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tv   The Early Show  CBS  September 23, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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adviser is leaving. all signs are his chief of staff next, this as republicans hammer the president's agenda with their flewly released pledge to america. we'll tell you what it's all about. bugs in baby formula. five million cans of powdered formula recalled after the manufacturer finds some is contaminated with insect parts. we'll tell you what to look out for. and too hot and cold pop star katy perry's sesame street appearance reportedly scrubbed after parents complained her outfit is too risque early this thursday morning, september outfit is too risque early this thursday morning, september 23rd, 2010 . captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody on this first full day of autumn. 2010. i'm harry smith. >> i'm maggie rodriguez. we'll have a whole lot more on
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the katy perry "sesame street" controversy. do you get what it is about. >> maybe what a protest what she's done before as opposed to that. that kind of looks inknock lass to me. >> one woman put it best. she said, sesame street" thanks for speeding up the puberty process. >> we'll get to that but first big changes in the administration as president obama addresses the united nations today, his message may be drowned out by other events including the news some key players will be leaving the white house. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante is traveling with the president and joins us now from the u. good morning, bill. >> reporter: good morning, harry. the president will make a plea for mid east peace today. meanwhile at the white house, he expected midterm staff shake-up seems to be under way. president obama's inner circle
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appears to be moving on, out of the west wing. cbs news has learned david axelrod, his closest political adviser will move to chicago next spring to take part in the campaign for re-election in 2012, a potential replacement for him, press secretary robert gibbs. the dominos don't stop there. rahm emanuel, his chief of staff, may leave the white house as soon as next months. he's told colleagues he is very likely to run for mayor of chicago. gibbs told reporters on air force one i'm not going to rule anything in orot. he's in the process of thinking through what's best for rahm, as the president addresses the general assembly this week to focus on america's place as a global leader. >> now, let me be clear, the united states of america has been and will remain the global leader in providing assistance. we will not abandon those who depend on us for life-saving health. >> reporter: last night as what was supposed to be a friendly
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audience, democratic fund-raiser, the president was heckled by protesters demanding more funding for aids programs here in the u.s. >> the people that potentially will take over, if we don't focus on this election, i promise you will cut aids funding. >> reporter: now, at the u.n. today he takes on the elephant in the room. overwhelming bias of members here against israel. he's going to challenge them to support the ais rally-palestinian peace process politically and financially. >> thank you. as president obama speaks at the u.n. house republican leaders will reveal their pledge to america, a set of campaign promises that target the president's biggest initiatives. the gop wants to repeal president obama's health care legislation, roll back spending to 2008 levels, and make permanent all of the bush-era tax cuts. joining is indiana congressman mike pence. good morning, sir.
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>> good morning, harry. >> i want to get through a couple planks in this pledge to america. i want to start with a repeal of the health care legislation. even if republicans ended up with a majority in the house would, this really be doable? >> well, let me say that that's really up to the american people, what our pledge to america today is, though, harry is really focused about right now. republicans over the last year have been in the process of listening to the american people. in the month of august alone, over 1500 town hall meetings and business meetings, we launched a website what will raise the curtain today in sterling, virginia is an outline of an agenda we'd like to see democrats bring to the floor this week, today, that will focus on getting this economy moving again, getting spending under control, and, yes, it includes rolling back
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the, both the failed economic policies and broadly rejected government takeover of health care enacted last march. >> one of the things that is talked about in the pledge is about job creation and among the ideas there is a 20% reduction in income tax for small businesses. how is that fundamentally different than all of the small business initiatives that have already been proposed by the obama administration? >> well, what we are really talking about is a 20% reduction, immediately, on the bottom line of every small business owner and family farmer in america. but, you're also going to hear republicans today standing out here, as i am in front of front of a small business in sterling, virginia, you're going to hear republicans talk today about congress ought to be acting to make sure there is no tax increase on any american at any income level. you know, the administration continues to insist on a policy that would allow taxes to go up on americans that file tax
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returns over $200,000 a year as individuals. well, the majority of those folks are actually small business owners filing their taxes as individuals and we just simply believe that raising taxes on job creators won't create jobs. and in our agenda we'll unveil today, the pledge to america, we are going to call on congress to act right now, not only on that 20% business deduction, other job-creating proposals, but also to act immediately to make sure that no american faces a tax increase in january of next year. >> some of your critics say this is all in reaction to the tea party. you even have critics on the pledge to america from the right, i read one this morning said none of this is conservative enough. he called it mom tested and kid approved. do you feel you are going far enough? >> well, look, this nation has a long way to go to restore fiscal solvency to this country, to really get this economy moving and, you know, on polgz that will ensure a balanced american
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future. you know, what we hope is that as americans look at the pledge to america, they understand that this is our effort at a good start. this is a good-faith effort by republicans in congress to stay, we've listened to the american people over the last year and here's what we believe we need to do right now in this congress to get the economy moving, to get spending under control, to reform government, to respect values, and to provide for our national security. >> got it. >> so, there's a lot more work to be done than what people will see in the pledge to america but this is what we think is what ought to be done first after listening to people of this country. >> congressman mike pence, we appreciate your time this morning. thank you very much. >> thank you, harry. >> maggie. >> thank you. this morning the maker of america's most popular baby formula is recalling up to five million cans of powdered formula because of insect contamination fears. our doctor jennifer ashton is here. good morning. >> good morning, maggie. >> it doesn't affect liquid
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formula but powdered that they say may contain a small beetle or larvae. if your baby has already enjested this, is it a harmful? >> the dad has said they do not think this poses an immediate risk, that is a direct quote from the fda. however, if the baby ingests eggs of bugs, insects, or parts of insects, at most, the thinking is they might have stomach upset, digestive problems. bottom line, if your baby is not seeming right you to, take him or her to the peek tran. >> i called similac this morning and learned they set up a website where you can go to find out if the formula you have at home is affected. it's and enter the lot number. i want to ask about another big health story hitting the paper this morning all of the country saying a study out of the new england journal of medicine studying how effective mammograms are in reducing breast cancer deaths. what did it find?
