. time for a very special living smart report.
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let's check in with jessica doyle. >> reporter: this is a fun week of discounts. if you love to go get a spa treatment or a massage we have it this morning. washington, d.c. area spas are slashing prices for treatment and classes. this is all part of spa finders deal days. the first nation wide wellness week of its kind. discounts you're taking half off the price or service or offering it for a flat rate of 50 bucks. we're talking massages and beside scrubs. we have two people who love spa services. i'm going to give you the vitamin hand and nail treatment. i'm going to give her a little bit of a facial action over here. just a little bit here. these are some of the products you will get to try out when you go to some of these places. >> what is this supposed to do? >> this makes your hands soft. you can also get other services like eyelash extensions, beside
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wraps. all this kind of stuff and maybe try some new products. maybe do a brazilian blow out. do you know what that is angie? >> it's with your hair. it can be really expensive. 50% off this week. classes are also available. you can maybe try yoga class or pilates. these are the kind of things you can try out. about two dozen local spas are participating in this one week event. among them qui spa. clarence skin spa and aveda lifestyle spa and we have our robes on. >> i feel like the stay puff marshmallow. i want to put the rest of it on. is it takes the make up off?
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>> a little bit. >> this is the beginning in a nice comfy robe to doing the news in our pajamas. we're going to get a check on maryland's weather and traffic. take it away. >> a nice morning. tough to get out of flannel pj's because it's chilly out there. we have temperatures in many areas in the 40s and low 50s to start. lots of sunshine. look how quickly things will warm up. midday we have temperatures -- if you want to eat lunch outside -- do it. a great afternoon as highs get into the mid-70s near the bay. frederick you're push that 80
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degrees mark. tow truck in the process of pulling this away. hopefully things should be open to you soon. an accident still takes away a couple right lanes. looks like we're still slow on the outer loop. this delay is growing from new hampshire over to georgia. we'll be right back.
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we're back with a story that might not be for young children to see. it's about cutters. we introduced you to a young woman who resorted to cutting herself the get through emotionally tough times. >> i wondered if it could do anything. i tried it and it did. that scared me. >> reporter: she was scared but soon she couldn't stop. cutting became her secret and her solace. >> most of my friends have tried it at one point at least. everybody has heard about it. >> reporter: cutting her beside became routine. stopping was extraordinarily difficult. >> once you start doing it it takes a really long time to stop. >> i tried pretty much everything i could think of. i found out that it's impossible to take everything sharp out of
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your house. >> i usually see it middle school to high school. about age 13 to 18. >> reporter: gwen says self-injury is a growing trend mostly among girls. some have a history of abuse or depression others none at all. >> it could be anybody. these kids are just normal kids. >> reporter: they go to great lengths to hide their behavior making it difficult for parents to discover. >> to look for would be a child that insists on wearing long sleeves or jeans all the time even in warm weather who is very self-conscious and won't even push up their sleeves. some girls go so far as to cut their bellies or the bottoms of their feet in order to avoid detection. >> it's like an addiction once you get into it but the urge
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never completely goes away. >> reporter: they are proof that even extreme cases can be overcome. now they want to help others. >> as for specifics statistics on how many teens cut themselves there's for very studies that have been done. a study in 2005 surveyed 293 teens of those 195 reported cutting. they hope to create a group so those that are o flicked by this can learn they are not alone. here is what's in the news now. virginia's governor will talk with the tea party for the first time. republican bob mcdonald will address a convention next month in richmond. the woman accused in the deadly drunk driving crash now faces a
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manslaughter crash. she crashed her car into an restaurant september 8th. did you hear about this? a man in kentucky says he's not guilty of murdering his wife because he had too much caffeine the day of the crime. the lawyer for woody smith says his client was sleep deprived and insane. reason? maybe. >> i'm not a lawyer. >> we'll see how it plays out in court. let's get to the weather. it's beautiful out there. it's beautiful and crisp. tomorrow will feel more like summer. your moms like bus stop forecast. i think you need a jacket, sweatshirt, something. it's really nippy out there. we have 40s in spots. the sun is coming up here in
