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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  September 29, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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[ sirens ] >> we are having problems getting our connection hooked up with the assistant chief. we will bring you that as soon as it is available. right now let's go over to howard bernstein. he has a weather update. >> some serious problems overnight in to thursday. flood watch posted from midnight until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. looking at very heavy flooding rains moving in with this tropical connection. show you what is happening as we have the moisture streaming in from the atlantic across the carolinas already. we are looking at potential later on for showers, especially south and east of washington. so any sunshine will be this morning. show you the 9 future cast and this is rain po tenable, andrea. as we put it in motion and look at thou the moisture surges. the blue is one to two inches in the west. in virginia four plus.
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see the bull's eye, that is four to five inches between now and friday morning. much of that between now and let's say tomorrow afternoon. we will get hit hard in to tonight and during the day on thursday. especially during the morning. temperatures cooler, upper 60s to low 70s. frederick, 75 there. only 71 here in washington. the day at a glance, mostly cloudy this morning, 65 by 9:00. late shower is possible. 69 for the drive home. angie, 4:31. hope you are off to a great wednesday. we are waking up to construction. no big deal, right. 95 southbound, you want to watch for it at 198. we are losing a couple of right lanes because of it. the beltway, everything is clear from 95 to 270. there is roadwork set up past the georgetown pike area but it should be clearing in the next half hour or so. back to the maps, route 4,
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route 5 and 301, everything is checking out okay. no incidents or accidents on the maps. an then we want to take you over to virginia and show you the beltway out this way. lanes are wide open on the inner and outer loop from 95 up to 66 and speaking of 95 northbound in virginia you are doing okay from dumfries to the mixing bowl. back to you. again, we want to update you on a breaking news story. a two-alarm fire in an apartment building in northwest washington. it began just before 4:00 this morning. joining us by phone is kenneth crosswhite with dc fire and ems. chief, are you there? [ no audio ] >> we had him and we keep losing our connection. chief, can you hear me now? all right. let's con with news. police are looking for multiple suspects after a person was killed in a drive by shooting in northwest. it happened on 11th and u
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streets. 21-year-old jamal coats was killed when gunman approached his suv -- gunmen approached his vehicle. traffic on u street, 13th and surrounding streets were closed for several hours following the shooting. if you have any information in this case, you are asked to call the dc police department. arlington county has withdrawn from the secure communities immigration enforcement program. in a unanimous vote the board opted out of the program, which requires local law enforcement to handover fingerprints and other information of people taken in to police custody by federal law enforcement agencies but local enforcements are responsible for reporting suspected criminal aliens to
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ice. a reactor would generate 1300 megawatts of electricity, power it desperately needs. it would cost $3.6 billion. federal regulators have approved dominion's request to increase capacity at a nuclear plant. the reactors near jamestown should be generating 857 megawatts each by november. with election day a little more than a month away, president obama is trying to recreate the rock star image that helped him to win the presidency in 2008. he is visiting college campuses to talk to young voters but as tara merge norreports many don't want to be associated with the president. if hello, wisconsin! >> it felt like 2008 all over again. >> they said no you can't but what did you say, wisconsin. >> yes we can! >> reporter: with midterm elections just five weeks away,
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president obama is on the campaign trail looking to energize democrats and sway undecided voters. at a rally at the university of wisconsin he urged thousands of students to stay involved and inspired. the speech was beamed to 100 college campuses nationwide. >> we cannot sit this one out. we can't let this country fall backwards because the rest of us didn't care enough to fight. the stakes are too high for our country and for your future. >> reporter: with the tea party generating a big buzz this campaign season for the republicans and the political right, president obama knows it's time to fire up his party. in an interview in this week's "rolling stone "magazine he lectured democrats. the idea that we have a lack of enthusiasm in the democratic base, that people are sitting on their hands complaining is just irresponsible." he will focus on the economy
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during backyard visits today. tara mergener, cbs news, washington. alternate's top official in afghanistan says some key insurgent leaders have grown weary of war and are interested in a reconciliation with the government. however, it they say it would be a mistake that it would happen overnight or that every militant group would agree to one. today the house is expected to vote on a bill guaranteeing medical monitoring, treatment an economic compensation for those who are injured or sickened by the 9/11 attack in new york and its subsequent toxic cloud. the legislation formerly authorizes health programs that have been popeuated the past several years. 50,000 responders and survivors would be covered by the program over the next ten years. an investigation is underway in to another bomb scare at the eiffel tower. it's the second time in two weeks the paris landmark has been threatened. the monday numb was evacuated on september 14th after a
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similar threat. france is on alert for a possible terror attack. authorities suspect al-qaeda's north african branch is plotting an attack on the popular landmark. university of texas should be back to normal today. a 19-year-old student shot several rounds from an ak-47 and ran in the library. no one was hit before the gunman took his own life. there's no word if former president carter will cancel a planned book signing this afternoon. president carter was hospitalized in cleveland after falling ill on the book tour. he suffered an upset stomach. his family said he is resting comfortably and should be on the road sometime today. he turns 86 on friday. investigators in west virginia say it may be next summer before they know the full cause of the deadly mine