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>> this study tried to answer the question, which is more effective reducing deaths, screening or treatment came out of norway and looked at over 40,000 women ages 50 to 69 and found the group of women in that age group treated with mammogram and aggressive treatment had a 10% lower chance of dying than those who got no treatment at all. now, is this due to better treatment? is it a negative on the value of diagnosis or screening with mammogram? is it because these were older women? do they need longer follow-up? all of those remain questions for further study. >> i think the important question this morning is you, as an ob/gyn, will you change what you recommend to your patients in light of this study? >> not in light of this study, maggie. i will continue to discuss the risks of screens versus not screening versus the benefits and help the patient come to a conclusion. >> thank you, doctor. more news now from erica hill at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning. it is a small setback in efforts to rescue the 33 trapped mineres
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in chile. yesterday, a piece from one of the rescue drills broke off and fell down the shaft. a miner below actually showed that piece. apparently, it fell off the drill hammer when it hit softer ground. the good news here, it is not expected to slow the rescue, which has now been pushed up to early november. the miners have now been trapped underground for 49 days. turning to the search for answers after the summer's salmonella outbreak the owners of the xhen at the center of the giant recall facing tough questions from lawmaker yedz. our congressional correspondent nancy cordes is on capitol hill with more. good morning. >> the father and son who run the massive egg operation apologized for the first time yesterday for making all those people sick. but that's about the only thing that they said that satisfied lawmakers. >> we were stunned to learn that our eggs appeared to be responsible f responsible disease outbreak. >> lawmakers say peter decoster
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should not have been stunned. they released new photos by fda inspectors of hen houses littered with mice, bugs, and did and decomposing chickens. >> look at the manure coming from the building, from the foundations, the door. this isn't something that just happened overnight that. manure pile is about seven to eight feet tall and seeping out through cracks. >> reporter: they also released internal e-mails, saw old dead birds in a few cages and old chicken heads on egg belts read one company e-mail after an fda inspection yet the ceo of wright county eggs says he believes chicken feed from an outside source caused the massive outbreak. >> it appears that you are a habitual violator of basic safety standards and i must say for you to come before us and say it's the feed, we had nothing to do with it, it's hard for me to believe. >> his i what egg empire produces 2.4 million eggs a week and blamed for making nearly
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1600 people ill, including 77-year-old carol la ba to. >> my doctors told me that i almost certainly would have died without aggressive intervention. >> and what did she think of mr. decoster's belated apology. >> well, i would think with his -- his past history, it probably doesn't mean very much. >> reporter: the decosters have had to pay millions of fines over the decades but now they say they won't be selling any more eggs until their farms are free of disease. erica? >> nancy cordes on capitol hill this morning. thanks. starbucks bringing higher prices announcing last night it will charge more for the big labor intensive drinks with a lot of words in them due to rising coffee prices. still basic coffee and espresso will remain unchanged. meantime the facebook founder will reportedly donate $100 million to improve newark, new jersey's troubled public school system. in ohio a narrow escape for
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a robbery suspect critically hurt in a garbage truck, of all places. police there yesterday chased the suspect who hid in a dumpster. the dumpster was then emptied into the garbage truck. the man was injured as the truck compacted the garbage but managed to use his cell phone to call police for health. >> he's in the trash uk truck. he said it was compacted him once and is getting ready to again. >> he was actually compacted. they had a little trouble getting him out of the compressed trash. >> he was in a lot of pain, he had been compacted several times. he was just begging us to empty the truck. >> the suspect is hospitalized in critical condition. a canadian woman has become the first to survive an extreme operation to remove a tumor to save her life. three years ago she was cut in half after being diagnosed with an untreatable form of bone cancer. doctors actually had to remove the lower half of her spine, her
7:14 am
left leg, part of her pelvis, the first time the surgery had ever been attempted on a living human being. she's now cancer free. dave price is joining us from las vegas this morning with our first check of the weather. you get all the tough assignments, my friend. >> you are going to love this, because your dad was a car dealer, erica. we are in las vegas at the mandolay convention center for the bairt jackson auto auction. 500 different cars worth $25 billion, a billion dollars in secured credit here. you can buy everything to a bu goet for about a mill bucks starting with a plymouth volare later later. we'll tell you more in a while. let's check the weather, shall we? to the maps we go, northwest scattered showers at the coastline, southwest hot and mostly sunny skies. northern plains watch for some severe weather. we have flood watches in the dakotas, minnesota, iowa, wisconsin and michigan. could be rough today. the southern plains, scattered
7:15 am
thunderstorms, sunny and muggy. in the northeast how about temperatures in the 80s and 90s. in the southeast, sunny and hu that's a quick look at your weather picture. lots more from vegas coming up. maggie, back to you. >> beautiful old cars. thank you so much. see you soon. 7:15. not every day you learn something new about the sinking of the "titanic." this morning a granddaughter of an officer is breaking a century
7:16 am
of silence to reveal a crucial mistake that may have caused the disaster. cbs news correspondent mark phillips has the story. >> reporter: everybody knows the "titanic" story. or do they? the unsinkable pride of the north atlantic fleet hitting an iceberg on remember maiden voyage and sinking, taking 1500 souls down with her. but now a new theory on how it may have happened has been revealed in and old family secret. the grand daughter of the "titanic's" second officer, charles litholder, who survived the sinking now says he told his wife privately, confusion over how to steer the ship caused the accident. on spotting the iceberg, the command was given to turn the ship to the left but the man steering understood the command to mean to mean to turn the steering mechanism to the left, which would turn the ship into the right, right into iceberg. >> unfortunately, he panicked. he got this officer from the
7:17 am
officer on the bridge to turn the bow to the left and the steerman reverted to the system he'd been trained to. >> reporter: the 1997 movie "titanic" whether by accident or design actually shows the ship's wheel being turned the wrong direction. this latest theory on why the "titanic" went down may have something to do with create something buzz for a new book in which that theory is revealed. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> i've been on the bridge of big ships and the instructions are very specific about, you know, you know, starboard and port and all of that stuff. >> you haven't been there in moments of sheer panic. >> i guess not. >> thankfully. still ahead this morning, it got out of control, a defendant describes how a home invasion led to three murders. we are going to hear his gut-wrenching words read out in court. also a look at changes in health insurance coverage that start today, changes that could impact millions of you. and katy perry reportedly cut from "sesame street" because
