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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  September 23, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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public education in the city. >> we have not heard from chancellor reed since the primary. can you give us an idea of what it was? you said you couldn't work with the chairman. has that changed? you campaigned for mayor fenty. your candidate lost. can you give us any reaction? >> i don't think we went that far into discussion. we'll have those conversations a little later. >> he only had a comment about how to do things. why is that new when you just had to come in? >> you agree he has given the only comment? >> yes. >> there will be more meetings between the two. unless chancellor reed decides to leave, she'll be in place at
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least through the end of this year. still working for mayor fenty, well into next year after they take office, assuming they went to november's general election. and you should know that there is talking anita, of the write-in campaign. it's a long shot, but there is a lot going on. >> what about rumors of her getting married this weekend? >> yes, we did follow her on to the elevator. >> yeah, we saw that. >> get this, we got a response from her fiance, we'll tell you what he had to say about that and her possibility of working somewhere else. >> lots happening in their future. >> all right, bruce, thank you. republicans rolled out a new plan designed to make the government smaller. hoping to win over the independent voters in time for
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november's election. and we have more on whether they say that the the republican congress would take the country, joel? >> reporter: lesli, for months now, we've be been hearing democrats reeling against the republicans, having no ideas for having no plans. and this? this is the 21-page gop counterattack. >> reporter: republicans say that they are pledged to america and they will show how they will turn things around if they win in november. >> our government has failed us. >> reporter: gop leaders paid a visit to a small business in virginia on thursday, to roll out their proposal. and it calls for cutting $100 billion out of the government programs except the military. it would leave bush era tax cuts in place for everyone and appealing their health care plan remacing it, with a smaller version. >> with this pledge, republicans will save the american dream as it drowns in a sea of red ink. we will not allow the torch of liberty to be mortgaged.
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>> reporter: as they unvailed the plan, republican leaders called on democrats to join them and to start work on it right away. but that's unlikely. most democrats made it clear that they reject the pledge to america. >> and if this is implemented, what we're going to see is the infliction of a plague on america. >> reporter: as for voters, polls show the economy and the deficit are a top concern. the ones we talked to had their own proposals. >> that's spending more money than we're taking it if many. >> we need to forget about health care and we need to worry about the people losing their homes in the foreclosures. i would like for them to start working together, you know. not be so separated. >> reporter: with the mid-term elections less than six weeks away, chances of both parties starting to working together any time soon are pretty slim. >> so no doubt this campaign will be a battle for the public trust. look at the latest numbers from the ap here. showing nearly 75% of the americans, disapprove of
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congress' job performance so far. with voters giving democrats lightly, slightly, higher marks than what they are giving them. >> not all republicans are on board with this plan, are they? >> it is hard to make everyone happy. you talked to fiscal conservatives. they wanted to see more spending cuts. deeper spending cuts. talking to some social conservatives. they wanted to see more on this plan. talk about a federal ban on same-sex marriage. but even the crafters of this pledge to america, they admit that it has seen a lot of details. saying this is a basic outline for where they would like to take the country if they win control of congress. >> joel brown, thank you for that. tonight, investigators are still trying to determine what caused the horrific fire in lorton that killed a young mom and two of her children yesterday. >> autopsies are now underway. peggy fox joining us live on the scene with words of the possible cause, peg? >> reporter: let me tell you
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this, fire investigators found no signs of the accelerant can which meant it was not set. as they continue to figure out who started it, the children's grandmother have her own theory that has handed her a second tragedy in just a few months. >> i just lost my son and now my grand babies are gone. >> reporter: grace hamilton said she didn't know the home her daughter-in-law lived in with her five grandchildren had the electricity turned off monday. wednesday morning, the young family asoak to a fire that would -- asoak to a fire that would kill -- awoke to a fire that would kill their grandchildren and their mother. >> heavy smoke showing from the first floor, second floor, two windows on each floor. and i also have fires going
