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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 26, 2010 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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vinyl siding. it then spread quickly to the other homes in the tightly packed neighborhood. we could have the same scenarios take place out here. >> reporter: loudan county commissioner says these rapid fires and multiple losses are becoming more common with lax building codes. >> when you combine materials that more rapidly degrade due to the heat, combined with the proximity of homes to each other it is a disastrous mix. experts say a sprinkler system and fire rated or fire retardabsent walls would add $5,000 to $10,000 to a single family home. cement side is gone three cost the final. three upgrades are not required as cost to the home but could provide precious firefighting minutes. fire fights want homeowners to ask how close their homes are. if they need a fire sprinkler and want a fire rated or fire
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retardant wall. and whether they want cement siding or vinyl siding. you should know what your home is made of. >> something that this family wants to know as they set to rebuild. this is 9 news now. >> officials say the homeowner who discarded the cigarette butts will probably not face criminal charges in this case. the second fire today destroyed a strip mall in false church, virginia. the fire started just after several businesses had opened this morning at the shopping center. it is located at the intersection of hillwood avenue. and some passersby saw the smoke and fire and called 911. firefighters arrived on the scene within minutes but it was too late to save the small businesses. it appeared that the fire had progressed extensively up into the superstructure of the steel. the roofs show signs of collapse. we were able to evacuate the crews before the roof did collapse. >> reporter: we are told about a dozen businesses are affected
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in all, including an insurance agency, hair salon, deli and a clothing store. fire investigators say there was heavy smoke and water damage and the shopping center will likely be condemned. the cause of that fire is under investigation tonight. well, if you haven't lived it, you are probably cannot imagine what we are about to show you next. a man is murdered as he walks along southern avenue. multiple suspects flee into a nearby apartment building. police but the entire building on lockdown for many hours while they search for the suspect. he was inside all of that time and brings us the story of what the residents went through. >> washington, d.c. police say a man was shot down as he walked in the 800 block of southern avenue southeast at 4:00 this afternoon. and then the gunman, along with several suspects were seen fleeing into a nearby apartment building. >> we don't know that there was possibly two guns used in this particular matter. we haven't located those weapons as of yet. >> reporter: washington, d.c. place say this man may be one
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of those suspects. >> entering into the building the individual attempted to jump over the railing, at which point the officers took him downstairs. >> reporter: kind of suspicious behavior? >> from the 11th floor, yes. >> reporter: 25 officers swarmed the towers in southeast this afternoon and locked down near 300 apartments for four hours while they searched. >> and the officers went floor by floor until they went to the entire building. >> no matter what floor they are not to go in and out of their apartments because it is a crime scene. >> and as you can see, just what we told you, folks not allowed in the elevator or out of the elevator, the officers are controlling the situation. >> i thought that i could come around the back way, get on the elevator and go to my apartment. i get off and two officers say it is not safe, you can't come in. >> reporter: while she was waiting for the lockdown to end this frightened young woman told us she knew the victim. >> he was my friend. i can't even believe it
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happened to her. it is just crazy. >> police don't be around here so ain't nothing going to get better until the police start coming around here ain't nothing going to get better, period. >> reporter: but by 8:00 the crime scene was clear. other than the person who was shot, no one else was hurt. in southeast washington, d.c., this is 9 news network. >> tonight the police are withholding the name of the murdered man pending nicks of of his family. we've got breaking news at this hour. a 16-year-old male is dead after being struck by a car. it happened around 8:15 tonight on pleasant valley road at smith haven place. the teen was taken to the hospital where he died a short time ago. police say the driver of the vehicle did remain at the scene. the victim's name has not yet been released. an injured man sitting inside a car has died and police tonight are looking for suspects. prince george's county police were called to an apartment complex near walsh lane and hillmark for a report of
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gunshots. officers found 35-year-old robert lewis jackson suffering from what they describe as trauma to his upper body. he lived on walshs lane. taken to the hospital where he later died. and tonight police are investigating his death as a homicide. >> a co-ed from virginia was fatally shot at a party and three others were wounded. they were attending a party when a man who was denied access to the party returned with a handgun and started shooting. moo was one of time people shot. she died later at a new jersey hospital. the others do not have life threatening injuries. moore was from the richmond, virginia area. she was a sophomore there. tonight the gunman is still free. floodwaters are slowly receding in some parts of minnesota and wisconsin tonight but rivers and streams elsewhere have yet to crest. in the past 24 hours residents have been hit with ten inches of rain causing some of the worst flooding in 17 years. some small towns still underwater and more rain is
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predicted for this weekend. it is a mess. everything down there is shot. >> still monitoring. there is a lot of water coming down. everything is wide open. >> my furnace, everything, there isn't anything i can save. came back friday morning and i walked around the corner and like the whole thing was caved in. the lawnmower was in the basement. things are floating around. there is so much stuff in there that is wrecked and gone. >> homes along the rising wisconsin river are bracing for the worst. the river is expected to crest two feet higher than the 1993 levels. >> in minnesota, a section of a bridge has collapsed during the flooding. rising waters have already blocked all roads to the area. nearly 200 residents have been ordered away from their homes. >> elsewhere a bomb threat hoax forced a plane to pakistan to divert to sweden.