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so, i spent part of the afternoon in a courtroom in connecticut yesterday, this horrible trial of the petit family, murdered so brutally. we are going to talk to a dear family friend in the next half hour. this portion of "the early show" is sponsored by the u.s. postal service. o weigh 'em. if those boxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh 'em. with these priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. no weigh? nope. no way. yeah. no weigh? sure. no way! uh-uh. no way. yes way, no weigh. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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this thursday morning on "the early show" we will talk to the fine folkss in a moments. welcome back to "the early show." coming up health care 101. you might remember president obama signed that giant package into law six months ago. today, some of its provisions are going into effect. we'll tell you ahead this morning what it means for you, for one, it could have a serious impact on your wallet, in some cases you will be paying a little more and in other cases, you won't be paying anything at all. so, we're going to check out all of today's changes. a lot of big stars like to go on "sesame street," oprah winfrey will be on next week, for instance but we will not see katy perry, apparently because parents were upset with the pop star's outfit. we're going to look at the clip burning up the internet and let you decide if it's too hot for the tiny ones. first, we go to the latest on an emotional home invasion murder trial in connecticut. the trial resumed yesterday with more heart-wrenching testimony. in a moment, we're going to speak exclusively with a close
7:31 am
friend of the only survivor of the attack but first go to cbs news national correspondent jeff glor at the courthouse in new haven. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: hey, harry, good morning to you. after the suspects were arrested three years ago one of the suspects spoke to police about 70 minutes oonz. police say he was fairly emotionless during that interview but the words themselves were revealing and sgushing. the latest testimony about the murder of jennifer, michaela and hayly petit paints the picture of a simply robbery having gone one. wednesday a detective gave a gripping account by defendant steven hayes who recounts how things, quote, got quickly out of control. >> this is very powerful testimony because these are the words of the defendant himself as to the savagery that these two imposed on this family. >> reporter: hayes told police his accomplice joshua komisarjevsky entered the petit home through an unlocked door
7:32 am
and beat william petit with a baseball bat. petit, the only survivor spoke outside court. >> this is a painful day for the hawke and petit families and i think everybody saw that. >> reporter: the explanation of the rapes that was most chilling. hayes says he escorted jennifer hawke-petit to the bank where she withdrew $15 nouz and when they returned ckomisarjevsky ha already assaulted michaela. the mother was later strangled to death. >> hayes is trying to point to his co-defendant saying he was the bad guy, the worst one. >> reporter: jurors saw just released surveillance photos of hayes purchasing gas prosecutors say was used to set the house on fire in an attempt to cover their tracks. the medical examiner gave graphic testimony detailing how smoke inhalation took the lives of the daughters.
7:33 am
he found soot in one's voicebox, airways and lungs showing it took several minutes for her to pass away. some of the testimony was so unsettling yesterday, the petit family had to leave that courtroom, harry, as you know the medical examiner will be back on the stand again today. harry? >> jeff, thanks very much from new haven, connecticut this morning. we were there when they left the courtroom. ron bucchi is a friend of the petit family and joins us from rocky hill, connecticut. good morning, sir. >> good morning, harry. >> how long have you known dr. petit and his family. >> oh, over 40 years. >> over 40 years? there is a controversy, some controversy, swirling around this because the death penalty is at stake in this case and people are wondering if this is what the petit family wants. >> well, people have to understand that it's not up to the petit family. it's not up to the hawke family whether the death penalty is imposed. the state of connecticut has the
7:34 am
death penalty and, as a law, mr. dearington is in charge of carrying out that law, as the prosecut prosecutor. >> as the prosecutor. and it was his decision to carry out the death penalty and i think it's rather simple. if you can't prosecute this case as a death penalty case, what would you ever prosecute as a death penalty case? it doesn't get any more brutal or barbaric than this case has been. so, he has to go forward with that. so, despite what some people may think, bill and his family and the hawke family really don't have any input as far as what is going to be the result and how the case is going to be carried out. >> how hard has it been for you to observe your friend and the other family members in the courtroom as you're sitting really literally just feet away from a man who's accused of these completely heinous crimes? >> well, it's gut wrenching. i think -- were you there
7:35 am
yesterday, harry, and i think you saw first hand the emotion of the family. the petit and hawke family are extreme extremely brave and courageous people to go through this. they've showed, you know, solidarity between the families and that's been heart warming. but, the whole case surrounding it it is just awful. >> people talk about the idea of things like closure or healing. and i'm not sure, after listening to the testimony in a case like this and realizing some of the facts about it, that a notion like that is even possible. >> and you're right. i don't think there's -- people have to understand these -- some of the details of the case are coming out right now through the court proceedings, but the petit and hawke families have been dealing with this every day for the last three years. and it's going to continue. there's -- there will never be,
7:36 am
you know, peace with most of us. it's always in our minds and it will always be reokuring for us. >> the pettitte family foundation has been an important part of dr. petit's life. now these several years and there's an important event going on this weekend. please tell us about it. >> we have a ride for justice this sunday. it's sponsored by tran total, a local law firm and outback steakhouse and the foundation and the ride will start in bristol, connecticut and end in cheshire. we hope for a big turnout. the foundation has been a wonderful thing for bill to really focus on and keep the memories of jennifer, michaela and hayley alive by doing some good things out in the community and supporting some local charities and some national charities, it's given -- it's given bill and the family a sense of purpose and keeping the
7:37 am
family and what the girls really believed in how they were always giving individuals. so, it was -- very good for him. >> ron, we thank you so much for your time this morning, we appreciate it, sir. >> thank you. >> for more on the petit family foundation and this weekend's charity bike ride all you need to go to our website, early >> up next, starting today, we see the first real impact of
7:38 am
health care reform. we'll look at the changes and what they mean for you, when we come back. [ female announcer ] stay once... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night --
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in this morning's health watch big changes in health care. parts of the landmark legislation signed into law in the spring go into effect today. so, what does that mean for you and your coverage? here to break it down for cbs news and business correspondent rebecca jarvis. good morning, rebecca. >> good morning, maggie. a lot of confusion about when this goes into effect, some things not until 2014, others in january. to be clear what we are talking about today, are things that go into effect today, immediately. >> absolutely. a lot of measures do go into effect today. so we'll talk about those. >> okay. for example, what is changing right now in your plan? >> if you are under 26 years old right now, you will be covered under your parents' plan. also, if you are under 19 years old, a child under 19, your parents' coverage, the family plan, will cover you, even if you have a pre-existing -- even if you have a pre-existing condition. now, what also has sort of happened as a result of this is that the surers have found a way
7:42 am
around it not offering child-only coverage but cover children with pre-existing conditions. >> you can stay on your parents' plan until 26 even if married the or -- >> -- a matter of 26, the bottom line, you are taken care of. >> a substantial increase in coverage. >> yes. >> are insurance companies still allowed to limit how much they pay you out in benefits? >> no. the quick answer is no. over time, this is going to be phased out completely. right now, or previous to this legislation, you could have a cap on the total limit of compensation from an insurance company over your lifetime. they are phasing out those lifetime caps. also on top of that, they are phasing out policies being rescinded. so, what used to be the case is if you got really sick, a company could come out and say, insurer could come out and say we aren't going to cover you anymore and they are phasing that out as part of this legislation. >> eventually everybody will have preventive care but right now if you want that you have to sign up for a new plan?