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throughout the garage side. >> reporter: anderson saved her two-month-old baby girl by dropping her out of the two- story window into the arms of the friend. and she saved her two oldest, a 6-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl, telling them to jump out the window. >> i'm just happy that they are okay. and that no smokes in their lungs. they are healthy, they are running around. >> reporter: a day after the fatal fire, crews boarded up the blackened windows, mindful of the human loss here. >> it just makes you think every day of the risk of the fires and you don't take a moment of life for granted. >> they were out to buy candles. hamilton believes that's what lead to the tragedy. >> i don't know, they probably knocked over a candle or something while they were sleeping or something, i don't know. and it set off. >> reporter: now, the two older children, the 6 and 8-year-olds were expected to be released from children's hospital today. however, the hospital is
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keeping the baby, the infant, only two months old as a precaution to make sure she's completely all right before they release her. reporting live in lorton, peggy fox, 9news now. >> reporter: the grandmother is making the suggestion that the candle could have fallen over and you mentioned this yesterday. are you getting any confirmation about that from any authorities that mite know or are look -- might know or are looking into this? >> reporter: authorities tell us the number one cause of the fatal fires is smoking materials. but candles are pretty far up there after that. so can yes, heaters could ride out to the smoking candles or something. so it is certainly a possibility. they just need to know. and this home is just so destroyed. sometimes they are not able to come up with a conclusion. but hopefully they will be able to tell us what caused it. >> all right, peggy fox reporting, thank you. right now, district police, they are announcing an arrest in the connection of the murder of a university student. riding his bicycle last month when he was shot and kill here in the neighborhood.
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and district police, arrested a juvenile male yesterday in his death and that suspect is expected to be charged as an adult. a fairfax convenience store clerk faces several charges for firing several rounds from a handgun. the 26-year-old struck several men in the parking lot. it was shortly after 3:00 in the morning when the men reportedly refused to announce that. a couple of cars were hit. but no one was injured. >> and just days after maryland bicyclist and green party candidate was slammed to the ground and fatality injured by a car. we didn't have a clear picture as to what exactly happened in that tragic accident. joining us with a newly released 911 tape, derek? >> reporter: well, anita, the calls came in almost immediately after she was hit by a woman behind the wheel of the black suv. and that driver kept right ongoing, leaving natasha bleeding on the side of the road. here are the chilling details
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of that deadly accident on sunday morning, told by those who saw it happen. >> prince george's county 911 center, what's the location? >> i'm on 202, i just saw a truck, a car run over a person and a bicycle. i think that person was in a car. i don't know. i need to go back. but he was going and the bicycle was under it. oh my goodness. >> reporter: that was the first call into the prince george's county 911 center at 5:26 sunday morning. the man had just seen the driver now known to be christy littleford, hitting her while she was riding her bike that morning. littleford did not stay at the scene, instead driving miles back to her home with the bike caught under her car. and the next call came in just seconds after the first one. this woman found her lying on the side of the street. >> prince george's county 911 center, what's the location of the emergency? >> hi, we're right in front of the community college on 202 and we're in front of what looks like a body in the middle
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of the street. it's a female body. >> on route 202? >> oh my gosh. keep breathing baby, keep breathing. she's bleeding. she looks like she is struggling to breathe. >> reporter: prince george's county fire and ems transported her to prince george's hospital, but she died there from her injuries monday night. now, littleford admits she hits her, but kept ongoing because she thought she had only hit an animal. and so far, prince george's county police have not filed charges against her. >> the chilling 911 calls. thank you. closing arguments are underway of the accused drunk driver. from washington county maryland, died after a collision with andrew gallo in california. the april 2009 crash also killed two of their friends. and he is now charged with murder in this case, because he had a previous dui conviction.
