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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 23, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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forecast. the execution of teresa lewis has been carried out. >> also, the first woman to be executed in virginia in 100 years. we're live from the scene. this is 9news now. >> and we will have that live report on the execution of teresa lewis from virginia in just a few minutes. but first a fast moving fire has forced more than a dozen people out of their homes late tonight. >> flames burned three closely built home to the ground within a matter of minutes, but amazingly nobody was hurt. our own brittany morehouse has been live all afternoon long where she's watched as many try to come to grips with what went down. brittany. >> reporter: coming to grips after seeing flames 20 feet wide and 50 feet high shooting out of the houses behind me. so powerful was the fire that it carried embers this size 300 yards away. now threatening houses in this area as we just heard from a young lady that at 8:45 tonight the bushes in front of her house caught fire and this is after they watered their lawn for four
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hours. it burned one house to ground level, ripped through two more next door and if not for firefighters arriving within two minutes was on its way to destroying eight more houses now damaged. >> it was like a domino effect and we were next on the line, but they saved us. >> reporter: her house was in direct line of firefighters powerful water blast. >> and my mom was actually in the house and she says she heard a loud noise. and so she gathered herself and my nieces and went outside and she said she couldn't see anything but black. >> reporter: behind the black, this house. >> my wife called me. she is outside and she walked into wal-mart. >> reporter: his wife arrived home from wal-mart just in time to see the flames and people evacuating. >> i was asleep and they woke me up and i came outside. >> reporter: no one was hurt. thankfully no one was inside the three houses destroyed. but a few people suffered smoke inhalation injuries in the area.
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just one much many concerns for a family who moved here only five months ago. >> last week my house -- saturday. >> reporter: the fire chief says the house didn't stand a chance given its proximity to the first house that caught on fire. >> the rate of flames spread in homes when they're this close is a concern to us. and we attempt to provide coverage as best we can. unfortunately, when you look at the light weight construction, it does present a unique challenge for us. >> reporter: whether that has anything to do with the cause of this fire, that's still under investigation. we spoke to the family that lives there. a couple and their daughter. they had several pets. so while no one was hurt, we did hear that many pets actually died in this fire. a few cats, a few dogs. we don't know the total number, but they are just devastated about that tonight. reporting live in manassas, brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> thank you, brittany. dc's congressional delegate is fighting a political brush
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fire this week. >> it ignited after somebody leaked a voicemail and she could be heard asking for financial contributions from an unknown lobbyist. >> this is eleanor norton. >>. [ inaudible ] >> can you stop and help us? ms. norton, can you stop and help us, please. >> reporter: reporters have been chasing eleanor holmes norton since a conservative website posted one of her fundraising calls online. >> i was frankly surprised to see that we don't have a record so far as i can tell of your having given to me. >> reporter: would you stop on the way out, ma'am? >> sorry. >> recalling to ask for a contribution. >> reporter: we haven't seen you on camera since this happened. can you stop for just a moment. >>. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the statement says she fully complied with legal and ethical requirements. >> we don't like chasing you
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down the street. >> reporter: can you --. >> that was before and after we checked with council and they have confirmed that --. [ inaudible ] >> don't make us chase you, congress woman. >> reporter: to be completely fair, we didn't want to leave it with the image of her racing away and phoned her for a third opportunity to talk in substance about that fundraising call. when we reached her she had second thoughts and her staff was trying to catch us. >> that's the only way to do it. i wasn't calling people who had given. that is being done all over congress. >> reporter: the calls come during a furious fight for control of congress. republican thursday announcing their strategy. >> with this pledge, republicans will save the american dream. >> you raise it yourself and you raise to keep the majority in
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our case keep the majority for the district because we get hammered so quickly. >> reporter: who are you talking to? >> i don't know. they didn't give me the courtesy. but it wasn't somebody i knew. >> reporter: how many calls do you make in a situation like that? >> i don't know. i wish i knew. too many. i have no idea how many calls. >> reporter: and because there were so many, she really doesn't know who tried to embarrass her by making that tape public. ethic's rules are complicated, which is why they offer specific scripts along with long lists they want people to call. norton insists what she did is legal and as far as we know no one is formally charging that it's not legal. anita. gary, a plot to kill her husband and stepson in exchange for cash and sex has ended with a virginia woman being put to death. just hours ago the state executed teresa lewis. the 41-year-old pleaded guilty to hiring two men to kill the victims back in 2002. kim sanders joins us live from