7:43 am
>> yes, new plans are going to cover preventive care in terms of like mammograms, for example, blood testing, that type of thing. assuming you pick up a new plan after today, you'll get that for free. >> it all sounds almost too good to be true. are you going to have to pay more premium-wise for these benefits. >> premiums do look like they will be rising. the government says we'll see something between one and two percent and doctors are seeing the impact already, saying we are not getting a lot from the insurers, our reimbursements from the insurers are going down and can't see as many patients. some are opting out of insurance and other doctors are saying our offices are going to be busier as a result of this. >> we'll see how it plays out, rebecca jarvis. thank you, rebecca. coming up, too hat for toddlers, katy perry's guest shot on "sesame street" has been scrapped. we'll show you why and let you make the decision when we come back. [ female announcer ] there's complete. and then there's most complete,
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a long history of showcasing the muppets with hollywood's hottest talent. but when this made its way to youtube, it was the parents who saw stars. >> come on, elmo, don't you want to play? elmo?! you want to play, so i wore dress-up clothes. ♪ then you ran away ♪ left me here in this pose >> katy perry has turned up the heat on "sesame street." recently the one-time gospel singer taped this seemingly innocent song with elmo, a child-friendly version of her 2009 hit "hot 'n cold." set to air new year's eve, the clip found its way to youtube, rapidly approaching the million hit mark. buff perry's low-cut costume has
7:48 am
caused an uproar. maybe it began when elmo blushed crimson. soon parents started weighing in on her performance. 6,000 youtube comments so far. thank you for spieding up the puberty process, wrote one mom. you can practically see her hmmm-hmm wrote another. now, the girl who famously kissed a girl won't make her "sesame street" debut soon. she and elmo have reportedly had their new year's party invitation pulled by the show's producers. >> you don't think it is a big deal. do you? >> i don't know. >> looking at her outfit is not that provocative. i think it's a protest against her portfolio of, you know, some of remember songs. >> i'd say not that it is so bad but why is it necessary? you can think of any other star who's gone on "sesame street"
7:49 am
who has worn anything like that? >> miss piggy. >> good. >> if you go back, if you go back and look through the archives, look at the archives and you shall see. >> there you go. >> i promise you. >> plus, this is getting more play -- >> -- more debate than that ever would have. >> thank you very much. >> that was great. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. i hired someone to make my website... five months ago. we are building a website by ourselves. announcer: there's an easier way. create your own small-business site with intuit websites. just choose a style that fits your business and customize, publish and get found in three easy steps. sweet. all from just $4.99 a month, get a 30-day free trial at
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7:52 am
a wild car chaste in miami ended with the police tasing two suspects and once again sparked the debate is a legitimate way to arrest criminals? maybe so but brings up abuse. we'll get to that coming up here on "the early show" on cbs.
7:53 am
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8:00 am
a rowdy, rowdy crowd out here this morning. right? >> crazy with a "k" they know it is almost friday. >> i'm harry smith along with mag dee rodriguez and julie chen. >> a shout out to the starkey hearing foundation who provide hearing aids to kids around the world. cheers to you. coming up, a question, are police are getting trigger happy with tasers, prompted by a chase no south florida that ended with two suspects being shocked and some say this is inhumane. if you can use something, you can abuse it. so, we're going to hear from both sides ahead this morning. >> also ahead our favorite socially awkward science guys are back "the big bang theory" is the most popular sitcom with younger viewers. the new season opens tonight and i spent monday with the cast to find out why geeks rule. i even gave them a pop quiz on their own show. >> of course you did.