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prosecutors say that his blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limits at the time of the crash. >> and right after those stories. you probably need a lift. downtown washington, they are going to get a lift of sorts. the makeover, benches, flower gardens, being directed off the park northwest. and now the work comes with a price tag of $419,000. and the project is one of hundreds nationwide, but they are being paid for by the federal stimulus funds. and work is expected to be done by the end of the year. >> if you are wondering where your money goes, it's raised from speed cameras. well, maryland's village will officially break down on the brookville sidewalk project. that starts next week. and that sidewalk is fully funded by signs issued as a result of the town's speed cameras. the effort to install the sidewalk begins about five years ago in response to her request by residence to make bristol road safer for people who are walking. for more stories that are specifically listed to where you live, go to find your community in our where you live section. and keep up with what is new in
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your neighborhood. and if you've got a story or a news tip, we want to hear it and put it on the web. contact us and be a part of the team. a new audit finds that the virginia department of transportation failed to spend, get this, nearly $500 million last year. and in funds that were approved. the findings are a result of the four-month review ordered by governor bob mcdonald. apparently they were not paying enough attention and allowed that money to go unspent. the newfound cash will go towards backlog, road maintenance, transportation projects in the old dominion. traffic on interstate 66 could be a 24/7 affair. so why are the shoulder lanes only open during rush hour? well, that's the question that fairfax county lawmakers are asking. they are considering a plan to keep those shoulder or the green narrow lanes open around the clock. it would cause about $8 million, but the county is also looking at some long-term solutions like, extending metro and adding hot lanes. still ahead, taking out the
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trash. a garbage truck picks up a robbery suspect while making their rounds. but it was the suspect who ended up calling for help. we'll unravel all of that. topper? >> yeah, we'll also let you know if you'll need this when you walk the dogs this evening. we'll show you the radar. we do have the showers moving from fairfax and parts of bethesda. we'll track those for you and show you some great cool weather video that you don't see too often. i'm at the united nations. coming up, we'll show you what drew the biggest applause for president obama as they addressed the world leaders.
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a health alert tonight. major restrictions slapped on the controversial die bee toes drug because of signify -- diabetes drugs because of
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significant heart risks. people will need to sign a consent form that they understand the dangers. new patients will only be allowed to get it if they have tried other drugs and can't control their flood sugar. in syrup, regulators halted their sales entirely. and this is child passenger safety week. a federal government is using the occasion to encourage you to properly use those child and booster seats for your children. >> any emt, policeman, or fireman, will tell you that a properly installed child safety seat could mean the difference between life and death. we also know that despite the best intentions, nearly three of four safety seats are not used properly. >> this weekend is going to be seat checks saturday. thousands of experts will be on hand at stations all across the area to help youing figure out if your child safety -- to help you figure out if your child's
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safety seat is securely in place. just click on 9news e alert extra to find the closest inspection -- closest inspection to you. mothers of drunk drivers are saving nearly 300,000 lives. but the about vests say that -- but the activists are saying that it is still a problem. funding technology that prevents them from operating their vehicles if their blood alcohol level or alcohol content is above the legal limit. president obama used his second address to the united nations to put the world spotlight on mideast peace again. he joins us now live from the u.n. with reactions. >> well, anita, economic woes, poverty, terrorism, and holding iran accountable for the nuclear weapons, are some of the topics that president obama talked about in his speech to the u.n. delegations today. but the biggest applause came with the president when he talked about a free state for palestine.