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explosion. they have been told to take as long as they need for the investigation but he said next summer is his goal. the explosion at the upper big branch mine was the deadliest since 1970. 29 men died in the explosion. the economy is having an affect on marriage. and more and more americans believe the economy is worse now than just a few months ago. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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it is time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. here's alexis christoforous with the top business headlines. >> the bad economy is having an affect on marriage. according to the census bureau, weddings are at the lowest level in over 100 years. just 52% of adults 18 an over
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tied the knot last year compared to 57% in 2007. census data shows homeownership declined for the third year in a row last year and the number of households receiving food stamps surged to 12 million. meaning one in every ten families was receiving government aid. the senate blocked tax legislation that would have punished firms that export jobs. they say it would make u.s. companies less competitive. a survey finds consumer confidence is at the lowest level in seven months and a new poll shows dimming optimism about business. that suggests that some may shelf plans to hire new workers. the two disappointing reports had investors betting the federal reserve will be more likely to launch new stimulus programs to kick start the economy. the dow managed to rise 46 points and the nasdaq gained ten. gold prices set a record high
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closing above $1,300 an ounce for the first time. they are betting the precious metal will hold its value better than the dollar and stocks. for more money headlines, stay with cbs "marketwatch".com. drivers in the free state have until this friday to purchase a hands-free device for their cell phones and several local children received new hearing aids and the gift of sound. here's how ward. we have tropical storm 16 and this lady will affect us in a big way. we will have the forecast when 9 news now returns.
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an all star act of country stars were on hand for it in nashville.
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it. that was a lot of damage. warehouses flooded. musical instruments. >> historic flooding there. >> and you are talking about flooding. people who live in basements or have stores an businesses on lower levels should take precaution. >> it could be a tough day as we expect several inches of rain. upwards of a half of foot in spots between tonight and midday. >> are we talking in the district. >> two to three the way it looks right now. maybe more. maybe more. and it's going to come down fast. tomorrow morning is a mess. we start with the discussion about the heavy rain. i think the critical time is going to be from 2:00 a.m. tonight to 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. we will see the heaviest rain. severe weather is possible on the eastern half of the area and then as we head in to tomorrow night things will settle down. check the sump pump and make sure it is plugged in. t if it about plugged in it is not helping you. hopefully the down spouts are
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free to flow and fill up the car because if we have outages which we could have tomorrow with the flooding an winds gusting 30 to 35, soggy ground things can go. no problems this morning except it is cool out there. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. definitely jacket weather this morning. the day at a glance, some peeks of sunshine this morning but the clouds thicken up and could see a late shower south and southeast as temperatures will make 67 to 73. we are 63 with code green air quality at the moment. steady rain developed. heavy after midnight. lows in the 60s. east winds 10 to 15 and tomorrow a windy and wet day. flood watch goes in to affect at midnight. rain and thunderstorms, two to four inches at least the way it looks now. locally we could have six by the time the system pulls away. highs 75 to 80. southeast winds 10 to 20 and gusting. there's the flood watch
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covering everyone but the eastern shore. once philadelphia comes out you will see more green on the map expanding south and north. this one for us at midnight through 9:00 p.m. covers everybody. 46 oakland. 50 cumberland. winchester is 52. culpeper 55. southern maryland, eastern shore low to mid-60s right now. gaithersburg is 54 an here in washington we have a coolish 53. partly to mostly cloudy skies out there. northernly winds. big difference in what we had yesterday. we had gusty winds from the southwest. what we are watching a quiet western part of the country. yesterday's storm is up there. we go down to the tropics to cuba. there is a tropical depression about here. tough to tell on the radars, but look at the moisture. you see the steady stream of moisture from the tropics through the carolinas where it is raining this morning?
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that moisture is lifting to the north and we think some of it will be here late today and a lot of it tonight in to tomorrow. what we are looking at here on the 9 future cast is the moisture coming up, trying to make it. not doing a great job penetrating the drier air. but at 6:00 you are going to the carolinas it will be wet. southern virginia rains developing. overnight, this stuff surges northward. if this track is farther east the heavy rains will be more here than here. looks like northern virginia through the shenandoah valley may get more rain than here in washington and have been by 6:00 tomorrow we start to see the heaviest rains lift north. a secondary surge coming up the coastal areas could contribute
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to their total and friday, 4:00, still lingering showers, but friday will get better. we are talking about a lot of rain. here's our rain potential. at least one of several models, but i think this shows it well. through 4:00 a.m. on friday. look at the numbers to the left. two to three inches. the red three to four. get to the oranges and now we are talking four to five, five to six. yes, a lot of rain just west of washington through parts of west virginia, northern washington. but even two to three is a lot of water that will cause problems throughout throughout the day on thursday. if you can telecommute tomorrow could be a good day to take advantage of that option. i think the morning rush will be very difficult. rain and strong thunderstorms tomorrow. friday clearing and 74. the weekend we are cooling down as the sun returns. it is 4:50. hello, angie. >> good morning. let's talk about the realtime
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traffic conditions right now. begin with construction that will be with us the next 15 minutes or so. this is south capitol street at the douglas bridge. be careful. use caution trying to cross it in both directions. on 395, no problems to report past duke street to shirlington making your way to the 14th street bridge. as we swap it over to 66 eastbound out of centreville. doing all right. very light traffic. hey, maryland, 270 southbound you have all the lanes pretty much clear from 121 to the split. and finally 95 southbound, i want to remind you we are losing a couple of right lanes due to construction but as i mentioned before this should be clearing around five a.m. back to you. so you are heading to your favorite bowling alley when the guy in the suv swerves in to your lane and yet he is talking on the cell phone. starting on friday, guys like that will be busted in maryland.