8:01 am
>> very good. >> my quizzes. >> i love that show it is so funny. first a check of the news. erica hill is at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning. i love no one is safe from julie's quizzes. >> never know when they are coming. >> be ready. the president makes an appeal for middle east peace this morning. world leaders are arriving at the united nations this morning for that and our senior white house correspondent bill plante is there bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, erica. the president makes his second appearance before the u.n. and will as i say call on them to unite for peace between israelis and palestinians and also wednesday pledged continued u.s. support for development and aid to the poorest nations. >> now, let me be clear. the united states of america has been and will remain the global leader in providing assistance. we will not abandon those who depend on us --
8:02 am
>> reporter: you know, the president's never far from politics even doing international affairs like this. it looks like there will be a major staff shake-up soon after the midterm elections. his chief political adviser, david axelrod, tells cbs news, he he will be going home to chicago sometime in 2011, expected to take a major role in the president's re-election campaign and the president's chief of staff, rahm emanuel, may leave as soon as next month. he is think having seriously about a run for mayor of chicago. and talking about politics, presidents, as presidents do, president obama went to a fund-raiser here in new york and heck was heckled calling on him for more funding for aids and demanding gays be allowed to serve openly in the military. he told them, if you re-elect me, we'll get what you want sooner. erica? >> bill plante at the united nations this morning, bill, thanks. in virginia this morning, republicans are announcing what they call a pledge to america. they want to repeal health care
8:03 am
reform, roll back spending, establish strict budget caps and reform federal mortgage lending. hair asked indiana congressman mike pence this morning if it is conservative in you to satisfy the tea party. >> this is a good-faith effort by republicanss in congress to say we've listened to the american people the last year and here's what we believe we need to do right now. >> the white house says the pledge would mean the same, quote failed economic policies that caused the recession. eight current or former officials of bell, california wake up in jail this morning. they had their first court appearance yesterday in a city salary scandal and spent the night in jail because the judge kept their jail very high. all eight are facing long prison terms if convicted of the multi-million dollar corruption charges. a third man now accusing atlanta-area bishop eddie long in a sex scandal. long allegedly sent the men these photos of himself and many
8:04 am
e-mails. the pastor in a church near atlanta was sued yesterday after two other young men filed similar lawsuits tuesday accusing long of using his power to coerce them into sexual relationship. long denies the charges. dave price in las vegas with another check of the weather and not a bad backdrop there. you did find a little something to take home. >>? >> this is for you i actually picked up a 1968 camaro rs-z worth about $60,000. erica, this car is automatic. it is actually systematic. it is hii-dromaic. ♪ greased lightning >> look at this inside. 60,000 buys you houndstooth seats. this was actually an option on this car. it's almost all original and actually people are coming from all over the country to see these cars, 50,000 people converging on vegas and, believe it or not, millions watching on
8:05 am
cable. let's go to the maps. the buzzer is on. see what's going on all across the country, shall we, if it is cruising weather where you are. the southeast, no rain, sunny and humid. actually in the northern plains, watch for severe weather potentially rolling through your area. and keep in mind that, as we head out to the west coast it is beautiful, top-down weather.
8:06 am
this weather report sponsored by comfort inn. after a long day of vacation, relax with comfort inn. >> keep in mind if you come out to vegas and the auction's over, plenty of places to still see cars. let me show you some really neat stuff the imperial palace hotel, the world's largest collection of classic cars, a huge showroom and museum. $250 million in cars, some of them for sale. a rolls, harry's favorite, the ferrari, he keeps two. maseratis and the del torre restaurant, you can eat an appetizer and buy the car you are next to. looking for new stuff how about the penske winn ferrari dealership believe it or not right there. it is in the hotel and it is gorgeous. listen, i got to go. i'll see you guys in a little bit. let's just hope i don't hit anything on the way out. see you guys in a little bit.
8:07 am
back to you. >> looking cool as danny zuco, thank you dave. up next police use stun guns to shock two suspects after a high-speed chase but did they have to do it? a debate on the growing use of tasers when we come back. stay once... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at best deal this side of sunrise, so come in and we'll make yours! get a western egg white muffin melt and a 16-ounce cup of freshly brewed seattle's best coffee. just $2.50. build your better breakfast today at subway! [ female announcer ] we've got stains, down to a science. new wisk, with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology targets all the major stain groups like particulates and oils. its enzymes and cleaning agents fight a full range of stains.
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♪ we're lowering the cost of going barefoot. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get exclusive martha stewart living and platinum plus installed in your whole house for only 37 bucks. three men in south florida face multiple charges after l d leading police on a high-speed chase. two were subdued with tasers. as cbs news correspondent don teague reports. >> reporter: a high-speed chase in miami led police on a dangerous pursuit, across highways, over sidewalks and through heavy traffic. it ended with a dramatic crash but no injuries. as broward county officers safely took down the driver, by taser. >> they tased him and able to apprehend him and able to cuff him. this is the textbook for using a
8:11 am
taefr. >> reporter: it appears more often than of the taefr has become the cops' weapon of choice. more than 12,000 law enforcement agencies have now added tasers to their arsenal. houston police alone have discharged them 2500 times since 2004. but, some are questioning just who's getting shocked. >> don't tase me, bro. >> from incapacitating a disruptive student in florida. >> ow, ow. >> he's going to tase a 72-year-old woman. >> to a great-grandmother in texas. just go online and you'll find one example after another. california resident peter mcfarland, who suffers from a heart condition, is suing marin county police after he was tased four times in his home. >> they came in here, like there was a fire going on or some gunfight was going on. >> reporter: mcfarland survived but in some cases the device has proved fatal.
8:12 am
a study by amnesty international says in at least 35 states there were deaths after taser, 55 deaths this california, 52 in florida. >> in most cases, the tasers have been a very good tool. it's a lot better to think of someone possibly being tasered than being shot. >> reporter: don teague, cbs news, dallas. joining us now is former nypd officer bill stanton, security expert with good morning, bill. >> good morning. >> it is easy for us all to watch the video and make our judgment about the decision at the time. we haven't been there arresting a suspect. you have, many times. is there any time you wished you would have had a taser? >> good point. it is easy for us when we sit on the couch and watch this stuff go down. though cop should have to meet a bad guy one on one. they have a fist, you take your nightstick. they take your stick, it will either be a taser, which stops us from using a gun in many cases, which is a good thing.
8:13 am
>> i've been tased for research. i wanted to know because we do so many stories what it felt like it was the most excruciating pain followed by literally paralysis. could they be more dangerous than people think. >> i'll ask you this. you've been tased. have you been shot? >> i haven't been shot, better than being dead but if an officer used it on me unjustifiably as we've seen many instances, it would have been inhumane. >> right. those officers should be investigated and locked up but in many professions there malpractice with doctors, lawyerss, et cetera. >> we'll bring this john burton to weigh in, a civil rights attorney and represents victims of stun gun abuse. are you there, john? >> yes, i am. thank you, maggie. >> good morning to you. what do you say to bill's claim that it's a perfect weapon to hand when a nightstick is not enough but a gun is too much? >> well, it's a false statement because the taser is not a substitute for lethal force. lethal force is used very, very rarely, 95% of police officers
8:14 am
never fire their sidearm in their entire career. it's only to be used in the most extreme circumstances. when those are present, no rational officer would use a taser because lethal force is used to stop a lethal threat. tasers are used on people frequently who are doing very little, other than not going along with the program of the police. >> just making the officers mad? >> well, right. and it's, also, another point you made is that it's much more dangerous than the manufacturer, who provides a training tells the officers. there have been over 500 fatalities associated with taser use or extreme injuries caused by falling, darts hitting people in the eye, people exploding because of being near flammable liquids, et cetera. >> i think that point both of you can agree on that tasers should not be abused. so, let's talk about what can be
8:15 am
done to prevent that. is there anything you can do to prevent afternoon officer from abusing a taser? >> well, absolutely. a cop tells you to pull over, pull over. don't ram him three times or take a swing at a cop. >> you know full well some people do that and officers, you never know how they will react. is there anything you can do to teach officers not to do that. >> absolutely, more comprehensive training for the officers. 'teach them how to use the tools in their tool bag. >> all right. you think that will be enough? >> absolutely. >> we hope so. bill stanton, thank you. john burton, thank you, as well. >> thank you very much. >> up next "the big bang theory" could be the funniest show in the universe, literally. julie chen sits down with the starts next. of beef tenderloin, don't you? you inspired a very special dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. chef inspired. dog desired.