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about 40 minutes. 64 at 9. 74 at noon and 79 for the drive home. tonight clear to partly cloudy. not as chilly as this morning but still many 50s the low 60s with a south wind at 5. 7:07 on the sunset. tomorrow for wednesday sunny and hot. chance of some afternoon thunderstorms. upper 80s the low 90s. we all take the rain. average high 78. still the 40s this morning from frederick and martinsburg. it's 49 in baltimore but 61 from louann and annapolis. we've got 47 in martinsburg. national 58 degrees. dew points 45. the air is nice and dry. this will turn to the south this afternoon and that will change
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our weather fortunes to the warmer. thunderstorms rumbling across areas of minnesota. had some golf ball size hail in the twin cities overnight. those storms coming to south eastern minnesota. for us we have high pressure dominating the weather. it's up in pennsylvania this morning. it will start to slide off to the south and east. that happens our winds will turn more to the south allowing the warmth over the central part of the country to move in this direction. more showers and storms ahead of the front. some showers into western merchandise maybe set into a valley. some of that in the afternoon. by thursday morning we're quiet again with more showers developing on that front for thursday afternoon. 80 degrees in town this afternoon. 74 on the bay but 82 annapolis. some of the warm spots could get to 83, 84. this is tropical storm lisa. that's not going to be a problem
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and igor, hurricane watch. seven-day forecast. 80 today. there's your 90 degrees heat through friday. over the weekend saturday nice. could be late rain on sunday. angie. good morning, everybody. right now we're going to take a live look from sky 9. it looks like the crash activity still taking away the right lane forcing drivers to squeeze by to the left. seeing a whole lot of headlights. it looks like the delay now stretches from route 50 and overall drive time is about 20 minutes to get from that point past the accident scene here at route 7. let's move it to southeast d. c. where this is the intersection of branch avenue and pennsylvania avenue. the earlier accident has cleared. we got the intersection back. moving to the map in frederick 70 headed eastbound at i-270. it looks like only the right lane of the ramp 2270 is being
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blocked. 270 is slow. no incidents here. 66 in virginia. that's how we're going to wrap it up. so far so good. looks like we have a good amount of volume. back to you. the effort to get more people to bike around town is spreading from the district into virginia. it's called capital bike share. joining us live to tell us about program is chris holden with the district. thanks for being with us. this started in the district about two years ago. how does this work and how is it expanded? >> good morning. we started that two years ago with smart bike with about ten locations and a hundred bikes. as of yesterday we did expand to the start of a hundred locations with a thousand bikes here in d. c. and in arlington county. >> how many people have signed up to take part in bike share? >> reporter: we just started
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yesterday and we've been open for about three weeks and we have about 1200 members so far. >> talk about the benefits of this. people who travel from overseas are familiar with this but why is it so important that we get something like this underway? >> well, you know, it's a great way for people to get around the city who don't own a bike or don't have a bicycle with them. you could do short trips to the store. when you're working you can go out to lunch or go to a meeting. it just gives people another option to get around town besides driving or other forms of transit. >> the bloggers have been predicting big things from that program. talk about whether it goes now. how are you going to expand it in the metro region?
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>> all the other jurisdictions are very interested. we just supplied for a tiger two grant many is a stimulus funding grant which we should hear about sometime this fall or early spring. that could almost double our system as well as allow the other jurisdictions to buy into the system as well. that will be spectacular to have montgomery county and the other counties to join in to for one big system. >> thank you for being with us. we want to remind everyone to look for the big red bikes and remember to share the road. thanks again. >> don't forget to wear your helmet. ahead in sports see the final play which decided last night's monday night football game. in three minutes what d anglo
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hall is saying about the defense. we'll be right back.
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good morning, everybody. when your defense is secondary gets lit up for 500 passing yards there's going to be some finger pointing the next day and the day after the redskins coughed you have to an agreement led against the texans d anglo hall has pointed his finger in some directions including right back at himself. yesterday he said that going forward no matter what defensive formation jim haslett calls, he, will cover whoever the best receiver on the other team is and if haslett doesn't like it well tough. >> it don't matter what he says. it's my team. it's my defense.