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they got a note saying a man was carrying explosives on a flight from toronto to pakistan. 273 passengers were taken off the aircraft while a swat team detained a canadian man they thought was carrying a bomb. that man was later released. there was no bomb. russian space capsule with an american astronaut onboard has landed safely in kansas inning stab khazikstan. the space capsule landed this morning after 167 days in space. most of that time it has been at the international space station. turning to the mid east tonight, direct peace talks between israelis and palestinians have stalled. palestinian president abbas has ruled out the talks if they will stop building in the state. they are resuming the contested building after stopping for some ten months.
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meanwhile scores of them clash with israeli security sources during an anti settlement protest in the west bank today. soldiers used teargas to break up the demonstration. an auction of fine art once owned by leiman brothers brought in $12 million today. many of the works sold for far more than what the collapsed investment bank actually paid. it will go towards paying their creditors. >> they are much better at picking arts than they were picking commercial real estate. >> even if we get $3 million that's an absolute drop in the ocean compared to the vast size of their debt. >> on wednesday art from their european collection will be auctioned off at christie's in london. still ahead on 9 news now tonight lindsay lohan is back in trouble but out of jaimie, but for how long? also being called a hero tonight. find out how one man may have saved nine of his neighbors. >> 93 degrees at reagan
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national ties an all-time record for 90 degrees plus days in a year. cloudy skies and cool temperatures which mean my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2.
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[ music ] being called a real-life superman. neighbors say james perfect kins raised to the residue of nine people in upstate new york when he saw flames and smoke pouring out of a multi-unit building near his home. the restaurant cook sprang to action and rescued his neighbors till sleeping in the burning people. >> i know how many people are in there like kids and everything. >> i feel like i owe hood my life. he saved my kid. what can you do for that, you know? >> good man. he rescued 11 month old haily after waking her parents and grabbing the child and taking her to safety. rescued another neighbor while
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climbing up a fire escape to wake him. >> the first of three rescue capsules especially built to lift out miners trapped in august. the man-sized capsule will pull the miners out through rescue hose but not until november. the first capsule was shown to relatives of the trapped miners today. across the country people turned in their old and outdated prescriptions. it took place at 4800 locations nationwide including this one at the police station. they say abuse of prescription drugs has caused severe harm and death in those who use drugs prescribed for somebody else. lindsay lohan is out of jail tonight. the actress was released from an la jail late friday after posting $300,000 bail. a sheriff's department's spokesman said the 24-year-old was picked up by a personal
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security detail. lohan was jailed after she failed court mandated drug tests two weeks after an early release from rehab. her father spoke to reporters saying his daughter hasn't gotten the help that she needs. >> she hasn't gotten help for her addiction yet. she doesn't make the right decisions. >> that's right. >> she doesn't know better. >> lohan is due back in court on october 22nd. until then, she will have to wear an ankle alcohol monitor and stay away from bars. now checking news where you live, it's not too late to catch sunfest in ocean city this weekend. it is happening at the inland parking lot. arts, crafts and plenty of food. the event last year attracted some 184,000 people. for more information on this and other stories where you live go to us find our community in where you live section to keep up what is happening in your neighborhood. got a story or news tip we want to hear from you. contact us and be a part of the
1:49 am team. >> prince william received an $11 million grant to start a pay for performance program in its 34 schools. read that full story in sunday's washington examiner. >> still to come on 9 news now, saturday night a cool down tomorrow. >> not talking about 90s. but we are talking about clouds building. cooler temperatures leading to huge changes. lots of rain. have this in the complete forecast. and here is something you don't often see, a boat with a sweet tooth. stay with us. you are watching 9 news now.