8:16 am
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8:17 am
the entire gang released their inner nerds on the season
8:18 am
premiere of "the big bang theory." nearly 15 million fans are expected to get their geek on and come along for the ride. the chemistry of the cast is getting much of the credit for the show's out-of-this-world success. it started with a bang and has exploded in popularity. in just three seasons, "the big bang theory" has nearly doubled its audience from eight million to 15 million. as science guys with few social skills -- >> what's going on, dave wellers. >> jim par sons, john gulekki and simon helberg have made geek chic. she's the gorgeous girl next door. >> cool is personified. >> so cool, season three brought a best actor emmy for par sons a
8:19 am
maxim magazine photo shoot for her and a people's choice award for the cast. >> i love you all. >> reporter: by the time they hit comican in july, 125,000 science fiction fans greeted them like rock stars. >> it's the most viewers in one place that i've ever been exposed to at the same time. i get a little claustrophobic, if i'm being frank bit. >> you guys show up and you're like -- it's like the beatles showing up. >> all of us work out with our iphones like videotaping it, send it home, like these people really like us. >> girl jumped in between and grabbed my hair. >> you're serious someone pulled your hair? >> yeah. >> were you excited or scared orbit. >> i was kind of giddy and pretend i was -- i told my wife, craziness out there annoying some girl jumped, pulled my hair, you know, i had to lay down for a while, yeah.
8:20 am
[ laughter ] as sheldon, par sons gets to feel the geek love on screen, two. season four reunites them with her as amy. you have a name, shamey, like brad and angelina. >> kind of like that. >> their idea of perfect chemistry is different. >> amy is at the dry cleaners and made a very amusing pun. i don't care for bucloraethalni e and i don't like glicol, ether. >> what would it mean if we saw a kiss between you two. >> no. >> i it is nothing i can fathom. >> i may kiss you after we cut. >> okay. >> fans are always weighing in on that plot twist through thousands of networking sites.
8:21 am
their facebook page has 5.2 million friends following all things bbt but, do the stars know the show as well as their fans do? we decided to put them to the test with our own quote quiz. they're from the show and you have to tell me which character said each quote. >> okay. >> and whoever buzzes in screams out the correct character's name first gets the point. who said, how can i be a gynecologist, i can barely look a woman in the eye? who said, we're not a couple, we're single, two singles, like those individually wrapped -- >> sheldon. >> you say sheldon. >> no, leonard. >> i said sheldon. >> no, you said halit, doesn't make sense. >> who said, with skin as fair as mine, moonburn is a real possibility. >> sheldon. >> congratulations.
8:22 am
now, i need to explain something, i spoke with her before her horseback riding accident that left her with a broken leg. we hope you feel better. she's going to miss some of the shows but she has a key role in tonight's episode. and you can catch "the big bang theory" season premiere tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on cbs. are you ready for a quick kws? >> oh. >> this is the new time and new night. what was on at 8:00 thursdays on cbs. >> "big brother". >> no. that's not even on in the fall. >> thursday -- >> -- trying to suck up. >> i knew that. >> moving on. still ahead from geeks to gorgeous, i'm talking about
8:23 am
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8:29 am
welcome back to "the early
8:30 am
show" on this first day of fall. did you see that? >> what is in the crowd? >> vegas. >> elvis, hello. >> anybody getting married this morning? no? coming up here's a question for you, what do men really want? harry? >> uhhh, beer and a tv set. >> well, that used to be the case. a new online survey by "cosmopolitan" looks at how male attitudes and roles are changing. and the magazine is holding its first annual man summit to look at those personal and professional shifts. we'll have our own mini summit right here come, up. >> very good. >> luckily one man won't have a professional shift back on his old job on "the mentalist" tonight talking about simon baker, one of our favorite guests this morning. we'll talk about what he did this summer, the show, of course, and we'll take some of
8:31 am
your questions on facebook. >> would you believe a puppy in michigan swallowed a lot of pennies? not just one or ten but about 100 pen thees. can you imagine that? >> that poor little belly. >> like you have to baby-proof a house, you need to puppy-proof your home. we'll talk about some common household things we have around your house you may not think are dangerous to a puppy can really be life changing. >> look at these guys. >> i know, one, two, three -- puppies! can we do a quick shout out real kwek these folks from the stark key foundation, coming up this weekend? >> we are fitting 150 kids at yankee stadium with the new york yankees. >> very good. with hearing aids. this foundation has provided more than half a million hearing aids for people around the world. they do great work. thank you very much for being here. there you go. >> good stuff. >> we head back to dave in las vegas reporting for a final check of the weather. lucky for you didn't have to
8:32 am
follow the puppies. >> reporter: you know, what actually, as far as puppies go, the buck, i guess, stopped there. folks this is a '69 chevelle, one of harry's favorites. 500 cars, new. we have old, we have a foreign, we have domestic. and the guy in charge of all of it, actually who really knows these cars gary bennett, vice president of consignments at barrett-jackson. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> in front of a '70 firebird. who is coming here, men, women, young, old. >> everybody. men, women, young and old. what we have at barrett-jackson something from everyone from the 1880 covered wagon to the ba goet and everything in between. >> do you have to be rich? some of these cars are 60, 70, 80 thousand dollars. >> some are $5,000. some are 14rz 1500. we have something for everyone, literally done by design. not everyone can come in with a lot of money. some will start off small, buy
8:33 am