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>> peace must be made by the israelis in palestinian. but each of us have the responsibility to do our part as well. >> reporter: president obama says that the u.s. lead negotiations and they can produce results if the international community sets aside decades of division and pessimism. >> when we come back next year, we'll have an agreement leading to the new member of the united nations. on independent days of palestine, living in peace with israel. >> and they welcomed those words with applause. during the second speech for the u.n. general assembly, president obama was able to highlight progress on other global issues. >> reporter: working with other nations, the president said
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that the u.s. is waging a more effective war against terrorism and securing nuclear weapons. he told iran that it must obey international law. >> for the iranian government, they must demonstrate a clear and collectible commitment. confirming to the world that the peaceful intents of the nuclear programs. >> reporter: the president pushed back, saying no nation should have nuclear weapons. >> reporter: i would like to propose that the year 2011 be proclaimed a year of nuclear disarmor men. >> reporter: they left the hall as did many others, after they suggested the 911 terrorist attacks were the work of the u.s. government. and president obama was not here for the speech. he had already left by trying to get the iranian presidents to take the the podium. >> okay. obviously, they were left as well. any reaction after that for those remarks? >> reporter: a lot of people left. u.s. representatives to the un said that predictably the iranian president chose to show the slurs and also what he
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called file conspiracy files than promote the big will of the iranian people. a big response to what was said here. >> all right, thank you. lightning is blamed for a church steeple collapse in pittsburgh. and a woman inside is lucky to be alive. and the steeple crossed the roof and onto her deck. and just moments after she got up to attend the meeting. we'll talk about divine intervention there. other workers ran from the church and they were screaming because they thought that there was an explosion. lightning did all of that. >> we had a great picture last night of lighting. we had severe weather here yesterday. >> yes. >> we'll take you up to i-95 yesterday to philadelphia. and we'll also have a montgomery county. and a lot of lightning up there. so the summer went out with a big bang in philadelphia with heavy rain and frequent lightning. now, remember, lightning is five times hotter than the sun. you'll need to go indoors. if you see lightning and your count is five and this one is about five miles away.
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it runs on that side. >> okay, yes, they have covered it. next three days for us, we're talking about record highs tomorrow. they are pretty much in the bag. high temperature, 94. we'll talk about what exactly those numbers are. and then still warm on saturday. a slight chance of a shower or a thunderstorm. and it should be f after the game -- it should be after the game though. college park at noon. then cooler on sunday. although clouds come in late. they should stay dry. temperatures in the upper 70s, which is about where we should be, by the way. we'll break down tomorrow. sunshine, 74 to start. 84 by noon. and 94 by evening. and just an ever-so slight chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorms. don't think that we'll see one tomorrow. look at the temperatures, 99 downtown. 1 in frederick and 90 in leesburg. now, for tonight, we'll keep the slight chance of the early isolated thunderstorm in. otherwise, clear and mild. 64 to about 72. and winds are southwest at 10. let me show you live doppler
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9,000. you can access this on our website on and a great time to have the weather apps for the iphone. pretty quiet. we've got to look carefully. a little shower just north of frederick and some thunderstorms out 66. nothing severe, but i'll tell you that it will produce pretty good rain. the cross is 15 over towards here and moves out of the plains, just kind of parallel to i-66 as you go east. now, we're going to move further east and we also have more showers right around fairfax. that means they are pretty heavy, right around 123. straddling out here, pushing off to the east. and in fact, we'll put us into motion and they will go from out here and springfield and across 395 in the next hour. let's go back to the computer. we'll talk about tomorrow morning. mostly sunny and very warm. 70s and 80s during the morning. treat it like a summer's day, even though it's fall. mostly sunny and breezy and hot. near 95. winds are out of the southwest at 10 and 20. record highs tomorrow.
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94 at national and 92 at dulles. both set back in 1970. both of which, i think, are in jeopardy because we're looking at 94 downtown, 95 in college park. 93 in reston. next seven days, 94 tomorrow. 85 on saturday. and then cooler on sunday and monday. we're in the upper 70s. the low 80s on tuesday. primarily with the cloud covers and the northeast winds and the showers and thunderstorms, especially on monday and tuesday. and they warm back up a little bit as we get into next thursday with the highs back into the low 80s. now, thursday, that is a very nice picture of our space. very nicely done, yes? >> yes. >> what is that on that nest player? >> that's like one of the booms. >> yes. >> awe, like a little weather station here to speak of them and stuff. and so they did a great job in virginia. you'll want to participate. go to our website. no name, no town. come on. it has easy. click on the weather tab and
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follow the directions. >> you have some nice wildlife. >> yes. >> and that's good stuff. coming up next. >> i hear them begging to empty the truck. >> a robbery suspect, takes the very wrong place to hide. and he barely gets away with his life. ♪
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. the story began at a wal- mart in ohio. they report on the trashy ending. >> view the windshield as police race to the scene of ohio. they are headed to rescue a robbery suspect. who got himself into a tight spot. >> and he is in this trash talk. he said that it is the compound for them getting ready to start. >> reporter: the trouble began at the wal-mart where officers were called about a break-in. they think that he was running from the the scene, when he chose thing whereon place to --
5:27 pm
the wrong place to hide. >> reporter: right after the dumpster dieded, a trash come factor arrived for pickup, going right to -- compacter arriving for pickup, going right to work. >> he was impacted several times. he was just begging us to empty the truck. >> they dumped the trash and unking tangled him from the pile. and the crushing experience left him in critical condition. cbs news, new york. the suspect is accused of trying to steal about $1,000 worth of merchandise from that wal-mart store. coming up next, new at 5:30, we'll update the breaking news in prince william county where a huge fire has destroyed four homes. we'll be right back.