6:25 am
that's what i'm going to do. >> somebody tell london fletcher that it's hall's defense. that might be news to him. that's a quick look at sports this morning. have a great tuesday, everybody. monday night football last night between the saintses and 49ers came down to a final play in san francisco. the 37-yard field goal just made it. the saints won. the recession is officially over according to economists. in five minutes jessica doyle tells us what that means in real life. a congressman proposing furloughs for workers learn the financial impact it could have on our region and a cool morning will gave way to a great last
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full day of summer. the forecast is next when 9 news now returns.
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body rested. stress gone. mind sharp. because unisom gave you deep restful sleep all night. morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning. people are taking advantage
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of this last week of summer. a nice cool night for tourists and locals checking out the sites. thank you for starting your morning with us. howard is on our weather terrace with the forecast. >> a chilly start for the day. 50s out here. winds are light and in the suburbs we have many, many 40s. skies are clear. northern pennsylvania through new york we even have 30s this morning. we're 46 in restin right now. it's 49 rockville. howard county, columbia 48. laurel down the road is 48. centerville this morning you have a nippy 49. today we'll warm up to 74 by
6:31 am
noon. 79 for the drive home. angie, it's tuesday. that's right. two days down already this week. right now we're looking at some big delays out there. let's get straight to them. i want to take you live from sky 9. this is the view from above from the interloop in virginia right past the route 7 exit. that's where we saw the crash activity taking away. the drivers here just jam back starting around route 50 taking at least 20 minutes to get from that point past this accident scene. as we move to 66 we though this roadway also being impacted but this is 395 where we are watching things stack up from the beltway over to seminary already early on. 66 your delays now stretching from 50 over to the beltway. let's wrap it up in maryland. the outer loop looks like it's jamming up. estimated drive time of about ten minutes. over to you. did you hear the good news?
6:32 am
the recession is over, at least officially. that doesn't mean we all feel better economically. president obama said while people are still suffering he thinks we are moving in the right direction. >> there are a lot of plans in place that can make improvement but it's slow and steady as opposed to the kind of quick fix that i think a lot of people would like to see but the thing i've just got to remind people of is the fact it took us a decade to get into the problem we are in right now. >> the recession ended in june of last year according to economists. what does this mean for our wallet and pocketbooks? jessica doyle is here to give us answers. >> reporter: a lot of people hear this news. they are scratching their heads. they're saying i don't have a job. i'm still looking. my family members are still looking for a job.
6:33 am
what does this mean? during the recession the nation saw the economy detract instead of expand. in order to declare it over economists need to see a pick up in sustained economic growth. this is quarter to quarter of growth. a lot of people debate how real this growth is considering the historic amount of money that the government has been pumping into the system and now that the stimulus money is trailing off a lot of folks are saying where is my job? where is my stimulus money? are we headed back into a double dip recession? >> it's scary. it seems like it will be worst than what we read about and saw in the great depression. >> a lot of people are wondering about the double dip recession. more and more economists are saying we probably won't see a double dip. we are seeing economic activity
6:34 am
pick up. unemployment may hold above prerecession levels until 2013. a survey from the organization for economic of corporation development indicates the jobless rate will average 9.7% this year. next year we're looking at 9%. the economy will expand at a tepid pace. >> all right. thanks for giving it to us clear. uncle sam helps stimulate our region from the economic swing but one congressman said federal workers need to help out. mike kaufman is proposing two week furloughs. it could be a severe blow. federal researchers we spoke with don't like the idea. >> i think it's unfair. why should we have to take two
6:35 am