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a new state law takes effect. no using the cell phone while driving unless it is a hands- free model and it's for your own good. >> the reality is that you are four times more likely to be involved in a crash if you are driving and talking on a cell phone. >> reporter: the first offense will cost drivers $40 and after that it is $800 and a point on your driving record. if you have been affected by a distracted driver talking on a cell phone or texting, we want to share your story on the air. tell us about pi it by going to or. taking a look at the living well headlines, exercise could reduce the rate of womb cancer by up to 30%. that's according to a new study published on-line by the british journal of cancer. it found women that regularly exercised have a 30% lower risk
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of developing endome treial cancer but experts aren't sure how much is needed for the lower risk. simple daily workouts can help seniors avoid life- threatening falls. one in three adults over 65 will suffer a fall. hip fractures and brain injuries can result an many end up in the hospital. but a finnish study found teaching seniors exercises to strengthen balance and leg muscles can cut fractures from falling. exercise builds muscles and bone mass which can make a huge difference in keeping your balance. a group of youngsters in washington received the gift of sound on tuesday. lindsey was there as they experienced crystal clear sound for the first time. >> reporter: for skyler this has been the only way he's been able to communicate. though he
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can hear he has never heard english and doesn't know what people are saying. >> they have to learn that the sound has a meaning. it's a whole new language. >> reporter: they worked with several organizations to get these hearing aids donated. these kids never had any before because their families couldn't cover the costs. this hearing aid is light weight, waterproof and high- tech. this one costs about $7,000. >> before i got my hearing aid i could hear nothing, only when someone was screaming behind me. >> reporter: he says he has been borrowing one from his school but he couldn't take it home. >> i live in a little dangerous place. if i'm not able to hear i feel really lost. >> reporter: today he could hear better than ever. >> i could hear a lot of voices in this room. it is very loud. >> reporter: one of the kids making that noise is this girl. she's hearing her own voice for
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the first time. it's only a matter of time before she and skyler spell their names uses their voices. in washington, lindsey mastis, 9 news now. according to the starky foundation, 63 million children worldwide suffer from hearing loss. the youngsters who received hearing aids in this program are all from the washington area. for more "living $mart" headlines -- living well headlines, log on to our website and click on the living well tab on the front page inch the gap between the haves and the have-nots continues to grow. and after this friday, we may learn more about the man responsible for the largest social experiment in the history of the world. we'll be right back. it is 63 degrees. stay with us.
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a new movie called the social network will introduce you to the facebook's controversial beginning. >> i don't know if you read about this website i launched. >> back then it was known as "the facebook "that's what he first called the associate networking site. the idea connect friend and meet girl. facebook did not cooperate in the making of the movie and its 26-year-old ceo is denying ' the portrayal of him is accurate. he says he hasn't seen the movie and says he won't which the film's star understands. >> it might be an uncomfortable
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situation to watch a film that details some events that happened when you were 19. >> reporter: the movie portrays him as a geeky techno file about power and betrayal. even zucker beg's best friend stewed him. >> they are saying we stole facebook. >> he plays the first facebook president. >> i kicked down the door to get in to this film. >> reporter: most in the movie say they are in awe of what zuckerberg created. >> he was able to invent something where you got to reinvent yourself. >> reporter: an he knows reinvention he did it after a cocaine bust in 2001. zuckerburg maybe doing it, too. before the social opened he donated $1 million to newark new jersey schools. while facebook is everywhere. >> they don't have roads but they have facebook. >> reporter: he may be looking for more friends here at home.
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howard is here with a quick look at the forecast. >> no problems today. a little cool and cloudy. maybe a sprinkle late. other than needing a light jacket this morning today will be fine. tomorrow could be flooding rains beginning on the. let's show you what is happening. we have clouds streaming in from the south. although the clouds are fairly thin we are seeing clouds out there. showers in southeastern virginia in to the carolinas and some of that moisture could be here in the form of showers this afternoon. temperature-wise, in the 50s an low 60s out there. so it's okay. 40s in the mountains. some areas will get a lot of rain tomorrow. today, more clouds than sunshine. late shower is possible. 71 dc and tappahannock. 69 martinsburg and 70 gaithersburg. it


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