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we want to update our breaking news in prince george's county. four homes now have gone up in flames in manas sus. the fire broke out around 3:15 this afternoon and the the video that you see was taken shortly after 4:00 by sky 9. >> the homes are located in the 8300 block in manassas from the
5:31 pm
manassas fire department fighting the fire right now. and they have also sent crews to the scene to assist. we're taking a live look now from sky 9. we're told that the fire has gone to five alarms. in addition to three homes that were destroyed, we're hearing foured adjacent homes have suffered serious damage from the flames. right now, we have no reports of any injuries, nor do we know the cause. we do have a ground crew headed to the scene. we'll get you more information as soon as we have it, live pictures. there is a new highway study out, about motorcycles from john hopkins medical school. raising a lot of questions tonight. researchers were shocked to find out the death rates among the african americans on bikes like those, they are much higher than for the other groups. new at 5:30, scott broom, talking to the researchers and the bikers today with some insight as to what is maybe going on. >> reporter: the new study from the john hopkins school of medicine finds that motorcyclists are one and a half times more likely to die
5:32 pm
on accidents on the road, even though that they are 33% more likely to wear the helmets. >> and i saw that tearing me like that blow. >> reporter: to a little insider of this. some african american riders pointed me to videos on youtube, showing shocking stunts and wild speeds, featuring largely african american riders. hollywood has cashed in on this week's movies like this one, called biker boys. featuring african american motor club. >> this is a cultural thing. >> reporter: riders say that african americans are a big part of the market for the super bikes like these. bikes that could hit speeds well over $150 miles per hour right off the showroom floor. >> have you ever seen that movie rough ryder and stuff like that, everyone wants to be one. >> that does raise more questions than it really gives you answers. >> reporter: the john hopkins school of medicine, joined me by skype today from a conference in boston. he said that the study does not explain as to why african
5:33 pm
american riders have worse outcomes. but he has seen the videos and heard the anecdotes too. >> and that might be true that black riders are more commonly using much more powerful motorcycles, to wearing helmets more commonly than the bike riders. and despite wearing helmets, they are still more likely to die. >> they will wear the helmets and gear as a fashion statement. they want to get the fastest bike and they get out of here and as soon as they are riding the bikes, that is a call for them. >> to say that we found black riders are more at risk of dying, so we needed to do something about it. >> reporter: regardless of the race, one suggestion for them is graduating licensing, meaning riders, they need to take additional tests and to prove their proficiency as they move up to larger and larger motorcycles. in laurel, scott broom, 9news now. >> reporter: and the good news is that motorcycles, fatalities, they are dropping nationwide. deaths were down 16% last year.
5:34 pm
that's a reversal of the 11- year trend. in a little more than three hours, the 41-year-old is scheduled to be the first woman executed in the united states in five years. and today, lewis met with families, supporters, and her spiritualed advisors at the greenfield correctional center in virginia where she is scheduled to die by the lethal injections by nine tonight. the u.s. supreme court and the governor, bob mcdonald, they have refused to stop tonight's execution. lewis pleaded guilty back in 2003, to paying money and providing sex in exchange for the murders of her husband and stepson. montgomery county police officers are out in force at one gaithersburg restaurant tonight. but it is not because of a crime.