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. 9 news now is brought to you by toyota. talk about a sweet ride a freshman has built a boat out of chocolate. the vessel comes with a saline an engine. not a gasoline engine. he took on a couple of passengers today in front of hundreds of onlookers. no word if anybody took a bite out of that boat. >> chocolate boat. too much time on his hands
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don't you think? >> 92 degrees was two degrees from the record high today. but hitting 90 degrees was the 67th day this year that we topped 90 degrees. and that ties an all-time record for 60 plus degree days for a year. an awfully hot year. the hottest fall temperature just a few days ago. it continues. we do have some relief on the way. unfortunately or fortunately there is some good to the bad, it is all going to come to an end with a big change and a lot of rain headed our way. a lot of rain, we have been so awfully dry. i am sure you are all aware of that. i am sure the grass on your lawn is certainly well aware of that. but we will get a little rain on top of that. a little, a lot of it monday through tuesday. tomorrow the first changes start to be noticed with cloud cover here and much cooler high temperatures than what we have had the last few. already the clouds starting to build in here overnight. hold the temperatures at bay even with a weak front that's come through. show you that in a little bit.
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upper 50s to 60s depending on where you are. mostly cloudy tomorrow. might be a sprinkle just southeast of washington early tomorrow morning by the afternoon a little bit of sunshine trying to get through those clouds should take us lower to mid-70s. a few of us might squeak mid- 70s if you get some sunshine. really hard to do so. look at all of the cloud cover already building back in. see the rain over parts of virginia here. you see it starting to spread northeast of here along where that front is we will see a few of those sprinkles light showers. the first glance of a little bit of rain. right along that weak front just passed through. still warm here in washington tonight. reagan national at 79. some 60s showing up in the central parts of pennsylvania showing that cooler air trying to sink in. all about the cloud cover building into our forecast tomorrow. the futurecast will show us the rain that is coming in. that is a much cooler day tomorrow afternoon than it has been the last two. so let's get to the rain
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forecast. as soon as we get to the morning hours here on monday, this is already 6 a.m. in the morning. i don't think we will really see the showers until we get passed the midnight hour tomorrow night into monday morning. the monday morning commute i think we will have rain. that's what i'm forecasting here is just rain. you see this warm front down just hanging out in the atlantic? well, that will rise through as we get to monday night. as that warm front lifts through it will change from showers to a chance of thunderstorms. and we will have thunderstorms back in the forecast. so that could mark the heavier rainfall amounts starting to come down. that will be monday night more into tuesday. once that front passes through, too, it will be a warmer rain. then we have to get this front to come through to shut everything off. the latest forecast this had that front hanging off until tomorrow afternoon. it will come through with the latest updates coming through with 9 futurecast of shutting that rain off on monday. all the way through monday and tuesday afternoon we will get that rain here. it will be a wet period.
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but we've got at least a decent sunday to get through. let's talk about that in the seven day forecast. cloudy day not see a lot of sunshine. but you are going to like not having to go through 99, 98 in record high temperatures. the rain again is going to be here monday morning. after the midnight hour here on sunday that rain will begin. it will be rain showers. no storms. but until you get to monday night through tuesday that's when we could hit some heavier rain. >> you guys have been saying we need the rain. >> we are nearly seven inches under where we should be for this time of year. >> a lot of tugging going on at dulles airport today all for a good cause. hundreds of people showed up for the dulles family day festival to benefit special olympics virginia. 52 teams took part in a tug-of- war with a big yellow school bus. today's event also included a classic car show with displays
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of dozens of military aircraft. >> pull a plane. >> that's the world's strongest man competition. pick your team right now redskins. >> i am going redskins tomorrow. they have got to win on a road tomorrow. we will be talking about that. and some college ball, too. >> not many people saw it but there were a lot of fireworks around exit 29 off the belt way today. the terps bringing up three days of 50 plus. buildup warner international wouldn't go away. albert hainsworth talking? yes, he did. find out where and what he said
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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. >> hello. how are you all doing? ford international is known for its business and engineering programs not football. so when the miami based school showed up on the schedule no surprise. many fans thought it would be a blow-out and opted for a day at the farmer's market instead. the 20,000. >> -shows at the bird tonight. let's get to these highlights, please. brown starting instead of walker today who was out with a sore shoulder. williams only catch of the day. a 9 yarder and a touchdown. farmer international gained the mars. the first punt return for a touchdown since the 2004 gator bowl. can you believe that? 21-14. and scott you know you run off a lot of big plays when you have to start using speed up machines on the editing bay.