weeks off unpaid. >> the economy is already kind of dipping even though the federal government propped it up. it would be worse. it could be worse. >> the proposal includes a 10% pay cut for congress and its staff budget. more troubling news from arlington national cemetery. this morning's washington post reports that the mix up with remains of veterans is worse than first thought. the report said at least on one occasion a plot was marked with a headstone but no remains. then there's another case where a plot contained a body but was marked with the wrong headstone. two officials at the cemetery have stepped down since news of the mix up surfaced earlier this year. as we have been tell ming you a distracted driving summit begins today in washington. christine fisher is live in
6:36 am
northwest with a preview. >> reporter: this summit will bring together people on all different sides of this issue from the families who lost a loved one due to a distracted driver. we'll be hearing from them and the people that caused the crash. as we all know here in d. c. we have some of the toughest antidistracted driving laws in the country, but more and more states are following suit. since last year's summit the number of states that banned all hand held cell phone use jumped to eight. it's been tough to enforce. the message doesn't seem to be reaching the people who needs it the most, teenagers. a new survey shows the majority of teenagers believes drunk driving is more dangerous than distracted driving but the
6:37 am
reality is it's just as bad if not worse. one of big challenges at today's summit is how do we get the message out? how do we let young people know just how dangerous distracted driving truly is? part of the answer is that the transportation secretary is rolling out a massive p. r. campaign about the issue. take a look at this. >> time travel is totally possible. the fabric of time is interwoven. >> there's one thing not included in any calling plan. the common sense not to talk or text while you drive. >> talking and texting while driving isn't worth the risk. check out >> reporter: that was transportation secretary lahood. he will be here this morning and it will all start this morning
6:38 am
at 9:00. a hot button political issue takes center stage today on the hill. >> reporter: the military's don't ask, don't tell policy may be one step closer to being repealed. the latest coming up. good morning. looking at virginia's weather. we'll get to traffic in a moment. it's a nice start to the day. we'll go to the weather computer and show you the graphics. it's chilly. we have temperatures in the 40s. lots of clear skies. by 9:00 we'll be around 60 or so in most areas. a beautiful lunch hour. this afternoon temperatures will make it into the upper 70s and low 80s. a picture perfect tuesday. angie. thank you. virginia, we're focusing on you
6:39 am
right now. what we're finding is crash activity taken away the right lane for drivers. two left lanes of traffic squeezing by. we're jammed back to 236 and your estimated total drive time to get through all of this at least 40 minutes. let's move it to 66. this roadway being impacted because of that inner loop accident. we're finding drivers stacked lasting all way up toward the beltway. we will fly the dulles toll road. you're run into a little bit of congestion. it's 6:39 on this tuesday morning. hope you're off to a great start. we'll be right back.
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. welcome back. a key vote is a few hours away
6:44 am
on capitol hill. it could repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy. >> reporter: the senate today could be one step closer to repealing the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. a law that bans gays from serving openly. leading democrats need 60 votes to push it through and all eyes are on a handful of lawmakers that could cast the deciding vote. >> don't ask, don't tell is wrong. >> reporter: in maine lady gaga ditched her out ragous trademark look for a black suit. she urged them to break from the gop and support the bill. >> doesn't it seem to you that we should send home the prejudice. the straight soldier who hates the gay soldier. >> reporter: she even had her own policy to propose. >> our new law is called if you don't like it, go home. >> reporter: the proposal to repeal don't ask, don't tell is
6:45 am
actual from a far larger defense bill. today's vote is to end the debate and bring the bill to the floor. congress shouldn't vote until after the pents gone completes the study. democrats argue the move is long overdue. >> repeal it. it's absurds. >> reporter: on the streets feelings are just as mixed. >> i think we should leave it the way it is. >> reporter: don't ask, don't tell was enacted in 1993 by president clinton. under the policy more than 13,000 soldiers have been discharged. it could take some time before the issue is resolved. while today's vote is a critical step a final vote isn't expected until after november's mid term election. >> this morning on our website we're asking you should gays and lesbians be allowed to serve
6:46 am