5:35 pm
ask they run through next august. are you looking to spruce up your home? that takes place this weekend at the dulles expo center. ideas on renovating and remodeling, chef demos and a fashion show as well as advice on healthy eating for the whole family. the home show runs through sunday. coming up next, he's one of the most popular pop singers today. and so why did sesame street show this segment feature kate perry and elmo? we'll be right back.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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after he returned to jay letterman to announce an elaborate performance. >> now, did i know anything about this? >> no. >> was there a script that you and i were working on? >> no. >> thank you very much. >> i was not part of it, was i? >> you have interviewed be many people. and i view that you would kind of know the difference between
5:39 pm
a character and a real person. but i apologize that i didn't, i have not been trying to offend you in any way. >> no, i was not offended. i'm telling you that it was so much fun that it was good. >> well, it was batting practice, you know what i mean? every one of them was a dinner. >> yeah. >> back in february of 2005, they left them speechless. shaggy, telling the disgruntled letterman that he was giving up his acting. but it turns out instead, the actor was playing a role for his friend, casey afflick's documentary called i'm still here. >> okay. he convinced me. time to get another check of the evening rush hour. in the 9news now weather center with patranya bhoolsuwan. >> reporter: a thursday evening commute could be off to a very slow start. north of town here from the university all the way to new hampshire, the scene of the earlier accident. and right now, drivers clocking
5:40 pm
in about 35 minutes. that's the 25-minute delay. on 66, virginia drivers, they are headed west, a little bit dark here. but that's slow. and again, approaching centreville. no accidents here though. for and let's check in on the rail quick on the real-time map. 95, headed towards baltimore right now, smooth sailing in both directions, no accidents to report. back to you. >> thank you, patranya. do you know what you're down loading to your smart -- downloading to your smart phone? every time you install a new app on your cell phone. brett? anita, it is thursday, that means time for the latest installment of you've got this, the bad, the ugly, and the good. tonight, the cheerleader that did not eat a pre-game meal. she became a pre-game meal. plus, why this major league dugout came from a scene from csi, the forensic details from gbu in 10 minutes, lesli. but up next, the nation's most popular baby formula is being recalled. because it could contain some bug parts. we'll be right back.
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it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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we want to tell you about a popular baby formula that might contain a small beetle or some beetle parts. if ingested, it could cause some stomach problems for your little one. the product is sold in plastic containers of various sizes. and the popularity of all new smart phones, the iphone 4, the incredible, the droidx is driving sales of acts. everyone wants to load their phones up with the latest and the greatest. but jessica doyle reports there could be a downsize to the download. in access to your phone, to your contacts, maybe to your
5:45 pm
location, some various personal information. >> reporter: he heads up a consumer privacy group and says that consumers need to be aware of the risk when downloading an app. >> it is certainly buyer beware. just the other day, i took a look and i discovered that they were requesting my innovation. what was it doing with that? >> reporter: that app might be doing more than tracking your movements. earlier this year, they created dozens of fake banking applications to trick people into giving up user names and passwords. and a recent shuttle from security firm found that one in five android applications have the way of putting you in danger of viruses and identity theft. so use your common sense before you download an app. >> you really need to take a look at the reviews. if you're the first person to download one of them, maybe you don't want to be the guinea pig. >> reporter: also use the security features already on your phone. on my iphone, under settings,
5:46 pm
general, location services, you'll find all the applications that want to know where you are and allow you to say no thanks. >> we don't think twice about what we need to do to protect our phones even though it has become this incredibly powerful computer and it has become the center that has other things. >> reporter: jessica doyle, 9news now. >> another option, download an app that keeps an eye on your other apps. basically a fire wall for your cell phone. and there aren't a lot of them out there, but there are two for android phones called the net phone mobile and droid wall. blockbuster is filing for bankruptcy protection. the troubled video chain says they will keep their remains stores open while they try to reorganize. blockbuster has been struggling for years as more people rent movies from netflix and soon videos over the internet. starbucks lovers will soon have to pay more for their
5:47 pm
frappuccinos. raising prices due to the soring cost of coffee beans. basic coffee and espresso drinks will stay the same. >> that's not labor intensive. >> do you hear that? >> is that where she was? >> i wish she would get some coffee. >> means it comes from your pocket. >> that would be nice. >> she is the top dollar. >> we have a little platter of food here. >> i was going to say, middle eastern delicacy. >> yes n is the mideastern bizarre. tomorrow, running through weekend, actually, at the st. peters orthodox church on river road, just past the village. >> yes. >> if 11:00 -- from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on sunday. >> delicious. >> let's just check the forecast and give us the food. >> here is your forecast first. you're welcomed to it. here is the forecast first. the next three days, record heats tomorrow. by the way, 93 at dulles today, tieing their record high.