and build and sell a car and buy and build and sell a car and have a great time at the same time. >> what's a collectible? what makes a collectible? >> that's a very good question. in my opinion, the collectible car is an open car, it's a high-performance car, a limited production car, it's expensive when new car, any one of those things. but then you have a group of people like corvair owners, they don't fall into any of those categories and there is a huge following. collectible is in the mind of the collector. >> just like love. >> it is. >> all about the fashion for cars. thanks so much for coming and let us hang around the metal today. let's take a check of the weather and see what is happening across the country, shall we? looks like severe weather could be rolling through sections of the northern plains, cold, damp, breezy, could see one to three inches in minneapolis and flood watches in the dakotas, minnesota, iowa, wisconsin and michigan today. the northeast on the warm side. make sure you if have that classic you try to get the upgrade to ac, at least put the
8:34 am
top down. that's >> gary, thanks so much for being here. keep in mind how many things can you buy, use, sell for more after that? something to think about. maggie, over to you. >> the hit crime drama "the mentalist" kicks off its third season with simon baker returning as patrick jane, the consultant who works with the california bureau of
8:35 am
investigation and always has a way with words. >> the new boss is here doing on-cameras, our new baby. >> i thought hightower was boss. >> the boss of hightower the director of the entire division. i told you next week. your memory's going. >> my mem vee a mighty fortress from which no fact ever escapes once committed. when you tell me boring things, i set them free immediately. saves overcrowding. >> simon baker, good morning. >> good morning, how are. >> drew: are you like him, your brain a mighty fortress. >> i wish. sort of a shabby old tent. >> especially this early. >> yes. >> how was your summer. >> i had a great summer. i was very busy. i did a lot of globe trotting, various things. >> that's way heard do. the kids get to come with you, your three kids. >> as much as possible. it doesn't link up completely with the school year, completely, which i don't understand why it doesn't but as
8:36 am
soon as they finished school they came with me, yeah. >> so then you come back and start working on season three which, congratulation on season two, it moves to thursday night, averages 17 million viewers. you've got to be happy about that. >> yeah. i mean, it's definitely nice to know that people are tuning in and watching the show. >> did you slip right back into the role? >> yeah. i mean, i -- i understand the character well enough now that each year, i always sort of, you know, almost like a new year's resolution, i want to make things better and sharper. it's going to -- i'm familiar with the character, kind of like putting on a suit that you've owned for a long time and just tailoring it a little bit so that it fits, take it out where you've put on a little wait, take it out if you've lost a little wait, probably the former as opposed to the latter. >> i know the feeling. >> but i'm excited about the season. >> so are fans. when we left off your character had just come in contact with
8:37 am
the famous red john killer who killed his wife and others and you've been hunting forever. how is that going to play out. >> i'm not exactly sure how it'll play out but what i like about this next season is that we, as -- that we focus a lot more on the red john story and a lot more on the personal sort of challenge that jane has to -- that drives him every today and that sort of urge to seek revenge. >> you have a lot of fan and some wrote to us on facebook. i'd like to read you some of their questions. >> okay. >> lisa would like to know any more feature films coming in the near future snow was so sexy in "the devil wears prada." you know you were. >> pardon? >> you know you were. >> i'm not so sure, to be honest. you are going to make my blush. >> i never can. if always try. >> no, you are doing a good job. >> anything else coming up movie-wise? >> i did a movie during my
8:38 am
hiatus i just finished shot in new york, a very pretty spectacular cast. kevin spacey and stanley tucchi, zachary quinto, jeremy ooirns, paul bettany, demi moore, all based around the financial collapse. it's kind of a pretty suspenseful sort of film. >> the last question, the good final note, it's from sandy. she wants to know, is it as fun as it looks? >> yeah. >> it shows. >> good. >> thank you so much, simon baker, always a pleasure. >> cheers. >> you can see the season premiere of "the mentalist" tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central on cbs. jul leaf. >> thank as lot. "cosmopolitan" magazine is holding a man summit today and might not be what you think an in-depth discussion of men's changing goals and needs illustrated by a new survey with very surprising results. cbs news correspondents michelle
8:39 am
miller has the story. >> reporter: 50 years ago, men were the dominant wage earners in america and they ruled the workplace. >> first of all, peggy, i'm your boss, not your boyfriend. >> reporter: but traditional gender roles are being redefined. today, men make up less than 50% of the workforce. >> it is true that the old breadwinner model of the strong, high earning, supporting the family on his own man is on the decline. >> reporter: what effect has this sea change had on men's world views according to "cosmopolitan" magazine, 61% of men say they have it harder than previous generations. >> women probably have higher expectations than they have ever had. they don't just want someone who's a good worker. they want someone who will share in all of the work of the home. they want someone will be their soulmate. that's a lot to ask. >> more women have graduated
8:40 am
college. >> reporter: you sound disappointed. this group of law students reflect the changing time. >> i would hope if i get married my wife would work, if she wants to work. if she wants to stay home i would do that if that's possible. >> reporter: what if she earned more money you? >> i would love that. >> reporter: while many of the old attitudes have been phased out some thing stay the same. you would bring me some coffee. >> i don't know about that. >> michelle miller, cbs news. joining us are "cosmopolitan's" editor in chief cate white and relationship expert -- good morning you to. >> 61% of the men surveyed say men have it harder today than previous generations. "como" of course also asked women what they thought and 58% of them said they think men have easier than previous generations.