openly in the military? go to and vote. this afternoon it will be delightful. what a great day it's going to be. tomorrow though, first day after fall, going to feel more like mid summer. let's get you out the door. bus stop forecast bundle up, grab a wet shirt or a little wrap or something because we have 40s in a lot of areas through the 50s. there will be spots in southern maryland by the bay. it's the water that's keeping you warm this morning. through the day we will warm up nicely. 79 at 5:00 and tonight we're going to be 58 degrees. we are 58 degrees right now with code green on the air quality. tonight we are looking at clear to partly cloudy skies. not as cool but low temperatures in the 50s and 60s and the south wind at about 5 miles an hour. a really good looking butt hot wednesday with a chance for
6:47 am
afternoon thunderstorm. we'll take the rain. 88 to 93 and the winds out of the south. got the 40s here. it's 45 now. be warm stuff that's along the coast. it's 61. fredericksburg also 52 degrees. at national 58. clear skies and a north/northeast wind at 7 miles an hour. our next weather maker is up in the midwest. there's a new tropical system. this is lisa. this won't be a problem. igor still a minimal hurricane headed toward potentially clipping on the west side of the storm. there's thunderstorms from minnesota up to wisconsin. that's ahead of a front. those thunderstorms or the front producing those thunderstorms will be close enough tomorrow so that this front in minnesota and
6:48 am
wisconsin this morning gets closer and closer to us we will watch the formation of thunderstorms ahead of the front that could be here for the afternoon and evening hours. notice some green on the maps. we like that. that means we got a chance for some much needed rainfall. here bego. seven-day forecast 80 this afternoon. 90 tomorrow. 91 thursday and friday. chance of afternoon storms tomorrow and thursday. right now a little change on the weekend. saturday looks okay. monday may turn out cool and damp with a high around 70. angie. good morning, everybody. right now we do have a lot of delays to tell you about. let's get straight to them by taking you outside giving you the view from the top. this is your inner loop courtesy of sky 9 right before route 7. you still have the crash activity off to the left side and also affecting drivers on the right side as well.
6:49 am
they are just squeezing by here. it's taking at least 45 minutes and growing just to get from that spot past route 7. if the inner loop the way you travel your going to have to factor in a lot of extra time or choose another main highway to get to where you need to go. 66 being heavily impacted by this accident as well. if i can get that 66 camera. this is another problem spot for us. just want to let you know we're pretty much slammed from 50 over to the beltway and we have some police activity reported at the nutley exit. no incidents to report out here but notice we are bleeding. we're in the red here. a whole lot of volume. over to you. coming up on 6:50. 11 families hope to get back in
6:50 am
their home soon after a fire on monday night. crews were called to the building last night. they found smoke and flames billowing from several windows. luckily no one was hurt. the blaze may have started in a bed room on the ground floor. bed bugs are turning into bookworms. the book drop at the public library is closed. an employee found bed bugs in a book. some possibly infested materials have been taken to a truck outside the library. this story is from the frederick county section of our new news where you live page at find your community in our where you live section and keep up with what's happening in your neighborhood. got a story or news tip, we want to hear from you. contact us and be part of the team. coming up on 6:51. we have 58 degrees here in north
6:51 am
west washington. an nfl player is found dead in his colorado home. the latest on the investigation.
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6:54 am
here is what's in the news
6:55 am
now. police in colorado said kenny mckinley took he has own life. he was found dead in his home. the broncos coach will address the media today. the city of tacoma park is pushing for more beer and wine sales. they want to allow restaurants to sell take out beer and win. the feds will give delaware $14 million for beach repair. not for this year's storm but for damage from last november. howard. a chilly start to the day. 57 in washington but lots of 40s out there. 74 by noon. drive home temps 79. angie will have your traffic and we'll look at that seven-day forecast and the heat when 9 news now returns.
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we have an accident taking way a couple of right lanes. we are backed up to the mixing bowl. estimated drive time to get past this is one hour. an accident at nutley not helping. pass that point another accident off to the right shoulder. beautiful today after a chilly start. we'll be around 80. look at the heat which builds if tomorrow. thursday, friday be a chance of afternoon thunder wednesday and thursday. cooler sunday and morning. >> the early slow is next with more on lindsay lohan. >> the next newscast is at noon. until then get your news and traffic at >> hope you'll join us wednesday morning beginning at 4:25. have a wonderful day everybody. brea


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