5:48 pm
they tied the mark. 94 tomorrow, 85 on saturday. and a slight chance of a shower. some clouds come in on sunday, but we're cooler, back into the upper 70s. i think the showers on saturday, they will be too far in between and they should not affect the games either way. let's break down tomorrow. mid-70s to start. get your sunglasses out. mid-80s by lunchtime. listen to this, mid-90s by evening. temperatures right now, they are 90 downtown. 91 in manassas and 91 up in frederick and also hagerstown. and now for tonight, we're going to keep the chance of the isolated thunderstorms in. 99% of you won't see it. clear and mild otherwise. 64 and 72, winds are southwest at 10. let me show you live doppler 9,000 on our website on or download the weather app on the iphone. and this is actually falling apart now. a little light activity around 21, 2:34, headed towards centreville. kind of parallelling. 66, going eastbound on 66 if you will. this is falling apart too. this is going to cross 395.
5:49 pm
we'll put this into motion. probably across alexandria in the next hour or so. and right down 236 from u one in the next hour. which means also, across the airport. let's go back to the computer. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, very warm. 70s and 80s. by the afternoon, it will be hot again. breezy high, winds are southwest at 10 to 20 and rather gusty. next seven days. 4 tomorrow -- 94 tomorrow, 85 on sunday. dry, if we were to get a shower on saturday, it was not affecting the turns game. a little cooler on monday. and we're looking at the storms also on tuesday and wednesday. and temperatures are harboring in the low 80s and the upper 70s. >> that's a big cool down. >> right. >> you didn't know that topper catered gbu today? >> no. i would have loved the potato salad, but i didn't get the memo. i thought about this rewracking the fourth quarter of the red skins game as -- redskins game
5:50 pm
as the entire ugly, but that's too easy. >> i did not say that. the world of sports, the good, the bad, the ugly, for september 23. we start with the good. best revenge. the white sox paul kinerko gets hit in the face right there by minnesota's pitcher, drawing blood. he's a total mess. what's this doing in the good play? he stayed in the game and the next time he came up, gone. home run off the very same guy who hit him in the face. don't mess with paul kinerko, it just makes him bad. best pre-game drill, providing military units, complete with the bomb-sniffing dogs there. instead of hitting to each other before the game, they hit that to the dogs for it. watch this slide. oh wow. the baseball fields off the giants park. and the best forensic, that's vernon wells falling as he jogs out of the dugout there. look at his teammates. they commemorate the fall. by making the old police outline of where the bodies
5:51 pm
fell, complete with his number ten right in the middle of the corpse there. watching a lot of csi. >> did they win the game at least? >> i'm not sure. but they certainly won the comedy routine. look, it's a fury. it's a rubbery thing. but being a cheerleader in the nfl is the crap shoot. sometimes you get to marry chris cooley and sometimes you're a snack for whatever that thing is. here's the bad, the worse architecture, the guy in tampa building this wall this low as if that would never happen. the angel, fielding a double the hard way. he is six feet two. he's lucky he didn't leave that experience with his legs cut off at the knee. the yankees, derek jeter is usually a man of integrity, getting hit by the pitch here, making big faults about how badly that is. be but look at the replay, that ball never hilt him -- hit him. flat out acting job. they will need to take their face off of all of them. >> yes, that's a shame.