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the greensville correctional center. tell us more about lewis's final moments. >> reporter: well, good evening, anita. lewis was pronounced dead tonight at 9:13 p.m. here at the greensville correctional center in greensville county, virginia. witnesses say that she was nervous looking almost fearful as she was taken here into virginia's death chamber. now, witnesses also tell us that as lewis was brought in to get her lethal injection that she asked the warden there that was present is kathy here. she was referring to kathy cliffton, the daughter and sister of her two victims that she took the lives of eight years ago. she then said when the warden told her kathy was here, let mer -- let her know i love her and i'm sorry. she was here. she was in a room separate from other people who were witnessing the execution. we're told that she was -- well, actually we have not heard from kathy cliffton tonight so we can't speak of how she was able
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to receive this execution. teresa lewis is the first woman put to death here in virginia in 98 years. anita. all right. thank you so much for that report. we appreciate the update. new at 11:00, a 14-year-old boy is in the hospital right now after a metro utility van hit him. 9news now was there moments after the accident near 16th and east-west highway in silver spring. now, witnesses say the teen was in the crosswalk and had the right-of-way when the van hit him. >> the met low car hit him on the side while he was talking and then he fell down. and then his brother was across the street screaming. >> emergency crews took the victim to holy cross. he's expected to make it. no word if any charges will be filed. tonight relatives are grieving over the loss of a young mother and two of her children killed when their house caught fire. >> i just lost my son. and now my grand babies are
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gone. >> that woman is grace hamilton and her daughter died in yesterday's fire in lorton and so did two of her grandsons. one was 5-year-old and the other three. the mother saved her two-month-old daughter by dropping her from a window into the arms of her friend. she also saved a 6-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter by making them jump out the window. here is sounds from one of the firefighter. >> smoke was coming from the first floor, second floor, two windows on each floor. i also have fire showing from the other side. >> now, the grandmother says the power had recently been cut off. she beliefs a lit candle may have caused that fire. tonight police have released the chilling 911 calls made just moments after an suv ran down a cyclist dragging her bike down the road and leaving her for dead. >> i think that person was under that car. i don't know. i have to go back.
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because he was going -- owe. >> she hit pettigrew sunday. they say that driver kept right ongoing. she says she thought she hit an animal and she left natasha by the side of the road. >> keep breathing, baby. there is no vehicle. there is no nothing. it's just her on the side of the road. >> natasha pet gree died monday night. tonight a teenager faces serious charges for shooting and killing a student. he was riding his bicycle last month when 17-year-old eric foreman shot him. it happened near sherman circle in the petworth neighborhood. emergency crews took him to the hospital. he later died. dc police arrested foreman yesterday. he is now being charged as an adult with murder. high speeds, high risk. a new highway safety study show
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the death rate among african-american cyclists is much higher than other groups. according to the study from johns hopkins, black motorcyclists are one and a half times more likely to diene though they're 30% more likely to wear helmets. >> it may be anecdotal or true that black riders are more commonly using much more powerful motorcycles and they are wearing helmets more commonly. despite wearing helmets, they're still more likely to die. >> the good news is, overall motorcycle fatalities are dropping across the country. deaths were down 16% last year after going up the previous 11 years in a row. well, that man who we dubbed the preppy burglar is behind bars tonight. somebody saw the video. this is a video of him out front in his white shirt and tie. they called the cop with a tip and they led to his arrest.
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he faces several charges, including burglary. will we stay or will we go? well, today rhee and the mayor had a bit of a sit down. the chancellor did not offer to resign and the chairman gray did not ask her to step down either. now, unless rhee decides to leave, it appears she'll be in place for at least through the end of this year. still working for mayor fenty. and possibly well into next year after gray takes office, assuming, of course, that he wins the november general election. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. 93 today at dulles. that tied the record high. we'll take you out with your wake up weather. and really pretty mild again. a summer start anyway. 66-76. lots of sunshine. winds out of the southwest at ten. we'll come back. we'll talk about maybe rewriting some history tomorrow. a look ahead at the weekend as still ahead tonight, an infection that kills more than a hundred thousand people a year, even though it's easily controlled. >> we have a cure and it's cheap. >> so why are so many hospitals having problems? that is coming up.