8:41 am
kate, why is this? >> guys are struggling. young guys, they don't rule the workplace anymore. and they're not sure, often, of what they want or how they're going to get it so. to them, it's a struggle. i think women sometimes see it as slacking off. he's been living in his parents's basement three years working on his screenplay and looks like, hey, he's got it easier. i think it's more the vantagepoint you are looking at the situation from. >> ian, what do you say? >> you know, as a sex and relationship therapist i have a particular advantage through what's happening in the american bedroom. i would say that i'm truly absolutely stunned at the rates of men who suffer from low li by do, who have no desire in their relationships, who are really, truly, experiencing this when you ask them what's wrong, they just say, you know, i'm just not feeling myself, i'm not doing as well at work, i'm not accomplishing my dreams and i think so much for men comes into their self-esteem in their relationships in their lives and so much of their self-esteem is
8:42 am
derived from the workplace. >> then why don't the women in their lives see it that way? why do the women say they think guys have it easier today. >> i think like she said, you do have a lot of guys who are able to postpone their adolescence into their 20s and 30s and they're married and, you know, still willing to sleep on their "star wars" sheets if they have their way. >> yeah, that's not a lie. next, 67% of the men surveyed and 73% of the women surveyed said men today are less ambitious than they were a generation ago. ian, is that -- why is that? >> well, i think when you look at the opportunities that are available to men, when you look at -- i meet kids who are graduating from college who are graduating from graduate -- from graduate schools and you look at the opportunities that are available to them, there's not a whole lot for them to be ambitious about right now in this economy. i think, you know, this has been a prolonged state of economic
8:43 am
plummet and staz and i think the young guys are feeling it the most. they are coming out of plenty of education, saddled with debt, ready to conquer the world and there's nothing to conquer for them. >> also the workplace, the landscape there is changing so that the kind of skills that mattered in the "mad men" days, being a gamesman and aggressive and really competitive don't make date in management. you want to be traditionally, the female skills like being a good listener and communicating and nurturing and being a team builder those are what really matter so i think sometimes guys don't even know how do i be ambitious? what are the skills i need. >> moving to finances, 79% of the men surveyed and 85% of the women surveyed said, men define success as a measure of financial status. that's not surprising, right? >> no, that's a traditional view that we've really held on for in relationships, definitely. >> in the final seconds, the
8:44 am
real question is how do men feel a lot of women today are bringing home more money than their spouses. how do guys feel about that, ian. >> my wife frequently makes more money than i do in a year and i'm frequently the stay-at-home-dad. we do take turns doing it. i think that's the future two-family incomes, both husband and a wife out there working conquering the world together. i think my generation of men and younger generations of men are okay with it. we get it that women, you know -- >> i think women just know the guy's passionate about something, that's he's going to do his share at home and really isn't going to care how much he makes as long as he does the other things. >> you've got to pull your weight. somehow, doesn't have to be the paycheck. >> indicate white, ian kerner, thanks so much. >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by purina. your pet, our passion. >> puppies, what's better than
8:45 am
puppies? how about a whole little basketful of puppies? they love to play but they also swallow just about anything, from cookies to socks to keys. but, for one family from papa, michigan, that's a real town, by the way, playtime turned serious when this little french mastimastif mastiff got into some loose change. our debbie turner has the story. >> reporter: they have plenty of experience keeping puppies out of trouble. but, their newest pooch, a four-month-old french mastiff named ooi sis recently bit off more than any dog could choose. >> i was watching the news and heard her throw up. there were eight or nine pennies laying on the floor. >> reporter: just to be safe he rushed her to an emergency clinic. upon examination, a veterinarian discovered the puppy had become a piggybank.
8:46 am
ooi sis's stomach and intestines were filled with pennies. >> at first they said many, many pennies. they didn't know how many. >> reporter: surgery revealed he had had eaten more than 100 pennies, 113, to be exact. >> never had a puppy eat pennies. >> reporter: this vert naer surgeon dr. duane baker safely removed all the coins but her health was still in jeopardy. >> -- because one to three pennies can kill a puppy when it gets into their bloodstream. >> reporter: in 1983 the mint began making pennies with a zinc core instead of copper. if exposed swallowing just a few can be fatal. >> it would have been a sad death if. the probably would have gone on for days. >> thankfully her bloodwork show the pennies weren't inside her long enough to cause permanent damage.
8:47 am
and finding those first eight pennies probably saved her life. >> if she wouldn't have thrown up those pennies and we wouldn't have known, we would have probably lost her. >> reporter: since the surgery, things in the household have returned to normal, except for one small change. pennies are no longer allowed. >> and debbye is along this morning with a couple of friends. hello puppies. >> a doorable friends. who will watch us, right. >> i know. some advice on puppy-proofing your home which is really, really important. you look at this little face and think how could this little face get into any kinds of trouble. right. >> they look for trouble because they don't know better. by the way the 113 penniess isis swallowed wechlt have 113 pennies here. >> oh, man. >> you can imagine all those pennies in that poor puppy's -- >> terrible. a lot of things around the house besides change to be aware of, sort of like baby-proofing the house right. >> exactly like it.
8:48 am
watch out for foods, chemicals and plants. i have examples of each before us. starting with foods you may not know about, garlic and onions have a suffied in them that can cause anemia in dogs even if you give them food from your table seasoned with it, it can be harmful to your dogs. grapes and raises can cause kidney damage, plus a choking hazard for the puppies. take a look at this coffee and tea has caffeine, not great for your puppy but more pontly, you put this in the trash can, right your used coffee grounds. they get in the trash can and eat all of it, it can be a medical emergency. >> we know about chocolate. >> we do but most dangerous is the chocolate a half ounce per kilogram of dog can cause serious damage. >> gum. >> sugar-free gum which a vilatol, very good for us preventing cavities but can cause a severe dip in lieu koes and liver damage. >> who knew. certain plants to be wary of.
8:49 am
>> keep all plants away from your dogs, they will chew on everything. put them up high. we bought a few that are particularly toxic. this right behind is beautiful but if they chew a few they are over in a minute. >> we talk about this every tall but people with their cars if you have antifreeze coming out of your car on your driveway and your dog laps it up. >> this is cause severe enough kidney damage to kill the dog within 24 hours. >> terrible. >> this is serious business. >> when you are going to puppy-proof your house, just use some of the same tools you would for a baby, right? >> anything that you would use for a baby, you would use to puppy-proof your house. we have outlet covers over there, cabinet locks, toilet locks because want to keep the puppy out of the toilet for hygiene as well as aesthetic reasons. bundle up your cables. i can't tell you how many vert
8:50 am
yaerns treat burns to the mouth and baby gits. if you have an expensive $10,000 rug in your room, baby-gate the room so they can't get in there. >> debbie turner bell, as always, thank you so much. for more on puppy-proofing your home our ho adopt one of these great little dogs. >> we want to thank >> all you have to do is go to our website, earlys
8:51 am
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