5:52 pm
now, this is some scary incidents and what is much worse than jeter. he gets done by the flying shards of that broken bat that punctured his chest. he was able to continue it, but he was then rushed to the hospital with air rushing into his chest cavity. he is fine now, but his season is over. i swear, one of these days a guy will get hit in the neck with one of those bats and they will be serious about redesigning thebats. let's go to the ugly. worse home workout. this woman set up the area hoping to save some money on the gym membership. in retro speck, she should have paid for it. oh, you saw that coming, didn't you? as we learn from isaac newton, gravity, she'll get you every time. finally, worse kickoff return, between your town and madison right here in arlington, virginia. back to receive, not so much. just getting acquainted with
5:53 pm
that goal book. a heck of a tackle now receiving a scholarship offer. he could have possibly let that go. and i admire his persistence in wanting to field the ball and he fielded the ball all right. >> he fielded it. >> the it goal post fielded him. up next, should there will federal rules on how young athletes are treated after the concussion? one boy's threatening story brought to capitol hill. i'm peggy fox you have heard them talking about the mama grizzly moment. can you relate? do you think it's a step in the right direction or do you think that it represents the surge of frustrate, yet misguided moms? yay or nay for palin's mama grizzly. vote now on - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. the dow ended the day down 76 points to close at 10,662. nasdaq dropped seven points and s&p 500 fell nine points. older women and mammograms, a new study out today in the new england journal of medicine, tackling how much of the health benefits that they get from regular screening. and this research says that the benefits are there, but
5:57 pm
probably, more modest than we first thought. for and the study out of norway, they find women in their 50s and 60s who get a mammogram every two years, reducing their risk from dying from breast cancer about 10%. they prevented the services task force, estimating that they cut the death rate by up to 23% in this age group. and also today, congressional hearings got underway on something called the protecting student athletes from concussions act. 400,000 concussions are reported every year. and the danger of the sprained injury have been underestimated. especially if players try to shake it off getting back into the action too soon. >> reporter: when seattle middle schooler took this hard hit in the final quarter of the football game, he blamed -- he was bleeding from a concussion. >> i was praying to god to keep him alive. >> reporter: he went into a coma and barely able to walk. that was four years ago, in intensive rehab ever since. >> i don't know when they would
5:58 pm
get back. they passed a law that would keep the players with the suspected concussion out of play, until a doctor gives the okay to get back into the game. >> and our message is to help manage the concussions, our delivery is to help the entire nation now. >> reporter: now, they are considering to make it a federal standard. >> we're looking to change the culture. >> reporter: while he was not in washington, d.c. today, his message was. >> and i will have it like a headache or anything like that. i don't know. while you are telling us the sport. and i would tell someone about it. and don't go back in to the game. pause they would fill them out. >> advice for all of us. if this act passes, here's what happens next. giving federal state money, federal money that is, to the states, to get these student concussion policies in place at the schools. and to buy equipment that better protects young players from head injuries. thank you for joining us for 9news now at five.
5:59 pm
9news now at six starts right now. and we begin tonight with more on the breaking news of the intensifier in manassas -- intense homes in manassas. foured a jay sent homes were serious -- adjacent homes were seriously injured. medic units were on the scene. and our surae chinn has made it there too. what do you know, surae? >> reporter: you know you have been seeing from sky 9, these incredible pictures of three homes destroyed by fire. we know that there were four other homes affected because of fire spread so quickly to the other homes. and they are moderately damaged right now. and the firefighters, as you can see, they are still here at this moment. and we have assistant chief from the manassas city, limiting here to tell us a little bit more about what happened. >> all right. >> we received a call shortly after 3:00 p.m.


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