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building wind farms and expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back.
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now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today. only on 9 news now, you probably wouldn't buy a car without checking out the brand's reliability or get a house without checking out the plumbing. >> yet millions of us check into hospitals every year with no idea how clean or dirty they are or how likely to spread infection. bruce leshan joins us with more information on the infection
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within. >> reporter: yes, you know, there are dozens of states around the country that now require hospitals to report exactly how many people contract infections after they check in. but that is tough information to find around here, although some of it is available in virginia. >> my dad died from bacteria that was spread to him in hospitals that ate him alive. >> reporter: michael bennett's dad was a world war ii vet, a movie star, a grandpa and a victim of a plague doctors have been reluctant to confront. mark bennett checked into the hospital with a respiratory virus and within days was infected with a vier lant bacteria. >> he wounded up with flush eating bacteria. >> reporter: four months, four hospitals and at least six strains of bacteria later. >> as i stood with my dad and told him that i loved him forever, he died. >> reporter: the number of people infect
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ed in american hospitals is almost unbelievable. the center's for disease control estimates that 1.7 million people every year are sickened and nearly 100,000 are killed. and the solutions, well, they are remarkably simple. >> we made this checklist. >> reporter: a physician at johns hopkins has put together a to do list for doctors and nurses. >> we got this cart that makes sure we stock all the equipment that we need. >> reporter: and it has helped drive a common type of infection down to 0. >> about 40,000 people die of breast cancer a year. and for this infection, of almost equal magnitude, we have a cure. and it's cheap. >> reporter: advocates say part of the cure is publicizing infection rates hospital by hospital. in nova fair kax has the highest rates, although it is much lower than the national average.
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>> are you satisfied with where your rate is at nova fairfax? >> no. >> you're not satisfied? >> the goal is to achieve 0. >> reporter: and 0 would ease the pain for millions of families. >> i love you so much. and that's the thing that i think hit me the most. >> reporter: all right. so you can get some of this information in virginia. if you're wondering about dc and maryland, in the district you can get some information on infection rates, but they blackout the hospitals names. in maryland, they hope to have the information online next month. hope to. >> okay. and even in virginia, bruce, we're talking about data on one kind of infection? >> reporter: right. we're just talking about central line infections. those are the kind that come from a catheter that is put in your neck or groin. and some of the advocates say we really ought to be providing all this information to people online. >> especially with all of the drug-resistant strains out there. >> you got it. >> if you want to check the infection rate at any virginia hospital, we do have a link to
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that at and tomorrow morning at 6:12, the doctor shows bruce just how easy it is to control infections from catheters. plus he gives you some ideas on what to look out for if you or your loved one ends up in the hospital. well, it seems those annoying stink bugs are more than just, well, annoying. the bugs are damaging dozens of local crops leaving fruits and vegetables looking ugly. like this. >> oh. >> the community farm in germantown is infected. that's where we got this stuff. the stink bugs caused discoloration. they can change the texture and basically make the crops in edible. a congressman is asking his colleagues for 3 million bucks to try to find a way to combat the problem. if you want to find out where these stink bugs came from, just go to and collect wheaton on the where you live tab. or you can find your community it in the where you live section and find out what is happening in your neighborhood. >> and just think, you threw a
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stink bug across the desk. >> i freed him. >> born free. >> are you seeing this. >> these vegetables were all good until you let the bug go. >> exactly. >>. [ laughing ] >> all my fault. >> i just hope they don't try to combat it by importing another predator. it never works out that way. we are looking at another hot day tomorrow. probably record highs tomorrow. and then we're going to see, well, a bit of a change. i have tweaked the forecast. 94 tomorrow. record heat possible. 85 on saturday. still above average. but we're going in the right direction. now, maybe an isolated shower or thunderstorm. probably after the terps game, though. it shouldn't be a problem. and then cooler. lower sunday back into the low 70s. so, again, just a slight chance of a shower on sunday. so we're looking at a chance anyway of temperatures a little bit below average as we get into the latter part of the weekend. we'll break down tomorrow. sunglasses needed. you sure don't need a sweater. 74 to start. upper 60s in the burbs. but 84 and 85 by lunch time.