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he had 120 yards there. ralph called the freshman calm as a cucumber. cool as a cucumber, too. eight catch catches for 139 yards. maryland wins today 42-38. virginia hosts vmi in the second quarter. watch this throw by mark varica. that's a rope and it's frozen. chris bird and 21 yards. and they had it going on. three touchdowns. virginia easily 48-7 over vmi. >> virginia tech lost its two in chestnut hill. looking for a better view. defense playing, too. that was the difference the secondary picking two today. they got this one and another one later in the end-zone. thes offense wasn't great but evan filling in for the injured ryan williams swings to the outside. they shout out boston college 19-0. this game is still going
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on in west virginia. this is a tough trip to be taking this time of year. to tiger stadium at night. that's deadly. against lsu. that's patrick peterson, running, running. he has it going on for the long punt return i should say in tiger stadium. lsu the 12th ranked team. number one team in the land in trouble down three in the fourth. mark ingram just back from knee surgery. somebody laid hands on him. 157 yards rushing and that touch it down is tied up by four. arkansas quarterback had a day. 307 yards but a couple of picks. alabama remains unbeaten. they win 24-20. albert hainsworth hasn't spoken much to the media but he did speak on radio today, saying everything is fine between and coach mike shanahan. but did admit the season has been very unusual. also re asserted he felt strongly what when he came here
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he came to play in a 4-3 not 4- 2 defense. hainsworth is listed as questionable on the skins injury report. the defensive major will focus their attention on rookie sam bradford, the number one pick from april's draft just two games into his career he has shown great potential and also shown his youth. the redskins hope to take advantage of that youth. he has a big arm to make all of the throws. you know, just a matter of, you know, just trying to take advantage of his youth, you know, right now. because, you know, later on he is going to be a dynamic quarterback. we can sense it already. all right. ryan zimmerman was not in the lineup once again today. missed his third straight game with a rib strain. the manager says he is not ruling out the possibility of sitting the third baseman for the remainder of the season. of course then we have seven games left. meanwhile cuban defector maya is on the hill today. oh, no, there goes the hammer. 6th tin gonzalez is long gone.
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atlanta breaks open a scoreless game in the 6th to win it 5-0 this afternoon. finally here orioles and blue jays playing a little extra baseball. 11th inning legal overbay. overbay is over the fence. that's a solo shot. toronto wins in 11, 5-4. >> redskins tomorrow win it. >> i will be in st. louis. >> nice to see a running game tomorrow. >> that's what clinton porter says give me the football. >> thanks for joining us. we will see you back here tomorrow news on the demi moore/ashton kutcher cheating scandal. you have to wake up to what's happening in our own backyard. >> ashton and demi facing cameras. >> wearing their wedding rings, holding hands. >> why were they putting on a united front in new york as far
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out over the alleged cheating scandal continues? >> it's not a shock. >> the story >> she gave him his number on a napkin which demi posted on twitter. >> the tweet, the text. how the tabloid story just exploded. and -- >> in depth on ashton's movie about having affairs. has limb imitated art? >> how about a phone number. your mom wasn't expected to be here. how come she missed out. >> sarah's dancing no-shows. >> how great is it to be here tonight for the premiere? michael douglas facing cameras with wife and "wall street" cast. >> i have a lot of my relatives over here. this is the first day of our brand new day called "the view." >> this is "the view" after their 3,000th episode. >> you want to threaten someone? you


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