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and 94 by evening. and i just don't see a shower or even a lonely thunderstorm. we had like two of them today. i don't see any tomorrow. overnight then clear and mild. 64-72. winds southwest at ten. that would be a pretty nice night for, i don't know, late july. not so good for late september. now, tomorrow morning mostly sunny. very warm. 70s and 80s. winds out of the southwest at ten. so you're coming in on 66 eastbound tomorrow, the sun will be right in your eyes. winds out of the southwest. it will pick up by afternoon. mostly sunny, breezy and hot. highs near 95 and winds increase out of the southwest at 10-20 and gusty. what are the record highs tomorrow, the four at national. nine -- 94 at national. 92 at dulles. both of which were said back in 1970 and both of which are in jeopardy of being beaten tomorrow. we'll have 66 days of 90-degree weather. if we have two more days after tomorrow of 90-degree weather, we'll set a record for the most number of 90-degree days in a year. and i'll throw a party.
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high temperatures 94 tomorrow in rockville. 93 in reston. 93 in leesburg. and 95 in college park. all right. next seven days, 94 tomorrow. 85 on saturday. cooler. again, we lowered sunday back in the low 70s. that may actually be optimistic. maybe a shower. better chance for some showers and thunderstorms on monday and tuesday and wednesday. temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. and then maybe a few clouds late thursday. highs back into the low 80s. >> we'll look forward to that party, top. >> okay. >> why not? i thought san castor was doing a good job? >> he was. i think he was getting sick and job of trying to build a team with very stew resources. even a baseball -- few resources. even a baseball hero can't help them. plus get ready to rock the red with the wizards. a color change coming. while ov and the caps are headed to hbo. 9 sports as i refrain from throwing a tomato at topper after this.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> so we would like you to build a company to compete with 29 other similar companies. but you can't spend as much money as them and after a few years your best employees are likely to leave for somewhere else. that was the job stan kasten accepted and after five years he had enough. he announced his resignation. produced five straight losing seasons but one that also rebuilt the team's infrastructure despite often impossible handy caps. the team and the skipper reacted tonight. >> basically said it was a decision that he's made. personal decision that he's come to the conclusion that he is going to walk away from this. he was committed to five years and that is what he did. my reaction to it is just i hate
11:25 pm
to see it. >> the man is a baseball genius. nats and astros today. ryan zimmerman out with strained ribs. hit a homerun last night. another one today. 13th of the year. tied at one. then in the sixth, same guy. morris up again. drills that down the line and left. danny espinoza scores. he scores all the way from there and the nats win their third straight 7-2. improvements for the redskins on the injury front. albert haynesworth practiced today and should be good to go on sunday. left tackle trent williams did not practice today but his knee is improving and he hopes to return tomorrow. meanwhile careen moore who missed the first two games following knee surgery says he is now 100% healthy and set to return and not a moment to soon. hey, kareem, how long have you been dreaming about this come back? >> oh, man. all day and night. it's been killing me. i just want to go out there and play and get back out there with
11:26 pm
the guys. >> he has a feel for coverages and when to break. you either have it back there when you're deep or you don't. he's a play maker. >> if you own a wizards jersey in any of the team colors blue, white, black or gold, prepare to throw it out. the team revealed today that starting next year they will rock the red just like the caps. red, white and blue, to be precise. no design mockups have been released. meanwhile if you've been waiting for gilbert arenas to finally address the facts surrounding his gun arrest, don't hold your breath. they proposed a gag order on gilbert and advised them not to talk about it at all which stern can do because he's batman. as for ted's other team, the nhl announced today that hbo will produce one of the famed 24 series to follow the caps and penguins following the winter classic this coming new year's day. i would argue that the caps and
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penguins are a heavyweight fight. finally tonight, the st. louis cardinals invited some military units to their game deplete with their bomb sniffing dogs there. so they hit some stuff to the dog. look at this slide. look at them go after the ball. dogs love this. [ laughing ] >> baseball stadium is just like a big park to a dog. watch it again. >> just loving life. >> whee. >> oh, yes. >> i got it. >> always got to watch the dogs when they get close to the fire hydrants. >> i don't believe there are any fire hydrants in the middle of the stadium. >> i believe not. >> they're well trained on the bomb squad. they don't mess around. >> they don't mess around. >> literally. >> literally. [ laughing ]. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
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